The Iola Register from Iola, Kansas on January 31, 1945 · Page 3
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The Iola Register from Iola, Kansas · Page 3

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, January 31, 1945
Page 3
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or 101% EANW» LOCALS (Octavia Stetvart) Charles Peres, who has been confined to his home the past several weeks because of Illness, returned to hU work at Ramsay's store the first of the week. WAUOH FUNERAL HOME-38. Mrs. U. D. Nevlll has received word that her brother, 11. M. Reynolds, died kucldcnly ;it hlc homi.' In I/7n« Bench, Calif, Jsui, 20lh. TROUBLi;? . , niln-; it tP- as, you'll be plcasbd with our service. ALADDIN" SHOP Radio Dept., 109 West SI. Phone G9!) Mr. and Mrs. Hubert Smith and children, Betty and Ronney, who have been guests of Mrs. 'Will Smith, mother of Mr. Smith, and of Mrs. Loyal Tubbs, have returned to their home In Wichita, Kans. Hot, cold and machineless permanents, Thurs. and PrI., Wolf's Beauty Shop. Plio. 905. Mable Henson.— adv. Mrs. Idfllii .Johnson Ls sjwndlng n fi.'W days In Humboldt visltinB at the home of her son, Ro.scoe John- .sou and Mrs. John.son. Tre.-itment for Keepinir Rugs and Carpels Clean POWDER-ENE is an ideal cleaner for your rugs and carpets, is recommended by tlie Bigelow-Sanford Carpet Company. Inc. Sleeper Furniture Store + + + The WAR TODAY + + + BY DEWITT MACKENZIE Tlie pronged Rasstan offendlvc which Is driving straight for Itin German capital, over frozen rivers and lakes along routes that cut through Hitler's most powerful eastern defenses, raises In a big way the question: After Berlin—whatl- Certalnly the Nazis expect the city to fall before long, for Dr Robert Ley, the labor leader, hai bluntly announced that the Russians are likely to capture it soon. Also the government has notified the German people that Munich is to become the center of future operations — which .sounds logical enoueh. But the of Berlin also signifies the necessity of abandon- Mrs. Olin Pfieffer and her daughter, Dorcas Jean, have returned to the home of her parents, Mr. and I , . Mrs. Dewey Steward, after spending ! inR northern Germany. 'What then? a few days visitintf Mr. and Mr.';, l George Page, north of LaHarpo. The Nazi leaders have made it - i r.bundantly clear that they perssa- SLEEPER MORTUARY. PHONE 72.; I'llv miona to fiLrhl to u Imish. . • Whr-lhi.-r they arc utile to iniple- Mi- F A • Tubbs ,'ind son .••r., m''his determination naturally of* Wicinta.'havn been cuoVt.s since i c'fpcnds un tlieir ability to persuade : Thur.>-;duv of Mrs. Loval Tubbs. Mr.'^. armv unci ihc civilian population SLEEPER MORTUARY. PHO. 72. | George Sim.-, who came tvjm!*" ^ -'-}}''l<^^} assi^i- i Wichita to be a 2Ufst of Mr.s. Tub'o.^ i"^''^^- ^"^'^ ^'""^ ^'i" tell whether THE lOlj: REGIBTgH, ^DNESDAY EVENINGI. JANUARY 31.1945. PAGE THBEB Operd Star SI .J IIOKIZONTAL 54 Horseback 1 Pictured * opera star, game 56 Outfit 57 She is a mem- of the Opera . VERTICAl ' 1 Inns 2 Paradise . 3 Sheltered side 21 Finish 4 Negative 23 Leases 5 Snare 6 Approach • 7 Aluminun^ (symbol) 8 Exclamation 9 Oreat Lalw 17 Vegetable Mr.s. Hf-nryetta SchiLster. v.-"no ha.s been ill for' the three weelr.s is no better, according; to a rcijoit this moininK. Mr.s. Scliii-sler i-s 87 years old. Lt. and Mrs. Merlin Ward left today for Ft. Ord. Calif., after a .•;hort visit here with Mr.s. Ward'.s parents, Mr. and Mr.-;. Carl Ruxst-ll has returned to her liomf-. Berlou Guarantt'cd .Motli Spray Stop.s moth damage for five years.; Protect your rugs and carpets against moth damage. j Sleeper Farnilure Store Pvt. John W. Stohr. who is with the 100th infanfry division of the Seventh army Jii France, was recently awarded the Combat Infantryman Badge. He is wltli a company of the 398lli Infantry Regiment. He Ls the .son o! John Stohr, .5M South Street. Hi :!ors fanatical .schemes blow up hi Parly suiTenrier. ."t-upi-.o .sin^ the Nazi chief is able to carvv out his project of makin<? • a li'-'lii to a fmi.'^li. where will he stacf it? Mv 'houidits immediately turn to Munich arram—to .southern Ocnnaiiy and Austria. Ii strikes me that this bit; theatre \ provides a natural battlefield for a final sta.nd. On the south it's pro- elected by the towering Alps, and a Mrs. Gilbert Reeves has returned j glance at vour map will show that to her home in Predonia. after | mountain ranges stand guard around, spending the past week here visit- ; much of the rest of it. Large .'Vs.sortmoni, Both Now and U.scd, CURTI.S FIRNITIRE ing her parent.s, Mr. and Mrs. G. W. Fenimore. Wallpaper and Sewall Paints ' LEWIS PAINT STORE ! Word has been received here that Clifton E. Tidd was graduated recently from the Naval Air Technical Tralnhig Center, located at Norman. Okla. He is now awaiting further duty orders either to .sea or to a naval He is the .son of Glenn H, Tldd. 812 N. Chestnut. NOTICE Due to the shortage of news print The Register is printing fewer 'ex.ii'' copies of each Issue. Subscribers wishing to purchase several copies of any partleular issue are asKed to place their order in advance, if possible. Extra copies can be sold only as long as they last. Mrs. Velma Tidd returned Sunday from Kaasas City where she has been In the hospital for the past two weeks. SPOT CASH For Used Furniture Phone 190 W. H. WOOD FI-RNITURE The infant son of Mr. and Mrs. Bert Cooper, east of Mildred, who had been ill for the past week, passed away Monday night. Tire Recapping and Vulcanlzlns 24-Hour Service On passenger and truck tlrea —all work done In lola. GUY OLIVER Va^anlzhig and Tread gerrtce IILyric poem 12 Verbal 13 Exist H Golf device 15 Part of "be" 1^ Belongs to : him 17 Writing • implement !i Occur 20 East south* I east (ab.) 2^ Measure of 28 Musical note 10 School 21 On account assignment • (ab,) 26 Upon Zi Pale 29 Direction 31 -Within 32 Electrical en- j'gineer (ab.) 33 Worries 36 Section of "British Isles 35 Egyptian sun god 40' Therefore 4 L Like 42Sodium (symbol) 43 Paid notices 45 Went by 4aSnake 49-John (Gaelic) 51 Tov/ard 52 Boundary (comb, form) 53 Indian Id Fowl 37 Naval oflicer l6 Negative word 38 Tree fluid 44 Satisfy 46 Cease 47 She has had numerous roles . 48 She has sung 34 Element used' 'many an in treattng 50 Seine ) cancer 52 Morsel 3^ Soak up 54 Italian river 36 Little mass 55 Oleum (ab.) w 28 Spaces 2^ Hasten 31) Long fish 33 Brother: Within this huge bowl are many war industries. Tliere aren't enough resources to enable the Gennans to protract the war indefinitely, but they miEhi niil'-c a.- fonnidabl shewing lor a time. Glance at vour maps .again and you will sec how great German armies could be withdrawn into this amphitheatre There are, for Instance, about thirty divisions—say something like 400.000 men—fighting in northern Italy. If the Nazis abandoned their positions there, many of troops could be returned to Aastrla via the Brenner Pas,s. Such a withdrawal would be dangerous In the extreme, since the retreating forces would be exposed to Allied air attack a.s well as ground pursuit, but a large portion of this army might be saved. Thus vou can go on around the circle. There are some fifteen German divisions—soy 200.000 men—In 'Yugoslavia, and these could be pulled back into Austria. So could the Nazis fighting In Himgary, and in Czechoslovakia. Troops now defending southeastern Germany could COJIPARE our home loan plan with all others. . . . We are sure you'll our plan. . . We v.-ill be glad to give you the details, with no obU- gation on your part. Come in. SECURITY BLDG. & LO.\N ASSO. Gertrude Voorhf-c.s returned to her home yciifrdav alter spending the few day.s in Colony visiting at the home of .Mr. and ?,Irs. L. S. Mogel. Card of Thanks. We wish to extend thanks to otu- friends and neighlfcrs for all then- acts of kindnes.':. mfsfages of sympathy and floral ctfferings during the illness and dcalfc of.Aiur tuicle and brother. E. Dr' Shields.—Mrs James L. Conicr,. .biothers and sisters. Mrs. Amos H. Lewis rif Chanute is visitins at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Amos Lewis and v.'ith Mr.s. Loyal T\ibbs this week. L. J. Wilson, Sp. 1-c (R) USNR from- the Navy Recruiting station, Joplm, Mo., win be in lola, Feb. 7, ^ ^ at the postoffice between the hours be tak^n Into Austria via Czecho- of 9:30 to 12:00 a. m.. seeking en- .Slovakia. So far as the western front ILslment of 17-year-old boys and to is concerned, the Hitlerites likely point out the advantages of general , would continue to hold the upper service and technical training to • reaches of the Rhine and throw a boys and their parents so that those , line across northern Bavaria, who wish to may arrange to volunteer while they can .still their branch of service. Of course ail this presents an extreme pictiue. But we are dealing •WAUGH FUNERAL HOME—36. Mrs. Homer Troxel spent yester- dav aftern.ion in LaHarpe visiting friends. Mr.s. Marv Ei-igli.s'n left thi.s morn- intr for McGrpgcjv. Ttxa.-:, where she will VL--it lu-r .son. l)y. Ira K'.-rwoud. OSTERMOOK .•\1ATTRESSK.S lOC^'r All Felf Made for 53 Years W. H. WOOD FURNITURE Hal Gene Brock of Sausa'ito. Calif., was inductrd in the army .7an. 9. and is now stationed at Camp Robert.s. Calif. Brock was formerly from lola and was graduated from high school with the cla .ss of 1944. He is the grandson of Mr. and Mrs. Harve Brock. Since 1881 , SEALY TUFTLESS MATTRESSES Pre-War Quality and Price S39.50 CURTIS FURNITURE Word has been received here that Robert Eugene Lind, son of Mr. and Mrs. Charles O. Lind. was commissioned an En.sign in the U. S. Naval Reserve when he graduated recently from the Naval Reserve Midshipmen's school at Abbott Hall, Northwestern University. Chicago. 111. ,Tlie newly commLssioned ensign will now see action with a fleet as a deck officer. Shirts $1.98 Pants . Full cut neatly tailored shirU. Two button- through pockets. Pants cut over Penney Precision Patterns for satisfactory fit in all sizes. Sanforized* for .continued good fit after many washings! Mercerized cotton Army Twill in Tan or Post Blue. Wear it for neatness on the job! t Fabric shrinkage will not esceed \% with an extreme case in which Hitler and his captains are bent on sacrificing the German nation in order to save their own necks from the hangman's rope a bit longer. Under- these circiunstances moiuitain enclosed amphitheatre affords the best military prospects for stand. More than Incidentally, CLOSE QUARTERS Hammond, Ind., Jan. 31. Marion W.'Isbell, area director of the CPA, h^ his attorneys looking for loophol^ In ihe agency's gasoline regulations today so that the this Po^ack Brothers' Circus can get out of', town. For a week the circus, elephants and horses included, has been quar- tei'ed in tjie steam heated civic Hitler, thoughts naturally woufd; ^^axat^l^^^ turn in that dh-ection anyway, lorjj^ioQ the thne came for the Munich is his spiritual home. caravan to roll on to Louisville, Then there's one other aspect to ihei-e wasn 't enough gas. this situation which I mention hi QPA officials could find no ex- a piirely speculative way. One of cuse for granting special rations. th<£e days Hitler and his right- but, Isbell went to work to see if hand- men are gohig to have to seek fometWng Vpuldn^ be done, a hide-out, unless they surrender or commit suicide. It's difficult to think of any place they could go save to some stronghold which they have prepared In the Bavarian Alps. There, with a small military force^ they might hang on for a bit. SAFE—BY A CAT'S WlilSKER Portland, Ore., Jan. 31. (API— The family cat gets an assist. Mrs. Norman Pallay's father celled to her from the basement that he was ill. She helped him to a cot. Then she noticed the family cat staggering across the flow t<»*l ward the ^oor. Tliat settled U. Mrs .H «5standlngyoirmuBt like the way It r dragged her father and her Wl^^y ^'W 's the cough or you are Pallay Inv&Ud honwu. Inspectors found pipe.- motber-ln-law from the a broken gas Bjeware Coughs froirf eofflmon oo ds Thfit Hang On Creomulslon relieves promptly be- catise it goei right to the seat of the trouble to. help loosen and expel gei'm laden phlegm, and aid nature to soothe and heal raw, tender. Inflamed bfojichicil mucous membranes. Tell;youi! druggist to sell you a bottle of Creomulslon with the un­ to have your money back. CREOMULSiON for Cou ch s ,Chesr Colds. Broiychith 'TflE/fRMADIULO IS SWEIKD WTTH AN ARMOUR A» PROTftQTION AaAINBT IT-i HAS KJO OTHEI? MEAMS OF P>BCrTE0TlON WfTH THt Et-' OEPTION OP A SLOW RUN- Let'the ARCHER COMPANY help you over the rough places. Fai,":, settlement with loss paid profnptly ... is our basis for handling .ALL claims. Phone 304. /^ARCHERCO. SOCIETY (Frances Halbe) CONSECBATION My heart and soul I consecrate. My life to him I dedicate. I fight for him, I fight that he May be what I Had hoped to be, I fight and pray Tlvat wars shall cease. Then his shall be A world at peace; His dreams, my dreams And all his plans. His name—my son, Xnd every man's. -By Cpl. Vln Cassidy. USMC. Mrs. Wright Snrprised On Her Birthday Relatives and friends of Mrs. Roy Wright surprised her Monday, January 29, when they arrived at her home with covered dishes for a birthday dinner in her honor. Mrs. Wright.also received many gifts. Present were Mrs. Elizabeth Wright, Mrs. Juanita O'Conner, Mrs. Zola Slick, Mrs. Rose Crcvis- ton, Mrs. Delia Guffey and Richard Lee Creviston. * • •:• Celebrate Birthday Of Mrs. Sawyer Mr. and Mrs. John Christian entertained with a family dinner Sunday at their home in Wichita in celebration of the 21st birthday of Mrs. OUve S. Sawyer, mother of Mrs. Christian. Their guests were Mr. and Mrs. Keith Roberts, Daryl and Lynn, Mr. and Mrs. Wendall Christian, Joan, Carol Ann and Pat, Mr. and Mrs. Robert V. Christian, Mr. Roy "Vezie, Mr. and Mrs. LesUe Smith and Galen Christian. Letter Carriers Meet At Wilson Home Mr. and Mrs. Marvin WlLson entertained Branch No. 834 of the National Association of Letter Carriers Tuesday evening. January 30. Those present wore Mr. and Mrs. Pred Shapel, Mr. and Mrs. Alva Trowbridge and son Don, Mrs, Zel- Itt Hamilton, Adum Brune, Charles Mlle,s, Cecil .St(;iil, Bert Power,! and daiiKhlMr. •:« •'• •:• Seaman Ross Guest At Sunday Dinner William George .S. 1-c. who is home nn a .'iO day leave after almost two yurs in the S< Pacific, was guest of honor at a dinner Sunday at the home of Mr. and Mrs. W. E. and family, north of BrorLson. Tiu-iv guests were Mis. Nt-llic Rass and Fred Ro.s.s of Kincaid, Mis.s Helen and Mrs. Opal Green of Wichita. Mary Johnson and Virginia Johnson of Bron.son. Mrs. Elizabeth Irwin and Mr. H. Davis of Blue Mound, Mr. Sam Gerdsen and Mr. Bert Worden of Moran. •> .!« •:• ' Friends Have Party For Mrs. Fronk Mrs. Evelyn Fionk of Chanute was honor guest at a surprise party in her home Saturday evening when her friends came to help her celebrate her birthday, which was- January 28. A lace tablecloth and large birthday cake were gifts from the group to the guest of honor. Present were Mrs. LouLse Daves and son Richard, of Parsons; Mrs. Norlne CentUvre, Savonburg; Miss Ella Mae Marks, Miss,Edith Washborn, Miss Frances Leatherman, Mrs. Ida Pursman, Gerald Leatherman. and Alvena Leatherman of Chanute. i CALENDAR FOB THE WEEK THURSDAY Regular stated meeting of the Social Order of the Beauceant at 7:30 p. m. • The North Group of the W. S. C. S. of the Trinity Methodist church meets at the home of Mrs. S. E. Everett, N. Elm at 2:30 p. m. South division of the Christian church meets with Mrs, Phil Ray, 215 South Oak, at 1;30 p. m. Noi-th division of the Christian church meets with Mrs. A. R. Stroup, 814 street, at 2 p, m. The Women's General WorklnK .'xjciely of the Presbyterian Church, nifct.s at th<- church at 2:30 p. m, with the members of the Fourth division as hoKteitses. Lt. Col. T. P, Llmbockcr will speak on "Australia," Tlie Women's Missionary Union mee 'us at the Baptist Temple at 2:30 p. m. The Women's Society of Christian Service of the First Methodist church will meet at 2:ic p. m. at the church. A .special program Is being planned. FRIDAY The American Legion Auxiliary meets with the War Mothers' club at the First Methodist chiu-ch at 6:30 p. m. Bring covered dish and sandwiches. There will be an out- of-town sjjeaker and all members are urged to attend. Mrs^-L: Hoyt and Mrs. N. J. BrigtaMa will be at the brldg&riimclieon at the Coimtry club a^. 1 p. m. JudMAnderson's Sunday school class amtt& at 2:30 p. m. in the basement of the Methodist chiu'ch. Hostesses I to Y. The War Mothers' club will have a covered dish supper at the Methodist church at 6:30 p. m. The public Is invited to come. There will be an out of town speaker. Bring covered dish and sandwiches. The meeting of the American Legion Auxiliary has been postponed and initiation of new members will be held February 23. You Can Usually Find It At FINAL CLEARANCE WINTER COATS ONE LARGE GROUP Values up to $29.85 S.99 Sizes 9 to 52 LOTS OF LARGE SIZES Small Gi°ou]> 6lQ OO FUR TRIMMED COATS, ?40.50 vakie.s i^JLO»yy ENTIRE STOCK FUR COATS 25% OFF ^^IJOMISTON WAP 'Q TO 20 WEEKS TO PAY GUI' OUR WAY 7 WELL, I PACKED TH' TWO KIDS HOME, BUT I DIDM'T HAVE TH' MERVE TO AST HER. TD PACVC ME BACK HON/".E, tUZ. SHE WAS PACKIM' SO MUCH LOOT"I-L)H- MEAW BORROWED STUFF--THAT SHE'S IM AS BAD A SHAPE AS I AM By J. R. WILLIAMS DON'T VOU THlMK 1 HAVE EMOUGH TO WORRY ABOUT WITHOUT VOU PUTTINO OM A SHOW . LIKE THIS? OUR BOARDING HOUSE ' ON 8EWM;f OP THE \I^TER.MWlONJ/\L CLOWNi eOGETV, ^\^V I PRE9ESyr THI& MAN!DSO\\E SHIELD IN RECOeNilTlOKi OF VOUR. BR^VER.^ IM THE T=/XCe OF A SHOWER. OF, BRICKS f AND trtis LivyeR .v STA.6L& tS THE AMMUAL OSCAR. FOR MARKS- WON \T BV SHOCfTlNS ATA FNE-STORY 6U\LDINS AND NEAR. ^\lSS; with . .. MAJOR HOOPLE KNSOvMLEDSe THAT v/OU ARG N1T\A31TS STAYS AW HAND FROM WREAKlNiG SOME TeRR.\BLer . MAVWEM UPOhJ MOD—BEWARE: WHY MOTHEt^S GET CrPAY / BLOOD PRESSURE 16 RINGING THE BELL=

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