The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas on July 17, 1923 · Page 13
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The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas · Page 13

Hutchinson, Kansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, July 17, 1923
Page 13
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TUESDAY, JULY 17, 1923 JHE HUTCHINSON NEWSj^cbsa WAWK AM FOR BALE OB TRADtt 18 FPU HA1.U or—JSUO equity In 'l>metU'aUy new bungalow with lamo porch, Bituuti'd oloso In, only 6 >A blocks from tin: new Slautfiy-Mackoy hotel, on pavement which 1a yuiil tor except about two nuynicnta. A lui'tfu tract of grduiul, woven wlro fenced, suitable for Burdening; lawn, hearing isrulra vines and trees, two chicken houst'H. Cash or Ford, balance like rent. Can he nald for In five iiSntH. Call 700 ye lira in 'eBoiu paymenta. Went Fifth after 0 p.m. 15 1«-I8 FOR 8At-t—Ml»OELUANEOU« (C*nt'd) BEE our bargain* tn u»ed player trtanoB. High trade players priced as low, »» J276 with bench and rolls; nonvonlont terms. Veatoh Brw,., 120 North Maln^ DECitNNtNO July 16, wo will market our baby milk. No. 3r, at Evorelta* store on Bast Fourth Instead of Frank Suttie's Broeery. , l«l»-4t FOR BAJjK—Furnlturb, stovna ana run sold oneasy pnyments. Mltetioll Furniture Co., tSU South Main street. IS J7-30t FOR 8+1-15—Threshing rig In good shape; In field now. This outfit can be bought on vory liberal terms; will consider any good security. Thos. Ilayl, R.F.D.I No. 1, Hutchinson. 18 7G ACltMrt Oiinrlc tnduntaln land, some buildings, fence and cultivated land, spring water, lots of Umber, four miles from town, In the noted peach, upplo utnl Erasing country, delightful climate. Sale or trudo for Reno county property. S. O, 6cholji, ( &2t Hast Eighth. 15 eod 14-1U FOR flAIJW or tradn by uwnbr—New, strictly modern, four-room house, oak floors, built-in features on West Sixteenth. -Will trada for vacant lots or will sell for part cash and contract for bal- anco. Call 1441W. 15 17-Bt FOR SALI'J or trade—Butterklst popcorn machine and K'tsollno candy furnace. Address F -Q9, care NOWB. 16 14-3t FOR SALE —Seven-foot McCormlck binder. Also gang plow. Ed Annadown, Elmer Station, phono 2111 Daflow. 18 ^7-15 FOR SALE or trade—Beautiful Osark home. Hea "W. II. Murray, 1000 Bust Elxth forenoons. 15 1G-SS1 FOR SAIJK or trade—Two lots and small house, 400 bloclc East Eighth. Call Wise, phono 178. . 16 la- tt FOtt SALU or trade—1013 Oakland, tlrst- class condltiun. Inquire 700 liiwit Second. 1 IE 10-0t FOR BAJjK or trade for cow-Six-year- old black mare. Inquire B West ahor- man. 15 13-flt FOR HAI.Iil or trade—1',4-ton Republic truck. UUH3 Liourlimkl, l'levna, Kan. 15 3-Cl TO TpAOE For Rent—A six room strictly modem bungalow, 16th Kast. Will give 0 mo. lease, $45 per month. 17 18-2t TO TRADE for good cai—Two Hutchln son lots. Address Ci-OO, caro News. 17 14-31 A QUARTER section good farm land, Rowte county, Colorado. Call at 522 East First. 17 13-R TO TRADE for car—Small tract, four- room housis, Kood barn, Kood location M. H. Tucker, Nlckerson, Kan. 17 ll-lit FOR BAIJB— 12-20 Twin City traotor, good shape; will take horses or mulos. Thos. Rayl, R.F.D. No, 1. Hutchinson. Phono 3214, 820 East Fourth. Mrs. W R. Burton. 18 12-4' JOIN THE BOYS 1 HAND. Wo havo full lino of hand Instruments sold on easy terms. .Roiabaugh-wlloy Dry Oooda Store. IS sttJ4-4t NOTICB—MUCEULANKOUS (Cont'd! DB. HTJLU a foot speolallat lj with »r. Niohola at M3 East B?° 0 ^ h „„^ rosk (in arches treated successfully, l'hone sois for appolt-tmonU , " wut LAWN mowers •harponed; called for and delivered. 14 ,Wat A. » bono1l , ,8 ?i 0 . Jot HYESIOHT; conserve It. Oot the facta about your eyes. Dr.. Darlond, it* North Main. 19 16 -'" -NOTICM to all realtors— My place at 521 North Monroo IB off tho market. Arthur H. Cowles. " 10 '' 8 FOOT troubles. J. H. Showers, chiropodist, 121 Fast A, phone 2035. l'J H-»Bt J, II. SHOWERS, cblropodlat. Hi <?»*'• A l'hone 2026. 12—1 WANTED—Furniture 'to repair, "fj NL « L J or upholster. Call 1419. II) lg-8IK FOR real garbage service, pnone Banltary Garbage Company, 3»10. 19 S5-25C 1IIQHEST prices paid tor mob's clothing. Phono 77f. » 2 -"' rOR SALE—CITY PROPERTY (Oont*« y DO TOU WISH TO MDI.I.T Ust your property with us. CARET REAL ESTATE 1NV. CO. 413 N. Main, Phone »™- J4 1JJgt NEW, well bnllt, five-room bungalow, northeast part, oak floors In two larRo basement, enclosed porch, two Mil lota, Immediate possession. Brown Uros., roaltors, 1514 North Main, phono 2844. MUST sell quick—Beautiful, six-room homo strictly modern, full two-room basement, living room across front, garage half block of North Main, bargain, l'hone 1300. ' 21 13-4t FOR SALTS—Business building, best suburban location In the city; will pay good returns on Investment. Address M-60, care News. 24 10-21 FOR SALE—A Blx -room, good homo with garage and chicken house, well located, at extremely low price. Phone 4121W or 072. 24 13-4t WANTEtV-MISOKUt-ANSOU* 20 FOR SALE—Six-room bungalow on East Fourth, J500 cash and tetmB to suit. Inqulro 405 Kant 10, phono 1211. 24 8-Ut SEWING machine repair work; guaranteed; country or city; examination • free; repair all makes. Family n--an»- Ifacturlng henwtttchers a apeclalty. I'« (3645. J. C, Lynch. S0 4JH FOR SALE—One 1%-hlch lino shaft 60 feet long-, all pullles and boxings attached. Inaulrs 1001 South Main, phono 717, 18 17-8t FOR SALF.—Milk cow, Jersey and Guernsey, four years old. first class In every respect. 700 West Sherman. IS 14-15 WK sell Storm King famous plastic roof cement for leaky roofs. L. J. White Lumber Co., phono Co. 18 H-25t COMBINATION gas and coal range, good condition; four-foot oak porch swing. 600 Kast Fifth. 18 IS-4t REGISTERED Jersey cattle; entire herd for sate; best blood lines. Glen Krld*r, Newton, Kan. 18 15-7:15 a e. _ 1 217 North mlcal. 18 lG-tt LOST—White and black Kngllsh Terrier puppies, bobbed tailed. Phone 1167. 18 16-2t FbR SAIJE —Pop corn machine. Lamborn Cigar Store, 3 North Main. 18 10-101 CALL 4 'fi)8W for all kinds of cakes, picnic lunchea and refreshments orders. 18 18-7:10 FOR SALTS—Combination gas and coal cook stove, dining table. Phono 1430.f. 18 16-4t BUNFLOWBH PR6DOCB' Wo call for poultry anywhere; pal market price. Phone Kit. ill Sooth Mam. >0 ; - 2tt WANTED— Some good party to accompany me In my car to Minnesota. Phono 3405 after 7 p.m. 1°'" SHWINC1 machine cleaning, overhauling, work guaranteed. J. F. Biinman, phonn 2470. ao 2-211 WAHTED TO BUT WANTED to bUi"Secund-hana furniture and rugs; highest prices. Johnton Furniture Co.. 118 Soc!\l Main. 21 2-26t WANTED- A chain bicom coin seeder and baler. S. A. Threlkeld, Nlckerson, Kan. 21 8 30-/:3I 11AVIB buyers for small home. What have you 7 l'hone 602. W. It. Seidell. 21 13-R HIGHEST pices paid fof men's eaat-eff clothing and shoes. Phone 1168J. 21 2-3»t HIGHEST prlcca paid for mens clothing Phone 777. 21 0-25t HIGHEST prices paid for men's clothing. Phono 711 21 l-26t PROPERTY ID sell or will trade for Ford car and part cash, balancn on monthly payments. Call In evening, 741 F.ost F. 1 24mwS-ll SHOWERS DELAYED THE GROTTO BUNCH It WAS a Little Late in Getting Back Home Last Night- Trip Tomorrow, FOLl HA UK, to nettle esUto—Good homu on North Vlum street pr^ed low, easy tenna. Vhoiie '412-1W or 972. 24 13-4t FOR SALE —Flvo-room bungalow yind variant lot. I 'hono 2687- 24 aS-'Set FOR SALK— Modern nix-ruom house with garage and other .ivprovemiiiita. Inquire at GIG Eaal Sixth, 2\ 27-25t KOU or rcnt--Slx-room houao close* to Bclmol, newly papured und painted. Phono iaS8W. 24 U-flt BKIJL your nou«8. "K .°u will find buyer by phoning 2278 after 8:30 any forenoon. 24 U-3U-. FOR SAL .I0 —Hoonitntjhouso propoultion. 100 Eust Fourth. Iiri6-St FOR quick sale—13arpain In Call 2201.T. FOK ICXCHANGK— First cla«a lteno county rami tor city property. I'hono 4121W or 97a. 17 13-41 TO TLIADF,—Vacant lots for Ford car. Conner & Dyke, phono 17 12 --U KENQ county land to tr;id<? for Hutchln- non property, Phono 'ASA2. )1 Sl-2Gt POR SALE—MISCELLANEOUS 18 When you am seriously ill, whom do yoii employ? When you neud Icgis-l ailv'co you neck the beat. When you wish to mako a salt* ol possibly all you have earn (Hi and aucinmdaU'd of sovoral years' hartl work, whom will you ompluy to Belt ItV .(A salesman who knows value and Is In tho ImKliuiaa). I'hono" Ifcu&hlnson a-t Davy'* erpciiac. IS G-25t esis mto 'XBM, MtiLK, AMP Golden West Creamery, 11 Hast Fourth. ill 'Jil-'Jjt cap; CHOP orjsanB [ov $10 at Veatch Broo. I'lano House, 120 North Main. IS 17-4t FOK SAI.K -Nice beets for Grant Dreabler, iiivnne 49F6. FOR SA1.K—Couch ami a new drop-l-at kllehen table. I'hono 2169W. IS 12-4t F<_*R HAljl^lMcUUng cucumbera and fresh eggs, l'hone 3C71J. 13 12-Gt FOR SAI J K--Large reed cheap, llluVii Kast Nhilh. FOH SAl^B—IloiiBchohl quality, l'hone 3U2ti. baby buggy, IS 11-41 furniture, good 18 17-tit MAGAZINE aubscrlptlona. Mr». Ina Kllo», 317 Kaat Fourth. 18 2-25i FOR RENT—BlniUn* day. Pnono 2049. cieajnura, %l p^r 18 2-2it l-'OK SAl,B—MieHed' brown, patent-trim, flat heel Oxfonis I'or j:i.7u tialr. Comer (,'uninierce Co., 11 -iy North Walnut. IS 13-4t AUTOMOBlL.e» Msamft A Car for your summer vacation? Find Just the car you are looking fnr througn the want ada In Tho News. If .you can t find It ihere, a little an will find It for you. Call number 4400, Ncwa classified doliart- mem. zin-m Fay TTteiSfflssB^es I'anyard piBlon rings will soon pay for theiiiHeiv ,.a In saving of oil and eas. Vry our repair work. ^ II Alt ItY 11AFKH AUTO SEltVICB 115 Dast Second, phone 744.. USKD I'AUTS FOR YOUK CAR Acato Wr«c!buiing & Sal). 1 We sell Mutual Oil. 124 Kast Third. PHONE 2310. 22 7-llot „ WANT TO SELb "YOUIt CAK? 'Then list It with us. We aell them; m aloraue. Sllfera Motor Kxchange^ oppo- alte Convention Hall. Z2 ln-a &t FOR HALK—H. P. Nelson piano, t , three dozen fruit jars. [i0v- a dozen; two tuba and wayhhoard, ijlh: each; lOeononiy t-aa raiiEft„Kiiua as new, }7!>. All my furniture at/ieiitiMiiable iiri^fii. Call aft-.T p.m. at 414 I-Jiuil Twelfth Htreet 31M7J. piiolie IS 111-10 VOU gond home Mrs. tialmun. made Plea call JOUJ. 18 7-2&t FOR BAI,T3—New vlcliola. North Adams. Inquire IUI It lO-ia OUUICRH lalieii for salt-rlslnj; bread. 721 Kast Second. IS 13-0t KXl'KUT piano Company. Jenkllia Music 18 2-20t ;'on SAI,I:Kusi O. One calf. C. C. Flerson, 751 IS 16 -19 D ALES Am grateful for tho dalca now taken, hut havo open chiK-s and will UHf; iny lit-at i-rforts to tf'H full v^iuo fur properly bull in tr- Call m: a:i it casta you nothing. Phono otj titeilirit;. 10. FOTTElt, Auctioneer.^ ^ lie Four inlJea south of Hutchinson, one mile ii^rtli of J'llmni" Hovaca. cattle, hogs, chlck'iini, fui m mlpK-mimtM; one o'clock p.m.*. Thursday, July l'J. U. II. ^Jlf'jJ FOR SAtiJ*'—rhirgaln In liound Oak coal ran BO , laiyo H1Z <*, Rood condition, .reservoir and wnniiiii;; oven; very cheap if cold at once. 22i Wo^t A or call 2201. IS 16-41 l'.KKH FOH SAl-K Fifty 10-fiame, ffoml. iKiJoled beehives, 33 oUl'liivea with honey hoxvs on, }7 each; tho ii«\v awartns. $5 tiicli. I-'rlcu Ju Urna Ihun the empty hives eost. \V. H. Avei-y, t :ioverd.\le, J i utelilnsun, Kan. IS l J-lb made to Beautiful, Bird's Art-Criift rooting, apply over oM '.vood shindies, clurat'lu and fireproof. Ol.'AUANTEED Sold-hy "L. J. I'Ba LmsEEfeer Cffl. Phone 05. 101 West Sherman. / IS UQ-20t FOR .SAUK—Reed 1470VV. NKW cleelrio was! asjiaw. l«iby butJKy. l'hone IS 16-4t or for sale. Photn- is ia-u FORll roadster :.2 :iw. , for sale, cheap. l'hone 18 13-41 FOR KALK--atudebaker, aU-eyllmlor, se\-cn-pai>'ieneer toucini? car. ll runs every day. A bargain for $300. F. .11, Cost, 610 East A. 22 H-4t 1'AItTS I tear them and sell tho parts; all makes. A, K. Johnaon, lo South Wash Ingtnn. - fi. Yi-Zii WANTED- to buy—Cur; or will trade baby gumd piano, player or uued straiirlu If. O. Phlniis, 10ti North Walnut. Kii pj-bt FOH 8ALE—REAL ESTATE Oyatoffiafii Woll Improved farms in best farming district In Oklahoma. All of tho farms are partly broke; balance is pasture land. We havo some that are located near good tlH-ivinp; town with u-ood schools. Good neighborhoods and closu neighbors, flood crops on the places this year. Address A -U9, care of News and receive full particulars. 2 & 10-10 cd thnlr bonda which w«r« given. Among thoBe who did that wcra John Smith, T, B. Dantorthv Nowtoti, Frad Hicks, JeaBe Jonoa nnd Pnul OiAorn, J. H. Shlrkay rind Frnnlc Smith, who WOIB found guilty oJ being drunk, wore each ftnod ?26 and costs aud »out- encod to 30 days In Jail. "WORTH VOUIl CONSIDERATION Close in cottaue, modern except furnace, five rooms, goon condition, $2,500, eaBy terms. Sixty feet on corner, all Improvements, West Twelfth, $100. A fine acre, close to school, choice land west of Monroe on Kleventh, $100 down. • HUTCHINSON INVESTMENT CO. Phone 400. 20 "-41 LOT 4. block 10, Hyde Park First Addition, locat'.-d on Main street, eaat front between loth and 20th streets. Submit nio an offer. 13. G. Woodard, care KikH Club, l,os Angeles, Calif. 25 17-01 FOR SAI,l'.:—lU'limtuiKliment on G40-acre, Inipioved homestead within three miles of town. Would consider Ford car or truck at rush value. Write Lester VV. Huston, Caddua, Colo. 25 7-0t FOR SA[,1;1--S0 acres wel (Improved, very near Hutchinson. This is (food land and very productive; pi leo IS.BOt). . UNCOL.N S. DAVIS 25l?-2t FOR SA1.M —Ford motor block and crank cas,:; two -pairs Smith truck id.aimi, cheap. 15 South Adanw. 2'J 17-2:t FOR SAl.K— Parts of 8.1 Oveitauil car first class shape. Call at Vint l>.y Cleaners, phono 904. . 22 Rj-lt FOK barirains In used cars. Motor Kxchange, opposite Hull. STEVBNS" please. Studlu — Photograph* that I FOK SALK or trade—Hudson special rac- tng car. Fred l.,ontz, 22'J East ii. 22 7-1S FOH SAL.F—Ford commerc.ial liody. A. K. Jolmson, 15 South ^Washington. 22 0-0t IS 2-2tt ,V LAltGFl reed baby buggy. Phone 714. * 18 10 -4t FOR SALE—Crown bicycle. l'hone 12S3. IS 14-U NOTICE—MISCEL1-AN60U* 111 Vulcanizing. Retreading, ljet us take care of your tire troubles. M5d!=Stote Tons CdMjpauiuy United States and Para Bell Tlrca. Phone 307. 304 South Main. Hutchinson, Kan. 10 2-2 &1 FOK SAI,K—Chevrolet cou|,e In Al condition. See Uutue Coal Co. 22 5-lit FOR SAI.13—Auto trailers. 115 South Walnut. Ward. 22 li-2it FOK SALE- -Aeto trailers. 116- South Wall .ut. %Var .l. 22 2-2bt FOR SAI.K—180 acres, well Improved wheat rarrn on a crop payment plan. Six miles from county seat. II. IX Friesen. box 171, Meade, Kan. 25 10-12t FOR HA Id-:— $1)75 lot MverKi-cen Terrace. West 20th, *700. Address -Mrs. Mtfllo A. Nusbaum, 1725^ Whitley avenue, llolleywooil, Calif. 25 16-4t MONEY to loan on real estate; —ask 25 2-25r A heavy shovror delayed the trip of tho Grotto calllopo "hunoh" yesterday afternoon untl mndo the latter part of the day's program a little bit late. Instoad of roturning to Hutch- liiBon by about S o'clock In tho evening it was almost 10 p. m., when the calllopo, followed fcy tho motor cars of the party, came down Avenue A and passed up Main street to Qrotto hall r at 606V4 North Main. The heavy showers wore 'bctwoon Halstead and Bijrrton and the Now Santa Ko Trail there was very slippery for an hour or so. Finally after the road had dried up a little the cars rolled into Burrton whore thero had hardly been more than a sprinkle. Much Visiting. Thero was much visiting with tho neighbors ydsterday. Leaving Mouud- ridge, where a fino chicken dinner was served, the party visited Hosston and Newton. At tho latter placo the band had been out and ready to play at noon but the time was wrong and instead of a band thero was much handiihaklng and getting acquainted with the Newton folks. At Halstead there was a good crowd and at Hurrton many peoplo worn down town waiting for tho calliope and thero was entertainment by tho "vamp" the "dago" and the "niggor." Roy Uimborn played tho calliope and it made good music for the folks. At Mt. ilopu there was a largo crowd though the trippers wero far behind their schedule. But this didn't prevent tho folks from getting ac- mialncd. Near Home -Again. At Havon ono of the host crowds of the day was waiting for tho lato comers and Haven is just like being at homo again after a day's rido. Bert I Snyder, monarch, talked there as he had other places and the general Idea la that a great many folks from that town, as well as' the others, will como to the Grotto Circus hero tho week of July 28. Thero aro other trips to bo taken this week on Wednesday and Krldny and another 6nc against next Monday. Tho circus is getting a great deal of publicity out of the calliope and It makes music that pleases everyone. Roy i'inyerd drove tho truck yesterday carrying tho Instrument and ho had a very busy day. A Trip Tomorrow. Tomorrow tho calliope party will go out to Abbyvillo, Plevna, Sylvia, Zenith, Stafford, St. John, Dllwyn, Macksville, Belpre, Lamed, Pawnee Rock and Great Bend, coming home direct from tho latter town. It is expected that a largo parly will go along, for tho trip is an interesting ono to all Hutchinson pcoido and right out into tho territory in which many of tho Grotto members live. FAFMER-LABOR MAN WON IN MINNESOTA (Continued From Par,n 1.) handed together, has qualified this affiliation with the statement that ho does not intend to accept dictation "from any man" In congress. "I mil not quite ready to announce my plans," ho said today, "hut you can Just hot when I want, anything clone or want to hrlnrf anything to tho attention of tho Donate, I can make myself hoard." "Making himself heard," might bo accopted literally, tor the senator-olcct. has a strong voice, und has said that ha can "out bellow" about anyono who might caro to enter Into competition. Cuts the Majority. Washington, July 17.—Tho election of Magnus Johnson ns a senator from Minnesota leaves tho Republicans with a nominal majority of five in the sonato. As tho roster now stands thero aro PAGE 'THIKTEEIS. ROTARY CLUB IS TO HOLD GROUP MEETINGS Sessions on Thursday Evening, This Week, in Charge of Committees. Tho Rotary clnh will hold four group meetings on Thuioday oventnsr, thlH week,.Itintc-nrl of tho lobular session that. Is usually held ut tho Rorabaugh-WH'-y tea room. Tho notions will bn held at the homes of O. F. Wright, 553 Bast Sherman; George Cianol 528 Avenue A east; Howard Carey. 925 North Main; and Lacy Rosier, 108 West 19th. At the Wright home, Herman Bliss will ho the chairman and V. W. Cooler will mnko n. business talk. At the fiano homo W. E. Qnltlan will he 1ho chairman and Harry Campbell will innko a talk. At the Carey homo, Jack Dunlap will be the chairman and Clark Shaw will mnko the business talk. At the- Hosier home E. E. Yaggy will he the chairman and Houston Whiteside will mako tho business talk. A secretary ha« been named for rach session and the dinner Is to bo HO Republicans, 43 Democrats and 2 served at tbo regular tlnin and tho F-armer-Laborltos. There Is a vacan- sessions will likely ho held on tho cy for Vermont duo to tho death of lawns at each homo. Bonator Dillingham, and tho gen?ral j expectation here Is that n Republican i 1 will bo appointed to tho placo by Vermont's governor. Even with a majority of elx, however, Republican leaders concede that they may havo difficulty on some oc- csaions in holding in lino a suitleinnt strength to put through administration measures. Counted among the Republicans are Senators LaKoIletto, Wisconsin; Hrookhart. Iowa'; Crazier and Ladd, North Dakota; Norrls, No FOR 'NTH DEGREE JAZZ HEAR THE SYNCOPATORS TTif! Robfnmm's Syncopatora truly lived up to their ropuLation aa being ono of tho fiiH'.'it Jazz Han eta, playing to a packed lumyu nt tho -Midland Thoatro last tiiR'ht. Thoy provort to ho t,hn mom yynr.oputinstaf., Jazz braska; Borah, Idaho; Johnson, Cal- «> " "', ^ '- £ ^ Iforn.n, and others who have parted ^ gu ... b,o,^U^U ^ company with their party leaders on " v ' pany various questions of foreign und do mestlc policy. All of them, however, are counted on to voto with tho Republicans tn organizing the new senate, insuring Republican control of the committees." A BOYS' BAND THERE. WALL PAPEFi. PAINT1NQ, ETC. 20 FOK rirat-ciaas puller hunting - and imper, reasonable inic:i:s, call J. A. Llatcr, phono TtrlJ, 1018 Kaat Ulev«nth. 26 2-251 paper. &o per (lolinla roll or bolt anil up; 2&c per boil fur hanKlnK. l'nond 125SJ. 20 i-25t WA 1, IJ pnF'*r, 60 pel uuunle roll or bolt and up; 25c per bolt lor hungrlitg. t'tiom 126JJ. 2d?-26t PAPER hanging and painting. Let us show you now uamplen. Call 2194W. 26 10-25t MESSENGER SERVICE HASTY Mesai'iigi Ideal Messei.^e -, phono 538. pliono 2tio4. Gaa feurnera tjiised and adjusted, save 00% on your Kas hill. Now is the time to get your furnace repaired. All work guaranteed. Phone 401W. Morris & Moi-pin, Htovo and furnace, oxperts. 13 n-25t far all nuthey of cais, used tirei-i, ladlat- ova. eU-cliio etiuipin-iu of all Uinda. Irl.MlN'KS AUTO SUl'l'l.Y CO. 22-21 West Sherman. I'hono. 1632. 18 13-251 60 LAYIKCI Wl'.ite Wyandotte lions, ?1 each; also fine largo youuu coclteiftlu, ti.'J5 each. Mrs. O. CI. Lester, U .F .D, Nn. I, l'artriUKe, ICan. - 18 1B-21 rsosftaaieir Mn. Ina KllcB, phono 2128, 4,1 Eait Fourth. 18 2-26t lor cooX nove, hoatlnK atove. riroplacu and furnacrt. YaffKy Plantation. 18 13-2*t KABN KXTRA SPKNDINQ MONEY py auujtia THE NEWS AKTEII < P. M. EACTl KVi -J 'NINa. 10c BTAKTS LSTOU. APPLY TO MR. GRAQG, NEWS 1 OFFICE. 13 19-281 FaiMSc ^aSld5 Htxtra good mules woiyhtnjj from t,2B0 to 1,850, ffvo to seven yeaj-g old; horseB, cowa, hoes, «?aihlnfciy, cm; thioo mllea, 94 north of SUM -line, July 19, one p.m. WilllH M. Edsar. K, l5. Pi>tt*r, auctioneer. 18 H-H -FOR SAI^E—Ono four-burner eas rango, |5; onu whlto Anfiintilud commudo, $1: one 60-jjuuJul refrigerator, $1.50; laundi*y fitove, Jli; electric Iron, 60c; ono carpet sweopor, 60c; ono lawn mowur, $1. Phono 8145. IS 17 -2t FOR SAIiK—Lurtlei}'' flloevoless «11U Swoatara for $3.75, Blouses ?J>.7&, J4.7C, |fi,75. Comer Commorca Co., 17-19 North Viilnut. IS 13-4t SECONn-HANJD UUKR1QKKATORS of all kip da at bargaina, Also unci furniture, repairing and upholatoimy •peclalty. Hilyard irurniture Co., 610 North Main, phone 169. 18 3-261 Grain body and . c*b: ready to run; priced right for quick uu. C. W. Oambal. NiekerwHi Kan. It BEI5S FOH SAXIO TNfty 10-frame, rood, painted beehive* tt old hlvoB^tth honey bo^a on,,|T each; {he new #^rarnM(,.H eaoh- Peico^la leas than tho eHjBty,|hiy«fj coat,., W, fL Avery, Cloverdaler^Bil^UhJMar KiW• * ?-*H XT-It' LOOK! HOI.I3 IN ."YOUH SOL.KI IJrins it to Liberty Shoe Shti|i and have It fixed while you wait. "Mfn'n poLey, ?l; women's «o|(*s, 75c. A fine lino of men's and lioya' shoes at right pricoa. Ijibeny Shoo lihop, y. M. Meilon, liroprletor, ITS South Main'. l'J 17-at WI3 FIT GLASSES THAT FIT 10H Ka»t Sheunan; over Oatea. IV 2ti-25t POULTRY M11U lefi, nlc«ly drossoO. Phono u» your order. Saiiil Cndy IProdloace Co. 18 Eaat Third, ihouo 779. IS 27-251 HINGI-ET Barred Rooks. Cockle!. iitK pens shod by grand chumtuun at Chicago Coliseum. rlgBS. $6 for lj; farm flock, $6.50 per 100.. All llogun mated. C A. Iloyle, Durrton, Ki^n. 23 a LS-lIll FINANCIAL 150 you want your monoy to earn you 12% not? Investment l>i:st No, 1 aecuiUy. Addrt ;3ri, K-(iy,.Newu. TEN SPEEDERS FORFEIT BONDS OR ARE FINED Large Number of Boyc Arc in a New Organization Thsre. Ottawa, July 17.—Mom)>orH of tho Ottawa -boya' band will HOUIO down uarly next, woo It to a Ht.t-.aily loot-o toot-toot when tho 1.0 primary menu from tho Coim fttctory arrive 1 hero. Tho instrumenta, ordered a. month ago, wore ghlpped from tho factory Thursday ftnd aro nxpectod tomorrow. IVioy wero ordered throufjh a local firm and the oxpoaso waa stood by tho elty and civic ordcra. Kor aoVeral weelta &4 boyu, who own their instruments, hnvo been practicing on Monday, Tuesday and Thursday nlghU of each week, Twenty more boys havo lnstrumonto ordered ami tho 10 instruments on tho way will bring tho total to 1 )1 by tho end of tho month. Mr. Peacock previously predicted a total or 100 uoyH by Chrliituiuti. inson. They have nine pieces and literally mako their Instruments talk, playing numbers liko "Kunnin-g Wild" "Hoso of the lilo Orund" "Moments MUHI- cal" "J >anelni; KOOIH '* and a musical Interpretation of a "Colored Camp I\Ieet!i)K" which will carry you hack to tho old time Southern Camp .Moot- hiK, and which Is one of tho finest tutor j) re tat ions* on musical instruments' iiv«r heard, they do everything but make the Ja:',z music ttilk. This band comes direct from tho .•Newman Theatre, at'Kansas OUy and. imUru-! '° tt "' lif,!l threalre it Is guini; back for another two weeks stay after tho en- gaKomont hero at tho Midland. Aftfff hearing them you will not wonder why tiioy aro going bank to tho Newman, but how do. tho .'Mi Instruments talk Uko'tluit. On ThurtTday they have a cornpletu ehatme of program, the band is appearing three times daily. Ten speed fiends and two drunks were brought up for trial at police court last night. Chas. Mourning, who waa found, guilty of both speeding and disturbing the peace, was fined and costs. The customary fino of $b and costs was given to It. M. Jordan, Raymond Mouru, Joo Socha and Fred Lamphier. Rather than appear In police court for trial, many of tho speeders forfoit- NEARLY 11,000 CARS LICENSED. PERSHING WILL VISIT THE CITIZENS' CAMPS K! Dorado,\July 17.—Ovor 11.000 automobiles, trucks and motorcycles will bo licensed in Butler county by the middle of this week, if tho present demand for stato tat;n continues. Tho grand total of motor driven ve- •hicles HeensiMi in the county so Tar this year stood at 10,90(1 this morning. This is a gain of about OflO over last. year. It is believed at leant 11,500 cars and truck H will bo licenced in the county before the closu of tho year. 4— FOR SALlil—Thoiutjjthurort lia-rcd Hoc* «H«s. il aettlni, Photia 113 Bast A. 113 1-21,1 on city lioiii';.-,; LoriH teinis on inontMj> payinunt inan. farm loan*. T1.112 KlNKWii AUENCY Phono 206C.\ btatc Kxclianiio liank lltag. 1 23 J-26t ABE your chicks dying? Wave thern with ••Dlarllo," VVocanor'a Drug. 23 l-26t FOH SAUK—Baby chickens, 16 rents; each. I'hono 2605. 23 [.:] 1-But GEO. C. DUCK Optoarietrlat, Liyea te»:ed —Qiau^a fitted. 16H North Main, over Jone* Shoe StON). 18 2-3Bt Direct from flnlshlnt; plant .o cemetery. Bavo HO to 30%, agouis' aid retallora* profits, "We handtt! all standard sranito and marble. J, H. I.vnUj "The Monumunt Man," Nlckerson, Kan. 19 tus 24-7:28 VlHltlntr -caros, programs, social *nd commereial prinllne "for those who care*" "Wells Print lug Co., phone iQ'i, M West inrtst. 19 3-25t ItEMINQTOH Bulea and Henrico—R«m- lnKton Typewriter Co., 24 West First, phono 402. 13, A. Kintzel, salesman. 19 4-25t will be The News "telephone iiumftor after July 11. Juftt call ijOO and ask for the classified advert lid TIE department If j-ou have any thine to eoj), want to bo anything*, want help or "WHJU a position Want ads 1 get reaults. 19 lO-S&t STOP! Think! Why throw away your, old furniture when we can make It good u new? RepairInjjt and uphotstsitnir a specialty. Tapestry ordered. Lavvian Furnt- POR I 3 A 1 J 13—Uiylng liens, 80u- North Woodard. eueh. Sit) 14-18 FOtt "fiAUC— CITY PROPERTY ^JZ* Owner haa atrlctly modern, Flu -room cottatie, liardwood flooru, built -in features, Btandlnj; oak In every room, plpe- leBS furnace, haa nleo shade and trult troea, clase to school and oloso to car line. Owner Is leaving the city. TlttB la an ideal homo or rental property. Addreua T -ti3, caro News for lull particulars. 24 4-U Having purchaeetl a residence, I will ofter for sals at a real sacrlfico prlco, E choico bulldluff Blto at 100 Orescent Blvd. Complete plana und spodfloatiau-a for $1G,000 Uomo optional with purtUusor. Dr. O. H. Oage. KSMjIAJiLM papering at a reatmnubte price. Kur mint; ton reHidouco phone 491i'&. At ufj'lco yalunlay and Momlay. l'liuno "t'il7. Jaia. Whitu, iilVa Kast Slier- imiii. iit* THE NEWS TELEPHONE, 4409 LOST. STRAYED OR STOLEN (Cont'd) LOST—UmMutre.) ana noi-kyokv. euat of .Main Rlivnt. Call 1400 Nurtli Lorraine. ArtlHir Cnappii-I. 30 lll-2t Attention A. F. & A. M. Ilono Ijoilgn No. 140 will meut Wort- no^ilny morning, July 18, a.r, 0:30 a. m., fur th« puriioso oC nl.t<:ndlng tho Tunoial of tho Into A. .J. Kinc'li. Sojourning moinlntru lnvilo'l to atlontl. I3y Ortlnr of W. M. Roacoo C. Miller, Secretary. 17-11 Omahu, July 17.—General John J. PorRhinp, coiintKuiding tho arnty of (Ito United SUiteu, i:t plann1n,c a tniir of Ili« Roimtry visilin;; ami in. apocling tho aumnior military training canine. On AllKUSt. 17, TlO l>X|>OCt:! to vhilt tho eitizpnn inilltnry training camp' at Fort. I.oavonwnrth, ltansa:i, ami on tho -0th tli^ I 'iti/.f.'ns military training oarni) at h'ort Do.* Moiiu.-H, lowa. TlniKo oanipM will ho hold from An- Kiuit 1 to 30, Ini'hialvo, for all young rnon bctwoon liio ago.i of 17 and 111. At tho ramps ovorything Is pro- vHlod freo by tho government, includ- liiK railroad fare, food, uniforms and eiiulpmcmt, and medkal anil dental attention. Kor full liiforrnntioti aud application blankw apply to tho local ronresonta- tlvo of tho Military Training Camp* association, the potslmastler or tho railroad Htatlon agont. Major Gonorul (leorgo B. Duncan, coniuiaudiuK tho Kevonth army corps, Army building, Omaha, Nebraska, will he Klad to all liKiuirieti. OVER A MILLION (JOES UP IN OIL BLAZE' LOST- Onu £'->lrI*;n brown I'it female*, tara and tail cliiipcd. fAKM ioanH, fi% Intercut, low commla- «iun. Ncwlln-Mannlng Loan Co., nyj, Noth Ma-ln. 29 2-2&t FAKM and city IUKIIS , lowest conunlsaion; «rlt« or call detatlB. J. N. Bailey &. Hon. •alts and for fui! its 2-2 &t MONKV to loan; Binait amounts. Loan Co., li>\i: Nurlli Main' Z'i lfi-iot MONEY to loan on farm and city prup- urty; —aak McNaghtenl 2u 2-T.5t CITY loans. Newltn-Maniring Loan ','o., UM North Malu i»2-25t luOANK on vacant lota. Phono 3asa, LO*T. STRAYED OR STOLEN SO buIMns, i-none v>\n. 30 13--U LOST---TIunch of k«ys, hjatner koy hoUter .Regard. O. H. Riinpurt, 'JU7 .Slu-r- LOST or KtraycU—Two ainall rod K' ,1 HH. Call :m2.l. 30 ]i;--u BUSINESS PHOPERTV BUILDINGS, lota. comra*)ic!al and lt;ng tor m leivtca; —a tilt McNaKiiten; Vlmt Natlon»l bnilt.;ng. 33 2-26t Every day you will find a hiK c.laaatfiod want ad Hut, and the BO Uoina aib of abeorbuitf Inttreat. FOR BALIS—N«W flvo-roorn, niod«rn bungalow with built-in featurea, 53 ,600; might consider buUrtlnor site. Snap In olght-room houao arrattg^d for roomers or auartmonto, tlowutown dlatrlct, two block oast MaJn utreot, 14,200, B.'C. OffiTTIQU, Itoaltor, Phono m; Ko»- 1778. 2&% North Main. STUAYEO or Btnlpn— One brown horau mulo thrao yaarrf old, one bla'.k ntaro muro two y«arB olfl, ono young tsruy mulo, ono bay horse. Notiry Walter M.Ul«r, rout*s 4, box US, Hun-ton. Ran, • 30 13-21 LOST—BIHfold at Carey lako or bolwoon thorn and town, containing $26, doaler'o Hcenso card, Colorado hunting; and flnh- Ing llconua, ITlndor return to Newa f^>r rawurd. »Q 10-17 i» h for -..ytcUea. iBli«no i 8S8911. FalrvleW, FOH BALM by ownar*—A modern cnttaRo with flvo lareo rooms with built-in fpaluroH, full baaem'snt with laundry accommodation, ftno well watar, chlckitn houfii, K^-raKo with frt>nt drive, OIOHCI to school and tmr Hno. Will prlco to B <*11 with or without furnltur«, l (Q Kast 1!. 21 lli-10t POH SALE or trade—Hutchinaot) foal* dence, eleven rooms, on West Twelfth, •trlctly taodern, up-to-date, will trudu for •malTpr rn»t4enc«. * Addren i*. S: Itoaa. CUlSaat £2i«hth litrtiol, Uimea. Kan. VALUABLE poMoaalona eaaily and quickly returned to lo*<*.r*. Lout and found column iu most efficient mediuzri for return ot loet property. UH NOWI lost Hiid found column. X.OST, isouthettat lIuti .'binHon, 11 'H'kM.flay tratl"-Travellr .c Uie con tain In/; iitdy's apiuircl. He turn 225 J2uat Uevonth. Howard. SO l*-ltl LOST. Houthoaat HUtchlnann, ITockaday trail--Travellni; bag containing lady'u apparel. Iteturn 226 li^iat Beventh. Howard. 30 17-8t L.OBT—Hlnty, white ahugery malu pup. two uray apots on head and onu ut root of tall, Howard for roturn. Call iJOGa. 80 17-lt J«OHTV-Two attte) Ctflh uolea with r«»l» .v -knd, lines. of iSurtu I-*ojjlar. Vtinler -pWao <Ml .31*7Ji *. I '_, 'i * ' BUSINESS OPPORTUNITY Small butftnoBH In fairly larse town. Doing good bualnano. Thriving- town. Small capital will handle. Qood reoaon for selltntf. For Information, addr &J* U -S5, CA1U0 NlflWS. BUSINESS OPPORTUNITY Would you like o h»ve tho opportunity of estabhahln* a buslneaa that paya you excoBS profits? We have an opportunity for thu rltfht party to eatabllah a good, payin«: buatneaa In a SJ-owlng town; ex- coli«nt opportunity for a huatler; inuat havo a ma IJ capital and be a roul buaitu; m man. For tyu particularw, addr'nes J -6»; 12 0 -17 1^ £ jfH?^" Th« MJUhcIl-Jonea-Crannil well on lire. (Bet on flra by Hying roojes, well No. , for An 1 ot tho MitclleH-.fows Cranflll f '01,1 ' "'" ' puuy at Ueauiaont, Tex., Una u:..^ , .!r.-fv).,K all to kill tlit-

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