The Daily Mail from Hagerstown, Maryland on October 27, 1939 · Page 14
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The Daily Mail from Hagerstown, Maryland · Page 14

Hagerstown, Maryland
Issue Date:
Friday, October 27, 1939
Page 14
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FOURTEEN SUB CAPTAIN PL ACES BLAME ON CHURCHILL Captain Of Vessel Sunk By U-boat Tells Of Unintentional Decovs GIBRALTAR, Oct. 27 (#>).—Five men clinging to the wreckage of a British ship were the unintentional decoys that a German submarine used in sinking her second victim at the same spot, Captain Norman . Rice of the freighter Ledbury declared today. Rice, with his entire crew of 21 men. and the five earlier castaways, was landed here by the American freighter Crown City. The skipper said that about SO . miles west of Cape Spartel, African promonotory on the Strait of Gibraltar, the Ledbury came upon the five men amid the wreckage Tuesday morning. Instructing his radio operator to stand by, he cautiously circl-sd in a calm sea and finally managed to cast a line to one of the men. The others "were picked up in a lifeboat. All proved to be seamen from the Menin Ridge, sunk a little "while before by a submarine. Suddenly the U-boat reappeared and fired a shot which missed the Ledbury. Add Sub "I put the Ledbury's stern toward the submarine," said Captain Rice, and ordered an SOS dispatched. "Thereupon the submarine commenced shelling the Ledbury heavily. I instantly ordered the crew to abandon ship and I ran to the cabin to secure the ship's pa.pers. "While I was doing so. a shell burst on the deck underneath. Tvrecking the cabin. The Ledbury began to sink, and myself and my whole crew, plus the men from the Menin Ridge, got safely into two lifeboats just as she sank, at 10 a. in., stern first. "The submarine then approached the lifeboats and her commander shouted in good English: " It's Winston Churchill (First Lord of the British Admiralty) and the money grabbers of London- who ivant "war -who are to blame; we don't want war." THE DAILY MAIL, HAGERSTOWN, MD., FRIDAY, OCTOBER 27, 1839. U.S.PROBING TAX RACKET Federal Authorities Take Over Probe Abandoned By Louisiana Authorities Believe Ruth JuddHad Aid Officials Say She Probably Had Assistance Outside, Inside. PHOENIX. Ariz., Oct. 27. (/P).~ It is "perfectly obvious" that Winnie Ruth Judd had help in her midnight flight from the Arizona state NEW ORLEANS, La., Oct. 27 hospital, Y. C. White, secretarv to ^ ~ The Federal government, G-ov. Bob Jones, said today which caused the first showdown in White, directing an 'invesiisa- Louisiana's political scandals, had tion into the mink slayer's escape ste PP ed in a 5 ain today, this time said he believed the one-time ; 'Ti?- to take over an investigation—ape r Woman" had assistance both in- P arentl - v abandoned by state author- side and outside the institution. He ordered the inquiry pressed until the "person or persons" responsible are discovered. Meantime, baffled officers conducted a clueless search for the twice condemned murderess. Their theories place Mrs. Judd from TIMKEN SAVES ON Doctor Bills FANCY POULTRY AND EGGS Fryers, 3 to4/ 2 ib S ... ib. 2 o c Large Hens lb 20c Leghorn Hens . . lb - 15c Table Dressed .. each 10c Rough Dressed Free Turkeys and Ducks FREE DELIVERY J. L. WISHARD Poultry Dealer Cor. Church and Jonathan Stt. PHONE 2271 within a few blocks of the hospital to as far away as Mexico City. Sheriff Lon Jordan and a deputy searched the home of Mrs. Judd's parents, the Rev. and Mrs. H. J. McKinnell, as a "precautionary measure/' Mrs. McKinnell informed the officers her daughter's Tuesday night escapade had further impaired the health of Mr. McKinnell, seriously ill and bed-ridden for months. The parents said Mrs. Judd came to their home shortly after her escape and they attempted to persuade her to return to the hospital. In a letter to Gov. Bob Jones, the murderess contended she was persecuted by the hospital administration. Mrs. Louisa Keedy Stine, widow of the late Samuel S. Stine, died yesterday of a heart attack while visiting at the home of her son. John Stine, Washington, D. C. For the past several years Mrs. Stine has made her home with her daughter. Mrs. Harry M. Mullendore, Garlinger avenue, this city. Mrs. Stine was a devout member of St. Paul's U. B. Church. Other children surviving are: Mrs. Louise L. Poole, Washington, D. C.. and Rev. Frank L. Stine, Boonsboro. Seven grandchildren and four great grandchildren also survive. Funeral services will be held at St. Paul's TJ. B. Church Saturday afternoon at 2:00 o'clock with Rev. Dr. F. Berry Plummer officiating. Interment in Rohrersvillo cemetery. IN MEMORIAM. In sad remembrance of my husband, who fell asleep October 27, 193S: One year has passed, my heart still sore: As time flies on I miss him more- He sle-eps, I leave him in peace to rest. The parting was painful, but God knows best. I do not know the pain he bore, But I only know he slipped away Without bidding me goodbye. 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Center Street Phone 240 MARDI GRAS DANCE Streamers — Confetti Hats—Balloons—Xoise Makers HALLOWE'EN NIGHT! BALDWIN CAFE Beat a Rising Market USED CARS ARE BOUND TO ADVANCE! BUY A BETTER CAR TODAY— See Them! Drive Them! Compare Them! You Will Agree That They Represent HONEST VALUE. Satisfied Customers Our Greatest Asset. '39 STUDE. SEDAN ! Commander "6" — Radio •39 STUDE. SEDAN ! Champion—Like New .. '39 PLYMOUTH SEDAN ! A Nice Clean Job '37 FORD TUDOR ! Trunk — Heater I '38 STUDE. SEDAN 325 De Luxe — Overdrive . '38 De Soto Tour. Sedan. Radio — Overdrive ... '37 STUDE. COUPE Planar Suspension '37 FORD COUPE A Real Buy S 745 S 675 $ 475 5-DAY TRIAL — 30-DAY GUARANTEE FLEIGH MOTOR CO. •70 Oak Hill Ave. Established 1912 Phone 2300 ities—into an alleged tax reduction racket. The same Federal grand jury which indicted former Governor Richard W. Leche and Hotelman Seymour Weiss, political heirs of the late Huey P. Long, was called back into special session. Its inquiry concerns charges in j court that certain lawyers and others sought out business men and agreed to have the latters' tax assessments reduced if a part of the resulting savings were split with them and certain state tax officials. The New Orleans (state) grand jury was proceeding with an investigation of these charges when Governor Earl K. Long, with a legal technicality and backed by the state military, removed State Attorney General David Ellison and put his own man in. Then District Attorney Charles A. Byrn resigned and a court hearing on charges Byrne was obstructing the jury was halted. At this juncture yesterday, Harold Rosenwald, special assistant to the United States Attorney General, announced the Federal jury would reconvene to hear "witnesses and several reports"-on the alleged tax racket. The jury had not been scheduled to meet again until November 7. Rep. Byron Declares He Would Vote To Repeal Arms Embargo Sixth District Congressman Emphatic In His Remarks Over Radio; Gives Reasons For His Views . Older Workers To Show Cards Employer Should Be Shown Card, Says Local Office Manager. Charles E. Bailey, Manager of the Hagerstown Field Office of the Social Security Board calls attention to the fact that every worker past the age of 65 who has recently obtained a social security account number should show his social security card to his employer. October is the month in which employers send to the Collector of Internal Revenue thefr quarterly wage report and tax returns for the preceding three-month period. On this report the name, social security account number, and wages paid to each employee must appear. If the account number of: any one employee is omitted from that report, then the posting of wages to that particular emploj'ee's social security account is delayed. Mr. Bailey said that some older workers in this section obtained social security numbers last year or the year before, because the State Unemployment Compensation Commission, in keeping its records, uses the same account number as that issued by the Social Security Board. The question of age has never had anything to do with the payment of unemployed compensation. For that reason, many commercial and industrial employees, even though they were 05 years old or more, have found it to their interest to secure account numbers. Where that has been done, it will not be necessary for the worker t.o get another number. The one he has, is all that he needs. However, the names and account numbers of some older workers, •\vho are earning wages in covered | employment, have not as yet been j recorded on the books of the Social Security Board. If they do not have account numbers, these workers should get in touch -with the field office of the Social Security Board. The Hagerstown office is located at 74 West Washington street. Representative William D. Byron (Democrat), of the Sixth Maryland District, last night told his consti tuents over WJSV that he would vote to repeal the arms embargo in the neutrality law. Representative Byron, a World War aviator, said he was opposed to the embargo, first, because it carried no assurance of peace for America, and, second, because the neutrality law as it now stands "actually invites our early involvement in the European war by allowing our ships to sail every danger zone." The Marylander, a member of the House Military Affairs Committee, also based his argument on national defense needs. "By our own law," he said, "we refuse to allow the manufacturing plants of America to produce the finished equipment ne-eded for defensive war which, at any time in the future ,our own people may need so desperately to preserve our own independence. "Why should we be so blind to the needs of our own national defense as to allow our industries and our producers to make and sell everything needed in war except the weapons with which we, the citizens of a free nation, may need to defend ourselves from possible aggression and tyranny in the future? More Planes Needed. "I am unwilling to continue this penalty of our defense and the discrimination that the embargo entails against 10 per cent of our manufacturers and producers. "Do the opponents of an edequate defense hold that we should not even develop and exercise our Nation's ability to manufacture planes in vast numbers? "The experience of the past war has shown that it was the market offered the munitions producers which enabled -this country when it did enter the war, to be better prepared at least with respect to munitions." Speaks From Experience. "It has been said that at the present time our country was not in danger of air raids of bombings from any European nation. This statement is undoubtedly true when we consider the long-range limit of the most modern bombin plane. However, and I speak as a veteran of the last war and one who was a pilot in the aviation branch of the service, the range and efficiency of planes is increasing every day. Most of the planes in the last war were only capable of maintaining flight for several hours. Long-range bombing was practically out of the question. Since then every layman has had the opportunity to observe that planes are MAN'S RIGHT , SPOKANE, Wash., Oct. 27.—De puty Prosecutor Carl Lang told Su perior Judge Louis Bunge he was in doubt as to the proper charge against a man who stole 89 dozen golf balls, but for the record he made it grand larceny. "That's right, Mr. Lang," said the golf-playing judge. "There is a nuisance value to golf balls that warrants the charge." being constructed to and faster every day. fly farther No one can say that ten years from now our shores and eve: our hinterland will be safe from aerial attack. And so it seems to me highly important that we ke-ep pace, or even go ahead, with a production in all classes of war materials that will help us maintain an adequate defense." Radcliffe For Repeal. Senator George L. Radcliffe, Mai*yland's upper house member, ikewise declared yesterday in his first senate speech since his election in 1934 that he favored repeal of the embargo provision of the neutrality act "for the welfare and protection of the United States," adding: "I believe most assuredly that we should not become a militaristic nation, but as long as there are nations which are militaristic we must •eckon upon the possibilities, how- ver remote, that some day we may face some such nation so geared up and so fully prepared for warfare." Test Will Speak Before Kiwanians Robert L. Test, chairman of the Baltimore Better Business Bureau, ll he the speaker next Thursday at the weekly luncheon of the Kiwanis Club. His subject will be The State Laws Regulating Fair Trade Practice and Business." The membership o£ the Chamber of Commerce has been invited to attend this luncheon. A MAN'S IDEA OF GOOD COFFEE It's Coffee he can drink day after day. It's Coffee he can brag to his friends about. It's Kenny's Norwood Coffee, 1 hour fresh, with all its,delicious flavor and body intact. Sold by Independent Grocers only, v. C- D. KENNY COMPANY. Masquerade Square A. Round Dance Sat, Oct. 28 at Guilford Gardens. Cash prizes for elaborate and comic costumes. Dixie Ramb.; 25c. Adv. STORK TO STORKS SPRINGFIELD, 111., Oct. 27, (£>). —The stork came to the Storks yesterday and now they have a little Stork—a son born to Mr. and Mrs. Leo Stork of Springfield. THERE'S NO MATCH For the Striking Beauty of Our Diamond Rings. 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Cahill gave the suburban tract to the city lor "humanitarian and charitable purposes." That means the city can't sell it. There is no money to develop it as a park. The city leased it to the City Em- ployes Association, which wanted to operate it as a dance hall, but the private dance hall operators objected and the association turned it back. If anybody has any ideas of what to do with five acres and a house—• and no money—the city would like to have them. RUMMAGE SALE SATURDAY Oct. 28, in S. S. room of St. Paul's Methodist Church. Adv, RUMMAGE SALE SATURDAY Oct. 28 at 116 N. Jonathan St. B) St. Mark's Cradle Roll. Adv. RUMMAGE AND FOOD SALE At 66 W. Franklin St., Sat., Oct. 28. Mdse. from Boonsboro. Adv. MASQUERADE DANCE Fri., Oct. 27, at Guilford Gardens. Free cider and gingerbread. Prizes. Adm. 25c. Percy D. Rhodes. Adv. SATURDAY OCT. 28th FREE YOUR CHOICE OF A BEAUTIFUL PIECE OF CRYSTAL DINNERWARE WITH EACH PURCHASE of 5 or More GALLONS GASOLINE Reg. 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