Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on January 12, 1971 · Page 6
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 6

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Tuesday, January 12, 1971
Page 6
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ii §4 ' Evening Telegraph Tuesday, Jan. 12, 1971 . arged with attempted murder & Hungate trial under way JERSEYVILLE — Jury trial of Stewart Hungate on three charges of attempted murder began Monday In (MttJUit court with Daniel Carrico, one of the alleged victims, as first witness for -the prosecution, v T h 6 murder attempts allegedly took place last April J24 fit Carrico's farm when jdogs apparently owned by ftungate were "burned" with Uhot when they were Discovered among Carrico's tW/rej Utility Board changes ,**"" : titieeting dates >?he Godfrey Township ytfllty Board Monday night Ifrted to change their meeting date from the second Monday Of the month to the second Tuesday. , First of the new meeting flights will be Feb. 9, the Second Tuesday of February. cattle, which were described as in stampeding condition. C a r r i c o testified that Hungate shot him in the cheek as he attempted to get out of his (Carrico's) station wagon after Hungate had prodded him in the temple with a pistol repeatedly and threatened three times: "I'll kill you. I'll blow your Goddamned head off" for shooting the dogs. Also named as victims are Jim Hausman and Sue Ellen Hausman, who reside as tenants of the Carrico farm. Carrico said that he was confronted headon by Hungate's car on a lane near the farm after the dogs had been peppered and the cattle quieted, as he and the Hausmans were investigating two cars that had been traveling back and forth near the house while Carrico and Hausman were in a back pasture where the cattle were being stampeded by dogs. Irving Wiseman, Hungate's attorney, asked Carrico if Hausman was drunk and did BEAT 8 COOl YD HOME EUC1RICA IR IV! 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Carrico denied this and said that he and Hausman had two beers in Carrollton about 6 p.m. The alleged incident occurred around midnight. Burglars loot service station at Greenfield GREENFIELD - Burglars hit the Maple Conoco station on Rte. 67 on the south end of town Monday night and got. away with $125 in cash, the Greene County Sheriff's Department said. Also taken was an undetermined quantity of pocket knives. Details of the burglary are not. available since investigation is continuing and reports are incomplete. An attempt was also made to burglarize the Parks Locker Plant but. the would-be burglars were apparently frightened away, Deputy Dale Kunzeman said. Hartford blood drive Jan. 26 The American Red Cross, Alton-Wood River Chapter's bloodmobile will be located at the Hartford Fire Station, 501 N. Delmar, between the hours of noon and 5 p.m., Jan. 26. This months blood drive will be sponsored by the Clark Oil and Refining Corp. Mrs. Hausman i of Carrico, and s husband reside or where the inc curred. Carrico was ca 3 the niece le and her the farm ident oc- led to the scene about. 11 pirn, by his niece, he said and when he arrived at. the firm house, Hausman was already on his way to the pastilire with a shotgun. Carrico admitted that he had a shotgun in his station wagon but denied that it was loader! during the incident. Law for today Q. A few years ago, an Illinois attorney drafted a will for me. I plan to retire to Arizona. Should I have a new will drawn in thlit state or is the Illinois will valid under Arizona law? A. Generally speaking, it is a good idea to nlake a new will when changing residence from one state to another. In addition, it is always a good idea to periodically review your will to take advantage of new tax legislation and state laws which may affect property rights in the area in which you live. —Illinois State Bar Assn. Traditional... Provincial... 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Players who don't use limit raises will have a real problem after West's two-heart overcall. They won't be able to bid three spades. They will realize that two spades is inadequate and they won't, want to bid a three-card suit at the three level. They will probably settle for two spades and South will play it there. When North bids there spades as a limit bid, South will go right to game. He has a rather minimum hand, but he has good distribution. 5-4-31 hands tend to play well when a trump fit is found so South goes right to game. No guarantee goes with four spades but South should make it even without the tramp finesse. He ruffs the second heart and plays one round of trumps. Then he ducks a diamond to let the defense in. Assuming another heart is played, South ruffs again. Then he cashes the other high trump and is disappointed when the queen fails to drop. It now looks as if he will lose one trick in each of the four suits but South has given himself an extra chance and the extra chance will save his bacon. He takes dummy's ace of diamonds and his own king. Since diamonds break 3-3 his last diamond has become a winner. He leads it and discards a club from dummy. East can take his queen of trumps now or later, but South's club loser has been eliminated and South makes his contract. The'bidding has l*ert: West North East South 1* ' Dble Pass 2V '2 4k " Pass • Pass •• t You, South, hold: • *8743,VJ*86 +K104S e>7 What do you do now? A—Bid three diamonds. Ton don't have ranch of •• hand but your.partner should have food support for one of' die'' red suits. .TODAY'S QUESTION West bids three spades. North and East pass. What do you do now? Answer Tomorrow 6 hurt in separate accidents at same spot, an hour apart GREENFIELD — Six persons were injured Monday morning in two separate accidents in less than an hour at the identical location on Rte. 67, one-half mile south of Greenfield. In an 8:15 a.m. two-vehicle collision, five persons were injured when the car in which they were riding struck the rear of a truck. Injured were John Gibbs, 36, driver of the car; Arthe Gibbs, 34, Carolyn Gibbs, 11, Robin Gibbs, 13, all of East S t. Louis and Elaine Two take out petitions for East Alton election Incumbents Robert McManus and James Clayton, president and secretary of the East Alton Elementary School District 13 board, respectively have taken out petitions for re-election, it was announced at the board of education meeting Monday night. Clayton, completing his first term, said he will definitely run for re-election, however, McManus said: "I'm still thinking about it." McManus said he has served nine years on the board and is considering not running. Regarding the upcoming election Feb. 24 will be t h e first day for filing petitions for the April 10 election. The election will be held from noon to 7 p.m. at Blair School, How to make twice as much as a typical high school graduate without going to college for 4 years. as technical careers you can Icarn in 2 years or less. Get a year or two of technical training. There are thou- sahds oi'jobs for technicians in every scientific field from engineering to medicine to computers to ecology. Jobs that pay as much as some college graduates earn. But don't take four years to prepare for. For more information about technical schools and technical careers, write for this free guide from the government. Fill out this ad and mail it today. Buchanan, 19, of St. Louis, Mo. Roy Guthrie, 60, of Greenfield driver of the truck was uninjured, police said. Gibbs was traveling too fast and ran into the rear of the Guthrie truck, police said. Gibbs was ticketed for traveling too fast for conditions and driving with a suspended or revoked driver's license. David Aldrich, 22, of Florissant Mo. was injured when his car hit ice at the same location and ran into a ditch. He was ticketed tor traveling too fast for conditions. A Girard truck driver was injured at 6:30 a.m. Monday when the semi-tractor he was driving went out of control on the Girard-Farmersyille road, left the roadway and ran into a ditch. Lowell Betts, 40, was taken to Memorial Hospital In Springfield for treatment of his injuries and was not available for questioning at 11 a.m. when police had the wreckage removed. the only polling place for the district. The new board members will be elected for three-year terms. In other action by the board, Jerome Podesva, superintendent, was rehired for another year. District 13 hires its superintendent on a year to year basis. Clayton wafe appointed as the board's legislative contact agent to the Illinois Association of School Boards. The board approved the resignation of Donald C. Burton a wood shop teacher and the hiring of Terry Primas. Mrs. Edith Pyle was approved as a substitute cafeteria employe. The board approved the purchase of a new standard typewriter from the IBM Co. of St. Louis for $425 to replace a worn out machine. In and out of area hospitals St. Joseph's ADMISSIONS Mrs. Mary Baalman, Meppen Mrs. Ruth Chitwood, Wood River Mrs. Ruth Collins, Edwardsville Alfred Cosby, Cottage Hills Homer Klein, Moro Mrs. Doris Meehan, 937 Douglas Louisa Montgomery, Wood River Mrs. Melissa Perry, Godfrey Thomas Renken, Hartford T r a c e y Robertson, 3703 Coronado Mrs. Ethel Tisdel, Bethalto Fred Wahle, Fieldon Mrs. Eva Walsh, Brighton Lu Walter, 15 Marietta Mrs. Hazel Weaver, Edwardsville William Coleman, 510 E. 4th Jeanette Grigsby, East Alton DISMISSALS Mrs. Julia Byrd, 824 Union Mrs. Lee Davis, 1127 Highland Mrs. Karen Fulks, 1719 Feldwisch Elmer Goff, 123 E. 5th Leonard Howard, 1012 Highland Joe Muse, 905 W. 9th Arthur Salmons, 3224 Edsall Mrs. Patricia Thorp, 756 E. Woodland St. Anthony's ADMISSIONS Mrs. Selma Borrenpohl, 3634 Coronado Steven Scott, Wood River Mrs. Madeline Rhodes, Roxana Mrs. Freda Scott, 1007 Union William Wallace, 329 Dooley Dr. Ernest Christeson, Cottage Hills Miss Robin Greenwood, 607 Main St. Wilbert Vetter, East Alton Mrs. Ellen Guccione, Wood River. Mrs. Laveme Link, East Alton Mrs. Ruth Armstrong, Grafton Clarence Cope, 5301 Humbert Rd. Miss Karla Wieckhorst, Wood River Miss Dana Pfetterson, 926 East 6th St. Mrs. Eunice Hotchkiss, 310 Atkinson St. Arthur Eckhouse, 847 Chouteau Mrs. Hanna Coleman, 510 E. 5th St. DISMISSALS Ray Hendricks, Godfrey Mrs. Lucille Cole, 539 Highland Ave. Miss Denise Amata, Bethalto Mrs. Dorothy Rowland, 2314 Central Harry Reynolds, Wood River Miss Veronica Partridge, East Alton Alton Memoi'ial ADMISSIONS Vincent Stanford, Bethalto Jerry Lands, Wood River Carlie Ogle, Godfrey Angela Sexton, 303 Brookside Melvin Bartels, 1724 Bozza Ned Harrison, 931 Main Steven Wegener, Godfrey Philip Keating, Godfrey Azelea Spann, 3 East 13th Mrs. Patricia Hollopeter, East Alton Pamela Webb, 254 Dooley Drive Charles Best, Bethalto To: Careers, Washington, D.C. 20202 Name Address City Stale . Zip m Advertising contributed for the public good In cooperation with The Mvertliing Council *nd the InUriuuoMl Newspaper Advertising Executlw* Mrs. Evelyn Manda, 3167 Seminary Donald Bradshaw, Godfrey Sonja Anderson, Granite City Mrs. Betty Hobbs, East Alton Mrs. Lois Ray, Wood River Mrs. Juanita Gersman, 1034 Danforth Rev. Claude Evans, Bethalto Mrs. Geraldine Thorton, Godfrey Mrs. Maurice Oliver, Edwardsville Paul Patterson, 313 West 20th Mrs. Mae Keasler, East Alton Mary Beth Ross, East Alton John Ilewski, Edwardsville Mrs. Minnie Johnson, 604 Miller James Moore, 1712 Maupin George Bland, 3001 Glenwood Emery Fenstermaker, Jer- seyvi'lle DISMISSALS Mrs. Barbara Phillips, 412 W. 4th Mrs. Kathleen Maxwell, Edwardsville Mrs. Yolonna Davis, East Alton Mrs. Jesusa Pence, West Alton, Mo. Mrs. Melody Retzer, Godfrey Mrs. Beverly Borders, Godfrey Mrs. Margaret Small, 1823 Smith Mrs. Patricia Johnson, Godfrey Mrs. Laura Thomas, Bethalto John Garis, Cottage Hills Joan Smith, 2006 Agnes Dorothy Smith, Koxana Mrs. Harriet Behrens, Bunker Hill Virginia Cherry, Wood River Paul Westbrook, Hillsboro Carl Warren, Chesterfield Dan-ell Titsworth, Bethalto Bessie McCarty, 420 Mather Hattie O'Connor, 3612 Western Mrs. Gladys Melling, Godfrey Robert Oettle, 622 Elfgen David Barth, Godfrey Wood River Township ADMISSIONS Terry Kirpatrict, 181 S. Ninth Ninth Ted Cook, East Alton Gary Wilson, East Alton Charlene Grant, Alton Mrs. Velma Mason, Alton Samuel Roberts, East Alton Linda Rushton, 416 Ashlock Mrs. Berdna Bodenbach, East Alton Judy Corzine, 219 Picker S h a w n e 11 Coleman, Edwardsville Judy Grayi 121 Lorena Mrs. Lois Dike, 217 Elble DISMISSALS Roy McClellan, Roxana Mrs. Zona Black, Cottage Hills Robert Hirschberg, East Alton Lucille Nance, 251 Madison Mrs. Dakota Beets, 524 Ferguson Warner Besterfeldt, East Alton Stacy Elliott, East Alton Jersey Community (Jcrseyville) ADMISSIONS Deloria Peuterbaugh, Jerseyville Connie Fry, Jerseyville Mary Hagen, Hardin Carl Franke, Batchtown William Ross, Golden Eagle Betty Rose, Golden Eagle Kenneth Suhling, Hamburg Oletia Murphy, Grafton DISMISSALS Roy Boomer, Jerseyville R o 11 a n d W. Longnecker, Batchtown John Keller, Grafton Joseph Brangenberg, Michael Carl H. Kohnes, Batchtown Boyd Memorial (CarroUtoB) ADMISSIONS Robert Holford, Eldred P. N. HIRSCH 5 STORES WILSHIRE VILLAGE ALTON PLAZA PIASA CORNERS CHATEAU DBS HJURS Shopping Center Store* Open daily 'til 8 — Sun. 19:80 to 5 p.m. WOOD RIVER Charles Steidley, Hettick Gertrude Arnold, Greenfield DISMISSALS Lester Sample, Greenfield Mrs. Josephine Hansen, Carrollton Stauntoii Community ADMISSIONS Lola Miller, Mt. Olive Louise Muin, Livingston LaDonna Sullivan, Livingston Wilbur Lawrence, Sorento Audrey Johnson, Worden Evelyn Bess, Staunton Wayne Johnson, Granite City Roy Weber, Livingston Ruth McLean, Staunton DISMISSALS David Holmes, Worden Kenneth Osmoe, Mt. Olive Jamie Strader, Worden Mary Gears, Worden Dorothy Katz, Gillespie Carlinville Area ADMISSIONS Clara L. Bower, Atwater Dolores H. Klaus, Carlinville Donald R. Johnston, Carlinville Wilbur L. Suhling, Carlinville Kenneth L. Orvellas, Chesterfield Marita Fay Kincald, Carlinville Stanley Duckels, Carlinvile DISMISSALS William W. Shelton, Medora St. Francis Litchfield Georgia, R. Henderson, Gillespie Ernest W. Jayne, Gillespie Lisa E. Ribble, Palmyra Maud Cloud, Gillespie Susan Swan, Gillespie • Earl B. Rush, Hillsboro DISMISSALS John W. Harrell, Bunker Hill Lydia Osborn, Gillespie Evelyn V. Ramseier, Mt. Olive Janet Buckley, Mt. Olive Robert J. Archer, Shipman St. Joseph's (Highland) ADMISSIONS Rodney Howlett, Rte. 8, Edwardsville Chris Dustman, Edwardsville Mrs. Sharol Voyles, Edwardsville Mrs. Helen Poos, Edwardsville Mrs. Elaine Triebus, Edwardsville Mrs. Edna Wolfe, Edwardsville Cynthia Glass, Edwardsville Mrs. Marcile Schmid, Edwardsville DISMISSALS Mrs. Hattie Fultz, Edwardsville Frieda Shank, Edwardsville Mrs. Fern Webb, Edwardsville trail* IOUI of 4 Coco' CLEVELAND, Ohio (AP) — The opening of the U.S. road tour of'Coco" was dedicated, Monday night to French fashion designer Gabrielle "Coco" Chanel on whose life the musical was based. Miss Chanel died in Paris Sunday. Katharine Hepburn, who portrays Miss Chanel in the play, stepped to the footlights to make the dedication after receiving a standing ovation for a moving performance. Miss Hepburn told the audience that Miss Chanel was "a remarkable woman with a fine mind and a fine heart and the driving Inspiration behind my periormnce." VEC NEWS QUIZ ANSWERS PART I: 1-c; 2-c; 8-dropped; 4-a; 5-the Soviet Union PART II: 1-c; 2-b; 3-d; 4-a; 5-e PART III: 1-d; 2-b; 3-c; 4-e; 5-a SYMBOL QUIZ: 1-J; 3-D; 3-1; i-E; 5-A; 6-B; 7-F; 8-H; 9-C; 10-G CHALLENGE. Hawaii

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