The Chillicothe Constitution-Tribune from Chillicothe, Missouri on November 22, 1916 · Page 7
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The Chillicothe Constitution-Tribune from Chillicothe, Missouri · Page 7

Chillicothe, Missouri
Issue Date:
Wednesday, November 22, 1916
Page 7
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"was quite a young girl I.became rundown in health, ·was nervous and weak, s u ff e r e d with pain B in mv back and side, my kidneys were fbad- ly affected. I took d i f f e r e n t medicines with 'n o relief.' My mother" heard- of Dr.' -Pierce"' 1 ? Favorite Prescription · and -she gave it to me and it was the right medi_ cine, for it soon restored my healtli and strength. If there "was more Favorite Prescription used there wo"Id be fewer suffering women." MRS. AXNA SMITH, 1119 S. Eighth Street. Dr. Pierce's Pellets regulate the bowels. THE GHIIiLlCOTHE DAILY CONSTITUTION; WEDNESDAY, NOV. 22, 1916. TfRR[ HAOfUND.. OPtNS COAL BUSINESS CITY "DABS" \\Itjlj FIGHT THE WTGH PRICE OP FUEL,. There Are Great Beds'of Coal Under Terre Hiiiit« and the City ' \Vili Mine it. PREPAREDNESS THE QUESTION THAT IS AGITATING THE PUBLIC MIND IS, "TO BE" OR NOT TO BE." AYe know that llie farmers must be prepared in order to raise a crop. 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Call when you have a prescription to be compounded. RYBURN'S PHARMACY "THE SERVICE STORE" Steel Fabricated and Erected I Beams Channels Angles Plates Reinforcing Steel Bars Stairways Fire Escapes Oxy-Acetylene WeUing Fairbanks, Morse Co., Engines, Type Z, Oil Burner, Built-in Magneto, H, 3 6 H. P. in stock Chifiicot^he Iron Co. Founders and Machinists Your Friends and Relatives will appreciate a Photo of you Xmas morning ONE DOZEN PHOTOS MAKES 12 FINE XMAS PRESENTS YOU GET THEM AT The Watton Studio H SIDE SQUARE TIME IS J3HOBT YOU BETTER HUREY- HELPING H U N G R Y HOGS and double in boss health, hop likes dirt. So does a baby · Lots- of folks think that aoe pie. but Rawlins says too like candy and a boy mi a It is a mistake to think that much is not srood fofthem.ed is ffood for him. A concrete mud mixed -with a hog 's_fe pay for itself m feed saved or board feeding floor - I N S AT THE SAUNDERS-TURNEK LUMBER CO. PHONE 247 Terr.e Haute, Ind., Nov. 22.--The 1 city of Terre Haute, through its I Mayor, James M. Gossom, has gone Into the retail coal, business. - W i t h coal retailing- here in the heart of the.Indiana coal fields at Irom $4.50 to 56 per ton, Mayor Gossom leased a mine on. the outskirts of the city, hired drivers to handle deliveries and announced that all comers would be supplied t othe limit of the mine's capacity at the rate .of $2.75 and ?2.85 a ton, not more than two and one-half tons to. - t h e person. The Mayor makes only one restriction, that all persons desiring to purchase coal, through the city muts apply in person at the City Comptroller's office and pay In advance for .the amount he wants. The plan is bein -gwatched with deep Interest .not. only by the citi. zens generally, but by the retail and wholesale coal dealers in particular. Today it ..looked-like- the Mayor would, ba swamped,-with orders, a'nd that his chief..difficulty would -be in getting coal and the haulers to deliver, it. Although It-was announced that the. delivery of coal would not begin until today, buyers began, to arrive at the Comptroller's office early yesterday morning. More were en hand.this morning. · .The Mayor's coal, so lar, has been arranged for at only one mine, which is two and a half miles southeast of thejjity. .The. mine has a capacity of albout 100 tons daily, but the Mayor Is negotiating with other mines for their output. Describing his plan, the mayor -said: "In arranging for the delivery of coal to the consumers of Terre Haute who have been unable to meet the j exhorbltant demands of dealers, 1 am trying merely to remedy a condi- j tion in the best way possible. No or- I ders tor large amounts are solicited. i We are trying to supply those people j who are. in immediate need." j To date, the city is dealing only in what is known as mine run coal-the coal as it comes from tho mine unscreened, but the Mayor promises that before long he will be able to supply the best grade of coal at a .price much lower than that fixed by regular dealers. The Mayor's decision to put the city into the retail coal business is the outgrowth of an unusual condition-here. As on© man put it, "Here we are walking ove rtons and tons of coal, and yet, unable to buy it at a price anywhere near the limits of our pocketbooks." Dealers blame the operators, operators blame the railroads and the ultimate consumer Is blaming everybody .connected with the business. The Mayor isn't Warning anybody, he's just going ahead selling coal at reduced prices and the indications are that he will get away with it. And he's already announced that he will be a: candidate for re-election next spring^ All that love can give--r-for cheer. All -that science can jrlve--for relief. And science has contributed "Mother's \ Friend" to alleviate pain and render nid preceding, and at confinement, to assist nature in preparing; for rapid recovery and assuring- the mother and child per- f i i.. . fect health. It is easily applied by any- Oec It at rour druggist, and write for -free -book on. Motherhood, mother should have a copy.- Address rhe Bradfleld Regulator Co., 205 Lattiar- Bids'.; Atlanta, da. jvawfif^^ga S" ' ^^ IS (HO is more than Shoe Polish It is composed of wax and oils so combined as to give a brilliant, lasting shine and to soften and preserve the leather. THE SmroiA HOME SET The handiest, most efficient shoe shining set you can buy at any price. Sold at a nominal cost to SmnoiA users. FOR HOME, GRIP OR - AUTOMOBILE BU»CK--T«N-- WHITE At all Dealers--Take no substitute W: THE HOME SET I ' w i l l I'eltat publV.-'auction-'oir n^;;Iarnt'"-;ri;iriiles norjSi! opposite the Qlive-Btarich ,ehurclj;:'^;heVfollqj?ing p-^-vSsi fJEhillicothe, FRTDAY * i * p o u n d s ; fj- mare 3-.yeari wt. 1 i.UO pounds; 1 black horse, 8 years old,~wt! l.'black horsej.-.p^ years old, ^v I t.^lOOO po.uu.d.a; 1 hl^ck horse, J$ year: 1-050 pounds; i bay horse,"'!? years old/'ft't.^!?^ po*U]odsT I bay liorse, 9 years old, wt. 1200 pounds, 1 colt, 2 years old. y 02 HEAD OF CATTLE--25 Shorthorn m i l k cows, from 3 to 6 years [old; 2.4 head;Pqlled.An'gus Beifers'.aJiav5pri'ng'ers;»2 tp-;3-y'i)/ire.oEl; r -2,5tajSlid Shorthorn acd Hereford calves, wt" 300' to 500 pounds;'15 hea^olTPoiled Augus calve-, wt. 300 to 400 pounds; 1 registered Shorthorn bull, 2 years oldpwt. about 1 4 0 0 pounds; 1 registered Polled Angus b u l l , 4 years o l d , wt. ajiout IS 00 rounds. Pedigrees will be furnished. ,- ·.. .- ?! 3 KEAJi OJ? HOGS--1 registered Durbc Boar; Kj^ifa, jpilitj-; ."2- sows t o ^ f a r row J n spring. '- ' " " - '-; - *' nn'jjEjnsNTS, HARNESS, FEED AND GRAIN--i disc; 2 harrows; 4 farm wagonT; 3'new grain beds;"l buggyrl- riding-plow; '1-surreyr~3-cuiti'vatbr.s; 3 broking plows; 6 sets work harness; 1 set buggy harness, and many other articles too numerous to mentions. About 70 tons extra good silage; about 20 tons baled hay; about 25 acres corn in shock. " Terms rndde known on day of sale. Lunch served on ground. Sale to commence a t Id a . m . . - . . . - - . - . · · · . Dr, K. S, COL. A. W. CIES, Auctioneer COL. D.-B. RODGEUSr Auctioneer Better Quality-Larger Quantity PASTE To a greater degree than you have ever before experienced will the daily brushing of your teeth become % a pleasure if you use this truly delicious and refreshing antiseptic dentifrice. It will give you a new meaning of the word "quality" as applied to tooth paste both as regards its cleansing and whitening properties and the deligHtfully refreshed condition which it imparts to the mouth. Arrests decay, makes the gums firm and healthy, neutralizes acidity and keeps the teeth 'clean, white and beautiful. Get this larger tube of better tooth paste today and ;ive your mouth a glad surprise. Your money back "if you say so. . ' '' - ' RICE ALLEN Proprietors "The San-Tox Drug Store" Phone 552 708 Washington St. THEATRICAL. Bushman Coming FrUlny. The many admirers of tlie hand., somest man of the screen, Francis X Bushman, will be pleased to know he will be seen in his latest photoplay, "A Million a 'Minute," at the Empire Theatre Friday night of this week. Billie Burke »t the Majestic Tonight. The fifth n u m b e r of the Gloria's Romance pictures, entitled "The Gathering Storm," featuring the star supreme, Billie Burke, will be the feature of a pleasing show at the 'Majestic tonight. Miss Burke will be seen sleigh riding, handling the ribbons like a prize_winner at a swell- dom's horse show and will look stunning in her winter garb. Shows are announced for 7:15 and 8:30. "Under Cover." The Majestic Theatre's big super- feature, "Under Cover", which has been herald as most wonderful, will be presented on Thursday evening at 7:15 and a?ain about 8 : 4 5 . Two well known stars, Hezel Dawn and Owen Moore have the important parts in this production. Admission prices for this production will be advanced to fifteen cent's for adults and ten cents for children. Gold Fish Free 3 DAYS ONLY NOVEMBER 23, 24, 25 With purchases of -REXALL CHERRY B A R K COUGH SYRUP and MENTHOLINE BALM as follows:-- 25c bottle Rexall Cherry Bark Cough Syrup--Aquarium and 2 Fish Free. 50c bottle Rexall Cherry Bark Cough Syrup--Large Aquarium and 2 Fish Free. 25c jar Rexall Mentholine Balm--Aquarium and 2 Fish Free. 50c jar Rexall Mentholine Balm--Large Aquarium and 2 Fish Free. If you want Fish FREE don't del ay--the supply wont , last long. Clark's Pharmacy T H E ItlSXALIi STORK-- · P. S. -We sell Gold Fish and Aquariums ( l u r i n g the winter and spring hut no fish free only .during this '.' day sale. DEATHS CAUSE BAX ON GAS LIGHTS 1ST HOTELS Springfield, Mo., Nov. 22.--The City Council today passed an ordinance prohibiting the use of gas for lighting purposes in any hotel or rooming house in this city. The action follows many deaths by asphyxiation in hotel and rooming houses, caused by ignorant guests blowing out the light. Use the Constitution- Want column if you hare something to dispose of. IKHJUST ST. PHO5VES--Office IMC; Res. 15ft7-W DR. J. L. JOHANSEN Dentist Chiropodiist (Foot Specialist) Corns 50o Club Nail . . . .75c Callouses. . 50c Hammer Too . 5 0 c to 75c. Ingrown Toe- Bunions. .. 50c nail 75c Nails trimmed properly 5*0 c Massage ot Foot 50c Special attention and care given in all cases. Calls answered promptly in all parts of the city. HOURS 9 a. m. to 5 p. m. Public Sale Having decided to quit frming, we will sell at public auction, 6 miles ·southeast of Cnillicothe, 1 miln south of the Pleasant Grove Church and 1_2 milo nor tli and 1-2 "mile west o£ Norville, the following, property, on Saturday, Nov. 25th 1.2 HFAD OF HORSES A?f] MDIiKSg-- 1 extra good span of mules, coming S an} 10 years old, wt. about 2 6 0 0 pounds; 1 gray mare, coming 9 years old, bred to horse; broke to all harness; 1 three-year-old horse, well broke, wt. a b o u t 1200 pounds; 1 sorr'el sucking mule colt, 14 hands high; 1 gray maro 6 years old, in loal to horse, wt. 1400 pounds; 1 gray horse, 3 years old, wt. 1100 pounds; 1 black horse, 4 years old, wt. 1200 pounds; 1 driving horse, family broke, 6 years old, wt. 1200 pounds; 1 coming three_year~ old mare; 1 coming three-year-old horse; 1 colt. All the above hors'es and mules are good ones. . : , 12 HEAD OF OATTIjE -- 1 red cow, coming 4 years old, will be fresh, about December first; 1 red cow, coming 4 years eld, will be fresh about January 2 0 t h ; 3 red yearling h e i f e r ; 4 calves, 1 steer and 3 heifers; 1 Shorthorn bull, IS months o l d ; 3 red calces. 11 HEAD OP' HOGS -- 1 sow \vith 9 pigs by side, pigs about i month old; 1 sow to farrow in about 30 days. CHICKENS -- 4 do2en prize-winning Laugsbangs.. best-in the world. HAY AND GRA1X -- About 250 hu. of good corn i.crib; about 5 0 . bu. good oats; 12 tons of. good timothy hay. ^ . IMPLEMENTS AVD HARXKSS--- 2 wagons; 2 buggies; 1 Black Hawk corn planter, good one; 3 riding cultivators; 2 discs; 1 gang plaw; 16-in. sulkey phv; G walking plows; 2 smoothing harrows; 4' sets work harness; 2 sets work harness; 2 sets single harness; 1 saddle and bridle. HOUSEHOLD -AND KITCHEN FURNITURE -- 1 Monarch range, almost new; cook stove; 3 heating stoves; 2 oil stoves; 3 bedsteads; i book ca«e; 2 dressers; 1 safe; 1 kitchen cabinet; 1 rug; and many other articles too n u m e r o u s to mention. ' " · Sale to commence at 10 a. m. Terms made known on day of sale. Lunch served 'by ladies of St. Joseph's Church. A. W. CIES, Auctioneer. FRANK SLATTERY FRANK McBRIDE. Owners PUBLIC SALE! OF M. W. LITTON BXCMJSIVE FUNERAL MVERY Special Call made for Parties anil Balls, Phone 343. DAIRY CATTLE At 1:30 p. m. uesday, Nov. 28th O w i n g to t h o d e m a n d :n tU's county for flrst class milch cows, I have decided to offer at p u b l i c auction on the Jas. Gregg farm, 3 miles n o r t h of Chil.'icothe and 1 mile east of G r a h a m ' s Mill, 2 0 - h e a d of well bred dairy catti.; ranging in age f r o m 2 to S years. These are good straight cattle in all stages of lactation, fresh cows, forward springers, and cows in milk. These cows will be sold as repre. sentryl und any known defect pointed out on day of sale. There will also be sold 7 head o£ Galloway calves and 1 fire-year '·*' pr I t/£j I t h o u s a n d - p o u n d bay horse, broke to all harness. F. N. Hiskett A. \ V . CIES, Auctioneer. --TO--· Chillicothe Lodge NO. 9t, J. O. O. F, M1ST3TS EVERY MONDAY NTGHT W. D. WANAMAKER REAL ESTATE Loans, Exchanges Insurance of all Kinds. Office 685--Phones--Ees.861-A\ MACDONALD FOR OVER 20 YEARS A KNOWN QUANTITY, in the successful correction of DEFECTIVE VISION and Eye Strain. Modern methods. Reliable S e r v i c e . Reasonable Price. o A. B. MACDONALD Children Cry FOR FLETCHER'S C A S TO R 1 A. W. CEES LFVB STOCK AUCTIONEER Office Booms 19.20 WaUbrtrnn Building TERMS REASONABLE Office Hours: O:OO n.m. to 5:OO p.m. Chillicothe, Mo. The First National Bank WITH 20 YEARS OF BANKING EXPERIENCE AND RESOURCES OF OVER SEVEN HUNDRED THOUSAND DOLLAKS, we invite now accounts, promising every-.accommodation in acord with s°o1 banking. THE FIRST NATIONAL BANK Chillicothe, Missouri CONSTITUTION "WANTS" GET RESULTS lEWSFA.PESr {NEWSPAPER!

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