Dixon Evening Telegraph from Dixon, Illinois on June 2, 1955 · Page 17
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Dixon Evening Telegraph from Dixon, Illinois · Page 17

Dixon, Illinois
Issue Date:
Thursday, June 2, 1955
Page 17
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"Theyll Do It Every Time By Jimmy Hatto r Ne* So«ENR/<5£I5 HOME A LITTLE 4FTER ELEVEN-ANO UOW DOES EFFJE RETELL IODINES THREE LITTLE WORDS ? V> TODI^E ASKED "WIS OME SIMPLE QUESDOM AS TO WIS WHEREABOUTS •' M ■■■///W///A x/«c adl. I /A FINE TIME TO GET HOWE MOM KCRK.'XJURV ^ ^^V, rf iTTir^V \ J? UTTtK CJ4ILD EVEN WONDERS 490UT MSU.'E (WORKlKS? hF^^Z^r^ ) — * WUy DOESN'T My D4DCV COME HOME LIKE C ^2!_!^1¥ SSSH? hTT^Mfll) °™tR CWDOES?*SaE SAD-SUE WAS T*yi*e The Dixon Evening Telegraph— Dixon, Illinois Thursday, June 2, 1955 Wise Eating Necessary For Teen-Age Figure BY Many teen-age girls are over-Weight. For the sake of their fig-tn es and future healtn, they need to knew more than they do about weight control. Dr. Ercel Eppnght. head of the Department of Food and NutnUon at low a State College, has m\ estimated the food habits of 1188 low?, school children. This study included 2T9 Kills 12 years or lder. One-fourth of this group were very heavy or obese Dr. Eppnght believes that education in weight control should begm at about 12 yeais of age. Here is an attractive v. arm, weather summer bieakfast. The entier family can enjoy it. Teen-Ace Breakfast : fctrav;- puffed wheat (1 ounce) with whole rnilk (J2 cupl, blueberry coffee cake (lai'ge serving), whole milk (1 cup). To adapt to a 400 calciie reducing breakfast, reduce the milk to 1 cup of skim milk and serve a smaller piece of coffee cake. Blueberry Coffee Cake (lield: 10 sewings) One cup silted all - puiposc flour 21- teaspoons baking powder, ^ cup sugar. Jz teaspoon salt. 1 egg beaten: >2 cup milk, U cup melted fat. 2 cups corntlakes, slightly crushed: -4 cup fresh blue^"pninjr: Two tablespoon3 mel- Page 17 A GOOD BASIC BREAKFAST to rlfht to .tart the dayoff. For a teen-arer. apecwiu. «. »— sugar, 1 teaspoon GAYXOR MADDOX cinnamon, 1 cup cornflakes, sngnuy crusnea. Combine flour, baking powder sugar and salt. Sift into bowl Combine egg. milk, fat and 2 cups cornflake Add to dry ingiedients; stir just until ingredients Are blended. SDread batter into greased ing pan 91-. x 6'i inches Sprm- He blueberries event To make topping com cine margarm sugar and ghly. Add r\s cornflakes and blend well. Sprinkle topping evenly over blueberries. Bake in hot oven (400 degrees F.) until done, 25 t 30 rmn- Charity Dessert MIAMI, Fla— 01— Mis. Harry Lansman ate a S50 hot fudge sundae for dessert Dining with her husband at a restaurant. Mrs. Lansman said: "Id give S-50 for a hot fudge sundae and all you have is apple pie." John Leonard, restaurant pro- rjrietoi said : "Give me the ?50 for varieiy Children's hospit?l and 1 11 geL you the hot fudge sundae Mrs. Lansman turned to her husband and said: "Darling, do >ou have a loose $50 bill'" Lansman paid Yours Is Waiting in Today's Want Ads! Chances are, the very home you want at the price vou want to pay is listed m the Real Estate section of today's Want Ads! So why not turn to the Classified Pages NOW and look these values over? PHONE 21111 For Want Ad Taker READ AND USE THE WANT ADS Good Advice: Don't Pick Up Hitchhikers! Hitchhiking crimes have become o common that only me most zet nationwide attenri states Don Wharton m the June Reader's Digest. Before the summer is over -e sure to see many hitchhikers. ATnst- will be Innocent enough- soldiers on leave, youngsters win- out bus fare. But how can you tell the honest youth from t cious thug who is waiting to steal your car and money and perhaps en to kill you: meres <j sure wav to find out. wnan observes. "Pick up the hitchhiker and srive him a chance to rob. knife, blackjack, snoot or kill. If he does none of these unrigs, ne is .11 right." The article cites case after rase of robbings, assaults and killings on the nation's highways. Some oi these crimes have been committed by men in uniform, others by youths mistaken for college boys. A businessman who had visited nis college picked up a young hitchhiker only a block from his fraternity house. This w. the motorist's kindlv custom— as thank vou" for lifts gi l son. The next dav his naked, beaten and mutilated body found in a bloody snowbank on back road. n areas near penal or mental titutions. a large proportion of all hitchhikers are escapees. Some of these areas are marked to: motorists' protection, but most are not: out-of-state drivers cannot know they are entering a critical Even the nnn-cnminal hitchhik er can cause financial trouble In 21 states a driver may be held liable for injury to a hitchhiker. One collected S28.000 from his host m a recent case, the article re- Twenty-five states, the District of Columbia and innumerable towns and counties hav against hitchhiking. If your state has such a law. insist on its forcement. Wharton urges. If it has no law, start working for In any event, help reduce hitch hiking crimes by resolving not pick up any hitchhiker. Comparative Costs ROSWELL, N. M -J*)— Officials | of the Chaves County Concer Cm- | sade are pointing: out that the coun- ! ty goal of $11,000 is less than -what ■ Mil be spent m the county during-Ae next year for ladies' fingernail polish. NOTES for BUSINESSMEN: How to Profit from JOB PRINTING BUSINESS CARDS When you visit a client what does he see first? Your business card, of course! To make that first impression the best it is onlv natural to use a card that is in good taste. Let us show you our many quality samples. FOR INDUSTRY B.F. SHAW Printing Co. Phone 8-1811 — 8-1821 BLUE WINNER HALVES -- 303 TIN APRICOTS . . 6 BETTY CROCKER 15-OZ PKG. INSTANT (FROSTING MIX 4*SP DOMINO PURE CANE SUGAR . . io»*93c CERTIFIED RED LABEL -- PURE VEGETABLE SHORTENING 3 65c CERTIFIED RED LABEL -- 303 TIN APPLESAUCE 2 - 29c Certified Red Label -- No. 21/2 Tin -■ Bartlett PEARS . . . .3^P RAGGEDY ANN — SOLID PACK WHITE— Vi Size Tin TUNA 3 s1 RAGGEDY ANN — 46-oz. Can ORANGE Aflc JUICE . . DEL MONTE— lS-oi. Pk?. Seedless a q( Raisins : I *l KELLOGG'S— 10-oz. Pkq. SUGAR FROSTED FLAKES 23' QUALITY MEATS FRESH PORK CUTLETS >49c KRAFT or MIRACLE French 8"BJ|Qt Dressing . lU CHEF IOY-AR-DEE Spanish'5 ~c°" Rice . 2 for Z 51 rfffl _mb._ NEW, TEXAS, RED RIPE TOMATOES 19' JUMBO 36 SIZE CANTALOUPE 2 49c LARGE GREEN PEPPERS ^5C New CABBAGE 2 Ifr FANCY, YELLOW BANANAS 2 .29' LARGE NO. 4 HEAD LETTUCE 2 .. 25° PURE GROUND BEEF 3.hs.siaa U. S. GOOD ROUND STEAK . ■ »■ 69° U. S. GOOD CHUCK ROAST ■ ■ 45° FRESH, RIB BOILING BEEF . . » 19 All Purpose OIL 59 NORTHERN BATHROOM TISSUE 6 49c BEECH-NUT OR GERBER'S BABY FOOD STRAINED I JUNIOR 12 1,00 I 2 27° QUALITY GRADE A—IN PAPER CARTONS SILVER SEAL MILK 6.i 32° ZION— 2 LB. PKG. FIG BARS . 49' BLUEBIRD — FROZEN ORANGE JUICE SAWYER'S— 1 LB. BOX E...2<"25' Baker Boy at CRACKERS . . . M GAINES iu.c, a 10 DOG FOOD . Z,or lO STORE HOURS: Weekdays, 8 am Till 9 pm -- Sundays, 8 am Til 12:30 WE RESERVE THE RIGHT TO LIMIT QUANTITIES CHICAGO AVENUE CERTIFIED GROCERY AND MARKET HAROLD DAY 506 CHICAGO AVENUE JOHN MeCLANAHAN ekHRCHIVE rRBCHIVE® SFWSPAPF

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