Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa on July 28, 1966 · Page 8
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Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa · Page 8

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, July 28, 1966
Page 8
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}-AL<30NA (Iowa) ADVANCE THUHtOAT, JULY 28, 1966 Seen at the ALGONA j3y T, H. C. The mor6 I attend the movies the more I'm .convinced that the mood, circumstances, state of mind, have:.a tremendous effect on the appraisal of any picture. That goes fof "the- professional critic as well as the .amateur or average cinema, addict. When Darling was first reviewed by the critic of the Mo.tiqn j?kture' ; Herald on August 4, 1965, he gave it a "very good" fating instead of the "excellent" one given to outstanding' films, Subsequently, Julie Christie received' the Oscar for the best actress of the year and the .entire image changed. Perhaps a quote from this initial review would be in order. He says—''A portrait of the life ' and tune 1 ' of a .cnntemfiyrary in- ternatiorial piaygirl from her — SPECIAL CHILDRENS MATINEE SAT., JULY 30—1:30 P.M. GENE STRATTON-PORTER'S f j nrw.1. , , UirflT A — iltol PLJJS FOUR COLOR CARTOONS SUN. Thru TOES. ALGONA JULY 31—AUG. 1-2 CONTINUOUS SHOWS SUNDAY 1:30 —NIGHTS 7:00 & 9:00 IT HOT IN OURHUSE ? feat -He kear...Come Out ..?e +Jappu! Wfitrt in Southtrn Ctlifornit visit Univtratl Cit Studio* DEADLY. DANGEROUS... :::: THE GAME IS... Hi: ::ii • ' :•: ISDN fAAUDIA CARDINAlE TfCHNICOLOIV CO-STAHHINO THURS. Thru SAT. JULY 28-29-30 ALGGttA BRUCE PERN'*** •- MEMBERS OF HELLS ANGEli of CALIFORNIA TUi Piclyre Rdcommen^ori For Adults APMJSSJON -r ADUiTS obscure beginnings as a model in London to her well-publicised marriage to an Italian prince is presented in this new '"British picture called "Darling." Plainly the heroifie (whom, everybody fondly calls ^"Darling" although her name is Diana Scott) is intended as a-symbol o-f a special breed^ of modern woman, and the picture is meant to be an indictment of the emptiness and frivolity of a way of life. A second -viewing of Darling, ,at the local theatre has revised my .own. thinking. In" the first place, I was so .confused when I first saw the picture in Minneapolis, that I failed to concert* Irate on the acting of Julie Christie. Secondly, I failed to grasp the so-called moral or background v of the film Whether it is an accurate picture .of the "modern woman" or the higinks of British Society, is a matter of some dispute. Certainly it is not a "pretty" picture but neither are many of ithe current films. But I'll have ito revise my thinking concerning the ability Of Julie Christie as an actress. I've said right .along that she was not entitled ;to the Oscar for her performance. Now I'm not so sure. Just because she is cast in a dubious role in an unsavory plot, has nothing to do with her acting ability. Supported by brilliant performances by Laurence Harvey and Dick Bogarde, she rises to rather\ inposing heights. Darling is a confusing 1 '.picture. The first time thru: or af least I found it so especially the\ '"cutbacks". "Everything aboutiit from the opulent appearance\to it's theme - to it's maker's a'i- "THE Wlf.B ANGEIS" STARTS TOfJAY AT ALGONA THEATRE titudes- is stylishan<il - so much so that the film should have vast appeal to sophisicated audiences - especially those who flock to art theatres in larger cities", another quote from the Alice Condon visited relatives in' Manson and'Carroiriast week Thursday and Friday. Mr. and Mrs. Oran Hudson have had as guests the latter's brother;in-law and sister Mr. and Mrs. J. E. Van Steenburg, Jerry and ,Kent, ,of Flint, Mich. They also spent some time with the •Ernest and Louis Egel families, Mr. and Mrs. Earl Ellsworth have been here from McAllen, Tex. and were guests of Mrs. Ellsworth's brother-in-law and sister Mr. and Mrs. Louis Reding. Mrs. Ellsworth and Mrs; Reding v are the former Verda and Alice Steil. They also visited with the brother Charles Herald. Summing up, then. Whether you are shocked or disgusted with the theme, we must admit that the acting is excellent, and that Julie Christie probably deserves the coveted Oscar. I haven't checked the August calender completely but manager Gray has some outstanding i pictures on tap. And with all the "reruns" on TV, almost anything that's offered on the silver screen would be welcome. 63RD — Mr. and Mrs. H. A. Henry of Farson quietly observed their 63rd wedding anniversary at their yeside.nc,e there on July 9. The Henrys first farmed in Compentine township and then became manager and operators of the Batavia Telephone Co., later purchasing the c.ompa- ny and ran it as the Farson Telephone Co. until 1956. worths owned the mortuary at EJmmetsburg which still goes by their name. Others in the Steil family are. Veda .who is employed in Denver, 'Colo., and Vera, Williaxn and Victor, deceased. Dianne Schoby spent last week at Britt' u with her uncle and aunt Mr. and Mrs. Fred Schoby Jr. Linda '.Fredericks plans to — Thursday Thru Saturday "The Wild Angels 1 ; 7:00 -'9:03 — Saturday . Kiddies Matinee — Cartoons 1:30; "Freckles" 1:58 — Sunday HEARING ON tiNAI. RtPORf OF , ENGINEER ON COMPUTED CONTRACT ON DRAIN NO. «3, LATERAL NO. 14. To all lahaowners and interested persons n Drainage District No. | 83, Lateral No. You are hereby notified that there Is TOW 'on file in tne office of the County Drainage Clerk, Kossuth 'County, Iowa, a report signed by Marvin :.0. Kruse, Engineer in charge of improvement to Drainage District No. 83, Lateral No. 24, stating in part as follows: "This Is' to certify thot Fagre structioh Company pas completed Con- work covered by its contract dated April S, 1966. We recommend thot you accept the work performed by Fo>gre Construction Company and that you institute proceedings to close out this contract." You are further notified that same will and place bids will be publicly opened' and reod aloud. ' j Location of the work to be. performed j is in the south quarter of Section 34 Township 97 North, Range 29 West o the Fifth Principal Meridian (Burt 'Iown- ship) and in the north half of the northeast quarter of Section 3, Township 96 North, Range 29 West of the Fifth Principal Meridian (Union Township), Kossuth County, lowo. the work to be .performed consists of constructing approximately 2,850 linear feet of open ditch requiring approximately 7,500 cubic yards of excavation; furnishing and Installing a 56-foot length of 48- inch diameter food culvert; furnishing materials for and Installing 4 surface drains; and miscellaneous associated work. All proposed work will be Included in More'Moore ' • • • ' County Auditor of .Kossuth County,- lowo Published in the Algona Kossuth County Advance, Algona, Iowa, July 28 and Aug. 4, 1966. •••••••••••••••••••••••A come up for^ hearing betfore the Board of one contract. c ,,.,_ office in Algona,i A n proposo | s sha || be submitted In duplicate on a proposal form which will be .. . - , of August, at 3:00 P.M. (C.D.T.) . • Any party interested ! in said district or the improvement therebf may file objections to said report and submit evidence to show why said report should not be accepted. Dated at Algona, Iowa, this 25th day of July, 1966. BOARD OF SUPERVISORS KOSSUTIH COUNTY IOWA By: Arnold Alderson County Drainage Clerk Published in the Algona Kossuth County Advance, Algona, Iowa; July 28th, 1966. "Blindfold" 1:30 7:48 - 9:54 3:36 - 5:42 -7-Monday and Tuesday "Blindfold" 4:00 - 9:06 Merrill Bacon. Mrs. Anna Hellinga, Mr. and Mrs. Matt Platt and Mr. and Mrs. Zwiefel spent Sunday at Crystal Lake where they met relatives for a family picnic, Mrs. Lydia Wetzel was visited over the weekend by her granddaughter Linda Cook, of Des Moines. Mr. and Mrs. David Macum- her have returned to their home at Des Moines after a vacation visit of a couple of weeks with his father, Clarence Macumber. Mr. and Mrs. Don McGuire and family were at Atchison, Kans. recently to attend the fin- at Minneapolis, Minn. Mrs. Carriv St. John has returned from 'Sowa City where she had a chebk-up at the university hospital.\ Mr. and Mrs. Marion Burbank, of MasOn City were Sunday dinner guests of Mrs.V Frank Vera. Mr. and Mrs. Frfnk Moulton Jr. took Mr. and -Mrs. Frank Moulton Sr., of Mite-bell, S. D,, Mrs. Roy Bjustrom, ^Scott Bii-J tchanan,and,Mike .Moulton r to. thq Prairie Gold Boy Scout \camp at the Okobojis Sunday where the lads will remain at camp for several days. \ ..Mrs. Floyd Bacon is spending a few days this week at Waltham, Minn, with Mr. and Mrs. is hood. Mr. and Mrs. John Schimmel are being visited this week by their daughter Mrs. Onalea Murphy and three sons of Clinton. They came with Mr. and Mrs. David Nelson who went on to Aberdeen, S. D. and will stop enroute home to take Mrs. Murphy and children home with them. ... JoAnn Milder, daughter of Mr; r afld Mrs. J. ! F. Milder 'is" ga? erM0sf leaving Saturday for San An- (N THI DISTRICT COURT .OF THI STATE OF IOWA IN AND FOR KOSSUTH COUNTY IN THE MATtfR OF TMC F^iyTr nt ' KATHERINE MCMURRAY. DECEASED Probate No. 1977 NOTICE OF PROBATE OF WILL, OF APPOINTMENT OF / EXECUTOR, AND NOTICE TO CREDITORS TO ALL PERSONS INTERESTED IN THE ESTATE of (Catherine McMiirray, Deceased: You are hereby notified that on the 22nd day of July, 19<66, the last will and testament of (Catherine McMurray deceased bearing date of the 14th .day of August, 1964, was admitted to probate in the above named court and that Fred S. Geigel was appointed executor of said estate. i Notice is further given that any action to set aside said will must be brought in the district court of said county within one year from the date of the second publication of this notice, or thereafter be forever barred. Notice is further given that all persons indebted to said estate ar.e requested to make immediate payment to the undersigned, and creditors .having claims against said estate shall file them with the clerk of the above named district court, as provided by law, duly authenticated, for allowance; and unless so filed within six months from the second publication of this notice (unless otherwise allowed 01 paid) such .claim shall thereafter be for- ev of - hoTpH Dated this 22nd day of July, 1966. Fred S. Geigel Executor of said Estate • Algona, Iowa Address Shumway, Kelly & Fristedt Attorneys for said Executor Algona, Iowa Address Date of second publication 4th day of August, 1966. Published in the Algona Kossuth Countv Advance, ATgonb, Iowa July 28 and August 4, 1966. IN THE DISTRICT COURT OF THE STATE OF IOWA IN OF THE ESTATE OF RALPH STEINMAN, Deceased Probate No. S975 NOTICE OF APPOINTMENT OF ADMINISTRATOR TO ALL PERSONS INTERESTED IN THE ABOVE ENTITLED ESTATE: You are hereby notified that all persons indebted to said estate are requested to make immediate payment to the undersigned!, nd creditors having claims against said estate shall file them with the clerk of the above named district court, as provided by law, duly authenticated, for allowance, and unless so filed within six months from the second publication of this notice (unless otherwise allowed or paid) such claim thereafter be forever barred. Dated this 18th day of July, 1966. Nellie James Administrator of said Estate Algona, Iowa Address McMahon & Cassel Attorney for said Administrator Alaona, Iowa STARLITE WED. Thru SAT. JULY 27-28-29-30 It's rtoSlt's&rts fit's Song! Its CoSm>f. DRIVE IN > ••«• v Ricoitlil SECOND FEATURE M-G-M i PtSlBERG-SUION THI WIDEST A MAN EVER LIVED! JAMES OURER EVAMARIf sum ROD THURSDAY IS BUCK NIGHT — A CARLOAD FOR *1.QO SPECIAt MIDNIGHT SHOW SATURDAY, JULY 30 'JAPMASON NEVILIEBRANO KATEMANX RIPTQRN' Tex. where she will be a month for her orientation as lay leader after which she will be sent to Del Ray, Calif. for a year. Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Hutzell went to New Hampton Sunr day to attend the family dinner given in honor of Brian, 2, son of Mr. and Mrs. Larry Hutzell. Mrs. Mary Warmbier has been at Denison visiting with her daughter and husband Mr. and Mrs. Dale Goetsch. Dr. Ray Potter was taken to Park hospital, Mason City Friday. The son Don and family came from Vermillion Sunday to see him. Mr. and Mrs. Harvey Steven have been at Alden visiting with their son-in-law and daughter Mr, and MIT. Everett Hodgin who brought them home and remained for a visit here of several days. Mr. and Mrs. Leo Steven have returned from their vacation most of which was spent at Richmond, Minn, resort. One day was spent at Minneapolis with their son James and wife and saw the aquatennial parade. Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Fraser and their son-in-law and daughter Mr. and Mrs. Charles Schlie- vert have been visited by their other sons-in-law and daughters Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Wright, of Boston, Mass., and Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Deuhs, of Minneapolis, Minn. Mrs. Fannie Lee was at Forest City last week and visited Mr. and Mrs. Darrell Mitchell. Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Hanson met their son-in-law and daughter Mr. and Mrs. Charles Tipoin and Bret at Fort Dodge Sunday. The Tjppins had come from Pinppc^r to h a ve a Hi lc inps*i OOTI- ference.and the family is being transferred to Storm Lake. This is a promotion for Mr. Tippin. Mr. and Mrs. J. D. Burns went to Des Moines Monday where the former had a check-up at the Veterans hospital. Re is scheduled to go back in a month for furtjher treatment. Mr. and Mr*. John Duttoji have haxi as suests former Al- gonans, now living in Chicago, 111., Mr. and Mrs. Willie Gruner. They came from West Germany several years ago. Their son Dieter lives in Chicago where he t$ach,es school, having graduated from Northwestern University. He is married and has a family. With the Gruners were an aunt Lucv Roesspul and companion,, of West Germany. Mr. and Mrs. Cordon Kuhn spent a few days la-st week at the Okobojis in, their camper. second publication 28 day of July, 1966. Published in the Algona Kossuth County Advance, Algona, Iowa, J rovided by the County Auditor or by the ngineer and shall be delivered in a sealed envelope to the office of the County Auditor of Kossuth County, Kossuth County Court House. Algona, Iowa, on or before the time for receiving bids as stated above. All proposals shall be accompanied by a check certified by an Iowa bank in on amount not less than ten percent (1.0%) of the bid, payable to the County Auditor, Kossuth County. Iowa, or his order, the amount of which check shall be forfeited if the bidder neglects or refuses to enter intb contract or to furnish bond after his proposal shall have been accepted. The Board of County Supervisors reserves the right to reject any and all bids, offers or proposals submitted and to waive informalities in any bid, and ito accept -the proposal which It deems to be to the best interests, of the County. The Board of County ^Supervisors reserves the right to defer acceptance of any proposal for a period of not to exceed twenty (20) calendar days from the date .of the letting. The Contractor will be paid in drainage warrants on the basis of monthly estimates and one final payment in accordance with provisions of Sections 455.110 and 455.113, Code of Iowa, 1962. Warrants will bear interest at the rate of 4 percent per annum from the date of their registration at the office of the County Treasurer until called for pay- mp"* by the Countv Treasurer. The successful bidder shall furnish a performance bond in the amount of 75 percent of the contract price, which bond shall comply with the requirements of Section 455.43, Code of Iowa, 1962, and which bond shall be drawn in favor of Kossuth County (Iowa) Drainage District The Contractor shall start construction on or before November 10, 1966, and shall complete construction on or before May 31, 1967. Plans and specifications are now on file in the office of the County Auditor of Kossuth County, Algona, Iowa. Copies may be obtained from Kruse Engineering Service. Spencer, Iowa. A deposit of $10.00 for one set of plans and specifications will be required, all of which will be refunded to bond fide bidders who bid in their own names pro- plans and specifications are re- vided NOTICE TO BIDDERS Notice is hereby given that the Board of Supervisors of Kossuth County, Iowa will receive sealed bids in the office of the County Auditor of Kossuth Countv owa, at the County Court House, Algona lo . wa o XX™ the 23rd dQ V °f August, 1966 at 2:00 o clock P.M., Central Daylight Time, for furnishing labor, materials and equipment required to construct imorove- ments to the outlet of Kossuth Countv Drainage District No. 72, at which time ALGON Sunday Through Tuesday, July 31 . Auq. 2 Rock Hudson — Claudia Cardinale "Blindfold" Wednesday Thru Saturday, Aug. 3-4-S-6 Alex Cord — Ann Margaret in "Stagecoach" Sunday Thru Wednesday, Aug. 7-1.9-10 Jerry Lewis — Janet Leigh in "3 On A Couch" Thursday Thru Saturday, Aug. 11-12-13 Leilie Caron — Warren Beotty in "PROMISE HER ANYTHING" Plus "VILLAGE OF THE GIANTS" turned in good condition within 15 days after award of the contract. The full amount of the deposit will be returned to all other parties provided plans and specificatons are returned in good condition within five days after the date of the letting. No refund will be made for Dl ° n . s ?™ specifications not returned within these periods. THOMAS FUNERAL CHAPEL FENTON Experienced Embalmers and Funeral Directors —,•— RELIABLE 24 HOUR AMBULANCE SERVICE —•— Funerals May Be Referred To Us With Confidence Phone 889-2796 — FENTON RINGSTED PHONES: 886-1006 — 886-1001 — 886-1970 Greatest growing- Passbook-Handy Savings Current Rate Per Year Save by Aug. 15 and enjoy five full months of earnings. Home Federal Savings & Loan Assn. KIDDIES SHOW SATURDAY, AUG. 13 "Smilev" PLUS 4 CARTOONS Sunday Thru Wednesday, Aug. 14-1S-1* Monica Vitti — Terence Stamp in "Modesty Blaise" Thursday Thru Saturday, Aug. 18-19-20 Julie Andrews — Dick Van Dyck WALT DISNEY'S "Mary Poppins" Sunday Thru Wednesday, Aug. 21-22-23-24 $ean Cannery -r- Jpfnne Woedwa/d in "A Fine Madness" Thursday Thru Saturday, Aug. 2S-2t-27 Virginia McKenna — Bill Trovers in "Born Free" Sunday Thru Wednesday, Aug. 29-29-30-31 "The Ten Commandments" Thursdoy Thru Saturday, Sept. 1-2-3 "DON'T WORRY, Wf'Ll THINK OF A TITLE" Plus Dona Andrew* — Jane pus*eU !• in "JOHNNY RENO" AUGUST 1966 DRIVE-IN THEATRE ALONA IOW/V. Wednesday Through Saturday, July 27 - 28 - 29 - 30 Elvit Presley in "TICKLE ME" James Garner — Eva Marie Saint in "36 HOURS" MIDNITE SHOW JULY 30 — "HEROES ISLAND" Sunday Through Tuesday — July 31 - Aug. 2 TITLE TO BE ANNOUNCED LATER Plus Pier Angeli in "WHITE SLAVE SHIP" Wednesday Through Saturday — Auq. 3 - 4 - S - 6 "DR. GOLDFOOT 81 * T THE SH B°IK:INI MACHINE" "GIDGET" "GIDGET GOES HAWAIIAN" Sunday and Monday — Aug. 7-8 James Garner — Elke Summer in "THE ART OF LOVE" Plus "YE1LOW ROLLS ROYCE" Tuesday Only — Aug. 9 KLGA RADIO FREE SHOW NIGHT Dons Day — James Durante in "JUMBO" Plus Tony Curtis "WILD A WONDERFUL" Wednesday Through Saturday — Aug. 10-11-12-13 Boris Korloff in "DIE MONSTER DIE" Plus Barry Sullivan "PLANET OF THE VAMPIRES" LUCKY FRIPAY MIDNITE SHOW — AUG. 12 . 13 ~" Boris KarMf in "THC TERROR" Vincent Price __ "TWICE TOLD TALES" Sjijiday Through Tuesday — Aug. 14 - IS - 16 "STRANG*! BlEDFElLOWS" Plus Janet Leigh — Van Johnson "WIVES & LOVERS" Wednesday Through Saturday — Aug. 17-18-19-20 Frank Sinatra — Dean Martin in "MARRIAGE ON THE ROCKS" Plus HAWKE" SHOW SATURDAY, AUG. 20 -"THE VISIT" Sunday Through Tuesday _- A«g. 21 Natalie Wood "INSIDE DAISY CLOVER Plus 22 . 23 $H©W STARTS A COME QW MRWf 41® WQY HQMEMAfig

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