Dixon Evening Telegraph from Dixon, Illinois on June 2, 1955 · Page 18
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Dixon Evening Telegraph from Dixon, Illinois · Page 18

Dixon, Illinois
Issue Date:
Thursday, June 2, 1955
Page 18
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|" ^^^^^ SHADES OF JOHN PAUL JONES!-Many an old salt would ibe rolling over in Davy Jones's locker if he knew that the U.S.S. Nautilus, world's first nuclear-powered ship, has a juke box aboard I for the entertainment of its crew: Here's Admiral Robert B. Car-ti*t. rhief of naval operations, dropping a coin in the music box aboard the atomic sub. Proceeds go to ci 5 *t&^ 5 Watch for Our 4 Feature Special fA Every Thursday u's recreation fund. Here's to Your Health! Dairy Month, with milk . . every month, drink to your health farm-fresh, flavorful, good for you. Now. during: June Dairy Month. 5 it's time to put more and more 4 milk products (like our downright- € good Cottage Cheese, rich Grade A 4 Milk, Half & Half, Whipping Cream 4 and Ice Cream) on your table. Enjoy cool, refreshing, nutritious Zk r-,„: tj_„j, * Zk WEEKEND^ SPECIAL jThurs.-Fri.-Sat.-Sun., June 2-3-4-5? 5 t f 5 Strawberry / \ Time / \ Top Off Those Fresh Strawberries With LAWTON'S JZ~\ > HALF and | ifSlJ HALF i Mi 19c 1 ^BPtrCw h %r PINT w4 AVAILABLE AT ANY \ LAWTON'S \ Dairy Island Store or Drive-In jj DIXON — AMBOY — - ROCHELLE NewspaperHRCHIVE® The Dixon Evening Telegraph I Thursday, June 2, 1955 Page IS I Youth Center (Continued from Fage 1) Di\on Coordination Council 1H.84 Rock River Ready-Mix 13.00 Mr. and Mrs. W. F. Harjrrave 5.00 Snow White Bakery . . . 5.00 Dr. and Mrs. S. J. Lipnitzky 5.00 Frye Lawn Mower Shop 5.00 Witzleb Plumbing Shop 5.00 Mr. and Mrs. Alvin KlinKenbers; 5.00 Twentieth Century Literary Club 5.CH) Dysart Fund for Charity 20. 00 Mr.' and Mrs. Walter Krup 5.00 Dixon Loan and 3uildinsr 5.00 Arch Williams and Son . 3.00 Jones Funeral Home . . . 10.00 Wavne Wolfe, Barriuge BarriaRe Appliance ... 5.00 Stony Point Laundry . . 5.00 .Mr. * and Mrs. Harold Korer 5.00 Mr. and Mrs. Ljle Pres- cort 10.00 The Rev. Veman L. Jones 5.00 Ulyroth. No. •2.T205 2.2» Porters Cleaners 10.00 M. M. Kime and granddaughter. Jane 10.00 Mrs. Lucille Gorham . . 1.00 Jlr. and Mrs. Herbert Klatt 2.00 Mr. and Mrs. -lei Bur- eard 10.00 .■Mrs. Winifred Berg 5.00 Linda Mae Green 5.00 Mr. Scofield's tiomc room 1.00 Clayton Rhodes Feed Store 5.00 Mr. and Mrs. Forrest Trautwein .... . 5.00 Mr. and Mrs. Allen Whit- mer 5.00 Mr. and Mrs. Donald B. Raymond 5.00 Mr. and Mrs. George Knouse 5.00 Fazri Radio, T.V. Appliances 25.00 Purity Mills, Inc 23.00 Boyd Casket Co. 10.00 Y.F.W. Cooties 10.00 A ictor Peterson 5.00 AVillet 5.00 Boynton Richards Co. 5.00 \V! ' "WE £EAD THE RAGGEDY ANN WHITE, SOLID PACK TUNA 3f.r5l°° PRODUCE New Red Potatoes U. S. No. 1 10 bs 69« New White Onions 3 ib, 23° OtWIW 9pOIiS SRop ...» 5.00 George Lebre 5.00 United Cement, Lime and r,\pMim Workers International, No. 81 . . 25.00 Gladys Ireland Beauty Shop 5.00 United Steel WorKcrs, >'o. 208R 50.00 Dixon Elks Club 60.00 I„ J. Welch Co 5.00 Hollj » ood Stj le Shop . . . 5.00 Charles H. Lesajce, M.D. 10.00 Peter Piper'* 23.00 Vandenberj; Paint Co. . . . 5.00 Lee Countj Chapter of War .Mothers fi.OO Mr. and Mrs. Clyde Vount 10.00 Erzinger Shoe Store 5.00 Citv National Bank 100.00 Divon Unitarian Fellow. ship 5.00 Eichler Bros 25-00 Douslas Shaw 5.V0 Mntfr-rs of V'nrl'l War II " "0 W. Walker o.oo Medusa Cement Plant .. 10.00 J. Richard KeUer 10.00 Hey Bros I0.no Treins Je«eir\ 5.00 Rock Rher Valley Boat Club 10.00 Rock Rher Ready-Mi* Employees 10.00 Mrs. Charles F. Johnston 1.00 John M. Hawley 5.00 Sheldon Rross 5.00 Mr. and Mrs. Roscoe Bruce 2. 00 DHS nil Is Athletic Assn. 15.00 .Mr. and Mrs. Hen Roc .. ."..in) Dr. ar.d Mrs. Del oung .. 5.00 f rceman Shoe Corp. "... 15.00 .-Martha Preston 5 .CD Cub Pack 311 5.00 Rejuolds Wire Co '.. 100.00 Dr. Samuel Adler 5.00 lorn Broderick Truck Sales 10.00 .Mr. ?nd Mrs. Ren J. Mall 5.00 I'rip.wJ Norther Cledon' SWEET CORN ON THE COB WATERMELON — CANTALOUPE HOME GROWN STRAWBERRIES MORRISON HOT HOUSE TOMATOES ARMOUR STAR (Blade Cut) Beef Chuck Roast 39c > PORK CUTLETS 69 lc Ib. < Co. y Ward . l.l.MU Home Builders, First Baptist Church 5.00 Robert L. Warner 10.00 DL\on Frogresshe Club 10:00 Carl 0. Matson 10:00 Mr. and .Mrs. C. K. Mrs. Charles R. Walgreen 25.00 Hal Roberts 15.00 .Mr. and Mrs. Otto Oberg 5.00 Mr. and Mrs. A. V. Lund 5.00 Dison Evening Telegraph 25-00 Donald P. Rosecrans ... 3.00 E. C. Kennedy 5.00 DeLuxe Cleaners 5.00 Good Luck Margarine 2Mb. ctns. 49< PEACHES Sliced or Halves 2Va Tin 29° ea- FRESH — LEAN GROUND BEEF 35c Ib. 3 »*- 95c PRICES GOOD THRU WEDNESDAY JUNE 8th IN THE BAG— On a recent trip to a Minneapolis. Minn., police station. Ainen Balkin insisted on taking a sack with him At the station he emptied the sack of its contents — S5754. mostly in onc-do!!ar bills. Balkin, 63, explained that he didn't trust banks, because he lost S400 in one during the depression. Police persuaded him to deposit his savings in the nearest bank, where it took eight-men two hours to count the money. Long Range Setup NORFOLK. Va. i.?> — The Navy s actuated as laigest commimi-.t:ons station here ilo 500.000 pro-ci to LO\et half the globe. At least lporanly much of the •adio pouer will be held : status, but it can con-s as far distant as Pearl Harbor ar.d Naples. Co. Lawton Bros Raynor Mfg. Co Salvation Army Rae Arnould Ins Dixon Ice and Fuel Co... W. .vid Am F. X. Newcomer Dixon National Bank ... Willard Jones Memorial. Red Label Shortening 3 65° PURPLE PLUMS No. 2V2 A $>f 00 Tins *# for JL COUNTRY DELIGHT BUTTER ,b 59« FOLGER'S COFFEE lb. 89c ALL PURPOSE KRAFT OIL 65 c qt. ARMOUR'S BANNER Thick Sliced BACON 2^79< 5.00 Paint to Relax JACKSONVILLE. Fla. '.?> — Detective Sgt. Ciaiuie Hendmks weighs 265 pounds and has hands like hams. But he's just as facile with a tmy biush and delicate fugures as he is with a pistol Hendncks makes money painting- figurines and recommends it as a sure fire way to take your mind off your tioubles. "Your thoughts don't have time to wander when you're trying to apply color to a tmy set of lips on a 12-inch bit of plaster," he A fellow detective, who had dabbled a., making fugunnes. _ introduced Hendncks to the art. Three months ago he opened a retail store m partnership with John B. Outz. Hendricks does his sideline painting in his spare time. Outz does the moulding. Down comes the cost of eating when you shop here regularly! Day in, day out, we're packed with values you won't see duplicated elsewhere. Our always lower prices save you money ALL WAYS! Plus FREE Aluminum Ware GRADE A MILK In Paper Cartons qt. 16c FROZEN FOOD REALEMON FROZEN LEMONADE 10C each PIGGY BANK Chicken -Turkey Pies 25e~ 4f»r89c RED GARDEN GOLD RASPBERRIES 2 for 39' ARMOUR STAR Swiss and Round Steak 69c ib. 4 LB. PAIL DUBUQUE or WILSON'S PURE LARD 75c WE RESERVE THE RIGHT TO LIMIT QUANTITY MURPHY'S Certified Market 719 BRINTON AVE. PLENTY OF FREE PARKING (Excess Weight a Problem Among American Males By GAYNOR MADDOX Overweight, one of the major problems of our times, is becom ing more frequent among mi.» than among women, leports Dr James M. Hundley of the United States' Public Health Service. In other words, we eat too much, especially the men of the family. 'Rich gravies and sauces, pies and fancy cakes may taste good but if they put excess, weight on a man they help shorten his life expectancy. However, if a man eats an adequate breakfast— about of the dav's total food— his chances of being abie to cut down the total calories in a day are materially improved. He will not be so hungry after a good first meal that he will overeat at lunch and dinner. Also, he will avoid fatigue dunng the day. Here is a breakfast the eiitiie family would enjoy. The quantities listed below show the amounts to eat for a 400-callorie reducing breakfast. Growing children should have whole milk a second muffin, and additional butter Breakfast: Fiesh laspbeines I-;-. cup1, whole wheat flakes il ounces skim milk U cupi. ?picy oatmeal muffin t.l) butter or margarine i's pat'., black coffee. Spicy Oatmeal Muffins (Yield: 12 muffins) One cup sifted all-ptupose flour. :-; cup sugar, 1 teaspoon salt 1 teaspoon soda. 1 teaspoon baking powder, l'j teaspoons cinnamon. H teaspoon cloves. 5»_ teaspoon nutmeg. 2 cups quick or regular rolled oats. 1 tablespoon vinegar. 1 cup evaporated milk. 1 egg. well beaten; cup melted butter or margarine. Combine flour, sugar, salt, soda, baking powder and spices: sift into mixing bowl. Add rolled oats. Combine vinegar, milk, egg and melted shortening. Add liquids to ingredients are blended. Fill greased muffin pans 3 x l1; mch- degre i full Bake i hot c i F.) until done, about 20 SWEET GIRL GRADUATE— Mrs. Augusta Lynch of Custer, Mich., is 75 years old and still going to school. After putting her five children through Michigan State University, she returned in 1953 to finish her o-.vn undergraduate work. Now she says she may stick around after her June graduation to ■work for her master's degree. ^^^^^^^^^^^^ I I T AERIAL PICK-UP - Andre Jdn.^ shapely Ftci ch tiapeze the greatest of ea.-e as a heh-ci.ntt r car: h'.'T over the Tnames nncr in London, England. The 33-ycpr-old acrobat, wife of a bu.-intbsman, was picked up by the helicopter from the top of a 40-foot pylon Military Maimer Ft. Carson, Colo. >?i — Draft ei id enlisted men sent here f> tteir basic Army training a ing by doing. The old sy tern of lectin es an ;ruv u tactics lias been abandoned lr • of actual practice of mili-techniques. Unit comman ders and sauad leaders are mostly sat veterans cf World W; and the Korean War. II Major emphasis is placed on the M-l rule, basic infantry weapon. Other weapons include light ma chine guns, automatic rifles, carbines and rocket launchers. Trainees also aie taught bayonet, mines and booby traps, signal comunications. inspections, ga3 mask drill, field sanitation and intelligence. Balloon Trouble CHICKASHA. Ok!a ift-Farmer Henry Cochran's calx spied a tasty-looking morsel m the pasture and took a few oites. Mrs. Cochran found the calf dead and called a veterinarian to perform an auton- He found the calf had swallowed several pieces of a Weather Bureau For the FINEST in CHICKEN Get PAULSEN'S CHICKEN These Birds Are Hatched and Raised Right Here in Our Own Locality. Fresh Dressed TODAY WHOLE qr^Jr ZT-^T WH0LE cut up -^^^lll^^r CUT up AVAILABLE AT . , Bain's Grocery & Market Chicago Ave.. Grocery Hill Bros. Supermarket Vortiis 5th St. Grocery Dixon Hatchery PAULSEN'S CHICKEN /■y:X^^^Q&^ BASKET ^^P^^^ SERVED AT . . . White House Sportsman's Tan Rink's Drive-In NKWSPAPERflRCHIVE

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