Sterling Daily Gazette from Sterling, Illinois on November 6, 1941 · Page 8
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Sterling Daily Gazette from Sterling, Illinois · Page 8

Sterling, Illinois
Issue Date:
Thursday, November 6, 1941
Page 8
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jpnge EigM STEMMING DAILY GAZETTE, STEHLTNG, ILLINOIS Petroleum Offers More Compounds Discoveries Increase Sources of Supply SAN FRANCISCO- AP - H"-petroleum Is b*inc ^mfcen rin-*n ;n- fco Tr,«ny chemical romr^ir.ds. *nrr.» of which eventviai'v rnav heroine raw mat/rial* ?~r new svmhetK*. Power Blackout Thursday, November 6,1941 durtry Wednesday Eight o! tlip. 1 " compo i' 1 " 5 have teen extracted from tha 1 ;xut of crude oil wh'irh l.< u.^d to make kerowne Ijwiafion xnrf identification of the substances -<R<; arcom- pliAhed by Frederick D Rrwml ftnrl Bevridge .J. Mair. Corking in thr U. 8. bureau of Mundsrd.'. Thr re.vsn.s were reported to the American Petroleum institute hv Dr J Bennett BUI. None of th? eicht is a n*w compound. The new thing shout thrm 1« that thev hnve been fo;mri in petroleum. Heretofore they have com* mainly from coal t«r. All together they amount to only 14 <*r cent of the total volume of petroleum, but «ine« the amount of crude oil twed 1* enormous, they could be turned out In lance quantities If needed. Moat common of the eight la napthalene, which Is used to make moth ball*, explosives and dyes. Tho other aeven are hydrocarbon 1 ! with lonf technical names and are not generally used in Industry. The research establishes that these .compound* are available in petroleum If needed. The work brings to 62 the number of chemical compounds found in the portion* of crude oil which supply gasoline and kerosene. The gasoline portion of crude oil alone has yielded 49 of thwse hydrocarbon compound* and only about half of it* possibilities In that respect have been determined. investigation of the kerosene portion also is Incomplete. A third divsion of crude petroleum —the part which yields lubricating oil—remains to be broken down Into its numerous compounds. Tells New Technique IR Medical Treatment Of External Cancers CHICAGO — CAP> — A new tech- _n*autJte Jt8dium.flt X-r*y treatments for external cancers was announced today in th« i Journal of the Arheri- rti Tha Innovation, called the "method of concentration." Involves not only the amount of irradiation but also the area. Dr. Max Cutler of Chicago, who originated the technique, reported Ifc bad a more pronounced effect on certain resistant forms of cancer of tto mouth, pharynx and larynx than •HfooiU now in use. He dtoeovered some cancers, which failed to respond to other forms of ejrttmal irradiation, reduced in siae rapidly and in many instances disappeared completely under the new method. • -• The eaaoan more resistant to radium treatment require a larger daily tfoat of the rays and a shorter total treatment, 12 days or leas, Dr. Butler learned. He found also more powerful radium treatments could be given by 'gradually decreasing the diameter or tha exposed area—eomatihng like fccuataf a spotlight first to make a targe round area and then reducing it slowly to a tiny spot. ' . The reason (or this reduction is that tha core of a cancer is the most resistant to treatment, but if the wheat area Is exposed enough to destroy the core, there la a danger of • t -img 4 *'g healthy tissue at the, outer edge of the cancer. Dr. Cutler emphasised the technique could not be regarded as perfect jet, but that further use by other clans would be necessary toe* Of M e? I /•' v '' ' TT7T v; < <\> k- i-r-V ^ } fi.,\--&* rt,-v» ' u \^r 5 \^-*±#? \ \ f-T7t>T-x iK —• - l/^'Jf v H-- .. ^J^A Sport News Covering Local and National Interest Harmon's Showing As Ground Gainer Bettered This Year OW I i \Vnljrren.«— TV. OR:! .TATTT '•, P A! ; Ohe'-qulere ol Dr'roit ur:r )-,».*. Uie nfttlot:s mrv-r proditr.o i> .' Rro'itu! KRinrr.r.. bu! :r.a'. 'DC fi.' wf-11 Mir txv,5 }\n; P i n ! F Binit j F. Wrher 228. 17R- ISP 1«4- 5*7 S12 DSVIK 147 i ',« \",t> - 5 23 13.S 137— 443 It's i '.I'M t? oul for «ou'.hcrn -.."vn on m,-<p. uhetc s a«.V,rd rr-.;rient<: to figr.. 1 :. rhr'.v \vindosvs athletic fields to conserve pov.rr for defense. Retail Trade Up 35% Over One Year Ago On Sales Tax Basis SPRINGFIELD. ILL. — <AP> — Finance Director George B. McKib- bln said yesterday that state sales tax collections indicated that, retail sales during September increased 35 per cent over the same month a year ago. The finance director reported the lieavy increase In retail sales when ho announced that October collections of the two per cent sales tax, which reflected sales made in September, totaled $7.«2>.882.42, compared with 17.849,172 collected In October. 1940. when the tax was levied at the rate of three per cent. The increase in retail sales, was attributed to heavy buying in advance of the new federal commodities .tax which became effective Oct. 1, enlarged defense spending and improved tax collecting methods in the finance department. "Comparing current collections of retailers' occupational tax In October, reflecting September sales, and allowing for the change In rate from three to two per cent, the amount of sales taxed increased almost 35 per cent over a year ago." McKlbbin said.- _. . - .. :...... _.. Cigarct tax collections continued Amrrii an !<wiH>,(l! star;.- • i.: al hi- thf-v -von'.d I" 1 '.ri'.iinR a th:re.'-omr '• <Tin.-i.'.tini: nf Bill Diirtir\ of Virginia. Elmer Mruiar.k of Detroit a 1 .]?! ir Rinkwirh of OimiKia At tin-, staiie InM >r,ir Harmon the nominal total offence lend- rr «i'h P33 •,nrd.-; ,'rnm niAh:n? ai:rt pasMnii This yrar tlie thrre Iradrrs are Dudley with 1.173 yards: Mnda- rik with 1.131 am! Sink'wich with I.-' : 003. putting Harmon 180 yards be- I hind ihr thirr! man I Ohesqulere laM venr led the r.jj-h- ers ^'itll 617 yard*. This yesr Stnk- I wlch has Rained 655 for the same pe- jrlod. despite playing with a broken I Ja«'. ! Dnvr Allerd'ice of Princeton was jpaciim thr 1940 pnssers with 51 completion/- out, of 103 attempt.--. ThU year Owen "Muggsy" Price of Texas j Mines lifts complrtrd 63 of 13.i. ! Onlv in punting does the 194 j top figure fail to measure up jthat of 1940. but even there it's th Mine leader, something thr burca saj'.s is unusual in its experience I The- leading punter in each seaso I was and is the -same Owen Pric Lust year his average for 26 puiv was a phenomenal 48.15 yards. Th year it's 44.90 for 31 boots. j Henry Stanton of Arizona u.Miri* this week's pas* receiving lead catching 33 for 451 yard*. Last year leader at this time was Bill Jen nlngx of Oklahoma who had 10 fo 253 yards. Total* R2! 903 B15— 2539 Hnwymrtid— Mainline 15S 161 IfiB— 4«7 W New-Ion 143 175 141— 459 W Curry 181 192 IBS-- 558 H. C iem * 15P 175 180— 514 Emmons 1W 171 178— 513 Totals i Olnr-rs— Hholrs C. Hill Holiday W)ieat 807 874 850—2531 700 186 160— 526 IP! 189 16*-- 548 231 160 137— 528 144 188 133— 4*4 219 180 180— 57B Totals 985 883 777—2645 Eclipse— Conrad 189 214 131— 534 Swnii.'-on 136 202 136— 474 R Adams 176 159 203— 538 Swedenw 163 141 157— 461 Miller 177 147 fl79— 503 TotnU 841 863 806—2510 at an unexpectedly high level during October, with payments of 11.308.784, compared with 81.056,088.88 for September. Liquor tax collections for October totaled 81,727,859, compared with 13.214.481 for the preceding month The new oil production tax yieldex 8503.289 during October, comparec with 8498.781 for September. Timpico Defeats Ohio, 19 to 6, Wednesday to End Successful Season Tampico high defeated Ohio by score of 19 to 6 at Tampico Wednes day afternoon. The game was orig Inally scheduled for Friday after noon at Ohio, but «r the latte school ha»« clay field it would har s*—in We Voter Registration Cise Not to Beech High Cowt Until Its Janttiry Term TAYLORvrmr, ILL. — <AP> — The test case In which a group o Taylorvllle business men are chal lenglng validity of the new state ibuah its final .value. VetorM PhoM Opititor Quits Horn* Swtkkboird T 33ACHARY, LA.—(AF)—A white- haired telephone operator., who had a hand in the births, eyclonaa and train wrecks hereabouts for more 30 years, felt last t •ut her servicerwora old switchboard Aince 1910 lira. T. L, Barnett has Jeej owner-operator of the Barnett law probably will not reach the Illl nois supreme court until the court' January term. Judge ¥. R. Dove Is scheduled U receive briefs and stipulations of opposing counsel in the Christian county circuit court on Nov. 7, bu was not expected to rule until late on the plea for injunction to block enforcement of the act. Attorneys said there would be in sufficient time to petition for a su preme court ruling in the November oourt term opening Nov. 10. R<?gU tration of voters under the new law is scheduled to begin in all downstate counties next June 8. The litigation here will be one of the principal topics of discussion on .the program for the annual meeting of the Illinois County Clerks association - at-Springf teld Nov.- 7 Speakers for the meeting include Attorney General George P. Barrett John Traeger. Peoria. clerk of tha city's election commission, and Herbert K. Hulson of Macotnb, legislative chairman of the clerks' association. fc- telephone exchange, serving 80 families day and night. She often set ••fort the awlfcchboard in her bed- loom trying to locate a doctor for a 8»ck baby or hajd up a train when a bridge was out. Now she's sold the exchange, and after workmen removed the battered switchboard, she said, "All of V» nearly cried." „ Her children, four guis, cut their fjwteeth at the board, sitting on lk*ir mothers lap while she placed a»lls. Whan a cyclone struck Zachary in ttU, Mrs. Barnett was. on crutches . afttr breaking her hip. but stayed 84 the board houri on end guiding gtanue work trad at 71, aha aov can sleep all night without interruption, Jiave ail her meals in tye d£ung room. •lid go wherever sh* pleases. Matt of the aalk wert. neighborly ones, such as some eoe waiuuag the milkman to leave an extra tuart IT lira, Brewp having her eottnec- svitched to Mr*. jBtoitli'a quilt- i,Actr«ss, Cottopsts wiHi Influenxo t~ tAF* — Actress crJisjined ap a motion bjr studio with &re ajMtiS IJef wooden Ue» i» «8» Bttlt m Ajpint- (By The Aaaociated Press) WITH TH» HBBT ARMY CORPS IN THsS FOLD — Ueut tederick W. Becewrt, Jr., was in- specUng outpeato when he came upon a group of aaidkrs sound asleep near their machine gun. He •We the weepcn, hM it in a patch at brush and crept away. He returned an hour later to ascertain how well the men had learned this practical haaon in the care of material. He found they had recovered the machine gun and had resumed their nap but thic time they were taking no chances. One ol the slumbering trooiters had tied 4h* gun to his leg, CAMP BLANDJNG, *LA. _ She was a tiny chiM, clad in ill fitting boys' clothed, shoeless, hungry. Although the devil himself might have hesitated, she breeacd into the Bivouac area among members of Company G of the IMth infantry—unshaven men who looked fierce as pirates after seven days of mock battle. The tot explained she jutt wanted to see some soldiers. Sh? smiled brightly, chatted constantly. Boon the warriors stumbled over one another as they danced attendance upon her. . They scrubbed her iiajute and face, cut her hair, prepared hear a dinner. they chipped in 8S.48, bought her * new dretf and sheet, decorated )«ar with the regimental insignia and «»* corted h*r to the hovel she O\»r«d with he* moib£f and live brothera Rather than forfeit the game Ohi made arrangements to play th game at Tampico. Tampico completed one out of t passes and Ohio completed six out o nine. Tampico made seven firs downs and Ohio eight. Pierson recovered an Ohio fumbl and ran 72 yards for a touchdown This was one of the highlights o the game. The game was the last o: the sea son for Tampico high. Tills was th first year of football at Tampico and the team did exceptionally wel winning five and losing but two.-The defeats were by Atkinson and Proph etstown, both conference champs In their respective areas. Lineups: Tampico Pos. Ohio Pierson LE Kerr Chapin C Estcrdaj Egert RE_ Smith Lee QB Stsle Newman HB Krapp SchulU PB Sheehan Score by quarters: Tampico 607 8—19 Ohio 0 e 0 0— 6 Touchdowns: Slsler: Van De Velde. Newman, Pierson. Lee made a goal after touchdown. Substitutes Tampico, Van De Velde. Fullerton Temple, Cady. Hopkins. Ohio: Wor- klns, Smith. Powers. Officials, Nest and Puerino of Spring Valley. SPORT NOTES The sun rises Friday at 6:35 a. m and sets at 4:52 p. m. Weather conditions are Improving somewhat and It appears that the football fields will be more solid than 'the rains of this wee 1 - indicated. Coach George Quire of Rock high stated his team had play ed a real mud battle at Rochelle and he wouldn't put his team out again this season under such condl Uons. While footing will not be too good it will be better by Friday night when Oregon comes to Rock Palls for the finale. This is an im portant game for Rock Falls and Is not being considered too llghtlyv. . Community high is all set for St. Bede's of Peru and the game will be >layed on 'he Commanity field on West Seventh street Sunday afternoon. St. Bede's has an outstanding earn this season. Many local fans will follow the rosh-sophs or S. H. S. to Clinton or the game Friday-afternoon at V.30 and will remain over for the •arsity game Friday night at 7:45. Anderson was high scorer in the Wire Mill league at the Sterling Rec- eatlon lanes Wednesday night. He oiled 193-538. Clark had li7-538, nd Brmltr shot 303-812. In the professional Girls' league Matousek oiled 173-489, Kwlln, 179-441, and Goldthorpe. 153-434. The ' cross-country run between ewanee and Sterling high school earns will be an event ol Friday fternoon at 4:15 at Sinnissippi Heights. The length of the course rtU be two miles. Everyone is invit- * to witness, this event. In tlie PropheUtown Major City eague at Wheat's lanes Tuesday ifht, Wheat rolled 319-579, Lyon 'aad 3f«.MY .and 0. Hill rojiec a 231 or high single. Coach Eddie Uttiver*tty of Iowa PROFESSIONAL GIRLS Golden. Sapphires— Wolber 118 119 121— 358 Clow 12R 142 124— 304 Folkers 88 104 133— 333 Goldthorpe 145 153 12&- 424 Kinlln 138 173 130— 441 Totals Pearl*— Williams Robinson Partridge Browne Sommers Handicap Totals Emeralds— Waples Purvis noe Schott Partridge Matouxek Handicap 025 691 634—1950 154 105 103 ' 116 110 87 93 94 109 148 33 33 98— 357 134— 353 111— 308 140— 327 135— 393 33— W 603 584 651—1B37 154 120 98 08 92 71 100 104 172 159 28 28 Totals 644 589. Turquoise Blues — Lapp 106 139 Funk 147 134 Watson 115 75 Hall 72 84 Thomius 127 141 115— 398 08— 394 91— 254 85— ,388 158— 488 28— 84 575—1808 101— 348 137— 411 88— 278 72— 338 151— 410 Totals Rubys— Pfundateln Conrad McKlnney Deppc Mulford Handicap 04 73 113 149 101 148 103 82 89 152 14 14 549—1889- 108— 275 113— 375 154_ 403 65— 380 153—303 43 Totals 514 618 Rose Zircons— Melllnger 101 133 Olsen 124 150 Brown 83 83 Cullen 83 113 Smith 115 17 836—1788 133— 386 108— 383 83— 349 108— 303 133— 335 Totals MB 584 888—1844 WIBE MILL LEAGUE Ten-Inch Mill— Bonneville 160 157 159— 476 141 1W 13R 179 7*9 Personnel Dept — Anderson nd O'Brien 142 Farnhum 129 Murphy ISfi McAnd'rewn 165 Handicap 34 Total* 812 Hardware Cloth— Arthur Smith Pottit OBrien Brewler Handicap 93 Sfi 110 144 164 42 Totals 608 Crwt Dept.— T. Bonn J. Bpwnr Dillon Scott Brandon Totals Barb Wire Here Kontos Curry Book ThomiM Handicap Total* Steel Plant— Corrigan Nordman Forsman. Shearburh Totals St. John's— Winter W»*hburn Westphal Royer O. Taylor Handicap Totals Christians— Bteadman Orabill Cummins Fine Went ling 112 144- 3P7 132 14W— 44B 154 173— 45S 1P7 150— 526 74J 789-2300 IPS 1B9_ 538 142 143— 42S 182 118— 408" 173 152— 491 190 115— 470 34 34«- 102 K>4 730—2436 133 129— 354 106 72— 234 132 141— 3R3 114 132— 390 202 146— 512 42 42— 126 728 662—1999 Nivy Eleven Unlikely To Baffle This Year In Post-Season Tilf LOS ANGF.I,F,S — 'AP> - Rn^e r,-! ! rf.".-(r of • s-r TV.-.vrrf ifv r.f TOOK a jump fiday— •». hether It's a safe b'iy rrmairj; t/> be *p?n. however--w!th the discliv.ire that the nft\\ is or. record n>; ojirKV-iriR at )ea.<-t one proposed ix>'>t-' ap- penranre b> the Annapoh.v middies Sec i era r-. Knox. no Ie.«./ wrote a letter anri fonibine<] with it a rer- Ommen(int:on bv the superintendent of the na\fl! academy <*!:irh turned thumb- 1 ; down on a prorxv~ed same between Navy and the champion Army team in California or sn all- jth«f the veteran Kiisrd. Helee . . Pnk^mR hp.* h^en out two b'fftmr of 'nj\ir|p<;, Facing Induction, Harmon Enlists in the Air Corps DFTROTT — iAP' --Tom Harmon. former UnivrrM'v of MsrhiRsn All-America halfhnrk. handed for Holivwood t<x!av whrrr HP .said . r -rc "niv uirl" and con- North 1 *^turn's tram Icarm. His? not nn'.T sill it hnve to v«trh cuit fnr Indians'.t Billy Hillenbrand wh^n he RO" hark fo ps<w but «!<n wh^n yomron* 1 p|ip riop<; tlip Horv;f>r tnr- r-lns. Cosrh Bo McMlllln plans to! mended I Harmon now n .vjjntt.s i <-n:d he would attrmin 'o Frank I^ahy told the boys «t,'" m >' Kirl" F,ly.«.e Knox—to Pouth B»-nd this week: ' Np.vy wft^' rr " irn en ^ with Inm to wit TIP.v the tiod bv Hun-ard «nd Northwestrrn ,' OI 'io Rfatr-Mk-hiiiftn foothnll Uiniifr role too Saturd«\. star nsKieKRtion of .vervicr men In trn.'ninft out here. The rejection did not apply to the Rose Bow! Rfime. but the reasons Riven for the official decision might govern a Rose Bowl Invitation, if and when extended. Harry Myers. American LeRion ex- hai b*rn bf-ntpn by Michlgnii snd nta Thst me«n. we eft n pmr of good teams on the rebound! on cnii«eruflve weeks We'll be iurkv | " lrport to hold either club to a tie " . . Thr Iri«h «hnved off today for Patur- riBys meeting with Navy at Bnlti-j 1 I Nov. 22 mid look o\fr n i he has biillt in Ann Aitxir ! Before lenvinK house A!7ir-rirn halfback Met In from ilif Detroit thr former All- ist/'d n5 a ca- U. S. ftrmv Rir corps snd morr. Bill Dudley, Sparkplug Of Virginia U. Eleven, May Make All-America Handicap Totals Baptist*— E. Rutt Linton Coate Roden R. Rutt Norton Handicap Totala Congo*— Bogaard Moomau Proctor Blngham bhleman Handicap ToUla In practice aeasiona this week. Iowa plays at Illlnolt Saturday afternoon and Coach Anderson U afraid of the unpredictable formations and gyration* of the agile mini. The Christians won two out of three from St. John's In the Y- Church bowling league. The Baptists won two out of three from the Congos. Precbys forfeited to the Rock Falls Lutherans. The Lutherans rolled 2.611. Hasselman wai high with 106-553. R. Rutt 177-485. Norton, 177-484. Linton, 183-483, and Fine, 173-473. nan 148 147 188— 461 tan 120 129 129- 387 124 ' lafl 12J— 396 195 145 13J— 472 118 136 184— 418 714 707 713—2134 Dept.— 136 161 157— 454 127 165 128— 420 159 167 159— 485 127 1*3 164— 433 147 120 154— 421 p 12 U 12— 36 701 767 774—2249 t— 128 100 116— 344 1 135 99 92— 316 168 153 170— 471 •n 120 133 177— 430 ngf r 176 105 149— 430 717 570 704—1991 Y-CHTBCH 140 158 157— 455 n 141 145 146— 432 1 161 119 152— 432 155 1S7 140— 432 C 150 115 190— 3BT> 3 119 119 119— 357 8«8 793 834—2493 n 100 131 109— 340 1S7 104 127— 368 I 129 94 9ft— 322 . 173 141 159— 473 96 110 136— 342 s m — MI — MI — (MS — 858 801 851—2508 144 194 133— 471 112 173 138— 482 183 — 132 138 138— 272 182 177 148— 48S 177 148 158— 484 > M 83 83— 359 880 911 784-3588 151 134 7|— 380 81 80 157— 318 98 140 183— 430 108 181 125— 385 * 134 187 141— 483 . » 178 178 178—838 739 888 888—2463 nervik, the halfback who ttle all-Am* rica last year, a 8-8 tie, Rotating him- the dirt at the finish, rvlk could say was that iow it took such a "brute" the line. . •enriee Devi. Raymond P. Oooch, who y football for Kelts Mei rvf Fv»rvEvHI» Tnri >n<4 ecutue. nad been toying with an idea of matching Navy against n sen-ire team yet to be selected. He asked Secretary Knox if the academy teum might be obtained. The midshipmen have been mentioned as a prominent possibility for a Rose Bowl appearance, even If they lc»se » game, and it's a good guess that certain Pacific Coast conference school* would like to Invite Navy to Pasadena New Year's day. The Lonuhorns of Texas, voted the nation's top team in The Associated Pre«.s poll last weekend, meanwhile must be regarded more than ever as a leading contender for n Rose Bowl bid. Mosconi Tops Greenleaf In Billiard Tournament PHILADELPHIA <AP> Willie Mosconi. of Philadelphia, the defending champion, will wind up the regular play In the 1941 world's pocket billiards championship tourney tonight In a triple tie with Jimmy Caras or Erwln Rudolph and Irving Crane or Andrew Ponti. A playoff will be held Friday. Mlseonl assured himself of the tie for first place by overwhelming Ralph Greenleaf. 17-times former champion. 125 to minus 11 in eight Innings last night. The champion ran 113. the high run of the tournev. Caras. a Wilmington. Del., youth, b pitted against Rudoph. Cleveland veteran, -hi the flut uf two matches tonight. Crane, Livonia, N. Y., "dark horse" and Pond, New York veteran, clash In the last match. Each have won seven and lost three. The winners,, will deadlock Mosconi at eight victories and three setbacks while the losers will finish In a triple tie with George Kelly, Philadelphia, for fourth. Adolf Hitler for Sale; He's Harness Horse CHICAGO — CAP)— Adolf Hitler will go to the auction block In the International amphitheater next week. He to listed in the catalog as a harness horse standing 15 1-3 hands high and was consigned to the sale by Harry Primer of Peoria, 111. Altogether, 300 show horses wil] b« available to buyers at the event Nov. 13, 14 and 15. Big Ten Grid Notes CHICAGO— TAP) -^Neither Illi- nobt nor Inwa nnuM h* MamMl fnv CHARIXDTTES 1 —Bill Dudley, I ffinla'x All-Americ date, at one time a Baptist miniate a classmate who hi.<. praying. Dudley, probn youngest unlversl at 19 and a 01 whether he needs his goal to a co his minl.sterial-stt unchanged. He doesn't drln his Bible and tal In church work, time for dunces. Leading Virgin ises to be the be since 1915. Dud from Uie unlvers scholarship worth Beyond that the field. Va.. trlple-tl way. Last year, as a . fcnslve activities 1.900 yards for 1 he won a berth All-America back five pounds h« he has scored 75 { and passed for i downs. Big 10 Soph! Loop's Playe — GHICAOO <200-pound Mlnne has been poundin average of 99.6 ya Ten competition, t the sophomores show in indlvidui Daley's mark is 97-yard average c Harder and the Michigan'* Bob 1 Billy Hillenbrand the conference's 1 also has the best feiwe. while Uichl also a first year mi punting average. Hillenbrand's pi aa average of 87 th« Roosters, whl* Northwestern has yard mark and Dl State a 51 yard a With his passlni lenbrand ha*, avei game. Graham fi yards and Kutma 1 hM averaged 173 for the league's bi Trotting Ass Branding of LE. VA.— >AP> University of Vir- the nation's ootball captain onre-a-week shaver s It or not. switched coaching career but This still leavea only reward is a tuition berth on the third AP -AW Bill Daley. credential5 are approved, he will be assigned within four or six weeks to an air school for primary training. Harmon's decision to try out for the nir corps was made the same( day his Gary, Ind.. draft board placed in'the mnlls a notification that he would be eligible for army Induction by Nov. 19. He revealed he had been Ukinf flylnir lessons and needs only a fe* more hours in the air to qualify for' a private pilot's llcenj-e. are stealing the 82-yard mark of a 90.2 Roundup of Sports By Hugh Ftrilerion/Jr. NEW YORK — (Special) — The golden ball ia rolling . . . The Nat- smith Memorial committee .which is collecting caah for a "temple of basketball" to honor the inventor of the game, report* that more : now play* .tackle for trv :sion Cyclones, has been awarded a I Carnegie medal for heroism. He saved three pals from drowning la the Ohio river last year ... Kight sailors from the aaUleahip North Carolina entered the metropolitan A. A. U. boa-ing tournament . . . 'Private Ourdon Woods of Camp Croft, B. C_ la the sculptor who designed the new tropbyjor the beat steeplechase horse of the year. -Ibeaming at Saturday's clash be- UHrCeams have Uatad "faiden ball games and will oontrtauie tlw receipts . . . The DteUkt of Columbia boxing commission, trying to improve the quality of fight Judging, has drafted Washington sports writer* for the jo». Bo* Ruark. one of the ftrat t* serve, aaya te dreads to read what he will hare to say about himself the Bret time he hands down a bum duke . . .John Kox- borough 2nd, nephew of Joe Louis' manager, is a miier on tha atlehigan track team. Teaay-a ,-, 1 Denton, Cincinnati Times Star: "In 1938 the Cincinnati baseball club gave us for Christmas • cigar humidor. We don't smoke si gars. "In 1940. we received a decanter t. We don't drink. "And now Frank Qrayson hlnu that this Christmas we may get a bath robe." Mokes Longest Run With Intercepted Pass H«4 tteve Warwap Officially opening the hot ""clove eague. Drumbeater -Bill Brandt announces that the 1842 rookie crop will be the best in National league ifetory . '. , How about Connie Mack's announcement that the Ath- etics will be in Uie race? ... The Binghamlon laatara league fran- hise i owned by UM Vaaaa) may go to Providence or W«rc«aUr next ear ... Tris Speakar, a draft board member hlnuetl. says Batty rfeller wild get a deferred rating If he Idn't think U was his duty to serve "* term in the army. . Teeaawgw •Meaceel AJ> a prance ooveHy. fioaeb Clifl Olson of PaciAc LuOieran colkge «Ugcd a game between the linemen rid the backs. Thp "aluies" raa aU U*aU pkjtt a«af aiarvl*' ~" Afee of the Chicago Baara, credited with the longest kkkoff return of the National league >eaaon for his 87-yard runbeck -against Cleveland Oct. I. now geU his name set down for the longest return of an intercepted pass this year. Hie 58-yard dash with an intercepted Green May paes Sunday puts him at the front of the 'class, the best previous return having been 55 yards by Jee tMydahar of the Bears against Detroit Oct. 18. Byron (Whiaser) White of the De trait UOM atlU leads in the total number of punt and kkko'f returns. He has averaged 8.7 yards in handling IS punts and M.8 yards in returning 18 kiekoffs. Neil best on punt returns are Dick Todd of Washington. 11 for a 17.8-yard aver age. and Lou Brock of Green Bay, also 11 for a 18J-yard average. The leading punters are «}»mh%ng ed from last week, Norman Btandlee of the Chicago Bearj averaging 8J yards for two boots and Sammy Baugh of Washington 5JJ yards for 17 kicks. tween their football teams, for after that the worst is yet to come. Illinois still has Ohio State and Northwestern, two of the conference's Titans, on its schedule. Iowa will go borne from Champaign to battle Minnesota, the Big Ten leader. This week's clash of the Illini and Hawk- eyes almost takes on the aspect of a tea party, except that it'll probably be a real scrap. For once Bob Zuppke's lads will be taking on a conference foe more of their own stature, being outweighed only 10 pounds to the man. After what they faced in Minnesota and Two Touchdowns Modt ly Ttom in '/j Minutt CAMBOtfDAUI. ILL. — «AP) — Du Quoin high school claims the esikk acarlag reoanl far prep football ladajr—*wo touchdowns within 90 seconds The hurried touchdown gallops came in Du Quoin's !» u> 0 defeat of Anna-Jnnaiburo lasl night Jim Ashauer ran the opening kkkoff back 86 yard* for the nr*t score, Anna-Jonesbom tfieeted to kick again and Galen Davis returned th* lar § «a«av4 MNK«<, Michigan, that will be ne naa4kap at all. For the Hawkeyw it will be a chance to win their second straight, having succumbed to Michigan. Wisconsin and Purdue before finally stepping Indiana Saturday. This being Paul Brown's first year at Ohio Bute. Saturday* gatme with Wlsconam will nark the nrst time he has djreeted a grid team against one ouaehed by his fellov townsman from MaaaUlon, Harry atuhldreher . . «o the battle at Columbus has been deetguated as Stark county day, llassilon's county. Coach Mai Klward, who haft been unable to atari the same Purdue lineup on any two Saturdays because of one thing or another, is balked again just as he thought the Jinx was licked. . . Tackle Herman TUnperman hM ainus trouble and will miss the MKHlgan State encounter. As if it werent bad enough fo* Nebraska's grttdera to realise they •nut play Minnesota's unbeaten Gophers Saturday, they learn now HARRISBURG. PA. — tAPV— A proposal to brand registered yearling hones as a precaution againat ••ringers" in future harneas races will be placed before the annual directors meeting of the United States Trotting association, it was decided at a conference of sportsmen here for the ttandard bred sales. The doaen breeders present agreed to the placing. of a brand on the neck of yearlingjs, beneath the mane. Present identification merely describes a weanling or yearling as a "bay" or a "brown" colt. The color frequently change* a* the trotter or pacer mature*, it was pointed out . Among-me** meeting wiOT B. nils of Langhome. Pa- the association committee of one on the subject, were Henry Knauf. Ladd. Ill,, assistant vice president of the U. B. T. A,; Dunbar W. Bortwick, U. B. T. A. treasurer; and Leo C. McNamara, Indianapolis breeder. Hot Ail-Star Five CHICAGO — (AP) — Arthur (Dutch) Lonborg. Northwestern uni- Slor Machines Seized Recently Still Face Tax 8PRTNOFIELD. ILL. — <AP> — Slot mnchines removed from Tllinc4a taverns after the r.tnte liquor com- niKslon ordered the machines out OR October 20 still are subject to the Federal tax on naming devices fc this fiscal year. V. Y. Dnllman. collector of internal revenue, pointed wit Wednesday. "In all cases where the machine* were In operation on, or subsequent to. Oct. 1, even for only one day. the persons in charge of the premises^ where the machines were In operation will be required to file a return and pay the tax In the amount of 137.50 for the balance of this fiscal year." Dallman explained. "This tax is on the owner of the. premises where the machine was to* operation and not on the owner of the machine." Collector Dflllman also pointed out that any cabaret offering patrons instrumental musical entertainment to subject to the new tax of five cent on customers checks, but that 1 those having only coin-operated musical devices are tax exempt. The treasury made only one e»- ception In the "Inafa ruling. If the only entertainment offered is accordion music the e«ab-( lishment isn't a cabaret, legacy speaking. Big Leaguers in Army Pose Tourney Problem CHICAGO—CAP)— Former major league baseball players who are in the • army and navy and thus are eligible to play In the national semipro baseball tournament are caus-j ing semi-pro congress commissioners' a few headaches. They expect to tackle the lem at their sixth annual convention Jan. 18 to 21, President Ray Do~ miont said today. Dumont said that because present i rules allowed conscripted major league stars to compete wlthrcaiBjr teams in the semi-pro tourney, the "little fellows", who play with home town and industrial teams often found the competition too stiff. The commissioners, he said, could I do either of two things: Draw definite line on participation by former professionals, or adopt a plan offered by Dumont calling for two national championships—one for army camps and the other for Industrial, fraternal and home town teams. A seven-game world series between the champions would cap the two pennant races. Old-Time Boil Ploycr Succumbs in Rockford ROCKPORD. ILL, — (AP)— Vaf- ney Anderson, 75, ma jor league baseball player before the turn of the centur>'. died at St. Anthony hospital last night after a brief illness. Anderson pitched for the Wash. IngtoQ and DeUoit clubs and man- gclaged the Kockfurtf learn in 1888. Survivors include a daughter. Mrs. Grace Baker of San Martao. CaUf.. appointed coach of the College AU- Star quintet which will play the Oshkosh, WU.. National basketball eague champions Nov. U in Chicago stadium Lonborg also directed last rear's All-Star team, which defeated the Harlem Globe Trotters. 44-41. The squad is to report to Lonborg 11 mentor, today was ..Nov. 18 at the Evanston high school it fmz (Trut'f understood). Better blending , Makes them GOOD! *«3u & i««* srtl »• Clyrftt, af oJSJZ •"kumvMJT V

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