Decatur Evening Herald from Decatur, Illinois on October 23, 1930 · Page 2
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Decatur Evening Herald from Decatur, Illinois · Page 2

Decatur, Illinois
Issue Date:
Thursday, October 23, 1930
Page 2
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Oldest Deeatur Coal Company ·- Changes Name The eoftl company that h»» been known M Mocknt ft W»«gonir hw been changed ta Ben F. Waggoner (Ooal), It Id announced by Mi Waggoner. It U located nt Wll! I urn «tro«t crowing of the Illlnol* Central railroad. Th« ohnnge In name IB mod* because of th* d»ath o( Mr Maoknot * year KRO nnd ncqultiUlon ot the com* puny by Mr Wftfdtoner M sot* owner after belntt ft partner and mon- \a(tor for 20 y t i t t Thl* In the oldest retail coal yard In Deeatur, Mr W9fr»ener »»y«. having boon itorted flit yean «go nnd ha» changed hnnd» but three times over that period. The eonv rany now owtm lt« railroad frontage nnd oil of the buildings on IL IM miccuM. Mr Waggoner »ayB. 1» due to handling high grade oxir and herence to lhn "Oolden R^e The new tmm« will Appear (n the next !·»«· ot th« city telephone directory and the city directory, with ihe old telephoift number, 2-002e retained, ^^*^m^^*r*^^^^*-^^^*W~~* * Mi» Baterton Postpones Address Here One Week Mis* Eva II "Bftforton, Democratic candidate for state superintendent of publia Instruction, nollflnd Decatur lenders ot tho party Wednesday that »h« will be unable to speak In tho circuit court room In Pecntiir Thursday evening o» planned. Mi»s Baterton will come to Deuutur next week. The exact time has not been flxed. PIH SOCIAL TBTOAY A pl« foclftl will b* given Friday tvonlng In the Wftlnut Grove school, sear th« South Side Country olub MlH* Mary Balch is the teacher of the school GOFF Fish Market Cupid Continues to Win in Contest With Ashinore Phone Office ASMMORIC--Cupid sill) lelgns supremo In the contest with the local telephone exchange Mrs, O M Sparks, managei ot '"n exchange, has "lost" through marring all of the eight opornt- or* employed during the lust 42 yeais, The Inat to take the vows was Ml«u Evaleno Shoot, who ^inday became Mrs. Itobert MfLaln. Ashmore residents now begin looking for present* aa Boon M a now operator Is employed HYDROGEN WILL DAMAGE SHRUBS, CHEMIST AVERS tin) 40 Fathom Fillet* of Hud dock and Ocenn CatfUh Trrnh Snl mn n, Hlirlmp, Hiwlli C»rp .............. Lb. 20c Ci*co«» , , .ti. .... *m.Lb, 20c Poultry, Fri« . .,»». .Lb. 2Se Wf» l*llv»r to The Herald) i. Oct 23 -- Hydrogen gun htm a delete) lous effect on shrubbery, Prof A Vaughn, of tho University ot Chicago chemical department, testified Wednesday In Shelby county clieuit court In the $378,000 damage suit of Maton Brothers, Pana florist*, agiilnst the Central Illinois Public Service Co Prof, Vaughn'* testimony which was. largely of a technical nature took up the greater part of tho dny He explained In detail how th? gas net* upon plant*, and brought out ltd damaging effects on roses, the particular friuubu which the complainant allege were ruined by leaking hydrogen from the C. I P S Co mains which skirted the Mdton Brothers' greenhouse In Puna Former Mt. Auburn Man 1» Fatally Shot MT AUBURN-- Word was received hoie Monday of the death ot Alpha VniiLandlnghani, of Athens, former restaurant proprietor here, in a Springfield hospital as u result of four bullet wounds In tho h«ad Mis VanLandlngham IWH been held In tho St Petersburg Jail following tho Hhootlnjf Fish and Sea Food Cafe Cafe Service Alt Fish and Sea Food listed b*lnw (In our maiket) will bo Mrved In our Cnfe or conked to yout order and delivered lo yonr home Hot and Heady lo serve Phone M34 or mil with your order Piompt delivery at Your Meal Time. Lob«(or dtnnem that ltav« made n r*imtntl«n Oir Market No. 2 Located At 22nd aid E. Wood 9toch«l with the sum* quality Fish *nd Oyst#rs th»t ha* midt our L i n e o l n gqnar* M»rlt*t the Best In Central Illinois. All Fish and Se* Food direct from cntcher* If It iwltnf w* h»v* It Tf ««t. Wl.ll. Fill*. Ji»«k dooh. ·11 kind*. OyMww. W«* MMl CltlM*. "Rub»" Bowman'* UNOOLN SQUARE FISH MARKET SoutbMwt Cornw tb«»l» Sq. Pfaoo* 8234 for Delivery BTItWK BY AUTO MATTOON -Charles Jackson, who was injured In BtoaJway Monday evening ttt the wait end of the eub- way bridge when struck by a car drlvsn by Burl YounfC was taken lo tils home, 209 South Nineteenth alt Ml, wham lie la suffering from Boveio Imilscn on his hip* nnd legs Tin.ltwon was dossing Bioudwny from tho south, and was Injured when Young attempted to make turn nt that point Stranded.Circns Men Erect Cdmp For Winter In Sangamon Bottoms With the skelter of the old Jungle hobo camp south of Greenwood cero- ute ry denied away, habitues of tbe place have movod fuither west, and have ccmaUuoted ft permanent camp, protected by walla of brush. Wednesday evening, almost a dozen men wuie in the camp, sitting around a huge log fire, while ono of the num bar pioiarod vegetable*. a stew of meats and From tho outside, the camp ha* tha appearance of a huge pile of brush, with amok* pouring out at the top. A small opening was left as an entrance Near the brush walls, brush and loaves have been used to provide bunks for tho campers, who a loop within a few feet of the camp (Ire Fuel Is iecuiod througTi carry- Ing logs from the old Jungle grounds, which -were cut by unemployed men under the direction of D*wty Green, overseer of the poor Unlit by Circus Men The camp was uonstiucted by a gang of former clruue employes, who stopped in Dcoatur u few days ago on the bum, after being left stranded when tho circus season closed. With the precision that marlts the erection of a circus tent, these men built their camp In little more than an hour After using the camp one night, the cirrus men moved on, leaving tbe camp ag a welcome to other transients who oaied to use It Ftonty of VnullUtlon "Tlioro Js plenty of venUlstlon" declared one of the campers who auld lila home Is In Louisiana. "But tho brush walls act as a wind break, and It is plenty warm It the fire Is kept going. There will bo hundreds of fellows use this camp, If it doesn't catch afire and burn" In the group aiound th« fire were men of a type not ordinarily found In a Jungle camp One man, who ·aid. he'ls a carpenter, had his hummer and aaw with him, "I've been over three slate* looking for work," be mid, "but you couldn't buy » Job" South Overcrowded Another said he came up from Texu expecting to get work on pipe lines, and hag waited in the hope that work -will open up. He u experienced In that line of work, he Bald One was aaked why homelew men should lemaln In tho North In wintei weather, Instead of going South, 'There will be thousands of them go- Ing South," ha said, "and It's going to be tough foi them to get by They can keep waim, but they'll got hun- giy" Old Site Cleared A peculiar thing about these men wan Die lack of discouragement "They talk about this winter going to be tough one," said the man pre- pmlng the stew "Bveiy winter la tough on the guy who la out of work, but this year will be no woise than another, If everyone will try to do his bit." Looking out of the camp entrance one can see the old Jungle In which hoboes have nought refuge for years, and In which a few months ago a cemetery employe was murdered. All of this areainow la cleared, thanks to the work of men dliected by Over- wei' Oiacn In place of tho timber l(nd thick umlerbruah, the ground now Is spotted with neatly arranged cords of fuel wood, waiting to be do- liverod to buyers the purchase price to be nacd to aid the unemployed. Central fifinoii Deaths MISS MABGTTEUITE BIOKJ5TT8 Speol»i to Tlie Hornld) PANA. Oct 22--MI38 Rlcketta, 65, a. resident ot this community for 47 venra and a rotlrod school toaohci died at her homo hero Tuesday evening following a lengllij Illness She hud been n teacher in the public schools hcie more than 30 years she ICUVCB four sisters Kiss Juno RlckPtts a Prcsbyt*rlan missionary at H«nrhow, C'hlnn, Mrs Knte IVnlchor Witt, Mis Ellwibeth Joley, Puna; and Miss E»th*r RlckottB, Ft Wayne, Ind li'unrial setvlres will be hold at Ih* Pnnt\ Piosbytcrlan church Thmodaj afternoon at 3 o'clock Rev J E Cor- wln will oEflHato Btuiul will take J)jj"jfl_jtt_ttni IIIriwood nempttiry -I Raise Them-Yon Eat Them" * "Ju»t think how imtnente this town would suddenly become If *!! the people who eat Brookt! eld Butler.Bf ooklldd Eg g and P remi u m MtlVted Chickens weie to crowd in every dny {oc their "But thit's not bow It works, Nobody has to go outtlde his town (or Swift St Company goods. I'm one ol the 100,000 producer! who deliver supplies to tlie Swift fiCompimy produce plants *nd r*«lv« caih lor my products. There are more th*n BO ol the»e plants. 400 brtnch house* ·ml 800 c*i routes e*rry the Swttt prodiwli to every community In the country and prevent local glut* or ihoitagoe. That's the raarraloua OfRimltationoliMtion-witledieiribiUton It sliko tbe arteriei that carry the Hie stream all through your body. It'a t mighty fine thing to have contact with an organijition which can thrive on «n avenge margin ol lesa than 3 cents on every dollar ol Mica, "Of courts I've more than ordinary Internt In Swift A Company. I'm one ot tbe 49,000 shareholder*, besides being a producer, and In addition to having a ready c*eh market tor all t can raise. "1 receive a return on my investment. Thou. ·amli ot Swltt ft Company employ** are (hare- holder!. Many ol tbe 54,000 employes who receive Jutt wa«« live right In tbto town. They ·pend their money with our merchants, build their homes here, pay uxcs like you and me I can tell you, thcre'e something mote to bctng In tbe Swift latnlljr beiidca delivering butter ·nil eggs " Dec«tnr, III. Swift's Premium Quality Brookfield Butter and Eggs, Premium Milkfed Chickens and Golden Weat Fowl prepared by Deeatur people. On sale by local dealers. A CHAMBER OPPOSES SECRETARY HYDE Group Approves of Future Sales As Necessary (Oil WASHINGTON Oct. 23-Melhods of hailing in commodities now mulntiilnod on commodity chaHtres wore Indoiscd Thursday In redolti- tlons adopted by tho United Stales Chamber of Commeicc Members chnmbein of commerce In every state adopted tho rpsollltlonn thioufth a icforendiim Foiu rcBOlu- tlons In (ill wcio ftfloplod and were boclnrad to bo the policy of tha chamber The resolutions snjd trading in futures on commodity exchanges should hp supported , (hat wln*!y speciilntivo bnylnp and on fonunodlly cxrhanptrf was a nncoinaiy fnrtor In distribution of fnrm producli They further held commodity exchanges should adopt mica to ptomntu pub- Mr wflfnrn Thla action placed the (hnmbrr )r» oppoiition to scrretnry of nmlcultvne Hyde who crltlcl7oil pi"icnt grain trndinR methods foi- wlnp Hhoit sflllng by aovlet» In Ihe Chlcngo pit Sullivan Halloween 1 Plans Nearly Ready SULLIVAN-- Plans for the fifth annual Halloween festival to be held in Sullivan on Oct 31 ato ninily complete The following committee hn* bean appointee! lo take clini^c of the itffatr Pitindc, LL D K Cnmpbolll decorating H J Bonn; ItRhtH, Hoc toi Rnndol ndvertlslnif F W WooiJ, Judsres, Mrs C E Mc- Fprrin, Mrs Webb Tlchenor Mrs Rlln Jennc. TO DISCONTINUE TRAINS {Hit tfnltitl |'iTM 1 SPRINGFIELD Ocl ZJ--The Now York Chicago and St Louis lailroiid was mithoiizcd to discontlnun operation of trains 0 No ]7 nnd 18 between Chmleston nnd TCast St Loulu In an order announced by tho Illinois Commerce Commission ho re Thursday Tho rond wan ordered to ronrranfre thp schedules of tialns No 11 and 12 between tho two points CHEST WORKERS TO - ATTENDPLAY TODAY Program Will Be Given at Mueller Open Air Theater Community Chewt campaign work- era and their fawilllea, wll] bo guMU of Adolph Mueller and the Muoller organization In their open air theater Thursday alttrnoon at itunsot to Be* the Indian folk play, "fclory of the Morning/' Community Chest worker hftvo displayed Intoioitt In the Invitation to attend the play whleh will be given by the Workshop players ol Jamon Mtlllkln conservatory of mu»lc. Tit* piny Is being directed by Mlaa Janice Meredith, and will use the natural lagoon, woodland acttlnp;, and nu t«mn colora of. the natural thsatei to advantage In addition to members at the Community Chest campaign organ I gallon, Mr, Mueller has invited a number of friends and prominent De catur pcreons to attend the program us his guente. The production will form an opportunity for an Informal get-together of Community Ghent campaign workers and friends of tha Cheat ^ RESIDENT COMPLAINS UNDERGROUND CABLE CAUSE DRIVE TO SINK L C Maaon, 1610 East Noith [tticet complained to the City Coun ell, Thursday, by letter, that because of the Installation of a telephone un- dcrgiound cable, the curbing In fiont of his homo had sunk more han two Inches, breaking away from tho driveway pavement He ajwertcd htat similar action hod taken place elsewhoie In tho block The telephone cable was Installed along North street last year City Engineer Morgan O'Brien reported to tho Council that this eom- jlaint had been made to H H Core manager of tho II'1 no Is Bel) Telo)hone company In Dccatur, and that 10 had gone at onca to investigate He Jlil not find a break, he told Mr. O'Brien Commissioner Himliey «old that to hud considered the installation of no cable one of the best Job* of Its clnd that he had seen, but that he would Investigate nnd icport MOULTRIE CO, COURT IS CONVENED MONDAY SUTXIVAN -- Tho Moultrle coun- y circuit court opened here Monday noinlnR with ,7ndffe D H Walmsloy of Tuaeoln prcaidlnc The f h s t day wan apent In hearing wltnessoH In the cn-jo of (he Stale Bank of Arthur vcrsiin Floyd and A C Roberta Floyd Roberts, now of Shclbyvlllo, and a former Sullivan resident, A C Roberts, his :allier of near Arcolo, weic made do- ntlantB In a suit in which the Slate Riinlt of Arthil) la nulcavoiinf In col- oot a note, the pilnclpnt titid Intnr- mt now a eg refill ting u total of over .2000 The nola is sifiiied by Ployd Roberts with his fulhoi as socwily. A C Roberta protested ajfolnat the ilalin stating thnt he had never slftn- d auch A note as accurity for his :on Several witnesses were uttd Monday In bohnlf of tlie biinlc, tcatl- tiK to the altfmilurc on tho nob- Bits note, two ot which were former cashleia of tho Slato bank, Russell Gibbon of Chicago anil Lou Moirl- icn of the aouthcin part of the state Dalton City Rebekahs Attend Grand Lodge DALTON Cir-Y--Vrs G H Wilson, Mri E W Minor nnd Mra Wll Hum Eklsa aio attending Grand Lodgn In Springfield this week Thiy nre delcRfllea from the local Hookah lodge, Charles McCain and non Cecil of MmcliotlHP, Mo, vlultrd Monday with ML and Mm Tone Dinner MM. Clifton Cinvrroft cnteittilncd the C C Sc S club In her homo; bundny iifteinonn | Tho Datton City Home Bureau m l t met Tuesday ntternoon In tho linme of Mil Joseph Merotd SPECIAL AUTUMN A S S O R T M E N T Box for Regular $1.40 Value ALL DAY 1 00 Friday and Saturday Only Martha Washington Candies "MOTHER OF AMERICAN CANDIES* We will have a real Autumn party-Martha and George wffl be there- free aamplci. US our treat and you are welcome. 302 N. Water Street By Parcel Pott the Country Ot«r News of the Town in Brief / TODAY'S MEETINGS Ionic lodge No. 91% A, P. A A. M T p. m, M deerrM, Lelah II. Pen I well circle No. 119, Ladleu of O A. R Deeatur chapter No 111, O. E S. Deaatur council No. 877, K of C. Trades and Labor wnombly. Loffan comme.ndorv No. 21, K T. Colored CIUen* lesgiio Deoatur encampment No, 3T, I O O F. Easterly camp No. 1016, M W, A. Oneto council No 88, D. ot P Starlight council No 166 D of P En Ami lodge No. 09), K. of P. Co«ur d» Loon lodge No 17, K of P DEATHS MHS, ELIZABETH PAIJt Miu, ICllzaboth Fitlh, widow of Prod Pallc tutally injured In the conl mint about two yearn ago, died Wednesday evening in u Jaclwonvlllo liaspllal whore ahn hnd long boen a patient Tho body wag brought to Decatur and taken lo the undertaking rooms of J J Moran A Kon« Elizabeth Prcll was born April 1 1870 In West Prussia, She leaves four children Mrs Lena Sims of Bonton, Mra Anna Schubert, find Prank and Edward Pnlk of Decatur; her brother John Prell ot Dccatur; unothcr brother, Adam Prcll and n sister, Mra Marie Schulke live In Germany Mrs Falk wu a mnmbei of St Johannes Lutheran church FUNERALS NALEPSKI, Mr» Carrlo, 9 o'clock Filday morning St Jum#n Catholic Hiurch BurliU in Cilvary, Body^wlll remain In the home In 1076 East Clay street until funeral time OOODALB, Lillian, 2 o'clock Friday afternoon In tho "esldenca In Blue Mound Body wan removed from J J Moran A Sons to Blu« Mound where friends may call In the horn*. ESTES, Mn Sarah J, 10 o'clock Pilday morning In the Leon Monion chapel. Services will be conducted by Key Verne Oglcnby Burial will bo In Graceland cemetery Friends may call In the Monion chnpel. FALK. Mm Bllrnbcth 2 o'clock Saturday afternoon In the homo of her dniightfr, Mrs Anna Sehuber 165(1 Flasl Main direct Burial In Folrlftwn cemetery. The body will remain In the J J Mo run Sons funeral home until 0 o'clock, Friday evening Friends may call M the funeral home before that lime 01 In the tesldpnoe oflei removal DUNCAN Mm. Catherine Ellwi- both "Kitty," 3 o clock Friday afternoon In J J, Moran Sonw chapel Burlitl will be in Ginccland cemetery Body will remain In the Mown r«- crpilon loom imlll f u n c i n l time NEWELL. W C 3 o'ctorU Tildn\ afternoon In the Dnwson * Wikoff chapel, Burlnl will be In Tnirlawn cemeUry Body will rnmaln in tho funeml home wiieie friend* moy call BIRTHS rtJLK-Born lo Mi unti MM Ev- cielt f u l k , No i Fan Drive, Ocl 22. a son, Ml-JHAN-Born to Mr nnd Mra William Mehan, 071 Noith Onklfind u venue Oct SI, · son ROMTlffi--Horn to Mr rind Mrs aic Roinlne, 1081 1-imt nidorudo street Oct 23, n dflURhtnr CONDFN 13m n to Mr and Jfrs Ivan Oondcn, IB51 North Clinton street, Oct 21 a daughter -#MARRIAGE LICENSES Cart A I,nico 21, Dccatur Edna L Wilkinson 20 CHURCH NOTES T« Miss Jennie Wells will speak on 'The Chnnulns Status of the Home as Scon In the School' in the rcgulnl Monthly meeting of Ihe ladles' aid society of First Piosbytcrian church at 230 o'clock Fiidaj nftcincon In ho home of Mrs A M Kcnncy, 1332 West Wood stieet KvangelSst E M. Keir spoke on wide- Tn\lla»on · in vc- vtvat mrvteM Wedntwtay nlfht In Church of Christ. The m**Unf wtU clone Sunday, WEDDINGS W1LKJN80N-LAHCO Mis* Bklna L. WlklMW, d»Bfht*r of Mr, and Mra. Lmwronc* vVTtltlnion, Eurt Main *troet, and Car) A. LMCO, clerk, won of Auguvt Luco,* w«nt married WodntMtay cvmlng fey JUv, Virgil Thompson of Bt Paul'* Iftth- odlHt church. Atltndinta wm Ut and Mrs. E. H. Brtx. WITH THE SICK Mr» A. C. Walker, 1144 Kwt Dl- vlilon mrnot, returned to her horn* Tuesday aft* rnoon from tho Deeatur and Macon County hospital, where Nh« was token two we*kn «fo »ft»r receiving Injuries In an automobile accident -t- POLICE NOTES Harry W Huffman, 321 W«*t Olive street, wiu arrested for spoedlHfC Wednesday afternoon He pleaded not ituiity anJ gave bond of tJOO for his appearance In Justice Fred lloyt's court the afternoon of Oct BT OPENS DISTRICT MEET IN GRACEJiE, CHURCH The Women'* Home Missionary society ot the Methodist church opened iln two-day district mxilnp; In Grace church Thuiwluy with tho *x- pected aUcndonce diminished only lchtly by uad wcnthet The mornlnK service Included or- Sanitation of ihe convention and appointment of committee*, wlih talks by Mrs W S Johnson of Bloomington, Mra H Pfitzenmey«r of LeRoy, Mrs F DeCiaik of Cotfax, Mist Edna Purdue of Pajtton, and Mrs R T Shaffer of D*r»lur, on Hubjects having to do with missionary work In this country, In the afternoon (here waa to lw dtncusaion of child welfare and health work, among olhem, and a l seivlcc for f«cea«o] BO- eluty members Tonight a pnnlomiin w i l l h« given by Mix* Ronelyn Pnnne, «n tilled Rock of Agfs," nnd the adtlren* of the evenlnn will bi« by Mra Jann*r Wcbcr of MnthlMon, Miw , a missionary lo the mountain dlatiicts sent out by this conference Evangelist to Discuss Hickman Case Tonight Rev A S London of Uamio* City will spealt on 'The ^"iisfd Thnt Led to the Hicknwn Caj» M Thuradny eve nlng in Lho cvunRi-llfltlc service IK-. ing conducted In Filst Niirnwnf ihiirch. ){ev Mr Ixin'lon'K home city Is tho scene of the Hick man c nac, nnd he hns mnd* a atudy of the cilme aitnnllon of ihls rape The will (tlftH. n( 7 30 O'ClOCJt Oil Stations Reduce Gasoline One Cent Gasoline dropped one cent a In a number of Decntur filling tionii Wedmtsdav The cut wtt» not neral nnd illd not nffwt lank *B- gon priccit arpotrtlng to official* of oil com ponies. Only HlistKht t u n KSKollne \va» reduced in piire It was inilmmod iit hljih tent RA»ollno nnd the eth yliied varlcly may l« towered In pi Ice Spanish Cardinal SPACE WORK ON SEWER JOB NEARLYJINISHEH Wir Pared For R ctpiuc* ol Sewer DIUITFINALKTBIATES t Surface work m the stwnr wHI ba ccmplatad If weather conditions far* and Uia tin*) coat probably win Wtti All of UM und*nroniul work .n con-)ltirt, tnipteUd prov«« for MMWpUnea, *nd - tlon* «r» Mnit mad* by proMrtt owntra, A latf* numbtr of p hava b*en tawd br Uw «|iy departnwnt tor «ontiectloni alona; On MW«r aytUm W (J Traver Supply Co,, contract. or» who btillt tha »ajt«rn halt ot the s«wer art dohut the Iwt « th* autf ace woi k In Ut* Mt(hbort»oo* «t B«vent»anth and Donatur itmu. Draft Fln4 ie*Umal«a All of tho street* that w«re to bi Mnd^rcd by the rontiselirn wHI f tnJifn cure of hy Bflturday night. No more arc to b« cov*r»rt under the Bcw* r eonlroct, according to , Alen Van Pri»a« Jr, ot Wavrw Jt ' Von Prdftit, sewer englno«ra \ ' Final c«lm»t«» on th* wofk an ; , being prepared hy Wairen * Van ' I Proag 1 * opinion Thuraday, that th*r would be In th« hand* of LM Boland, »ewer *ttomny, In ttm« to b* rre»ented to (h» Board Monday CIVIL WAR"VEfER AN DIES IN MILWAUKEE .lotm Slroj), SB, (oimcrly ot Dtttt tur, died Tn«iday In n MllwagVwt honpltn1 aftir »fvftn] month*' 1U noun. Mr Bit-ftp wntt a tnemlMf ol the Dunham pout, O A, R., In Dt eatur Hi had n«»n Tnaklnjr hl« hent In I IIP OKI Soldlera home in ttitww line for (bn lost wveral y*8M Mr Strop \fiivm hl« wife and dnughitr, wlip irve In Chlea^o nervkcd will b« conductrt n tho Old Soldiers horn* In Mllwio. waukco Thursday nfternoon at 1'K oVlnck and burial wilt bo Ifl tb Nation*! rwiHery 1here R»wral Dt ralur fii^nrti* will h» nm-ng th«M Denied PermUtion To Withdrew From Gty Jam** W HiAdrictd'wM denlftd IN iKltt to Withdraw n ptDW of pMp- i l y In Wwlnui OMVC addition, from he ·'My hy th* c)(y council, Thui* ,, i, i ( ,, , ^ Spnhl 0(t SI Viit. Cardinal CfirnitoMi y Mm*ot nrohblahop of Ornnsdu. died 'J'hum day, ht the ngc ot Tfl rii- Cm (Unit) horn at Binjn, .Spain nnd tod lo thfi Sioied CVillciJc or tin I, 4 In 113!i. Wcndetl 0 yearn old child who was severely bunted last week, s rca»\orlntr In Derului find Mocon County hospital, accoldltiK lo phyttt- clnns When Rost Is Broken Deal Promptly with Irregularities VF iMithwc,! nlili blnnM*r (rrlts- M. (loins uptlinit up al nlghl *nd constant Wbarhr, don't t u t u rlinn.'.it! llcJ| year k Ilio nrat sfK^ of dbordcr. L'ta Uoatfi Ittit. for mare lluu 50 | yean. EudorMil (bo wor Mover. i Sold by dealers cverywLerc. 80,000 U«er» Publicly Endorse Doan'c: CHRI3.BIlJaORM.70J X MAIN ST., WEI8BR, IDAHO. »n "I wil) "» kW"»W. Tl» MtrnkHi. wm cloudy, contaliinl · «!· ·" Doan 9 s Pills AWmrmth Mr lliatlficld pr««enl*d hii )Mtl tlon to lhi council month* «r, but action on It bat been Mirrtd from Urn* to lime ait the council mad« Is- tttKatlons It In «ald that Ur xdrifl.l oriHlnftlly tnt«nri«d te «nct a dairy m th» nr»]Hriy, but hai «tt nc* abandoned th* ld*n A )*nd]ui'iinint of the l»x«* on h* property aluo lnl him lo f*ton- lder Hi* pi in. Protests Abandonment Of Fairview Bus Line C I! HORCIH who ownit Ih* Oslt- hnd njjntimoiu on Oakland »vimit ckbout n blijrk twiuih of Kldorwlo «Uo*t objected, by Mt*r to thfl Oy Council Tlmmdny lo Ih* (bandow- ment of the Kulivicw but line a» piopnit*'! In the new city ii»iw|»ru- ifon plim of the DllliolH P»w*r * I,lKhi C'oip , KOI th* bus lo be tnkcn o« * KUioifttlo mifol would be ln)uriwt (o his upanmcnt buxlnew, Mi w cr* nald In Dl* letter. l'«»o»» I»K th* ttpartmenis Uko Inio Hid taiion the nouincid of th« line, Council Notes The Illinois Power ft W«M «*" rnlion WMVB grnnwd permlMlOft W the city council. Thm «!»*.»*«"*· liolc in Ow pnvcmonl Inthft W W*« IC,«t North slreH nt " itaymond KuiUs wot dance halt llcenw to «o" In (he »oom overhead in Main Htu'ci' Claudft M. Siamp *M mwlt ·, W ciat pollw officer, W work pny by the clly, »» nW fr,r the Moose hall In M» si mat B, ft Fleck wa» nlvon to cut lh« cuill»« on the corner of Lociut and Wortt*»« , tircl* for * flllttii »t»tl° B , C R. Mlll«r ft fton w»rt |lv pcrmtl t* cut tht curblni; Mi nouthwert corner of BWw** Tw«nty-»econd »lrMt for a autlon "DORTHE" Genuine French Narciu* FREE CLIP THIS COUPON tT IS WORTH $4.01 By "DOHT1IE" Paris, Prance Present this coupon and only Ma U hdp pajr our local tdver «xpena«t MhMtadle*, sxnreM, etc, and we will Mve you F without further coat One ttapilar no* Bottle ef "UeithV* French Pdrftim* In N»«lia» odor ami ateo * SIM Box ot "Dorttef-^world'i «oei exalte face powder. A «5M^valwtot teat Me and we »m MB rewn HecKMco R 8 *Ww."!H*»et . «jve m ·i "tulw «M Inde^nwt ftBEfeTWa offer cood only wittt EMB Deil T «CT-MaU Onfara A A $5 V«HM for We Unit of Tfcrw fleta'OM OM Coupon, idmlfor \mm Qttta, «r for r«raonal (!·*, ThiMStor*Only The Quaker Drug Co. Phon« 2-0223 -Cor. R Mi£Md whit*) n tr«m Luke Dec wrist «ttwntnf; rath* ft* ytrdlct indl "Alt unknown hit d«*th on O tuc it th« end UM4 by the nil »r ·M ·· ^-^-- HF ^TWW, » W T. - . . N t W S P A P t R f l R C H I V E ®

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