The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas on December 6, 1971 · Page 1
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The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas · Page 1

Freeport, Texas
Issue Date:
Monday, December 6, 1971
Page 1
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I- WHAT fo read A I'AHADK always draw* « crowd Arid Die ww ?Saturday al Uk? Jackson i*a» tw MCfpllon Story ; and phoJi* cm Pag* 10, : CUIIANH live a Spartan lil« ; t |[,Ui( they don't go Iwngry.; ;'; aceordinii to n report from ; \ a pair of frt« tarwe Jwi •|nalUU who visited I IIP f island nation recently. | Story on Pan* » The fam//y dal/y paper of Brazor/a Coanfy THE BRAZOSPORT FACTS liur Mlh Year No. no Member Hr *r«M**t Monday, Decembers, I»7I Preeport. Texas (tally in Cent* (CMitxt (kOiVn DM" *»•» •* t, Bombay target for jet attack H* )H.i ftlla, k ul India |f|»(f( attat-t. t jli ltf;,V< *» Indian tatlitr frtrkeil up sightings of what ap;x*if«j (o U- a * lUi's la ><;»»( u!) I'wtMj «'"«».'i*t' ait sink*. NV» IX-llu ditpatdm M.-i«jM<«J. af|«-t ill t MHtvt o( KnH J'aVuUn l.i»Ule t«» Vir-tl I'aknJan •k<" 'iipSmriatit: rclati/:>!:n ii,/(B,i!:i/(aUiah ."I Mctr<> in .> majr"r ij.'.i, '-.tlim li.r Imlun Knvfriuiw-m liadiio |*l.t!« lo y.-v« diploma! :c Idili.i liiu •;up(».irt'<! t)-,e H.iriXl.' 1 l>r-.!i n -ifit MIICI- March arid !,.;.- J-,i •,,'.*•<! !»,:i >.ij,g !«» lliiiv ssaiid fr»jtr. '.',<• .v.-v iH L'fiK.Ki Hii?* » j-: • ,i, uiifr.t di.iti- »u(d fr<j!ii M*>««r* u. v»1ieth<-r !),<• '••/int t'i-,siitj ••"••ui'i Mlo'* Ir-dwi in in».|iM/H»; UK- rHx-K I'jcivii-f ,'(!< ii-! N KO.;,J;III jiiidHurxi;.) On- f{ut-«4i'jn of Kremlin t(w! )! !>->-'I • DATE /S JAN. 8 Sen. Tower to speak at BP Chamber dinner .rle~<>tlf_ r if! Sj r f ft ^f '; £HOT L/NE «fjr>l«* It* U»r 'tf I.'.S ^tvllr.if Jvjhr-, If IT r:«i,r. • J'*! r.'. U Nixon gets report on dock situation MS rUVMIMIl 'Al' A ilji'.S' taiiii »»r«n ,,n !»«• Hni: ,«.* K«!rt MA.VI fftilj U* (»vrf Vote canvass on U agenda IT*- .;V?>t • r '-> <lto<i«f>o rttn IMIIV r«,.< k p..',': '.I < - • , ; !• ., I AKKJUKMIS ,Vm« *rv f«i "w* 4 unijlfv! it rr^tiUr (i ^ 1. o ft g i*!. ; v r <- iv, r n \ And VV ^ r r I? n M > F m r n « I" o i o n tr* the (hr (wool ,<i'<4 lfil «» Uw Jgcsxlj *lr The U* |«u»i<Jf-» {>x an K> *) roiiir;); ittt (n-fKul which ili rrxj i>f«- Ji. if»i liv * liw Hirvh Si (5-»») it> I'rcMiicnl ,Ni\on In to «Ulr ii llw judil. in or Ihr Ir.iKu it up In <tjtr AI»! into on>l<)fmil) wilh the m"* »(jtc ctxtc. arid a rqwrt on cf»|i |o uuUll tviu trallic light* on O>»trf Cfrck Or •><frr t [iwhlic .illct he rrctivm ««n mrmhcrt in ^« \V«iit fnirt* -*ill x.4r [Kx H Ki '.xi mjiugrmrnt » Utt had ui In*U- ih'U>cd until .illn $ eon and Heard H. HUN and HKVKfU.Y Itll.KY. and dau^hlrrs DANNA Sl'K and MAIIISKI I., all of ()>tter ("reek, tending out '•fry beautiful red and t;uld Christmat cards, extending fcj«*l uiiht't (or hjp)inw-4» in the new > var. am) imprinted m very small type: "MuMular l)y»trciph> Aiiociutioiii of America it grateful tu the purcruiwr of llu» cord" .MAItV JO IIKIMUICNKK. daugliler of Dr. and Mr» KIMKU IIKIMBItiSKH of U, leaving an a cruiu* in Juniwry that will take her lo ^ifrica and points in tlu> far v.'a»t She'll tx' with a group of wc-iol<^y (tudi'iiU. The) 'U be gotw wveral inontiu agd tlie cruise will count us credit at UM> Uaiv. of Texas. , . C'AKOU'N VICAKS back at her job as Dispatcher (or the C'lute I'olire Ik-pi , aiui when a>iinl whal »hr did an her mm-ila> vacation, sa\iiij! she ''pla)i-d houu- " TlH' voting uorkinjj mother dcvoled fM-r lime to playmjt at home with Iter n'vcn year old daughter, IKMItl. and ilirew-year «ld son. DAVID. One of llw br*t varatii'itv Ute ever Ivad. vhe said Katln-r ANTHtlNV IIKHN- W.I. Ix-ict by troubles Knday ulK-n lite church bus broke dim n and he almas I didn't make it lo haw hb rur in spwti-d before the deadline Friday was also hi* birthday Sir. uml ,Mr>. Gl'IM.Klt.MU HKU'lIi: and duughtcr*. OUJA and ALMA, nil Luke Jackson guests from Guatamala t'ity, spending the weekend at Bayvicw witli t>Uwr Nortli American friends. Mr. and »iur». X L. UKHHICK. Golf course petition on city agenda ,i-lir|: an eliv!u«' liu! «i«il'i .UiUu-r s ic ^;*le i'? t he MIJ:;.! i toll t'ourse uiil i<- n<-A;drtr<1 .it lt;r 7 .H.i mifhr.^ 11! tin- 1'ilv i'i*mnl icimjtht T«D ff'M'luli"r>H will !i< (i>l»0!d«<ll l>!'.<- *i.»lld I'ti i uiir.i^p (he I'.ii |i k >,( llnttinciT". jir'j.'fi I f"r feduu 111(1 Hra?:.> Hner salmiU a (ifiijcv'l *liuli Iw. a iKMring in Alvu: Tui-*it.iv The other endnrse.s a |rro(».is,il IkW tin: siti' ol a ne» Diversion ("hamiel bridge in !«• liHJIrtt al>out filM (n't M»ulh n( DH- present swiii>; tuidjlr T«o Traffic 1'niiimisMiiii minule ordrrk will be rev lew iil One would it-place vicld ilgtu vtKh sluji M^'u IMI I'tvanSt at We»t Hnud Tlie other would mstall yield !>igiu IMI Tciry Si at Avenue K Appointment of a member of the Hoard of Adjustment will be considered, and u bid dale s>ot on chlorine. lUYommcndalion* on .storm M'wer cleaning equipment will IH- Mudied An ordinance re/.omng several blockii west of the downtown area will be acted on Visitors will include Honnic Woihis, representing South western Hell Telephone Co . and J C. Gathrighl, con cerning replacement of ;i storm sewer, Other busmen is routint 1 . i MII ii s \HII\- N ^ IV.r t !>:'.. : s/oh-.. .- ! ,.'.)„ >l III I I !•• >",i',h K"!i- .: ^..n-:!'.-!!! r,! Jtr,.< |.n;i <-! .. .(..truui: ,i,tr |-ir|>-ir.i!i.>:»'. i>;. K • '^ «' •. r: i 'M; v '. i * u ' s " '.] ,i 1 .ilMt -•'•.• l,lI ur.Ii ^! lha'. !>•>.- !«• !.i!er,l!i-d \\ \s|\ l'an..iii..r. I'tlllie \ll|il>t<-| I'll ! IV Li'"'! In; i.-.iii ,i( ll'.e '.VI,'r II..II-.1- 'nd.iv Ii. le.ld i.i! .mil NSiiM.Av \\ VMIINC.TIIV .Si-nate leadei s vven 1 predutm*; ivrl.nn a|nM<iv,il |»-jti,!p> hv unanimous vole, for the nomiuiiinn of Lewis K (Vmt-ll Jr to >ui\'etil UK late llu^u 1. Uiack t<n Itn- Supreme I'ouil 'Ille I'lMiliilD.iliui! vule «,is .set lor 4 p m tml.iv IUND(l,SDKHItY. North ern Ireland linlish trooph Magini; raids on » U M p e c t e d t e r I o I I > t strongluiUU before dawn tudav shol tlinv MII pet > a iid a in,in vvieldiii),; a lucUnnh. the army »aid K Men! ui the lour ,s wounds could not tie dt'lei'inmcxl (he men either escaped 01 were dj'ugged away m Uie dark 2ND ANNUAL YULE DECOR CONTEST SET 1 11 K I. I' II It T J>x^r^t.:ffi of (if^rM*^ ^r^j tjiintrxiv^-t -4i!l liV judged (w (/!«/•% !aU-» this rnwilh in i.tx- f"f»f[»x1 J.i>«-i-s •-•y *>ri*5 ;ir.r.uji ("hri*!.'!iii* !M^ i--!;-. J .i'»n ''<«n'.i-5t '[hi-.-'- •«>!! be (our<-S'"in '*!'Ji CiiJl i*T ^M t • Ttsf u ;iU~x j.* as i ti ,'t.f ,*fti>5,VS. c-! '*i»-rr 15 j*''.ihun for K br v.isd !'<!ji!-. ..'! drvt .irxj I.IUSS IS T1IK TltK^S: 'n-. [xur(ii,iM.'T lias a choice of Douglas F'ir or ttvlr.idit((inal ScrjiHi I'm*. Tho priKtcds .'."if. 1 : !)/(• ir« s«ik' are to fx- used for r>;:*«-l>;ill and soltball iniprnvtnients in '•:i-- '. !t> park prij)£ram 7V;«' l.iorx,s lots s.'c ]'rcMtd jl David's K»xxl Markof «i ll;i:)i-*j> ffia. aiid in front of th<: crttrance in (ii'TiAJ.od R:r>ou surxlivusior.. Alabama policeman a year-round Santa i Teens, adults meet on MOD T!«rr vi:ii (i- .it; irr.f».'irtant :.(-.'..r.j: <»! Tii-f: ( Juirman .,:«! Adv;IUp*<i'»'iU-sff>r thi- UC2\l t<> tin- llrairri.i t'our.lx M.i. r \-fi •>' !)ir.n-\ th' 1 l-ike .la. Kvn jA}c«'f-rll!e>, the Hr.irnr;a I'l^ji-s',); Hadio 1 ;.il« ,iix) six- lir.i.n>!:,i i'«-unt> Tin- rtui'tiiii; v>-ili U> Ihv 7 >t 7 >i ;i! the l(r.i.'i.:ia i\iuntv •Seliarr liuiidm),' in .-Vnjjlelon BIHMIS(,II\M Ma -A!' Harn I. s :s. the >.:mi "f KU) » i>f ;i >:r, c ^ >tr jntfrr a*! ti<tli.'ir Arid dm-t. !n>fjeri!l> 's ii j^iccirtar. *l>»i. for 'he Li>". K >ean< !> . raj MIT; life a! tin »«r-! Uut he s not *.ir.ii;«i Hi- «> s •"' '•f-irjv> j^-'ji'i: tust a little help R ttwliix 1 rcpor 1 . o! fami!> frtmbk He ^,•li^j hf J f«ind a uornarj -liyj lut- rj^csi childreo- tt thffv Riris ami !.m !*•>». ,iS« !'' >e,ir> lo !'.' - rrxxiths huiWi-'i ir. ar; attempt In ki*p *arn; in a (rvt.-r.'.'if s:',:^' irt' II-.JM.' in- ••,<!•! •*a^ i he ctnldrer, - F^trlu-r that it..;. '.!.•• •i^ ut hi-T tiu^ftir;!! s i.i-.; s;: .•.:,'.'. 1 diiki-.! !!;<• .!'«,: 'ijii-:.. Jii'.<-~ -...J lYn?M'!";> v ,.»'• '..-,.: v; li.-i-rr v,i![i ni vt . A.ill !,.-A.ill fi»-i 1 :-..iari ;•,:• iuri .-..:.- .il al: i-.i .'... -.! A.IX-- -wii'.i !.' ; ,i-l!-.«-d lieadij-.:.>i'.i-i> tie -A.I' !i;Kie> he had $'i 011 f'XKl for the (amilv. \i.fti'of lha! ii-rfnes ;o a ^urpri-*? lo me," ml Mr-s Jijrit-s uho h.'ts !«?«i married to the :<>; hejrtttl Birmingham native for 18 of his I! une nigh! he called home ami a>ke<! i! -AC had any muse;, m the bank I told r,:iii we had a little bit He baid he had found a -.I.IBU! •Attmun arm had n< place to go, .-xj he piiiti her nxitii ri-:it at tin- YMC'A for a '*wk •*;:h a S-W check "I had 10 (Jo ou! a;:d txrrow (he money the ix'v. da\ to cover ihe ciii-ek." >he said. ivcvalinig his e\perie!-,> e !; 'Aifk, Jones ^•>v 1 v»-;i!i n-aliv tnuoht-d t>> that family, i HI g..)it ; R to «firV. •* iih '.hi.- man lr> lo help l-aii: i;ei rfhabihiated I've talkfd lo him ,i("tj! Akiifiolics A.'iiif.unous arid he seems llu- Fraternal Order uf Police is going lo -'v it.a! S!H- kid-. 1. r. >.- a OiriMmas this year. ^ nit -. l j/iilti :'•,.-:.(• •>*•*;! the ev'es (if l^-ise fjii> r .kt;«i '.ve nientiiiiiiil Santa llaus lo them. tl.vv ii! up like di.nMiinds " TV. .l.^i-slui-. L-c.<.in;.,:.,;hters. Teri. 17, and ' arnl !i \V)«.'ri (ht-v aul^rnA their clothes. ttiiir lather al'-vav-. tinds someone who needs ll.ll!: Sadat says U.S. misled him \K« VllllK Al' L^vptian I'revident \i\vvar xul;tt\ he h.t-- t'^ici 1 Nivu't nu^-Mii- eri'^sv in K^'pt -iiKi tu n-slnre full diplomatic ; '-l.i! )".'!> » ill) ihe I nili-il Matt--, as soon as Israel , .itriiri t>ul tin- iir^l |iiasv ol a •••ilhdKiwal from Ihe Sirui I'eiunMila Sadal ihart;e,s Uial the !:ni'. into ihinking Hut the i m!ixl Mate* c mid m turn wreM major negotiating onHev.M',5 Ire.ui Israel None materialized. Sadal r»i!i-s in an interview in the current NewsvvtvK mag.i/me, adding. We are ixivv luck to t,. . li; lite interview vi-itli ' A '•'A t fK M-r,:ur L-ii.-ti-; lliaixidf Uis"v)';*:i.'.vi p .S.idjl .*> s tie il! >' ituidi- '.he (>; unUM.' At>M)JutH> " M'parate ln'.'iH 1 ill laik> •.u'h .'X'l'ie'.ir) ui Male \\illi.,in I 1 Kn ( ,v;> iv ('aim last Ma> !:H- pl«lj;e via> rt'.if iiruuii dti:.:)>; -i ,!u:> iiivetiiii; v. ith Msdi.iel SleiiKT ttw ul (he Mate !)rj>.ir'n:t fi! > K|s>|itian Affair.i liv-4 s.nlat .s.t\> .mil quuti'-r SUrnct as ti.uiti>; !n!il htm it.a! J'rt-anlent Nivoii had d<vnli\i tin- l'mu\l State> 'A.'uld "n >>v take an ailive lole ai*i cea>e tu plav tile (Kill 01 mailman between the l«i> >lde> I'i'.en sve had a 7i.tda> lil.u'Kuui d'uiii Ameru'a. .ii'd K^vpt s fureicn -lec Mahmmld Itiad. eec! •>harpi> on '.i'n.-. iinitT which the i )•> .ici etinris ixiuld get 'ienii-d that Egypt had to renew hostilities alter l'iv II if there was no --."iution sadat had said nxviitU thai la71 would be a >ear of Listening B> LAWREN'CE MALLOY •.•.itiidfaw (rum all K^vpiui'.! territor> she i-\ i upied in r.ii]7 beiore st.iHiiii; talk-. "W >' do nut commit i.-tiivi-1-e-s lu anything witinKit in'(4i>',iai:<iji> He iiave i,-ne pri 1 - londition No cvuidilioiib. " Ml> Men 1 .-.aid Oil a nut her pyint. Kiad i that Israel The supreme blessing of i advance to knowing the Lord disappeared the from sighl when I lost my humililv before Him "YOU HAVK SAID. -IT IS VAIN TO SKHVK GOD WHAT IS TJIK C.iKiD Of Ol'H KKKP1NG MIS CHAHCK OK OK WALKING AS IN MOUH- MNt; BHKOUK THE LOUD Or' HOSTS'' " - Malachi 3;ll • US V./ Home decor contest set by Chamber SHOPPING DAYS TO CHRISTMAS READ OUR ADS WKST 101 I MtllA-Tiie City Ucuudiicatiun Committee, sponsored by the Chamber ol Commerce, is planning a Christmas home decoration program contest lo be held on Doc 20 The judging will begin at 6:30 p.m., and those entering are asked to show only the entry, leaving all other lights off during the judging period If entering the duur. spotlighed. all other lights are lo be olf, letting ihe door stand uutclearlv and definitely This luilds lor all entries Tile three categories for entries are Ihe door, general outdoor* and religious. Prizes given will be for first, second and third in each category. Out ol-tovvn judges will view the entries from 6:30 until they finish. appj'oAuuately 10 p.ju.. and their iWcistons will be final K very one U invited to enter rus home. Entries may be made with the Chamber of Commerce office, 3-15-3921, mornings from Monday through Friday; City Hall 3453123. Mrs Wilma TieJke or Mrs J D Elliott, W54««, but entries must be made for judging.

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