The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas on July 17, 1923 · Page 12
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The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas · Page 12

Hutchinson, Kansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, July 17, 1923
Page 12
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PAGE TWELVE THE HUTCHINSON NEWS. TUESDAY, JULY 17, 1923 FDB ©2 I© 3 &mt& CaSI! ilea- GshcSffite'd] Ai EJejpit. I Insertion „ per word 4 Insertions So pur word 4 to 10 Insertions . %a prr word ner I.-^MU* 10 insertion, 7,, llcr word 10 to 2t> Insertions 7-10c per word per Isrje 2& Insertions %c per word per issue Minimum chatge 20o flTI'ClAl.. RATE for artvertlfrrs using 1 u r more Inches per dHV for m month runnlna thr- same every day or mibject to change, can be obtained bv aaAUn* Th. KMVI Classified DonaHKUll. .. uuiimsj Attn tinder regular classification must bo entered or withdrawn before It o'clock noon. From 13:00 till 8:00 p. m., ads no under "Too Lute to Classify" Phone orders nct-eptetl for your convenience, to bo i-attl upon presentation of bill. ANHWKUS TO III.INP Al* f t- -1, 1 • -IJ8-- 4 i'-l' f: U7-1 y-r,b~ 8 ll -t',8—1 Ms -1 ,1-119 1 K, ".S --S J ..-M.--1 7,-us : (j-ii'i l y-o:,-- i U -'.IS -1 ,,-C5 — tl H-C0-- 3 S-67----1 a-08—1 11-06 —9 U-CS--5 V-66- 1 W -68-- 1 X-67 1 Ho.t OS ~1 POSITION WANTED—MALE (Cont'd) WANTED— All klnd< of trash hauling. 1'iiont 178VW, ( 13-2&t feAWS filed at shop: 629 W<« First. t 2-lfil ANy icnm wink 7 Phone 2122. ill.) FOR RENT-nE»lD«NOE»JConVd^ bunK 111 K« 7 14-10t FOR 1UCNT or »»lo—Four-room bunK»- low, modern, splendid tornl*. 211. hasl H. l'hono aoto. FoiTiTENT—Four-room how. «"» V'^ 7-riv Avenue. Caroyvlilo. Se"^ U>e- rty Avenue Thomson. pill KENT—.-in; Barnno l'imuis 1851.1. _ Kl'KNISHEl> house to feat*. rooms, sleeping porch. Hyde Phon.) 1GS4W. • Bight-room house, mod- 201 West Thirteenth. 7 16-4t seven Park. 7 13-28 Full RENT—Five und six-room, modern 1 hi ,.a.o? now oak floors, J20 to (30 l'hone 2217. •Jj^l FOR"llENT--A [ivo-room, modern house .illliJ™., exoellent location. CM l«f>-'j>, MODERN, furnished flvo-rocm close In, f2'J a month, l'hone Jill. house 7 lf.-4t WANT ED— MALE HE" MONK* ...'•1T.H '. .STAKTfc- (Jl'r I'll. S ;"K:.I;I : m>wi ;Th .rs;i'r city u.^.;^ IV .II .-Ee mid In, n-ady foi • >,'".,„, |„.(o,n li,,- »l»t..r • llliltv.duiil Instruction, NS « l'hono or »»!.«• •>•> fenHm-sti Coll. Be, llutch.iit.on 1. 'i'. SlwplHU <i 19 IS-. Kan. 1'OSITION WANTED—FEMALE « A CORIHAI., Invitation IN issued 1" every J.C! ,v .f n in 11utchi:.M..r. to visit our i'l.inl nn.l leaiii the Inside intorin.itIon '''"'HI our BooriiiK inuehine. It a««uteii (ml vrvlght. The Carry lo: Conilunt'. K« lou.h Main. Q n. (i t FUH "UKNT in South H»lchlns..n-Throc- r,.o.n houBe. l'hone 1MIW. L__FOH IuENT-Thr*.-rooni turulnhed bouse l'hono HSV.3.I. .ill Kdll KENT—Five-room cottREi It. Ihuulro 106 KMt B. 110 Kast 7 10-10 Ff.ll HF.NT- Five-room, nlshi'd iottagi-. 411 North Walnut. modern, fur t 10-Sl ln- deilvtrv. ^Ire. Walnut, phone tl:,HW. i.der, SOU North li l-25t li' rtoilll;,;; i-|i||,lrt'l ;it:. . M.M . MoKiinuv l-lion.. ll'.e .w. lot; a a JS Fast 6 ltl-lt TH . Th.r holif.i u 'ajit jol.s 1.3 :.i; n.arhine. l^lti }:nHt 0 1 1-13 W A .V T F1"'- -1 1 r i ss m a it n i K -Mia. Kvtetl, SU3 lilt and tuilorlns. Fourth, phono 0 2j-26t i.'.o by tin SALESMEN . WANT SAl.F.^MI"" WHO CAN SF.I.I. lioniuy and eleun- 1.04. 0 2S-2bl ..'ASHING and ltoninK. Call 330 Kaai li'yhLh or phone uS74. 6 2-25t F"Il HUNT Fast B. l.-iCl r,lli I '^iiHt Sherman N m IS®™® y®on WDaEdl Enk© ft® Owiffl Full two story shlnglo bungalow In a vory good nelBhliorbood, On. paved street, witlklng distance down town and within flvo blocks ot Kiade, junior and high ochoolB. Seven largo rooms, strictly modern, Ouk floors In three rooms, fireplace, two bath rooms, largo closets, furuaco and laundry rooms In basement. Sleeping porch and garage. Largo shade trees. Shown by appointment only. Prlco J8.500.00. Realtor. Shoes for Boy* and Girl*, Shoes for Men and Women, Shoe* for Children. / >s, < PART PAYMENT DOWN, BALANCE 50c A WEEK. S7? CLOTHING FOR MEN, WOMEN, BOYS AND GIRLS. / ^ Part Payment Down, Balance ( ^^^^ $1.00 a Week. V T - ^ Star Brand Shoe* • An Br««r" COMER COMMERCE CO. 17-19 North Walnut St. •w five-room house on ••lorth Monroe. " lfi-17 a lit F.le I '.KNT— Flv .•nth. i ' roonis, 100 2r,o or 1770. West ' 14-4t FiVlt Itll.NT- Thtee-room houao on Weat ;!herman. Call 1117.'!. " FtiU Ill-INTA. 1* -Five-room limine, 700 10:lHt • 7 14-41 L.IOHT HOUSEKEEPIJ^^JRO^MS^ ffi!(enunsia(lcMnii| Work guaranteed. Mall ordeta answered promptly .Free delivery .Mrt. »'-».'"» lot Kani Tenth. ICTS\V. I'llCSSMAKI.N l.O.llO. i'llotl... •Will Oi 'tV . Me.ndell 0 27-261 KhfH uf.funtlnl.ed rooms for light houeo- I:.,,;, or will furnisit same for par tl. > .los.viinf regular room t'.ie.oer. lMion.i 717. rlBht '.tpil al location. AiUli.^^ ;.. w;i tor infoio;. Good profit to tlv Must have small eood o. care '' ^s»iS If ©on A re |» a ureal .„,po,l on: 1 y capltul. ml." K ""l ' , l,r..feii..<l must have tar us tt.e on the For all pal t.culatb, t 1 -CS. ealu Ne »l. II rust «irl; utilct. 0 13-St - | THKF .. k in iloi-li. Fl> Unvn a .. phone .101 ! aril work. Call 0 13-8.10 ,\'TF.IV l'rai'tleal t.ursh.r;. l'hone 2Pu4 l.-l Norlh l'v|tl.,r. G .'6.:bt Inquire 20 8 17-Ot onis newly papered, u 11 furnished for llt-ht housekeeping in modern home, jr. a week. 300 Fast Sixth. S 10-Jt FOFll nicely furnished housekeepiliB rooHL" Also three well rurnished rooms will. Kaiage. 2-1 West First.. 8 14.-41 Fi.H Ki:.NT--Two mod.:rn, furnlslted ..o.os for liKi.t housekeeping, J ,j l>cr 2.10 Faot Third. 8 l*i-4t Oos® Him Bar^ffiSiB Dandy good flvo room cottage close In on East Socond; modern except heat; rooms aro all nice big rooms with extra large bath room. House has all just 'been reflulshed. Has nice shade and a Rood lawn, this is a real homo like place and can be bought on vory easy terras. Price ?3,200. Call 2224 for showing appointment. Established 188S REALTORS No. 4 East Sherm»B NICE LOCAT.ION—17TH AVENUE WEST. (1) Nice simile trees, also fruit trees, nice size tot B-rooni, double built, modern except furnaco, lmsenient, built In refrigerator, garage.' $3,000.00. (2) 7-room, all on ground tloof; pipo furnace, largo basement. Can bo easily made In 2 apartments. S3.D0O.O0. No. 227 Ith Etisl. t3) ICttst front, six room, motlorn except furnace, basement, garage, North Monroe. 100 acres, Scott County, 8 miles from Shallow Wixtor; level buffalo grass'lanA.. Want Hutchinson property or car. IJTICO $1,200 cash. 320 acres, Morton County, t% miles from Holla. Prlco }2,250; Jl.Or.O cash, assume $l,2uo mortgage.. Will trade equity for Hutohlnaon property or car. Vacant lots In north part of town to trade for equity In small house or car. All modern north ond home, oak finish. I'rtoed. right Will consider contract* or email placo suitable for renting. ^. ' - WH HAVE SOME LOTS PRICED TO SELL 104 First Natl. Bid*. Ask anout our lot bargains. Phone 2271. 'A - 111 NO, by lady. (1 12-10 work by hour. li D-lOl ]\>H r .FlNT—Two modern, furn1:.^ed rooms lor Unlit housekeeping, SS wi . k 1100 Fast Third. " SS per a p.. lvt •ANTFi :; iiioj. •-Work hy the hour. WA:-. i'l-L—Washings, l'hone 7 VV. 0 7-261 W A NTK D— Washltiga. i II ill. warn Phone 241U BAFFS people, %~> 1" »•• •ah'.lHhe.l 13 >ears; pero.a.o .u sl,'",i, The Ahtl.oline C«mna>.>. lllRl't... ,.|.i,-.e Hot h- 3 i!!,-2at K.'.l.l 11. v fa: <MKN for • l-l' nni. . lit. villi I 'll.- WANTED—FEMALE HCLP Scif.iiieSters We warit f..',o lad. solioltorr. I., oa the city for a in. t !<>.. - will produ.-l. 1 ,'ti, ant m.i^t !.,- nl.l,. lo nil., w .ii pui.ii'., la'ast I... neat, and \v• It •> ii.i.l aid,. 10 1. money I fynii ai,. to Add.- file- your nan). 1 lnilul....t and we light awav as tlo: positions Will ho taken Vim . us! ler . ess V : t,H, >'. 11 1 pii-.ili.iti a.: el.rii. !' WAXTIfli —Sewing Phone 11110, CFHTAIN cptciallat. Plume 6 2-25t 2f.e4W. 8 .J -251 FOR 1E,'4T — tESIDKNCF.S THE WORLD MOVKS AND SO DO WK I'ad.hd vans and nuto trucks. Pooled a.i- of ho-isehohl goods and automobl'e* l:i;nietl to California and other poluta. I. haul anyllutitr anywhere, CEily Traiffii 'JciEir AASD IITOUAIJE Ou.Ml'ANS Phcne No. a 10 West First, llutohinaon. Kar .ius. l-^i.H Hi i.N'i'- 'I'hr. u gixnmd-floor, fur- nislod i-ooms for housekeeping, tnodein. 200 West Ninth. i> 14-71 FClt RUNT-' liMlit iiousel. F.ast Third. In a.- furnished rooms for eptliu. l'hone 404W. 210 i'Cit KI^NT-'-'I'wo nicely furnished light iieii'idteiping toorns; no children, l'hone CS2W.' S '6-4t l*l"lt.VlSHFl> housekeeping roouet, south- J."., 410 FJtuit Sherman, l'hono •joinV,' S tO-'H TWO floor First. lioelv fin-nlshed, modern, ground housekeeping rooms. —0 West S 17-101 .'.it SAFF-Car.l i..r pound delis. le.-els, l'hone e cents ''S lG-Ot H(iFSl-'Kl-l--l'IN'.l rooms; no objections to ehUdlrn. Cell 207 Fast F. S 11-Ot S East Sherman iEEM KEALTTT CO. Realtors Phone 43 AirnqpftDn^g 1 SontesftapnaftnaiB IHI@sm@ • Tvory ouro In a wlillo clrcumstHiKcs, causes to ltu phu-rd In our )>nnd.'«, a Ilnmo f<ir &;\\u ;it tin untH-r price, .lust nnw wo win be tiks.sod to show ym.i just, fiiich (i b.'t!K;i'n in H POVC-II room mooVt u UniiH' at Xu. ll."» Ku.*l l '2ih Street. Full basement, huga 9l <;epintj rooms, nice SIIUUL :. gnraija, .l'rtca $57 &0. Cash required, tlWM), balance Monthly paymt-Mtt. 1 *. Mrrol McDorraed. He.tHnrs—"JTome Uui!do;s" Salesmon: V>. V. Cue, Albert Thomson, E. G. A^he, IPndMun^ naip sua Em§y ILa^Sna^ We have {or sale the lease «nd furniture tor a 9-room rooming house, ',4 Mock ot Main street, on 4th oast, so close In that rooms always rented. $100 a month easy money. Owner has been called away from city and offors to sell for tho small sum of ?700. i JEGL ML MO©11 b Ecasn Forty-nine Years In Hutchinson. No. IS Sharmnn Hast, Ground Floor > Office Telephone S101 rRJLNK PILE. Manager Real EsUts. Phone 121 After 6 P. M. The man who sings Home, Sweet Home in a rented flat is kidding himself and serenading his landlord. We have money to lend you to buy your own home with. InliffllteyiBscsiE BonMnmg <£l L vats H Room No. 819 ltorabaugh-Wlley Dldg. Phono 2157 W<B Ml FUUNISHFl) housekeeping Fast B. rooms, 213 8 2-2ut TWO CT four-room furnished apcrtmcnt, cheap. 300 Wot Second. 8 2-251 rooms and .1 14-41 1 TI:NIS 1 II:H housekeeping g.ilage. I Hi) Fasl (.J. t, to tc-ll li'.-i nuiehln. seoi'd iielKlu it li is ort lsi-n|. WANTFl>-V,'.n. lines our ure sure of full floored. '. rt .ai .l i .- , , Jea.n how to get full weight. II. Ice Cmp.iny, 1 Hone OO'l. no:.;!.. ... Ymi iia.-h'.n. ,-Tl ITli girl for general housework. Ap ; nlv In pet son. 204 Fast Fl.venll.. 4 I. ].ly in pel son KXI'FUIFNCEF waitress 207S. 300 Nottti Main. Flioii, •I 17-lt MUIDLM iig.-d woman tor general bouss''- work. Phono 30:2W. _ 4 j'" . 4 17-lt •WANTED—Lady ugenl. B. UP-TO-THF-MINHTI.: BBlie. A (Ino.I K:irm well Improve.!, clo.ii.' to Hutchinson, to truilv for iii:utiu; I'l'opcrty. What have youV S(;C- - 1EEK1SEL ACENCS 1 7 16-2t ;ti'K!,V fuinlelitnl, LJ1 W«-Ht Klrwt. two-room 'Ot til (re. x H-4t I'll W<-,,; .Sixth. rooms, also n '.iL^l'.KKiai'INC. ruunn; "JH Wc si Sixth. 8 10-lOt FOR RENT—ru RN 1SH ED ROOMS 6 boll HI-.NT, rt '*LBonable —-ljaree, covl, Blocpliitf moms close in; car U:io. Ur. Pailaml, iOaat A, phono JiOtiGW or VM. 9 28-2&t '.Ul' >li UIJN'T —Five-room bungalow, motl- i-i ti In (ivery rr;.sp--cl, baH-mcr.t under lire honyc, oiiulpp.-il for laundi-v, i;a- mitifui lawn und tn.<-s. l-\>r iiav- InautrL" Hi \V".-st Twcflth, phone 7 H-lOt POSITION" WANTED— MALE B GciK -ral Sheet Metal Work and Furnaces PIIONK SU3. S16 Korth Walnut. lluichiUHon, Kaunas. WANTISD —Ymir builillii!.; mnl of repair work, cima-nr ;vi><i i wirk. liluu print H ami c-'tnn: WANTKU- .loh driving trm k <>r u Ictn yCiil'M' cxpci !*• i let: Will) Sl.tle •way depat for Mn.n'jtn I. Daniel, 3t r J North Nultlntj, .-.t. Jol.u, jihotit- 137. WE move you anywhere; iong or «huri haula ranks no OUferenoo; al) work, 1,'LiHraiUeed. Cotly Tranaffcr Company, tiftonu VI? or 838, 123-125 ICaaL Sherman. 7 13-25t l'"H ^Al,)-; at a 'naiiiiiin if takun at om f: -Five-room licuac, niodern c-xcopt furnace; wash hou.-ic ami garaR.', ti^ 1 ^- fuut front, located i>23 1-Jaat 1'Ji^iilli. 7 a-iti I'olt UKNT-Klve- cily moiltjrn, A. Call J. WJ ooiii, new huniialow, SuU jier month, li)0 ;i tiiaco uiair, i>:;i:w. 7 H-1S lil 'INT-- Om'-year lea HP , nioro or i' v -room, nuKleni ltoir.u, Zi\ Ka:;t c t 'url Nclhon, piionti 21100. 7 11-lu; mode Me pa 1 innn -dlately- -New, five- n, furnlal .-i'd bungalow tn •Ilea. Call L'054\V. 7 13-iit FOU ]tE>;T—La rge, cool Bleeping toom reasonable. CIOBO lu; car lint. l J hone ^UOCW, l>r. p&.rland. 'J 16-25t \'I\KY desirable modern -slipping room, Kentlptncn preferred; 317 Kast l-'irnt phone 172t«\V. 0 16-flt FUHXISIIKD rooms, oil Earn 11. l'hone 210. U 22-7 MODKUN bedroom with sleep!ny poich, lavatory in room. H Kast Sixth, l'hono 1150, $ fmw ^y-10t M0r >KHX bedroom with sleeping porch L lavatory In room. 14 East Kixih. l'hone H56. S eocl 2i-10t STRICTLY modern sleeping a week. 100 l^aat Fourth, MOll'iKN, sleeping: roonw, bherman. Phone 25SS. '(Hjins, $3.00 'J 17-4t ^15 ttaat 9 2-25t rooms, $2 per week, 313 9 2-26t East B. TWO nicely furnWilted, modern, sleeping rooms, 113 East First. 1'hon.i Eight rooms, modern except heat, close in. 406 ShiM-man West. Now look here, you have wanted a real bargain, get busy Tiiitl buy this olo.He In property. Thl.« hnuse lg so arranged that you run r^nt two 'apartmentM and atiH have four fine rooms to live In. A cash payment of $1000 will start you and the rent from tho two apartments will pav your payments each month. Let UJ § hear from you if you would ra~st off tho landlord's yoke, l'rice $3,000. .Carey Keafl-Estate & fliavestaenaft C®. Salesmen: Lloyd Brown, J. R. Sanders, D, 0. Vaudeveor. •s T orth Main rhone 972 Snfo and available at all times. 6% interest paid on time certificates. Your ash is always represented by a first mortgage on well-located Hutchinson prop- •rty— In case you need your cash it is available to you. We operate under the Statu lianking Department, Tib® SaBi Cnfty Bisiidlu!5ig B Ltaaisi aisQaS Sswimgs Am*®*, •113 Nortli Main Lloyd Urown, Sec'y. Phone D73 tl@l H@r&kEfl[5Ei Easft Fromift ' A largo Clvo-room strictly modern bungalow, constructed of hollow tile brick and rock. Ouk noors an4 oalt woodwork In two rooinn; brick fireplace Manv built in features In kitchen. Full tiaaemont, double garage and extra corner building Bite. PNce $6,300.00. This could not be duplicated for tho prlco asked. . o MOTEL A©ENCT 210 State Exch. Bldg. Karl W. Bresslor REALTORS Phono 2055 1280 acres, Otero County, Colorado. Fourteen miles from La Junta on graded road, mail and telephone route. Three room house, good barn, two wells. Price $12.50 per acre. Will trade, subject to $3,500 encumbrance, for Hutchinson property or building in country town. Submit us. your offer. Dodgo City, Kanaas. L. L. TAYLOR & COMPANY Hutchinson, FOR RENT—APARTMENTS (Cont'd) FOR KKNT— A keen, furnished two- room kRc-henelio a-purtrntfitt with ga- uige, private entrance, nice shade and cool, 16 West Twelfth. Phono C89W. 11 li-it Seventh and Main. Nicely furnished apart menu anu sleeping rooms. Phone 340. 11-2S-25L j >a &ini!iR£ and painting, screen work, ant. repalra. J. E. Uoodbrake, pii^uc gene :a: EtJt^rsrdi CaiSou U<K'f painting a specially; ifuaiantut-d. Phone 211&J. all work & 21-7:21 WANTKD—To sharpen and repair lawn mowers, guns, furniture, go wing machines, locks and k«ya, bicycles, uawa, H 'Sanora, knives, all kinds toulu. Uii'nvn Jiicyclo Store, phone.2470. » S8-36I IF in need of a uaod carp--nter, phono SUfi from 7:30 a-ni. lo 9 u.m. and 4 p.m. to 6 p.m. E 2-25t KXrF.HUCNCEU bookke h-ctor; ali or part tu Kewa. col- care . l«i-2D CAI.L 3417W and have your houiie ronkd or lepalretl. Satiafuction Kuaranteed. IVAN'TEl »• -All kinds of hatibru;, lawn work and odd Jobs, l'lioiie T1MK IS Mf)Ni:Y is a true siiyilig of tiiv time you i?pend leading New a want udii. J-AWN and garden work. Call 2294.1. T)i Ka«t Sherman. l> 17-s-t •WANTKD—Any Phone of carpenierlnw. PARTII03 w'uhlng plaateriuv or aunoial inp-pnri work. pJione JS7fi. o 30-^ot WANTKO—XTumitura te rspalf, roflnl»ih and uybolbler. Coll W, 6 «^0t PAINTHVO and Phono IUH7W. interior decorating. 6 i-lH 'LNIKIlEl'*, six-room huuso to leaeo r a f-ar moie or les -M, 41S Kant Fifth, one 3;>7S \V. 7 l ^-ot FOR RENT- 'Coed bungu low, strictly l'hone 2217. five-room. stucco modurn. to adults. 7l-25t FOR RENT-APARTMENTS Three-room, futniahed apartment, modern throughout; private. l'hone 21SS.. bZH Kant First. 11 20-2&1 FOR HKNT—Modern, furnished four- room apartment, bath, sleoplng porch, garage; water, light and gaa furnished; $3!> per month. Phone 2H4U. 11 10-41 l -'OR RENT--Furnished houBekeuping apartments for reHiiectabla people only, l'j^ East Fiiat. Plume 1S75. 11 2-2Jt Bl ; :AU'riKUL, kitchenette apartment. sleeping porch, piivate bath, 1019 North ilain. l'homi 3U-J0. " 11 14-10t F<i\\ I'll-3NT—Furnished apartment atrlot- lv mwlern, built-in features, ground floor, private entruiioo; must be seen to be appreciated. Phone 366. 11 18-6t 1^URNISHED or unfuinlshed, throe or four-room, modern apartment with Hlaeplng poroh and gara*«. l'hone 158t )J after i> o'clock. 11 11-flt FOU RIB NT—Strictly modern, furnished bungalow apartment in Bungalow Court, 215 Kaat First. Phone 2B27J or BOOW. . ii 8-iat FOR RENT— APARTMENTS (Cont'd> FIVE-room .strictly modern apartments close In, heat and water furnished' summer rate $30, winter $36; the biggest bargain in apartment rental in city. See Ben V. Lamborn, 3 North Main. n 13_4 L FOR RENT—Furnished apartment, three rooms, modern, built-in features, availably July 16. Phono 309. , 11 lo -iit FOR RENT—Three-room, moaern, unfurnished apartmen.t. McCurdy InBUrance Agency. JJ g_26t RENT -APARTMENT» (Cont'd) | FQR - R . ENT ~~ M ' S ^ ELLA ^° US . A 00 "?'-'. i?OdT^KNT T Two-room. m»aern fur- nlshed apartment. 123 haat A. n i auartmr-nt. Phono UNFURNISHED thrco-roora Call 2U8R. apartment- ll«-Ht FUUNISilKB apartment clow In. l'hono 207S. " 11 FOR RENT—Strictly modern, runiliihetj, three-room apartmonta, }35 and ill). Phont 3500. n s: m FOR RENT—Strictly modern, furnished bungalow apartment. 11214 East A 11 10-19 FOR RENT—Thrao-room, front apartment, 24 East Fourth. Phono 736W. 11 16-1'J dODEllN, furnlirtied apartment, 13 ner week, 504 ISaat C l'hone 3952J. ll i6-«t FlinjIISIIED two-room apartment close In, outside entrano*: Phono 3080. FOR RENT—Modern,' furnlahed apart- mcnt; aiulU. 212 Weet Seventh NO 3 Stewart Apaitinentl Phone mill. for rent. 11 4-nt FOR BENT—MI8CBLUANH0US U FOR IUSNT--Oftloe room at 24 Eaat Flrat, Nelaon building. M. Welch. 12 8-2St FOR RENT—Office rooms In McCurdy bulldlne. 13 2-2.',t 13 WANTED TO RENT WANTED about September 1— Furnished hnufla for winter; responsible people, no children! will furnlab reforencoa; must be reasonable, 1-09, care News. 13 10-17 WANTKD to rent—Five or six-room house by August 1. Ed Hmltb. Midland hotel, HutcblnBon, 13 1G-17 YOU don't need to come. Phone your ad to No. 8 and ask for classified depart' munt and havo your needs supplied. WANT to rent or buy four or fiv ^-rontn In next month BUSINESS room for rent. 110 West First Suitable for automobile business, tire or bi«ery or any kind ot retail huslnew. inqulro Superior Motors. 12 thfs FOR UKNT-Saarago apooa for one oar year around, *2.o5 p»r month. » Wejt BIBBer. Phono 717. II n-«t VERY desirable office rooms. Curdy Insurance Agency. Bes Moll ; -nit modern house with 283. Call 13 17-20 ROOM AND BOARD HOARD served In family style, and room, at 821 West Flrat. 14 a-tlt ROOM and board, $4.60 per week. 627 East C. 14 12 -Ct BOARD and room. 306 Wear Second. 14 U-2M L The Doo Dads—Nicholas Admits He Is Clever. By Arch Dale

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