Sterling Daily Gazette from Sterling, Illinois on November 6, 1941 · Page 7
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Sterling Daily Gazette from Sterling, Illinois · Page 7

Sterling, Illinois
Issue Date:
Thursday, November 6, 1941
Page 7
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i, 1941 STERLING DAIXT (JA^ETTE, STERLING, ILLINOIS President Asserts 'Nation Must Make Greater Sacrifices frwn rfsr* **thst ictn.i«le «,nall not h* in vain. of Bri'sir. of Chin*. «nd of Riiwi* receive* th» f'i'1 ?Mp- of the fr** r* r "P !f " ! r '' th! " Amrrira.":. The p^opif of t »:•..« ro-m- try In5i'-t upon thr:r rich! to join In the common rirfrn^" " -jTmH-hM en I.»h«r Strife At this point. Mr HoowvHt »<v;~h- fl on ;*f*rT Rrif* in The rn;M?rt t»t-e* with thr«e ^ord.v 'To be SUIT. there are Mill «ime miwiuided nmone i;* — thsnk Ood ther «rt» but « fe« - both indu'-fMol- 1M* and leaders of Inhor. «ho place personal j»<ivantj«re sbme thr wel- ifare of their nauon. ••There are still * I**" * tirt pi* c « their little victories over one another above triumph rrwr Hitler. There are *till som*> who place the profit.* they m«r make from civilian orders above thpir obligation to the ^national defenw "Til we are Mill *omo »ho deliberately delay defense output by using their 'economic power" to force acceptance of their demand*. rather than we the established machinery .for the mediation of industrial di$- ^putes. "Yes, they are but few. They do not represent the (treat ma** of American workers and employer*." The President's warning against accepting things a* they are ws* fc giren in these w«mt«: "Our place — the place of the whote wtern hemisphere— in the nazi scheme for work) domination has been marked on the riwd time table. Tw» Ckttfeea "The choice we have to make 1* Shall we make our -full sacri- now. produce to the limit, and deliver our product* today and every day to the battlefronts of the entire. world? Or shall we remain satisfied with our present rate of armament ^output, postponing the day of real ^sacrifice— «s did «he French— until tt to too late? "The first Jl the choice of realism lism isTterms of three ahlftc a day: the hiDest use of every vital saailiti* ewry minute of every day I «twr night; realism Jn term* of ._rtnt on the Job and petting things made, and entrusting industrial grievances to the established •aachineiy of collective bargaining— the machinery set up by a free people. •The second choice it the ap- •ch of the blind and the deluded __ . think that perhaps we could do jNBdness with Hitler. For them there •till •plenty of time.' To be sure, me — m»ed -•-••-—•- Chinese Send to Pletn To $*nd Russia M«n YORK — <AP> — R« inking. capital of .Tspnn»'«f > --r1omi'n*t*-d Munch uk no. ri-pri*r?d br shorter* re T«xJav that r*"»r!v WX* (VW rh» frr»m P!b*ri«i h-^a'pr of of China's rfd " jon.OOO o*h* is h'-adfjimrt^r. 1 ! of .7»pan r Kwsnt'ina srmT wh'. r h Manrhiik»o- Drive This Winter In Caucasus Seen honestly »„«.„, believe that if we should latter And that we cant do business with Hitler, we wOJ roll up our atoms later—later—later. And their tombstones would bear the legend too late.'" Hitler Pictured as in Desperate Situation LOVDON—<AP> — Adolf Hitler will order a winter a**milt on the Caucasus even though It might enirage his war-weary eastern armies with a large wing of General Sir Archibald P. Wavell's Indian command, a London mil I tan- observer forecast Wednesday. It is almost certain, the observer wild, that the battle of e/npire between Germany and Britain will be fought in or aouth of the Caucasus, with Briton.* engaged on a common front with their Russian allim. The German* so need a quick de- cUion that they will accept the hai- ardu of weather, terrain and extended supply »line« to push ahead Immediately rather than take the alternate risks of diguing in for the winter with the Idea of resuming operations against the reorganised and revitalized Soviet armies in the spring, it W&A said. They would, hope to »el«e control of Russian oil. pipelines, timber and agricultural supplies from the Caucasus, the observer commented. (How much would mirvive battle damage and Russian sabotage is problematical.) Cutting of the Persian gulf-Iran- Caxpian sea route of British-American supplies for Ruasia would be another aim. If Hitler's armies gained poaata *ion of the Caucasus by spring, the commentator said, battles to decide the fate of Iraq, Iran. Palestine. Syria. Egypt and ultimately India would be fought. They already are at its front, before _the Don river port of Rostlv, and" threatening a Hank through the drive into the Crimea. Britain, however, is reported to be concentrating men and materials in northern Iran, and British and dominion troops are said to be eager for action in which they couia try out new~mobHe equipment, plane* and. other supplies. It would be no lew logical, the observer aald. for the reinforced FUNKY IOSIRESS MMHSOR All VKIRITY NEWS Off If* Children Present At Dinner Honorifif 55 Yesrs' Wedded Life Wife of New Pastor Welcomed at W. M. S. Mr* H*rrr L Brf*~pr, *if» of the D«$»trt Luncheon Wtdntsday at D. A. R. morning. at school "Nice of ihc hospital to give me a choice—I'll take the one in the middle'* BritiAh dinaiona in North Africa to launch a winter offensive from Egyptian ba/ws against Oerman- Italian concentration* in Libya. Wheeler Denounces Democratic Backers Of Neutrality Change WASHINGTON — <AP) — Senator Wheeler «D-Mont) asserted Thursday to Democratic supporters of administration legislation to revise the neutrality act that when they faced the electorate again, they would be "Willkle candidates, supported by tth* ctwuminists." nesuming his attack on a measure permitting American merchant ships to carry arms and sail into the com tat soncm Wheeler said in the senate that Wendell L. Willkie. the 1MO Republican nominee, and Secretary oC the Nary Khox, also Republican, would support them in their next campaign if they voted for the bill, as Democratic leaders said a majority of them would. Wheeter accused Willkie. "Wai •treet bankers 1 ' and! oommtnsists 0! "trying to lake this country into "You are gotag to be WUlkfe candidate*." Wheeler shoutad to the few senators listening at the time Lady Anticipates Pbdaes by Consumers HEW-' 'YORK — <AP> — Vkmnklin D. Roosevelt aroused con- in a Town hall audience yee- __ ay when she said that "many o« you soon will be asked to sign a con- omer pledge." Mrs. Roosevelt, did not elaborate OB her statement other than to say it the nation's housewife* should to buy thriftily and cut down _-- . flte opened a new Town hall lec- on the theme 'The We Want." ,-N. Y. Ex-Governor, William Siilzer Dies MEW YORK — (AP) — William Sttlser. 7g. former governor of New I York, died at hi* home in Washing"tan Place today after a long illness. Suiter, a lawyer, was the first and only governor of the state to be re- aaninil from office on charges of MOTHER! YOUR chlltfMm expert car* ast* «••• At the in* sjga •( a Dions* Quiatmieta' at« ratted witkM a»~™mad* e* aerially to praai DISTEE8S «f raids aad rM»Kiag brracaial aad croaay t ssjgai. Mosterala (foes sack. w»a4«rfal resalta a** cause H'a m*n thaa aa ordinary "aalve." It Mae break aa Wai eaasjadaea. Slaea M asemte <• as** •• t*» OamtaalMs STunhi »»"7— > —* —- 1 * 1 Caildrm's MiM Muster•la. Als» Eagalar and Extra Strtagth for i^na wlw wrafer a aredact. All Elected in 1M1. Suhwr waa im~ iched in August. ItU. on charge* _ diverting campaign contributions to his prtrate use and swearing faleely to campaign receipts, RrifisJi Court Fines 'Notl Coward Again LONDON — (API — Noel Coward, Ik* British playwright, was con- vatted today an two titaiaea of vio- "secWfOeT regulaUons and wi a total of CUM 411.400). Coward pleaded innoeent to the and was gtren a awnth to the fine. Last week he waa the equivalent of Hal for vio- of wartime ftnatee reguia- According to the prosecution, today's tinea aai«ht haw totaled tM.- Far Tnj Hi aWUwl T.Tata yaw aiaaisy. your and your ay using Old • Sfciaiwk Medieiac **HI ffpt tf yau doaVt faal •fXBsair after a lew daaav Fr BLOUSES 59. cr TO •a, priee* at 9LM. •THEW COAT8 • NEW DBES8E* • NEW 11 BASEMENT STORE Mill Run" Towel Sole Just 785 in this lot, solid and fancy colors, heavy weight Reversible*—Novelty Styles. LOT I LOT 2 Veis. U SOc Veto. H $1.00 * CANNON TOWILS it far Batk Oaat- itfitV ^, «••• r ail- on our Mnawy y afx par hat- Curtoin Sate ! Just received a new lot of Cottage Sets. at Vm* C« •J" 69eteJ Me IH "I hope he goes into the states wf ererr one ol you Democrats after you "vote for thU bd. "I hope that the communists rapport rou. I want to «ee you e*> plain that to your people." The Montana renator said that the administration hud been «ble to obtain endorsement of its foreign policies -from a few farm leaders." from eotne bankers, from some labor leaden and from many eomnrunist organizations. "Bat they cant take the mothers of this country along." he thundered. 'They can't reach Into Vnt homes with political Jobs and take the fathers of this country." Martha Washington, first First X*dy of the United State*, wmc not known ac the First Lady, bat a* Lady Washington. Mr. and Mr*. <-*!Hrniff>d their 55th w*>ddsr>a anni- rer^arv on Sunday and «=n!?r!»in?d a number of frirnd^ nnd relsf!TM at a family dinner !n horir-r of th» erent. Th» rmiple are in Rood'T^i'alrh "rid are enioymg their r^tirrnrnt m^ MorrtJOn. hating! lirrf «e\- ; errnl years aco from thfir fsrrr. near MorriMJn. They have four children snd six grandchildren and al! were among those pre5rnt at thr gather-j ing. Tht children are Mr*. -Irm«i ClendeninB of Elgin Mrv Viva Clen-; dening. Ralph Alld-nt and Hevward Alldritt of th* Morrison vicinity Mary Jane Pearson and Henry R. Alldritt were wed at the home of the bride'* parent* in Urtick on November 1, ISM. and resided in V«tick until moving to Mormon several rears ago. Foytttt S. Burns, 37,* Buried at Morrison The body of Fayette S. Burn* 57. who died in Detroit. Mich. following an operation for a ruptured appendix some time ago. arrived in Morrison by train Wednesday afternoon. Burial wax made In the Grove Hill cemetery at 2.30 p. m. The Rev. C. H. Becker conducted a short service at the grmvr. The mother and father of the deceased are both buried in the local cemetery, the mother having lived here at one time, Weather Interferes With Football Game Because of the wet weather and fibieas in the Morrison high school football squad, the game scheduled wtth Amboy on the local field Wetfnaatey night was post Reformed rhurrh. snd hi* molh»T, Mr« Alire Rrrs-rpr were jtlven a vel- r"TT,r at f h? mrrtinK of th p wo- rr.»n> Mi^ionary society of the rlvirrh \Vrdr,e«day Bf'.rmorrn and rffrrihmT.ts wrre served. They both b*-ram« b nrrnhrrs of thr croup, as d-d M." Ka'if Pntl« an^ \f rv Abe ^Uiftti RfRdmRS «.rrf given by Mrs.. Jacob DoorPnbo-;, Mr* Ella Wilkpns snd Mr«. S. Brand.*. Mr*. A. M. 'FIiKkema presided. Primrose Chapter Officers Elected Mr*. R«T!ry W. Butch w to th» Morrison D. A. R. at her at a 1 3*0 o'riork rtes*»-rt luncheon Wednesday sffrrnoon. Mrs. irf pT""r!r!»^i in 1'n*< nh^f^ff nf »r,?. Mrs. \Villi5 RohSn^on. jThpn» fr-rf H mrmhor'! prr«fnt. A I feature of th» prosfT'sm T-9«s a re- I vl»w of 'h* book. ' Bnrn in Psr«- !dl«»." PV Mi.« Ann Pott*r of Morrl- j.«on. Thr Rock Rivpr D. A. R. of I Sterling wiil b* a (m | 'st and rontlnct th* r'^frr* 77 ! st 'n^ 1 nrxt wiTh Mr* H. V. PittinE-r. SPECIAL VALUES -IN- DRESSES FOR THE WEEK END! Land Jersey, rangp from 12 to 41 Special Values w • ATS AB wool felts.—Black. Brawn anst Wtea tartans, Velvet* and Crepes—for laaiiiaj and EXCLUSIVE BUT NOT The following officers of the Primrose chapter. O. E. S, o? Morrl*on were fleeted at the meeting of the organization Tuesday niRht: Dorothy Johnston, worthy matron; Frank We*tendorf, worthy patron: Mildred Hollinshead, associate matron; Bayard , Hollinshead, associate patron: Eva Mathew, secretary: Beatrice Mathews, treasurer; Kathleen fCimmel. conductress, and Carrie Scott, associate conductress. Prise.lla Aid Will Sew for Red Cross It was voted to tew for the Red Crow at the meeting of the Priscilla Aid society of the Morrison Christian Reformed church, at the meeting held there Wednesday afternoon. The Rev. M. H. Faber conducted a Bible, study and Mrs. Faber presided. Mrs. Kenneth Pessman presided and she and Mrs. John Pruls were the hofttessex. Encase yw«r feet m the ef these cell, fakrto SIMMS. Each psJr to tafleJ to main THIRD STREET Mrs Louis Mennenga Hostess Wednesday Mrs Louis Mennenga wa« hostess to the Merry Neighborhood club at. her home ea,*t of Morrison Wednesday e.ftemoon and al«o had charge of the rntertainment Prizes at jrames were won by Mr* Henr>' MenrieDga and Mrs. H. F. Landheer. Hospital News Mrs Kenneth Bordner and daughter were released from the Mom.«on hospital Thursday. At T. Mathews was released from the Jane Lamb hospital at Clinton Thursday. James, son of Mr. and Mrs. Harold Succumbs Mrs. BJmr?n Whistler of near Morrison received word Wednesdny of the. rt»sth nf h»T *ij«t*T-!n-l'a'»r, Mr* r Cl«renre. Knrw rrt TtfJrt ' Rrra% Minn., a form*r \forri«on resident. Ftin^rftl sen-Jres will be held there Friday. No School Sessions No whool will he held Jn the Mormon high *rhool m- Junior high «rhool rrn Thursday and Frj/day so that thp teacher* may attend the annual hluih whonl rrjafsrenr* »i the University of Illinois. Successful Supper A large attendance TTRS present Wednesday e%-enins at the annual supper of the Woman's society of the Morrison Methodist church, held in the church basement. READ THE CLASSIFIED AIM. INSURANCE ALL FOBM8 Better fJ* Safe Thaa ««ny FRANK STAGER Ml LawresHW BMg. FALL SHOE SALE Btnir Iratttii' . . . give you the famous SKY TESTED QUALITY proven in durability on 3 out of 4 airplanes. Window ImtaDef* Michel's Poiat Store raw 1 E.1mlrd St. JEtT—AT A SCBSYANY1AL MECOfJNY. SALE of DRESSES In This Group YOUR CHOICE ?Oto'30O ton WINTER iirltfq - to •••, TV ««lta 31 i first AvtK 1C Lisiifcii. Mfr. AU are recent arrivals ... tfce season*s newest stylet and materials taken f i VALUES T| $IUI EMI i UHslal First Craic- FirstCheice! • Irottf T|poo! ClUclit AU* SAJUUCASS! ALL aALM nUAL Ntw ««N la SttrliaUi Fashion Shoo •BBJBBB^ ^aplB'^^BJBBBr,EJBBB/ ~VnBBBBBBBBBBBBBBF^BBBBBI •BBBV ^B^BBBpBBBBB'^B^Ba^apawaaaaw ^^Bp*^ ^BBE^BBB/ VBBBB^aaBBBBBBBB) ^BBBJEr, ^^^_*«Sr 14 W. TtiHUt if, S - A M. ., 1&. T, •£ i*. • J> . _nj

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