The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas on December 3, 1975 · Page 31
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The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas · Page 31

Freeport, Texas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, December 3, 1975
Page 31
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The FBI in the 1930's: years of och/evemenf (Continued from Page l) became involved. That's how the FBI became involved in many criminal cases, Deere explained, A stolen car charge had been the federal case against Dilllnger. The Chicago off ice got a tip that a Buick answering the description of the car Stolen by Nelson had been left in a small garage in East Troy, Wise. MeJvin Purvis, Deere's first boss, dispatched him and his partner. Bob Jones, to stake out the garage. They went immediately, driving all night in a rented car. (The bureau didn't have enough cars of its own > The owner of the garage had reported that a man not unlike Nelson in stature had brought the Buick in for storage. When the man told him not to "let anybody know about this car," the statement aroused the gttraw owner's suspicions. Looking for the driver of the FHiick to return Deere and Jones got ready, one armed with a sub-machine gun. the other with an automatic shotgun. Deere was stationed in the garage's office at the front: his partner was in coveralls posing as a mechanic. About 2 p.m. two well-dressed young men came in and wanted to look at the Buick As Deere related; "The owner gsve the signal to Bob Jones, who started to talk loud to get my attention. 'Stick 'em up" he shouted 'I'm a federal officer!' "I dashed out of the office with the Thompson in my right hand and began to frisk the men. I found a pistol " "The one I was frisking tried to tell me something iind began to reach into his pocket. 'Keep your hands out of there - I'll get it.' I told him. "What I pulled out were FlU credentials:" The men were from the Milwaukee office which hadn't known the Chicago agents were coming. There had been no way for their office to get in touch with Deere and THE BRAZOSPORT FACTS FREEPORT, TEXAS, WED , DECEMBER 1 IWJ P*9» MB Jones once they hnd left in the rented car. "If they had gone for their guns it would have been « tragedy," Deere commented soberly. Decre's work on the cleanup of Dilllnger's associates was interrupted by a transfer to New York City to work on the most sensational case of the IMO's the Lindbergh baby kidnapping He had just got his family. Jimmle and baby Jov, settled inChicagoand it was time topack up again' Even before they got moved, Bruno Hauptmann the kidnapper, was captured. But Deere still had orders to go to the New York of five. Their stay in New York was to U- short-lived. The family was in their apartment about a month when Deere was put on special assignment on ihe Baby Face Nelson case. Nelson had surfaced again in Chicago, this time with a friend, John Paul Chase, their girl friends and .< hanger onbytne name of Joseph Kay "Fatso" Negri Negri hail been dropped off in Chicugo with or.Irrs t<> find some ammunition while the other four drove out of town to a hideout. The hideout was staked out by the FBI In the ensuing chase and gun KatUc two agents ww killed and Nelson was wounded, later fooml (Kid in a ditch The others escaped Dwre was assigned to a group t ,f ; , K ,.nts t -,il|«-il •('onley's Flying Squad" ttedbv In.s|xi'lor K J I'.jnU-v' They went to San Francisco where thi- fugitives were reported to be in hiding Then U-gan tht- patient and often tedious process of rounding up everyone wlni w^s accused of harboring the criminals During the cleanup one of the San Francisco ivitw-r.s quoted the .statement that "Dwre's marked .ill thf wav back to New Wirk A phone call from Portland. Ore on ChnsUna.<. Kvc (which Mrs Deere and Joy were spending in Te\ t H- brought a man .mswertng Neon's do*vni>h,>n had been smi there. Negri luid bct-n a bmim-cr in bo.itiri{>:iMH days .i guard on the trucks liaulm« Ihe liquor He had the reputiition for In-mg lough. i)eert» smiled, rmilllntt "I learned Irom |x«rsomil experience how mild he really was " The ex bouncer was stipimsed to be holed up with the sweetheart of a Portland gambler The gambler noted Dwe. "hadn't felt comfortable with the anunKemerti ami had moved mil, ttt^pmg by (be I'otice tlriwrtmenl on his way " Deere and an agent itnmed l.mi Nwhob «-«H«ibltsh«» a stake out on a i!ri//ly ChriMmns Day in a garage acr.vsn from the apartment building where Negri was may in* It wasn't difficult fur them to «et thf |KTmissuui of the garage manager "In int«t> day-H," explaim-d Deere "an HJ1 tMdge cmild move tfc. world Thf rt-milation o'l Ihe Um-iui WHS tx'jtimi rcpruufh It w.isti't long « lien Nfgn and a woman came out of the building and -Harlot! do«,ui the -Uwt Thi- tvut .tgt-ms nwvitl mil,. She sm.illrr man. to Jwp an v,r on the i'eere carried a s.iwed ofi *hii>f>wi undrr hn <>\t.-r<-c>«t which ;i bole cii! in !!w |><v!kH UhMilntf like „ , ,»,«,.!,-r '•>.<• :tt>,-ni «-it? >»,,. ,-,„„,.,. ^erm.* (tie -,(r.-,'l JIM! stepped up or, !(«• ,!d.-«.,lk in (root of N«.«rt .teui flu- wtt. tacirt»{ ttn-Ht NMI! :<n h'iilvi «.t-> i..»*uti« d...»n (he gun biirrrl ^,.,f^ (i ,| ,,(, k -,,, | w(( , •fliiiids up' (-.Hs.i ln,tr. hM (wilds tip ' Nichi.-U i»-!t.-.f,i N.-jin „/ rt tjernxin l.ufvi .im! ^,,J (h,- fwndcuffs on him Aether ..^ct.t auued on th»- vi'i-rvr with ,1 « ,iu!.inu»r ui hit (KKK! jfid S^HM! t» frink !?•«• iivM.Kmunhims.-li J U ^ ih.ns Uv.- « u/ »Uitn.) tu nid ..'n'it ttu- ttdrtlfd .(Kent accitk'nt.illy ih«>! hii gur «..-\' Nivu'< !e»! ifiiu Hi*- suk'tt-uJk ' ...... ' "I'.f «i.!t then-, up il'iHi-n vr»M \,-^ t i .\fv ? ,.nt K'«i(i»{ to kill rise <usv^,(\ "'" t \ltCM I. HOI T|S>: CIIKCKH afi-iunt h«f (MI irf jn f-'lll a^rd! « Ulltp AX" 1 !!! !'"•(>•• »•» «*i fj-.c ng ii.'.Iiuin !Mf in, -AtH-kn jJrtSiC^ «t4ircf.rf(<i <fv«;( hi.' -f-»u»iti.'!,i; him lu t«- 4 ifuvirrnmffit *)ti;<"t.« us Str !ix««- who Wrf r aovuM-d trf (-,41!*.*!!-^ kf;.»!5 vf tln •' him [hfv fk»-A *»ilh hifll I *,,rir,j a>. J lu< i-it hrljtiiti !<•/„ 1 IV nt in rli-,. .if t at JfiS • »MifJ:¥^m?-gl HOME OF THE VALUE HUNTERS THURS..FRI., SAT., « MOM. JIIL BEACHWAY SHOPPING CENTER ANGLETON, TEXAS ••••••••IMB^^^^^^i "INOIANr GIFT BOXED glassware Your choice WHY PAY no HE? LEATHETlOOK JACKETS I Beautifully fin»4.£ |B*lg». brown or^ lcanMl.S.M.l.Xi.. I2 88 .*& <7/^ A?£ UUSKTIAT *|IT £ EM run , ' *# V ^ff*^IW ff FWTw »1 >T m CU* HAVE I MERRY SAI|»8 CHRISTMAS *i ^^m*^ YOU* CHOICI LUtfJ'IWJUJ 100% POLYESTER MOCK TWIN SETS Turn pi*«« loafa ftt Mae M. t. 2 ^im ^^•^ PRESS .. * i i 1 ~ \ , t • i\ , ' • »»«»^»i* &} *,<r4*!« B «s™s |#V^ '-: * i.'j ,' jr • , A-it' *> ^«%a> — 1 tnaplr '" roll inlo •--''- umt* fr . _ end y, vxjp Ironl S. M.I.XI. iiuirawT MEM'WHITE MAKBERCHIEFS' FM FIRST QUALITY lauuri MUNE m, v : ^'»*.l ^ v ewo^TiMitwt ^ * *;**^ \ ftT'w 521^^ 30 IN. JUMBO CHRISTMAS WRAP £?W V^Vl^VaH -..»__ _^ __ 27 '« IQU. IKFAMTS' MHUMIK, CIIB 72 1*, 1 H \». PRINTED BLANKET printf, flight l 4 > - "~"Y 8mu* :/ 1W%MLTEST»I ( 4^/ POT SttlTS W<^« $^t ^ v - WT / 1 mom> AIL WEATHER IYL9NC0ATS luil rlplii for any r.*o*«f Slut? H It's Fake Filed j <'t»»J«-f j';'<ii. i ,.s'r ! l>v*ftr tit; •./:!>> fvr'-, if I' INK Of I'UIT I IMI r \ TION fii< h '.-,„ ,'<:: nci .;rii! >; •. trimtsi'-i! >'.'•!>' •*;'!', p!'i !t-!iil (l-Jlhrr. m >i X !{i t ; .) •• j v.j .5 i <••• .n Ih.t'.'-i ,, ii., fi.<,iin' tut'.ctl 1 1 .* r \\ .1 •, n <»crttuiine .\njj (j (to!!Kir; hiU Rvtttt, Si An <;i Bath Arr« >VJ '"Jr/ ^ .finer Sau -*</nufftiu. Frrr (,ifl \ rnp \*'*~" w *.?r i ft «M ?!7 A ... for our Bicentennial The Bennington 76 W t ' w« A v Coiton Flag S r» ff«rr w * w. w»a i 4 heavy with ornament * Heavy mounting bracket included 1.00 (or postage TfXAi HAG fl I' 0 MCtKTtHNUkL 1 APtL PM 4k* IAS MCAU J^*f ? 25^ I ava.Uble a» The Bramport Facts i Flogs also available at < v > City Hall Wesl Columbia City Hall • Sweeny A public service project of TneFcKts ESTABLISHED 1913 IN

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