Decatur Evening Herald from Decatur, Illinois on October 23, 1930 · Page 3
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Decatur Evening Herald from Decatur, Illinois · Page 3

Decatur, Illinois
Issue Date:
Thursday, October 23, 1930
Page 3
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WORK JOB INISHED UECATUR HERALO er SHMATES the Ion, do notlnitr. eatlmsle M be placed Work Don« rsround work htt» spected and ap. nce, aod connec- iode by property number or permits by the city ««w«r connect long at) system, ipply Co., contract- i eaatorn half of Ing the 1a»t of the fie neighborhood of r |ta that wore to he § -ontraetors will |bv 9nturday ntght. 'he covered under ;t. nccordlnff to Jr.. of Warren 1 engineers. on the work are y Warren ft Van rmraday, that ttwy hnnds of Lee Bo. . in tlmo to be Board Monday. VETERAN plLWAUKEE Pformcrly of Doca- If In u Milwaukee fcveral months' in. fcwas a member of , G A. R,, tn D«- l making his horns 3 homo In MHwau- everal years. Mr, wife and daughter, g" will bo conducted s home In Mllwatt- fiftornoon nt 1:34 1 will bo In tfi* there. Several Dehe nrri'-ng those (sion To iw From City Ifieid was denied the w n pleett of prop- Jiovc addition, fioin itv council, Thuis- ?r» tented his pell- t months ago, but wen Avferrad from rouncll marie Jn* said that Mr. y Intended to erect but ha* of Iho inxc* on iwl him to recon- donment lew Bus Line ho oivrut the Onk- n Oakland avenue, ontri of F.ldotiwlo letter to the Ctty to tho abandon- view bui line M w c(tv tianaportft- llllnols Power * b.- tttlccn off of ould be Injurious business. Mr. Rog- Pcrwna rent- la lake Iriio ron- of tho bus /Votes wrr Mpht cor- ted permission by hursday, to cut a nl In tho 100 block nt the nlley, to g,ie main, /, wo* granted « to conduct dances lead in 503 North wns made a »?·· to wotk without a nlKhtwatchmnn in 249 East Wood « given permission on Iho southeast nnd Woodford ' station, Son were given « curbing on th* of Eldorado _»n« et for a ^ -- ^ ---- « TM · ^^ * ^ m ^ ^B h State School Board Officials Open Annual Meeting In Decatur Thursday -- --._·-* r ^-- ¥ " T r:y '^_l fc *^ ·IHUKSDAY EVENING, OCTOBER 23, 1930. 0iin Thomas Arkle Clark Will Be Banquet Speaker TO STUDY PROBLEMS Member* of school boards [(onunorc than 50 communities ft the itato met Thursday morning in Hotel Orlando lo consider problem* confronting school nd- rninWrMlotw and pitrticulnrly the fliidtion of emphasis on athletic* in a well regulated school system. TfieMnrinl hnnttitft of the. nsioela- Um WHS scheduled for ThuvMlny ,vtiilnp nl which time Poan Thomnn Alkie CI*rH. University of Illinois, I R. r Moore, awvotaiv of the State Tciichpr* association, i uiomtxiis of the associa- Tarlatan AbsoluUly Ghft Box, tion, HtrtHrDtlnn Iti the m-howl board HKiwntlon hiui Tossed flO by the opening »f lhf morning sfcslon nt 10 o'clock Thnridiiy. School boartl numbtw »nrl wliool niiperlntnndnnts from nil OVM the sUlc am attending th( coavonllrm, U'liUtcn AHondlne C W, "Whltten, hefiil of the Illinois School Athlellr niwH'InUnii, Wtrw prrt- tn( In t*" 1 rni-ft\nx of the High school dtvldon of the conference as It opon- tt It* Minion Thuridny nfternoon Toulon «ni In Ihe nlr fln lh» time for the report on the present atntu* of nthletlM la public schools was itnrttd b)' l r . E. Williamson, prosl- ttftl ot ycbtinn school board and rtulrro»n of i h n InvetttlRatlnir coin- mill^ DeHffttni tn ttiB conference w»ltcil fxpertrmtlv for hlntfd "fire- wirk»' p fitwtdl lo he set off by th* report, lipen in MI ' ruin if Th« mm nluK teswlon oiK'tiliik promptly itl I" o'ot(M'(t, WfiM presided owr tv W t 1 U t b n n . iirewldent of IhD (luoclfitlon, f r o m O i n n l t e Clly. Curl N WMI»ftn, iire«klpnt of Decn- litr^hdnl hoaid, welcompd the tlele- jilci lo Ilie cltv W. C, Uiti/tn tcllv(rel I h n anntwl frtildent 1 !! nddreui lollowlnft Mr Wfllcpp nnl report* were heard (torn the si-cretary and the. Ireasuicr, A D McUily, tlrhans, and F. E. Williamson. Ur-bnna, roMperstlvviy PIIIH ('fork to S]M'nk Mtrnnort suHilonH wern under the ftectlan of W. C. Utban, pronUlont. (or HlRh w-hool dwllon; irnl Frank I Petiu, vice-pi evident. Cicero, for tht Elementary school section. ttr (he hunqttft Thitrddrtv In whieh W. C Idbim will Thornan A i k l o flnrh, dean of nu-u lit Ihs Vnlvtmlty ft Illln[)l«, will i[*nk ua I'Wurnriim »nd t h e Community" « h l t e 11. f Moore, ffecre- l*ry irf lhe tUliifi)* S t n l c Tcndier V ·Wnclntun, {'Hrllnvllle, will arlrlrf^ tt rarmhcr* on "ftom* Problemi Chnlknrinv Our tfnlted F.ffort«," Muilc (lutlnj, Ihe brtnt|iiM will he (drnliihfd bv the n e u n t u r Itlch th(iol MdieMra under the dlfetlton of Rex Kf e«, «iiieivi»oi of Instnr- mtwle In Dfcatur schools. Joint MiM-tlng t'rl1ny ni()i'nln«'» meotlntf will be ,. to ti Mat meeting of till MCI" llmiH in (lie lidll mom With tin ail- Jrtti \n Minim T. Hc-(.vlll, C. P. A . jr(c(it.r if m-touiiltinty nml tii-iul ft tliri ih'p'dttncnt of bii'ltn-in oiK"n- tutlnn nut iipenitlon. In tiro li'ilver- H t v o f tlllnul^ Hi- will 1'ilK on the '\ilui of Si'lioul fiiiilKi'l 4 and Alt- Jilt' "t.i-viil Kinlhodii of kl( Htt'lHll I''|UI|N" Kill I'!' !) R J Vi'illr, Utloinev uml 11 conticll for ttif rftioclrrllon. Alton C.forjro N i n t h Tuylor, preiUlent «t SrrMnr wlinol hiwird Will !"l)efik on 'CVmi|if-n",iPl(i» »rxl Inability f n « u i - liwr- «( Sdionh" TV iitli-iain'ii wilt be devoted tn dmlnrii cnllich' (ti-poili of f l l v h tclioel nntl e l ^ m e n t t u y school »w- ttaw. rcpoili of conuulttw*. and iwmlnktlon «nd election of otduem l« thn next vetir. will bo Included In the Haul Here For State Meeting ' *·. board mombets and superintendents from all ovnr th* slate (fathered in Decatur, Thursday, for lh e wlxlecnth an- ntinl convention of Illinois Stale Huh no i Hun i-a association Off Ice 1 M «[ iho i»Hodution shown here, aflur they had heen greeted by Ducatur board meiu- ben aie: Pnink J. Petiu, Cicero; vlec-president; W, C, trtgnn, --tltirnld fiturr 1'hoio Granite City, piesldent; A D. Mobility. \Jrbana, aocretnry, Gail N. Wcllepp, president of Decatur nchool board and chairmen ot the reception committee, Mr, Potru, vlce-prosldenl of the association, is shown wearing the gold nnt badge Hint members of the Cicero board gave, to him after he had oompltled U years of sci vice as president of lhe bonril there. Doctors Give Time and Talent To Restore Health of Babies School and Cbeil Scries 7'/ns ii (nc /i/(/i fn n jen'w o/ orii'det prepared by The Herald to tnfoim school children ait the Community CVii ctrxl Id No Identification of Man Who Ended Life All nit. ntln In eitlnUIHt UrnU(.nithiii4 f t h e ImitV. J»i mwlp into tho donth of t h e tm- Winwn wiiilp tmm whri w»« Inkcn )fw T.nke I1rn.t n r lunt week wllh v,r\ I liedlti dime f t o m i i t h F i t h i i n heitiorrhnse. i ImUriilerl "An imhnnun w h i l e nutn win* to n Mf»th nn Ort HI In Uilo Decn- *ir tt the f. n ,i ,ir thn boflt Inntllnc the Illlnnh. hy drownlnji »(t- Ir. -huh hli wtltt niei()ril inimi," thn verdlcl i h e - * - |[|»\ST ,,f OiM-n M i o t t chnptor 1*1. (). M. H will hmc n wiener Wit Kilihn e\enliiK «t S'JIfl o'clor-k !» l-'ntulei ,, (U U tf It ntlnn "i'T imiKi win l,e In the W. It. ', TO of the Woman* RHIff ' ftlc n-Ueil to meet In MomnV l KiMi.v n f i n n n n n to u t l e n d In seivlceji of Mm Shucking Doz. , Store, d»n yu, jtet such "'"''' Hfttd Itidihci- Elkhido '' S1B7: Mlr)t 'WJ* tot - l U n l l i n fllli " 1 W ( 1 K* mllnt! iu Work OlovM. i k ; extra , f rlnf 'l Shut*. Me; ni-wwl E. St,-Adv, "Of course yov' know the stoiy of Polly.\nna, and you must have read half a dozen othrr stories about little crippled 'girl* and boys," the Decatur iphyaicicxn told hi» gianddaughtet j a f t c r taktttR h*-,r to see the Deca, t u r and Maaon County hoipllsl clln- "In nio?t ra*e!!, the story hinges about the d i f f i c u l t y of filend* of the little nUI or hoy, In Retting toftether enough money to employ the "gioat »iirt,-ufn" from n cljqlimt clly lo operate and lestoru the child to health, ·Now phynlHuna knew that mosl sick chlltltr-n u t e not illmly to be "i huppy ai Pullyriniia wns. ami the public spirited persons in the hcspl- tdl and nmllcul sot-luty. with ttio glv- n i to the CummuiiUy Cheat, are t inif. InU-ienn-d in seeing happy, well r h l k i i i n rwUU'i- Unin Pollyimnan. "Thnt ii why liecatur'H henl phyil- cl/infl nnd mnitconi m e willing to trlvr- Ihcir t i m e nnd tiilonls to the ' c l i p p e d ciillrlifit nnd other clinics In thi- hnsinitnl. to hftp children whfl«» p n i e n t H fan t afford to pay for t h e i r sfivice lluoplttil » (iowniut Giver "Thrtt nlio cx(ilftlns why the hospital IK wllllnj; to give over a whole flour ot vnHuiblB space to tho clinic, and li In the rcatc'n that tho Comm u n i t y Chun! (flvci) M,OOI) or KOOO n ycm to hulp pay lhe uspennds. Of ctutw this tlou.ili't b*«lii to pay for the t i f o ttwli:« thnt tho lioapltal (flv«N (he poor Ltxsl year the rrns- (H»! £|uit fltl,UTl 66 foi SLich gervkv, JJ54; t TOl) ftUive the airiorint provlrtfld for Mint woik. ' N o t all niollit'ld kn/iv what to ilo for lu-i t h l l d t e n . Hut WOUIDO vibost! niolhurw (ne dnad, or- whoso mothers didn't teach them how lo care for children, cun 1enrn the pioprr moth- ol« by applying to the hospital clinic, Mifluri( I.eiirn AlKitit IlublvM "Thh li a d l f f n e n t section from the one Itmt deals with nr-lpptml child r e n , find it Is callctt educational cllnU-, Nur*cfl nnd phyiictans leaeh Ihe mothera how to t;uard the heallh of t h e i r bnblM, The mothcro alwayw ure Rlad to leain these things ho- wnit« Ihey lovo their babies and u n n t them to be welt IVimms who tclvc lo the Comrmm- Uy Chest ate itlud to Ktip wllh this tttitU because thcv know that it U ilii'tipei to kee|t iteojilu well than to i t i r e them nfler- tlicy arc sick. II these children wcr a permitted to ((tow tip without ptoper arc. sow- of them piobtibly would draw upon (hi- Chcit or (he eotmty fund* later In life, to pan- for them In bad health. "Them nr« other r-tlnie.s in lhe hospital too, hut -these are typical, and they am tho ones that you would be most Inltreslnl in. (irownupa would lie Interested In Iho otholB. but Ihev tun find out ahont them by asking in the hoipitnt or from tho Cowl wotker-s. or by takltiR ono of lhe t t l r wllh the Corne-ftnd-Scii commil- itf 'The school clinic Is anothei nipm- b«t of thi- Chest ami cures for school chlldn'11 on the theory thnt It t« snv- toK the city money to ki-oi) chlldien well and in ivhool The Inrtfeat pnit of its support corned froni the schoel tax. h o w e v e r . Council Asked To Have Cinder Street Restored K F. Problach, realtor, asked the council. Thursday, to see that South .Sevonteonth street, south of Cantrell sliot 1 , is cindered as good as it was previous to Iho construction of Iho Southeast sewer, before final ncoept- liue« ot tho sewer is made, Mr Problsoh sold thot he had cin- deie( tlio street before and bad provide-1 an excellent surface at hl» own expense nnd at considerable cost The (rower ron true tow, he said, have not resurfaced lhe rtttect to the condl- lion In v h ' p h It was hefoie. Thn mnlter was refened to Warren A Van Praag, sewer engineers, by tho council, . SOUTH MAIN ASPHALT WORK TO BE FINISHED BY FRIDAY^ EVENING BUI Dllscoll expect to finish uHphntting- the .South Main Gateway FiliUtv evening If weather doea not I n t e r f e r e with the woik. Thoy begun topping tire south half o( lhe Improvement Thursday morn IIIE. beginning at Cleveland avenue, and working south. Wlllt lhal work completed, the "Y" In Lincoln Square where lue ln- tertrihan trucks wprr rflmove(, will be asphallcil nnd then the asphalt work on "Little Twenty-neCond" street wilt bo don, ThK will tnke less than n riny to complcto Sinonlh Ketivlnlng Wall Mon with nn air hnmrnrr bejron Hninothlng down tho complete retain ling wall along Greenwood cemetery on South Mulii fcli-erl, JiM north of this Deentrrr Pnelilnj; * Pinvblon cornpanv plant, Thuisihi\ It w Inke Hcveial days lo put iblw In final condition. By Sunday Ihe South Main Oute wiiy will he open fioru Route 2, at the R u l h Bh-eet Intortectlon, to Lincoln Square II will hr n broad aninoth street t h a t will make a quirk, c«iy nnd anfe e n l i a n r e when a «ub- way h provided beneath tho Illinois Central rollrond Untl! tile subwny h huilt. It \s felt thnt (he public will prefer to UPC the nnirovrer, rougher Fianklln slr^ct Rather- than run the r h k of rross Ing over the railroad tr-oclis. Blrl Drlscoll moved thclt' paving equip mcnt from t!ic noi Ib half of the fiftteway Itnpiovetnont. to the south hnlf by going u i u n u d on Franklin attcct. "Everybody's Night" In Revival Tonight "Eveiy body's Illuhl" will be ob- s e i v u d In ttic Seventh Street Christian church Thuisilay nlpht In le- vlvnl services bolnjf ooruHrcled hy Hev, R, D Blown, ot Granite Clly, Rev Mr, Brown will pionch on · Whnt would Jesus rlo If ho came to Decutiir today?" Ftldav will be tiillrontl night and the evangelist will apeak on "Life's Railway to Heaven" New members of lhe church will be honored In a rccerHlon In the church Saturday evening from 8 until 9 o'clock Sunday will bo rally day In the church with special services In the nvenlng The ncrvlces will close Sunday nlKht. _ SKKVICK GUIM 1-0 MKBT The Wegleyan Service guild of lhe Flist Methotllut church will went Tuesday ernilntr, Oct. 23, in the home of Mis') Fern and Miss Paye Probst, 1070 West Mftcon street. Clt- IzciiHhip nlRht will bo observed and Kiss Fannie A Blvnns, attorney, will speak on lhe coming election Issues, Says-- "You kin use the license* pistes hit don't take tbe cm;" suld Kilmer Bitntlcy to his son lust evcnin' Miss Fawn Mpplncut ( wuz at th" I!»ntley weddln' wcarin' ono o' tha new style evening 1 gowns an' ihe Ilk* ft ·wif'mpttnr. OECATUR HERALD COUNCIL GETS PETITION FOR SHORTPARKING Merchant Street Business Men Asks Restriction NOW FREE PARKING LOT A petition for 15-tnlnute parking on Merchant sti-pet was presontcd in the city council Thmaday, algncd by 10 of Iho 12 mciuhiintB doing bual- neas along the street. P, W. Kaiser of the Enatorn Pack- Ing Co., and George Pout of the Post Jewell y store, apoke In favor of the regulation, A letter from Mr. Kaiser accompanied the petition. Tho council will investigate the matter as u committee of the whole. 1* Fred 1'nrklng Lot Merchant street at the present time IK a "free-parking lot" under present conditions, Mr. Kaiser said In hln lettoi and In his talk to tho council. The street's business is largely In the re lulling ot foods which requires but a sboit time to transact in «aeh Individual Instance, he uald Furniture and clothing cnnnol bo bought In Ifi minuted, he tecoff- nlzett, but jiriTOns wishing to do that could park ('Isewhcie, The condition on the street, whcie 'Oitmt floor rents are tilgh, Is driving the business of the stores on Ihnt street, lo oullvlnjc HCBtlons where parking 1« available, he snkl. Dig trucks double park in thn street, ns with the cars of person* wish- Ing to get Into the stores, blocking traffic and Interfering with the movement of bdsaei Sugguatu Oartoty Cardt» Persons .JiavInf; offices In the upper floors of bulldingi on the stieel, Mr Kaiser said, could Ret parkltiK ce on a nearby lot for 8 ccnta n day per car nnd woulrl he ture ot vinK ft place to put their machines Mr. Knlaer aiif«KPitrd courtesy ctiids for visitors from out of the city, such OB Ihofle used In Bloom- Ington «nd other rttiM r^nrtliirds Hit "We would like to try It," Mr Post sold "Wi have four empty rooms on the street anil more will he empty If the p)e?*nt rondllton continues. Real estate men who ate oppoalnft Ihe IB-minuIn parkins can 3PC what la going to happen to property valued" One way t i n f f l o through the alley between Merchant street and \Vnlor street, wus sURRealed by ConimlBHlOnor Bcechec HughftV nnl wna -uipported by Mr. Kaiter r\nd Mr Pti'it. Trnffle conditions In (he alley, which Is narrow, nre bjifl, Oppoiillon fri the I V m l n u t e pni li Ing in Merchant K\ reet wns voiced In n. pelltlon prciented to t h e Cnunrll Momtny, bv real enlnle men and dorlora who have offlcei slong the stieet, COME AND"SEE GROUP FINDS DUTIES HEAVIER AS DRIVE DATE NEARS Come and See Commlllee acllvllles huve increased with the approach of the Community Cheat campaign opening date WTM, J L Tallrnan, a l i m o n with hci eununiUut', conducted dnily and twice daily tiJpM to Communtty Chest agencieu. Twenly-flve moinbeit) of Mrs H D Letnlcau'i SiiriJ«y scfuol clasn in the Flitt MKlhodlat chinch took the trip Thin Mday. Mrs Tallnmn con- ddcted the tour which coveted tltt Ihroe homes, and the dny nurseiy A similar proup of Illinois Terminal Railroad system officials nnJ ploypH n r c piunnIns to eo on a toni Trtrtny The men will be under the tllrccllon of L P Leek aivl Rois I.loyd Other gioups, composed of In- divlduals and small groups, will be tii ken on tho Come and See tours dally Arrangements for such tours ihoulil be made through Mrs Tall- nmn or through Community Chest Drive hendquartcii Halloween Committee Is Securing Prizes Reiilms ate coming In from solicitors o( pilites for competitions In Decatur'a Ilullowecn pnuide and rplfbitttlan, accoiding lo Hany Halnes, chairman of the project, Re- poilt on the process of the cplebia- tion will be made Thursday evening In n meet Ins of Ihe association at T 30 o'clock In the City hall. l."A7n7KtJMMAG B~$fAt,E The D. A, R, rummage sale will open Friday moinlng In US South Main street, and will continue through Saturday, Clothing of nil soils, for men, women ami children, will be on sale, as well as fumltuic, bedding, u t tains, bi ic-u-bra!, etc Miss Janet Anderson and Mrs. Rnlnh Monroe air In charge, 10 PARTIES LISTED ON BALLOTS TO BE USED IN NOVEMBER Although Mn, Lotll* Hoi man O'Neill In certain to be among the three moat popular candidates for United States icnator, her name la placed in the eighth column of the bUot» to be used by Mwon county votcri In the election Nov. 4. 'Appearing the the first column of tho ballot will be the apodal proposition for tax amendment to the.Btate const It it II on. Ton party columns will appear in the following order: Ropiibtlenn, Democratic, Social- lot, Liberty, Anil-World Court, Peace and Prosperity, Int«p«nd- ent (Mm O'Nelll'M enndltlauy). Ameiltpiti National, Connnunliil, Independent Dry. Council Approves WabashPlamOn . Main Subway Approval of tbc plans lubmllled recently by Waba^h lallroatl engineers for lhe Noilll Main street subway, waj given by the cHv council by a unanimous vote. Thursday, Tli* plans w e r e mnlled to lhe enpl- rcers in (he afternoon fur 1 them to d) the detail woik untl draw up coit ewlimalei. It Is expected Ihnl two weeki will he requited for thai A cov.ferciicc Ihen will be held to take un the flnnnelng problem oC meeting property damage costs. Alex Vnn Piaag that eveiv effort be made lo fjel woik Htnrtcd Uilw Winter on the project to Cuinl'ih i-mijloyment foi IJrraurr'M unemployed. He sugKentcd that lht »vuy«r KC to St. Lutils unii urge the Wubrish to hurry tbe work Irnleail ot walling null] spring. That cannot be done, Mayor SrtiKh s«'d, becnuHD under nny condition the woik could not tret under way unill extreme f-old weather, wlien It eoLld not be carried on. It will be soii'c lime before the piclimlnatles are completed. DEMOCRATIC JUDGES IN ELECTION SCHOOL Instruction Expected To Cut Time of Counting In an effort lo avoid confusion and eirors In tabulating voter: in lhe Nov i election, Dcmou-Alic judges of elacllon havu been scnoolcfi in the methods of counting ballol-i. Chief allentlon has been given to Instruction in Ih* system of cumulative voting followed In reject to eon. didates for the Legislature. The Judges weic artvlHf-d hnt cnch siralgb' rtrmncrnllf ballnl should be counted nx three votes fnr Howard Doylr. only Democrnlic nominee for the LenlBlature In nil ballots in which Ooylrt ti the only legKlnllvo cnridl- riatn voted for, JiirlROs weie odvlned to tally three vole 1 ) for him. Jf two legislative candidates arc voted for, each shall receive one. and one-half voles, nnrt if Ihi cc arc voted for, eucb shall tccelve one vote The vo- ler m«y cast his ballot tor one, two or three candidates for the lure, I. P. L. PUBLISHES MEMORIAL BOOKLET ON HARRY FOUNTAIN A memorial booklet on tbe dedication of the M. L. Hnriy Memorial fountain, has been published bv the Illinois Power and IjlRhl Coipora- lion and is being dlmributed among the late Mi. Harrv't fiiends. It contains a portrait of Mr Harry nml pictures nt the fountain In op- erullon during Hie dny and at night. With Iho pictures nro tho present atlon speech by L, £. Fischer, vico president of the Northern Illinolt Light Power Co.; the acceptance speech by Mayor O. W, Smith, and lhe dedication ud fir ess by GflV. Louis Ij EmmM-son, with lhe portrall of eneh of the speakcis accompanying lir» respecUve addiessea. Motorcycle, Car Stolen; Police Recover One Reginald Graham, Pttfield, reported to polke Thuisday that his Hendf-t^on motorcycle- had been stolen Wednesday night ftont 101S Wesb Wuotl street. Tho license number Is 4451. The Chevrolet coupe ot Miss Bornice Evans, 3371 Kaat Wood slteel, *a« renoited slolen Wednesday night from the 200 block South Fiankltn street License number 717-542. The automobile stolen from A H. Oevatoski, 72B South Jus per street was found Thuriday mointng in the 300 block South Illinois direct. NEGRO WITH BULLET IN CENTER OF BRAIN EXPECTED TO RECOVER Froemont Klnch, indicted for tnur- U.- t,t his wife, and held for treatment In St. Mary's hospital after an attempt to commit suicide, will cany a bullet In the center of his brain for the rest of his life, Di. E, C. McGowan, county pliy.iiclnn In charge of the case, said Thursday. Although no hope was held for Klm-h's recovery, he has progressed rapidly in the last woek and was able to walk lo lhe x-rav room In St. Mnry's hospilol to secure the ptc- trne whleh located the bullet. "A study of the x-ray plntes shmvs that lhe bullet la imbedded In Ibe vf-ry ' l cr of the brnin," Dr. E, C. McGowan. countv tfiysiclafrt laid Thursday. "If II were jiwtt under the skull we could operate and remove the bull "I but Its position makes ll Impossible to operate. "The only plausible solution of the bullet's stopping in the middle of the main without striking an ob str-uctfcn, Is that the gun was of poor quality and the shell an old one. Tho speed of the bullet waa spent in tbe short distance from Hie mouth to the center v f the brain. "Klnch Is apparently normal, men- tnlly. He Is unabln to talk plainly be cause f the wound in his mouth, but fo fnr tho presence of the but Id In the brain has caused no sign of paralysis. He Is nhle to conununl cata with others bv writing." SINGLE PLEA OF GUILTY ENTERED AT ARRAIGNMENT Prisoners Indicted By Grand Jury Demand Trial On Charges CUNNINGHAM IS MUTE With one exception all prisoner! arraigned Thursday morning before Judtto James S. Baldwin In circuit court entered pleas of not gnilly. As a result, L, E, Stenhennon, awtUtani itale'a attorney, saw the probability of a long criminal trial docket, when nroftocutlona open next Monday. Marvin Grove, charged with the larceny of a car waa the one to 1ead guilty and he asked for probation. William Ankrum, ao-defend- nnt with Grov* pleaded not guilty. Cunningham Stand* Mlit* Roy Cunningham, alleged car thief who twice escaped from Sheriff C. A, Thrift, refused to answer (JIWM- tions, and Judge Baldwin entered' a plea of not guilty, the usual custom n cniios where the defendant utands mule, When Cunningham fiisi was ar- ·aiffned, Judge Baldwin remarked that the pi Isoner In charged with the heft of an automobile from D. M. Burner, a son In Itif ot Judge Baldwin "Under the circumstances I am ready to stnnd nslde In this cann and allow another judge of the dl*- rlct to prciidr," Judge Baldwin said, 'if the defendant wants me to do 10," Cunninchnm made no response and Judge Baldwin'told him lo re- urn to hii seat lo connidet Ihe mat- .er. Later when Cunningham wns recalled, he made no response lo questions, and his plea of not guilty wus entered, Woman Il«adii Not Guilty Lcola. Garvjn was artaigncrl and pleaded not guilty to cl)arge» of forgery and or embczxtlng funds from ;he Mucon County Supply company, o-o)Krativo orgnn I nation In which she WHS cmnloyert She eave bonds olnllnu $6,()t« for her uppearsnee for lilal She was iftprtsented by T. Ft, Fitzgerald George Gordon, charged with forgery, pleaded not (-ullty. He Is represented by Henson, Morthland Hcnson, Bond I* 1UjNle4 Rny Harris atLomplod to give bond wlien be pleaded not guilty to a charge of assault with a deadly weapon, hut Ihe Becurily ho offered WBI considered Inadequale for a »t,. 000 bond and he remained In custody of Sheriff Thrifl while new atlempl« to secure bull were under wny In ad- IHlon lo the charge in circuit couil. Harrin In ehertred In an Informntion n county court wllh carrying con- cesled weapons, Scott Uinti, nx-nervlc«i«*n. pleaded not guilty to charges of forgorv and larceny of A car and «sko*l Judge Baldwin to appoint an »a- serviceman allorney to defend him. W, P, Downing was app'-lnled, BcftiM Oullty Fie* Henry Pclrowsity pleaded not gullly to charges of assault with intent to murder police who raided his horn* several weeks ago with a liquor search warrant, He is represented by Howaid Doyle. He assured th* court that he could give bond for hie appearance for trial. Haiold Waldron, 16, offered to plead gullly to a charge of burglaiy o( the Made Ri«ht Sandwich shop, but »in:« piuenU of the boy wei* not In the courl room and he was nol represcnled by a lawyer. Judge Baldwin said he would withhold sen- tent-*. Wotdron has been in IroMble before, he told Judge Baldwin. Three co-defcndnnts of Waidron Elmer Sohullenbrueh. James Wendell nod Forrest Bodlno all pleaded net guilty to three lurceny Indiet- monla, and Waldron pleaded not guilty ti two Indictment* read to him after his initial plea of guilty wa» tendered. The four boys ate chaiecd wllh a series of burglaries In wbkh pay telephones weie nlolcn anrl rtihbcd. UUiir ArrMsninentii Lansing Tbioklield pleaded not BMllty to a charge ft robbeiy with a gun and was released under a W.- 0(10 bond. He Is accused of the ,iol)- up of Lea Bae». H« ts represented by Ed Hayes. Others arraigned were: A!on M Maull, colored, biirglary ana Imecny, B. W. Joklsch, Jr., np- jiolnlctl as defense rounaet, William Olsen, forgery; Arthur Dclahunty, appointed to defend. Cecil Pieston, Chester Mariner and Thomas Mariner, robbery wllh a gun, pleaded not guilty,* Frnnk PrulU, grand larceny, T. C. Buxlon appointed as defense allor- nejr. Kenneth Reid, grand larceny, W. S Bodman appointed u defense altor- ney. Robert Tlpawoitt, grand larceny, and receiving stolen ptoperiy. Arthur O. Frailer appointed to defend. Ben and Eddie Tulltc, burglary. Fred Hamilton appointed aa attorney. Lloyd Waltz, robbery wllh a gun. He is represented by Ed Hayes, A, D, Ward, iwmiult wl i n Intent to kit). He Is represented by Eni»n- u el Rosenberg. » A. of C. Secretary To Return Hom« Tonight Henry Boh, secretary of the De- cntur Association of Commerce, who has been attending the annual convention or the National Association of Commerce Otfaniiatton Secretariei In Tulaa, Ok., Is exptcl- ed home tonight He left last Sunday morning. Th* convention was y tdey, Tuesday and Wednesday. Mr. Bolz waa on the program to read a paper on ·'Advertising a n d Solicitation Scbemea and Their Control." ASK COUNCIL, COUNTY PROVIDE ·' SHELTER FOR TRANSIENTS Chest Speaker TOH VEAKHAN Tom ptarman, Peorta, urM bt the principal apeaker fn tho community dinner «poni»red by the Community Chc»t campaign In the dining room of tb« Hwonla temple next Monday noon, Mr. Pen rman, who put the P»ori« Chest lotril over it* objccllv* luRt yitur for the flrnt time In It* hlBtory, will tell Dmtatur hnw to do It Monday, In a latter to th« Chest oirlclahi Thurodav Mr Penrman «ail "I'D be nure lo b« on hand for Ihe kkk off dinner" which jirwcert* the of Decnlur Ch^Kt drive Council Still Delays Action On Water Rate Cemnuumwr EaH SnuU Aim"! DEUY TAKING ACTION ; Some Action by th* City Council ind county *uthoritj« . to fumi*h Mmw pike* for nomt- ' kn men to ileep thw winttr, WM urged in Thutiday't Council meeting by Rev. Hugh H, Ewtrl, H« KUHftKted the onenlni fit tht room formerly uwd In th* bMtmcnt »f th« wurt houit ·» plac* f«r tnntlenU. CommlMtonor B*rl Smith objected to the UM of that room, though eon- currlni Rev, Mr Bwmrt'n iuif«itlon that th* council and the county nu- pervlior* do «om«ihlnf toward* |ro. vldfnr nl*c«« where men out of work and out of mon«y can g«t In out of winter weather 10 k«e» warm and »le«p, "I think the city should n*t a gar- ago building and put 'canon-bill 1 ilovo* In It every W Iff I or no Md then ajtk the mat* nuthorittei to fur- nlnh about 300 coin thit could bewt up for the mtn in *ltep on," Com- mlMtfoner Hhilth wild. "Th*y wouldn't hav« to h»vf bedding. Th«y hftve heavy coaln t»utlty, ant th* room would bn kept warm by tht ntnve*. That would give them * p)»c» to fct tn out of th* wtklher, A Mhower bath could b« put (· for vary IKH* money and hot water furnlihtd ·o thoi* men could t»k* » bath «· And the place could b* Action on the reduction of Deca lur water rates was deferred again ThurBday by the Clly Council, owing lo the fuel thnt Corporation Counx* 1 ! W, J. Carey was not ready to repoil upon the legal phune of lhe relation of the reduction 10 the contract h*" Iween tht city nnd the Decatui W.iter Supplv Co Mr. Onri-y ha* been reading tbe inw on the mmter nnd preparing *; brief to submit to lhe Council on' the question, He hopon to hnv* that tendy by the next meeting, Monday. It Is understood that the reduction ran be mad* without violating the conlracl, but Mr, Corey d*«lre« lo present lhe matter « there will be no question nbout it when the Council takes up tbe rale reduction* for a dcclnlnn, -*- Nut · "H'pt all rmhi to lattir earn ot our Decatur people," CommiMion*r Van Prutg IMLM, "hut to aet up a plac* like that would advertlsa Dacutur to every bum In the roiinuy and w* would be the m«)t]mr pot of th* country Jn a tittle while, Rui we should do ttonieihJng for jncn In De- DENY PROBATION TO MOTORIST WHO LEFT SCENE OF ACCIDENT Woodrow Tnrler was denied put- bnilon »nd pcnfenred 10 lhe alste fnim for five months Thursday for IravlnK the seen* nt an neetdeni without giving hie name, Sentence A-nt passed bv Judge J. M. McCoy In i-ounty court. Tnrter plemlM RUllly to leaving the *ccne of an automobll'! neeidcnt in wiiich George Payne received In- juilen on Oct. 15. "You arc foitunnte lhat you are r ot charged with muvJor," Judge McCoy tolil the youth in pausing tenlenf*, "You were driving a r«t on the wronK «ldc of Ihe ulreet, without tlghtft, when lhe accldenl occurred. The circumstances ate too flugnint to warninl piobaiicm." Judge McCoy flrxt fixed senlcncu at six inonlha, but whfti Tatter did- cloned the name of anolher man in the ear with him when th* ncetdcnl occurred. lh» nenionce wen reduced lo five months SUBJECT OF SERMON A sermon on tlte Mark Bymons ptclute lhat ba« created io much Interest tn Decatur in the laat two weeks, will be preached Sunday evening bv Rev, A. R, Qrurnmon In Rrit Methodist church. The paint- Injt, "Were vou Ihrre when they crucified my lAril," has been iteen by nioir )er«omi t b n n nny other exhibit ever placed In the Decatur Art Institute. LEGION* AUXILIARY TO DUNCAN FUNERAL Member* of Ibe American Lotion auxiliary ar* 10 meet Friday at 2:18 o'clock In Moran'R. to attend the funeral of Mrs. Kilty Duncan, first president of Ihc auxiliary, who died Wednesday morning, ELECTS OFFICERS The M club of Mllttkln elected officers after a noonday luncheon, Thursday. The officer* are: Preslden I-- -Charles Smith. L Vice Pi'ett.--Goorg* Corhelt. Treasurer-- Wllman France, Secretary-- Jnm«t Dunning, Mayor Smith nolnird on I thtt th* · Ralvution Army has a big bulldlnit · paid fur out of public money Riven ' by voluntary nubnerlpllontt, In whleh a good many weie lalten cart of toot winter, H« ·ugee*t«d lhat »om* plan could he worked out lo make u*« of · the room available ihere, If it 11 . available, lo take care of th* hom* · lei*. ,, "I am willing lo look into that and «ee what can be done," he Mid, No formal action wait taken. Observe Golden Weddbf In Deott«rHome Sunday Mr, and Mrs, P, O, Uech tolebi-»ted their ttotdoit w»ddlnir Sunday, Oct. 1», Jn thi home of their daughter, Urn, Edna R. Carnvnan of Denatur, Dinner wait netved At noon wllh All Of their seven tftlldrtti and their famine* piotonr with the Mtteptlon of five of Mi* 10 gramtchtldrttt. Th* dining room WM decorated with y»l» low flower* and golden mndl**, A tliday cake decorated with BO e»n- dleu formed the centerpiece for th* table, During Ut« dlnntr hour ft Mhori pi-offi-um came over th* »lf fr-ont Tuticola Bi'oaU*nMln(t station In honor of the ocean Ion, At lh* clow of the dinner they wer* pr*»«nt*d with RffU of gold on a plaw carried by litile Ruth C*ek, their youngeitt Mr, and Mn, Re«k will b« mtrrM r.O yoard TJce a. but on account of ihoii sou und wifi', Mr, and Mr*. W. K, B«k who are vlilU»K h"i« from Pawnee Koclt, Kan,, M wnt be'ld earlier. By ChuVtrM MUUkb Severn! lillle g l r i f r o m # to 13 year* of age fn Ibe Anna B, Mlltlkln homo, aie much In n»«d of winter (0»U before the weather grow* bit- laily cold again. Th«« youngnWn are dependent upon charitably li- dined otiUldei* for their coat*, and «o far, due lo hard tlmen, none havt been forthcoming. Th* children managed to gel through tail week'* cold safely, but th* superintendent li anxious for then) to have coat* b«- lor* teal winter comei. If ftlckne** it to be avoided, Any penon having outgrown coat* In the** line*, I* inked to communicate with Mr*. Loulm Conklln In tbe home, S-M3S, Final Estimate OB Sewerji Approved The flnn) **ilm»trof the InitiDa- tlon of * small nanlury ntwtr In Lakeside addition wait approved by the Board of Local ImprovcmtMi Tburtday, and iMiMitee of MM of public Improvement bond* WM ·*· thorlwd to mkk* th* final payment to Paul Wcllepp, contractor. The final ontlmate on Iho »*wcr was »J,MV,1H. LOCAL NOTICES | Weaver TlriCo. VlrMtoM Tlrw, Can, 40o lack', kindling, itto bund)*, O|en day and nite. Coniumer* let Co. Prom 10 to IS talla in reiponw 10 a "Household Good*" ad rad many article* gold, ai a remit WM the report Mn, Auguftt Dahl, Mi S. W*hater Mrttt, gave th* Herald And th* ad only ran one Urn*, Masquerade, new conlumei to rent Prices low. Kramer, conlumer, HI E. Main, 2-4128 Cash prlws given, masked danc* Sat Nlte, Armory ball room. Aattt. 60c. 26e. t . Plinninr Two Day Party Frtdny nnd R*turtay vet party .·»}·* at the Mnrth*. WuWnfU* Candy *hop, Martha nnA Onorft w* be prt»«nt tn colontil COM unto* t» help every one *nloy iMe »p*t]M it, oecailon. Ulii N»it, tb« will dUMlHite fr*e *Mnpl*« to *,n attending thle two day party »t Ktt N. Water *tre*t.^ ___ _ Escaped Priiwtr WJI B» Bright Back John W, BVUM, tuW* ·ttoraty, and Vlffll Bekhtr, deputy ·htrlt^ left Thurtday morninf tor Millet county, Uo., irmtd with r»»uWllim iwpera for Otenn P»tt*f»on, *imp«4 «r ihlcf, who wilt be rtturwd t» . *Urt *. penttentltry nentettM \iwttt',' « convletlon infth* Utcon '" circuit court

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