Denton Journal from Denton, Maryland on August 20, 1898 · Page 4
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Denton Journal from Denton, Maryland · Page 4

Denton, Maryland
Issue Date:
Saturday, August 20, 1898
Page 4
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K E L V I N , STEELE . J O H N S O N , EDITORS AND PBOPR1 ~ T O P S . SATURDAY MORN ING, AUGUST20,) 898. HAYING TOOLS. i ID tlio Havik !«J-- «ml '-'r is': Mr. B. of riiulctliit tliut whi'n Lay is u, i fiiid he nsfcs sleds IS m-.. wido ly 1J I.-uc long, -with runners nuicio of S by (! inch p!uuk. This sled has a light sliding platform, nnd one horso t u 'etched to TV'JO ^T£'.I rUlo tho .: -J --· J'IT Jl..! ::ir, thcru is In it. Ono aniii in tho field pitches the hay r;i to t!u slod, and onn man nt the stack pitches it off. Iu .way quick and oasy work is mndo of stacking. The three inch tire wagon or truck makes the best hoy wagon. It runs easier than tho narrow tires and cau be used with less Injury on soil and grass. *AIr. S. believes in feeding the bay on the farm aud considers it a mistake to sell tho hay, although it is often a great temptation to do so. A reader in Toledo *ys that the revolving Lay rahe is better for thu meadow than, the spring tooth, ns it 'does not tear up tho roots of pius* } -un now meadow ho would uso a i evolving rcko, although it dcvig not glean as ^cleanly as duos the sulky. Thu man Bays that timothy is very scuitivo to odors and foul atmosphere and should not-be stored in a mow close to a hog. .pen ox other strong smelling places. Strange to say, he does not value clover hay highly, except for cows, and oven for oowfl he would dampen and sprinkle With bran before feeding. He wants n toy in the haymow to tramp .the hay as it is pnt in. A reader In Michigan says that steel hay tracks do uot tako well in his locality, as they Ret out of shape. Wooden tracks nro largely used There is sonio bother with cruc'j ropes when first put Tip, as they stretch a good deal. One man doctored his rop? by hitching one end of it to a large trctf and tho othor end to a good span of horses. He let them pnll on it all they could about ten times, and that took tho su-otch out of it, so that thoy Lad no further trou- j bio. In -addition to tho foregoing sum- f morion of opinions from its correspondents The Rural New Yorker tells that on parts of Long Isluud hay farmers make a barn of peculiar construction i Bjdes ore composed of doors. Be- niug- at.,out* end, loads nro di-ivon through and dumji«l into the burn. "When one spnce i. filled, loads aie driven through the next door, aud so on uutll the \vhola barn is full of hay. ·These barns are built long and wide enough for an entire load to bo driven in. Hay Prospect*. With uuothgr record breaking hay crop in prospect and consequent low prices on all low K rw les and inferior qualities farmers must begin early to realize the fact that in orr!"r to reup the best results and highest iu;.i'.fb .irlces Lay; especially tiai.i?.hy. \\.\ --i ).- cut early nud u grcatsi- us.j-juut ·:' intention I?iveu to L'iniiig juici y.^Ii^u..-.^ it iii Tho [jaet season's es|»rioaco iuu.-!t li^.-o been a disastrous one to producers, so far as the hay, crop was concerned, as the majority-no doubt found that their poor hay, \vhioli Ron-Mtiitei R, 1'irgfl pK-pnr- tion of their foldings, realiwil very ht- tlo if- any profit on the tinif, hvbor d'.id money Invested. Lou-and intVi-iyrqiM,!- itJoa of hay of lafc yeur were a, drutt on the market, and us no iucoujiderable bulk of .this class of hay la still in the hands of farmers, mainly because there was no demand for it and L.e«\»io of low prices ruling, and cou.s-idoriup rliat the coming crop is likely to bo of oiior- ,xnou8 proportions, poor hay will no doubt rule as low as and iu all probability lower'than last season's prices, says The Hay Trade Journal. Tomatoes. A correspondent of The Country Geu- tloman recommends » package which exposes the inost fruit to view. Provid- is not larger than a half bushel it gives better satisfaction and obtains better., juices. He says: I am using n crate of my own devising, which ex- poees one-third of the contents aud - holds a'half bushel la packing wo put , the firmest fruit nt the bottom aud the .^ripestpOn $op, packed in layers very much as California fruit comos to our markets. Some of my readers v/Ui say ,they cannot afford to tsLe the trouble to. pack tomatoes In this way. Neither could I if I had to market them in bushel.baskets in tho open market in competition with eoma careless, slovenly market gardeners who have no repu- UNLOADING COCOANUTS. iitilnt,. Ulll | Siinki-il on tho WlmiT. j:.\|uvt Sm-tirrt mid Counter*. fiN-oiinuN iii-o loaded in tho hold of n ··-i-l in hulk. Upon thuir discharge- thoy arc sacked fur greater cou- in handling nnd shipment. This work, which involves sorting the nuts as to si/.o and snpai-uting tho sound fr.ini rlio imsimnd, is done on tho wharf alongside tlio vessol. When tho hatches havo been taken oil, men get into tlio vessel's hold with busln-1 baskets, which thoy fill with cocoa nuts. ThcMJ baskets of lints aro handed up over tho hatch coaming and passed ii'.oni; ftcross the deck and over tho mil and on ro Hie wharf, where thoy aro ?-t up on a box ot convenient, height, b\«idu which stand tho counters, somo- ti :ies t - ' T but of toner threo, nil export? 11- ·!··:·!;.i, .iiicl counting eocoaiuits". Tin- tr.reri me:;, t ' f i n d side by sldo on tho eido ov tha bos toward the vessel, and on tho othor sidn stands a man holding n Back with mouth open, into which the nuts aro thrown as they arc counted. Piifk of tho counters, against tho niiig|iiuxi of tbo whnrf, two liaskotH into which the culls aro thrown. This=w include tlv* smaller nuts, crackod nuts nnd sprouts, which are nnts that havo bi-guu to sprout. Cocoanuts nro put up in sacks containing 100 large nnts and 130 sum Her nuts. The smaller nuts thrown n -ide in the sorting and counting aro from time to time taken away by othor men and Backed. Theso aro sound nuts, hut they bring a smaller prico on account of their size. Tho cracked nuts and tho . sprouts would rot soon if t'ioy wero notnsed, and theso aro kopt npart and sold cheap for quick consumption. The counters do nothing but sort and count; thoy never touch a basket. When a basket has been emptied, another man pulls it off the box and sets D full basket in its placa- Thero is always at least one basket or nute on the box. There aro usually, more-, than one, so that tho sorting and counting goon constantly. Each counter picks up two nuts at once, ouo in each hand, and nil threo counters toss nuts into the same bag, but there ie never any confusion iu tho count. Two nuts are counted one, for convenience in keeping tally, and when tho three mcnhaveooauted up to 50 tho man holding the bag, now containing 100 nnts, drags it away aud another man takes his place with an empty bag,, and the cou-,rers begin again, one, two, three aud up to 60 again. Picking up every time two anta, the conntortaps them gently together to EOO if thoy aro sound, This constant gentle clicking isono of tho features of tho nn- lo-'ding of cocoauuts. A aut of small sizo would of course be apparent to the eye, but it n-.i^ht not bo apparent whether the sivail nut was cr.iclccd or sound. Tapping tho nnts together reveals their condition to the expert instantly. If he throws out a nut, he picks up another, still retaining the other nut iu the other hand. He now taps together thennt that he has picked up in placo of the one thrown out and tha nut ho had continued to hold,' and if theso are both sound and of suitable size, he tosses them into tho bag and counts "one," or "thirty-one," or whatever number they oomo to iu the counting. Other men- sew up the sacks, which aro then piled on trucks to be takon to ths storehouse or ranged along the wharf to be carted off later. A cargo of cocoamits contains from 350,000 nnts up, according to the size of the vessel. A big vessel might bring 600,000 to 600,000. Tho work of discharging .\ cargo of 000,000 cocoanuts would ordinarily occupy about a week.--New York Sun. fef CURE ALL YOUR PAINS WITH i Pain-Killer. A Medicine Chest In lUcIf. Simple, Safe and Quick Cure for jCRAMPS, DIARRHOEA,COUGHS. $] COLDS, RHEUMATISM, ^ NEURALGIA. H 25 and 5O cent Bottles. |] BEWARE OF IMITATIONS. 5J3 BOY ONLY THE GENUINE. ?j PERRY DAVIS' PROFESSIONAL CARDS. 7VLBERT G. TOWERS, ATTOKNKY-AT-I.AW Demon, Maryland. T. B C T E R , CONTRACTOR AND BUILDER, DKNTON. Ml), B, KINNAMl : -N, fii A En ! ' i n ' 1 01" I'lti.-li .lluny on l i r i m l . ;il T WILT, H A V E A XK'K ICE CJIH1M FAIZLOE, IN SEASON. J^IIWAIMJ ill. NOItLK, LAND SURVEYOR, Dcnluii, "\V( I tico. · ii! i.ny part il (Jhargfe very ' tin.' «-.niiily nt I i a t i i v s ' ,-iml hiltliL'ii'.s p J i h u i K u b o i i c i t i ' d . ;ii!.; tins ebildi-on e.ii-i't.-i.-ii' looked aft or. IjOYiney's a Specialty. Also a f u l l l i n e ol f \'GARS ANij 'J!'-.·:(''"'') on haii'i ;it A Pleased Customer is The Best Advertisement. A lillli' i i n i l i " y fliii'j- U i r liii-iiH 1 .-- lii'i'' 1 . mill H i i r iinsut|ii.-sud l i n o uf NEW GOODS i.- rcsuly f«M A m i r in^pfclioii. Why ln.iU I'lsewliM'i' u IICIL you n n liny jii.-.'l \v!i:ii you \vuat in Lliu way of Men's, Boys' and Youth's Clothing, Huts, Grip.-., Shoes, mid llio nms-t nuidcni piittPi'n 1 - in Shiii-i, Collar- mid Necl;woiir itt pi ii's- inueli LOWER T H A N THE LOWEST. \Vc tilsn i':ii ry n f j i l l :iii(l c n i n p V l o l i n e li^igns :unl ii-sorLnioiit of Ury Goodt in iliu liito»l tolors. n wall us n vcrv lurgc Dress Sitirts, 1' h l ! h mid i /"ISC A R C L A R K . Altar iiry- DHNTON, MAKYJ.AKIX Collections ami nil professional business promptly iittnndcd to. V/T7ILMER EMORY, ATTORNEY-AT-LAW, CUNTKKVI1.L.K, M l in Caroline, Tulbot "Will practice also and Kout county. iyy AI.KX. JIUTSON, ATTORNEY-AT-LAW, UKNTON, MAKYLASO. "Will pi-iictiec is the courts of Caroline mid adjacent comities. « m PLINY FISHEfT ATTQRKKY-AT-.LA H', DENTON, MD. All business entrusted to receive prompt attention. claims a specialty. my care will Collection of TJARVEY L. COOPER, ATTORNEY-AT-LAW, ness , M A K X L A N U . iiUonlion ttii! I," {liven to .ill busi- I" m y cam. 1. he F-.(.-. We iJiti begin, this season with bargains. We will end fhis seasoi/ with Bargains. W n f ' i i iii iicO'l o i ' n n \ t l i i ' i u · nil w.ll i tin-. i:ie j o u . V i u I.L' r n t i l!,\n:.\l N.s, THE BALTLuflHE BARfiAlM STORE, p. 1 . V T N i . j , ,!- · ' DKPAUTM,: -; ed :o supply v. public icenera'ly th t l i - ' · p rosn . ,,· i n e iir ·I'nd 't' thii-. c K IDG ELY, M J : Canned j Notions. MEATS. TOMATOKS, (JO1CM, C . PEN ANNE'S RAILROAD CO, I scni-;iu;r,i; IN KM-MCCT ATKII.. .',\ isnv ON I' ACTIONS, TKAS. ]\[y stock of tbo latter is very complete, aud my lady friends will do well to call and examine my goods before going elsewhere. Spool Silks, Cottou, Gloves and Hosiery, and in fact a. general line of Notions. iu aud see the stock. P E R S Y CONSTABLE AND COLLECTOR, DKNTON, Refereiict Denlon Natrannl llaiik. Oysters and Ice Cream, For it, good Oyster Stow yivo us .1 call. Ice Cronm will also be served in season. Any q u a n t i t y supplied for f a m i l y uso vrhou dosirod. .at short notice. TOHN W. CLARK, JR. Box 66. Dentotj, Will sell property in Caroline or any of the aiijnining couniicf.. H K N K V K. LUWIS. WILT \R|1 I:. VI I.ST. LEWIS WEST, ATTORN EYS-AT-L A W, DENTON, JfD. "Will praclirc- in tlio Courts u r C i t r n h m Talbotand Queen Anno counties. A COSVESIEKT CI'.ATB. . tatlon at stake and seem to care more . for the, number of bushels they bring to market than for the quality of tha same. "We sell all onr tomatoes direct to'tho consumers^ and I find that they appreciate tha care we taka aud are willing , to_pay. Ha leaf tbe same. ..Herewith, is a eketch of tho crate I ·use--17. inches long, 13 inches wide, 0 inches deep, inside measurement; sides , and bottom, three-eighths spruce; ends, seven-eightha spruce; upright cleat one- bal^inoh /thick, 3 inches wide. These crate* can be piled one on top of the Other without iujury to the frnit, us thero is a space of onoincb between the top of tha bottom crate and the bottom of tho one above. Our orates are neatly painted aud stenciled with name and address and name of form aud ore ro- turned when empty. Wo find them very convenient for carrying other produce on peddling vraoou. B«medlefl For Cabbaeu Worm. Cabbages are often much injured by so called cabbage worms, which feed upon the leaves aud if undisturbed may destroy the heads. They cftnn appear .early in the season before tho heads .!hav.o begun to form, and at? time can be readily killed by tho uso of pat-is green or other orsenites at the rate of one ounce to IS gallonfa of water or ·with plaster or flour at tin,- rate of ouo ,ponnd to 100. Cure should bo takei. uot to use these poions after fhrj heads huvo formed, as tho dai;gor iucreasos us tho , time of ripening approaches. Should the ,iworms appear late lu the season pyi-eth- rnm or saltpeter at the ratu of a teaspoonful toa'gallon of water «m bouBctl with good results and withor.t danger. The worm can also bo do'.royed by pouring hot water upon, the leaves.-Michigan Station Bulletin. Anlmnl Drunkards. of tho higher animals--as,man- keys, elephants, bears, horses and dogs --havo a natural fondness for fermented liquors, uil suffer from the abuse of theso.I'.ijuors r.s tuen do. From the book of Maccabees it is evident that war ele- phunts Vt-ei-o maddened of old with new wiuo, as they have been and are -with arrack dov/u to tho present time.. Managers of menageries and employees at tho various zoological gardens know that the elephants under their care arj prepared to. go on a wild drunk whm- ever opportunity.offera - Whisky is officially given them, when -they are ill or i-vw--the quantity, varying from five to k-u gallons, according to tho reqriiire- mcuts of tho case. This is put into their drinkinu- water. Bears and monkoya driuk beu- like German students, and love whisky eqn.illy ,iqoil. In Africa tho natives make,nse of thii evil trait to capture their poor relations. The monkeys there nre extremely fond of a boor brewed .by-the natives. So tbo larfj'i- place quantities of tho liquor \vithi:i tasy reach of the moukoys aud wait until tlioir victims are thoroughly befuddled. In this state they aro tumble to recognize the difference between uo- gro and ape. When the iiogro takes the hand of one of them to lead him off, a second monkey takes the hand of tho first, a third that of the second, and BO on. A Biuglo negro may sometimes bo seen carrying off a string of staggering monkeys. Fresh doses of beer iu decreasing quantities are administered to the captives, BO that they may only gradually awaken to the.sad results of thoir spree.--Lippincott's. DK. ENOCH GEORC.I . Ux. P. K. FISIIKK GEORGE FISHER, Physicians, Surgeons Gynecologists, DENTON, MARYLAND. Office ut residence of Dr. Enoch Main Street. JULIA DAY, · S O L D UNDER GUXRAKTBB. ACIOAIOOST VUS THAlf tl.2BPIEOAI» JAMES S W A N N . REPRKSKNTINtj The Best life Fire Insurance. DENTON, MARYLAND. W M . 11. U E W E K S B . VRHD R. O W K N S DEWEESE OWENS, DENTON, MD. Office in llio Court House. Mortgugc^ forct.-Iusc(I,ustiUcs scltlorland prompt nttontion given to all business en trusted to, us. Will practice in tbe State and Federal Court. W M . H. DEWEKSE, State's. Attorney ft.r Caroline county. HARRY PAINTER AND DECORATOR, . . DENTON, MD., UBS bud ten yours' experience in thouities of "Wilmington, Philndclphia find Now York, nnd is now rcndy to make contracts and guarantees skillful work, J'nir prices and entire satisfaction. W. E. BROWN, - - DEBTOR, MD., SOLK AUKNT. V. Al. (10 L m \ i IBALTO.FERRYI Arrivi:] Aiv 'A. M . A . M Ar'iv I'.M. 7 4 o Arrive 1*. AI. G 10 1 0 - A. JI. QUKENST'N.I 800 10-10 A . M 800 Railroad Division. Leave A. M. r. M. G 2 5 f G 3 1 f I. 38 A G oli G W f 0 r,5 053 f 7 lt 7 1)7 7 16 723 C 7 2 7 f 7 SI 7 37 { 7 4 4 f 7 4 7 f 7 5 0 75,- e l l 16 f S O f l j f 11 -21 S 11 i 1 :K) fS I !'jl' 11 88 f 8 Hz 11 -JI STATIONS. 83u r s -is 85-J fl 13! 0 »:· 100."' no 10 f 10 111 Qiieonstmvn i D £ O iliinis (^iiL-en A u i i i l l i l l b b o r o DoiiUm llickiiniii Arjqiva A. M. i sen ;nuii| r 7 so T 7 - I 3 f 7 :J7 A 7 211 7 2 7 f 7 2o L'7 I'.i 7 12 7 0 1 054 I 6 50 ffi.Jli I) 4d f 10-1) f 10 -If, f 1054 Deputy Bltoiulule ·\Vulfe Milton r o -,s f ( J 2 4 I! 18 Arrv. P. M. 0 00 f 6 51 5-12 r 30 5 23 5 2 1 5 l(i f * i: 1 . o O'j '1 50 43!) f ' l 2S »:4 20 f 357 f 3 53 I 1 3 49 f 8 -iC,\ 8 3 0 : P. M. f 11 11 0 OU 3 20 r a ::. r;: i-j r ~) J i :i U!) ( 5 45 f : J 05 6 -10, :; oo A . M . A. Al. 1'. M . CONNECTIONS. A 1 foinu'Cts nt IX C. Junction for points on tlie D u l n u u r e Cln l s npenki --Kju-loii mid Oxford. IJ' 1 co'iiii'tts nt Ui'oeii\vi«iil with 3)tln- l}i^ i^ioll nE llio. 1'liilndclpliiu. Wilmington it li:il Li more Knilrond. "L) 1 ' CDiinuots nt ElleiKlule w i t h tlio Uel- iiwiire, iMarylmul, «fc Vir^min Kiiilrond FOH Gt'i.i-KPlowii. Sunday niily, boat Icnves Itultitiioro nt S).dO;i in., inul Ijucohitcivn nt 6.30 n. m. and 4.30 p. in. I. W. T K I I X K I . , Gen. Jl-.ii,i^"i U. U. WAI.I.KH, (ion. 1'Vi 1'ius. Ay Transportation Line DAILY STEAMERS FOR - Gieat Clioptank, Trappe and Tuckahoe Ri?ers. Ol, jind -iftor cv.- w i l l !u:i\o I'U'i- 22.1, !8!3, .ti!:ni- Street AV Inn f riuily u\ce))l Siiiulnyg nl'd ]. m., for O.\- Jjril. Trsij,],. .' Csinil, Cluiiicolloi-'.s Koov.-liii-y, Olni-li ., Uh'uptiiHk, Lloyd's., cy' Tu Throneroom of Sinla. Tho tliroueroom of Spiiiu is n magnificent apartment of crimson and gold, with colosFal mirrors nud n chandelier of rock ciystu.1 that is considered the flneut oxiunplo of tho .kind. in ithe-world. Under the gorgeous canopy aro two large cliairs hnudsomcly carved aud gilded iuid upholstered in crimson brocade. These ore tho thrones of 9pniu, v/hore tho boy king and queen regent sit oil occasions of ceremony. Sometimes th'.- daughters stniidbttsido their mother, when it is proper for" itll the roy;il family to receive tho court--International Magazine. Migration of Robim. Another peculiar trait ; of the robin, unnoted except by BO keen an observe* of bird ways aa Maurice Thompson, ia that, -svith all its friendly and confiding relations with the human family during the time of nesting and rearing ita young, in the fall of tho year it becomes u wild bird, betaking itself largely to tho woods and evou tho secluded parts of tbo mountains, at this season showing little disposition to be on familiar terms with jnau, giving a note of alarm and flying high and swiftly when surprised at his approach. At this timo it ranges over cxtonsivo tracts of country, but nearly always evinces a tendency to seclusion. The writer has seen robiL, i in small flocks flying over a wida valley at such an elevation that only by tho well known sharp squeak rather than by tho eye could ho surely determine that they were robins. Even in its migratory habits this bird is somewhat peculiar. It seems to movo southward in the fall with more tardiness than most other birds, allowing tho incroasijig severities of tho ooJd season to push it off tlio winter's cdgo; or aro these Into goeri the birda inured to cold by a residence in states farther north, which, coming southward, t.-iko the placo of others that have youo earlier iu tbo season? The question of identity, always n difficult ouo, almost precludes argument oil this point. DRS. W. T. L. D. KELLEY, : DENTISTS: MAIN OFFICE: EASTON, MAR\LAND Will practice at Preston on Mondays; Denton on Tuesdnys j Fcderalsburg, second and fourtli- Tlmradnys; East New Market, first nnd third Thursdays;. Best work guaranteed. Gas ncliKinitter- ed. : ANNA GOING REGISTERED PHYSICIAN, Twenty-five yean' cipciicnce. \SpeciaIist in Dlenses ot \V*men only. PrivateSHititarlnmorhigh rf;niti:. Absohile j-rnaey afford- e! Female Regufalive PHU l.'.« per boz. Advice by mail BALTIMORE STREET. BALTIMORE, MD. 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K/ Returning will leave Hillsboro Mon- d«ye, Tucfdnys, Wednesdays, Thursdays, urH Fridays at 10 n. in.; Covey's 10.30: Coward's 11; AVilliston 1 p. m.; Gnncy's 1.30; McCurty'b 2; Kingston 2.15; Dover Bridge y..}0 ; Modford's (Ulioptunk) 4; Chirk's 4.15; Suerctury, 5; Cunibi-idgc 7, Tnijipe 8.30 mid OxfonMO, stopping nl iiilornicdiatc liiiidings, arriving in 1'alti- inoru enrly.lho following mornings. SUNDAY STKAMKRPOK BAI.TIVOKK. Steamer will leave for Baltimore on Sunday!! us follows: Wnymnu's, 4.30 n. in.; Covey's, 5 00; Coward's, G.15; Willii-ion, C.30;. O.-incy's, 0.-15; Kingston, 7.10; Dover Bridge, 7.30; Cbopliink, 8.30; Secretary, 9.30; Cambridge, 10.30; Trnppe, 11.45; O.\ford, 1.00 p. in., arriving in Baltimore at C.OO p. in., the same day. Freight received natil 5.30 for all landings. E . K . \V1IEELK11, Agent, Pier 5 Light St., Bnlliinoru. B. H. COIIKK, ASCII I nt Willistou. spooo puc 00*01$ SCHtf OS 3KId M0113A H9HI X33dXS J-HOH 'd '039 ALL Til A GOOD STOCK \V1L1, lii 1 . 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GKEBNLEY'S BARHEK SHOP, (Stewart Jiuilding, next door Brick Hotel) !Fiit-cliiss I'lii-nituTO and appliances, nnd competent workmen in..iives satisfactory service to nil customers. Popular prices. J. PRACTICAL BLACKSMITH WRSE-SHOER, DBNTON, MD. I shall constantly keep on hand u full assortment of Iron and Steel for nil kinds of Farm and Wagon "Work. I enn furnish you all siy.cs of new wheels and axles, and best clnsscs of horsc-slioos at short notice. I guarantee all material and work at lowest prices to suit tlic hard times. Shop on Third St., opposite IJvery Stable. Givo mo a trial. JOHN J. BAKNES. IS THE PLACE REED'S TO GET BARGAINS IN HARNESS I If in need of anything in my lino it w i l l be to your advantage to examine what 1 have to show before puivl;sing ol.sewhere. My stock iucludob .Dusters, Sheets;, Fly Nets, Em-Tips, "Whips, Ilnrnos- IH low :is S7, Hnnd-inado Harness to order, Colin:, Bridles, Axle and lluriic.-s Oil, W h i p Suckots, Puds of nil kiiuls. is ropnirud utul cleaned nt W. S. REED, Doiton. Md. Chester River Steamboat Conip'y Change of Schedule. TUNIS' WILLS, TALBOT COUNTY, MD,, -MANUFACTURERS AND DEALERS-IN ALL KINDS OF- Lumber and Building Material. Shipments made direct by vessel to . all .points on navigable water, to inland points by rail. Save Money by Purchasing Direct from Mauutactfireis, North Carolina, Pine, Our Specialty! WE DEFT CYPRESS SH1HGLES. Saw Mill Daily Capacity, 20,000 feet. Plaining Mill Daily Capacity,. 40,000 feet. STATE AGENTS FOR S fora Wire F iSCsr^Correspondence solicited. Orders promptly filled. HYGIENE ICE. o · ·-- THE SEASON FOR ICE, IS HERE. THE DISTILLED WA TER ICE IS HERE LET EVERYBODY PATRONIZE THE ICE DEALER, ------- ry Place your orders and let the Ico Wagon stop at your door oath morning and deliver you just what you want. It ouly costs you One-kali that amount. Don't and tho saving in tho uso of it will, be, gp#px, forget to leave your orders at Once,with Towers, tho loo Dealer. Ice Delivered on Saturday .Evening for Sunday, Persons wishing ice on Sunday.oap .secure it by going . to the Factory, at the depot. LAWRENCP] B. TOWERS. ^ Vt WE DC) Have tlio best Cnma^ps, Spindle Dnytmis, and a lull line of iiial Fitrni Iinplemeats. Lowest 1'ricei «a Everything 1 (iooil Second-Haiul din i:i^e$ and Buggies )'nin '$10.(H) up. OSBOllNE COLUMBIA BINDERS AND MQ.WERS »te at tho front, and have ontbiitUod all competitors, having proved to bo the lightest draft, the boat work, sim- ilcst in construction, tho strongest and best-braced binder ever mude. H^nco tlio victory! Columbia AU-Stccl Hay Rakos aud Adders are constructed in a wiy that i'oii Imvo two now rnkos for the price of one. Osborno Columbia Spring-Toolli and [)i-- Hnrraws nrc tlio only ones made with double levers. Don't forget that I am headquarters for all lines of Mncbinorv, Carriages, oto., ;it owcst prices,. TONS OP BINDKlt TWINK. Also, havo thrco second-hand D.-or- ng Binders for snlo cheap. Will guarantee them in ov.ery way to do lirst-cluss work r no sale. Give me a ctitl. H. M. THOMPSON, HILLSBORO, MD. short notice. Money to Loan, $16,000 to loan on mortgage in suma of $1,000 or more. Any .legal business attended to. Apply to WILMEE EMOKY, Attorney ut Lnw, iTorth Fayotto Sts. Valtinuiro, itd. JAMES T. M O R R I S , ( j t l l ) O E I . Y , M I X ) Wleelf rislit and Blactsmitli, AND EXPERIENCED HORSSCHOER. In all branebcs of my business I gunr- nntcc batisfaction. In liorsssliociiii; I Jmvo tbe endorsement of best velcriiirtrmns. JAMES T. MOltKIS. J. B. K. EMORY «? CO (EMOKY 4 NEAVITT.) -- GENERAL-COMMISSION MERCHANTS, LIGHT STREET, June 1st, 1897, tlio sto.-iinor A Void, w i l l Icnvc C'lii'sturtown lit 7.00 n. iu., clnil}, c.xeept Siiinlny, slo|- piiii; at Uol])li's, Knokcr's, (Junker Xcek, iinrl Qncoiibtoun. LOJIVO ;ii«-n.-tciwii at 8.45 a. in., ia riving in liiillimoic nbont 11.15. Ketnniing. lenvo IJultii]ior(;"!il 3.10 p. in., a r r i v i n g at Quo.-uptown at G.-IO, nml Clicslcitovvn nt 7.30, Stoaniev 13. S. J-'oni w i l l leave Contrc- ville daily, e.\L-u|)t Buiulay, lit 7.00 u. in., stoppin-; nt liiiulings on Corsicri rivi-r, ]5o- glc's, Jnclcson Creek, anil Kent Island, and arriving in Baltinioru at 11.00 a. HI. Kcturniiifi, l e n v o 15:iHinioro nt 3.30 p. in., a r r i v i n g nt LJentrevillo »t 7.30 \. in. Stcainoi- Orutitiule will lunvc Kock Hull daily, except Sunday, at 8.00 a. in., nrriv- ing in ]inltiinorc at 10.16. Ueturiiing, leiive Baltimore at 4.00 p. in., arriving nl Kook Hull ul U.15. GKO. WAHKIKI.I), President, J. li. TAYLOR, General Agent. Will ply bclwoon G l t K K N S U O l l O U G H and IJALTIMOlli; Weekly, touehing at ull landings bcUvouu GieoiiEbor- ongh a m i J) n i t ^ u . On and nftor July 4, ^tomniM- w i l l leave for linltiinuro ovorv JMoiulay K l l K I G J l T H MODliKATK, C A I ' A U I T V AMJ'LE Tho ].itjvn-ij;i' if our iiicrcliants and funnels solicited Unit this lino may bo made n success, 1'ull informalioa by in- q u i r i n g of C K 0 1 W K I' 1 . J)1LL, AOKNT, 1). ^ 13 itOCK AN AY. JI[.\STKn, (irccnsborouL'li, Md. O: l i A U K T A. 1JOE, AQKNT, Dcnton, Md. J. O. TAYLOR WITH JT, O, JjEI^ FRUIT AND PRODUCE COMMISSION J l-^t East CanoicLeaa. St: KKFEUENCES: Traders' Natonal Bank of. Baltjmoro; First National Bank of StcwiirUtown, Pn. . Branch nt StowBrtstown, Pa. T. H. EVANS COMPANY, FRUIT AND PRODUCE COMMISSION MERCHANTS, No. 214 Light Street, Baltimore, Maryland, and Vegetable*; Maryland. Peacbea and Sweet Potatoes. ecivc mit's nlwnys ready to re- Examiners' Notice. Professional Notice. ] beg to lannonneo to my friends- aiul pntums that I huvo placed a 'phone in my onicc, and inn in constant (jomiminiejilion witli all points on the Dorchester and Queen Annn.s lines. Vcrv refnt-rtfiilly, GUO. tf. C A L L O W AY, M. D. Niglit call, 1. Day call, Central Ollicc, Fpiloralsbnrg. " AVo, tho uiidoi-siiriiMl. h.-n-iiis; LiJi'ii appointed, by the coiiniy coiiiinit-gioncrs of Caroline pounty to i-vainini: :ind, if found ncccfisary, lay dou-n n nuw public road in the Eighth Election District, bo.i;iiiiiiiij; at or nciu- l{eac)i:ini])'.s Bridjjp, on the road Icndiiij,' fr-in Willislou lo Concord, and niiiiiini; throu;li llu- l u n d t of j"Mr«;. VA'r/.n- belli I5cncliaui|i, W i l l i a m l'\ Liduu, and bolwcon thu limits o f K M. Gurey anil W. C, A n d r u u , until it inter-rots the county road U-iulin^ from T u o Johns to Jones' Comer, ho ruby give notico Hint we will meet at j-!iiilphir« of bc»jiriniiiir jit !) o'clock a. m., on .MONDAY, HJCPTK"M1JHK 5tli, 1898, to ft \ucuio our coininission. Tho county surveyor will plonse attend without lurtlior notice. "OKKl'IT K. ROOP, S ^ A M I T K L T . KOllRTS, U'lTjLlAW T. LORI), Julj-30, IS9S. Is your Home, Furniture, Grain, Lire Stock, or other Property Insured Against Loss by FIREQRLIGHTNINGP If not, if you will apply to one of tho Agents of tho OF DOVER. DEL yon can obtain insurance nt low rates. Th« Company is Mutual, and you will only pay what the insurance costs, aa any amount in EicessofCost Willte RcturiM in Mm or at termination of policy. WM. DENNY, SecraUry. B. FLUMMEK, Agent, Greensboro. J. H. FLETCHEll. " Preflton. Douglass House BEHOBOTHCITY, DEL. OPEN JUNE I0th. This Hotel is silnntod 100 feet from oooau frout, nnd one-fourth of a mile from Roliobolk Bay, in the rear. Good Bathing, Sunning, Fishing ft Boating. Special rates for June and Scp- tombor. Free Hack. Bar attached. WM. M. JEFFERSON, PROPRIETOR. TREES / PLANTS JFOIR The leading varieties oi Ap- pJe,,Peach, Pear, Plum, CJier- -Small Fjuita,,etc M for sale by 1. G. GELLETLY CO., WILLIOTON, MD. S P A P E R f l R C H l V l

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