Denton Journal from Denton, Maryland on August 20, 1898 · Page 2
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Denton Journal from Denton, Maryland · Page 2

Denton, Maryland
Issue Date:
Saturday, August 20, 1898
Page 2
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MELVIN, STEELE 4. JOHNSON, EDITORS AND PROPRIETORS. SATURDAY MORNING, AUGUST20,1898. DEMOCRATIC PRIMARIES. .Notii'eib hereby given t the Demo- urutiu voteis ot Cnroline county tu hold S riumry election in tlie several election istricts 01 said county, at Hie usiml polling pluees, on SATUKDAY, AUGUST 20, 1898, to select five delegates from each district to represent them in K Democratic couuty convention hereby called to meet in Denton, on TUESDAY, AUG.UST 23, 1898, at 1 o'clock, to elect three delegates to represent Caroline county in tho Democratic Congressional convention to be hold in Oroitii City, on THURSDAY, AUGUST '25, 1898, to nominate K candidate for Congress for the First Maryland District. The polls in each district will be open' from 1 o'clock to 6 o'clock, p. nt. By ordur STATE CENTRAL COMMITTEE. "PROSPERITY, AS WE HAVE IT. Prosperity--present, pronouiiced, an^ [all-pervading--is the almost daily claim of a portion of the metropolitan press in certain sections of the country, and the howl of the rural press, whose first, last aud only dnty appears to be defense of Republican legislation like the Dingtey law; and so grotesque are the claims made for it, a't times, that the presumption is fair that these said defenders would not kuow a tariff bill it' they met it coming down the road.' But we may-ask if we are prosperous; why we have what we have' of it; what brought it about, and what it has and will cost? If we view the matter from the standpoint of the government receipts and expenses, the answer is decidedly negative. The Bureau of Statistics at Washington gives out the statement of imports aud exports for the month of July- Compared with July of last year the imports show a decrease of $3,000,000 and the exports an increase of $1,000,000. By the same statement there is showp to have been a decrease of $129,585,309 of imports for the seven months of this year--January to August-- three-fif the of which must have been dutiable. At this time the needs of the government are extraordinary,as there must be added to the estimates of the Secretary of the Treasury "of $504,522,533.00, exclusive of the sink- iug fnnd, for the year ending J u n e 30, 1899, anywhere between $150,000,000 and $300,000,000 extra for the maintenance of the army and navy. Already there has been issued -''ou this'account $200,000,000 in interest- bearing bonds, aud a special tax has been laid on the business interests of the country that is claimed, by super enthusiastic Republicans, to- be severe enough to meet the expenses of the war. But that is an; other part of the story. If we take the manufacturing industries which have an intiiuate.cou- nection with war-making machinery, they are very prosperous, and there ia no need to say why they are sp. If we take the farmers of the mid-; die west, Nebraska, Kansas, etc., 1 whore pests and drought have des T troyed their crops year after.-year, the large crops of last year and this were Godsends to a burdened peo-; pie. They profited by the misfortunes of otfcer wheat-producing conntries and th« speculations iu wheat that brought it to a good' price, and they are therefore very prosperous, relatively. If we. take the southern farmers, whose .staple crop is eotton, we do not find -~them exulting over their prosperity, and the cotton factories have uot changed their last year's tale of woe. If we take the Marylaud farmers, especially in the part east of the Chesapeake, where they ace.accustomed to a fairly remunerative berry crop, plenty of peaches, nearly -twenty bushels of wheat per acre, aud so on, the almost total failure of them this year is not calculated to gire very roseate hue to their picture of" prosperity. ·' : - : Various causes other than' legislation have brought about the prosperous conditions which -prerail in sections of the country.^Legjslatioii, such as we've Lad,has beeBilling to the manufacturing interests of the country, so tar as their export trade is concerned, and not given them a boo*t*t borne. So far as can be now seen the proiperity outooming from Republican legislation is of very doubtful quality. It has succeeded admirably in its purpose to close our ports as far as practicable to foreign manufactures, and in a short while it will manifest signal ability to pile up the national debt by yearly deficiencies of revenue. What does it cost us to be culled prosperous? If we count the ante- war taxes of thB Dingley law; the war revenue taxes; interest on war bonds, and various other thiugs incidental thereto, this being prosperous, from a Republican standpoint, is very costly business to the people who are not strictly in it. AN ANCIENT RUSE. The Union resorts to a pretty ancient ruse this week to distract public attention from the fact that the tax rate has been raised 15i cents on the hundred dollars by the Republican board of Commissioners. In vulgar parlance tho Republican organ DM be«n yelling about Democratic profligacy for much the same purpose thatapumued culprit would point out some man ahead. The Republicans have heard the mutterings of a discontent that will be out- ·poktQ ft year hence. They have N f c W S P A P E R f l f l C H I V E ® »- . sown tho seed of a whirlwind, and they kuow it. It would bo nit-*' for them if they could so strongly impress the people with the iden that Democratic extravagance is at tho bottom of the increased rate that tlioy would not investigate a little for themselves. The plain fact is that the levy has been increased several thousands of dollars for ucw work like building auew Dover Bridge. It will be fouud iu the published estimates that $4,500 is appropriated for buildiug the bridge and the usual annual levy of $500 besides. Is it intended to repair tho bridge the sam« year it it built new, or is it intended to get, in a roundabout way, $5,000 to build itl It would have been morn pleasant for the commissioners iu the end, and more to their liking, we believe, if the organ of the Union Republican party had uot put them in the position of attempting to dodge the responsibility for liberality andpublic- spiritedness, instead of lauding them therefor, as it started out to do. Without fear of contradiction by any one or from any quarter, we make the statement that if the additions to the estimates for this year had not been made, the 15} cents increase in the tax rate need not have been made. The increase in the tax basis for the year will liquidate that part of the excess for whieh the Democratic board is responsible as well as that part of it accrued during the eight months of Republican control. The Democratic board is berated for not spending as much of the taxpayers' money as the publio needs demanded, and tho Republican board cannot get the credit for spending the money and not get the credit for increase ot taxes. CONDITIONS OF THE PROTOCOL. A peace agreement was reached by our government and Spain on Friday evening of last week, and M. Cauibou, the French Ambassador, represeutiug Spain, and Secretary of State Day, representing the United States, signed the important paper that evening. The conditions agreed to were the following: 1. Thitt Spain will relinquish all claim of sovereignty orer and title to Cuba. 2. That Porto Rico and other Spanish islands in the West Indies, anil an islaud in the Ladrones to be selected by tho United States shall be ceded to the latter. 3. That the United States will occupy and hold the city, bay and harbor of Manila pending the conclusion of the treaty of peace, which shall determine the control, disposition and .government of the Philippines. 4. That Cuba, Porto Rico, and other Spanish islands in the West Indies shall b»inTsf »di« toiy-«jact u at ed, and that ooamiKHOBera.'^o be appointed within ten days, shall, within thirty days of .th,« signing of the protoeol, meet at Havana and San Joan, respectively, to arrange and execute th*.detail«of the evacuation. ! 5. That the United States and, Spain will eaeh .appoint not more thau five commissioners to negotiate and conclude a treaty of peace! Toe 1 Commissioners are to meet at Paris not later than the 1st of-October. * \ After the signing of this paper each government sent notices to th« commanding generals to cease hostilities. Thus, as foretold by *very i one familiar with history and the! vastly superior power of our [country, euds our war ^ith Spain. The gift of prophecy was not needed to, tell in the beginning what the result would be. EPrrORtM.*NOTES.. The money-making instinct-is always keenly alive in the average American. It is at times obnox.iouslT obtrusive in its activity. If the scheme of national expansion prevails the schemers will come to the front with well-laid plans to relieve the government of its unneeded cash. The plan now is to enlist the government for the building of an addition to the navy larger than the present navy itself. There is no din- counting the achievements .of our BUT/ during the little brush with Spain; but it is doubtful if enthusiasm will run so high that public sentiment will sanction expenditures on * scale that would imply that we~ have the world to eonqner all at once. '' Don't fail to attend the Democratic primary elections to-day. Send good men and true to the county convention next Tuesday, and the same sort- of men to the Ocean City convention., A candidate for Congress can be and will be there selected who will carry- the district next fall by a handsome majority, whether his opponent be. Barber or Jackson. The Cuban troops, with a taste of Uncle Sam's rations, would like to go permanently into the service and pay of onr government. They are uot at all pleased that the war is over aud Cuba free from Spain's domination. The pursuits of. pence are distasteful to the dwellers of that beautiful isle. Senator Gorton, Democrat, and Senator Allison, Republican, were tendered appointment as Ameriean- Spanish peace commissioners, but declined. According to the New York World it cost $123,000,000 to take Santiago, and there were 1870 soldiers on onr side, killed and wounded. Dr. Barber had fnll control of the Republican convention at Easton on Tueiday last. Tho j . n . v i s i r ; , -· ' i - M I I , . :«·.. ; tor this, e n m i t y . ^ · ' ' I ' . ' *1"' · - ing 1 of p;m;-i I:;" · ! i, ;.. . ni'ohi!- summor ilu«:!«-. ~.\ i t i ' i - r u ^ m oll"-i | j*anif! lucuiirxic*' 1 . - ' i c i i 1 \ - ' i n , IT.. ed, remaiu nuchair'Ht! 1..- tut 1 i;i\\ passud i n - t h o I;IM ' i o i . t ' i : i : Asvjni- l)ly. Du \b '.:!,.;.' 1 ' . '·(.!! ^-.'liU'Clbcl l O t o A p i i ! 10, \ v ; i i ' r . i . i i l a SejjU-m- bor 20, quail Noveuilioi 1 to February 1, rabbits November 1 to J a u u - ary 1. Under t b e u u \ \ law thoslioot- IUK of several kinds of birds is restricted aud others pvoliibitnd at. my time, and that part of llio la\v ib tip- pliuablo to and m tore? in Caroliin 1 . The Maryland llaeriuiouts of \ ol- uuteers are lDubtlo:s bogiuiiin": to take announcements to the effect that they will soon be ordered to the front "with a groat deal of bait." The First Regiment, w h i o h a week ago was booked for the Potto Rican invasion, will now remain at Fortress Monroe, and the Fifth Regiment has beeii ordered to Alabama.' 10 L'Uiml on its · JIM- i ' u i 2 i v e loi'i' i il' U 10 I ijJL'/ (5 SO A. L Jl: ijj.' lliill. About one niouLh ago my diild, which i.s liftemi m o n l J i s oltl. liail M U attack of dmrrhooa ai-conipanied by vomiting. I g;ive it such remedies, as are usually given iu bueb cases, but as notbiug gave relief, we sout for a physician and it \va« u n d e r his care for a week. At this time tbo n ehild had been sick for about teu days and was having about tweuty- five operations of the bowels every twenty-four hours, and wo were convinced that unless it soon obtained relief it would not live. Chamberlain's Colic, Cholera and Diarrhoea Remedy was recoinmeud- ed and I decided to try it. I soon noticed a change for the better; by its continued use a complete cure was brought about and it is uoV perfectly healthy.--C. L. BOGGS, 'Stumptown, Gilmer Co., W. Va. Foriale by Hngh Duffey, Hillsboro ; R. J. Colston, Ridgely; W. E. Brown, Denton. Bollncly--Qneen*town. On and after June 1st--the beautiful summer resort, Boliugly ou Chester, located at Queeuslowu, will be opened for the seusou of 1808. Special rates, over the Quoon Anne's Railroad will be given to Sunday Schools, etc., desiring to use I Iu.; delightful spot for a day's, outing. Grounds are being laid out for Lawn Tenms,vCroqnet and Base Ball, for the exclusive use o[ tho patrons. Those not takirg iinicnc.; w'.ih them can be acuonnnoi!\tul .i-u ino Holo'u with meals at jci;)i.; \v j i r i i - e s - . Fisfi- ing,"boariu£, l;i.thin», iv.obiiiy. pud. all other poj-hn 1 aiausT.mciili!. · Foi railroad rates, apply t-. iJ.C. W a l l e t . General Piissciitrrr AJ/UJ;, Pier No : . 91 Light street, Haltimoi'b Md. J[. J. Mars, is im*i;:i^cr of tnr- hotel The Kov. V. 7 . 1. C s.uley, of Stockbridge, (JH., while .-utuuding to his pastoral duties at Ellenwood, that state, was attacked by cholera mor- bns. · He says: "By chancel happened to .get.hold of ;i.;bollle of Chamberlain's Colic, Cholera aud Diarrhoea Remedy, anil I think it ·was tho means of saving my life. It relieved me at once." For sale 'by'Hugh Duffey, Hillsboro; R. J. CoJston,, Ridgely; W. E. Brown, Denton. . ' . . : , . ' · : News Slulanjjc, Somerfield Dennis, who was convicted of murder in the first degree at'the May'.term of the circuit court 1 for 'Worcester county, and who af-i terward confessed that he deliberate-! ly murdered his step-father, Aruori- ous Holland,' was hanged' at ten o'clock B'riday morning of last week. -Gov. Tunnell, has offered a reward of $2,000 for the arrest and conviction of the person or persons who sent the bos oE poisoned candy to Mrs. J. P. Dunning, with such fatal results. .Stamps, stamps,"stamps the folks Are Jicking. Cheer up, victims and be gay; for with every stamp we lick we'll make a Spaniard kick; when he eomes to settlo np the bill some day. ; People hare been paying little attention to the law against the shooting of squirrels. The season does not open until September 1. : · " ·»...«. - FOR SALE--One pair of large mules and four or five young horses. Also one 11-tine Bickford , Huffman Grain Drill. Terms easy.'Apply ,to ERKEST DOWNES, Hillsboro, Md. WAKAMAKER'S PHILADELPHIA, Monday, August 13, IMS. Store closes at 12:45 Saturday afternoon during August. . " . It psys-to buy Furniture in August--at Wanamaker's. No matter whether the need is for simplest little rocker or for elaborate parlor suite. As a rule August prices are a third underthe usual--largely because makers sell it to us cheaply to stimulate business at a time *LVhen they'd be in dancer of having to close their factories. Then we help, by taking' less-thau-usual profit--our way of making August a busy month., It pays better to be busy at'half profit than to get Into old-fashioned dullness. These Items are suggestive--and remember' that we know the furniture we sell to be gootj--we tell you so, and that's our guarantee. "No trashy, risky pieces,' but well B h i K U O V bl'i'ibS-- \\idt;, bur. .1 1 ill! uplli,Mi - l-ir.Ui top v/j:.liv n l i f r r i : i l M i c v (rume; .id, uicily finished and Aiu'4Jfc Oak BeJrjoiii Suite, I 2i --Fi-!]. Mr.e double sisdatead, ·* I'- 1 u mcht's wide; high head-board, handsomely carved; swell top bureau 43 . 21 mclws: two s-well (rout top drawers uprl^iit bivi'lPil pi::t»' wr-xir 2',-»3n nu'.iev, JttnliOKJiv nodroiw- ^.-Ite.^viO, wortli J»5. --Kiill-.-LX' doul'lu U'lUlead, witli pun- clecl head and foot boards; lull swell front Iweau, lop ·!! -\ 21 Incln's; bjv- eled pattern plan- mirror inc.irved standard; swell Iront waslistund to match. Miilc hiuiilsumely polished anJ of fine construction. . Also in curly birch, bird's-eye maple and quarter sawed antique oak, $39. ENAMELED IRON BEDSTEADS-White Enameled Iron Bedstead, $5.50.-With 11-10-incli pillars; W-inch filling; head-piece -17 indies high; foot-piece 37 Inches high; 2-inch brass vases; standard grade wire mattress, ousted angle sides; best baked enamel. Four sues- -. 3 feet, to 4 leet 6 inches White Enameled Iron Ucdstead, S8 50.-- Wltli 1 1-16-ilKli pillars, #-incli tilling; ^-incli bras'? tap mil; 2-incli brass VIIM-S, hcacS-pieci; M indies liinh; bow foot ·pie;C'W'.iicheslsigli;stiiidard grade wirt mattress, oil steel angle sides; detachable casters. Four sizes--3 feet, to 4 (eet 0 Inches. The best bedstead ever solJ at anywhere near tlie price we nsk. CHIKFONNIERS-- Mahogany ChlHoiinlei, $19.50.--Top 28x 20 indies; French plate mirror 16x 20 Inches. Also in oak, S17, birch. 18; bird's-eye maple, $19.50. Mahogany Chlffonnler, £33.50.--Top 20 x 36 inches; French plate mirror 20 x 28 Inches; full swell front. ' Also in oak, $31; bird's-eye maple, S33.50. BUREAUS-- ( Mahogany Bureau, $17.-- Swell top 40 x 23 Inches; upright oval French plate mirror 24 z 30 inches; highly polished. Also in oak, $15.50; birch, $16, bird's- eye maple. $17. Mahogany Bureau, S24.--Full swell front and swell top 4J1 x 23 inches; French plnte mirror 28 x 32 Inches; highly polished nnd of best construction. Also lu oak, $21: birch, $21.50; hird's-eye maple, $24. ] PARLOR SUITES-- Three-pieca Parlor Suite, $17.--Mahogany finished frames, nicely carved and polished; spring seats upholstered in silk velour This suite is also furnished in silk damask at $16. Five-piece Parlor Suite, $25.--Mahogany finished frames, nicely carved and polished, full spiing seats, with spring edges. This suite can also be had in dark gteen moluilr plush at S35. Five-piece Parlor Suite, ·i.'io.--Mahogany Finished frames, handsomely carved- full spring seats, witli spring edges; covered in silk damask. j SIDEBOARDS-- j Antique Oak Sideboard, S10.--6 feet high A3 IncWs wide, 21 inJiL 1 '. deep, liandr somcly c .lived and nicely finished; t\\o slion and IIH' ln;n drawer; double closet, rilrror 11 x 21 iin-hes , Antuiu. 1 ' Jn\'ivari!, b!3 --7 feet hi^ii^ ·la ini-li^ laii,i, ':J iticlics deep, luiiiJ- soniely ;jiv«d CKI ninsiitid, onu dravier lined; mirror 13 x 'M inches CHINA C A R i i N h l S -Oak C!nr. i C^'/'.-i.-i, J i- 1 -U mclics wula, (Umctieslugl .· in';l. l .s c -er.ds,3.shsl'-es; r.hapecl U-RS, ·'.'.' ^.r.;, hiplil; fmishCiT; liest worlviiu... -1 .^ Sunn; cnbmat Vr.'r. riencti plate mirriKr luck, S19 j Same cabinci, VM"I t-ronch (.Iptc n i i i i J r back and pSucu i:l;u^ Mich ·. v, 2G. EXTENSION TABLES-- 'j. 6-foot Eitenslon Table, S3.--Antiqueo.iJi; topiw x 42 indies '.\ lien cl./Mid.-strongly built ,i\i$ iiifjiy n.iitl.t'd. .-^ ;'. Vluot size, si. 1 6-foot txtenvion Tabie, 5t 30.--Antique oax; top 42 x 12 nuhes Sane in 8-foot size, S5 75. i 6-foot L-xtcnston T.ibk 1 , o.50.--Antique oak; top 44x 41 inches Same in 8-foot size, S8.75. CHAIRS AND ROCKERS-Bedroom chairs,'rockers and dining chairs of solid oak, antique finish, have open cane seats, well constructed and of new . - design: Some of unusual value, at these prices, 05c, $1 and $2 each. John Wanamaker. 5 Per. Cent. Discount Allowed on all Taxes Paid In September. Vaiu i IhlHiil'OViiiOFMH'J'OS. IJj · i i t u o ul u dociT-o iif iln- (.'mini Jourt i,v On -mil,. · · ]u -.,..' i '."··· 2 T t h (In. 1 ot .Julv. IMS. i i ilio ' n J a i n f - N To.Ul. i u l a i i l , f i i i - i i 1. I ' l i ' i ' u N. ToJd. i.- 1 o i i i j i Jam - "·· · i !·!, int'tiiit. ii 'L-vijibi i ' . '1 P l i n y J'M-lu-i, tul-tci; n i i i n , u i n - iM - I t C, \ \ i l l -ell ,il public iii'i-iinii, in tiic ilicpt bidder, in front of tltr o o u i t house- in .the t o w n of Dpiitnii. Murylnml, 01, .TUESDAY, AUGUST 30th, 1898, belwcoii tlio hours of 2 nnd 4 o'clock |t. in., nil tlio riml ostnte of which tho Into ·dimes N. Todd diod seixod nnd possessed, to wit First -- All tluil lot or pnrccl of ground situatu ui llic «niil town of Donton, ou tho northwest corntM- of Gaj'mnd Second slrci'L 1 -, udjoininj; the property of Mrs. N. Alc\. Hntsoil uild ninliiiii; buck to the Clio^lflnk river, Ijeini; the i-csidenco of tho snid lute Jnnips N. Todd, nnd is improved !y n , · " f '. '·' t : i- v f 'V-J'. '.' .1 u .' Il .l C e 3 C='» J "-%.· 1- TIlltKE-STOUY DWELLING henteil with fnriince, Dairy, Hi-n-Jions-'. Stables. u*d Ijnw Ollicii. n i l iicw or n'coiil- 1-, i c p n i u f l . ^fliii N one of the ino=t, i\^- sirnble lid-no.' in Uortou. Second-- All thnt lot on Seeond sti-cet in stxid town of Denton, near thi Aendcmy, nnd known iis-tlu: ".Smith Gwd pioperty," hnving tx front mi tjacond ptrcotof 42J feet u i i d a depth ot 127 foot, nnd is improved by a TWO-STORY DWELLING with bnck-bnilding, now in tho occupancy of Smith Good. Third -- A l l tlmt unimproved lot on snid Second street, in ?i\ul town of Denton, iid- joining snid Smith Good property on tlie south, with n front of 42J feet nnd depth of 127 foot. TERMS OF SALE. The terms, ns decreed, sire: One-third ot the pnrchnso money to he paid in i"i«li on dny of talc, nnd tho" balance to be p.iid in two cqmil instnlinents of ono nnd two yunrs, the credit puymeiits to be interest- benring and to be secured by the bonds of thcpnrclinsoi- or pnrchnsers, with sureties to ho approved by the tnitteo; 01 ;\ll cash. nt the option of thu pnrelmsor or pnr- c-hnsors. Title ]mpcrs nt expense of p'ur- cliuber. T. PLINY FISH Bit, nugO-tds. Trustee. PUBLIC SALE REALESTATE, By virtue of competent niitiiority the unch iMirned will soil nt |«iHlic s:ili, nt Eidjifiy, HI:ir,\ 1-ind, on Saturday the iStli of August, iJt, 1-tv.i- 'i tin- In .,,-- il : jn.d :; . . V - ] ( , ( . U in. tiic lVi!"io\Mii:: u-nl utisiti: Iu w i i Al t finm, Irai-i or p s i s t "f -i t'-ai-t o!' l:un il in the Si.-1'ond o l c i t i i i i d i * l i i - l nl n C M I . I I ·, M'l: \ i-i-i.|. jn tin 1 p ' l M i c I t ' s t i n · \v ' \\u. o clui.nuj, 7 out .l.o u(j(i l o i n anil iiHiUun si/.eb iu ·juii'MHM f.'DOfls. Tiii^ :iiiiiual ssilo t-.'in y.ijiviiy I'lokoil l o r e v o n l , 1'or I'P n jircnt inojins ol s.'iviiif; on jiist Lhe l i f f l i t com'-., i:n ; i o ] u l a i u l u U i e s , ill il tilll'. 1 ,vll - I I I ' . I U . I U S I - 1 I l i l K i S K i.S at it's lioi^iit. 1 \Vc'll close out this* week our stock of Summer Cassimore, Cheviot, Wor _jS'^fe__j sted and Fauoy Mixture Suits thai sold up to $13.09--choice of any for $7.50. Suits wo mado-to-order, but for somr I'e.ii'oii or orlu-i- were uncalled for, vrortb tip to $2~), will be inolnd- ctl in these f^ieat sales af $11. gi| Thobulauceof our Meq's Pointed nnd Square Toe Shoos, aro grouped i n t o ' X--J -55 I . --,. _-_"' "''. ^ ' pvici divisions, Fiue CivIE, Vici Russets aud Tun Shoes, wo sold for $3, will go at $$1.50. Thohr wo sold i;p to $5 will go at $2.50. liuUcr!" , - i.-, fin [liLSO shoe; nreRicnt lar- (T/ iii,, am! inc re an. DII] rivu lniiiilreO oilct pair!, left. ASSIGNEE'S SALE O. V A L U A J i l K TOII PROPERTY IN HILLLBORO. o l!j virtue of the power of sale contained in 11 mortgage from Mary V. Morgan and .Tol"! A. Morgnn, her husband, to Fannie 1. !· Todd, tinted Dr-cc-riber 4, 1894, and reci'iilcd in Liber K. C. F., No. ( i l , folio 152, Ac., one of the ln'id records for Ciiro- lini Bounty, which p u d mortgage wag duly ;i!ibi._'iicJ by the said Kannio I. P. Todd niui liiisband to Puniel J. Fooks. nnd bv the Mild Dtinict .1. Foofcs. n-^iijiicd to 1\ P l i - i , Fisher, thi- snid T. VHry Fisher '.vi'. -ull nt public auction; to tho highest lid ;or, in front of the court house in tho lo\ :i of Denton, Maryland, on TUESDAY, AUGUST 30, 1808, between the hours of 2 and 4 o'clock p. m., tho following property, to wit: All tlmt tract, lot or parcel of Innd situate in ' tlio town of Hillsboro, Caroline county, M: 1 ;. innd, on Church street in eaid town, boi'.i.lfd on the north by the Innde of tho liciti- of the lute Dr. Thomas S. Holt and the lands of Mary Coliison, on the eait by lands of Dr. Thomas Hackett and others, on the south by tbo said? Church street, and on the west by the I^tnonnec lot of the Protestant Episcopal' Church, linving a frontage of ninety fe«l and a depth of one hundred and twenty-seven feet, and contains ONE-FOURTH OF AH iCRE OF LAID, more or less, being the samo lands coji- veyed to the said Mnr'y V. Morgan by John H. Ben veil by deed duly recorded among the land records for Caroline county iiforesaid. This property is improv- i ed by largo / Hat We've taken our Men's $1-75 and 2.00 Belgium Split Braid Yacht, Soft Brim Sailor and Mackinaw Hats, and made a special price ou all of $1.25. Our Men's 75c and $1 Kouph Jumbo Braid Sailors aud Mackinaw Hats will go at48c. Other departments are fooling the keen knife of this Gloaranco Sale, so that there's hardly anything you need but can be had for much below regular prices. Children's Clothing, Hals awl Shoes. Men's I-'iinimhinBa and rnderwenr. Bicycle Clothes, llali-.Sliol. ^ mid ICose. ItntlnnR Smlsaml Trunks. Jtrid^elov^-' :siu, a' -ul. m-o ixnd miTcs from the liUloi ]it:ico. iiiliiiiiiing tlic laiul" (Intoly) of !!,,· !.n: of \\ :m . Al. Dny, till! Iniid-i ! i'Ou.i^ "' iici'-i i- M - i - . ;ii ,i ollico, luiown n- i!'.- " A l u i i A o C i i i i k Fiuin." mid "When you're in Baltimore make Oelim's Acme Hall your headquarters. Ladies' Waiting, Retiring and Writing Booms; Men's Smoking and "Waiting Rooms Free, no matter whether you're a customer or not; meet your friond.3 atCehm's. Parcels checked freo, and every accommodation and comfort, is cordially extended to yon.. Debars Acme HaH C Baltimore . Charles Sts,, BALTIMORE, MD, All Cm- Linoi Pus, Our Door. Mice to Taxpayers. By direction of nn Act of the General Assembly of Mnrylnnd, passed at tlie Jnn- luiry Session, 1892. entitled "An Act t«» ndd'six ndditiontJ sections to the Code of Public Local Liiws, title Cnrolino Countj-, sub-title County Treasurer," cie., I hereby give notice to the tuxpnyere of Caroline county thnt the County Cominiseicmors of Caroline county hnvu made tlicir anjinnl levy upon the taxtiblo property, nnd that the taxes levied for couuty nnd State purposes are due nnd payable to tho under-' feigned, us treasurer, on September 1. In pursuance of snid Act of Assembly I hereby give notice tlmt for tho purpoio of receiving the Stntc nnd county tnxea in said county, for the year 1898, I will sit in tbo principal town of the several election districts, ns follows: FIRST SITTING. Henderson, Friday, September 2, Greensboro, Saturday, " 3, Ridgely, Monday, " 6, Hillsboro, Wednesday, " 7, American. Corner, Thursday "· 8, Federalsburg, Friday, " 9, Preston;'Saturday, " 10. SECOND SITTfNC. Henderson, Thursday, September 22,. Hillsboro, Friday, " 23, Greensboro, Saturday, " 24, Bidgely-, Monday, " 26, PrestcB, 'Tfittisflay, " 23, Amorlcaa'Gonior, Fridny " 30- tiSy'lIoi'tis 1 I'toiu ] t l n in. to 3 p. m. 5 Per Cc-i.. d i s c o u n t . As the law IHO. 1.10= n clibUDiint r,i" !!·,·(··' percent, w i l l bo :. . - . l u d o n nil vounly laxe-i IIKIC. ' m i n t , liie numtli of /i i ]ilo«se tiiko nolit.j tlmt on nil inv bill.-i \.npuid ou .laiin.iii 1, intoi'pst will bo chin gcd from i'.t plembc'i 1. CHAS. U. WI11TBY. Trcnsiiror of Caroline count; Notice of Supervisors of Election, The Supervisors of Election, for Caroline county, Miirylmid. hereby give notioo that they will^noet at tlieir oiliuo in Donton, on Tuesday, August 23d, 1898, at 10 o'clock a. m., for the purpose of appointing Judges and Clerks of Election for tho several election districts of Caroline county aforesaid. By older ]ourd of Supervisors of Election for Caroline county, lid. W. I. NOKKIS, Clork. 222 ACRES OF LAND, iiU'ii in 1 It's-. This litnil i i(f supi'iioi- piii'ul\ iui^ (.11 H TWO SETS OF BUILDINGS, PUREBONE! N the "ni .· Ir'in forlili/'or fifli-i- ;ill in i - r d i i i M i \ rop.tir, irull lnc:ittd n.- to nin- rcnul ti iini|)oi-t:ition, schools, c-huivlict, etc., iind w i l l be oflcrcd in three trncta -- 75 ncrcs, 86 ucrcs und 01 iu:rcs respectively-- nccording to a plat to he cxliihited on the dny of siilo, mill then ns n whole, und will bo sold in whichever wuy it brings tlsc most money. TKltMfi OF SALE. Oiic-fonrtli ciisli on day of sijlo nnd tlio bnlniicc in four uqiiiil nniin:il instiilsnonls. tho deferred puyuicnls tu bi-iir interest niul to ho SL'oiiiod lu tho snlisfnrtioii of the u n - dci-siifiii-d. S. K. HILL. 200 KcpiitnliU- liiiilrling, linlliinoi-r, Mil., Alto ni uy for tlio Own«r. K®"Plikt i-rtii Tit- ^een nnd iiifoiiiuitioii t;ivon lit the ollii'ft nt' [j:wih "\Vhr, »l- torneys, Ponton, ifd. T R Y : LISTIK'S AMMOKATED 'DISSOLTEDBOIE on your wliortt anil tho vosult will nttonish you. SOLD 15Y J. R. BARROW, PKESTON. Ml). (3~H ANlsilJAL EASTON, MARYLAND, Qfl Ql ^PPTPinii 1 !} 1 Ou, ul, oMillillflDM i, Come and see the Best Fair ever held on the Eastern Shore, Finest Track and Races. Liberal Purses and Premiums. Reduced Bates on all Railroads. Railroad Platforms on the Grounds. Special Attractions and Delightful Music, Low Rates of Admission, Daily and Season Tickets. An; Season Ticket Entitles Holder to Return Pass at Any Gate, -- -»ai.**c-- -Remember the "Main" Attraction ! g Exhibition cnch dny by A]JE ULMAN Jind other miikllowciglit boxers, and JOE GANS, Champion Middleweight. On one of tlio iluys to bo imnouncodi CHAMPION GANS will spur n 26-rouiid mutch with tlio "GRKAT UNKNOWN. 1 ' Tliis will bo om; of the GREATEST SPORTING EVENTS OF THE SEASON, nnd of national interest to the Sporting World. ' - o Daily High-Class Vaudeville Performances and Other Star Attractions. Those Fcntui^-i alone nr« worth double the Price of Admission to llio Fnir. Fin- ust Program of 14 l{m:i. Entries closo Tuosdiiy, August 23. ntry Boohs for Exhibitors open M/mdaij, August 15 ; dose Thursday, August 25. Entries free. Competition open to the world. F'M 1 K ' l l l I ' l u ^ i . i i n ol' lt,u ' lt:u'i K n l i i i ' - ::iul K t i t r y lliiiU-, ; i ( l uii v iiiluriiiution JOS. B. HAHHIHGTOK, 3c?'y ml TFGRS., Easlon. Md. Wood Wanted, DAM-ON, Jl^., Aug. 5, 1.198. j Senli'd }u)X)»;ils, miii'kcd on outsido fit' envelope, "IVoposnlfc for "\Vood," \vill Iu received u n t i l noon Tucstlny. yu]it'i,il;t :,Ui, lo finnisli for eneli school IIOUMJ \\-IIL-I-O wood is nsi'd for fuel enough good, nicvtintiiliu: wnoil which, wliou ndrtod to i;il Hint niu'iidy hi'on thesehonl j^ioniiils, slmll niilUn f i v e cords. J5iddei;J nuibt stiite ivlrit k i n d nf wood they w i l l fumisli nnd no bid w i l l bo eoiihidei'eil unless tlio wood s seasoned. Successful bidders will be "iirnishetl blanks for stnlinj; thoiv accounts which must bo endorsed by ut least ono ,rustoc of the school, stnting that tho wood md been measured nnd was of good f]uni- ty. Tlio wood must bo corded on school .·rounds by October 1st. "Wood bills pny- ible when properly iniulo out nnd signed y tbu trustee. By order, M. B. STEPHENS, Kec'y. Order Nisi, (Joorgo A l)o:ii.ync' nnd CJo' i-um, Trustees, M. Uns- vs. Eiid"li fioorgo, liifdiit. el nl. In thr C i K i i i }iurt tor Oiirolino county, J:i Ecpiily. Ordoicd Ibis 19th dny of August, 1898, IhiU tlie sale of llic prii'norly mentioned in these prooeiviiiii,-*. iiiude mid ropoi'ted by Gcoigc A. Dent} no und Gcovgc M. Ru«- snni, tnistecs, be rntiiicd and conllrnied, unices eiuisc to tho contiin-y tboiuo!' bo shown on or befoio tlio 19th day of October noxt, provided n copy of this order bo inserted in sonic newspaper printed und published in Caroline county, once in each of three successive wcol^s before the 18th day of September next. Tlip rqiin-l ^tntea the n mount of sales to bo ?2,0."(j.OO. CilAPvLEa W. HOBBS, Clork. True copy -- Test: C11AHLKS W. 110DBS, Clerk. DWELLING, ?· · ; I I I IV irntrB- with modern improvements, and with good btiiblo, Ac., and is one of the beet homei in Hillsboro. TERMS OF SALE--Cash MI day of sale. Titlo pnpei-a at expense of purchnsor. T. PLINY EISHEK, luigO-tds. Aiiignce. CARRIAGES, HARNESS, LAP DUSTERS, Galvanized and Tared Felt ROOFING FURNITURE H eadquarf ors for Drive-well Material, Ploip,'' Wheelwright and Blackemith Supplies, Building Hnrdwnre; Onrriagc, "Wagw, Oatt and Plow Hnrnoss, Points and Oils, Tinwnro. Hnnies and Shoe LeiTther, Washing Machine*, Uelt Lnciiu;, nnd Stonm Fackin);. FDUPJEEN R O O K D Vni 60QDS! I lu:\c n lnrj;c slock of Bnrbcd Wire I'nbio \Vi:-; Uuekthorh u n d Jiibbon Fen , I'ouhi-y Netting, c. . TILGHMAN IIAKVEY, Burrs»ille. Wd. $6,50, «o per cent. off. Not the usual $8.00 kindsbutsomeex- ceptional values, $10,00 at a11 the prices. Sack Suits for Suits business, S a c k Suits for evening wear. All-wool clothes, new, this season's patterns, stylish garments in cut, and well made, with good trimmings. No risk in buving "Mullin's Clothing." We take the risk. If it is not right we will make it so. We are making our stock of Black Diagonals for next season. Some of them are already finished. If you want a good Black Suit, one thnt will hold its shape and color, try one of them. Sack Suits $8 to $15. Cut. away Suits $10.00 to $25. Our own make, the $i 2.50 and $15. Closed evenings at 6, except Saturday. JAS. T. MOLLIH SOUS, Clothing, Hats, Shoes, Sixth and Market, Wilmington CLEARING OUT SALE! For the next thirty day*, to nmkd room for the canning season, I will o'fier nt GBEA.TLY KEDUCSD PBICKSiabout $a,Ht WORTH OF CARRIAGES, Dearborne, Spindle and Farm Wagons, Farm Implements, Plows, Harrow*', Corn Harvesters, Manure Spread en, . Wheel IUk«i, and Nine Disc Harrowi with th« laUtt improvements. LapDiuten, Hor»« and Fly Neti. 47 SETS OF LIGHT BUGGY HUIESSI APPLY AT W. H. MURPHY'S aid StMbMB, "Parminerton, D«l. '·'' Notice, : Tho School Commi«ioner« will lx» in ·euion tho firtt and third Tue*d*ys of «yery month, from 1 a'dock to 4 -.o'clock p. m. Tho office of the School Boud will bo open for tho transaction of public business on Tuesdays nnd Snturdnys, from 10 o'clock a. m., until 6 o'clock p. ni. On other dnys that office may ho closed. By order, M. n. STEPHENS, SECY. For Sale, One Planer aud Matcher, complete. Trice low and lerrae cnsy. Apply to S. P. BUOWN, 7 30 6 Hickman, Bel. WANTED, YQUR WHEAT See Our Agents, Wlw Are Prepared to Pay Highest Market Prices on Delivery, i Wye Q. A. R. R. S. N. SMITH, JR., W. P. PBNNINGTON, EUGENE LYNOl£ W. H. ANDERSON, H. C. HOBBS, W. E. PETERS, M. L. BLANOHARD, W. S. LORD, J. CULVER, CUSTIS BURTON, E. W. INGRAM, Denton. Hobtw, Blanohard, Greenwood. EUendale, Milton, Lewee, « 1C Grain also received on Storage in Elevator, Qneeoa- town, and negotiable Receipt iaeaed, covered by Insurance. Particulars furnished on application to WILLIAM M. CONN,} QUEENSTOWN, MD. J WLHOPPSJCO. BALTIMORE, MD. 'AT R. B. BONDS TWO TflOOSAND PAIRS OF SHOES AT LESS THAN FACTORY PRICES. All other goods lower than Baltimore figures. BUY OF BOND AND SAVE MONEY, 5.|| i3 ==· DON'T Plant Crops-and Allow Them to be Destroyed by Insects When It Is So Easy to Prevent It. |f Slug- Shot, for Cabbage Worms, 5 Pounds for 25c. jfjr Paris Green, for Potato Bugs, 25c. a Pound. ft Disulphide of Carbon, for We«vil in Wheat, 35o. a can. ft THY A «LA» OP KBPIUUMIIIO 900*. W. E. BROWN, DRUGGIST, DENTON, MD. «

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