The Daily Milwaukee News from Milwaukee, Wisconsin on July 14, 1859 · Page 4
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The Daily Milwaukee News from Milwaukee, Wisconsin · Page 4

Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Issue Date:
Thursday, July 14, 1859
Page 4
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• '. • . V- ~£ ^*^»2Ss--*-.«>«;-% r"J--*~ . , v .-, , ^« X, ^$&^JlL ? V V*; ; '';.- J v. , -* •' •" ..'""•"**", -»„••'- - - ' - "• f " J.I .! , * ' ,"• „",.. • . - - ,<-.". «•» *J " J3J- -r *; > „ -• . % * - J'' -'- ' - j • • ",•'•-»* •*•««. ; % " • —- 'a, ' .?* S* T ' ,. : ,. u .... w j^^riy »^ftji;M'"i iy. v ' - — ".I' r''"" ' ; " * ^ - "«• !* ;' .*>•-••• ' " >' . ~ '.— »".-"*. "• J ..,..' froothb oily to -'sraa ^^...^^ of tba Mlnoio, Itt oppcesitton to ke]>UaeeMt!ailytt work the • '-—" : TheSardJn ferlno <ay», on the 94th, (be Boriwor ordm*4. iJw' "" " - - WATBK STHKFfc'l ' f*** fm&gn Kewfc tb«c ndferthkiak *„ JUT'OmiUWHr m»<U to perfect air ngeaeoU for BT&AMKKJINE8, F*8AWMr ..v WING, MU.I.QKAK1NO met with nnetpected of theenotoT, while D'Hlllierii fgise of valor. AtSolferino ,MTiTOdftttMfl|K)rt" Her advices we lb«.*8me«8 ihwe bronghi - Th* battle of Salferiijo-At1P*r1fl,. , Bev«d in aome quarters, thai the French lost" from 16 to 18,000 men, ss follows-:- -General Sell's corps, 6000 to ?Of* i -JD>Hffilsr's, ,nady 5 8000; McMsion's 2,600; <3anr6bert's. 16 Mo- ' iiesidcs oftsualities in the wKUerr sad it awns. *• „ ¥fae French people are said iiihedintheltonltenr. The King had been Kqnssted to dirii *11 ogsible fon» «gdnst Solfsrloo, «nd acctttdlng- r ordered Generals F*ati»ndDars TlwPatrfe says ir»i»l«>n had an «panlettel *VBttoooir to the Pftaichv Gen.FanUhadsl. lot away. •• '" - j ready oommanded the morementg to be jnade. •hot away, Gan«ral ZJenver fg reported to be amocg the ( - Tte Anstrians had 1 or -8 generals, and Tery many of their superior officers -wounded.: ; " (Jen. Gawchte was killed. Some' of the French infantry regiments were newly out to pieces. . '. The Piedmontese suffered <o severely as to be_ incapable of forming in the line of bsttre. The Vienna correspondent of the london Times writing on the 38th says, that -some •day* must elapse before the complete returns of the losses of the Anstrians conld be received. The same writer say«, thai ihs Italian regi- meats in the Anetrian army have become very dUBcntt to manage. The BKB desert by scores and fifties in the neighborhood of Trieste. A jhole batalllon had raised the cry in favor of Victor -Enucnnel. '- "' A. veBBel on the eoatt under the Ametwan ««g, had been detected in the act of receiving tha deserters" on board after dark. / The people of Milan bare made tlireatemng manifestations towards the Jesuits, whom public rumors accuse of keeping np a •secret correspondence with Austria. ' t The municipal body of Vienna have offered to maintain peace and order in case it wa< ne- oessary to despatch the garrison at Vienna to the seat of ^rar. / Enormous masses /of French soldiers trere 'marching into Piedmont via Nice and Hoant Cenis, / Kapoleon was in perfect health, and the sanitary condition of bis army_was excellent,— His headiiuartcrs were at Vallenjtra, »here Prince Napoleon was expected to arrive ontUe 30th ultimo. Itis reported that at Solferinb nearly every "Marsh»4 D'maiew was at Solferino, and marched against Cavriana. - ••:.:,' '. \ The King having bam informed thatpot- withstandmg the 5d and 5th diridon were en. gaged, it w-as'difficralt to carry the laghts-of Sto Marten; ordered » general attack v &mwm»* w »»»»# -, j -tj .» Ma Tork StaU, Dlmlc>'i BnWo, 493 tors co»U ..",. Ins^ta'ofth* . , Maznora directed his course by Pozzolong6, Bnddesoended npon.fian Marten, hnt.wai attacked from-the side of Pozzolongo, The fonrth regiment, jtheleft, -re. pulsed the enemy, can&log great losses, trith onr artillery; la spite of the delay of (Jen. Da Vandifl 1 corps, occasioned by the te^npegt And the ignoranoe of ilia guide. -The third .and fifth divisions and brigade dislodged the enemy from hU formidable position, and a brilliant Tiotofjr ended the contest of f fteeii loon, which was SHBtalned with heroic bravery. . Btmr Qaxebe, BoUln^Two ilrer«l COMMERCIAL oso. BDITOB. and man of the artillery attached 4o the Imperial Onard was put bore da eembst The Austrian accounts of the battle admit-their loss to be 20,000 killed, wounded and misting. The Austrian official report of the battle says the right wing of the army occupied "Bogza- longe, Sotferino and Carecena. » The left wing marched on the 24th, to <Jni- dizzola and Csstel Qoflte, and repulsed the advancing enemy on all sides, as the Imperial fenny continued its advance towards Chieae. The enemy, who had also assumed thettSen- rfre, with his whole force, pushed forward xcch large bodies of troops, 4hat f Uej-f TVS< a general -engagement bt'ttreen th* twojumi-s at ten o'clock or thereabonts On the morning of £he 24th,, the right «mij, wliiali W( is formed of the second army, ntut-i Count Schlick, maintained the position wliiili it had originally occupied in the first Hn« of battle, until two o'clock in the afternoon," and the left wing, tinder Count Wimpffen, continually gained ground in the direction of Chiese. Towards three o'clock the enemy made a vehement attack on Solfetino, and after several hours' hard fighting, obtained possession of the place, which had been heroically defended by the 5th corps d'armie. An attack was then made on Cavriana, which place was courageously defended until evening by the 1st and 7th corps d'armie, but was eventually left in the hands of the enemy. TThfle these Straggles were going "on, the 8th • corps d'armie, which, was on the outer flank, right wing, advanced, and repulsed the Sardinian troops opposed to It. This advantage did not enable tlie Imperial army to recotvr the positions that had been lost in the centre; tlix third and ninth corps •-de armee, which wer^ supported by the eleventh corps were engaged on the left wing, and the reserve cavalry attached to this wing made several most brilliant attacks. Unusually heavy losses, and the faot that the left wing of the 1st army was unable to make progress on the right flank of the enemy, who directed him by main force in the centre against Volta, led to the retreat of the Imperial Royal army. It began late in the evening during a -very violent storm. The correspondence of the London Herald says so little did the French expect a battle at .11 the previous night, that a message from the King asking for support in case he should be attacked, was met with a refusal on the ground' that an attack by the Austrians was not probable. At day-break, however, the corps of <, Marshal D'HiLUSra came in eight of Solferino, and was immediately set upoa by a large Austrian force, which rushed down (he hill and fought with N the greatest fury. I he Marshal resisted the attack to the best of hii power, tut it was not belorc three Itours of frightful •carnage had elapsed, that the corps of General Neil made its spoearance. The Anstrians were slowly driven hack, and every now and then there was a pause, and the French continued to gain ground, heaps of their -own and their enemies' corpses the fioctuatioDS of the fight. The Anstrians were thus slowly driven out of Solferino, but all of s sadden they made a tremendons burst forward and the French were "-drivendown tha hill. Being admirably supported by their ar- tfllerj", howerer, they made a stand, end commenced once snore to advance. It was like a hall-storm of bullets and balls, and whole flies «nd battallions were mowed down br a angle discharge.. > to the meantime, at the light and left wing, the Austrians were getting decidedly tne best of it The Piedmontese were being slowly driven back. Gen. Canrobert's corps WM also heavily punished, and bad there been a skillful General in the Austrian *rmy to collect a&d concectrate their forces against the weak point of the enemy's line, matters would have bad a very different aspect. The French commander, to whom credit of the day is entirely dae, whether it be Neil, MdMahon or-the Emperor himself, sent forward the Imperial G-rtard and a, strong division of the infantry line against the Austrian centre, and succeeded for a time In breaking it. ' - Instead, of bringing up their forces to reply to this formidable attack, the supporters were cent to thv left and right wings, which did not seed then?. Desperate attempts were made to recapture Solferino, but the French strongly held it, and the bnglea began to sound B general retreat. An attempt was made by the cavalry to pursue them, which fed to anen- ooanter between the French Chasseurs and the Austrian Eulons, in which the former were rapidly p n t to the right about. It ic stated that not a single Hungarian regiment was allowed to take put In the battle, and that tbe Italian regiments had all been previously;«ent to Tyrol. • , Twenty thousand corpses are Bald to have been buried, ana many were yet lying in tha ditches and cornfields, Ihe Berlin and Vienna letters -confidently^ •peak of negotiations having bean opened by Prussia with England *naBassia. for the po£ pose of establishing, if possible, a basis for oombiped mediation. '„_,-_ ; The military commission of ihe Frankfort Diet is said to have approved o/ the demand to move an army of observation, to the Rhine. The French are making immense naval-pre. parations ia the Adriatic. s Ifreahips of the line, 8 frigates, 8 wargteasn- «w. 13 floating tatteries, 9 gun boats, 9 prices, and 2 three-masted'vessels were at Antivari— Thsy have enormons, finpplies on board. Jhe admiral was about to open Ms sealed orders'. The Brest fleet Is s&dto be composed of « ships of the Una, two heavy frigates, and one float* omoE or CEK DAILY NEWB. . • >litlr»nkce, Julj 13 1SB»; ,( • The money m»ket rtin contlnces ju«My, wilh no \etf tetife dcmuid. Exchange and currency iB^i&odft- xat* mpffly at th* n«nl nta. The MlMoori RtpuWcan njt (hit the regular IreeUrxtaleotent of the baoki of th»t city rortte week ending July 9th, mika » more f»Torible «hojting th»n tb«*eek prcviooi. Th» reduction In the amousto «eln u>d cirenltUon ftut procaeds, The New York EnalvgPcst, oltbe lllh, e»yB coa- York motty market; "On silnrilty wen»Ue«da UaiJeney to increase J ewe tn the money market. Ttdtlsi&ore »ppirciit to-day, Ihe tupplj-on cff<rt>elng semllAy larger. On callsU per cent, ii 'nor the rate, »nd 6% wu qalie generally *c?epted thli momlcg on fint-elara »ecoriU«.* Indi counu we <1« not detect a itoUarJchinge, rate* being u before, thongh from the merctntUe'cluin thwe is crtdently JesKdemkndilian a fortnight (luce. ., The feature In financial circlet to-dajr'U' • farther rile la Exchange on London. The bailneM for the Anbla'f mall, wblcb cloie) ben to-raarrow at IX *nd C r, x., has oot fairly opened, bat parohaiea are cot effected belo» 1IOX, at alxty diyi, »ad,jno»l of the lead- Ing <5r»s-en bold »t IJO^. ' ~ We do not learn ibat any conilderabli amount of specie Is to go forward by the Arabia. Ihe^tnaFire Innrane* Company, of'New 'Tork, h« declared a ceml-aaooal' dividend of tlz per ot nt, pay&tile on demiod. 1 AVOtO TOE PB«STI.Tii;iA Ci»I5.—It is- Etat«l tha 1 ,'tlii B ink of l*»rence Co , P»., hu al»D. likeItitellow of T'<.g» ciBRty. T un's rh«U:ieiphl» Ooan- '-t'.r ii liti'^tor frr Ju} ti j»of '.be Th»me« Bank la I'r.'.. 1 >:. .TJi» plitU> vhlcn were engraved for thli t>p£os rcr-'cm, ktc being altered to Ttrlom binki.— De.on ttic look out for any n otet annrerlnf" to th« fpl. luiring dejcriptlon: Is. Vig. Battle, Ac.; In the foreground a cor tolling down, and behind her, *t the right U another one stand. Ing up And to the left» hone looking orer a fence; cat. tie »nd train of cars la the distance; on right end U b»Wtei«ti ot« little «irt wUh a wreath ot grapes on on net head, on If fl end la a fema'c vested, b*uaogB pall -on her knees. 2«. Vig^ a firm icene; a wooxn and a nun tUndlug by a -well; :on rl^ht end ii a female seated, holding a fignreS; on the left end two (liver dollara; Z In both upper corners. 5i. TJg. farmer poaricg twill from i pall In »trongh, from which three hog) are feeding pig pen on the left; on right end U a farmer carrying buket of corn; on left is an oral male portrait. They hare been altered to the following banks, Tilt Con way Bank, Oonway.JUu. Thsmei bank, Korwlch, Conn. Tiuoton tmnV, Taonton, Silts. . • TradeM'btnk, BoCon.Miis. Tennontbink,Hontpelier,Tt, r , And will doubtleu be altered to many more. Befate any noW> answering'to either of the abore de- icripUonj. . -• ^ Breadttaffii and Frodoce. Prices continue to go down ererydsy. Floor today wu Tery Inactive, hirdly cnongh done to ahow prlcej. Whe&t waimore active, bnt at • decline f>f faliy 5e on Ko. 1. The demand for milling was light;— There Is lome dalre to get rli.of the old stock to make way for the new crop, hence the comparltlre ac- tlrlty la wheat.. pats iiitl come in In c^nilderabla Quantities and »re dltposed of about as fast u they ceme. The tilci to-day jeoa to show a decline, bat the price on the whole Is rasher Bteadjr. ^ Corn was leu active, thongh nominally unchanged. Darley and Eye are very <joiet, rcry little arrlrlng. : Potatoes are very dull, though the sales to-day would seem to Indicate 1 tiat the ra-pld decline wu arrested.— New potatoes h»remexJe their appeirance, *nd are oCered In small quantities at 1,00. Batter and Eggs are about ft draj to tBe mirkeV »°d •conseqaently pric s are very Jow and drooping. : 'Wool is declining, and the (roantlty coming in for salt U growing "small by dejrew *ad beautifully lea," doubtless s few days more-wilt suffice to "dry it np." We were shown OB* fleece to-day which deaerrei spicHJ notice, the weigh* of it waj 39% Ibs,»ndflw lUple wu fully 6 inches long-,'*^tid of the finest Hnd^— It came fromBurUngton, Bacine County. We never saw a better fleece. Wboleialc jnarket. TOTSBAT Ircrao, July IS. • actlre; rate* 'steady. Wheat to Buffalo 4c; to Oswega tc; !ta Pott Cotbosrue S^c; to 8UC«Uiarine»BX; floor to ,Baff«lo Kc; to Hew Tork £0c. BchoonorDan* ch*riered with wheat to Onrego on private terms. FcTiooner DewlU chartered U Port BUnr O&xe Is, Butltn, Two Blrws •_',_ ScKrC.C.Oriswold,P»B, Cleveland, .-KB top* pig broB Prop Meodota,«peucer, Chicago. — ' Prop Chicago, Dlclaon, Chicago: -,».-Prop Fountain City, OolDntwobd, STDbbls bales wool. ," ••'*-, .•--'. ^ Prop Badne, Brltt, ftntbtoftS j>V g» h h goods, 20'green hides, 8 dry do. ",' •" X x f t I • &T The Mloning Is a Tin of v Detroit on Bandsy and «Iond.ay: . '•',_.' Bound Tip— Sunday :-PropeileVi Mendota, Pttmontlr, Chicago; bark Sovereign of. tb* Likes, CUytoo; BTijSenlmle, E W CR»I; »chhoneTB Shook, Miry II. Scott, May Queen, Falrohlld, «-, if Nelson, ttontrra- ma, Contest, West Wind, test' rday: Barls Sontra, Northern Light; brig Monegan; tchooners Ctlca, W. H. . Craig, Virginia, MaibewAleGrar, Inflnstry, Whlp r TV. nat W«tt . Bound Down.— Sunday : Prdpdlfrs Wenoria,Tolo- , eerr, , r . B, Bannat W«tts,^8henun t n. JolepTi, Angtllqut, no. raWatsbn. - mac; schooners B. Fletcher, SophI i Smllh, Twin StstersV Testerday; Propel'er Michigan; schooner NBQOod- ell. r ,_ • - - 'Cn»KTisED.— The Qfand, Truuk RaQway''Conipuy hare chartered the sleamer.Oitiws to ply as a ferry. boattsUeen Port Baron, anj fta oU. Bbe will ,be cm- ployed for the purpowtiurlnjg the remainder of the snm- merana_fali, onUl tht new bocl Is flolslied, which is now being constructed In Winds >r tor this route." So •ays the Detroit freefrtm, . ' >' Lrani BoonDiicoimDip*.— Tl e Oswego Palladium of Friday, says: "Tbe ilgttL Uiuseat Port Ontario* kw been discontinued. We mention the fact more aa Bucll than supposing that It will luterett any one, for It has been deemed aute'es« expense to government for the last fire year.-; so we are ioM by a reskle&taf that rlclnRy." . ... A DETROIT Vtssit u LirnrooL.— A letter t»s been received to this city by the OWD«T of U>e brig Ciino- Une, which cleared for Europe in Uay, (latins; that she arrived ** Liverpool on IheSlstof June.' She- left Quebec on the 20th of Hay, abdlwas compelled to lay to twenty-four . boars In the gulf c n account ot a fa* HOBS stonn, bat tras generally favored with fair wind the rest of the way. It wlif tins be seen that she h»s made the trip in twenty .one da;>, running time. She made the ran from land to land in thirteen days. So says the Detroit Fru fr.a: Paou Liis EDFXEIAU— th» Det ait fret Pratt ays : " The Iron City arrlrod . n Sunday from Lake Superior bringing * large nnmbt ..•' of passengers anj !(W tons of copper from the Cliff, !•: Jional and Adventure mines.'' • axsrr^tn 'it Bcrrjiio, 1 Ota AID lira.— Propeller MIL wtnkee, Hunt, Chicago 'torn MI'wankee, 500 bbls floor, 300 bags-wheat; propel ,-rWenont, Huff, Chleajo and Milwaukee; S,S78bbl»|i or, «,50- boi wheat, 47 pigs goods, 8 boxes do, 1 pi >r, tEl>->gi rags, 1 box mills; Propeller Globe, Pratt, U lieago, <i »wo of corn, wheat floor, ic, CLIIKKD »>• Borryk^i, • l£mr.— Propeller Nile, Collins, ^Chicago. , : Tsi pBOrxiua GLOBS Allot E vr Poorr PSXXE, Ltu Sxrc.— We leun to day, 'Ut the Propeller Globe, with. a .lull cargo of TB»TU».«O« « »i,a grain, west ashore Saturday morning, on Poi i( Pele-, near the new niicon light-house. Those who ure fund of coincidence,' as well as thoje who ate not, are informed that the accident to the Olotn happened aboot the same hear on the same day, that ihe Socket treht'«shore a few miles below this port. The cargo uftdeGlobawasmotlyfrom" Chicago. Th= Pi opeller Mendoti passed the Globe on Ettflrdly, and endeavored to haul her -off, but the Captivnsajs that (belles with her bow >ome four feet out of water, an 1 that hu eOTects vrf '. <>t GO avail. ' She wa> not leak Ii;v, a- 'he f>t*ce 1^ aft L iidy 0063 -fend U no storm arises, <*i;lt'*iie aia o'U/K-ri and tags. It Is quite possible •jli.i'ir * '.HI k. -i.ift.' l-ara aertrnaaon.— Wilcoxtln'. Crumihrfict rhattho HI rival of the Globe at BafTOo on Hit; ll'h, Ii aunqanced «aong»t the other irrlTils by the Jiulfrlo pikers, wi'hont any account offjhef _, BRIDOB, &AItnoiT>" ' WdSTiAilBO AT CASTINGS, , , IRON 001DMN8, L '- i Buildings, and trery yarlely Of Job Work, in th« manner, and on the most liberal terms. i of MW-owneri and owners «f Wafer, As-being by fat the most powerful, durable, and ««. aomteat Wheel w« to? ented— not Uable. to get out W order, not »ffecttd by lee or fadcmier, and ning lets Tr«t*r to proportion to the power produced taurarry ptfctr Wheel In the market. A deseriottra elrtal to fan Mrdtd npon application, free of ch*rg». " ' " AYER'S t'UERfiY SECTORAL, -TOR. THfc «UPID uonil OF Colds. Coughs, ami " WHOJL.KSAL.B . • " WAREHOUSE, Haujford, JBIackuiarr & Co.. '- r (tATB HARBISON, HAHFOtD & CO.) J _," i. ConjiecUi with ^ HAKKISON. HANFOKD & GO.', ' " FALLS, .......... '......"..'..OHIO. TTAVB opened MS Albany Block, Michigan street, op: O. petite NetthtUBooie, ft large stock of ': .' Soott JITeun, Cater,- Cotottd and Xnstlapt fapers. Jilto, Ledftf -Paptrt; Flat Qap», folio < : foti, Utttr and KaU fapert, Which will be sold very low, Constant additions wit bemad* to the stock to meet the vtnia of the trade.. ff Prtnt*rs*nd others »re invited .to call and ei- tmlne yor stock and prices. »prl« LANDS AND WATER POWERS. : 490,000 i OF' * Choice Fanning and Pine Lauds. IN WISCONSIN. S ELEtTCD years ago from, the then Government Lands la that State, ere now offered FOB SA^K, , •BTTttE Fox and Wiflconnii'linproveni'At Co., M Low Prices, en Liberal Terms of Credit, and In large or small qualities to sell purchasers , THE PARMINC* L.ANDS, Comprising Che. different varieties of Oak opening, Priirisand Hard Wood Lands, are well wate-ea by Springs and never-failing Brooks, and are Iq the vicinity of good martets. •. LANDS Ar» extremely valuable.bclng located In the rery heart of the Pine Brglon of Wisconsin, aad having -been: chosen with particular reference to tho quality of ilje timber and the vicinity of logging streams. . . The mention of Eastern Capitalists I* now Invited to toe .Water Powers owned by this Company; These Hill Privilege! are tlttzaled dlrectely along side lite Canal which unites tha Ulsslsslppi wi-Ji th; Great Likes, so that goods may be shipped by steamboat di- recilyto an' from the Mill*. . , i \fff~ These Pow*r« will be Iei;e* for a term of years a! may be desired. • ! -&ff~ Tor farther Information, enquire of EGBERT ,*11ITH, Agent of Trust-es, or-DAMUL 0 JENSE, General' Agent, at the office of the Land Department lit Appleton, ffls., or of " ; i W. H. BOOWAY, Company's Agen»»' majrlS 19 Wisconsin « ,M1I 4 Wis. " BsjKnZLD. M u»> MthDw., 18J5 Da,J,C-ATsK:ldona4hMltaiito« th* tost remcJj'1 h»« *m fcind ftr Ocmgbs, RomrsMttM, Infln«n»v «id thi concoBrit*n«syaiptomsBfllOold,Uyoiir. Oan»t PKTOMI. .' It* eonitant UM In raypraetkaandnjy famfly far th*. last tea: years hat shown It to pots*** tape- rlor Tlrtat* to the tmtmint of the** eoapWnts. ERES KNIQHT, U. D. . A.B.1IQRT1EY. Esa^of TJnoi, S. 1 .write*: -, B>H and' your Rctmi myself and In my tkmDy *r*r slnct you.In-rented It, and bisIleT* it the tott medidns tar In pnrpos* «r*r pnt oat. With a bad cold I shonM **on«r p*y-twinty-dTe dollars for * bottle than Jn without It, or tikfany other remedy." • Cronp, WhoopIaff^Coogh. Infloenza. - Bansm Am: I will ttatrfally'certify yoor'/Vt'orii* .tothkDMtrsmedrw* poaess ftr th* care of whooping oaagh, eroop, and thfl ehest dlsMaM-otcbUdnn. Vfe of your fraternity In th* Booth appreciate year skin,, and • sommeod yonr m«ikin« to oar poonle. HDUM OOHKLIN, H:». 4UOS LEE, bo, Hoimairr, : U, write*, 3d Jan., IMS " I had « tedioos Inflnensa, which confined m* In Juorj six wwkt; took many madlclnes without relief; flnaUy tried yonr Putoral by tb* tdrlet of our clergyman- Th« ftrst do** nBteted tha sor*ne«s in my throat aad longs IMS than OB* half the tottlo lua* n* completely wdl. Tonr medicines an the cheapen as *«: u the best wt can bny, and we estetm TOM, Doctor, anU yonr reneait M th* poor man's friend.* Asthma or Phthisic, land Bronchitis. Win lUsomnm, Pi, f »b. 4,1858. Ba:-Toar Ourry Kdaral Is pertbrmlnj marreliotu <ar**i In this *ecUcn, It ha nUrred srreraT from ilnnn- tat iymptoms of eonsnmptlon, and If now raring « m;u whoiiwlabond under an affection of tha tangs Cir th' last forty years. BXNBT L. PAEK8, Mercha^L 4. A. RAMSKT, H. D.. AuiDK, Hanoi Co^ l«w«, writes, Kept 8, IMS:" Daring By practice of many ynm f hart-foaad nothing eqoal to your Chary Futaral for •tf Ting ease aad r*li*f to consompdT* patifat*, or coring smch u an eBrail*." ' , W« might add Tolame* of •rldtae*, bat th* Bast eon- >inclng proof of th* Tirta**af this r*m*dy Is tbaad utHi •BMs upon Mai. <'. Consumption. Probkbly no on* remedy Jiaa.arn »**n know* which i!Or*d so ninny *nd inch dangnooa caws u thl* BOSM 08 human aid can Inch, bet »T«n to tho** tho Chtrr% ftotvrsl affords relief and eomlbfL -: . ' A.fToa liouss, Naw Toti CITI. March 8, ISjo. Docroa Aria. Uftnu: I feel,It a dnty andapieiuars to Inform ton wh»t yonr Oierry.P^naral h*' don* for my «rlfe. : 3h« lit'M-*n fttr iju.r.'Sw lit^rlD^ orutar th« dan- gsrou* sym;.i»iiM ..i C-usuu^Uoo. from whitfb naaltlwe «9uld procnr* BSTC horntueh relief, ghewu stuJlly hit- lag, Btitll T". titront. pf Uo* dty, whi>n> w* bsr^'-nnx tnt sdrlo, recocuncsidf*! * trt»l of your m*dkine, . IV* bi«i hU kiiuJnea*, ** w» dfco ybat salli; fbr*h« ha* reeotered from that da;, She U not y»t •* stroag ** <h« u««f ta "rat i* frM frttmjier enag}i, and eslte herself welt Tours with eutltnd* and r«r>rd. ORLANDO SllKLBY, cr PATENT MEDIOINllS, MEDIC Ai, r> it . ..) o i- 'i' ti o x? s PROM.Ih* K.-.3I. n.i-l r>i,a n IIli: ;iE-15 M,-irkr-l V., .MIi>i-iMS.--. .- [..-vatni fl nt anil cure oi" -v. ^ I'rivrtli. U tin.'Hi,! of mtrcury. 1' cg,rwii«^ front ine:(p''Tn>n. In" tyc : ttttrni prftc?i<\j; fnr it is i ;jn by tip: and aKin^cmint o,r thA^ ,;ompl;\:im e irhole timo nf il\w -.T-'JO WPUNI be- • I¥EW BOOKS. T HE KE W AND THE OLD ; Or California and Jadli in romantic aspects, by O. W. Palmer^ M. 0. Monies, by the author of Salad for th t goliury . ;A Bachelor's Story, by Oliver Bonce- t Life of General BaTtlock, by 3. T. Headley. Ihe Conralescent, by N. P. Willis The Bparrowgrass Papers; or, Lirirg In the Eoontry, by F. T. Conroj. ' being ashore, we Infer that Injury. "fie got tff without eerluus wo of the LondonjMpers -sUte that there has beea a meeting at Farts of the inferior dip- IwnaKo agents of France.!* tho sLerant. wad that they have been despatched to their posts by order* from the Emperor,- - ; -,„ It ia presowed that they have orders to aid in the getting up of on insBrraotion iii Q*wU»iaHiae. rsoeivad: orde»»* ** TOOT the JJppBr T«Uetino, and. in* «tpectea at Torano wfth S.OOO.tBea, «ad where 6QQ Pledmnntpse ^sd^irtady wrired; -" ' ', SHrmishea have taken'jflace .near Boniii 1)6tW-f38l2 tu6 Fftd&Gil 9{&{MI * qj£ V&ti£&&O -Wod the Aastriaas guarding the 8telvio:?i»s*. The- AttetrUns natnber thirteen .c^mtjaajeg o f to-' £tttiy fi&d two companies of cartjlrwera. They ocoupypositioiis betweeb Qlarisn J ~— - tndft battery haSj-been placed in command tbe TOMS to StUra*. Barricades hare alsobeenereeted, and there , U great feu of a descent by Qflaribftldi. Sm«£ federal connoll has decided in concert with th» belfigerants, that any soldier seeking •belter on Swiss territory, shall be sent baek tofleoaaby, tadr goTBrnments engaging carploj them Again the present w». the»oldiar»«fthe JMDR-Tety Inactive Jtt a decline. Hoidenask 6,25® &fo, botbsytn win not adraace btjoad 6/X>,— Becelpts 353 bbls; shipments 270 bble. Sales N bbls Koskonong ana Martestn r. o. It, at 5/». - STOFJU>UK-^cbMgea;traae light »t«,» , " wtiK AT-market tolerably »ctlv» at a decline; Ko. 1 8c lower. Receipts 8,023 bus; no ealrnnenu. Sale* UO bns prime white winter at 1^7#f 819 do do at 1^5; 1W 4o eitra (to Jhe connttj) at JilSX; 1,890 do extra Jjfo. lf.8 b., 1,00; 225 do do in store «i 95; lOOdoNp.lai 85; COD do do 83; £50 do doSZ; 125-do do 81; 470 do do 88; 225 do No. S at 05. Total 'sales 8,7s» bus; dcttnE OS5J SHERIFF'S SAI>E. STATE or wiscoNsnr, i Cinrnlt Court, Milwaukee Count} . { pldney Shipard, ' -' V against OrrUtlln Henry Meyer, and Wargtret, hit wife, James 8-Brown, Davlii O. PeweTjIdward Bane, William P. MerriU, Kelson Webster, Charles A. Koeffler DeUner Fischback, B. Boddu «nd A. W. Griiwold Adminlstnton of the estate at John 0. LeKoy, deceased, Onnand T. Crane, diaries F. Bode, Admlnis- trator of the ntaie of Charles G, fichrelner, decesj. ed, James W. A ret ell aod HeimanO. C. Kemper. I K jrirtaeof and pomant to a Judgment rendered in said Court to the above eotiUedacQon^dated February 8, 3S5>, I shall cipoM for ssJe and sell at Public Auction, at the Poll-Office, In the City of Milwaukee, on Saturday, tho 9th day of Jnly. 1S5». at the hour of 2 P.M., of that dar, the following described mortgaged premises or so much thereof as may be necessary to raise th e amount of s aid judgment, in* Urcat and cosU, together with th« expenses of sale, to win "Lot number sjxteaff 16) and the east half of lot number fifteen (16), In block forty-five (<i), In the Second Ward of the City of, being on Tamarack .street, between TlfUi and Sixth streets, all la. the Comity of Mllw/nke« and SUte or Wisconsin." . Dated Sheriff', Office Milwaukee, April 8, 1659. A. J. LANt, WOKTHr. apr8-8m-lln2w . Bheriff Milwaukee Co., Wh. The abore tale t* hereb Just Received. For«:le.hy TEBRT* CLEAVER, j«12 in East Water St. SU Louis Sugar Cured Ham*. I AM <iot.stantly rscelTing a supply f .f these celtira- tcdHams,th*b»ttlntl,cOnlt*dBtat«. Thntstho lore good things la mj line would do well to call kad eXamlae my stock. .'LEDYARD, Orncer and Wine Dealer, ! ' I«l East Water street NOTICE TB HEUEBT siren that a meeting of the Stoclho'ders M. In the Swedes Iron Company, • nr be^ he a at Us office in the City of Milwaukee, on Tuesday, the sectfti 1 day of Angutt next, at 2 o'clock p. M , far the nurpose of tlecttng Directors for the ensuing ytar, in vorsuince of a Btoikholder'a c»ll, and of a resolution of the Board of Directors of said Company. " , H. COWLE9, Secretary. 23. 1 5C9. je2S-do»w«w lll'TTER. I WOCLD cilltbe -itt«nt!onof Families to ray seise lions Oi i CHOICE BUTTEK. 1 am daHy, receiving by Eiprets, choice ioU rf Bukler from thi best Dairies In the State, lytlch for tjnalHy and flat or Is unsurpassed. Prices always to corrts-'l pond wllft the "market rates," and quality warranted. I Orders solicited and sent to all p»rts of the city trte. L j JOHN W. Lfr>Y*IU>, f j Grocer acd Wtoe Dealer, naySl 101 East Water stree*. MAI*OFTHK SEAT OF WAK PBICE 1KTEW Uap of Northsro and Central (taly, showing i.1 the. Peat *f the Wtr, Position or the Armies tie. to which I, attached a small Hip of Europe— ail for 2 cents. i Al*o, A line Map of fht Theitre Of the ETuroncan War, with Portraits of the Kal-rs In Europe, etc-— price M eentsj at BTBICKLAXB * C0'3.' Je& 194 East Water 8tre«(. y postponad to Saturday the 16:h <Jiy of July, lSBT,.at the tame place and tlm* of day. Bated Sheriff* Office, Hl'WBukee, July 8, 18J9. . „ ~ JelO ., EhErlUMU. Oo.,Wls. KTB—tieady with small sales atl^KX Eeceiptsli' bni, . *- • ; ( ' OA1B—tefcdlBS downwari). Becelpte 1,689 bn*.— Sales 300 has at 87^; &70do do 87; l,DCt<]odoS7;,£OQ do do 85. 7otal *Balfit S^TO.bu. COKN-light trade; ihafled 72^D^ ear 7t». Receipt* 834boa. .gales 306 bos ear70. ^ I POTATOES—dell.- Receipts'SG- DM. "Bales£04i>ni •t J50; iiew potatoes were on the carket to<lar «t 1,00 «0» X 80 38; lOOd do HIDEH-steady. Eecelpls S^JT Iba. Green H*ctlptt80T)Wr. Bales 25 bbls ^R«6S~T«ry dull arid drooplugj -Sales at 8a». ^ K t * 26 bbls floor; 2^81 bai wheat 4Wdo oats; 717 do corn; WWdob»rley;M dc-tye; Vffnjti>» sundrtar; 4«» flo rags; 8CT do hides; l»;d« wopl'-^tons stone; Zosen. EHIBPM n- Ma.wnrcint * jCoaao UUi and 12th,-85 «bU ftonr;«7;tas torn; 214 flo oabr; 7^fllbt-,irool;::K head caWe, Monday and *Tui*a*y.-9S5bas aatt; SffSa piitaioas; 1^69 Ibs f«0lr ««».4o snnortt*; *^BI> do^feifl; ;«01 M>1» floor; 1 fceg* * .... «97] SUEBIFF»8 SAT£. -^, STATE OP WffiOOSSIN,' CircuitOonrt, JMa-aakeeCc-nnly. > . Zdotns A. CoOoi. ) . L against J- . - Ohrlstlan Wand. ) B Trlrtaeofani v oationissneHrom*aldOourt,-ln the abore eoU t J action, to me directed and de- llTerea-agalnst the pertonal and resj property of the aboTe»4med defendant, 1 hare wired and levied en the following: "All the right, Utle and Interest of theesJd Cb la- tain Wand, lit aad to 'the following deserted . ' ^ real estate, on the 5th day of October, 1S5S, or has : since acquired thereto, to wit: Two acres In the west half of south w«tt quartefof . section *e»eateeh (17), town seren (7), rang* twenty-two (22) cast, In the Ninth Ward of the CSty of Milwaukee, Oonnty of MQwaakn and 'State of Wisconsin." Vhlcli said property, I (hall expose for -sale apd S' H at Public Auction, at tbe Post-Offlte, la tbe City -ot Mllwsnke*, on fuunrslar* *I>e 27th dttV pf AUJTOtt, 1SS9, at the hour of S r.«., of Oat day, to saUsfy-sald ezecation, together with the ezpensei-of •ale. •*" . . Dattd Sheriff's Office, MilwuskM, May !7.1S&». ' . H.ULB. I A. JT. LaKOWORTUY. * H'flSAtt'y. i £h'O.Ha.Os.,WlK 662]', SHERIFF'S 8AC.E. (New* ' OTATB OF WlBCOKaW,» • . . Circuit Ooart, Mllwaukee.Oonnty. f Alonzo Potter, mgatast Jonathan Taylor, Ichabod S nlth, tht Farmers' and Mniers" Bank end George W. Pecktam. ; Poreclojure. __ , • f * _ I K Tlrtue ofand pursuant to a judgm'ent rendered in saiaOoort, in the above e. titled action, dated Oc- tobtr 9,1858, HhaU expose fo-sals and sellatPuWIo Anctloa, at the Post-Offlce, in fi* City of Mllwaukw.-on: Santvdar,<tltcr «d day of 'Hl7> lS6J.«t the hour of S r.K,-,Of that day,'Utq following described mBrtgagedpremlset or so mnc'i thereof'»!• may bene- rnnd costs, togetbtr with f he wpenleii of sale, to wit: ' day. „, D»t«d,aberlirsOm«e,HUwanliee:Jaly - ' ' ,1M9. and HIM ordajr ore MI* U b the left da/ pf , - ; fortherpottpiniedlUi ^,'»t A* fajna place,. "No. Tff, ," "-' ;« Ko.l«, " « «'i t< N«i. 7T, •* " «09,00 « S4,«0 1853, 46,10 |1^«09 i persons from purcnaslng . , «? 4 Ho.' 9, Mo, «, *rectfcpn of *.foroe-j>unro bttthtlni neat their depot t$}H&»£ Irheft they aiay bathe and frtm isld 0<mit fn «nUtl»a»oUon to a* airwetJand B« penfln»l and real property df .«ur JwJBt Oo«W «tOa«t tad Walker rtrtett, J 'k 4ii Qm DovraoUBtt Omc», JJ raolntlon, of/ont to tboMp««(» who .allow tin ward, ft i* ordered t Third sreet to PeTetrth to the etttbllihed oa - - - •' raaka niffi fnw «hl» d«e,w «4Wr 40t> nm«t4am Ja. tlW Tlolntty of stations, thereby cwulns; .Mclde , «* U»J««r of» tv jtfrt that >• aecomp«akd b y twtnty eonu eitra. Great Wood, & Hay Emporium ! THE BIGEST MARKET IN WISCONSIN; > j JT/\/v TONS Extra Haled Bajr, 6,000 Cor4s 8eaion«d fJ\J\J Wood, eaca delivered to order In qulDtilltJ toeolt; ieheap, at corner West Water andciytoara streets. Office with Habbett * Breed. jeSO ' G. U. LAMEFBTO'. m. WIU4AK3 - Williams & Rod way, Auction and Commission Merchants, LAND AGSjrra AND HONEY BKOKtKS, '' «O. t» WISCONSIN STRLET, TTJTLt glTe'psrtlcuUr sttccUon to tbe sare of Farfal- TT •ture.Thr Goods and crery description cf Uer- cbmillse, allhcirSalerooDor in »ny part of the Cltj orOonnty. B«T" Idberal.advances on co r,«jgnm(nt»,anJprcrarA retnnu made.- U. B^—Bonds, Ho.tfs and Hangtgts negotiate!]. ' ! . \ ' Faniiturc A WA.T0AK BRIOK, FfV CABINET & OHAlE . Mrs. 204 and i 18 West Water Si., UQw&nkee ...... , ...... 7 ... I KTITIS tie aueotfoo of purchasers to one cf lit largest and best selected stocks in the dty. AlEtbx>» wintluE anything In the mbore Use will fin J a laving bj calling on him before purchasing elsewhere. '-• CABIWET-MAKERS e»a always Bod • large and well-select*! tuck ct cast Mat chain In tbe knock-down Jam. Also, eaa« atd cant suts, blaci walnut cod mahog aoj reneer. rarltn, Japan, »ndlooklng-glM«e« UnJ • OinrumfXifii, do not de*p«ir till yoa faai* tried Ana's CBSBIT Pscroui. Tk I* m*d* by on*, of th* tw*t m.viiaU chembis IB the world, and It* cnr« all aronnd o» b*>{ ' tbt-hlfh merit* of It* Tirln««- — ttOaditjMa Ledger Ayer's Cathartic Pills. T llK *ei<ucr* <,t CbtmUtry and Medicine have b*»n Lisivl l).-!r aimoa.l lo prnlnu this bnt, mo*t perfect |iargBU*fJ which U known to num. lanam*rab.U proob are ibowa that the*e mil hat* f lrto«* which surpass in excellent* tbe ordinary oredlcia**, and thai they win on precedBQtedly upon th*-*s{**m of all men. Th0yar*saft) ud pleasant to Isi*, BOt-powerful to carft Their penetrating properties stlmntate th* rjtal actrrlUesof the body, nnjor* th* obatrnctlon* of It* organs, purify the Llood, sad axpel dtseas*. Tb*ypnrgs>oaithe9>c]bnmorswhkb breed and grow dist«mp*r, stlcmlat* singgish or disor Jend'organs into their ftstnralactiea, aad laipart heal thy loo* with strength U th* what* system. Nat only da they <rar« th* STrry-d»y eemplain to of »Ttry body, bot *lso formldablj and dangeron* di**a*as that hire baffled ih* b«t of hqman skULf WhUa thuy Brodoc* powerful. K Jecu..they ar» at the cam* tmie, in diminished doses, tht ,ifcjt and boat physic that on be (mployed for children. Otlng sn^ar-CvAtod. they an pleataat to take; smd bMng (farely Tenable, an fn* frem any risi of harm. Cares hiT» botin made which sarpass beHef w«rs they not sab- <tantiattd by men of rach exalt*! position *nd chirartcr a to forMd the loipidon of rnfrati. >Uny *minent clsrgyaea and physicianshst* lent their name* to certify to the public th* reliability it my nmedleSr whll* cthen bare scat me the atmraiin of their eontlctiun thai .my rreparatlons contribute Immensely to tfeo relief of my toileted. snoVrlng feriow-fnea- Th» A gent belew namad U plewM lo furn Isb gratis my American Aloanae, ront«Jnlag directions tor th«lr n*e and ctrti&catv* of ihelr-ean*, of the foOcwing complaints. — CofO»c-nr«5, Blllcni C«R)plal8ta, Rheumatism, Ctopsj, ne*jrtharn,.n*»d«4b* ariflng from a fr%I stcroaeh, Kaa : •fa, ladtaMtten, M"rf>ld Iniction of the Bowl* and-Psin atismg thenfrom, YUIntenqr, l,oss of Jtpttit*, all Cfccr- OQC aud. Cntantons nsram*- wh*cb nqttir* *a'*ranim&t •sdirine, Sorbfol* or Km'g's R<ft- They al*4, by pnrlfy log th* blood and «liim)litiB«- the tyitcm, euro nxny o>mpUinU whkli It wwlrl not b* •npptwd they cohld rcacli, rneh as T>i!afhns,.rarti«VBl*DdnesH, Nenmlxi^ and N'ertont IrrluMilty,Ucntn^m^nti of th» Utur >nd KIJ oayf, Qout, and oib^r kic-trc^i compUInu bil^ln^ from * tow eut* rf ibt \-nAj ct iJjitrnclion of lu Ihcrtirn*. Bn not 1« pot L'fT hy nnprlnelpt<4 '(S"tiWr» cfHh 9ome other pill thty mak* mor» pnBt "on- A«k for At»> rnia, and tok* cothhig *l«e.. So ctlitir Ihoy can giri* ,oa njTuiiAr^, with tills in It*- fiitrlvtc falo*) cr caratiTp (Mnrt'm Tti« ikk wsint th« b*«tt iid : th*»re i* (hrtiem. tad they j hurt It Prepared by Dr. J. C. AYEH, Practical and Analytical Chemist, Lowell, Ktts PSJCT 9A Crs. m Box. PTTI {inxu r>< t I «OUt BY JOHB KK!E,Mllwsniee. MI.n. RKED AGO.,Chicago,and Ifenis in even wn In the United State s. ' n'alj eowdfr* DR. CELEBRATED VERMIFUGE A : ABIG.PILEOFGOOD3 For a Small Pile .of Moiicy, , * OALL. AND EXAMINED —AT— 'S.! Clothing EstablistmeEi NO 5, NE WOALL HOIJ8K. Oli STOLEN. fl^EDB following Street Commlssloneri Ootiflcale* is- JL sned and payable K) Daniel Keller: , ( • , [ lot 1, Block 29, 6th'Ward, .No.J99rdatedlS5C,»lW,60 tt, " - So.182, ." « IWjtg 25, ""'^Sb. 10, '« «. I26JO» No. J El», »U> »ari, No. 101,. " 18V, 16^0 M «, f Ne.106, » « 8«,6» Ho." n'. LIVER PILLS. * _ ^ o beg leave to call the attention of the Trade, and more especially the Physicians of the .country, to t%vo of the most popular remedies now before the public. We refer to Dr. Chas. !H 'lane's Celebrated Vermifuge and Liver Pills. , We do .not recommend them as universal Cure-alls, but simply fot what their name purports, -viz.; : THE VERMIFUGE, For expeJling Worms from tht human system. It; has also beer administered with the most satisfactory results to various Animals subject to Worms. THE LIVER PILLS, Forthecureof LtvjER COMPLAINTS. all BILIOUS DERANGEMENTS, SICK HEAD- ACHE, &c. In cases of FEVER AND AGUE, preparatory to or after taking Quinine, they almost invariably mafct s speedy and permanent cure. _ As specifics for the above mentioned diseases, they are Unrivaled snd never knpwn to fail when ad- niinistered- in accordance with thf directions. Their unprecedented popularity. has induced the proprietors, . . FLEMING'^BROTHERS, PITTSBURGH, PA.. .j to dispose of their Drug business 'tn which they have; been success,fully engaged for tKe' last Twenty Years, and they will now give riieii undivided tyne' and ,' attention • tc rhetr manufacture. -And being determined that Dr. M'Lane's Cele- •arated Vermifuge and Liver. Pills shall continue to occupy -the high position they now hold "among the great remedies of the day, they mil continue to spare neither time nor expense in procuring • the Besf ihS I Purest material, and com- .pourkTthem in the most thorough (tanner. Address all orders to Dealers aad PhTaidanii-nrdrrlDg.frflm often *»n thsaOag Bro«, Trill *» »dB to wrile their <adoi «nd Wa-nla* tmt Dr, )TIam>+ mpored 63 portuUity nnr lirr»j to m;ik<; hirn:i»ir i; ini.:icniiv .icqu.'iint- •fil.ftith their pAtholopy, commonly pur. -HUM .m'» iy-.ivf:i of treatmnnt,"in moat c.iac.'t maJcioij rvn-* miliaf rimin-it.? ase of the an;h]uatcil and rlnoircroiH ^:-aj-on, .Mi.Tf ury More cnutl'm, however, shonl-l he used hy thi> iyiihn ilcpatient. In cftnaultinif noniiirU phy.iicf^n't -if tin- i<i vertUin^ cl«Ti9,~ :i.i atnc-tenjhi ^r them -ir" ^pnqf,— . who?iH3uma yrtn«rh and ot.hyr R"imf.'3 ;ind are -vnf.-i.i- Any claims to meJienl knnwk"it;«. TIi *;«'.• Snavish m ,-• fiali infest all ],ir^c cities, arrl hy ni'i'.in? -n' 'I.-Nr iytn_- advertisements- finrt posters, ihcy induct- t!-.i> m-viry tn entirr tlielr i'et^r 7'Jnlt shops, a-nd unmcrrifuily tj.-^r- and poiatin thirm with mercury. Ptraoni tivln^ :\t \ distance in th.» coantry vr- m^r • npt to ho duped h'/ thii lylr.^ ootiots <»r <ni,i^k.i rh;n, ritltien-?. Dr. J..TiroMcO« h«ia^ceivt.'d infi'ru.rtinn fr-un his fnthfjr, UT. Wm. Tri'im:'on, of *,-hica^rt, Iltmoit, -*v. riaa practiced ovur SO jT-ynrs, -ind mid'? .'iir--> ^ft<>r-.!.- r.iiluri>3of thtf bent Pftysiel r »n3 in Kiirnp... (i r . T. .TM.II t ruspectfuliy ,i;l7i3c the pu'f-lic n_nt to b«_ -.lup-td f»y 'h- "Perindlrsal Pill" humhu^.t ut :ipply ;it onn.^ 'o .1 ph 7-1,1 clan who caD-treftt .-uicit ctw-.'S jfientiflcjvily und nii-ci^H- TaUy. Ss)Rrmii6rtrrhcc'4or3t:minrii Kmi.i.iioni, r-h.« .-o,,.;.. cjurnei* of s«lf nh'.i3t»,. trentsd -*itli compl«f »i. •• •• *. Tilthniit the uae uf murdarnns iniitrntnents. AM >Jlsca«ei 'neldcntat t*> r. m;il--i ir'-!it.-<t .vrh MI-.- -i, The new ?rencii SHSuld vr-iv-ntiy lUv.-nLni n !' ir ,. cnndtrtfttjy on hand. Tri-i ^•iifortunitt- M-ut'i ini.i- ona bf- ha:l tfy ruMr^Mrit? Dr. T tVm. Vimm-.-.n i:*i,. 4t - r lilinoig.Uos ?2, an*! in.rU-^.n'.: ffmr ,;4rmis - OF THE AGE. M E. KE::SK;i7. .: il.,xm.ry, • ... i >• -•• it ,:„ ...,inii.-n ( .i:,;u.- t-,:-l- . r-'..-- 1 . KVKK Y ivlNU 7UOM I'lu «;r,i3o: .Mjl., |.,.vn i.. ,i H- : ft< in,-:| • -. ....„ -,, I - - > hm 11 « .n 'r.s ; ..,»»,.-..5iT.,, ,-.-,. r ,„,. !..,Mi.if- .1 -' -\ of il-3 v kill,-, ili *'(',>:. ^ ..iv m ,l,.^ ,,. !t- .r.. T' ->' 'il^'i <'•• -• tr i^ t '•> i - C. HARRINGTON", <in,[ kin IH, BOSWOttTU * SON'ri, j o..,- i-.'•..,[•: Agebta for HoofTanJ'a German Bitter-*, MilrcauJrt!!?. f th* -.-/,•;, Baay!2-d,twdly | T»--> i-m. • , aa>l nln-,-; lt:; i im .,( •TIIK 1.1VT.K 7-ur • ,-,si,n t ,i INViaOK A T O RI "-'--"•:. PKKK\K£D r 1IV DFt. ^ANFORD, [ i -T -»r ..-„-.. •„,. Compound ' Entirely frm (.131S, ! k!1 r-l"'.; '"£,:" 1 3 ONE of the best Purffntive *yl I-iv-r \fe,li,MD« i i l^i^-ru^ i;:-...' r now before the public. all morbihor bad raattt;ri ^\ Vom the system, supply- )•• ng In their place 3i - icalthy flow of bile, in£ the stom.ach, footl tn digest pi veil, purifying t k € *~ "-•* giving tore and ^ to tbe whole machinery, rsmoTing the : ^ cause of the (I'^easii— • >M elTectln? .1 rsdicnl care., are ^ cure-J, and, what la bet- One.lo Chcilem Jfnrhvn t arrf - Only one nntt.:e ;s t.v , eil to thf'iw on*, '(i LI. system tfic eiftMM^ , medicine iff u r .1 !,*n:' Un* 11 o^tiitf la^^-u ,.- a.-iM^wne^ri or tmaatan 1 c.-:ur (mm the skin. On.'.lcser.^i er, preventc'l by il-coc-i -L, time befor- eatinf: riv^- :asion»J oaeof th- Liv t i- \^r vipor to the ippctiti- j ' ' Invlsorator. iLan.ak-e3 the food ill- : One ilose s soCGciettt to relieve lh«l ;toci«r!i and preTeut In* ooJ *'rom rising ac ( ! fcrifl?. ' : Only : one dose ulceai wfore re^irinjr, pr?Teots. rrsl ire!]. O&.*-lose, often repeat- , : ,f\fffi ;n Its wr.rsi form, ! 'while Summer tt ;» <l ;; Ii 3- *5 Only one Jlojefafei senilj. ami cur^-i JCr'n*-.-. 'One .iijae tt-'son i icincil vill care , almost to L . ! Afe"7 boi 1 I Dropsy ty '•2* »*e t-ikw ple.isure'ln re- n^tncrnMni* th;s ID •* > V] Iclne 13 a pre?en«J7e Tc "^ \ffrer «•«•/ A'j-u-t* <- '• • ce Jo-.e of two tei; » spo- ••''•!• will tlways re- : j, ievt. . . • i; KtodacK.*. Only "ne dose Irarae-i dlately relieves Cfa?»**,i a ti-ii'ir>ll3 t~,'}<e. I', op- ^r^'^s with >Tifrt;»int7 \\Ti'l thousaniN art; wtii- ifrEu) virtnea. ny tn ^ iay is in tfa ijwu*.\ teiUt DR. SANi'Ori'i. l*p-i-r;ct'.r, N'o. S-^ Br?aJ*^y., N-T R^Slled by all Drufglata. 3oM also, hy JOHN O1CE, jyl Wholesalcsale *vnj SeUiL Milua^c^ , W;s. NEW TREATM-ENT. .-. 1 mil ;) n<r..: l'.v;y i ,i. H ir..1 u r.r:'.-r .•-.•.".!.. i ..., .Vt. a? il.? F. TO 353-. 13.513311 3-^i 1 DIADi M > or 1 A I'R.VUTIl'L-l. ilH.xu or li «I!i. [ A llKAl'Tlft'l, IlK.Jli i;,» jj.ii;; BE \TJTiyV I. Hh.lIJ c.)J- II. IU; *"> .Ms.l>lt'.ll Dis< «\ I-', li V Confldential Medical Atl¥i«e! \ ^^^^^My'^T^^:,''":,,^,'', A T the Bnffilo Private Hospital—wtabljaied for »be , -.-..ur -',;.-, I\. core of Syphilis, Seminal Weaiacsa »nd the 3ec*ot n^v ,. K •'- • Inflmitles of Youth and M.\tarity, by Dr. AS03 4 ' Pr-c *l ••> ,-• r • •:. • • - -• •'. - --.-i.- \. SOS, BnSala, N. T. OlEce, comer of liain and.Quaj i ; . \i-.;-amnk ,--,'..-• •-i .: ,..,.: ... •„•-., • •••- • streets, (np stain.) if-- v. u r---ui --v i. .--.- •,--.-. ... A MOST SC1SXTIPIC ISTESTION. An instrument for Ihe core of Genital Debility, or j Kocturnal Emissions, more properly known as S^sxisal I ^eakfters, Ac.—can be-permanently xurfHl -lit frr-TO fifteen days to two months by the use of ihis instrument, —hen used conjaintiy with mj.licicej. j TOPJIQJIEN'TAKE PARTICCLAR NOTICE. ji'.ifsT IVyfJl }>^ J'lJS}^ Dr. AM03 ft SOS lake pleasure in anaoijncinj Utat Lhcy have Invented a moat iuipnrtxnt instrument for ihe cure of the nbuve :>liseajc*. It hasrbet-n suhjecteil :o a test by tfie tnvti eminent physiciaaa In Lon*Joi, Paris, fhiladelpWa nnJ N*w York; ittiaabeen dcclarwl the only useful Instrument ef cr inveni*il for the cm? of Seminal Weakness, or my dbesae of the gi-nitil or- rans, caused by th? secret Mishit of yoaih. Price ten lollan by mail or esprcsa. A CURE WARRANTED. Or. AM03 4 SON have .leveled their attention «- eiasively to tl.i-i pccnllor cl»93 of malailiej, and tiw relief they have consequently been enabled to render their fellow creatures, is fully testified and 1 gratefully acknowledged by convalescent palk-nta anil others ifaily ariiving In tovn from all parts of the country for the «xpress purpose only of consultations, whije th*ir ilertjoni have been crowned wish the moii signal ul- vantases; ye»<rom wnat tSey ttava eipcrienceii in oo- loirinjr into Jhe causes of those infectious complajnt?, from their most simple condition lo that of the most linger*',.i .and inveterate,) ilu-y hive alstsys ctit»r- :ained the possibility o£ Iheir prcvenlloa andieraoual, asd liiti wiae Invariably round that the zaoa't horrll)!e ind mu. ^nnnt forma or diabase could almost invariably ae trac«j i tt> one pf Uia-foliuwins causes: ignorance, neglect, i-r the ill effecta of unskillful and improper treatment; llurefore. PR. AMO:?A Sos have succeeded' in discovering, in th» selection of their remedies, a safe, effectual and cautious course; omlttirig all com- >tnatlon of remedies which bear an equivocal ch tracer, as well as tnose whose premature or injudicious ap- 41CftttoD ^mlght be productive of bad consequences ID h» hands of private indivldaala. In short, the- laudable end of their remedies Is the lessening of a great mass of, human misery by the alleviation, relicf-anot >r«vention of those grletous afflictions that aro In reality fie secret foes of llfep ami whlch r: wltile they 30 extensively surround us, call aloud for our ikil! and their extermination. COUNTRY INVALID?. Pertocs in any part of the world may be succcsafollj reatcd by forwordicg a correct detail of tVir casr, with a remittance for Medlclnte, Sea. Ad<trtS3 Br. AMOS A SON, corner Main and Qaav street, BttiHilo.S.T. jaor-d*wly" iilO'.VTi: ii.nWTIi .i;i>«- HI V.N Lt CUL.: /( >M> CO 1.0 It. 1MI l.'dl.iPIt (Mi -ii|.,UJ UAJrt iiESTUKvrlvv HAIR Ilwri-FtA Tl v K 11A1H KKaTOH.irimr 11A1K SK.-Ti>K v nv- .ANGUS SMITH & CO., Storage, Forwardiflg & t'oiaialssiou MKRCHANTS. .' > * Proprietors of tha LARGE ELEVATOR WAUEllOVSE, At Uis tennlDoi at the Milw.iuie* A MlMlselppL and tho Slllvaukee. Watertown t Bamboo Tulle; ILUIroaOs. t3F~ Liberal adrances m.iJc on property In store, or or stupmeat to Eastern Markets. - oc!!K-Jtr A It MIL'WAUKKJK BAZAAii. DELORME&OUENTiN 159 S<ut ITattf Strttt, ' KSXTDOOSTO MES3B3. BRADFOan.BaO'8, DIKJaTZKS iSD BBiLIXS ty 'ancy Goods,Toys, Willow Ware and Yankee Notlona Also,En»broM«ryQeoila»D<lZiphjT Worsted. ' ' ' '•: NOTICE. • ' . ' CITT Conrraoiutii's 0;ncs,) Oorllrart Departmenl, SlUwaukee, July T, '5» f T int Common Council, by resolution of Jane 2(KU, 1859, caving ailoptetl th* recotamemHloa of the treet Commissioners of th« Sixth ff»rd. It i» ordereit: Th»t Stittenlh street, from Walnut to HarToan,>,e graded ana griveled to 13)9 tsiibUJheU grade, tlte sidc- wsJss planked and gutters paT«d !n accordance with he utlmato of tbe City Kngineer -«n file in the City Comptroller's office. '. • • . Owners or agents «f property lotereste.l- in '.he above prOTemenU are' hereby notlflcd to make tbe same wlUiln tweoty-tw* days from this itate or ihe Street Jommisslotiers of. the Sixth Wara will cause sattl work to be dooa and Charged to tho respective lot: according to law. ' • ... : . B, VH. OAEDEMEa, Comptroller. • j «';.•• NOTIO'K,'.'.:••••.•••.-:/"!'• ; "' '. CltT CoMpmoLini'3 OMICITJ ^ -. Contract D«paritnieBl, Mil., Jalj T, 1»». \ I\ilK Common Council bf resolution »f Jane20ih, X hJMriBg Sjdopted tli« rtcomroendation of AheStreot CammlS)ioners «f m«-6UtW*rti, U I« ordered: That Iht-cast and w«st alley lo Wock 29, In th-e- «th Ward of Ihe City oT-MUwaukee, 6e graded to the e»- lablished irrade^accordln* to ths esUmate of the Clrr Snelneer, on flra In Owoffie* of the City Comptroller.. Owners or-agents "of 'WOTS jescrlbed po»ertyare uroby notified to miiio ««ja taprovement wiihia twen- y>tw».day> from this ilsto or the Street Comrolsstonars of lie 6th W»rd will caMe tha same take done and charged to the rnpectlre lots, according to Itw. B. L'H. GAiUnSSB, il8-d« '''../. -.. --. C»y ComptrolUr. NAU.iih'S ll'.VN NAfl iSK'S uM'N N V'lURt,':) OH N NAf l : liV3 OWN I.NFM.LUil.V CAS Btf I'KKSKSVED !NK.\L1.I1)!,V CAN I1K PHKSERTEn INXALLlJiLY C.\N KB yilfyKRviJO 3.NKA1.I iill.V «l)TU TIIK U^o'.VTil i HOTii I'll!' IJnTIl VMt: IMJtU TUP ., 111 fUK ..UK.lftST MiV TO TUS »lilK.ATS:»r Al.K 10 THE (ias.XTlv.HT \I;K. TO T'.IK liUKATKM' .vii.K.. BV t.'3IN<T Woi'D'.t BY USINCr WHOP ' ItY U.-ING \V(joi>' 1>¥ ISiNliAV«Mli!' IT ALSO lUoTOK! ;5 GRAY IJ.vlIt. 1-1- ALSO H>;JT(iKi.i H U.\ V il.MR. IT ALfO RKJTOHI'-S GI1AV In III. IT AI.SO RKrTOl.r.S lilliY lI.vIR. fi' ITS N.M'URAl. ODl.Hiv fO ITrf- N.\ I'l ItAL OKI.nn Ti> ITS NATURAL i-iinni TO ITS NATna-ll. uiiLiiil PSSVKNTSaTS i.vt.iUM. I'Hi VENTS ITS KALl.l.-Jt. PI.IS.VKNTS ITS FALUNIT. COVZISS THE UALD HKAi, TIIK UALU in-A i OOVKUS 11!K 1IAI.F, UI.-AI COVKltS TIIK MALI) U :•: u KlLEES THil SUALP l'!»O.M ALL. DlSK.HSKf FIIEES TIIK 3CALJ' JKOM Ai.L DISKASKS Viif.K. TUS SHJAI.1' ?ROM ALL UISK \f.t^ FREES THS SCALi' FROM ALL UlsEA.-t.-< SOLD UTAU. BKUHfilSTS. SOLK DV AI.L DllCKGISM. SOLD UY AS.i. Dai'(U!lSTS. -JOLD BY ALL DKUl-iliWTS. AN!) !iV O. J. WOOD \yi> r.Y o. J- WOOD AND BY O. J. WOOD . A.NU liV O. J. WO(U> ,t Oir in MAKKHT ST., ST. Loins. !U J1AJIKET ST., ST. LOUI3. Ill 3IA1UCKT ST., ST. LOLL". 114 MAHKET ST., ST. f.Ot'IS. AN1> ol^ BROADWAY, N' Y AN» UI2,liUOADTTA-V, N' V AND uli BROADWAY N" v' •<ND ;u:: BROADWAY, M' Y' f!ie Ueatorallvc laptit U[i In botlles of 3 jiaes, vm • likr^e, mcdiam-, .indunaH; the .imali hultU^ ,1 j,i nl , n ,j rctnils for one dollar per botile; '.he 'meilium lini.ij 1; least t'.vcutypcr cenl.'!i:or.iini:i<-.portiitni.h:>n t!;«small', fsla:!3 fortwo doliart-pvr Outtl-; ihulurcfii.-li'i A. |Uar! ' 4*) V )l! r.cent. more in proportion, and r-otaila f c .- i.l.ou ^ O. J. >VOOD 1 CO., Proprietor.!, "4- llrn-idway. New York, (In thu great N'. Y. Win.- 15.\ilm- ;»bliifu-n L -tif and 11-k Market st., St. Limi*, M.i MjoU by 0. IlAKRINr.TOX in.l «.:( .-.-m.i DrutT';' aad Fancy Goods He«iern. " '^ru-.V CO. (JO. CO. •. WALL J. ;tlc«r.l si ii- Ac N"i'iit-:E'-r Paper Hacginga, Window Shades, &o. Comjieteut i7nriait:a.*fnt t.> ;iil p'-ir^a of UHy and Country for Decorating ^"'l I'ap.-r U.>nginB!n all ila br»nchea,»ll wor'i »arr»at»-l. ^1)23 JOBS IT. CAB7. ........ ......... ,.VH.Lir.Hy a \TT CAKY & PKATT, AUori^yw aiitt ConnNcilurs at OlUcsin Younii's. BloeSi, Corner M.tin .mil conaU-j jm-.«jt, iUI-WAUKKB, ---- " .,r«hUO-dSqj ____ ____ WIS tJRKAT Tlic be i ,,f- tlio 3nest SUwr TV.i*«, .Je-wclry L-AiN.CY GOODS KverhtouKht to MUiriij* .-it.- Jiwt i> thlcif for floil Uay pre;et.ts. Ju».t r^eeisttrycry chiMp fnre«h nn , 301

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