Pampa Daily News from Pampa, Texas on June 24, 1936 · Page 7
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Pampa Daily News from Pampa, Texas · Page 7

Pampa, Texas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, June 24, 1936
Page 7
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WEDNESDAY EVENING, JUNE 24, 1936. THE PAMPA DAILY NEWS, Pampa, Texai Eccentric Hurler HORIZONTAL 1,7 (Dtezy) • , pictured here. 11 One who evades. 12 Musical instrument. 13 Humane. 14 Sour. 15 Greek letter. 16 Northeast. I7&fn&li cap. 20 Vagabond. 24 tfo regret. 25 Forms small waves. 30 Dove's call. 31 Verbal. 33 ftlch milk. 34 To aid. 35 dandle. 37 Resembling ore. 38 Hidden. 39 Elf's child. 41 Food container 42-Untt of work. 45 Mineral deposits. Answer to Previous Puzzle 17 His 48 Striped fabric. 50 To countersink 52 Growing out. •!53 Acidity. 54 Wing. 55 East wind. 56 Pronoun. 57 Ho is a baseball . 58 He is a star' (Pi.). VERTICAL, 1 Gas nozzle. 2 Night before. 3 Hastened. 4 Queerer. 5 One who attends a meeting. G Changeable. 7 Derby hat. 8 Organ of hearing. 9 Blackbird. 10 To bow. 12 Cusps. 17 His is also a ball player. 18 Epilepsy symptom. 19 To harvest. 21 Maple tree. 22 A cast. 23 Ho is with the fans. 26 Gol£ teacher. 27 Seed-vessel of a plant. 28 To deposit. 29 Type standard 32 Lion. 34 Female fowl. 36 Knock. 38 Dance step. 40 To mock. 41 Cockscomb, 43 Genuine. 44 Festive. 46 God of sky. 47 Toilet box. 48 Pain. 49 South African farmer. 51 Fifth month. 53 Tree. office one morning, selling calendars, he knew that his hour had come. "It was more than a matter of calendars with him. But Leonor was young. She was demure and shy. America was so very strange, she said. He had to do a lot of persuading, but she finally got him to cross the Hudson River with her nnd they went to a New York hotel. Whereupon Torrobin, following almost at once, tracked them to Uinlr room, and entered the role of the outraged and dangerous father. "It worked like magic. At least for the moment. That gentleman from Hoboken had money and he paid it gladly to escape with his life and his good name. He had. too. thought you mighn't suspect it. a certain amount of intelligence. He was not long in connecting the dark lady and her rescuing father with Madame Chowdhury. He quietly started investigations, and later trapped Madame at this same i;nme in Atlantic City. "Whether L-onor got, wind of these Investigations, or whether Carlo-Carlo had the lions: he and Leonor were sweethearts—whether lie suspected what she was doing. I don't know, but they disappeared before anything came to light. Neither Chowdlniry. who was supposed to know everything, nor Tor- robin, realized that these investigations were under way. Torrobin privately invited me to take Leonor's role in future dramas of the sort. "I declined perhaps without much tact. He used arguments and then insults. Piplo .the trapezist, overheard the insults. Piplo threatened t,o wring his neck. That was the dav I stole Reddle's gun. I was afraid that Torrobine would take up with Roddie the suggestion of my playing Leonor's role. "That very night Roddie had his accident in the ring. Torrobin i mished me clown the van steps. You saw him, and knocked him down. "I wanted to see you again that night—I hardly knew why. I knew only that I was worried about Roddie. and that you would help me. "You were gone, but Torrobin and Chow were there, back in the ittle curtained booth, talking. She was telling him all about you. all she had got from girl—that Natalie Page who had her fortune told, "the told him not to mind because I wouldn't come Into the game—she called it 'the business.' Said there were plenty of dark p.Ms. fair ones, loo. That besides you had seen me here, and I wouldn't do for you." TO HEM. HAM, HOUSTON, June 24. (/!')—Sa"n Houston Hall, constructed here for the democratic national convention of 1928 at a cost of more than $200.000, is considered worth $3,350. That figure was the highest of six bid submitted to the city council foi the big frame structure in which yelling democrats nominated Alfrcc E. Smith for the presidency. The lowest bid submitted was $250. Bid were referred to the city publi works director for tabulation anc recommendation. •«*• • Long parchment rolls like thos used 2,000 years RRO and picture of preachers with pistol in one hand and Bible in the other feature church exhibits in the Hall of Religion at the Texas Centennial Exposition. Zioircheck Now In Hospital for Sanity Treatment WASHINGTON. June 24. t/P>— Court -fiction to drtcvminn the mcn- al status of Rep. Marion A. Zion- heck of Washington state was called off tndny as the young logis- ntor started a course of treatment n a private hospital at Towson. Md. Loudly protesting. Zioncheck wp.s removed late yesterday [rom Gnl- inger hospital on a stretcher ant wrapped in a "pack"--tiRhtl.v bound sheets. An ambulance quickly whisked Zionchcck off to the Sheppard air! Enoch Pratt hospital, three days before a sanity hem-ins; was to have been, held in the DiMi'ict of Columbia supreme court. Final ariangcments for the transfer were completed by the eon- grc;f:iiinn's ycmtv.; bride, the former Rubye Louise Nix. District and court authorities agreed to the transfer on condition Zioncheck be committed to the i:rivate institution for an indefinite period. OUT OUR WAY PAGEJJEVEK By WILLIAMS For Biliousness? Sour Stomach, Flatulence, Nauset and Sick Headache, due to Constipation. THIMBLE THEATRE Starring POPEYE ALWAYS, IT'S THIS WAV- JI5T WMEM DOINJ' SOMETMIM' PARTICULAR.' ' WHO'S NEXT, NOW? I'LL NEVER GIT THIS THING DOME./ I PUT TMAT BOOK AWAY THINK-LET'S SEE — WELL, YOU'LL JU5T HAVE TO LOOK, FOR IT - DOM'T STEP OM TH' DOQ- MO !! IP YOU DOM'T HAVE TO MOVE TH' HOUSE, NOW TO FISJD TH 1 BOOK.' JUST A SECOND/ MO USE LIGHTING ANOTHER LAMP, JUST TO LOOK FORA BOOK- THIRTY VEAR5 TOO SQOM T H. BEO. U. S. P»T. OFF. nU BY NC« 3CKVKE. INC By E. C. SEEGAR \ f\\H'T GOT NOBOD The Lone Wolf POPESE UMLL LOS£-VLLA /,.„.,. . DOUBLE MV $500,000 ••( f ME tAOOR OF.NEfcQ — it x »^~. .~v*.r w^iV-OvS"* , GOT NOBOOV MftrA- TURNTMEDOVJNTOR -(-IVAM LONELY CWT EHCOORfNGE VOU, KNOW I' THE JeeP'S TIP BETTING IMV YOU UJCK YOCHAOO, OUVE, fNHOY, irV'#|OO,OOO" TO THE GOOD - BOT \ MORE THE NO OF THE WE MfcOE #500.000 DOUBLE YOUR & 100,000 - \ WEEDS SNMPTkAlTT.V- f , *. COME OR I HfxV5 THKT By MARGARET BELL HOUSTON Chapter 41 BADGER GAMK "Roddio was no angel, but lie hadn't been like thi.s," Hope won I on. "That tequila that Torrobin sold him made him wild. "Torrobin wasn't sellinn it now. He was hiding Roddie. When I rode back into the bills to the little 'dobe house where they were he denied that Roddie was there. But Roddie hoard my voice, and came out. I hope I forget what he looked like. "They seemed to be waiting for another man. . . for .some word of him. When I told them about the arroyo, and that rangers had chased me, and about the bank- robber who was killed, they decided without a word to leave. "I understood. All at once I knew. But I made Roddie tell me. When Torrobin went out to make arrangements for their leaving, I made Roddie talk to me. He couldn't remember clearly, but he knew what had happened. "I couldn't see him go back. I couldn't see him die. I wanted him to return the money, but Torrobin, of course, refused. "Torrobin and Roddie left for New York. Torrobin wouldn't have me with them, and it was just as well. It would have made constant trouble between him and Roddie, however hard I might have tried to avoid it. But I made Roddie promise to keep in close touch with me, so that I might follow, and he did. "They left that night by train, and I the next. And I wrote to Mother. I couldn't tell her about Roddies' trouble, for her own sake, I couldn't even hint it. But I told her I had found him, and that I was going to New York with him. I asked her to forgive me for breaking my promise to come straight home, and for using the- money to go away. I told her I would pay back the money. "She felt that this was a cruel and heartless letter. She wrote me afterwards that it was. But I did pay back the money, though not till I had married Rupert. "Torrobin had taken BowiR with them. He had certain plans for Bowie arid Eoddie. "The first thing he did after Unit fight 'he had with Roddie was to take Roddio's gun away. Roddie bought himself another before ho left Texas. . . the pearl-handled one; and I took that. I was always afraid he would kill Torrobin. "Torrobin was wise to bring Rowic. Bowie made money. Bowie and Roddie together. They were with a. big show nl, first, but it wont down to Texas for the win- tor. Then they got odd jobs in smn Her .shows in and around New ork. Merrill's was one of them. "Then Leonor the cquestrinne who was billed as 'Firefly,' took French-leave of Mcrritt-'s show, and when Roddio told me about it I went over without saying anything to Torrobin, and got Mr. Merritt to -givo me the place. "I made a hit. To my surprise, Torrobin seemed s'.lad to soo me. It turnt-d out that ho wanted me to lake Leonor's place in the game he and Chowcihury wore playing—a .sort of badger game. "Chow would predict to her client that he would soon meet dark lady—it was written in the stars —and that happiness or fortune ov both hung upon thi.s meeting. Just how this dark lady was to solve :iis problem was not clear even to Chow, but the prophecy proved a sufficient introduction for Beautiful Leonor, at least in one case. "A troubled Hobokenite whoso problem was a misunderstanding wife, looked for the lucky dark lady every time the clock struck. Wlien Leonor with her eyes and her Spanish accent walked into his BOOTS AND HER BUDDIES Ouch By MARTIN OKSE. , VXK tvJtY^ VOO , COOVO VNVE. THW FOR \_OWG '. VOO'O TO ,'vioor-b • OP' UVi'c. THNT FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS Take a Look By BLOSSER Quickly subdue the burning and itching torment and help nature clear your irritated skia with gentle, effective ~^^^ All makes Typewriters and Other Office Machines Cleaned and Repaired. —All Work Guaranteed— Call JIMMIE TICE VAMPA OFFICE SCPPMT COMPANY, Phone 288 MYRA NORTH, SPECIALjUJRSE BUS TRAVEL IS BEST NORTH, EAST, SOOTH OE WEST Modern, Convenient, Comfortable Coaches! FARES ARE LOWEST IN HISTORY! 1. Liberal Stop-Overs Allowed. It. Reductions on All Round Trip Tieketo. I. Fast and Close Connections. 4. Safe and Competent Driven. LET US HELP PLAN YOUR TRIP OR VACATION NOW. Agent. Will Gladly Furnish Detail Information PAMPA BUFfERMINAL |15 South Ruttell St. Phone 871 PUFF...PDFF... WE'RE NOT HAVING MUCH LUCK IN GETTING OVER THE GROUNDj OSSIE ; I I...I... AIN'T COMPLAINING.... JUST SO I CAN KEEP FROM 1 GETTING UNDER m 1 WHAT'S <OSSIE AND 1 REspow- WERE SERIOUS SIBLE /ABOUT V/AWTIWG FOR ALL ITS SEE THAT THIS /ANIMAL 1 .... BUT COMMO- JIDIDNT THINK TIOH? /WE WERE THAT SERIOUS.'.' WE SAW IT, MOM ! IT CHASED Vt us I DON'T SEE AStTTHIWG OUTSIDE .' THEM IT MUSTA SCRAMMED! Birr, FOOUW'...,IT ALLY CHASED II REMEMBER WHEN LEM SHAWKS SAID HE RAW FROM THE WATER VvORKS ID THE SQUARE IN EIGHTEEN SECONDS, AN' EVERYONE SAID HE WAS LYIWG? ^^ w '<?/ Trailed By THOMPSON and COLE IT APPEARS TO BE TWO HUMAM5--AND VERY MUCH IN PIS.TRE5S.' eV THE NO&LE ANCESTORS, MY FRIEMR WE'EE SAVED, AT LA-3T/ A EUROPEAN APPROACHES FROM TME CAMP.- GOOP HEAVENS/ TMO5E POOR. CHAPS ARE MEARLV DEAD / ~ 'A MI55 NORTH/ OK & THIS YET ANOTHER .-''} MIRAGE 7/J' WHY DO YOU CALL '"(ME MISS NORTH? ._.| i SUPPOSE rr MUST BE DELIRIUM.' ' -V :^*^>USE* BUT LEW WEN, TOO EXHAUSTED TO EEPLV SINK'S INTO A COMA---H.AK.iaNV WHO HAS FOLLO\VEP MVEA. COME3 STEALTHILY ALLY OOP Royal Courtship By Hamlin OOOLA^ A GIFT FOR YOU PROM HIS COYAL SAWALLIAN HIGHNESS, / OH, HOVJ 6RANO- WUR TV THAKIKYOU- OH, LOO-LOOK AT THIS BEAUTIFUL ROBE AMD ^ WELL, THAT NECKLACE YOUR ._/ WAS MICE OF BROTHER WUR. f HIM- OH, LOOK SENT ME... J( YOU DROPPED SOMETHING/ f K\ ^£ LL •' ^vKW , s..???.??, ,.,,,!REO.U.s PAT.OFF. 19ffi BY NEA SERVICE, INC.

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