The Daily Review from Decatur, Illinois on July 18, 1914 · Page 8
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The Daily Review from Decatur, Illinois · Page 8

Decatur, Illinois
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Saturday, July 18, 1914
Page 8
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r Page Eigfit T H E D E C A T U R R E V I E W Saturday Evening, July 18, 1914. Decatur Couple Get License in Peoria. OWNS MUCH PROPERTY C. A. THrift Conservator Until Recently. James A. Harkrader, aged forty-four, and Miss Lillian Drew, ared thirty- nine, both of Decatur. were licensed to marry In Peoria Saturday. The mar- i iase is expected to take place at the borne of the bride's sister. Mrs. C. F. Summers, Sunday noon. OWNS MUCH PBOPERTT. ,t. A. Harkrader. the bridegroom, Is the owner of between J150.000 and 52^0.^00 worth of property In Decatur and Macon county. He is tne son of Isaac Harkrader, a farmer near Emery, who died suddenly of apoplexy in 191(1. Hi? estate, consisting of about 1.000 acres of land near Emery, went to his son. SENT TO JACKSONVILLE. In November, 1912. James Harkrader was arrested on a charge of carrying ·oncealed weapons. It was decided to t r y him for insanity. A jury in Judge Smith's court decided that he was Insane and he was sent to Jacksonville. C. A. T h r i f t was appointed conservator 'or hie estate. I^ATBK REL.BA8ED. Later Harkrader was released from Jacksonville and he filed proceedings askinff that Thrift be removed as conservator. A short time ago, a. jury derided that he was able to take care of his own property ami he -was grlven f u l l possession of it. Miss Drew is the daughter of Dr. a n d Mrs. A. M. Drew. 1428 North. Main street. She has been making ner home with her parents. When the couple return here they will live at the Drew residence. Thev expect to take a honeymoon trip through the east, however. all Instances even In leaving Decatur. Excursionists farther along- the line probably had to find standing room. The regular travel was not cut down by the excursion as is usually the case locally. Excursion tickets are not accepted In sleeping cars and the number of northbound full fare ticket* sold Friday evening exceeded any day of the past week. The Illinois Central also had a heavy northbound movement although the route Is not as direct as the Wabash. ANOTHER SUNDAY. Another record breaking excursion is expected Sunday when the Wabash runs a low rate trip to Missouri which Includes a Mississippi river trip. Springfield passenger men are making arrangements to handle 700 people in the trip which, starts from Decatur. Two trains ylll be run, one starting from Jacksonville ahead of the regular train In order to pick up passengers along the line and Insure the excursion's schedule time, I VANDAUA'HOLDS""" UP SUBWAY PLANS Twenty-sixtfi Annual Outing of Farmers. SPEAKERS SELECTED James M. Graham and R. A. Sickles in Number. Enginemen Glad of Possible Settlement The gloom infesting the railroad ramp in Deratur during: the past weefc !nd whispering of hard times anfl financial suffering as well as hard knocks to enginemen. vanished Friday n l f f h t before the announcement from Chicago that representatives of the engfnemen on western railroads had accepted an offer of mediation hy TVit- llatn L. Chambers, chairman of the federal board of mediation and conciliation. OFFER ACCEPTED, The offer was accepted, notwithstanding' the engrlnemen's former 5e- ^·ieion to the effect- that they would not ronnidpr arbitration becauew In the oast the railroads had not abided hy decisions and have repudiated many of them. It 1? understood that the gen- ?ra1 managers in ?e7idinc a special request for mediation to heads of the pmployes* organizations, have pledged themselves irrevocably to stnnd by the hoard's decision, and that is exactly what the engrlnemen have been work- In* for, a. rock hound certainty trtat ·here trill he no shell fish stunt after ·hw mediation u l t f m u t t o n has been landed down. MEET MONDAY. The meeting of the full board will eg1rt In Chicago Monday and "watch- *nl -waiting" Is the phrase which will nM on both ?Ulep until after the fle- iheration^. The anTinuTi«'PTn«nt IP more than wel- mmf to Tecatur pnglnemen, who have ipftn preparing for n walK-out, at- .hough purh a r o n t i n c p n r y wan diP- anr*-ful to th**m. Th^v fe^i that their »*n»PBts are just ark! that the board vlll art Juntlv in th"ir d**cislon. Defca- tir men n r p u n a n i m o u s in their optimism ov^r the outcome of the sertcu? i f f a t r . Thpy nay t h a t the strike, more h a n dlpafrreeablp end possibly fata! ·o both flfdc* In Its result*, has heon vf-rtfl. N*w KmllpiB appear from cab v!ndnw e - on both ?|flps of enKfnes Pat- irday. iVabawh Excursion is Largely Patronized. On* of the Mtrg^-pt Chicago «xcur- ilnrtR in WahajTn history "began Friday light and touted t h r o u g h thn morning S a t u r d a y when over 200 Perntur people iart boardfrt n o r t h b o u n d trains before ioon. The rnolne^? of the weather and lh*» l a y i n g of dust in thp recent rain. \rr two Btronsr faotoni In the excur- ilon'* popularity. Before Sunday morn- 'ntf p.issenger officials here fully expect that nonrly POft people will have t a k p n n r i v n n t f l f r e of the low rate. EXTRA CARS. Two e \ t r , i cars were run In all north bound trains Friday night and Saturday morning, and they w*r« fili*d in llIiBolfl Centra! Yl'nltlnf? to Hear About Stnh Track. Corporation Counsel Baldwin has re- r«=lved a letter from Attorney Drennan of the Illinois Central saying that the I l l i n o i s Central Is ready tu proceed with the plane for a subwa at Prairie street, but that they have been waiting on the Vandalia for a reply in regard to what the latter ron* wanted to do about a stub track which it rents from the Illinois Central and which crosses the subway site. WEST NORTH OPENING. Attorney Baldwin has also taken the matter of opening "West North street across the "Wabash up with (hat road and Mrs. McCaskill, who owns property on the east of the. proposed improvement, hut has not yet received any reply from either. Farm Products to be Shown --Neustadt Chairman. About thirty merchants, representing all lines of local retail business, decided at their meeting in the assembly hall of the Decatur club Friday even- Ing to hold a farm products show In Decatur this fall. The show will probably partake of the general features of the old corn carnivals, which were such a great success. B, R. NeuBtadt was elected chairman of the temporary organization formed Friday night and was authorized to appoint committees and take whatever other stepB are needed. PRIZES FOR PRODUCTS. Any show that may bo held will be held with the cooperation of the Association of Commerce, Fat prizes will be offered for exhibits' of corn, oats and wheat, and dairy and household products. The object Is to advance Interest tn agriculture, on which the prosperity of the city so largely depends, and to impress upon the farmers the fact that Decatur is anxious to work with them. LAWS THAT ARE BEING ENFORCED Violations of Traffic Ordinance nnd Loitering. Several people have noticed recently that the pollre are enforcing 1 some city ordinances^ A good many people never make this discovery until they are called down by the police for failure to comply with an ordinance. A man remarked Friday that the poli^f seemed, to be doing a grood job enforcing the t r a f f i c ordinance. He had seen an old man drive up on the wrong side of the street and heard an officer ex- r-laln the ordinance to the man and get him straightened out. Becently the orrHnance relating to loiterers on the streets has been given attention, and the police hav e been doing a very good Job of enforcing it. '1 hey have been making the loafers move along Instead of lining; up on the wa.lke and corners and flirting with "women who pass. This Is one of the beet moves the police have made In a long time and they have the moral support of all g'ood citizens. A bunch of small boys tood on a street corner a ffrw nights ago. Thev bnd not been there long when aji offi- '·er approached end ordered them to thrive on. They moved. NEW MANAGER OF WESTERN UNION L. M. Armstrong of Champaign Succeed* W. H. DavSS. W. H. DavlB has been succeeded as manager of the Western Union office in Decatur by L. N. Armstrong of Cham- palgm. About B[X weeks ago, Mr. Davis went away on a vacation and Mr. Armstrong was sent here to fill his place. Later, Mr. Armstrong was notified by the Western Union management to remain here permanently. Mr. Armstrong comes with an ex- fMlent record. He has been manager of the Champaign office for some time and proved a good business setter. He Is raaidng arrangements to move his family here. Mr. Davis Is as yet undecided as to his plans. He was a big success as nvan- ,-iger of the office here and built the local business to large proportions. He spent ao much time at his work however that his health became Impaired. After he returned from his vacation, however, he was looking fine. He will probably take charge of a Western union office in eome other city. The Western Union has taken an additional lease until 1920 on its present location In Bast William street A new front is being put in the office and a new tile floor IB being laid back of the counter. Some additional tables and a new side door are being InBtallacL Arrangements are being made for the twenty-sixth annual farmers' picnic in the Morgan grove, five and one- half miles northwest of Blue Mound and three-quarters of a mile from Qs- bernville. It will be held this year the first Saturday in August, which h a p pen? to be the first day of the month. This is a big- event in the west half of Maqon, r p u n t y and tho east half of Christian county and i expected tn be bieger than ever this year because the j attendance hns been growing yearly. PLENTY OF MUSIC. Howard E. Austin, member of the committee on refreshments, entertainment and speakers, was in Decatur Saturday making arrangements. Some of the plans are not yet completed. It is known, however, that the features will be about as usual, music by a band. music by a male quartet, and speaking. Am on ir t IIP speakers will he James M. Graham, congressman, from Springfield district, Robert A. Sickles and M. L. Pontius, r h a u t o u q u a mrt platform speakers. The custom is for any candidates who care to attend to speak a few m i n u t e s but a l l efforts to politics is barred. Henry Pchulte of Decatur will have the r e f r e s h m e n t privileges. MT. AUBURX MAX HEAD. /he usual arrangements for c a r i n g for horses, automobiles etc., will be made. Officers of the picnic are elected paeh June This y e a r H. L. M o n t - gomery of Mt. A u b u r n was e l e c t e d president and H. F. Yotin? of O s h p i n ville secretary, The association does not h a v e a treasurer. Warrensburg Minister Surrenders Papers. Rev. W. O. Roush, pastor o£ the First Methodist church at Warrensburg, who underwent an Investigation at the First Methodist church here Friday, Is lying at his home at Warrensburg a victim of nervous collapse. He is In a serious condition and it is feared that he may not recover. NO DECISION. Though the evidence In the case was not strong enough on either side to warrant a decision, the general imp r f F F i o n was in t h e minister's favor. The charges or actions unbecoming a m i n i s t e r were m a d e by two Warrensburg men. ThTt 1 were also many wlt- nef=?r-s on hami whn testified as to his fine- c h a r a c t e r anci many years of service. F P K T H E R INQUIRY. At t h e c o m l u s l o n of the hearing at 10.3(1 o'clock F r i d a y night, Mr. Roush surrendered his minister's credentials and papers in RPV. J. W. Van Cleve and f u r t h e r I n q u i r y I n t o the case will be m a d e when t h e Methodist conference meets at Shelbyville. Mr. Roush is sixty-two years oM and has always borne an excellent reputation. Committee Named at Decatur Hard at Work. MANY FROM HERE GO Will Tell of Recent Trip to Switzerland, Hueh Cork, the general secretary of the Plate Sunday school association, will give an illustrated lecture on Ms recent trip to Zurich, Switzerland, at the First Presbyterian c h u r c h on next Friday evening. Mr. Cork attended the I n t e r n a l i o n a l Sunday school cons e n t i o n at Zurich and has made a number of I n t e r e s t i n g slides, showing the various places on the trip. He na B an Interesting lecture prepared. No admiscion wt!l be charged. When Maude Roby Got Back She Was Married. Mlas Maude Roby and Orville Malone both of near TTi'arrensburg, who eloped to St. Louis Thursday and were married, returned Friday night and are now at the home of the groom n e a r Warrensbiirg. When the girl left home Thursday It was presumably to come to Decatur for a music lesson. Instead, she and Mr. Malone took tho t r a i n for St. tvoui?. The girl Is not q u i t e seventeen years of age while the groom is twenty-three. Mr. Malone is the son of Robert Malone. The Malone and IRoby families livft on adjoining farms. Mr. and Mrs. Roby, parents of the girl, learned Thursday evening that their d a u g h t e r had gone to St. Louis to lie married. JWILL BE SETTLED I BY ARBITRATION Thomas Rynn nnd Harry Wire to BettU Case Out of Court. The casn of the city vs. Thomas R \ a n . charred with violating the building: ordinance, was dismissed in Justice Mcfoy's court Friday and will be Bet- tied by arbitration, as the ordinance provides. Mr. R y a n will select a con tractor and Harry Wire, building in ppector, will select a contractor, and these two will g-et together Monday and try and decide the case. If they cannot agree a third arbitrator will be selected. The contention w«n that Mr. Ryan in h u t l r l i n g a house was not in? the work according to the b u i l d i n g ordinance. A. F. DROEGEMUELLER SOON TO MARRY S*. Johnnnes' Tencher and \VnshInK- . ton, Mf-, Girl. A n n o u n c e m e n t has been rerMvc-d f n Decatur of the engagement of A- F- DroegemneHer, teacher tn St. J o h a n - nes' German Lutheran school, and Miss Augusta Gassner of Washington. Mo. The wedding Is not expected to take place for eome time. Mr. Droegpmuel- ler is now away on his vacation. HP will return to Decatur about the middle of August. MlBR G-assner is the daughter of Rev. and Mrs. Gassner of near Washington, Mo, and is n teacher in the German Lutheran school in Washington. Mr. DroegfmiiPller has been teaching in the Decntur school for two years and. | is active In the work of the school ond church. H** is vine president of the cung peoples' society a.ntf IP clirprtor of thft Amphlon Glee Club. Mr. Oraegemueller's parents are Kev. and Mrs. F. Droegemueller of Paola, Kan- FUNERALS. CHARLES M. MILLER. The f u n e r a l of Charles Milton Miller was held at 1:30 Friday afternoon a; Moran'g chapel. The services were conducted by Rev. D. R. Taylor. The music was f u r n i s h e d by Mrs. D. R. Taylor, Mls s E. Taylor. Mrs. Nellie K v e r e t t and Mrs. S. H n f f e r . The pallbearers were George Johnson, C. E. Miller, F,. E. Warner. D. E. Owens, fiuy Hart and .Fames H a r t Th interment was tn Greenwood. .1 n?(-AR RT^SELL. The f u n e r a l of .1. Oscar Russell will 1 P helrl at r o'clock Sunday afternoon at the PresM f e r i a n eMirch in Lincoln. DEATHS. MISS FAYE EMERY FROM VACATION Miss Faye -Emery, dea-coness of the First. Methodist church, Is expected to return Tuesday from her vacation, spent at her home near Carthage, Mo. Mlse Emery had planned to come hack to "Decatur this -week, fcut was detained by an accident to her mother. When she went to Carthage fo take the train for the return trip, she was accompanied by her mother. While ·waiting, her mother accidentally ran a hat pin Into her finger. Blood poisoning developed. She Is still suffering from its effects. GERMAN METHODIST QUARTERLY MEETING Quarterly conference wat not held Friflay nleht at the German Methodist church as was expected, ninee Bev. J. C. Rapp of Belleville, the district superintendent could not get here. He will come today, however, and will preach nt the church Sunday, the quarterly meeting being held in the morning. The quarterly conference will be held Monday night. The Reptile. Tit-Bits. -- Schoolmaster--So. then, the reptile is not n creature which does not stand on feet anfl moves along hy crawling on the ground. Can any of you boys name me such a creature? Johnny--Pleaae, eir, my baby brother. RATjPH THEOBALD. Fs.lph T p h 1 'ihald. I n f a n t son of Mr. and Mrs G. H. Tbeohsld, died at 3 o'clock S-Ttnrday morning at the family reslrlenci 1 . 1023 \Vest Eldorado. strcpt. He was fourlPen m o n t h s old. TTip d e a t h w n p caused by brain fever. Be.«Mep his p.irents he leaves three F i F t p r s n n d a brother. Grac*. Anna. M a r y n n d r h i r l e p TheohaM. The f u n e r a l will he held at o o'clock S u n d a y a f t r r n i n n at the residence. The service? will bp conducted by Rev. I. S. Richmond. The i n t e r m e n t will be In F a i r l a w n cnnptery. OLD HILDEBRAND DRUG STORE MOVED The old Hildebrand drug: store, pioneer of thp "levpp" business houses, a f t e r t h i r t y - f i v e y p n r s nf continuous opera tinn n t 744 East Eldorado street, has begun movlnfr I n t o a new location, t n k i n g thp. ronm nt t h e corner of Front and East THorado vacatPd by Charley Beecher. Tbp old drug store building will be ncc"i let! by Applebaura tio clothiers, x^u- stock and ft soda fountain will hp Installed In the drug store and the clprkins force will be enlarged. The lor-atfny, I- thmirht to he much improved. GET $10 FROM LAW ENFORCEMENT The Ladips' Aid society of the First Methodist church received a gift of. $10 f r o m the law enforcement league at Its mcetinc FrMny afternoon. This was In a p p r e c i a t i o n nf the society's assistance and use of t h e church at the recent law cnforcerm-nt banquet Thp u s u a l collection of the society a m o u n t e d tn $15, i f WB^ decided to purchase on» and one-half dozen napkins for use in the communion services. It was also v.ited to omit the August meeting. MASONIC. ionic ljnqp c *j o jM2 A. F. ana A. M.-Special meeting' tonisli't at 7:SO. Mammoth Parade on Michigan Avenue a Feature. In furtherance of a resolution passed by the Illinois grand lodge of the Knights of Pythias in Decatur last November, the executive committee, named by Grand Chancelloi W. K. Whltfield, has been hard at work arranging for the Golden Jubilee of the order to be held in Chicago on Sept. 5, 6 and 7. MANY FROM HBRli. Fully 100 or more Pythians from Dec a t u r and vicimtv are p l a n n i n g to attend the jubilee celebration. A tentative program for the three days has been arranged as follows: SEPT 5, "PYTHIAN DAY." Afternoon, 12:30 to a o'clock--Lake Front park, field day, baseball and athletic events by the Knights of Pythias Baseball and Athletic association. It Is intended that the supreme chancellor shall be escorted to the executive com- mitee stand on thp athletic frcld at 4 o'clock. Following the close of the field day events, an informal icceptlon and dinner will be tenderer the supreme chancellor and his staif at the Auditorium hotel headquarturs. SATURDAY XIGHT, SEPT. 5. Golden jubilee page class initiation ai; Mystic Shrine convention hall, Cass and Ohio streets. The e n t i r e b u i l d i n g has been secured, and It is expected that the largest "class" evc-l initiated in the history of fraternal orders wilt be present that night. SUNDAY. SEPT. 6--"PYTHIAN FRATERNITY SUNDAY." A bureau is being developed, the purpose of which Is to f u r n i s h able speakers and orators of note to fill pulpits of churches public halis. assembly rooms and theaters tor that day and evening, with the theme and topic of "Fraternity." SUNDAY AFTERNOON -- AUDITORIUM THEATER. Immense mass meeting, a-t which services of a devotlona.1 character proper for the day will be observed. Honorable William J. Bryan has been invited to deliver an address. The supreme chancellor, vice chancellor anfl other speakers of assured ability will talk. MONDAY. SEPT. 7--SUBORDINATE LODGE DAY. Mammoth «ubordinate lodge and military department parade on Michigan boulevard. The big spee.tacmar event of the three-day Jubilee. An augmented troop of Chicago's mounted police--all members of the order--will lead down the avenue the most unique and Interesting parade of subordinate lodges with pictorial floats, depicting scenes and events famed In Pythian history. A complete section will be composed of "Interstate lodges" with floats and displays from lodges outsidr of Illinois. The military department wil] he in line in all Its glory and trappings. A l r e a d y over t h i r t y lodges have applied for space for display, and floats, find the work is going forward with all speed. Each lodge is to u n i f o r m its members in some distinctive way, and no part of the parade will permit of a large number of men a p p p a n n g In ordinary clvllia.n dress. VEER BROWNBACK WILL GO HOME Condition Much Improved--Qnietn Is Pfeected. Veer Brown back will be removed from the St. Mary's hospital to hi? father's home, 1302 West Main street, tomorrow. It \e t h o u g h t that the ron- oitlons will be more restful for him t h e r e and aa all he needs now is q u i e t His condition is very much improved, hut it will be pome time bpfore the inflammation is entirely gone and the bandages can be removed. DISPUTE OVER BUILDING LEASE The case of Wale Hunt against Lou is Burstein wap continued in Justice J. H. McCoy's court Saturday morning until Monday morning'. The case arises over the question as to whether Bur- fteln holds a lease to the frame building at the southwest corner of Eldorado and North "Water streets. Hunt, It is said, w a n t s ro start putting up a new brick building t^ere but Burstein wont give up possession of the old frame building:. DEEDS RECORDED. J. D. Van Gundy to Dsra I/ Van Gundy, *a«t i$, southwest J,4, southeast 14, 31, 15. 3 east: $100. Mary E. Black to E. O. M-5TTitt, part of east^fc, southeast U t IS 16, 2 east; $1 G K. Hays to H Strlncer. trustee, lot* 1 and 2 block D. South a d d i t i o n ; 52,200. G. G, Ritchie to Nancr Andrews, northeast T J. northwest U, n o r t h w e s t 'i, 34, 16. 3 east; *WX). T. H. McCarty to W. H. Grlndol. et. n! . trustees lot fi. B. Dills s u b d i v i s i o n : $1. Charles Bredpn to R. C. Aiigusttnr. lot 13, block 2, "William Hammond's addition; SI. Laura E Watklna to E I.. Pegram. lots 0 and 10. block 2. W i l l i a m Montgomery's addition; Jl. . J. H Eand*rl!n to E J nrav lots 1 ana 2, block 3, and 'lots 1 and 2, blo-k C. Pythian Home adition; $400. Charged with Disorderly Conduct. Mary SI Larus was arrested Saturday morning on a charge of d i s o r d e r l y conduct on complaint of Julia Bnimmel!. She was also charged with deatroylnp property, the complaint being made hy Fred Brummell, pon of Mn Brummell The trouble, it \K said, arose o\er a property line dispute The case wag set for hearing before Jaetlce U. G, Gile on next Fridiy it 1 o'clo " JAIL BREAKER IS CAUGHTAT PEORIA William Parker ArresteH Hy Chief Halpin and BrougKf Back Here--Hid Behind Screen. After being a fugitive from justice for over three years, William Parker, who In April, 1911, in company with six others, broke :ail in Decatur, was arrested by Chief Halpin tn Peoria Friday on request of Sheriff Nicholson, arid Friday night he was brought back to Decatur by Deputy Sheriff Sullivan and placed In the Macon county Jail. HID BEHIND SCREEN. April 12, 1311 Parker and six others hid behind a screen when C. A, Dunnigan, the turnkey, locked the prisoners n their cells at night. While he was naklng his rounds a prisoner in a cell called to him and asked him to move the garbage can, which was near the last cell In the row. He goo"d naturedly complied, and when he went back the five men jumped from behind the screen, overpowered him and taking his revolver made their escape through a hole they hart previously cut throuprh the wall Into the air shaft. . ONE ?TILL AT L A R G E All those who broke Jail have hern arrested with the exception of Fr"l Patterson, said to be a box car thief FORGERY CHARGED. The charge against Parker was fnrr- ery. He had been i n d i c t e d and wn awaiting trial when h* broke jail. H6 will probably not have n h e a r i n g before the October f r m of t h e circuit court. L E A R N E D F R O M P R I S O N E R . Sheriff Xtcholnon learned from a prisoner now In j a i l t h a i Porker wan In Peoria and wired C h i r f H n l p i n to arrest him. Parker had he-en in Inwa pm t of the time finer- l e a v i n e r v r n t u r The others who esrapt-d xvere ~arl Hartry. Fred Patterson, .inr W n t k l m , Andrew Tate, R a l p h A r m s t r o n g Ben Eaton. !E BETTER WILL CLOSE IDE Sub Carriers to Assist-Last Trip Hour Later. The postal department has granted the local post office certain additional allowances in order to give better service on parcel post delivery and collections of mail from boxes around the city. By the new arrangement, the parrel post deliveryman gets .started an hour earlier in the morning on that work and some of the time he spends later in the day in mail collecting will be devoted to delivering. Tne s u b s t i t u t e carriers will now he employed two hours each e v e n i n g collecting mall. All uptown collections at night will now be one hour later than the latest h o u r specified on the box at present while collections on the levee, in the Gebhart block and at McCrum's drug store will be made as late as 8 o'clock. Ruthrauff Asks Permission --Helps the Fish. Scraps of News* IN* THEIR AUTO. Comptroller Arthur MlL'Nabb and family left Friday night in their automobile for Chicago. ·«-. H. DfERR AT MANITOU. A card received from Mr. and Mre. W. H. Dnerr came from Manttou, Colo. He cay s they are doinp the Pike's peak region this week, biit that they do not expect to climb the peak. They had a fine trip In Estes park nnd It rained three afternoons in succession. They have not fished any. hut they visited the Estes park fish hatchery. "Sunbeam." the pet fish of the hatc.hery, was exhibited to 6,176 people from May 25, 191S to Oct. 1, 1913. TO POULTRY MEETING. ?e\eral p o u l t r y shippers and dealers from Decatur and v i c i n i t v are planning to a t t e n d the a n n u a l meeting of the American Poultry Association to be held at Chicago Aug. 5 to 15. The association contains over ii,nifl members. AT BOILING SPRINGS. Sunday services al the Boiline Springs Church of God. conducted by the new pastor, Rev. r TV. Dunmire, will be as follows: Sunday school. 1C a. m,; preaching services, 11 a. m. and S p. m.; morning suhlort. "Warming by Strange Fires": evening subject. "Heber's wife's Theoloev." Hood mu- =ic will ho a f e a t u r e of both services. FINISH FIRST FLOOR. The Decatur Bridge company has finished setting the steel for the basement and first floor of the new Powers building and began S a t u r d a y set- l i n g the columns for the eyrond and r l i i r d floors. Owing to the low stage of the w a t o r in the Sangamon river, Commissionfr Harry Ruthrauff wrote to the stnt-s game, and fish commission for perm r- sion to close the fish-way In t h e d u n at the waterworks. This openlnc i the dam allows, approximately, 5 ( ". ' ' gallons of water to pass through ev«" v day. By closing It that much w a t e r can be retained for city use. FALLS RAPIDLY. Mr. R u t h r a u f f has noticed that a f t « r the water gets so low that none pass.-" over the top of the dam the river f.i!l« rapidly, and as the city is using more water now t h a n ever before, and then- is no prospect of an early ending of the drouth, he thought it time to *a? the water that was going through the fish way. Friday afternoon he received an a n - swer from Acting- Chief Clerk O. ~. I Hartley, granting permission to close j up the fish way u n t i l such a time as there is an ample supply of water for the use of the city. IT HELPS THE FISH. The closing of the fish way could do no possible harm. In fact it would bs much better for th« fish If !t could ba closed all the time, for when they pa'.i through the fish way and g«t down to where the sewers empty into the river the fish die by hundreds, and thos-a that live are no good for food. It is probable that if permission were askp-l of the game and fish commission t h o fish way could he kept closed until after tile city's sewage disposal plant h * been Installed. Thousands of f i e n would be kept alive in the mean tlrr.9 that otherwise would die .and afi'-r the sewage disposal plant Is complete t fishing would be good down the rlver THAT BARRECr The date for the barbecue to he given at Falrview park for tho b e n e f i t of the Church of the Living r,,vd, is J u l y 21. Dinner and supper w i l l bp served. The supper will begin at fi o'clock and last till 9. NORTH MAIN WORK. Workmen tearing up North Ma'n street for the new p a v i n g from the Wabash to Lincoln Square are biinv in the 501 block at present. This ig where the street was probablv the worst, having practically all the asphalt worn off the top and nothing but the rough brl-k showing. The workmen are removing these bricks and the curbing. TO STORM LAKE. J. W. .Tones left today for Storm Lake, la., where he will be for a. few days. On hlg return he will stop off in Chicago and visit Irving Shuman. sub-treasurer. Mueller, Plait Wfieeland Capitalized at $100,000. , Papers of incorporation were Iprucd: in Springfield Saturday morning to t h u Mueller. Platt and Wheeland companv of Decatur -with a. capital stock 'C Sinn.finn. jhe incorporates are R. L. Mueller. O. B. Whesland, C. J. Tucker and Charles I. Will. The late George W. Mueller, f o r m e r head of that firm, surrendered the coni- p a n v ' s incorporation papers just befo 1 « he left for Europe and the busine-.i was continued as a co-partnership. TT« members however thought best to agam take out these papersx The m e m b e t A of the firm will all be the same as he. fore excepting Mrs. George W. Mueller will hold her deceased husband's stock. ASIEBICAN LBAOUB. TO CONVENTION. R. C. Augustine left for «. Louis Saturday evening to attend the National Optical convention which is to be held there during the coming week. F. H. BOGGS HERE ON CAMPAIGN TRIP Franklin H. Bog-gs of TJrbana, Republican candidate for circuit judge in this district, was in Decatur Thursday and Friday with his family, campaigning. In company with Attorney J. S. Baldwin, he has been making trips around t h e ' c i t y and out to the small towns around Decatur, FIRST GAME. R. H. r.. Chicago l o o o n n o o o -- 1 6 S Phlladflelphla . 0 1 1 0 0 3 0 0 * -- 4 . 5 t Batteries--TValFh and Schalk: Plants and Lapp. Cleveland " · Washington I * Batteries--Morion and Sassier: Arrs and Henry. Detroit Boston and Stanage; Shor» Batteries--Dubui and Cady. St. Louis New York Batteries -- Hamilton and Agnew; Caldwell and N'unamaker. NATIOBTAl, LEAGUE. New York 0 · « * Pittsburgh 1 0 0 3 Batterie?--Demaree and Myers; Har* mon and Coopa v VSPAPEJRI

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