Lenox Time Table from Lenox, Iowa on May 7, 1936 · Page 4
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Lenox Time Table from Lenox, Iowa · Page 4

Lenox, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, May 7, 1936
Page 4
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THE LEMQX $IME TABL& . IOWA OOJEWi Thursday, May 7 The Legion Auxiliary will meet this evening at the home of Mrs. W. L. Dey Ermand, with Mrs. jRolfcnd Waller as assisting hostess. ' The Annual silver tea of the Presbyterian church will be held at the church this afternoon. Program and refreshments. Priscilla Circle will meet at the M. E. church basement this afternoon. There will be the observance of the spring grab- bag. Hostesses are Mrs. Minta Benson, Mrs. Ethel Kreiger and Mrs. Bernice Pegg. Monday, May 11 _ The Past Matrons club will was served" by" the"hostess.' meet this afternoon at the J. 3. Walter home, with Mrs. Wai- Missionary Tea few games of rook were played OWens'pf Clearfleld, Mrs. Mary ' during the social hour, jPage,.-tee' Griffin, Mrs. Ida Mrs.ritft M^ddeiii will entertain Readhead, Mrs. C. L. Sealy, all the ,clilb Wednesday/May 20, at of Lenox, Mrs. Joe Paymal, Ok| the homfe of her daughter, Mrs. iahoma City, Okla., Mr. and ' J. R. Locke, in Bedford. | Mrs. George Donaldson and A dainty two-course lunch children, Mr. and Mrs. Earl Shaffer and children of Conway, ter and Mrs. W. L. Dey Ermand as hostesses. The meeting will begin at 2:30. Tuesday, May 12 -Mrs. Roy Long will be hostess At M. E. Church fine Foreign Missionary So- 14. * it. «, i, ,r.i , . ou "> •""• arlu lyLrs - *>«i«i. ui 111 ° f ' he J^^^l^ wood, Mr. and Mrs. John Mr. and Mrs. Cliff Beach and children, Mrs. Lydia Filbert, Mr. and Mrs. Cliff Underwood and son, Mr. and Mrs. Chas. Under. an n . entertained with a program bert and childr all of gh Friday afternoon at the church burg C1 de K]berfc c £ There was an attendance of and Mrfi Maryin <jvir.s. rtuy J-Ajug win ue iiostess, — -.—~ -. JV] j. i ana I at the meeting of the G..V. club i aboufc forty-five. The program Diagonal tv.it. ^ro^ino- was: Music by the ladies auar- I this evening. Eastern Star Group Meeting The group meeting of the Or- Friday, May 8 The annual Eastern Star May party will be held this evening Dinner at the Masonic hall, served at 1 o'clock. BRING YOUR OWN TABLE SERVICE. A program will be given by the children. me group meeting 01 me ur- der of the Eastern Star was held lLf at Osceola Friday evening, Mfty 1st, under the instruction of was: Music by the ladies quartette, composed of Mrs. W. H. Music Madden, Miss Vflinnie Haigler,' Week Miss Ada Butler and Mrs. Harry I ,,„„, ,, r . . u . . , i Drorbaugh; play, "Glimpses of !afM ^ lc ***** bei ? g ob f rved T.)fP" hv M« «™ wseefff „„,, at Qreaton thLs week and sur- M. E. CHURCH Thomas Kelly, Pastor 10:00 a. m. Sunday School 11:00 a. m. Morning Worship 7:00 p. m. Epworth League 8:00 p. m. Evening Worship At the morning worship service the pastor will preach on, "A Mother's Influence." As this is Mother's Day why not pay tribute to your mother by attending church service somewhere. There will be no services hi the church in .the evening as we join with the other churches in the Baccalaureate Service for ... I( Spg Bassett and **"»•"« uuia w ce «. M iu sur- the Baccalaureate Service for <; clarinet LT^l ^ ™ *J"!!? * the graduating class of the high Afton and clarinet tat . __ tase part,. AIIOH ana enannon r anrt city gave the program Monday Dixon chapfler was represented by Mrs. Margaret Wurster as Marshall for the opening of Chapter. Mrs. Esther Dixon, organist for the initiation and closing; Mrs. Nellie Bryant on the reception committee. Mrs. Ethel Bricker sang "Good Night". Words of the song were written by Mrs. Elsie Dougan. Others attending the meeting were an offering taken. Aulora Mclntyre numbers. The following I program was presented: A piano solo, "Clown Dance," Missionary Meeting by Phyllis Bethke; piano solo, Mrs. Frank Maharry was hos- " Two m °« et Tommy," by Rol- ss to the Mav mpphfno- nf t.v«o and Walter, Jr.; piano solo, tess to the May meeting of the Aulora Mclntyre Missionary So- The Band plays Dix ie," by ciety at her home Saturda af .' win ston Tyler; piano solo, "The ciety at her home Saturday af . noon ' 2 " ««ee* »«*- Ha ^" w«u v* v VU*J.V4.14A^ l/AA-V AA4V* W UJ.JL.lg VY t-A 1^ I. » Mrs. W. W. Walker, Mrs. Orval ^ Ter l were . P resent - Mrs. K. R. The Ladies meeting this Aid Society afternoon witl Mrs. G. A. Bryant with Mrs. M. C. Sanders as assisting hostess There will be work. The L. F. G. club meets this evening at the Will Shaw home Mrs. Rose Bolte and Miss Edith Barrans will be hostesses. Sunday, May 10 The Baccalaureate service for the graduating class of the high school will be held this evening at the .high school gymnasium. Rev.-1. G. Randels will bring the mes^ftge. I Stand for Economy and Efficiency E. C. Beaton Republican Candidate for County Attorney Taylor County, Iowa Primary of June 1, 1936 Your Support Will Be Appreciated Walker, Mrs. John Porter, Mrs. Phil Ridgeway, Mrs. H. C. Dougan, Mrs Ivan Carey, Mr. and Mrs. W. H. Madden, Mrs. Mary Sweeley and Verlin Sweeley. Meeting of L. F. Club The L. F. Club was entertained Wednesday afternoon at the _, ., home of the club president, Mrs. f**^ y J. J. Walter. Eleven members were present. After a short business session the afternoon was spent playing bridge. Mrs. Huff was in charge of the pro- ical readin S. " Th e Patch Work gram and was assisted by Mrs Quilt> " and mss ph y llls Cope- C. B. Cassill, using as their sub- land >gave a P iano sol °' " The ject, "Pioneer Missionary Work." , Spanish Ca P ri ce." Miss Mable Anderson's topic was' W> C> Lewis sang two num "Religion of Ethiopia " | bers ' " 1>u Take You Home A S ain Plans were made for the an-' Kat , hleen '" and " Moth er Mach- nual June tea;. Refreshments re fl" „ ,„ „ were served by the hostess. Mrs - RolUe Bender *"« "Per- school. We extend unto you a cordial invitation to attend our services. Many a man would be living cleaner lives morally and spiritually if they would follow the teachings of earlier childhood as set forth by their mothers. —T. K. PRISCILLA. The Priscilla Circle will meet in the church on Thursday afternoon, May 7th. The hostesses will be Mrs. Minta Benson, Mrs. Ethel Kreiger and Mrs. Bernice Pegg. Everyone is urged to be present as there will be the observance of the spring grab-bag. Looking Forward Sunday, May 17th. On feet Day," and was accompanied with a violin obligatp by. Mrs. W. H. Cash and Mrs. Dixon at The Faculty of the Lenox,' the P ian P< / school enjoyed one of their din- ' ner-bridge parties at Hotel Len- Sunny Sisters Meet .'. . Alro Richard received'the high i ox ^"day evening, May 5. Mr. j w "^ Marjorie Morris club score. Pot luck refresh- I and Mfa - Ered Cronkite and Mr. < The Sunny Sisters met ; .with Sunday will be observed Communion Service of this the the church. You are invited to take part in this service with us. UNITED PRESBYTERIAN JRCH NOTES 'Re; A. .Thompson ments were served. The meeting, May 20, will be at the home of Mrs. Fred Abernathy. , Meeting of • " M .F. C. Ladies Mrs. Phil Ridgeway opened ler home to the meeting of the M. F. club, Wednesday after-j loon. Miss Ruth Lown was the' hostess. Eleven members were f present.. Mrs. Ed Madden, a member of the club, but makes ,er home in Bedford, was wel- omed to the club nieeting. I Mrs. Ridgeway gave the News Outline. The Selected Number refresh- j ana Mrs> i)Tea uronK1 te and Mr. i A " e ounny ousrers mep : .wrtn Saturday, May 9, the Woman's 'he next' MtaBl Warren °aer were the Marjorie Morris May 2, with 'Missionary Society will meet at ( Bible school; 10 af 4 m. Preachjne, ll'iOO a.m., 8 p.m. Y.P.C.U;, 7.p.m. ,... Saturday, May 9, the Woman's committee on arrangements. jLeona Baker assistant hostess..! the home of Mrs. A. Turner At the close of the bridge play Alberta Miller gave. an interest- j : A double quartet of the young prizes were awarded to Miss in S Health talk. Mrs. JEvans men O f the church went to Leona Haering and Mrs. Jennie dempnstrated the plain yellow , Corning ^ast Sabbath evenilng Dahlbergr -.,.-•.. . cake. We practiced our songs, to sing in the closing services ;of Meeting of. , ~^~ '~?^L^ ^Z ^ C * ^. evangdtaUc. meeting In .the « C1 " b ^, n , of ., fte / nofon * HAVE YOU SEEN THE NEW 3 PLYMOUTH The 1936 Plymouth is in town. It has GENUINE hydraulic brakes, floating power, all steel body and is larger and roomier than any other low priced car. i Ask for a demonstration.,We'll gladly show you just what the Plymouth will do. NEWTON MOTOR co. ; Chrysler and Plymouth Gars Located in Boltinghouse Garage, Lenox. | was chosen for our club to sing Federated Church. Those of ;at Rally Day. Our club was.al- the double quartet, were: Milton so chosen for the initiation of Bricker, Wayne McFee, Kenneth '. ©.honorary members. j McFee, Harold Carey, Donald In-.' ; A new vice president, Sarah'Layne, Robert Layne, Robert «r i* « vere Rundlet, was chosen. jBennison, Robert Bryant, Grace Walter, -Mrs. Leo Refreshments were served by ciipson accompanied them oil H. A. Stephenson the hostesses. The next meet- i the "piano"'^Tne pp^--"^--— v Mrs. W. L. Dey Ermand. ing will 'be held with Virginia e d at this''service The. following program was Morris on May 26. Mrs. K. R. Huff sang News Reporter, Leona Baker "Little Mother of Mine"; Mrs.' ' Ben Walter gave a history of Annette Newcomer Mother's Day and a paper, Missionary Meeting "Mother Memories"; Mrs. Claude Dixon read a group of poems to Mrs. Dixon has worked four rehearsals with the boys and deserves praise for this real contribution to the life of the church. , • THE PREACHER SAYS: A vision of the glory of Christ is a foundation experience which was hostess' the Annette Newcomer Mison "Mothers" by Edgar Guest, sionary meeting at her home comes before salvation or ser-' The next meeting, May 27, will Thursday afternoon, April 30. | vice W e must see the Kine in be with Mrs. Harry Cheese. | Ten members responded to i Refreshments were served by roll call. Mrs. H. J. Day was the hostess. devotional leader. The study — program was in charge of Mrs. Junior-Senior |M. C. Sanders. Subject Of the Banquet study was Paraguay. The Junior - Senior banquet Mrs. G. A. Bryant read an ar- was held Wednesday evening, tide, "Plucky Paraguay." Mrs. May 6, at 6:30, at the United John Haering read a paper, I ^^2 „*» _- th AnrsiinV^ii Presbyterian church. The sen- "Disciples of Christ in Paragu- ' ve ™?! ThvLdav ^SprL™ ior class chose lavender and ay." Mrs. Walter Eckler read May 7, at theThuTch .beauty PRESBYTERIAN CHURCH Rev. L. T." Knotter, pastor Sunday School, 10 ,a.ni. Morning. Worship, 11 a.m. Young People's Meeting, 6:30. FREE CHIROPRACTIC CLINIC Twill conduct a free Chiropractic Clinic at my office FRIDAY & SATURDAY MAY8&9 Consultation and free Neurocalometer reading will be given each case. If you are not in perfect health this will be your chance to find out the cause, . X-ray and Neurocalometer Service Dr E R. Penncbaker CHIROPRACTOR Qlfice 2 Blocks West of Telephone Officft-Phone silver for their colors, the white an article on "The Leprosy in tea rose for their flower, and Paraguay." An article on "Out of the Harbor—Into the "Peace" was read by Mrs. I. G. Sea" for their motto. , Randels. The menu is as follows: :— Fairy Fruit Chapter F. W. Wish Bones Rabbit's Feet P. E. O. Meeting Fairy's Wand 4-Leaf Clover Mrs. H. C. Killion was hostess Swastika at the regular meeting of Luck Stars Fairy Dessert The King of Java Chapter FW, P. E. O., Thursday evening, April 30. Nineteen __________ „ ______ ., . The program for the evening members responded to roll call was as follows: Good Fortune, "Welcome". — Dean Ethington Onijens, Senior Response — Mildred Walker Old Shoes, Faculty Response Mr. Warren Gaer •Memories," violin solo —Richard Kimball Day Dreams—Charlie Reed. "You Tell Me Your Dreams and I'll Tell You Mine" — Velda Wray Lucky Stars—Grace Ciipson "I Saw Stars"—Edwin Bush Key to Good Fortune—Mr. Kermit U. Parker Toastmaster—Dean E,thington Music arranged by Miss Alice Maxwell. Family Reunion A Filbert family reunion featuring a basket dinner was held at thq home of Mr. and Mrs. Chas. Underwood May 3. Honored guests were Mr. and Mrs. Qordon Baugh of Prince Albert, Sask., Canada. Among those present were Mr. and ''Mars/ Loreh' :: Boyer and children, ^Mahlbn- Boyer and daughter of Glenwood, Mr. and Mrs. Don Marsh and children of New Market, Mr. and Mrs. Ed with a Bible Verse, Mrs. M. J. Sluss read a paper, the subject being."Words." The next meeting on May 14, will be with Mrs. J. A. Porter. Refreshments were served by the hostess. Read the want ads Last Sabbath morning the congregation had the pleasure of hearing the girl's sextette of the high school. CHURCH OF CHRIST I. G. Randels, pastor 10:15, Church School 11:00, Morning Worship 7:00 Christian Endeavor 8:00, Evening Service. Salem Affairs Carl Brown was taken to the Creston hospital last Wednes-* day, where he submitted to an operation. Last reports he was resting easily. Warren Eckels and daught Flora called at the Colyn horn Sunday afternoon. Mr. and Mrs. Melvin Dotso and Roy and Mayme drove Griswold Friday afternoon 5% FARM LOANS TEN YEARS - OPTION ANYDAY NO COMMISSION Money paid when papers signed CLYDE LESAN Mt. Ayr, Iowa 32-4 son's brother, Hugh r . who. ft dl« at .)hei hospitW-a^ AtlsfiticlTu«i day 1 ' nibrtting^' '• •:?'• . ^^ : ^f ,W j' • •*-' .-* ' " ' ' ."'A'. ,';t -' .;•„ • «lH .-. - . •" A'-'yerjf heavy r^ifi vlsitea-^hk vielttity Tjiursda'jlv night, which will do a lot of good. Miss Olive Colyn worked for Mrs. Gerald Rogers of 'Mercer Center, Saturday. v) Mrs. Mart Riley of Mercer Center is staying at the Claude Bovaird home while Mrs! Bovaird is helping nurse her son, Carl, at the Creston hospital. Wray Walter and Lowell Hamilton drove to Omaha with a load of cattle for Mrs. Frank Riley of Mercer Center vicinity Mr.' and Mrs. Elmer.. Schaffer and Mrs. Chas.' Schaffer drove to Hopkins,'; Mo., last Wednesday. , Mrs. Melvin Dotson .received a message last Monday stating that her mother, Mrs. Grandstaff, had suffered, a stroke of paralysis. Leo Wray did tractor plowing for Chas. Wray last week. Mr. and Mrs. Chas. Wray visited Mr. and Mrs. Andy Walter Mr. and Mrs family of Pr a guests Sunday and family. , Leatha Riley O f Co ship called on Velda day evening. ——— Mrs. Geo. Ferguson ma Harvey attended 1 Leader's Training SCM, it Bedford last WediJg i ^— 11 ^**l. tl IF you would like to be popular, want to be Safe, and must be Thrifty, the answer to your new car problem isFordV-8 DIXON MOTOR AUTHORIZED SALES and SERVICED Hermoline and Pennzoil, Gei ' *''* " ' ' ' " •'••.-• • •'• • Ford Batteries ' i ; r /MS ^^1^- T"'^;;'.'-" 1 -'--!!". i.-^.j- vi^ 5 Day TRIAL OFFI With this NeW 1931 FRIGID All! Vk ^T bilitv PAyMEN as low as $2.00 .** 36 Months to Pay £ ™ if s P ark "n& 1936 Frigidaire installed, in vn,,^ home on&5 Day Free Trfal Yflu fc) "e as to its efficiency and depends the conveniences made !l1 ' host of time and you nothing, so to kee P th « refrigerator peij can start With a down payment ' B ^ lance to be P» id 0?er a d i of 1% r ' V^ne charges amount to onl ore Si?/- mon * h °« «»« unpaid balance. And V a $5> °° tr *de-in allowance on your wodti T ! ales room and ins P« ct fhis 1 e ? mode]. Let us demonstrate how this Frigt titchen--hn wl? save . y<m time » nd steps in thej Paring meal Y 'Vj* 11 slin P!tfy the daily task of p» s niedis. iuve years' protection against serf- SBsSSSs. f !•*.&$• .'- r*>.'. *&&l.

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