The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas on July 18, 1923 · Page 3
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The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas · Page 3

Hutchinson, Kansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, July 18, 1923
Page 3
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WEDNESDAY, JULY 18, 1923 THE HUTCHINSON NEWS. PAGE THREE. 1-3 OFF ON ALL CHILDREN'S LOW SHOES AND SLIPPERS Bargains you cannot afford to pass by. T. $4.45 Slippers at. ......... $2.97 J $4.25 Slippers at $2.84 \ $3.95 Slippers at $2.74 $4.45 Slippers at. .. t . $2.30 Highest grades of Acrobat oxfords included in this sale. Every slipper in our children's stock is on sale. Phoenix hose to match. Have you noticed our windows? Special attention given to mail orders. 81! I Last ruiskua with the I'rodueors tomorrow aud then the team, cornea homo for a alx-day meet at Ciano park, opening Friday against the Kaws. Independence comes •Monday. [Friday ivlll, as usual lie ladles (lay at <iano pari? the {Mr fans may pass tho gale keepers without pausing-. —x— V'egram, tho: nowoutfielder came to the Shockers- on recommendation of 'Ivan Akrlk'ht. He was In the gamo yesterday, but didn't do, anything. Kddtu Bunks will again forced to ro- tiro because ot Ills bad leg, which moved Solomon to flrat base. • — x— If Akrlght can overcome his wlld- nesa ho will..undoubtedly he a winner. Tho big boy nasn't worked sufficiently this year to keep In trim. Everyone •who witnessed 'his Initial trial here last week thought he had the stuff. —x— Jack Wilkinson is back with the Shockers. It 1 B to bo hoped liiH disposition has Improved since, ha was horn.' Wilkinson's jfgly performances hero were'brought on 'by tho fans' ragging him too much, together with the extreme heat.- The Shockers cannot help but break even on the present trip because they have won three out of four and have but two more to play. • \ AkrightIs Tight, Winning From Independence 7 to 1 Shockers Get to Hungry Boyd in Series Opener. BAUER WAS DERRICKED Iowa Boy Started Game But Was Not Right—Akright Held Producers Scoreless. Independence, July 18.—Hutchinson copped the opening game ot tho florins from Independence yesterday combining hits with wilduess on the purl of "Hungry" Hoyd. The final scoro was 7 to 1, Hauor, who started for Hutchinson, was relieved niter the second lnnliiK so credit for Lho victory goes to Ivan scorers do not know there aro} AkwrlRht, one of the late additions gee times when a runner udvances from some other causes. There are passed balls, wild pitches arid In Instances where no effort is Jnindo -,'o get tho runner bocauso ot third being occupied It does not constitute u stolen bnso. —x— O'-Cormell, a new outfielder with tho Kaws Is reported to claim relationship with John McUritw 'H star plucked last year Ironi the coast leaauo. .,, *j _ vi ^ Ja —I— Bill Mare, aald by Salina scribe* to really be Bill Meyer, brother of Bonnie, etf-Miller boss, has received his pink ticket at Coffeyville, whero ho caught on during Illness of two of Matty's outfielders and has attached himself to Dale Gear's Kaws. Hear has released Wiley Taylor, <3ullna ca.8t.ori' pitcher, whom he gave a trial. Clear had Taylor before tho seusln started and released him, after which he caught on with Ueuuie Meyer. —x— Eddie Neusel, who was an outfielder for Coffeyville last year has signed with the Topoka Kaws. Nousol was Bold to the Now York Yankees and tailed to make a dent. Ho has been playing with some eastern league club. Neuael is expected to arrive any day. —x— Claude -Nichols's joining lho Kaws '" being delayed by his inability to BOX SCORE Hutchinson— AB Shoots, of 6 Foster, 3b 2 Lemen, 2b 4 Solomon, rf -1b , ... 5 pick, If 3 Pur-tell, 63 4 Banks, 1b Pegram, rf Wales, c ... Bauer, p .. Akrlght, p , Totals independence—. Wren, If Mason, PO A 2 0 OTHER GAMES IN THE SOUTHWESTERN LEAGUE Sapulpa, 4; Bartlesvllle, 0. IJartlesvllle, Okla., July 18.—Coupling a walk with an error and Baerlfleo fly, Sapulpa won the opening gamo before getting n sate hit off RatlifC. Owens pitched airtight ball, holding Iiartlcsvllle to three scattered singles. The final score was 4 to 0. Score: Hnpulpa Willis. 2b •Roland 0 Peterson, lb 3 Scott, cf 4 Kllpptti. i»a 4 Cleveland, 3b 3 I'arrett, If i Ailalr. 11 4 Funk, c - 3 Owens, p 4 ub h po| 0 0 1 1 1 I 0 0 0 1 Q\ Uartlusvlllo ab h po Butler, 8b 4 I I Willie, ct 4 Prauk'uff, It 4 0 2 Onahlon, lb 3 0 S IhtvinK, rf 4 0 3 Knley.'ib 4 0 fi lluuic. as 3 0 0 Lamb, o 3 0 5 ItaUlff. p 8 0 0 Totals 82 3 27 Evans, rf Regan. 3b . . Mitchell, 2b Roe, cf .... Brown, c . ., I Boyd, p ... . Billy PurteU's hand must ho getting f. ct '» a l )flv from MoMeator. He not! »cttor. lie handled eleven chances f '" d Gear he would report as soon as yesterday without a bobble. . The tbo ghost walks Shocker boss has been HuKorii .g from *- ' neuritis in his throwing hand. i , 1 l3 , rumored that Earl Smith, port _ x __ elder hmler with Muskogee has been Clay-brook of Muskogee- got a freak optionally sold to Oklahoma Clly. Jiomer at Bartlesville the other day. bm\th certainly has proved a dud In The ball took a Wg bound and hopped "j? *™ t ' iwn * < ; ni th 'f i^ar and it Is . over the feuco when Jt struck the ?""" u , lt to p,clurB hlu » mM »S B<>o<i 1 Ur °?..!f.., hard ground in the outfield. There's *>itsher company no chance for Bueh a thing in the .. . x to the Purtell crew. Rauer was In- offoctlvo-the Producers' lone tally coming in the first when Mason, who J ^J e _J ,cr ' 1b had singled cotinled on a wild pitch. Akwright who relieved Bauer was Invincible In the plnchos., Although }"i walked five he managed to keep lue locals from bunching hltn with tho passes and worked out of holes time after time. Boyd was very wild, Issuing seven passes and torcing in one run. when he passed Foster with the liases full In the third. The Shockers won In that Inning when two runs wero scored. .The hitting ot Mose Solomon Tea tured the game. got a triple and three singles J.u live trips to tho plate. 37 7 10 27 13 AB Ft H PO A 4 0 0 4 0 1 -2 Totals 31 : 271 •Itun.for Willis In eighth. Seore by lnriiii(.-:i: ] Snpulpa 000 020 020--4 I'aitlesvlll.; 0011 000 000-0 Kuuunury—Ivitim-d runs, Sal 'Ullui 2. Sacrifice lilt. Funk. Hayes on balls, oft <.i >vi ;n 1, erf linlllff 2. Struck out. by Owen 7, by Uiullff 3. on b;iscH. -1 S.-iimlpa I,. HiirlK'svllle fi. t'loublc piny, •) I Halllff t" Futiy lo Cnshlon. llll by | pitcher, Willis anil Peterson by Kiltim. K^)IIH. Wllhs. H.-iitt, ClevL^.aml, l'airi-vl. I^ri-ors. WIIlf.H, l'»>t (M 'soti. t'arrt'tt, Ital .iirr. Time of fame, 1:45. t'mplre, Ooe.s. Totals '..23 1 6 27 17 .. 3 Hutchinson 002 000 320—7 Independence 100 000 000—1 Summary: Three base hit—Solomon. Two-bace hit—Lemen. Sacrifice hit—Mitchell. Stolen base—Pick, o.i.i'iii^ii i,; ' l i.Base on balls—off Boyd 7; Akrlght 6. fhe Shocker slugger , struck ou t—by Boyd 4; Akrlght 2. Hit by pitcher—Foster by Boyd. Left on base—Independence 5; Hutchinson 8. Time—1:45. Umpire—Wllkersonr Muskogee 8, Coffeyville 6. Coffeyville, Kan., July IS.—Despite several errors, the / -Mu^kogeo Soldiers •-iticoeeded in taking the opening of the series with the Roflnera yesterday, S to G. Wiilhrrod and Mlddleton were punished by the Soldiers while Itibih was uble lo keep the eleven Il/flner hits well scattered. Tho hlt- tin R ot llabbllt and Corgnn of the Soldiers featured, Corgan hitting safely four times in four trips to tho plato. and llabbllt getting a single, a double and a triple In five trips. Cool Appearance Makes a style all its own for hot weather— Then it's most comfortable—a cool shirt and cool trousers—with a light suit of Athletic Underwear, E. & W. Soft Collar, Holeproof Silk Sox, Hkkok Belt—the whole story—little cost for this costume and comfortable. iturrcyviiiu I Major iboaguo scouts aro. coming to ItliB Southwestern leaguo closely I SIv ?nr Hunters" for the Chicago Cubs .and Cincinnati Reds were in the etando-at Topeka yesterday, according to The Capital. CARL SIDLE WILL BE WITH WINFIED HIGH sandy outfield hero. —x— Joe ftabhltt may be n Hash of speed on the paths but his ambition to show up tho whole world frequently causes him to pull a "skill!"." 'His most- recent bone heads were stealing third at Independence with the baso occupied and scoring ou a fly ball at Bartloaville without waiting to touch third baso. .. — x— Rabbltt may bo leading tho league | Car i Sidle, Btar basket shooter of In stolen buses but he stands alone lne Arkuu3tta valley basketball league for tho Muskogee team while Hutch- wh(> playtS( | for Hutchinson last year, ii.sou has several flashes on tho bases wlu bo 8 ii 0 „tlng 'om tor VVInfio-d this chlot among which arc Shoots and yeari u lfl rol)ort ,, d Young Sldlo Foator.- Hutchinson will wind UP the want l0 rwinflold early last Spring and season with more stolen bases as a finished tn0 » c hool year there so he team than Muskogee. | w m bo eligible for sports the coming —x ~ ~ » , year. Sldlo will probably bo out for Rabbltt always gels ' more etolen tno wmflold high football team and bases at homo. Perhaps tho MusKo- tho , oca] Btudenl3 may BeB llIm lu „ . ... : — ' hostile uniform early, a3 Wlnfleld and Hutchinson pry the lid off the 1923 grid season here. Sidle will be inoro valuable to Bonnie Reber In Basket- hall than on the grid however, it is predicted by thoao hero who know him. HE ANDINGS "SOUTHWESTERN teAOUE. Tf. LJ. ^fianulpa HUTCHINSON ! Ballna .... , 8 yupek* : 7 tnnepcnAftnoo ..' -.. ft Mu.skogQO 8 Bartleavlll* 5 . Coffeyvlila NATIONAL LEAGUE. N»*r York M Cincinnati 60 Pittsburgh 48 Chicago Id Brooklyn <2 St. IKIUIHI <3 Hoston • ^3 Philadelphia 23 Kew York dsvelnnd St. Louis pctrolt Philadelphia Chicago _ "WashlnKton ....34 Soutou Zil Bt. Paul ... Kunsas Otty l>oulsvilla ., Columbus .. Milwaukee . Indlaini polls Mluiuunolts Toledo, WESTERN LEAGUE. W •VTIolilta .....j........ S3 ... Oklahoma •OtUKlta .... Dm Moines bt. Jcnepli gloux City ..................84 Talk Isn't cheap, it starts costly gossip, wars and runs on banks.— National League, At Boston (lat game)— R.H.E. Cincinnati 000 0M 400—-l 9 1 Uoston ,.,000 002 100—3 8 1 Batteries—•Cincinnati, Luijue, lllarsy und Hargrave, Wlngo; Boston, R'.c- Ntunara, Hentou and Stullli, O'N'eil. At Hoston l2nd gauia)— U. H. K. Cincinnati 003 00:1 300—9 10 3 Boston .000 OUU 203—5 10 0 Batteries—Cincinnati, I.uque and Hargarve; Boston, OeachEer and 13. Smith. At Brooklyn— R. H.E. Pittsburgh ." 000 i>00 101—U 10 2 .. .000 M0 OOx—6 7 0 Uatturlus — Pittsburgh, Morrison, Kunz aud Gooch; Brooklyn, Smith and Taylor. At Philadelphia— R. II. B. St. Louis tOO 001 0-90 1—2 i) 0 Philadelphia ..000 001) 010 0—1 7 0 Batteries—'St. Ixmis, Toncy and Aln- smith; Philadelphia, Ring aud llen- Ilne. At New York- R. H. E. Chicago' 100 0 0 0 002—S 9 0 New York 000 014 llx— 7 12 0 Batteries—Chicago. Oaborne. J'us- aell and O'Farroll; New York, Ryan and Snyder. St. Louis Hnttorlc Walters; Severeid. 0U0 330 Six—10 IB 0 -Boston. Fliliertoii • Louis, Douforth and K.ibdot, 3b Hiu -llHIlt, (• O'llyrne. lb Altttlheu'to*, t'b Glass, ys IhiKell, If llowi-. ef IlOvlltlHl, Tf nnrl i WIlllKioil, u i Mlddleton, p lib b po 4 2 1 r, 2 M 5 11! Western League. At Oklahoma Citv— R II K Wichita 000 001 010— 2 (! 2 Oklahoma City 200 11U 10s— S 11 2 Bailorlea: Maun and McMullen; Payne and Horhe, At St. Josopb-- R II 13 Tulsa 001 290 000—12 21 0 St. Joseph 000 000 100-- 1 0 0 Batteries^ Clarke and Crosby; I.Incl- berg, Lodbettor, McCoIl and K.tndler. At Bus Moines— ' It II K Denver ...000 200 001— 3 S 4 Ues Mollies 200 020 OOx — 4 8 0 Batteries:, Cross ami Diamond; House, Davis and Huugling. At Sioux .City-Omaha 1)03 001 010 Sioux 1'ity ld)0 120 102 Batteries'. Lee, Spopc Dutt, O'Brien und Q tierry. It II K 12 1 lj 3 and Willlur; R II E - B S 1 - 1 H 1 Hartley; a I i 4 l ol 1! o o] 2 l 0 [IfiMiltt, ct iti Liiiclilc, 2b t'laybrook, lb ForroJ *t, c Ituah, [> ab h po PORTRAY CHARACTER ON LINKS V * H- K- X * Y- * * * Golt Reveals a Man's True Self •111 11 27 Totula There la no lietter means for reveal- 2i lng a man's true character thiui lo g--t 2! hint in a golf r;time, tliinks J. \V. Hone- 1 J van, president of the Carey Park iJoif \ \ uiihoctation aud an ardent follower •1 j of the Scotch (ionic. Oilotly tiei-aiifi'i 4 i ot the Intense lnteie.-H the player h:ui \ Q gamo Ids real character U j hound to reveal itself while lie Is at 7"T""^7 ; I'lay, Mr. Donovan .sa\s. 3S 17 27 : ' Can't Hold Back Feelings. ''If lie's a uulttor, or it lie's a r.lick- •cr, it la bouuil to come out," aald Mr. Uonovan. "Xolliing ol'lhe inuu's iiiui-r- Totals Si-i 'le bv liutinyM. MiiskwcPi; 202 130 000 -S Ooffcyvlll" 100 oil 0UJ..-51 Summurv --2 -basc hits. IlKbbltt, Ol.soli. | ItvaniThli', Kosi-11. 3-biuio. hits. Miibbltl. I ,,,,,, t 'i >ri ,-:in. Ilil.^, off Hush 11, oft Willigred 1 mi):4t feoiingb can lie held back whl'c 13 in fouv and two-thirds inntngs; »tl ; ho Is on the links." Mldilletuu, r in 4 and two-tltlrds lnnliiKS. ,„,„,„ v,_ n-,„„„.,„ ,.„„,„„,i„ UUSI-M .111 I.J.H.-J. off Hu-sb 1, off WIlllBrod I Ul " «•""<?• Mr - '->'"l"vnil conlemi.i 1. off Mhl'tli-ton 2. struck out. by Hunh j puts a niun on his mettle as tn his ! r American League^ At Cleveland— R. H. K. New York 000 0 0 0 000— "41 Cleveland 020 510 fiOx—IS 20 0 Batteries— NBW York, Mays and Bongough; Cleveland, Ohio and O'Neill. At Chicago — n. II. E. Philadelphia 000 00-D 100—1 6 2 Chicago 300 004 Olx—<S 7 0 Batteries — Philadelphia, 'Heimlich and Perkins; Chicago, Cvengros, Naylor and Schalk. At Detroit— _ R.H.E. Washington 010 000 010 —2 0 I Detroit Ill 010 OOx--4. 8 0 Batteries — Washington, Mitchell and Ruel; Detroit, Johnson and Hua- sler. At St. Louis— n. It. E. Boston 000 O00 0»1— 17 3 American Atsoclation. At Kansas City— Columbus ono 400 001 Kansas City ...000 010 000- Batteries — Sandors anil Zlnn, Caldwell and Skiff. 1 At St. Paul— R II E Indianapolis ...000 010 002— 3 9 1 St. Paul 200 003 OOx— 5 10 2 Ualteiiea — Hill, Fit2slmmoim and Krouger; Mitt MB and Gonzales. At Milwaukee— R II B Toledi.i 242 00n 210—1(1 19 3 Milwaukee 021 0G5 013—17 21 3 Battering — Bedlent, Cttard, M^c- Gloughlln and Anderson; Keefu, Bigbee, Pott and Shlnault. At Minneapolis— Louisville 001 400 r>00- Minneapolls ...220 dfi;) HiO— 3 10 2. by Miililli-ton 1. Sacrifice hits, Olson, CorRim. Itowfc. Stolen basus, itabhlit, i-Uivl.roolc. l>oul ,'ie plnys. llrauehl, I'lnvlirnok; (Mass lo Malthews to O'lli-irii'. U110-1. HnbhUt 3. (IIBOII, Cov- l?an.' l.^orre^t, Ilab'.y. Kalnlot 3, Hiicl.ant, ltoi; KrrorH, Rubbllt, OIHOII, f:ori::in. tlrauchlc 2, Haley ;!. C.luss. Uoj;ell. Time of name, 1:15. Irniplre. I>od«ou. Topeka 5, Salina 0. Topeka, July IS.—Pierce held the Salina Millers to six scattered hits and Gear's gang took the first of tho series yesterday, K to 0. The Topeka team bunched all of its hits lu three Innings and put over five runs. Pierce was In trouble In several innings but he pitched air-tight ball when there were-men on bases. honesty, because much ot the time he \oi Is out of sight of his opponent and lie w-oiild be able to do a liltle cheating If ho wanted. 'He believes that the standard of Integrity in golf i.< as high, if not higher, than in any other sport or in other walks r-f life." Kfops Player Fit. "There ore many liusint ss and pro- frsHiutml men who would have been in their grave:--, years .'nio had it not been fur '.heir tuUine, up tho game," said Mr. Donovan. "'VYlnlo it. e.lvos tho player wlc .it he needs for ids physical welfare, it also helps develop liim mentally, beenuse ol' lho close c.u-or- il i n:i t inn ri"juiied hetweuu tl'.o muscles and tie., brain." Coil' ahio promote:! a fraternal pplrlt anioim men. Mr. Donovan contends, 11' a man encounters a stranger on a train and either learns by a chance nark that the otiter Is a devotee of the game a dlscil.ciion Immediately follows, common, language lowaiilp Thoy have something in From thee on they talk a of their own and good fel: coiisotpientiy promoted. ,s, j, ,v. . .;. $ SPORT DBIEFS. Salina Itentfrow, 2b tleraicl, as t*hc»:bro, lb MlUer. rt lVutlga-n, 3b YWst'aver, If Matthews, cf Hurin. e Newton, p all h po 4 0 4 1 1 3 0 1 0 o o 1 Topeka Napier, cf strohin. 2b nick, 2b Itoeksknpf, lb Mm o, rf llros.u. If rierce, p Kn *?aveM, sa Henri, e Totals ab h po 3 1 2 4 1 2 1 1 0 » 1 0 0 3 0 0 7 27 Totals 32 0 24| Keoi-e by ltmlnK-i; Hallim OOfl 000 000--0 Tupeka COO '!00 12x—5 Snuiniary—1-lnrned run.-*, TopnUa 4. 2-li.-ise hit, llraiitlnuii. 3-lnoie hit. .Marc. .Sacrifice hUs, Oernld, h'neavoa. Sucrlrlee 1 fly. Mare. lln>:eii on balls, off Fierce ft, R II E ''ff Newton 2. Ktruck out, by Ph-rco 8, •If) Vt *> Ntwlon \. Hit by pileher, by Newton i.i _ tj, oi ,.,). iioeblo plays, Slrohm i,„ f ,„„, T --V '. "-' " " ,t! K'neavea to niieleikohfi M.ltthewn to lioiierios — Ivoob, Hothern. Cuilop I.', r.ilil to llunn. 1,,-ft on ims.'s. Hallua and Meyer; Schauer, Ayrea and J.V . Toi ' e . ! ?i l . 1-.... Kt eleu bases, N'^i,i.>r Cruibowsky. Western Association. Okmulgee 3, .loplin 2. Euid 2, Hetuyetta l". Ardmore !), Ft. Smith 4. Springfield 7, McAloFter 3. Texas League. At Snn Antonio G, llallas At Bnauraont 15, Wichita Falls 11. At Oulveston 3-9, Shrevoport 2-4, At Houston 2, Fort Worth 4. Southern Association. At New Orleans 7. Mobile 3. All others postponed, rain. 3. roliin, IMfk. I'lre, Qulh-iey. Time of, Kume, 1:47. t'lil- INGALLS 4, CIMAtnTON 2. Triple Play by Winners In Ninth Cut Off Possible Rally. Ingnlls, Jtt'y Hi.—In a fast game of •ball played here last Sunday between i Cimarron and lngulls, Ingalls won by a score of 4 to 2. The feature of the gamo was the all round work of Davidson, shortstop for Cimarron, and a triple play by Ingalls In the ninth Inn- j Ing with two men on bases. The e.uiuo [ was witnessed by n large crowd. OF A "FIXING" CHARGE ••'•'jpliV. wurlii'.s premli'i' untomnhlli* raco •• ] il: i\ ••)•, Iff! htMv >T .st..rauy for Now : ! Vork im Ills way t«> KurDliu, to cutli- '?•* 'vjjii'l'. 1 In r.iftui In il;iiy, Spain, Calico ••' '*' -r r ••*• , ami KIIKIUIKI. .St. i'aiil.— J )(.HUrfk)n I: ixinj; bouLu wi 11 j tSir S VZ^^J;:] SMALL JURY ACQUITTED piled wiih, it. wan antiouiu'' d, an*l Mikf dibboui', 'inakrh iM'ik'M-, .-aid ho. was nt»)5i> appt-ai.uico of I.ul3 Angol 1'Mrpo for tin- fii'.H U;iHL In August. Indlaiuvpolls.—Clnv. McCray rofiiHiv .l ; Waulit'Kitii. 111., July 1 P.— A fl<ypiol a Kroup of hu^nt 4 H.> men purmirfsinn in; In thy trial ami ;uuiuWWil of 'Wml Kun- Htape ti Deinps^y fJilihoiiH fight in! din in f'hicaxo lust v.-ei ?k was enacted Indianapolis, but the pnntioters h. "m* ; y^storday tn fht* j^'quittal of IOdward to hold UIQ niatck at Kurt Harrison,\Courtticy. Kdward llvatifman und tioar tlic city. j 'It. Kit-Id*. charirt >d with fixing the MllwauIcoo.---Illlly Wnlh. v/tdter-j Jury, tliat (vv.*-il <»ov. l-'-n Small on con- welght '.'liami'ion of Kn^f.-uul, Jia.s h^^n • .•plnicy rhnr^t's year, uncording to niatt^ivd to box Hoy Cunluy of Crocn attorn^y^ for tins "Tho vordUH Hay la a ten round bout., July '^7. ' provrrj thai, lutiurcnt nvsn o.aanot oo VoTi Kinilh, Ark.— Ivan Orloff. ot convir.UMi of ei'!:m* to some Chicago, defiMitwd Jauk StorHiiK oi OIIB'B pollllnal uinbillon^," Hald a Kluln* Omaha, in two straight falls lu thuir niout. hy drt 'oiiHi* counsol who con- light 1it.>avyweight inatt-h. • • i^ndi 'd throughout, tht! trial,- art did Wlimipi-B." Jack Taylor, of Winnl- attr.r.;i'ys fir 1.undid in hl« trial, that p*-£, dt.'foatud Wladok Wiysko, of liob-thf jiro.^ •fMtion ww;. iniitip ^atPd by Atton, by taking two out of thn>n falla. j lorr.oy tlo 'iiTal (trunda^r) for (inUtioal T:'« nton, N. J.— T]i+» ui-tual at- ( "-prcf- •(.-u 'iou of tlov. Small and Uta aa- t.'iida.u-n at tliL» Willarrt-Kirp i fiitfit t:x'ia!«'s." way VfMi^fi, at 't -oriiiii'; to fi^uivK ^ivun rracilt-.tlly the ciam** stH 'pi.' of chft^r* out by tho Intornal rcv.«muj .-.oilector, ius di.sonb-r i:-a{ ^'"'-"tod tho v-rilk-t of which nunib'.'r 75.711^ v .'i 'if paid ad- of acuitlrI in tir? I uudiu trial wart inJHMioiiH. ' i -iiari'M WIL-MI !bi' Jury trying Court- Kv.w Yoi•]•,. — Johnny C-uff, of Jo.vtv.y ncy, J''iidds and Kaufman ropirnt-d In- (Mty, fur nun* baiilam and flyweight to cuurt afn*r df 1 lii.-nu iiiK an Iiour and ^iiainpion, was knuclu.'vl out In Ui« CiUi'HiLsboro A. rlui? by H^tiry inok Cittnm, of Nr-w Vurk, aflyr nine ant. rounds ami 07 at'conds of a Ht-liuduioil dk-.ia ton round Ixuu. "i Murphy to Europe. ; \\o, U Lou Arigdliin. duly 18. Jlmmin iMtir* v.oik iiiiiiuit.':! dnri-.i.^ «;jilv oiu 1 ''allot and annoiiiNW'i , of not. ^niify, :\i ich tliiio thoy • )!t t 'iU'h dffend- un:iniiuoiiM \ttv- T: At eh :it ry IICIMIH suoro .tail tiiinkcrrt tu

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