Dixon Evening Telegraph from Dixon, Illinois on June 2, 1955 · Page 19
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Dixon Evening Telegraph from Dixon, Illinois · Page 19

Dixon, Illinois
Issue Date:
Thursday, June 2, 1955
Page 19
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, WHAT'S COOKING?— Befuddled boxer "Bift" couldn't quite figure out what to do when, instead of breakfast, he found four-week-old "Kitchenette" in his food dish in Cleveland. Ohio. With i admirable restraint. Biff let his roaster, Peter La Londe, set things right rather than oust the, kitten himseli. The Dixon Evening Telegraph — Dixon, Illinois Thursday, June 2, 1955 Breakfast Is Poor Meal To Practice Your Diet ages. For Junior who is growing rap idly, the glass of whole, mils supplies important protein. If father is a sedentary worker, the ba sic cereal fills his needs. If he does strenuous physical work add an egg or two. Junior can esre. too. This summer menu follows the basic breakfast pattern: Breakfast : Cantaloupe with sprigs of mint, oven-toasted lice cereal with milk, flaicy bran bis- Hit the jackpot in a slot machine, or won the daily double at a race-Learned to wear a raincoat on the days it rains, and to leave it home on days when it doesn't ram? Found a can opener anywheie in the woild that will open two Had a cigarette lighter that will light one cigar in a row without running out of fuel? Oivncd a fountain pen that will write abo\e water? Located a laundry that will sew-back on the buttons it nps off? Be lucky enough to walk hebind a millionarie with holes in his pocket? Met a politician who didn't think he was more honest than the ev-eraee voter? Read the symptoms of a stranRC «lisrnsp. without feclinc immediate ly those were the very things he'd noticed in himself lately? Patted the head of a cat and felt it really liked him? Spent the day at the beach without getting sunburned? Found a pear m an oyster? Opened an envelope and had an unexpected bill fall out? After 40 you expect every envelope to have a bill in it. Been left money by a stranger-or a close relative? margarine. Page 19 CHILDREN EAT BETTER breakfast* when the family site down together. Importance of the "meal can't be overestimated. By GATXOR MADDOX Many women have the mistaken idea that to go without breakfast is a good way to keep their hips down. You need a balanced breakfast, one that provides \ of your days' food, just as much as your husband and children do, according to medical men and nutrition ists. Students of family eating habits and family relations state that children eat a better breakfast when the family sits down together. Furthermore the basic bieak- fast pattern of fruit, cereal with milk, bread, butter or margarine and a beverage is adaptable to all Flaky Bran Biscuits (Yield: 10 to 12 biscuits) One cud whole bran. % milk, 1 cup sifted all-purpose flour, 3 teaspoons DaKing pov>aer, Yz teaspoon salt, *i cup shortening. 2 tablespoons melted Duuer Soak whole bran in milk. Com bine dry ingredients; sift mixing bowl. Cut shortening into flour mixture with pastry oienaers knives until it is finely cnviaea and mixture resembles meal. Add bran mixture; stir with knife or ! spatula just until ingredients are mixed. Turn dough onto lightly floured surface. Knead -lightly 6 limes. Roll dough }i-inch thick. Cut into rounds with biscuit cutter or into diamonds with sharp knife. Brush tops with melted butter or margarine. Place 1-mch apart or ungreased baking sheet. Bake in hot oven (425 degrees F.) until done, 10-12 minutes. The mother trying to keep her figure trim can eat smaller servings of all the foods on the menu. If You're Over 40, Here's Some Things You've Missed By HAL BOYLE NEW YORK (.?> — The world is so full of a number of things, why. is it a guy can be over 40 and still never in his life have-Met a fellow who has been struck by lightning? Eaten a pomegrante? Encountered a color blind woman? Know < who, if really pressed, wouldn't concede he was better Chnstain than ms neign- bor? Reached the end of a month with out borrowing lunch money from his wife? Known a vear in which he didn't brood over whether he w asn't missing something in existence he should be getting? If you are over 40, and all or most of these questions apply to vou, well — don't worry. You're normal. You've just led an ary life in an extraordinary Youths Rob Mail Truck Of S3,000 world. CHICAGO 171 — Three youths obbed a mail track of registered mail containing S3.000 Tuesday night in what police called a "well cased job. The mail track driver, Ronald Luponni, 20, told police a about 18 vears old stole the bag of registered mail from the truck while Luporini was collecting mail from a street mail box. Luporini said he chased the thief down an alley at iw< in. i^osLn Ave. and saw him throw the bi to another vouth. Both ran to waiting automobile, driven by a third youth, and escaped, Luporini The driver said the mail repr sented pickups from postal sub MIDSHIPMAN'S CHOICE Marilyn Mohr, 28-year-old brunette from New York City, has been chosen color girl for the June Week graduation program at the U.S. Naval Academy at Annapolis, Md. The model and TV actress was selected by Midshipman John R. Johnson, captain of the top company in the senior class brigade. March of Medicine To Feature Role Of a Pathologist Tha American public will v an unprecedented and dramatic telecast depicting the role of the pathologist on the modern memcai care "team" on the June 7 March of Medicine program. An estimated 15,000,000 television viewers across the nation will look on as surgeon from Walter Reed TTn^-nital in Washington, D. C, per form an operation on a suspected cancer patient and rush tissue samples via a miie-long pneumatic tube to the neighboring Armed Forces Institute of Patnoiogy. Here, expert pathologists •xamme the sample and. demon- itratmc- a unioue "television croscope", repoit bacK ineir nna- directly to the operating The , entire sequence will take place before television cameras placed in both these institu- Cannot Be Certain The surereon cannot be certaii that the suspected tumor is or i maligrnant until the patnoiogisi reports to the operating rot nisrht of the program. The recent- dedicated Armed l- orces in&u- tute of Pathology houses •orld's most modern pathological laboratory. The remainder of the telecast will feature a report to the nation on the latest medical research and therapy as reflected exhibits and discussions in 104th Annual Meeting of The Am erican Medical Association lantic City. Ir. previous March of Medicine programs such suojecls Caesarean delivery, arthnt: the effects of atomic radiat humans have been covered. The last program, telecast on May historic report on meium illness narrated and acted by tal patients themselves. Problem Parents? ANN" ARBOR. Mich. (.71— Putting le blame on parents for all trouble children get into has serious drawbacks says Univ of Michigan nsvchiatnst Dr. Ralph D. Rabmovitch. Parents, he says, are becom: afraid to ask for help for problem children because of shame and thev themselves may be pun ished for the child s offense. They're Ready MIDLAND, Tex. !#> — More than 1.000 belong to Midland's Walking Blood Bank, citizens who ve vol unteered to give blood when ever called upon. Great Smokies national contains 600 miles of horse and YOU SAVE EVERY DAY AT A&P! You con cut your Food Biffs at A«P whether you do your marketing on Monday or Saturday . . . weekf yordail y . . « SERVE A SIZZLING STEAK TONIGHT Sirloin Steak "Super-Right" Quality Blade Cut, Bone In, Fine Quality Beef 85' JUNE IS DAIRY MONTH! Danish Bow Ties Sliced Rolls !9e SOFT, GENTLE ^rlliern Tissue 3 25° Duz rge 2 Z 63° Oxydol Detergent 2 z 63° HANDY LIQUID Joy Detergent 2 6-0, LAUNDRY SOAP American Family 3:: 25° /ATAJj MEL 0-BIT SLICES AMERICAN, A C PIMENTO, iu M SWISS 4U Swiss Cheese wZf ». 55° Wisconsin Blue Cheese , 55° Mild Cheddar , 49* Cheese Food 2 « 69° Cottage Cheese ."/ 2 ■ 47° Fresh Milk : 37c Sunnyfield Butter , 65° White House Milk:::, 3'* 35' GLAZED D0NUTS JANE PARKER , A A , ,. YEAST RAISED gt, /lll> OVEN.FRESH °"2 £. O1" 39e Chop 4 In Toil Jan. Parker Frankfurt or Hamburger in pkg. LOOK! A&P COFFEE PRICES REDUCED! EIGHT O'CLOCK Fresh Fryers PC Sliced Bacon Chuck Roast" »er-Right" Fine Quality Round or— Swiss Steaks * eady— Whole o at No Extra Coi Lamb Shoulder Chops Shoulder Veal Chops Cooked Picnics Or Smoked •Super-Right" Boneless Smoked Butts "Super-Right" Hickory Smoked finidpn l naf Cake ur* Me Strawberries^";::™ ::'39 Nabisco Premium Saltines Z 25° Wyler's Soup 3^-35° Libby Baby Foods 3 28° Butter Kernel Succotash 19° Beef Bouillon Cubes T 5 i 8° Bordo Baby Orange Juice 3 >°> 25° My-T Fine Pudding 3 29° Swanson T.V. Dinners .... 79° Peanut Butter 37° Boned Turkey — 2H 49C Fiavor-Kist Coconut Bars °C 27° Morton Fruit Pies p"Sr 2 - 39° Terry's Chop Suey 39° Salad Dressing °:r 35' Cashmere Facial Soap 3 2 25° Cashmere Bath Soap 2 25° 53° 39° 39° 35° 55° 49° 37 65 First of the Season! Texas 36 Size CANTALOUPE -33° Sweet, Juicy, Sun-Ripened Florida Juice Oranges 5 & 39° SCOTCHMAID FREEZER STOCKING SALE! Rhubarb Pie °Z 1 39s New Onions Jl",. 3 ^ 29c 2 X 35 29° Florida Sweet Corn 4 '.?;29e | | 19 Green Beans tZ' 2 29e Chicken Wings . „... ,.; 49° Smokies ?ir:I',T X43° Spiced Lunch Meat 3 £ 99° Liver Sausage , 43° Jumbo Shrimp ZZ 65° Ocean Perch Fillets " 29° Treet Luncheon Meat Chopped Ham Star Chopped Beef lt"R Chili Con Carne Z Canned Ham Corned Beef STORE HOURS -Monday thru Thursday, 9 am to 6 pm Saturday, 9 am to 6 pm Brand T.nd«r, o; Miidnts. Naw Waihday Wond.r Aid Slay Frtshar Longer ForWhitar Washtt AD Baaufy to Your Wash 2 > 29< DEAN'S FUDGE VANILLA ICE CREAM S 79c THIS IS NATIONWIDE TUNA WEEK! For a Quick, Dtlicious Summtr Trtat— SULTANA Tuna Flakes - 2 » 39 red circle jtL .Tf ■ ssr Mi y ^ T||na - - 27° Starkist Tuna r bokar its , 81" Chj k , T u* , T S|oo Chicken - Tuna £ A4R VACUUM PACKED, lb. tin 85c VlllvftCH s*« lulia chunv« W*n; " . Wift NYLONGE CELLULOSE Plk-NlK KOiaioes s Z «.. id me»iBuni r.„.,. dexo Shortening 3 - 63° ^ ^ ARMOUR MEATS 49 39 29 2:: 29 :39° r49e :3I° ;;29° Vi-ib. S|59 :49° larga 0A( pkg,. 00 plg«. 63° 2.25; ;;:73e pkg. OJ AMtticAi ytwiwsCT no* w^t^wajm^^ THE CHAT ATLANTIC A PAdMC TEA CDMPANT All prices effective through June 4th Friday, 9 am to 9 pm stations. ing trails. N F W S PA P frRRCHIVE N: ARCHIVE* FWSPAPFR Met a wife who approved of

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