Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on April 26, 1950 · Page 29
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 29

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Wednesday, April 26, 1950
Page 29
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&S THIRT? ALTON 8VBH1N0 TfiLBQftAPH WEDNESDAY, APRIL 26, 1910 thodist WSCS leete at Shipmatt everting elf- 8f the MetttedHt Woman's So- ef ehrtwiift Setviee met «t KetWBth 6feH*el*er home evening, MM. Joyce Muni eii, aiswted by MM. Mat- lt Halna^ ind Miss Margaret n. lessen was "sin* a new fag," presented by Mrs. Delbert lrtef, MM. Charles SkaRgs, elr-! e leader, presided. Others present frefe Mt*. Earl Dickey and chll- irefi, Mrs. Truman PockllnRton, Mr*. Rollaftd Scott and daughter, and Mrs. Norene Matlack. Shlpnmn Note* > SHIPHAN. — Mr. and Mrs. lr- 'Ihg Baker visited relatives here iindfty, In the afternoon, Mrs, A. Mitchell and Mrs. Clara Bruegman accompanied them to Car- «nvllie to see Mrs. Baker's father, -Ik A. Kahl, at Carllnvlllo Nursing Kdme. "s,Mr. and Mrs. Glenn Travers and tfilldren and Mrs. Edna Travers ^ere at Lambert Field, Sunday. ''«Mr. and Mrs. Lincoln Cnmeron ind daughter and Mrs. Everett Wavers and daughter, Oeraldlne, t re dinner guests of Mr. and s. James Cameron In CnrllnvlllcT iday, ^Mr. and Mrs, Jay Alwnrd and $illdren, and Mr. and Mrs. James 'jjUward were dinner guests Sunday % Mr. and Mrs. W. H. Brueggc- atan. •ft Mr. and Mrs. Glenn Betz of St. Cauls were guests Sunday of her parents, Mr. and Mrs. William Ifromwell. i^Mf.' and Mrs. Gilbert Kulem- mmp, Granite City, spent Sunday f th his sister, Mrs. Roy Archer d family. .wMr. and Mrs. William Bunt and f0ns of Alton and Mr. and Mrs. § alter Wood and son, Merl, were ests Sunday of Mr. and Mrs. omas Bunt, • The Methodist Church an- ifeunces the following services for |unday: Shlpman, Sunday school, |a. rii.) worship service, 11 a. m.; i evening service. Plalnvlew, Suny school at 9:30 a. m. |Mrs. A. C. Mitchell loft Tuesday br Aberdeen, Miss., where she will slt her brother, Earl Kahl and fe and friends. •jg.Mr. and Mrs. Russell Candler, Houston, Tex., arrived Saturday to ilfslt his brother, R. B. Candler ind family. ;%Mlss Alice Skaggs, Alton, spent ipe 1 weekend with her nephew, Charles Skaggs, and family. >£Mr. and Mrs, Truman Pockilng- <Wh and children were supper 'guests Sunday evening of Mr. and Mrs. Ed Leach, Chesterfield. ' f Mr. and, Mrs. William Schoene- ,jnan were callers at the Orley Bouillon home Sunday. „ Mr. and Mrs. M. E. Dugan, Alton,, spent Sunday evening at the Mllo Dugan home. ': Mrs, Maud'Giffen received word from h'er "cousin, Mrs. Edna Deahl, &< missionary in Fopchow, China, that she Is 111 "of heart trouble and Is in the hospital. f -Mr. and 'Mrs. Paul Ruppert and ' Llldren, Alton, and F, A. Steven»,. Woodburn, were dinner guests ,,nday' of Mr. and Mrs. Lewis right. ' ij, Mr. and Mrs. Howard Newby and daughter were in Alton, Sun- Say, guesti of Mr. and Mrs. Melvin Connor*. *4» Mrs. "Gracft Hensoh entertained tt dinner Sunday, Mr. and Mrs. 'CJlyde Schell and Mrs. S. G. Simp- ion, Springfield; Mrs. J. K. Wood, phoenix, Ariz:,' Mr. and Mrs. Mllo ipugan and son, and Mr. and Mrs. Qtto Meyer and children. Mrs. J. K. Wood accompanied the Schells ISjome for a visit. f ; Mrs. Wilbur Kahl, Mrs. Dry Ragel, Mrs. Elmer Breitwelser, Mrs. ,llmer Kahl, and Mrs. Kenneth 'Breitwelser were St. Louis visitors ijilonday. /"Mr. and Mrs. Charles Schoene- $ian and Mr. and Mrs. Mitchell Taggart called at the Wilbur Hackney home in Plainview Sun- iiday evening. Mr, and Mrs. Harvey Sender ere in Girard Sunday visiting rs. Sender's cousin, Mrs. Elmer Matlftck, Eth«1 Ifitl Mary J««n awm, Mm mto, wmit$ SB***, Ja,mes, faggArt, Normati Jasper, JtlilA tM torn Sawyer, RoWrt Cotttrifriam, Annabelle Boulltoft, Joyce Hunt, and Vemon Springman. Adults accompanying Ihe gfmip' were Mrs. Austin JaynM, Mrs. Kenneth Sreltwelser, and trie Rev. Earl Dickey. Mf. Mil Mrs. Earl Dickey ahd daughters and Mr. and Mr*. Roy Lockyer were Belleville Visitor* Sunday aflerhoon. The Rev. Earl Dickey attended the Southern Illinois Methodist Conference at Cenlralla, Monday. If he's had enough men he would have "swept the Allied Fifth and Eighth Armies into the sea,' Ex'Mnrshal Orazlanl, commander of Mussolini's last-ditch fighters, told a court In Rome, trying him for Collaboration with the Nnzls. Friends of n prospective bridegroom among the Madls of central Africa give him presents to help him pay for his bride. Conduct Roy Tucker • Services at Mcdora MEDORA. — Funeral rites for Roy A. Tucker w*te held at Warner funeral home Tuesday at. 2 p. m. *"• Elder Bill Beiny, who was to officiate, Wan called to the bedside of his mother, «t Madlsonvllle, Ky., Monday night, and the Rev. ft. w. Fox, Mst<rr of the Methodist. Church", substituted foe him. Burial followed fn Medofft cemetery. Mrs. W. f. Grcer and 'Mrs. Paul Gorham furnished musical numbers and were accompanied by Mrs. Nelson Tnrghetta. Pallbearers wprc II. R. flange, H. L. Maple, A. K. Frueh, Mllforrl BoWkor, M. 1. Ryan, «nd W. D. Ollworth. MiHlorn Nofrs MEDORA—Mr, and Mrs. Arnold Tendlck, Greenfield, and Mrs. Olive Polndexler, Carllnvllie, visited Sunday evening with Mr. mid Mrs. P. M. Sanders. Mr. and Mrs. Wayne WlnslndR nnd son of Shlpman, spent Sunday with Mr. and Mrs. P. J. .Taynes. Other guests in the nfternoon were Mr. and Mr*. Stanley Mackney,»Mr*. Btifpf, Mfs. Cl«f«tic6 Rosentrater,. Robert Rosentratof, Miss Mary M«cRtt*y, C*fllnv!lle, and Mr. and Mrs.-Jo6 Hackney, Corrlngton Chapel. Mr. and M|» Lfestet Searle*, St. Louis, were weekend guests at the home of Mr*. Searles' mother, Mrs. 3. F. Shields. Mrs. Mary Klrsch, Greenfield, spent the waekend with Mr. and Mrs. Joe Klrsch. Mrs. L. E. Wilton nnd granddaughters, Sandrad and Judy, cnme here from Palmyra and spent the weekend with Mr. and Mrs. George Nixon. Mr nnrl Mrs. Clayton Powell nnd son, Keith, Kemper, and Mr. and Mrs. Glenn Jackson and family visited Sunrlny with Mr. and Mrs. Peerl Gross. Mr. ami Mrs. Joseph Alward spent Sunrlny In Wood River with Mr. nnri Mrs. Harry Durham. In the afternoon they called nt. Memorial Hospital to see Mr. Alward"s sister, Mrs. Annie Murphy. Mr. and Mrs. Earl Griffith had as Sunday dinner guest* Mr. And Mrs, At Thatcher. Edwarrftvllle, and Leroy Traub, East Alton. Mr. and Mrs. t L. ChMatophef spent Sunday In Shlpman It the home of their «Mi, Mile* Christopher. Mrs. Emrflft Rhine Visited Sunday with her «lster-ln-law, Mrs. Mabel Chlsm. Mrs Howard Gwllllm and son, Joyce, Shlpman, visited Sunday nfternoon with her lister, MM. Sellna Chlsm. Mrs. Hosa Wagenblast, Alton, spent Tuesday with ' her sister, Mrs. Fred Reed. Mr. and Mrs. Henry Frlcker and family visited Sunday afternoon at the home of Mrs. Frlcker's brother, Clyde Wood, Shlpman, and were supper guests In the home of her mother, Mrs. Nancy Wood. Mr. and Mrs. Henry Grlnkey, Roodhouse, spent Sunday with Mr and Mrs. J. W. Robinson. Mrs Forrest Quakenbush and children, Mr. and Mrs. Vic Walden and son, Dale Lewis, Leo Scott, Joyce Burns and William Rlgsbey were Sunday guwts of Mt,.and Mfl Floyd Rlgttey, ftttr Oie*tet> field. Mf. and Mrs. David Mcftee and son, fiavia, atteflflfd the funeral o! Mr». McKee's bfatheMft-law, E. G. Hlldensteln, ift Alton Tuesday afternoon. Mrs. Mollie Waters returned to Modesto Monday evening after spending several days here at the home of her sister, Mrs. J. W. Robinson. J. W. Robinson and Charles rtembrow returned to Jollet Sunday after spending the weekend at their respective homes here. Mr. and Mrs. Henry Heuser, Alton, visited Sunday afternoon with Mr. and Mrs. George A. Grlf* fith. Mr. and Mrs. Earl Griffith and daughter were guests In the evening, Mr. and Mrs. Robert Gollke and son, David, visited Sunday afternoon and were supper guests in the home of Mr. and Mrs. Charles tsrlnghausen, Jerseyvllle. Mr. and Mrs. Frank McKlnney and family spent Sunday In Jer- BSyv111« with Lteya Weaver. Mr. and Mrs. Charles Sanders were Sunday dinner guests of Mr. ftnd Mf8. tamer Todd near Brighton. Mr. and Mrs. Tommy Ruyl4 and sons, Billy and Clifford, were Sunday guests at the home of Ruple's mother, Mrs. J. L. Tober. Mr. and Mrs. Pearl Isrihghau- sen, Fleldon, were visitors Monday at the home of Mrs. Isrlnghau- sen's sister, Mrs. Frank,McKlnhey. Mr. and Mrs, John Hounsley, Chesterfield, and Mrs. T. H. Craig were visitors Monday afternoon with Mrs. J. W. Robinson. Mr. and Mrs. L. G. Robinson and Samuel Peek were Sunday dinner guests of Mr. and Mrs. Nelson Robinson, Mrs. Christine MacLennan, St. Louis, Is visiting at the home ef her niece, Mrs. Laroy Gaffney. Mr. and Mrs. Herb Guntermann, Nutwood, and Joe McKlnney, Jer- seyvllle, spent Tuesday at the Frank McKinney home. Poll Officials'Checks At Supervisor^ Office Checks fot clerkl and judges at the poll! during the April 11 pfl* mary election are now at the office of Louis Walter, towflshuj Super* visor, Mid ffity .fee leeufefl by the poll officials if they will call at the supervisor's office, Broadway and Alby, Walter announced to* day. In Eire 2000 aircraft worker* struck for abolition of Incentive bonus payments, demanded a re* turn to time rates and decided to cease all overtime work until "pro* ductlon was better planned" and there was unrestricted overtime. STOLZE has Dry Fir Limber *>-The local MYF attended the county MYF rally at Blackburn College, Monday night. Attending Were Dolores, Marilyn, and Marvin Brown Combination Red Combination Blue Combination Composition soles Lizard skin effects. Tested and recommended by Parents Magazine Children'* % piece *ulU. 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