Decatur Evening Herald from Decatur, Illinois on October 23, 1930 · Page 5
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Decatur Evening Herald from Decatur, Illinois · Page 5

Decatur, Illinois
Issue Date:
Thursday, October 23, 1930
Page 5
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DECAIUR MtRALU LVtlNlNU, OCtUtttK £*, 1930. 'DECATUR HtHALU FIRST OP US CLASSES ist School n the church. R e v. r" -»4*(1 h l a ^IflgM In nt Events." by a\%. - of articles thai the Forum m« K , M year. MrCnlluiu oponou u tolitids or bltiils surra) And pollt?TM, have hett a benilnir t m n or historical t * on due led n dang Prophecy," 1'hU ,, ehtamcnt mnttrH* ground rolfttfomhiF' is Stuiy l)| Living ·it wilUcn by Hev. the chuich wtn ch Wednesday e ve . f ' t Devotional aerv- " 00 and clnaaog at or Former r on Birthday of Oroanu wti» tit birthday last : when a srottji of turn In His home Tltl-, .. _ _ , vwl , i.t thf time h/r '.,,,,, u n i y bomd of 3up«r- JpM Mi Ilockodiiy t V.-itc iho 70th T nick*. J, N. Orr, McEvoy, W. El Ol- W, Potto. Rcb«rt Rhca nnrt Will In m advanced In year*. remain* m good TO MEET Elizabeth'* ' ody In the horn* 1075 Eaat r»lny evening «t 8 nny morning at 0 Catholic church, *oi IK* lo perform t*«r/ v« Icrltti rfi* ptae* ly, unhandy orUny porti Inm I Meal . Automatic ftiuton : tOpp«f b*tl da*' \g. Station. MUM e wait pflntt u eon MM Hi tlinvgb 0 ·* from »*· irn*u RUTH CHARGES BIG BILL WITH CIRCULAR DIG Open Split In Cook County Republican Organization LEWIS OPENS CAMPAIGN I (1)1 rll(lf( ''IFJS I CH1CAOO, Oct. 2S--A oiinipnlun drctila? reeBlllnir tho Chleniro rnc* rtdti of 1*1* cniwod a definite bmk ThtitKtoy between Htith Mann A Mo- Cwmlck, Bepiihllntin Sutwlnrlal cnn- dldate. nnd Miiyor William Hale Th» cU'cura-ii (Httrlbutotl by i ihnumml* throughout tho Hty'a "black Ml " o'-oiwwt tho Into S«m lor MciHU McOtmlok, tm«lmnd of UN nominal', o( having **1d tho men tloln wciii JiwtKI'il. nnd culling upon to vote for Jitmm Hamilton Pomocrftllo «]i|on«nt of MTU. Hlft Hlll'M Work circular obvtftuily *w d'om thi of- fle« Of Mayor Thompson, » Hi'iHilill cm, nnd warned tho ncjcroes t h a t ti rota for Mi*- McCormlck in IK lit MM. MeCormlrk. In reply. Iwtttod * itntomdM attucklrift llio nmyor ttii ri«ol(U'lnff the circular wait baood «n "ft mutinous and unju«tlflod uck 01 my lat«» hunband." Tho tmtd hetwoon two of lh« clty'« not* powerful Hoptihllcun lender* broke out Juat ft* liiiwlx touched off tfc» cllninx of hlH funtjuilHtt -with n night pnradn and hujio tntuut nid«t Inj nticrtdnd by 30000 Domocrnt: Hiilppod with candied of ral flrp »nd Mil mftnnor of nolucmaking de- vlcci!, Mi follower* Htormod tho Chicago ntHdUtm tr hfur the vetflftm cimpni«nor tnnn«h hi* f)nnl drive tor votes. Suddenly somo one shoutodi «H»r» hs l»." Ifpwls HUH n nmidy Thrtiifth tho front cnlntnce dime lti« dlfrnKlcid ox-Senator. Ills blnck iulk. hat-wlntt cullar and oyoKloiwi's In mftfkott conti««t to thi- many kulhtr jncktU and woiklnji clothing «t tho midlftnctv The pipe oiKitn, wltloh Lho i Uiti him munngcmont caltd th« lui'««ist In tho wrld. boomtid out "Tho 8ldfwntk» «INdw Vorlt." Tho whouts tovoihev- »t((l t* thn iron beamod eolllnK ftfd rotldd buck W bo mot hy nioce. A mtwil hnnl that i nvllir hud bewi pllt null toured tho loop t l i u u n n l n n up lnfio»t, played but It uoiildn't be hwil. Lowld threaded hlf way to lt» .Mtkir'i platlorm and launehcd Into tih nttftck on Mm. McCormlck 1 * on thn dry flUMHon and thf TRAFFIC OFFICER HALTS WILD TRUCK ?ltntnef man. » traffic policeman, a hero at bio regular post of duty Thursday an a result of his mopping a drlvoriew truck lato Wednesday (is li ran through traffic lanes nnd Igr.oiiHl tttopllifhU. Tliu truck had boon paikct wit) tlw nnglno runnlne. Another car bumped into It and utarted the truck moving as It stlppod Into g«ar. Pedes- Irian* loaned wide to allow tho vehicle rtuht of way, deapltd th« fact that "stop" llghtn flaehed, aimniftrman whistled at tho mo- chinr and then noting that thevo'wua no driver to onaw«r, he made a daub f',r tho truolt And managed to rcooh thfi running board In time to nw«rve Uw oar out of tho path of iovoraJ Pitched Battle Saves Payroll; Guards Lauded ((111 t/ltlto ( ( fr«*1 1 CHtCAOO. Oct. S8.--Biavoiy displayed by (our «xprctm guard* In protnctlnK the 117,000 payroll of the Amerlnin Color tvpe Co. by engaging In n pltohitl battle with tluoebandtta nimnd with a machine Run -while 80 t e f r l f l f 1 frnployoii aoujtht cover, n lauded Thurnday by police, AHii'inliHT nt tho Inforntntton window of r h « oonunny tho bnndlta tlta- ))lnD(.l thti nine 111 no sun and shouted: "It * a holdup, Everybody stand Up!" '['tin Kuimltf, J. O. Haallp, John Karij, Tom Tomlineon and John Ijinu lonpvd behind desks and start- oil fifing with rtvolvura. The bandits cotiii-nod tho fire with tho machine gun, uliiffH splintering doslcu whoro many yountr woman and men -word at work, Aftor nioro ttmrt 100 shots were ex- chnnKod thn banditti fled, on« believed to have been wounded. "It'll bo worth Jl.OOO any tlma you kill a turn (lit," J, D. Allen, president o* ihe Brinks Express Co. eald a« he handrcl each of the guards a check for $100. -»- Je*$c Dille, Dixon College H«9l, Dies Aj; Clidtil JTfsl l DIXON, Oct. 23--Jeusu Brooks Dlllo, fotimtor oc PLxon collogo, and csld.'nt of the Institution for 30 ycficu, died hate Thursday, Two chlldtcti. n Don and a d ft lighter, stir vivo. Fiinciul siorvlcus oro to bo h*W horu with Interment In Oakwoox lowhtl([ht panidw, no widely h«nM«l t'lifllof. piovoil to bo iid«» of automotiH»» lw«ih«m. loo." LttwlH « «f dHchcr flml marchoo cnrrylnjr Whw thd hoHlt of Dcmof rucy waul to (ho cil»lrntlon In ni(tonnob!l»» with fumllflH of ml fire stuck lltroiuh tho wlnilown. Rtpubficans SHU Leaders, Ruth Says inn I'nUni I'MH 1 CHICAOO.Oet, 23-The »opub)l- an t"«ly will l(*d this country out »t the ?rw*nt period ot depMsaion, iwt n* It hft* dond many times in IJw i«#l. Ruth Hnnna MfCormlck Mid in radio and platform wldrwwiw Thwrstlny niK"'- AsMortlnn lhat tho teal caiw|iftl«n tout to the flniiln»f of Job* for nil uneniploywil mon und wotnen, the R«puWlcan cundlJttto for the United SUtti Svnalo dciclnred that Amor lea would mnk» n olmngn for tho wowo undor a Democratic ad ml nlslrfttlon. "Nobody realized llio neod for tic- dm »obn»r than loaderw of tho Ro- jublcnn pnriy who Jwvd led «· out II dlltloultle* «von greater In flmos H*t. and who, If thoy huve the (tup- port «t nil of our pco|ito, rtftfutlluas tl p^rly, will bring us bnek to pro»- »«flty Jtm M Hopubllcan lflaaor» dona bofora." Mrs MeCormlck \1 MEN ARRESTED FOR RUM RUNNING III! t'nllrd I'ltit } MARBLEUEAD. Muni.. Oct. S3 - Scnif 40!) CHUM and KoK» ut Scotch, i) , am' brnnilv, until U. have tt ro- tull viihie ot ?lOO,fi(Xi, w«r« condtpul- *d vid 17 idl^ftPd turn cimnern ItiHi) hy pollen of Mntblchwul. ind Lynn, Thuradny. A j[ciif.nil ahirm wlilth ... - thsjol/iuc nnil arrcsln WAI ttnundod ·tti-r riUiolnmn Otmrso Vt Kdllcy. « «; ihl t ( jwn hfid lidi-ii bllitdi'd by ·I-'", f i din ti l"u BIX pistol «hliii t^inillln); on tho Mnrblrlwnd nldo nf f*l"rT hHcboi, tho «utipoct(il scone ot Mum Strike; Booms Town flnllul Cm. i _ 1 r ' V i r i l l t L H f - f f T T t ouOl'OlK Oca. i!3 · nutiuoin i«- y*W«d nit oil boom town «r the du* to -»t ThiiriHlny «u« to nn TMmc -nicnt thnt oil in paying qiwn 11 had hcon nitwit by lhi Du wwtn (HI Co. at It* drllllnga south of ·'ft. - l '*" ult brought oil at the l.JTO foot lLi c - Solt °* the company 10- TM. Wdtor gunned up. and th«n Killed By Engine . ' °»»«»*»i wan ttruek and InitwiUy by a switch ·tiffin* Burlington yard* her* W«d- night whlln on hi* way to th« WORTH WEIGHT IN PUREST GOLD Twelve Juices Had an Amazing Action On This Man; All His Misery Vawshcd! Mr A l b e i t wrScluicUpr. o? 1330 oiK'Kfl .stiuyt, Tom- Hautr, Intl., a w Idoly-knvwn building contractor, Is »till another former sufferer who la now |irol»ln(,' ami (nlor!tlnfr tlic '! Mcdlrlnes" Special Dress Groups Q95 S^" S^g MR, ALBKItT SOIUJKTTBK now known us tho Tw«lvo Extracts {Formerly Twelve Juices) which In now being Introduced to crowdtt dally hero In Dooatur at tho QUAKER nnUO CO,, cov. North Main nmt William streets. Following la his statement. "1 am A man of 42 yours of age and foi 22 yaitru 1 had boon a suf- rorer," gold Mr. Schuotter. "My Mtomaeh uros upset all tho time and my menls would turn lo paa at quick i!i I atn thorn and I would bloat up ·M tlflht with thii stomach gas that'I ooultl hftixlly got my breath. My bowcla w u t e In an nwfitl condition ami I took physics continually; and I liud wcalt, hid kidneys which got RID U[ out o( bod from night to 10 tlmra v v o i y n IK tit nml caused such Inn Ibid pulnti In my bsick that I simply felt llhii I couldn't stand It. Then tlnully I K.t the ihoumatlsm which npieiul all through me. When I got tip In the morning my hands w(jr"yonll(f and soro with thin rheu- nuithni Hint T couldn't otpn hvkl a Mtuv or « hammer. 1 would have to nib my hands and wrlaUt for a cou- ttl* o( hours before they would limber up HO that I could work with them. This rheumatism wia juet as bad nil over my body at it was In my handfi, In fnct, I wag Juat a maex of mlaciy from head to foot and don't bcl/ovci that anybody ever suffered u« much with rheumatism as 1 did, "1 tried everything I heaid of but nothing helped mv, but finally I found Twelve ^Juleps {Now Culled Twelve Extmcta) und I actually got bolter from tho first dtiae, So I kopt on with It and It simply W O R K E D WONDERS on my whoto system. It worked tho etomach trouble out of mo and I oat bl«, hearty moals now and no run, bloating ur pAtn nflitrwnrd; ninl It rd ii 11 l»t«il my t»wol« rotloctly, nnd It llctiut on my klJn'ji-n nruJ t loit't hnva t« via IIP w'HJi tny ' tit uleht nny- mill don't hnvo inn |mli or misery In tnv ).H(-'!( nt nil. It nl HH tltiniisort th* rtuHinitiilum Crom my nyiiini until It entirely mit)il(l«d »nO I li*v«n't t«k«n * []M« ot It «ln«* lnt nm mill a frto of »ntr»r)nfr n» whon I wiw tnklng It. whloh 1 *lmwi ivltnt n nwvoloiw ncllun It hm on M pomon, It Ju»t Butms lllc* n mlrsol*. Dio IVH/ it put nn etui to all my mlirry, and 1 untie to riiiitinnieixt It to nil pnor -onli- KXTR RACT3 TuhiH Is "Old in Iuwntur »t elm OOA- KUIl Mtt'ft CO., (Hit. North Jlftln oiirt Wllllftm »tio»1». Alto old by nil drug- !((»(» til (hi* Gebhart's Have Again Captured The Business On WINTER COATS »»» women are buying we're selling a tremendous volume most of those. who look around are coming back to Gebhart's --You'll Understand Why Women Prefer Gebhart Coats -- When You Test Them For Fashion And Quality --And See The Amazing Prices. Sec the Hindiemc Rose Room Coats '48 See the Inimitable Betty Ros? Coats $ 28 e tine quality wool fa --Note the tine quality wool fabrics, the huge fur set* of Munchurian Wolf, Opossum and Caracul, the new shades. See the New Group Luxurious Coats 39" --"Gorgeous" , . . you'll say) The Wolf, OpposKum and Caracul fur sets, huge and fluffy. Silk liningi, all sizes. -- You'll lov* ihc.r line*, tKe «xtr» wtlect fur Mte. Silk lln- ingt, warm interlining* Sec the Distinctive Rose Room Coats '58 -- What fuhion*, how luxurious the Fox, Wolf, Martin «nd Caracul fur teta. Regular and extra ibtet. These Hats Capture Paris Chic »»» and they're the accepted »»» millinery classics for November s Red --Yes, and these hats capture your pocket book , , for they exchange more real fashion for your five dollar*! Felts, velvets and metallic* that adapt the lines of originals. Close fitting models, dipping brims and swanky half crowns. ' Vitality Shoes are Smart to Look at and A Positive Joy to Wear Eggshell " Wine Vitality Arch Shoes --Vitality shoes impart the poise, grace , and bouyance that mark the woman of n«hii Straps and ties in the newest leathers, tuon. SPECIAL SALE: Underwear »»»for women, boys and girls' »»» n^w low prices prevat --WOMEN'S rayon stripe union suiti ileevelets, knee length fA^ · and Winter weight; 34-44 . DUC --WOMEN'S rayon stripe union ·uit* in outaizet, Sleevelew ·nd knee length --CHILDREN'S extra, button union ·uit* with short or long ileevw. Ankle length and Winter weight , . --WOMEN'S rayon ·tripe union ·uiti in ankle length And short s)e«vtt. AH nzet.,. (CcWwrl'i Fr»'i( H«or) Men's $1.50 Union SulU --Suite ttpecUlly reinforced Jutt w mtn like them. Long sJeevtt aixl «nkk ttnffth. Made of fine cwnbedi yarns, making them cozy warm. $1.50 wit* for t 1 HIBWMI*XB»«niMi^^

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