The Chillicothe Constitution-Tribune from Chillicothe, Missouri on November 22, 1916 · Page 5
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The Chillicothe Constitution-Tribune from Chillicothe, Missouri · Page 5

Chillicothe, Missouri
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Wednesday, November 22, 1916
Page 5
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ution. ftS. CIRCUIT JUDGE ONE HALE OE MEMBERS DECIDES ADAMSON I AW LEAD WORLDLY LIVES IS UNCONSTITUTIONAL JCDGB WILLIAM C. HOOK MADK THIS DECISION I V KANSAS CITY TODAY. Government Attorney* Say This De- cision is, in NO Way a Set-Bark to tho Government's Contention. ( B y L'liltcil Pn-ss. I WORLD ITSELF DOES NOT THINK OF THEM AS CHRISTIANS Rev. Kobertg Preached an Unusually Interesting Sermon at Christian Church Tuesday Night. Rev. Roberts preached another un usuaaiy interesting serman at the Christian church last night. His subject was "The Door Wa s Shut", and he used the familiar parable of the §· WHAT HAPPENED IN THE · ADAMSON ACT CASE 5 Judge Cook would not go in- ·$· to detail as to law points in- S volved in declaring the Adam- 's' son law unconstitutional. ^ He instructs the receivers of · the Missouri _ Oklahoma and '-, j many things but one thing i s certain 3,it means there will be a final oppor. lived on, having eyes that see not and ears that hear -3 Gulf railroad to join immediate- | t u n i t y in every life to come to if S ly the government in getting its '· ' own. If we have ^ case advanced before the Su- ·£·' preme Court for final decision. i He grants the injunction ask- y ed by the receivers against the ·£· Adamson law but ordered the S- receivers to keep a separate ac- not, will somewhere in TO VOTE ON WESTERN GOUIITY JUDGE AGAIN? ATTORNEY'S SAY THJ3 LAW IS PLAIN ON THIS SUBJECT. No Action Has Been Taken, Awaiting tho Return of County Clerk Harris. Who is really entitled to the office of Judge ol the "County Court from the Western district is still in doubt From the face of the returns as reported from the county celrk'-s office publican nominee, by 30 majority, covered that a duced his total make the vote between the republican nominee and the democratic nom. inee, William '.McCarthy, a tie. among local politicians as to wheth- CHILLICOTHE, MISSOURI. WEDNESDAY, NOV. 22, fMP[RORFRANCISJOS 7 TH[ M'DAHL MUR- TWST BRIFI8H PAS- m OF mm DEAD; HER CASE GOES ON SENCfR SHIP IS SUNK ARGHDUKEGHAS.ERAN- GIS TO IDE THRONE DAILY EDITION, pass the door of hope. His strife's _ing statement that about fifty per S I cent ot those on the church rolls live ·- such worldly lives that the world it- er or not the result as shown can be our journey we changed at this late dav. 's- count and be prepared to pay V self does not even ·'· the railroad employees under « the terms of tho Adamson law, 3 think of them as being Christian, seemed to meet the hearty approval of those present. · should the Supreme Court sus- S He added, "the saddest thing of ail * tain u - *' I 's. this proposition will probably re- « ' « - « « . ^ s r t « . S ? « , « , S , ^ ^ S , * j main the same until the coming of Kansas City. Mo., Nov. 22.--Judge ' Christ. Men have always scoffed ar William C. Hook of the United States, j God's redepmtive plan arid they are a ° ln s it now. "As m the days of Circuit Court today decided that the ···Adamson Eight Hour law was unconstitutional. The action brought yesterday by the government asking for the dismissal of an injunction suit brought Noah unto D ° harvest than An act, enacted by the Missouri general assembly of 1915, which is the latest law on this subject, seems to clear the matter. According to this act the 30 too many votes received by Snodgrass in East Jackson township must be taken from his total. This would leave a tie and in all probabilities another election will be called in the Western district to vote on these two candidates again. The 1915 act of the Missouri legislature follows: °I| HE IT ENACTED BY THE GEN. YESTBRDA1- WAS A DA\ OF DJS- APPOI1VTMKNT FOR THE STATJi. Many of th e State's San- Wituesse* Contradicted Themselves FrequenUy. St. Joseph, Jio., Xo I -A pall EMPEROR FRANCIS JOSEPH I HAD REIGNED OVER'AUSTRIA.HUN- GARY FOR 87 YEARS. D'eath Came t o the 86~Vear Old Rul. er in the Midst' of n. World War Which Ho Was Largely Re_ sponsiblo For. into the testimony by one of the wit(By United Prow.) nesses ot the state. The testimony Washington, D. C., Nov. 22.--Offi-l this morning was a continuation oi cial announcement of the death o f ' yesterday's grewsom BRITANNIC TORPEIJOEI OR SUNK BY A MINE WITH MORE THAN 2,000 SOULS ABOARD HER. which settled thickly over the crowded court room when the McjJamel murder case was reopened tod.iy re- lused to be dispelled even when now Was Built By the White Slar Line to Be Used in Trains-Atlantic Service, But Had Been Requisition, ed by British Government. London, Nov. 22--The British hos- . Lai sh^p, Britannic, probably th^ White Star liner ot chat name and CO-INSURANCE CLAfE INSTATEOFMISSOll HELD NULL AND VOID JUDGE A. B. DAVIS RENDERS IM. PORTANT DECISION IN FA. VOR Ol-' M. V. PIPER. ' · Held that Law of ISO!) W;D» Still In Efl'ect and that tho Act Passed by Legislalui'o in 1913 tVa s Null - And Void. andt^a^ofTumrwrrZ '" '' £ "»" -^~i_T" TM» * °* **· -- ,! Emperor Francis Joseph of Austria was made this afternoon by the Austrian Embassy hers. ( B y Uuilert p re »». London, Nov. 22.--The eyes of the ·norld was turned today on the new Emperor of Austria_Hungary Al. details. The dark, leaden skys were in keeping with the tense scene about the court loom where a man is charged witn the murder o£ his wile and is undergoing trial tor his lite. Thruout yesterday Oscar D. Me- Daniel was the least affected person in the court room. Ha talked often j sunk in the Zea. channel o f the Egean sea yesterday. The admiralty an noun^ed today that of those aboard about 50 were lost, 1100 saved. | tho Vienna has withheld official an-1 with his father who sits behind his rendered an important decision which-'- affects'practically every insured pros-" ".-"'' erty owner in the State of Missouri °' ° C : aged Emperor, Francis Joseph, his demise as been confirmed in special dis son. When a piece ot the murdere-J \ quisitioned woman s skull was ottered in evi- j dence a second time, McDamel alone patches from various sources. The i seemed unconscious of its horror's, new ruler of the nation. Archduke i Mrs. Luke H. Moss, mother ot Hai- Charles Francis, the Emperor's grand 1 riett Moss McDaniel, came very near clared that the vessel had been sunk by ajiime or a torpedo. The Britannic was a steel, triple screw, steamship of 18,158 tons-the 'biggest British ship now afloat. She was built for the White Star line passenger service, being finished last year, and immediate re- by the British government as a hospital ship. The Zea channel where the admir- 28 injured and The decision was in the case of 'Mar-, tin V. Piper against, the National, ·,'. Insurance Co., of Hartford," l'i Tho admiralty announcement de, I Fire Conn. On March 1, 1916, Mr. Piper, who ."jjj owned the buiness building at the corner of Lobust and Clay streets, took out eight policies of insurance m different companies, aggregating 112,000 on the building, exactly 75-' per cent of the value of the (building, $16,000; in compliance with the law which required insurance companies ality states, the great ship was lost | building. not to exceed 75 per cent on any On March 5 this building nephew, whose demands on Serbia precipitated the great war, ] s 29 years of age and Is now supposed to be at the front in command of the Austrian forces, operating against the R u m a n - collapsmg and Miss Aileen Moss I shuddered and covered her face witn I her hands when the grewsome piece; back wounded from Saloniki the 1 of the dead woman's head was offer, channel being in a direct line to the ed in evidence. But McDaniel was as world outside ot the kingdom of God. The evangelist also emphasized by the Missouri .Oklahoma and Gulf I how easy it i s to allow just one thing ASSEMBLY the AS FOLLOWS MISSOURI I Undoubtedly he has already j a man OE stone with merely an ex' been summoned to Vienna. | pression ol interest on his face which railroad was to get an early decis. to " 8 U ° f God. These un icn from the Supreme court. Judge Hook's action today permits the case j and no doubt other provision to appear before the S u p r e m e c o u r t ' thoir journey but they had no when it convenes December 4th. The j They discovered their loss in the lart court allowed the government until moment. Never does a rs of Judges of Certifying Returns -ise virgins had lamps i Judges o( e lectio for Section 1. County Cleric and Election Commissioners t o Correct Er- Precincts When the of any voting pre. 3 o'clock this afternoon to perfect its thing have so much value as when appeal and he will be on the bench i we see it passing awav from us Onp i to certify the appeal at that time. I sad regret thru a long eternity with! H a t f " ""H T** n "* The action brought by the railroad | in itself would be a terrible punish- I entirely*" witl against the brotherhoods also will be | ment. The belated virgins sought' disposed of at this time. admission to the marriage feast. They Judge Hook will either dismiss the net in any county in this state, or oil ' in any city in this state not within a county, in casting up the totals O I tho precious -votes cast in such precinct at any primary or general election, shall candied for county, or such city, a greater or less n u m b e r or With tho prospects that the new ruler may have an important bearing in the f u t u r e of the war, his char- has been there from the start of the trial. Watching the witness as he gingerly examined the piece ot hu- s a bit of water between the main- j was damaged by a fire to the amount land of Greece and the Sea island, of $6,778.71, as determnied by the TTVi-!i-i-,*-V. _,-.-.·.*·,-,-- ,, _ t :*. f , _ . ·* *·"*-' appraisers appointed by the Insurance companies. Each-one of the policies held by Mr. Piper had'at-- om the statement, it is sate to as- ume that the Britannic was bringing Allied depot in this sectipn.- Nevv York Hears It. New York, Nov. 22.--At the flees of the Ocean Steamship Company, the White Star line, it was people o t | a part of the victim, the strain ibe- stated that the Britannic never had acter and disposition has been stud- | man bone and indicating that it was ied deeply by the leaVued came too great lor Mis. Moss and slid, been armed. The was assisted i-'rom the court room by j%steamship compau ny first news had had of the did not intend to miss it, but good inaction or allow the railroad company | tensions alone will not save. "The door wa s shut." They also heard the words "I know ye not." Some | say there is plenty of time and God to file the same petition against the brotherhoods as they filed against the government. E. Marvin Underwood, assistant i is good or there United States Attorney General, who arrived here this morning to assist Francis M. Wilson, district attorney, in the case, said that lie believed the be a second chance but there is no such hint ii this lesson. "The door was shut." Mrs. Rogers sang a beautiful solo last night and 'Mrs. Chambers got decision of Judge Hook was in n o ' g o o d results in congregational sing- way a set-back to the government. I ing. Tonight the evangelist will tak3 "Judge Hook made the decision i for his subject "The Fighting Saint. ·without any material consideration of the issues and on application of his own receivers," Underwood said Judge Hook appointed the receivers for the railroad "which broughc the injunction proceeding similar to those brought by railroads " m courts scattered State;.. Attorney Frank Hagerman, special counsel for the go\ernment, refused to make any statement. The meetings begin at 7 : 3 0 each evening. Every Conflict May r.i Conquest. The best meeting of the series so far was held last night at the First Baptist church. There were a-'num- all over the United j b o r of conversions and--some additions to the church. The aim is to lead people to Jesus and then let them be perfectly free t o unite with whatever church they may desire without any urging m the matter in favor of any one. A£f£r a splendid song service Bro. Turner sang a sol o that was «yer/ CENTRAL POWER MINISTERS FORCED TO J..EAYE GREECE (Ily X'liltod l*rt-sH. Rome, Nov. 22.--The departure of the diplomatic representatives of all the Central Powers from Athens, ·was reported in a wireless dispatcn received from the Greek capitol to* day. votes than such candidate actually received, as shown by the tally sheet of such precinct, it shall be the duty of the county clerk of such county, or of the board of election commissioners of any such city, and the board of election commissioners in all cities of this state having such board, before certifying to the nomination or election of any candidate for a county office, or for a district office voted for entirely within such county, or such city, to give to the candidate or candidates whose total vote, as certified by the judges of election is more or less than the number of votes actually cast for such candidate or candidates, as shown by the tally sheet of such precinct, the I actual number of votes cast, for such candidate or candidates in the pre-1, cinct or precincts in which such er-' ror, or errors, occurred, the certifl-j cate of the judges of election to the contrary notwithstanding. Sec. 2. "Comity Officer" as nsert in this act defined--"County officer" as used in this act, shall 'be held to include all officers of any city not within a county, whose duties corres- Europe. Democratically inclined, the new ruler is known to have had a good military educa-tion and he has j Mayden Moss, her son, who sUb at' sinking was thru the United Press als 0 achieved some success as a | bib mother's side constantly during dispatches from London, military commander in the present i tho trial. The Britannic never has engaged great war. He has lacked any train-i Yesterday was a day of d,ssap- in trans-Atlantic service, not having ing whatever in statecraft or d i p l o m - j pointment for the state. S U t 2 wit-I bc-en completed at the outbreak ot acy, moreover, he is assuming thf nesses became afflicted with "stage the war. She was turned over to the throne of Austria-Hungaiy when i fright" and frequently contradicted j British as a hospital ship wjth b u n k s themselves. ' for 2500 men. She carried, usually, Three witnesses testified today in in addition to her patients, 200 throne itself is tottering, so far Hungary i s concerned. Hungary it, growing restive under the heavy yoke and it will require the services of Austria's greeatst diplomats to keep her in line. Tlas Aichduke become heir to the the McDaniel murder, case that Oscar, nurses and orderlies and 100 sur- D. McDaniel, trfe defendant, Was geons, besides her "~crew of- about SOO men, the line officials said. Tha standing beside his automobile^ in front of his home at 10:25 o'clock Brittannic, as a hospital ship, was on the night of the murder. McDan- operated solely by the officers of the throne of Austria-Hungary by the as. |iel has claimed that he was ten miles i White Star line. At the local office it sassination of Archduke Francis Fer. away from home at that time. .Mrs. dinand, prior to the outbreak of the ' Margaret Hillyard testified thAt sh-' wa s said that the ship was strictly a non-beligerent. Tho «hip was with- tached thereto the provision for coinsurance, or what is known as the Missouri Reduced Rate contribution,' j clause, requiring him to carry insur- I ance to the amount of 90 per cent of 0 - I the value of the building, which d be the sum of .$14,000. ter the loss and appraisal these lanies wanted to settle on the i thal: · klr - p 'P e r was carrying - i ¥ 2 4 0 0 more than he was-actually in| sured. He declined to settle, holding I that the Missouri co-insurance clause 1 was null and void, and no part of the contract and that he was not . b o u n d by "it. All of the companies , complied with the demand for set. , tlement in full with the exception o£ ·two. When suit was threatened one I of these companies paid, but the Na.- .tional Fire Insurance Company, thru i its attorney, Thomas' Bates, of Chicago, declined to pay only according to the co-insurance clause, which would be ?941.48, a s its proportion of the loss. Mr. Piper, thru his at- · torney, L. A. Chapman, then filed war. He has been m command 01 saw McDaniel standing m f r o n t of his i drawn from the government service, the Austrian army on various fronts m the last two years. Archduke Charles Francis was born August 17, 1887. His wife was Princess Zita of the Bourbon house of Parma. His father was the Arch- Otto, who was rother of Francis Fe younger garage at that time in hi. sleeves and light trousers. On examination the three witnesses refused to be shaken. The develop- s h i r t ! according to reports received at the cross! Xew York office recently, and was taken to a ship b'Jildmg yard about d, month ago to have her passenger ments of the entire day were distinct-| accommodations rebuilt. They ex- ly favorable to the prosecution. The defense predicted today that the trial would last at least three pected her to be placed in trans-At- lantic service within a short time The death of Francis Joseph is the | weeks longer. McDaniel was remarkable climax to the-.loagj list helpful. The plan is to have some pond to the duties of any county of. special music, even more than the 'ficer, or officers, outside such city. men's chorus each evening. · The J Sec. 3. Penalty--Any county clerk, , evangelist was at his best last night j and preached a great sermon from or any member of any board of election commissioners, who shall fail or They left in response to a v ultimatum served on the Greek gov_ aslde t(} see t n g ernment by Vice-Admiral DeFournet. ' aQd beQold there rtual' J U d g e S 14:8: " And after a time te! refuse t o comply with the provisions returned to take her and he turned i 0 (this act shail be deemed guilty ot representing the allies. He alleged that the ministers "were giving intor_ mation to German submarines. SEVERE BRONCHIAL OO1U Yield to Delicious. Vinol. Philadelphia, Pa.---"Last fall aad h o n e y t h e Q£ gwBrm caVcass _ Qf lion." The theme deduced from this text was Every Conflict May be -Conquest." Samson was, while on pleasurable journey, surprised by lion. Samson slew the lion, but said nothing about it even to his parents, , it may be because the power that en| a'bled him to perform thts feat was a misdemeanor, and, upon conviction thereof, punished by a fin e of not less than five hundred dollars nor more than one thousand dollars, or by imprisonment in the county jail for a a j period of not less than ninety days nor more than one year, or by both such fine and improsonment. Approved March 24, 1915. bronchial cold, headaches, backache. and sick to my stomach It was so , another . s as he we ,, k and n£)t bad I became alarmed and tried s e v | h f s _ - Modestv , g a b e a u t i f u l trait in eral medicines, also a doctor, but dil | character . Samson passing by late? not get any relief. A friend askeu I me to try Vinol and it brought the relief which I craved, so now I am enjoying perfect health."--Jack C. Singleton. We guarantee Vinol, which contains beef and cod liver peptones, iron and FITZGERALD WILL INTRODUCE RESOLUTION PLACING AN EMBARGO ON FOODSTUFF-- ofi 'tragedies -M the Hapsbucj^-family --a list unparalleled in any otner reigning house in Europe. He died in the midst of the world s greatest war, which he himself largely brot about by his determination to avenge the assassination of the heir, the Archduke Francis Ferdinand, as the result of an alleged Serbian conspiracy, while the archduke was on a state -visit t o Bosnia on June 28, 1914. Francis Joseph was 86 years old at the time of his death. He was only 19 years old when he ascended to the throne of Austria upon the ad- dication ol his uncle, Ferdinand I, December 2, 1848, making his active reign extend over a period of almost sixty-eight years. and nervous today. NiSWS NOTES. PRESIDENT WILL HAVE THE FULL -NUMBER OF CALIFORNIA ELECTORS discovered that the bees had found a convenient hive for themselves in the dried carcass and Samson had the pleasure of getting the sweetest food out of the conquered enemy. This,' stuffs as soon as congress convenes, j ures on every elector in each of the ( B y Unlteil Pre.*.t Washington, Nov. 22.--Announcement that he will introduce a resolu- (By Unlttrt Pr!»s.) San Francisco, Gal., Nov. 22 -President Wilson's plurality in California is 3,807, .according to tabula- ' tions of complete official returns from every county in- California, as stated by the republican state central committee at 11:30'o'clock today Th 0 llJirgain Days. Remittances 'continue to pour n for renewals and new subscription to The Constitution. However, then are a great many who don't seem t o ' realize that by r e m i t t i n g now they I can secure a better rate tli.ui the* I can later After December 2nd the Daily Constitution delivered by mail will positively be raised to .$3.00, the regular rate, and in the city the nrlc'j will be $5.00. The offer has been extended for the last time and thesi prices will absolutely be adhered to after the announced date. There are quite a number Nothing had been heard from the pale | ship since word was received that ii vas to (be rebuilt. It was-stated here that the Britan- |nic was commanded by Gapt.- G. D. Bartlett. The Britannic was the largest British ship afloat and second only to the Vaterland, the 'huge German pa.s. senger vessel in tonnage She displaced 48,158 tons. She was propelled by three screws. minister of this city for the First M E. Church, died at his home in Win. field, Kas., Monday after an illness of only a few days. Rev. Hale wa'- S3 years of age. He was a brother of Mrs. G'. B Stufobs of this city. suit, demanding .$1,129.79 as rect amount due him. Mr. Bates was anxious to test the law and therefore the case was Argued before Judge A. B. Davis Tuesday, who rendered a decision in favoj^of. tjie_plaintiff for the amount sued for with interest at 6 per cent from date of judgment, and t l O O attorney fee. Judge Davis's decision upheld the contention of the plaintiff that the said co-insurance'clause' was nulTand void and 'riot authorized und'er 'tiny law and that the law of 1S99 was s'til! in effect in the state and that the act of 1915 did not repeal or modify that law and that no insurance company had a right to make any agreement with an owner that he should carry a certain per cent of insurance. CHAUFFER KILLED AND TWO PASSENGERS BADLY Tlemioved (o Eunice Worley, He.- one Wcinc. of the lily Liiilr,! lrcnK.) Kansas City, Mo., Nov. 22--A taxicab driver was killed and two passengers were injured here today when a street car crashed into the taxi which was trying to cross the tracks girls ahead of the car. who was injured in an automobile ac- j cident Monday afternoon, was re- o f o u r ' tion calling for an embargo on food | The republican committee had fig- subscribers are arrears and we wo-jlj , appreciate it greatly if these w o u i J ! give immediate attention to their a.c I oount. The Constitution meets i t s ' accounts promptly as every o t h o r j firm and person should. A subscrip-| tion account means as much to us as a grocery account does to the gro- ceryman and we believe we should be given the same consideration Merely by noticing the yellow label on your paper you can tell the moved from the hospital to her home on West Clay street Tuesday afternoon She is greatly improved. Kelley Cesar and Laura Howard, who ar2 at the hospital were much Margaret Hughes Dead. Miss Margaret Hughes, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Joe Hughes of this city, died at Ellcins, W. V., last Saturday '. a «emoon at .2 o'clock after Post Meeting Thursday. All members of Tindall Post are requested to meet in regular session tomorrow (Thursday) night at Post Hall at 7 : 0 0 o'clock. manganese peptonat-s and glycero-, r a t h e r phospates, for Tronic ^uVhs. colds -^ nat and bronchitis. said the evangelist, is ever true. And not only himself but "he gave to his m o t n e r of tne honey ., at the leadinj souri towns. joy young men and women rright bring to parent if they would conquer the temptations of life rath- drug scores in all Mis-| er than he oonguered bj . them The theme for tonight will be "Jesus the Apples, For Sale. ,''' Gan o and Ben Davis apples for sale at J. H. Mansur's on Cooper Street. Sprayed fruit. 22-t£ Sinner's Friend.' Presbyterian Church Notice. The church session has Called a meeting of the congregation after the "WANTED -- Student to care for fur- Corning services and all members of nace for room rent. Phone S S S . j t h e congregation are requested to be ' 2 2 - 6 present as there Is business of im- Apply 906 Eastin. 1 LOST--License tag, pump and tail . ,lamp. Suitable reward. Heturn to th'i's-office. 22_tf portance to be presented and the ses- tion wants you there. By order of the hurch Session 22.4 was made by Congressman Fitzgerald chairman of the House Appropriation committee. (By Cnlte'! Preis.) Berlin, Nov. 22--The penetration of two German detachments into British trenches, the destruction of those defensive -works and the capture of a number of prisoners was announced in today's official statement. HEAVY FOG HINDERS OP'- ERATIONfl IN FLANDERS (By U n l t c i l 1'rt'MM.) Paris, Nov. 22.--An intense fog is hindering operations along the Flan. s battle front, the ofBcial war office statement asserted today.. 58'counties and .these show that Heney, high democratic elector, polled 466,197 and Carlson, high republi. can elector 462,390. The total vote of Mrs. Tyler, the Jow democratic elector was shown to be 463,632, winch-eliminates the possibility of a split delegation from California. compelled to stand the additional expense of mailing individual ttate- jnents to each of the delinquents. KANSAS EPISCOPAL DIOCF.SE HEAD DIES IN TOPKKA, KAS. (By U n l t Topeka, Kas., Nov. 22. -- The Right Rev. Frank R. Bishop of the Diocese Millspaugh, of Kansas, died at his home here early today after a lingering illness of several weeks. Bishop Millspaugh- was 68 years of,.age. c- , - of the expiration of your paper and it bein -S in that P lace on ' 3 ' sixteen days-. seems unreasonable that wo should b 3 ! Miss Hughes had gone t o West Virginia in the hopes of benefiting her health. The body was brought back ! to Lock Springs where burial jjnade Tuesday afternoon. rcn P. Clark of the First Baptist church conducting the services. · Interment was made in Edgewood cem. etery. The pallbearers were Chris Boehner, Ed. Price, John Burch, A. R. Coburn, J. W. Botts and Elmer Gates. No Recount in St. Ixniij,. St. Louis, jfo?. 22.--The St. Lou-.s Court of Appeals today refused to is- Tho Weather. Unsettled weather with rain . this afternoon and probably east and north portions tonight. Colder ·night. Thursday generally fair Co er east portion. Position. mercantile business, one of Livingston Mr Davis is,j e c ted ballots is less than a county's well| san( ] . known citizens and he will be great- J M. Davis of this city. Miss Hazel Peet, collector for the' 1 '' mib !_ ed '. H f is , a " rotber °f j u d s e local telephc,ne .exchange, has resigned her position to take effect December 1. Miss Peet has accepted a position in the Citizens National The contest was brought undsr the direction of the Republican state bank. Rev, Former Pastor T". P. ifale. NEWSPAPER! committee in the expectation that a · count of the rejected ba'lots might The Miller Funeral Today. i give the gubernatorial election to The funeral of J. P. Miller, whose. Henry Lamm, republican, ~who was , death occurred Sunday morning, was ' defeated on the face of the returns held from the family residence o n j b y Frederick D. Gardner, Democrat. i Wet Webster street Wednesdav The court of appeals held that it former circuit morning at 10:30 o'clock, Hev. War- had no jurisdiction. NEWSPAPER! ·1 | sue a writ of mandamus to compei ^^^^ [the counting ot rejected ballots cast I ~ ~* 'in the recent election in certain St. ! Moving t 0 Kansas. [Louis precincts. R. F. Davis, former postmaster at r Tn6 ballots are for the" most part t o _ , C h u l a , is moving his family to Buck, j those oC negroes, whose votes-w_ere Id- j I i n ' Kas " w h ere he will engage in the Challenged. The number of sucli^^gj«s

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