The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas on December 6, 1971 · Page 3
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The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas · Page 3

Freeport, Texas
Issue Date:
Monday, December 6, 1971
Page 3
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^ -...-. HOSPITAL ADMISSIONS 1 CANCCT WRUS HUNT! COMMUNITY IIORIMTAI, MTUKDAVl Mr*, J. t.. tCarollne J,) Memfota, Prwjwrl Edgar Uwram* Ollwi, Anidrtcm llyfln Allen Williumi Jr., Uke Jackson JiUMMYt Dewey Vergil llrock, Chile Warren Willwl Ward Jr., Clirtc Mrt V. C, I Ktiilh |)wl«ic> JelfcMl, AnRlrtwi Mr* It I, (Ullie H ) CflitavBii, Lake Jm-kwiit Iliomaf Kdwurd Warren, Fretrix/ri Mr* l.wiy <Velm» I/>el I,*w1s, Pr«r(*jri Arthur Mmllstxi O'Quin, Uke Jackfou Kimrr 0*car Tumlin*o«, Clue Mr* t I'. (Olive I) I M«U«ry, Uke llarbarn Huh HeMw, Kt«»t»u»( Mr* S I) i Cindy l.u» Suiting, Mr* T. A. ilicily K«y?i Crftin, John S Juluitoit, l.ake Jarkfcwt Iliflli Mac Sullivan, Fr«i>url Iturttm Thum«» Jr , Dantary TUB BRA7/)8I'OHT PACTS, Freeporl, Texan, Monday, December e, iff I, Pages Next step in research costly M>tol> Three injured in FP accident l.«)8 ANOKI.KH (AIM Sclcnluu «ny a will cott tl million and require skimming 7,f/X) pilous of fluid off growing human cancer cells lo complete the next experiment with a newly dun-ove/cd rawer virus. Hie rwvearcher* are almost certain they've discovered human cancer virus, which would lx» a significant Mep in under Mamling the cause* uf ih*- kllii*r diwaw li*i( llrlr t-nnclukiotu are baled largely on elr cuiDnlJiDliiil t-videoce ar>d Ihry iK^tl more direct prouf 'tin- rrurial ounfirmation cnuld rtrrin- (rom a difficult, numthvkmK |>r«(xtur«' uiwier way (hat Milt produce !<•»•» than an 'MI«CK n( inatcrul for iiijrt dwi in 10 animal cell contain* the need* of ranrerr Somehow, the ilitory propone*, genetic iiiMnnnei In a celt arc unlocked, turn the cell can- tWMj* and cau*« manufacture of cancer vinu particles. Tirt'se particle* then Infect other cell* and pan* along Kenellc infofinatlon making (hem canccroui. The virus particle* (Uncovered here were in human canci-r cell* ((rowing In * kitten, where they were implanted before lhe kitten was born The work ws» done by Or Itobert M. McAllister of (.'hildrens llotpilal of l.o» arid Dr. Murray I), of D»e Univmily of .Southern California The cirrumslanlml evidence that the virtu particle* arc of human origin comes from knowing what the particle* are not. Teal* have thown they arc not cat, mouse, rat, hammer or chicken cancer virun. Hut the virus particle* do have properties common to all known mammalian cancer virus partiirk't ami they have U.'crt <jt/M-rv«J corning from cancirr c«;IU. KHKKI'OHT - Three t*rtun» were tnusled al I irtlutiiuiJI) IlittfttUil I 4 l»uci»f occlttrtit al^xjl t yj (i m al V -*>! . "»l*J S A*? C THr lhr**c i»cfr » J) al "We (hink thin ii (Jx: bwt candidate so far dclccltfd to be the no-called human ('. type 'cancert viru*." McAllister iiaid iti a briefing for H'ience wnlers at which the div:overy was rcvcak-d In itu; new experiment, mtlli'jM nl the human cancer cell* are being grow-n The vim* mirtlcle* emerRe from the cell* into the surrounding fluid, which Is poured off. The work I* being conducted at several laboratories around (he country with NCI coordination. The billions upon billions of virus particles in the fluid are being treated to remove a biochemical manufactured by itm vim*. The biochemical i* a unique fingerprint of the virus pre»ence. HiK-bner said 1,'M gallons of thiK fluid must be treated to obtain one gram—a twenty- eighth iA an ounce—of the biwhemical, v,-hich is called fJS-l anligt-n Tt><-.v; few drof« will tx; injected into guinea pigs and rau NOON CALL Stock martiet report DJII M2JW Air Deduction "'* Amer. Nat'l Ins »•/< Arncr, News ' 2l /« Amcr. TfrT ''••'< A. V. Green " w '« Bourns, Inc "^ Choi. A Ohio R.« « 9 '-i« Chrysler **'* Combustion Eng M 'A fjfw Chemical »'''< DuPont M3 '« Fed Sign U Signal. . . "*'« Ford Motor Co >"*• Flintkote »*•« Franklin Life Ins Z' 1 *- Krccporl Sulphur. . . , '*^> General Electric " General Mot/jrs **^« GordwM Jewlry ia ^ t Gulf Oil « Hou. I>AP «S Houston Nal'l Gas •"'.• Kennecott Copper ZZ'-i Courtesy Rslph 0. Block and W.E. Mutton * Co, ilh » IXM Okt •tliottltc ilflich t') Aitru I'rtM, 32 ZIV .S, A»r II A (>a»»rngfr, CHS students qualify 13 on regional choir ( the ("aivcff Imtilulr- in . Jl!U SJlK) IlKJfM-) IS Imt l)»f pr Three charged with pig theft IBM.,..,,... Lltlon Ind. ......... »% Maralhon Oil ....... *»!>* Monsanto ........ . . 4sf * Marcor ............. M* Nalco ............... SMi Penney J.C ......... "«i Philips Pete .......... »* Occidental Pete ...... '•% Ctylnv (Rheem) ...... "*< Scars.. ............. «'/4 Std. Oil of Ind ......... «** Sid. Oil of N.J ........ 7H4 Syntex .............. *f'/h Texaco .............. WH Texas Gulf Sul ....... IWfc W. T. Grant ........... «'» Mutual Fund Asked Price Fidelity Trend ....... 28.92 Ind. Trend Fund ---- . .13.87 Texas Fund ......... JO.s" Manhattan Fund. . . . 5.15 Utd. Income Fund ..... IS.07 ) UK- l«i<t»l "If lijift '.urti ; si Itnt -'••/lit <fj\ the uay >u«- nr II Ixr < Wf I.\KK J (•eld by City 1><^{ Catcher Bill Volkw in lt»r l>j<i I'wntli Jjfre »rre identidwl aixl claimed U»l Tliursdav I;) l.»r»i* (J a r d H f t , vocational agt iculture teacher at Itifti* Sclwxjl : y«ufi>! ui«m and a c, all (rwtn Uw If* pig.s had U*en k«rpi in a pat(ur<* al tl<f iiorth ft>d of \>ijt,t,iim lload, oyijiide Ariglr(ori''!t ell) limits In. llx thi-d wa» ove» lo (Jew Smilh, Ij^rtl'xk Itivrkligator for Iht lirazoria I'ounly Siicnff* -Sinitli ia;d (Jardntr Had not rij in All \lltr laotr at Vn'Sjixfia H^h V i« -cTitJj) ,\ it i«i({ '.!•«.»» « »f»! Wl i ! u>J»" riig.'.'.r I.., H AH \\rf,,ij>\ t ?*,»; All lt*i(!.«-<-- ( '!»if »ili»«- h liitmdficattvri ihruiftti an lf> w One-car wrecks • M At Vac V*'i* < (••fttfj?*- «: \ •!•*.«j'ja • » • « HuifJttftfl ifwj fKiftftn- iMvi ; "'" ;^r^u- w t^ m i ure Q r|vers T^srs^ut I the Itii-tl h,- •*;(» away for the 2? > trig holidd}!> A Jackiots rtttdent !)xr »n J«fts durnjx.-d from * tar on Thanks giving l>avi» (};i) ml'. tJw tockyard 'jf a y ihrjl lacati! houw al £C CaUdium. if 4ir I'rr.4 s A-i* »' <!,«! ai'.u \j:»t. S'.C.MC <.j<j«! * (, ft « (rr.v; !,{*:! ', aj,|*s IV.irir A I. iff 'j! Att|C2(r(iXl. »r»l (r!r4»<-<! ur. ly-^Ml* M-l »( Ji '.W rifli 7>j«- ;u-. emit: Wat tot- !« (Jw '.rachrr. LS OI'KX *TIL 8:30 EVERY MGHT DIXIK AT PLANTATION T.! Ux- «'.' !>*>:.otitr 1U-, (tj Peace justices ^ "^v l v:;; ;i: ^:: "^""^^ » ^ ' t'ScT^.it t>«--> *fc-Ltr\ 'tun \':f.',*M 7"!,r 'alfvi i.».tyrT«5 attend seminar ^.Vs^; ! " t? IM:|ti ' ! 4! .^« - ^^ «<. •Sit -ttrxia -.crl '.*i.t <i f, » rtt- .Ur, li u--, Vu»S;r. REGULAR HAMBURGERS 35* SPECIAL GOOD SUN.-MON.-TUE - 265-6761 SNACK BAR ACROSS FROM PALMER'S SPT. GOOD* HOWTOSWi$40 ON A GAS DRYER. trf (hcfr WfiSfiCiuJjj Vandals strike 1 at three buses ly.xt lo lhfr«- wfxwJ !•**!<•« tfj t*'i\ft hrce o-ift !>*• «rrk«)4 1 JC* HViratstVi! H») «*> cwfidrin) lo (h* ! miring j)»(riii« in < AMTI 4 thr mfsiicnd •»«!• SjlufiU> m«nii«j{ r.i rvturrni KfwUy Ihr %»nd*h rrturnrtl SjUirtUi night »• liinucr lo thr third tiut «*> rr4 jn<l rrjvarlrfi morning JACKJREID^ Frigidaire Washers & GAS Dryers Are orth the Difference! by BULOVA OPEN 'TIL 8:00 MONDAY -FRIDAY SATURDAY TO § P M. S' HW45U I'UKKIHMT 233-UMU UKK JACKSON 297-2H6 Just call or come by your local Houston Natural Gas office. Tell them when and where to deliver your new Speed Queen clothes dryer. Youll get S40 off the regular price, plus a Pequot Insulaire thermal You'll iiko get free deliver.', normal installation and otK-year scr/itx- by H.N'G at no extra cost (k-l complete details on this special offer. And_ask about our CSLSV long-term appliance purchase plan. Payments may be made with your monthly ga.s bill. We .sell automatic washers, too. Call HOUSTON NATURAL GAS 233-3557 ("all ,'W ">-Ui'l 1 in Wc*a Columbia or .•N19-57K9 in Angleton t r ipdatr r \oult *tt frittirrt. «*o i rrvimf r i > «j *«nl trr ot tbtQ£% ^ npdiur puti tntklr I'rlgldnire In • better WASIIt.ll frljubiliry wovh odion, ir>- ti.qgc lS-pOi;nd (apoul,', jm-allei woltt tevtl (onltol, laslw spia tobmtl only 11' widt. highei ond , a betttf way lo Ml and lugger dow so ihttei less slooomg, unit, Cixi myth nxx« »i*lrt »»s Old nuh mat. Model U(iS-l $ 260 SMBm LooklnW»IIU>« TrtOMMtoutTfi rrt9»(UU«*ppU c»n'i HKW rw •» »' "" p»r»cnlnouriloft TAKE A CLOSER LOOK! O. Do I hove lo purchose a deluxe gas dryer lo dry permanent pren clolhei? A No, b-ecauic of 'Ke popyicrity of perma- ncnf press ctofhci a?rr.oit off new gas dryers ore eq^pped to hondie fcbnci with this finish. YOU jKould moVe sure the dr,cr you buy in- clode* the permanent press feature. O How can I keep my permanent presi {lolhes from wrinklino in the dryer? A Be Sure you' clothes hove o coof ^oter • rie before the ipm dry cycle and set the ar,r' fo? permanent c/eii. The dryer perma- rc n .' press cycle lumb'.es the dolhes for o O">ger time after the heot shuts ofi. For perfect •es.'u remove 'he clo'hci us soon as the dryer i'ops. O Why do non-permanent press sheets tome out of my dryer wrinkled? A Perhaps ,ou are Over-dr,ing yoyr sheets. Tr>e> should be removed from the dryer while still slightly damp. Fold ond smooth out wrinllei irrmediotely and place on top of the dryer, or ?( fla! surface, unt.l they are completely dry. Q When I dry only o few items why do they oil tome oul wrinkled? A One or t»o i'ems do not tumble well and may "bunch" or cling to the dryer drum. If 'he load 'a be dried is small, add one Or two ci'v terry towels to absorb moisture from the damp clothes and present excessive wrinkling. O How should I take care of my gos dryer? A Clean the lint screen afi er each load Occasionally wipe .'he dryer drum with a damp cloth The outside of the cabinet can be washed with ..arm sudsy water, rinsed and wiped dry Q. What does the air fluff selling on my go* dryer do? A The unheated air in the ai< fluff cycle tumbles, dusts and adds fresh air fragrance to such items as curtains or drapes, freshens articles *hich have been stored. Q. Why is it economical lo buy o gat dryer? A. In most localities lhe cost of operating a gas dryer is generally considerably less than for an electric dryer—the national overage is five to one in favor of gas. So. consider operation and maintenance cosls as well as lhe initial purchasing piice when buying a new d/yer. ^^.^^w wv MM W ™wPwiH^i%^__

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