Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on April 26, 1950 · Page 26
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 26

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Wednesday, April 26, 1950
Page 26
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, APRIL 26, ALTON EVENING TfitftQRAPM Chicago, St. Louis Grain Quotations Chicago Gtaift High Low 2.29 2.13% 1.13 2.14 M 1.42 1.41 1.34% 1.26% 78% 73 V4 69% 71 1.31 ',4 1.33% 1.35% 1.40 2.87 Vi M«y ... 2.31 July ... 2.15 H Sep. ... 2.15 »« Dec. ... 2.16% CORN— May ... 1.43 July ... 1-42 Sep. ... 1.35 V, Dec. ... 1.27% OATS— May ••• 80V* July Sep. Dec. RYE— May July Sep. Dec. SOYBEANS— May ... 232% July ... 2.89 Vs, Nov. ... 2.17 k Jan. ... 2.19 70 H 1.32% 1.35 1.37 1.41 2.1 5 It 2.16 ' ,i Close 2.29% 2.15 tt-U 2.15'4-15 2.16 :l »-H 1.42% -43 1.41 i* -42 1.35%-% 1.27 H 80 H 74 W-1* 70 "i 71 ij 1.34% 1.36% 1.40% 2.90'i-% 2.88-87 '-, 2.17'i 2.18% St. Louis Cash Grain ST. LOUIS, April 26, UP) — WHEAT — Receipts 3 cars, 1 sold. No. 3 red garlicky 2.26%. CORN — Receipts 17 cars, 4 sold. No. 2 yellow 1.46-1.47 U. OATS — Receipts 6 cars, nonu sold. Steel, Television , Stocks'Decline NEW YORK, April 26. (M— A late flurry of selling put the slock market on the downgrade today. Aircraft issues enjoyed support for a while in the afternoon but closed under their best marks. Pressure centered on the steel and radio-television groups. Losses ranged from fractions to more than a point. Abbott L 45 1-2 Allied Chem 232 1-2 Allied Stores 34 Allls Chalm 32 1-2 Am Can 116 1-4 Am Car & F 22 1-2 Am Gas & El 51 3-8 Am Loco 13 3-4 Am Pow & U 21 5-8 Am Rad St S 15 5-8 Am Smelt 51 1-2 Am Snuff 42 1-4 Am Tel & Tel 154 3-4 Am Tobacco 68 1-8 Am Zinc "7 7-8 Anacon Cop 29 5-8 Armcl Stl »6 7-8 Armour & Co 10 Atchison 109 3-4 Avco Mfg 81-4 Bald Loco 97-8 Bendix Av 44 3-4 Beth Sll 37 3-4 Borden 51 Borg Warn 59 1-4 Briggs Mfg 31 3-8 Budd Co 15 3-4 Case (JI) 41 1-2 Ches & Ohio 27 3-4 Chi & N W 14 1-4 Chi RI & Pac 41 1-2 Chrysler 65 7-8 Comw Edis / 32 - Cong Nair 25 3-8 Cons Edis 31 3-8 Cons N Gas 44 3-4 Container 45 1-2 Cont Can 37 Cont Stl in 1-4 Corn Prod 68 1-2 Corn Prod pf 184 Crane Co 26 3-4 Curtiss Wr 91-4 Doug Airc 79 3-4 Du Pont 72 Eastm Kod 46 1-2 Eaton Mfg 31 1-2 El Auto Lite 43 Gen Elec 47 3-8 Gen Foods 49 1-2 Gen Motors '81 7-8 Goodrich 84 1-4 Goodyear 51 1-4 Gt N Ir Ore 12 7-8 Gt Nor Ry pf 40 1-2 Greyhound 10 1-8 Homestake 43 3-4 Houd Hersh 12 1-8 Hudson Mot 15 3-4 111 Cent 38 3-4 Inland Stl 39 1-8 Inspir Cop 14,1-8 Int Harv 26 1-2 Int Harv Pf 177 1-8 Int Nick 26 3-8 Int Tel & Tel 14 1-2 Jewel Tea 65 7-8 Johns Man 47 5-8 Kennecott 52 3-4 Keystone S & W 26 Klmb Cl 31 3-8 Lib O F Glass 68 1-4 lib McN & L 71-2 Marsh Field 24 5-8 Montg Ward 54 1-4 Nash Kelv 19 7-8 Livestock Prices At East St. Lout* NATIONAL STOCKtARDS, 111., April 26, UP) — (USDA)— HOGS— 12,500; Narrows and gilts 180 pounds up mostly flat .25 under Tuesday; lighter kinds unevenly .25 to .75 lower; bulk 180-240 pounds 16.90 to mostly 17.00; top 17.10 sparingly; 250-270 pounds 16.50-16.85; few 280-300 pounds 1600-16.50; 140-170 pounds 14.7516.75; 100-130 pounds mostly 11.00 14.25; sows .25 to .50 lower; bulk sows under 400 pounds 15.00-15.75; heavier kinds 13.50-15.00; slags 9.00-11.50. CATTLE — 2500; calves 1200, general trade fairly active; all slaughter cattle generally steady; vealers 1.00 lower; most slaughter steers medium and good at 25.5027.50; short load good 28.50; common and low medium 22.50-24.50; medium and good heifers and mixed yearlings 25.00-27.50; high good mixed yearlings 28.00; common and medium 21.00-24.50; common and medium beef cows 18.00-19.50; gobd bed cows 20.00-21.00; canners nnd cullers M.00-18.00; medium and good bulls 20.00-21.50; cutter and common 17.00-19.50; good and choice vealers 28.00-32.00; common and medium 18.00-27.00. SHEEP — 2000; run mostly old crop clipped lambs; none sold early; opening bids weak; best shorn lambs sold upward to 26,75. Produce Prices At St. Louis ST. LOUIS, April 26, (/Pi — Pro- i duce and live poultry. | PRODUCE — Eggs: Extras 31- i 32, current receipts, 56-58 pounds, 26-26'.11. POULTRY—Fowls, heavy breeds 19, leghorns 17; fryers and broilers, whites 32-34, grays 32-33, reds 3132. Other prices unchanged. Charles Hatcher Riles At Old Cathedral Funeral services for Charles Hatcher, 72, who died Sunday, were conducted at 9 a. m. today in Old Cathedral. The Rev. Father Raymond Kramer was celebrant of the requiem mass and officiated nt committal rites at St. Patrick's cemetery. Pallbearers were Ernest Jackson, Bert and Arthur Blodgett, A. Stewart, Clarence Jackson, and J, Johnson. Nat Bisc 36 3-4 Nat Cont 81-8 Nat Dairy Pd 42 1-2 Nat Steel 36 1-2 N Y Central 13 1-2 No Am Avia 14 5-8 No Amer Co 20 3-4 Nor Pnc 20 3-8 Ohio Oil 31 5-8 Owens 111 Gl 61 3-4 Packard M 33-4 Pan Am Airw 10 1-4 Param Pict 21 Penney (J C) 56 1-2 Penn RR 16 7-8 Pepsi Cola 10 5-8 Phelps Dodge 46 3-8 Philip Morris 52 3-4 Phillips Pet 63 1-4 Phoenix Hos 14 3-8 Pure Oil 31 Radio Corp 20 1-2 Reo Motors t 15 Repub Stl 29 1-4 Scott Pap 84 Sears Roeb 44 Shell Oil ...f. 37 1-4 Simmons Co 30 Sinclair Oil 23 1-2 Socony Vac 17 1-8 South Pac 51 3-4 Spiegel 10 Std Brands 23 1-4 Std Oil Cal 64 3-8 Std Oil Ind 45 7-8 Stand Oil NJ 70 1-2 Sterling Drug 38 Studebaker 32 Swift & Co 36 1-2 Texas Co 64 3-8 Timk Det Ax 15 1-2 Trans-Amer 17 1-4 Un Carbide 45 1-2 Un Pac 85 Unit Air Lin 16 3-4 Unit Airc 30 U S Rubber 41 U S Steel 32 1-4 West Un Tel 26 1-2 West Elec 34 Woolworth 48 1-2 Worth P & M 19 1-2 Zenith Rad 64 5-8 Zonite Pd 51-2 New York Curb Ark Nat Gas A 10 3-8 Cities Svc 73 1-8 El Bond & Sh 20 1-2 Ford M Can A 30 Hecla Min 10 3-4 Kaiser Frazer 57-8 Kingston Prod 43-8 Niag Hud Power 16 3-4 IHI *0tTM««fl«NT IUIUUI SrlCT'UII W 1»1 WPIUP, WAI coufiip our of THI TIIII total Or ARIIONA I' THI Cliff IKS HOI ivf ACTION Of THI CCiOIUPO KIVtK. THIf TITANIC T*DV»H It 117 Mllit IONS ANP AVIRAQII HO* A TO 18 Mllif WIPI AMJAMUJPIIP.' EFORE BUYING PROPERTY PN WHICH TO BUH.Pi CHECK A&FUUY TO see THAT Trie UTILITIES " WATER, SB WAGE, f IJCTWC1TY *WALTON WATER COMPANY awn** n« 11 SUM*. Jajuiw »jMnea. MM <u Harry Blish Dies; Jersey Fire Chief Was Charter Member of Department JEftSEYVILLE-Marry L. Bllsh, chief of the Jerseyvllle flr,e department, and prominent Business and civic leader, died unexpectedly at 11 a. m. today at his homp on South Washington. Mr. Bllsh had been In falling health recently, but Tuesday had appeared Improved and had , performed some light chores about his home. This morntnc, his wife ami daughter, Mrs. J. E. Hollaclay, had gone to Springfield to attend a daughler-ln-lavv, Mrs. Darrcl Bllsh, who was operated upon today. Another daughter, Mrs. Earl Wight man of Alton, had come lo .Tcrseyvlllp to stay with her father and was with him when he sue- Blish was one of two surviving charier members of the Jersey- vlllc flro depnrlment which wns organized in 1913. He had been chief since 1f>34. He also had been active In the Miller Billboard Advertising Co., a business that was owned by his family, and hod served several terms as justice of the peace. Mr. Blish was mi ndviscr In Jprseyville Chapter, Order of De- Molay, nnri hnd been prominent In Masonic circles. Of genlnl nature, he hnd been Instrumental In organizing many of .Jerseyvllle's entertainment projects. He enjoyed meeting and being with people and his services in organizing and directing entertainment for the youth of the cil.y had been valuable. Arrangements for the funeral are incomplete. Cornered Athlete Shoots Himself RICHMOND, Ind., April 26, UP) —Fred Stark, star forward of the Cambridge High School basketball team, killed himself today after exchanging shots with police hunting him for the shooting of a Perfect Circle Corp advertising executive. Thf 17-ypar-old youth was I In- only Negro pupil In his high school. He died two hours after firing n .22 caliber rifle bullet into his temple. John Senn, 42, assistant advertising manager for Perfect Circle, had named Stark as the man who shot; him five times Monday night at the home of Mrs. Leora Teetor, widow of one of the corporation's founders, near Hagerstown. State Trooper Cecil Melvin of Connersville and Deputy Sheriff Rylnnd Jones of Richmond gave this account of the end of the 36- hour hunt: Mrs. Charles Lacld, nt whose home Stark had been living, telephoned the sheriff and state police early today that Stark was hiding in the barn of the Ladd farm near Pennvllle. John Brown, 14, another roomer, in the Ladd home, had heard Stark's voice. Stale troopers and the sheriff's party arrived almost s,imultaneous- ly. Stark ran from the barn, across a plowed/ field. Trooper Melvin fired a shotgun over his head in an attempt to stop him and Ryland fired wide with a pistol. Stark fired two shots from the rifle at the extreme range of about 800 yards. The officers lost sight of him and then heard a third shot. The found him lying in an oats field. Senn was reported improved today in Henry County Hospilal at New Castle. He was expected to recover, although one bullet struck him squarely in the mouth. Stark's outburst of violence astounded Cambridge City. The youth had been popular in the high school although the only pupil of his race. He had been presidenl of his sophomore class two years ago and was one of the school's oul- standing athletes. The 160-pound senior was a dash man in track and he had competed in a recent Golden Gloves boxing tournament at Hagerstown. Sheriff Wilson sought a motive for the tragedy in the fact that Stark's parents, Mr. and Mrs. Neil Stark, were caretakers al the Teetor home. Perfect Circle officials said the boy formerly was employed at odd jobs there but Senn discharged him about a year ago. The youth had invited In high school friends for a party without permission. Mrs. Teetor, widow of Charles N. Teetor, and her caretakers were in Florida Monday night. Senn, RETHORN • BILLINCSLEY Miss Betty Billingsley and Kenneth Rethorn were married S.ilur- day evening at thn home of Ihe kcv. I:, t. DcLong in Wood River —Photo-Art Shop. Charge Edwardsville Man With Burglary EDWARDSVILl.K. Apprehended by night patrolmen inside Ihe Wonder Cafe, Ml South Huchanan, nt 12:2!i a. m. today, Clarence (Ira- ham, 23, of Kdwardsvllle, wns placed in Ihe county jail nnd later charged with burglary-larceny in a warrant issued by Police Magistrate Donnell Hnfmeier on complaint of Police ChlcC August Soehlke. The proprietor of the cnfp, Asa M. Browning, told police lip hnd closed up for the night and wns seated In Ills automobile near the establishmenl when he noticed a light in a rear window go out. He notified a neighbor, who called the police station. Patrolmen Bert Jacobs nnd William Greenwood, who responded to the call, were admitted through a side door of the cafe by the proprietor and found Graham in a rest room at the renr. Approximately $6 in change missing from the cash register was recovered. A juke box also had been moved out from a wall, but was Intact. Graham, Police Chief Soehlke reported, also admitted theft of $6 and a pint of liquor in a break-in Sunday night at the Ill-Way tavern cm Kast Vandalin, operated by Frank Calalano. 2 Whites Found Guilty in Dixie Rape Case ROME, Ga., April 26, G<P>—Two while men were convicted and sentenced to three *to live years in prison last night for attempting lo rape a 13-year-old Negro girl. A third white youth was expected to go on trial today on charges of rape in connection with the same cnse. An all-white male Jury, composed mostly of farmers, deliberated almost two hours before re- lurning a verdict of "guilly of assault with intent to rape." The jury fixed the penalty. Convicted last night were James Marion Elder, 26, of, Rockmart, and Jerald David Hicks, 24, of Dallas. Still to be tried is 20- year-old Louie Eugene Byars of Rome. The Negro child testified she went to a spring in North Rome for a pall of water on April 3. She gave this account of subse- quenl events: When she arrived she encountered the three men, two white girls, Geneva Davis and Eula Byars, a sister of Louie, and two small white children. The men forced her to drink wine and Elder and Hicks then dragged her to the top of a nearby hill, stripped off her clothes and hurled her to the ground. Then two men would hold her while the Ihird raped her. Busy Little Bee Too BtuyiCau*e» Motor Collision County Board Adopts Year's Meeting Schedule EDWARDSVILLE:. — The board of supervisors adopted the following schedule of meetings for the year at its reorganization session Tuesday: May 17, July 19, Aug. 16, Oct. 18, Nov. 22, Pec. 20, 1950, and Jan. 17 and March 14, 1951. All are Wednesdays. In addition, two regular meeting dates are fixed by statute, June 12, when the board names who has a room' at the Teetor home, said he was shot three times as he entered the door. He said the assailant fired two more shots as he ran from the house. 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In the report of n mnlorvohU'le collision In the 2500-block of State street, Tuesday, the cause of the crash was ascribed to a bee which invaded the sednn of Mrs. Dorothy 'P. Dunnegan of Godfrey Just as she was nbout to pass a Kroner truck. Trying to avoid Ihe In- secl, Mrs. Dunnopnn momentarily lost control of the car which swerved againsl the I ruck and suffered a crumpled fender. The (ruck wns undamaged—so was Ihe bee. But I ho sedan had to be lowed off lo n garage. Then, there's the mailer of lost baseball ; gloves. Raymond and Layman Holder found a ball-player's glove at Third and Alby, opposite City Mall, at 0:15 Monday evening, and look II to the police desk lo nvvnll rlnlni' of an owner. Sunday, a resident al Klevenlh nnd Lnngdon reported lo the police the finding of a bnll glove. It wus Inkon from n dog found worrying Ihe leallmr object In the si reel. Omitted from Sunday's blotter, but occasion of n writ ten notation lo the refuse department, which picks up dead animnls, wns a report of n dead snake which someone had killed In the West End business district. , Theft of asparagus from the garden of an Upper Alton resident was subject of n complaint lo the police Tuesday evening. Knrller Mrs. George Turner of 2623 Pow- halt an complained of damage to her garden by trespassing chickens. Mrs. Iva Kaeshamer Funeral Services Funeral services for Mrs. Iva Mae Kaoshamer, 54, wife of August Kaeshamer, of 1207 Garden, were conducted at 10:30 a. m. today in Evangelical & Reformed Church by the Rev. O. W. Heggemeier, pastor. Interment wns In Alton Cemetery. Kncshnmer Is commander of Bond and Madison County Council, American Legion, and among those attending funeral rites were large delegations from the American Legion organizations. Mrs. Catherine Pelto, with Mrs. Clarice Ferguson as accompanist, sang. Pallbearers were members of Alton Post 126, American Legion, headed by the Post Commander Don Applegate. They included, in addition to the commander, Treasurer Andrew J. Osborne, George P. Scott, John S. Dick, sr., Herbert Peel, jr., John Shon, Fred Reed, and Louis Brock, jr. lomt itt«tewti judges and clerks of election and undertakes any re-districting of precincts, and Sept. 12. Following his re-election Tuesday morning, Chairman Gus Haller was host to board members and county officials at a roast duck and sausage dinner at Grantfork. WANT AD INFORMATION LOCAL, RATES 12 words— 1 time 39o 12 words— 3 time* 97c 12 words— 6 times 11.73 12 words—24 times $«.61 112-Word Minimum) Ads ordered by telephone are accepted from ncrnoni listed In the telephone directory on memorandum charge only. In return for this courtesy the advertiser Is expected to remit promptly. CLOSING TIME Want Ads are accepted until 11:00 A. M. for publication same day. ADJUSTMENTS Errors, not the fault of the advertiser which, clearly lessen the value of the advertisement should be corrected the first day when one extra corrected Insertion will be made without charge. The Telegraph assumes no responsibility for error otlr.r the first Insertion. PHONE 3-6641 L.COAL NOTICE BIDS WILL NOW BE ACCEPTED for a new tudor police car, equipped with spotlight, heater, S tires, and back-up light. Bids to be In by May 2, 19BO. BERDELL McCANN, Village Clerk, Hartford, III. IN MEMOB1AM IN LOVING MEMORY OF — Our mother, Gladys M. Frances, who patsed away April 26, 1038. Peaceful be thy rest, dear mother, It Is sweet to breathe thy name; In life we loved you dourly, In death we do the same. Sadly mimed by Children. IN LOVING "MEMORY—Of Mr». Anna Manshnlt, who died five years ago April 26: Your memory to us In a keepsake, With whom we will never parti God has you In His keeptnK, Wo will always have you In our hearts. Sadly missed by Children and Grandchildren IN LOVING MEMORY — Of Minnie Kranz, who passed away 1 year ago today, April 20, 1040: The moon and stars are shining On a low and silent grave: Beneath It llet one dearly loved, But whom we could not save. Our hearts still ache with sadness, Our eyes shed many tears; God alone knows how we miss you At Ihe end of a year. Sadly missed by Husband, Daughters and Grandchildren. __ IN MEMORY — Ot Mattle iMarthni Smith, our dear wife, mother and grandmother, who departed this life April 26, 1MB: W* are sad within our memory, Lonely are our hearts today; For one we loved ao dearly Has forever passed away. Just when her days seemed brlghteit, Just when her hopes seemed best, God called her from among us To her eternal rest. Just a year has passed, dear mother, Since you laid your burden* down; At the feet of our dear Saviour, To receive from Him a crown. Though we sadly miss you, mother, Time brings peace and comfort, too, Jt'or each year brings us closer, Nearer Heaven, dear, and you. Sadly missed by Husband, Children, Grandchildren, 0 MONUMBNTa—CEMBTEm LOT* ^MONUMENTS-MARKERS On Display at Out Showroom ALTON MEMORIAL SALES Phone 8-8431 810 Male 8t Alton til ALCOHOLICS ANONYMOUS — Alton phone a-7aap or 2-4188 or P. 0. Box 197. "OLD AT 40. 00, BO?"--MANI You're crazyl Thousands poppy at 70, Oitrex Tonic Tabled pep up bodies lacking iron. Far rundown feeling many men, women call "old". New let acquainted 1 six* only We. At all druggUU. In Alton at Thriliy PfU«. •001*1. EVBKTf FOR LQVKLY-KmUooad wadding «»• nouncementi, nrload r««scnabU. Call 4-3354 tot wo5Intm»<it ^^ PftAttKMtt LttTOfc No. 48 — meeting, Thursday, April it, at 1 p.m. Work In tecond deiree, vl»ltln» brethren Welcomi. Verna C. wlllllltn- •on, W.M. WOOD HIVER tODOF. No. 1082. Spe- rlnl meeting wcdnpudny, April 20. t o'clock E A. driii-i-p. Vlnltlng brethren welcome. A. F. 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Write Box 720, care Telegraph, giving full parUciilarf ^ WANTED—White woman over 30 yean old for homework and care for 3 children while mother works ihlft work. Room and board and tlO Wigei. Call 2-8180 after 5 p. m WOMAN—Over 39, to care for two children In my home. Apply 000 Etui Fergunon, Wood River. NO EXPERIENCE NECESSARY — Age IB-28, of neat appearance. Apply In perion from 0-7 p. m. Sunshine Coffee Shop, Wood River. SAUiliMBN SALESMAN — Muit be experienced In lumber. No other need apply. See Mr. SUilp. Thrift Hardware, BOO Belle St. SALESMEN — Salei managers^ wanted for 12 countlei In Illlnoli. Experience not necewary, we train you to Mil Klrby vacuum cleaneri. Apply In perion or write C. C. McMahon 4400 Chouteau, St. Louli. tl SITUATIONS WANTBB—MALP COLORED MAN — Wanti any kind of work. 3-D4D3, JOB WANTED—By veteran with family. Mlddleaged; truck driving, farm- Ing or filling .ilatlon. Experienced, d»- pendqble. 2-8038, OARDBN PLOWING—Team work. Dial 3-8387, Godfrey. K. Elliott. WORK WANTED—On 3 to 11 ihlft. Janitor, night watchman, etc. Write Box 740. cqre Telegraph. CARPBNTKR-By the hour or will contract; non-union. Phone 3-414*. SITUATIONS WANTED-rCUALV BOYS WANTED — To carry paper* In W. R. Area. 4-9714. WHlTi! WOMAN — Want* washing *nd Ironing (or Itunllies pr IndlvWUiU. »i -^3-7088. TYPING — Envelop* a<Wrei«lnj wuj itu»lng, done In my home. Call 3-8314. POSITION WANTRO - By regil' nurie In doctor's ojtnce, 4-aftaa. BXPBRtENCBO LAOV-CUtn w»llp«- w*ih w*Uii »U« do 4»y work- t| ItttJAttOTI W*%! nuftrliB H-ROOM—Furnttnlo n«ei in River butlneM district. Win inerlliei With ojutc» return laf money Invested. Phong J-TMli after ,»:!m. 4-6038. TttANTmCi — Rsiponiihle party" t« aim and Operate candy, nut atid bubble turn distribution. Income start* immediately. RequlrM about four hours each week. I.1BS cash secured Inveit- fnent. Unlimited sppottunitiM tar th» party "elected. Write 't/hon* numbef nnrt nddrejs_tp_Bo:itj7BO, e»r» thll pipe* fO?f"SALE—Small grocery. Plal a-8l06 fOR LliASB of RlNT-SmaM frill and lunch counter, to reliable person. No investment neceMary Inquire in person lit CARLO'S GRILL, 500 State. c6WLBf¥-mF~RAN3ir MENT— Including 3000 hulls, 95 drlv- en, excellent lighting sy«tem and mowing equipment, llfino. Contact Mike Gckhard, 4-4308. Ill BABBBB "CENTRAL Lis scHo o BEAUTY CtJLTUHl 401 MentT Street Alton's Oldest Stata Accredited Beauty School ID vein ot 6ucc«s»fully oraduatini Studtntl AMBER W HUNTKR Pr«i 3-8411 40) HENRY Htm clBANlNO IDA nuns—Wail "t'o ~wnli carpeting expertly cleaned In your home, office or biisineM. Furniture moved «nd replaced, chappell and Rued. Dial 2-7M7 _ . ALTErtAf IONS —""And sewing wanted. DM Went l)lh Mrect. Phone a-7i>18. Washed and itretched. Called lor nnd delivered. Dial 8-1058 CURTAINS - Washed and itretched; exiled for nnd delivered, fl'0373, ^*_ 'HH ANNODNOEMBNTi LAWNMOWERS — Machine sliarpened, Will call lor nnd deliver. Alto plow nhnHi'ti Khnrncnrd, Acetylene welding, tool dreiwlng and tempnrlnK. William Q. Docpke Come-In Place. Phone 2-44A8. SALES • SERVICE HOOVER VACUUM CLEANERS 2'1-Hour Pick-Up nnd Delivery Service _ DIM 3-301.T_ MpJ^jy.!**: LA~WN MO'WEris *"SAWS" SHARPENED -•-Nick's saw Shop. 2,1 W. Penning, Wood_Rlver. CARS WASHED tt~ POLISHED—Pick" up nnd deliver anywhere. Cnll for appointment. Thompion'a Shell Service, Rosewood Heights. Phone 4-3001. WASrfED^3arden~ plowing with" team. Manure, tor sale. Call 3-8840 or »-5Bta CONTRACT CEMENT WORK — Of all kinds. Union work. Free estimates. LYNN WOOD, 3003 Franor. 3-9283, 2-117B. OARDKN PLOWING — Custom work. Call R. A. Cross, Cottage Hills. 4-4011, or Eugene Cross, Bethalto. 40Z-R. BRICIC LAYING - And block laying. 4-nonn. to PROPERTY OWNERS — Beware of termites. They are destructive to your property. For free Information call Century Termite Control, Phone JB2 118 McKlnley Ave., Edwardsville. 111. All work gunranteed,. LAWN MOWERS—Machine sharpened at Chris SchueUe, 713 Linden. a-CTBa. GUTTERING — Spouting, metal chim- noy covcm. Free estimates. White's Tin Shop, 2-1424. BASEMENT' DIGGING) — Lawns filled and leveled: rock, sand, dirt. NULL'S TRUCK & TRACTOR SERVICE Dial 2-7808 nUILOINO—CONTRACTING BLOCK LAYING—Rock, walls and flue welting. Dial 2-B9DO. BLOCK LAYING — Chimney repairing and rebuilding, basement water-proofing, cement work. Free eitlmatoi. Phone 4-4030. S4 nEOOItATINO WANTED—Paper hanging. Good worE at reaaonoble prices. Phone 3-8007 or 201B Yager iitrcet. EXPERT WALLPAPER CLEANING — Pnlnted walla cleaned, wallpaper removed by Bteam, Call 4-3D34, 2-776B. INTERIOR & EXTERIOR DECORATING —Plastering, pointing, removing wallpaper. No job too (mall. For free estimates dial 4-BBD7. MAKE OLD FLOORS LIKE NEW-Hcnt our hluh speed sandcr and edgor. Dial 3-2141. 1004 Phinney. WALLPAPER STEAiMER FOR RENT— Dial 2-2141. 1004 Phinney. FLOOR SANDING—And reflnlshlng. Interior painting. Iff years' experience. Reasonable rates. For free estimate and references phone Emll Wetsteln. 3-6514 or 3-3230. WANTED — Paper hanging, two edge work. Rlopelle, 8-1444. FLOOR SANDER & EDCJER— For rent. Dial 3-8804, 3414 Milton Drive. INTERIOR—Exterior decorating, plastering, patch plastering, removing wallpaper, Reference. Free estimate*. Dial 3-8172. EXTERIOR—Interior pointing, steaming wallpaper, general repair. Reasonable, Work guaranteed, References, 3-83«4.» PAINTING, DECORATING — Removing ' wallpaper, plastering, patch plastering our specialty All work guaranteed. References Free estimates, Dial 8-6664 81 ELECTRIC—RADIO! RADIO & TELEVISION SERVICE SIX MEN TO SERVE YOU SQUARE DEAL SHOP 720 E. BROADWAY - 3-9411 I3HKGKNZER—Mobile Radio and Television nervlce; guaranteed. Dial 3-0033, 1222 Stato, Alton, . gTOIlAtlE—MOVING SMITH BROS. MOVING LOCAL - LONG DISTANCE DIAL 4-6561 10 W. Kerguion, Wood River Uied Furniture Bought and Sold McCOY TRANSFER CO. 133 FRONT ST. ALTON. ILL. DIAL 3-6823 — 3-7791 FOR QUICK MOVING OF FURNITURE LOCAL AND LONG DISTANCE ALSO REFRIGERATORS STOVES, TRUNKS BOXES OH WHAT HAVK VOUt CALL 3-7030 or 2-8340 PRES. BELCHER H. A. NEVLIN MOVING STORAGE ACROSS THE STREET OR ACROSS THE CONTINENT LOCAL & LONG DISTANCE 1028 WASHINGTON AVE DIAL 3-3661) 41 ROOM* FRONT SLEEPING ROOM — For rent. Close In location. 814 E. 7th, Dial 3-3453. LARGE—Front ileeplng room for rent. 2 beds, Ideal {or 2 men. Contlnuoui hot water telephone, radio, No other roomeri. 604A Belle. NICE SLEEPING ROOM—On but line. Dial 3-7038. SLEEPING ROOM — Private entrance. ISO Tenth ulreet, Wood River. Call 4-0507 or 4-4847. . LARGE—Clean ileeplng room; 4 large wlndowi, next to bath. «ld« entrance. 3-8003. BOOM ANP BOABP ROOM & BOARD—For young man employed dayn. Phona 3-85B5. 4» HOUSEKEEPING BOOM* LIGHT HOUSEKEEPING ROOMS — J or 3 perioui, employed. 1100 Waihlng- ton. ONE"LIGHT HOUSEKEEPING — rpom and 3 newly decorated roonn, partly furnished. 1008 Eait 4lh. 1426 and 1203 EABT 4th — Fuminhed roojnii, llghu. water and ya«. Adults, FUHNlSHEO-Llght housekeeping room ji 3_1_31 College. Dial 3-8083. TWO ROOMS—For light housekeeping. Ca> range, Frlgldalre, heat, llghti, water. Near factories, on but line. 3490 Eait Broadway. Dlol 3-0003. TWO ROOMS—For light at 000 Ridge. KOOMf ^Ifj U«l r.****;*"*-Hyy,-i T iSf-iTrj {JK Tj_ —--T 4 ROOM APT. — Newly deoOTiJs4,^pri' vata bath, ell utilities /urn. BUunora Apt.. S. Roxana. » ROOM APT—PrlVit* bath and private entrance! wired for electric stove, Venetian bllndi; water and heat fur- nlnhed. Couple only. 24fiO Phone 8-3680 COLORED—2 unfwmUhtd toofO». Dial 9*03»T. _____^ n, Wood it«lr«; no children. Q*U Hast Madison. Wood—' wrumiwm private «ntran,ca. *d. 919 Acton, FURN18HID ROOMS — FM»it» jnd intfonce, t»n. llghti and . St. DM *» 8 ROOM — FurnishedI Aptttmwit• rt 6?i»2 M1 ', ! W «J' & M * Whltelaw. jy, R. Phona ' • .... — a room apartment. Private.b»lh aitd _ Adtilti y ate bath and entrance. 6l«l ^OOM" FuikwskMrj" Two bloch« frflffl Wei Dial 4-B761. 1-ROOM APT.-LUhta, '«*tM, nMt."e1tir Kant nth. 3 RODMS-And private bath! j "v. 9JJ!. rtrl!n unt l*r school tie want*,' ed, S-B383, y<* 4' j ROOM-Nlcely furnlVhed apt. dry faeilltlen. in Mlddlelowtt, Dili -ewiy decoft ated. Heat, lights, gas, hot wafer, bath.' Apply 204 Henry, WOOD R1VER—3 rooms, rnoderni prfe' vale entrance, heat, lights, wawfi, Adults. 4-0047. 3-ROOM FURN'fSHED "AP*. - PrlvaW bath, two private entrances, n«*r town. aa« heat, continuous hot wntef.; 100, 8-3270. 2-ROOM FURNISHED APT. - Prlvift bath and entrance, gai, water, llghta, and heat furnished. Private refrlgeiv a tor, tin bus stop, Adults. Dial 3-6TW after a p. m. '•" a-HOOM FUHM1SUED APT. - Stea*ni heat, (as or electric range, eieotrie- ^refrigeration, 3-B063. ruRNIBIIBD HOU8E1 SMALL .1 ROOM—Completely furnish' eel. modern, with bath, garden >p6t? 3-7no4. , 8(1 nUBlNESB PtAOEg DOWNTOWN BUSINESS . Newly redecorated; 30x40, moderately priced. Warehouse space available^ 40a BlaU. Phone 8-9806. jj* J4 WANTED TO KENT T WANTED TO RBiNT — I'our or flv room house In or around Alton, -t. good neighborhood by responsibly uouplc. References. Dial 3-1308 after '^ 0:00 p.m. 23'" .. *T ^ 2* j»- - •• 4 or n-ROOM — Unfurnlihed «pt. Of home. Referenced. 2-2(170. V? THREE-BEDROOM — Modern houie or flat. Will pay up to »Bo per morith.' .Write Box 710, care , Alton Evening- «* • Telegraph, 5-ROOM UNFURNISHED HOME — Of. '.I.. 1 apt., Alton-Wood River area, Pleat* call Mr. Collins, 4-8811. < WANTED—By young responsible couple , three or four-room unfurnished house' or three-room unfurnished apt. Call . 2-fiBBJ: : -.^ ^* EMPLOYED COUPLE—Desire 3-4-room " ' apt. or house, unfurnished. Call 4-4449 after 7:30 p. m. "".* M BUSINESS PROPERTY H DRIVE IN — For •ale. 002 Belle. Mu«t? ,1S"" noil became of lllnen, 3-0630. ., * TAVERN FOR SALS—On Highway «!,- Lcn»c on building and groundi can be obtained. Qood equipment, all modern Including complete kitchen. Call Wood River, 4-74B7. i «» MERCANTILE BUILDING—And tavern for »Hle, Jirnmle'B Tavern, 41 Ban' Madison. Wood River. Sell at a bar** gnln due to lllne«». 4-7261. ••< 07 FARMS AND LAND FARMS FOR SALE , « IF YOU ARE INTERESTED—In • gooaf *" farm, \ve have It. Ju«t call , ,, ». v HALE REALTY CO,, REALTORS ^ 2016 East Broadway , t, ALTON Phono 3-7131 after S p.m. '•' 4-0478—Hnle 4-8380—Melaenhelmefc 12 ACRES — 4 rooms, electricity, barrii, a.-,, grnnary, chicken hoiine. Six mllei north Fo»terburg - Woodburn ro«4» Qoo, Hoehn, BIB Logon. :f LOTH >A1.> LOT FOR SALE — Bering St. SewttT and paving paid. 3-8107. v« JT >»*'*).- FOR SALE — 3 loti, well fenced, with 8 room modern hQMt'a on middle lop Plenty of shade,, lome fruit, garde* . and chicken houie. Ideal location, will* »" : *-< •eparate. Dial 2-6337. 4l BEAT THE LANDLORD ..^ f 80.00 Cash and W.QO Per Month -iff Buys a Horn* Bit* ' r ~t . 2 Acres Level Land ff"*' "*'*" 4 Acre* Level Land -. ., ft One mile north of Brighton on t, weather road, fifteen minute driven Alton factories, Andrew), 8388 St. Louis. Phone Forest 0001, GOOD BUILDING LOTS — Ha Alberi subdivision, near new B... High School. $23q>«300. Victor Si beck, Mr mile weat Bethalto ceme EAST ALTON — Business and dentlal lot*, for tale. Choice available In Wjjfhlre Woods. ,, THANK VODER REALTOR 203 Eait Main " ^ „:}. . . Bait Alton ••£ •*** Dlal4-PU3 or «-4aa7 .•j t 5tf HOUSE* POB BAL« ' FOB SALE-New FHA approved" in Wood River M low as »350 and $43 per month. These art . buys. Must be seen to b* apprecla Phone Edwardsville • 3188. Ralph Ladd, Contractor. ' : '. IMMEDIATE POSSESSION — home, good condition. 3 loti, 3 < . fruit tree*, outbulldlngi. Oood „ . for »1400. Come an« *t«. W«Jt«I,, White, Panama, ill. IMMEDIATE POSSESSION— 4-rooitT ? 5H*e modern home, built-in*, full b«i«m« ' large garage, work shop, fruit. bargain. See Ralph Kreii, R, tio . , Qardendale addition, Bethalto, BY OWNER - 7 room home, Upper Alton. Beauti] ly decorated, Double Large lot. By appointment pnfirT Dial 2-4628. >* 7-ROOM HOUSE—Modem, (toke, -, 2-«ar garage, f4900. Frank W«t(i Pearl. 111. For Information, 4-3383, 4 •/, ROOMS—Picture window, fluo cent lights, a cloiets ., <>flL-, e ROOMS—North 'Alton, Income prop erty. New neighborhood «8Sp 8 ROOMS—North Henry itreet. Nev, knotty pine nook and fireplace I17.BQXL, 3 ROOMS—144 acrei . HW RIEHL AGENCY • 2-7732, 3-3723 and 8-4330 - ^ 5 ROOM complete// modern' home near industries ai)d feui lines. Stoker. Priced for qulfik sale. Only $4900. Phone 2-6335 r * •• •• h * i ^ ."^ > BY OWNER—4-room modern sulated. Venetian bltad|, a dowi. BOxlio tot. 10 mtnuU Weitern. $8000. Phone 4-4114. WELL CONSTRUCTED• houie. Hardwood «OQM, Ml, wiltj. heaUr, full bamment. 338 Mcqinnli.'• NEW FOUR ROOMS * • PRIVATE ' OWNER — home, good location. ment. auume F. H. A, JCLM STKBBT—4-room lot, Venetian blinds, private owner. Reaion#b late pongiiton. 3.3341 and bath, lull Iwiwwnt,— . water heater, hardwood fWQflfi Mlndjh 803 Jtaii; Main Dial 4-8113 or 4 MILTON ... a ROOMS AND KITCHBNETTi AND BATH, GARAGE U BASEMENT. LOT 50x60. U GOOD CONDITION, "" C H. AUTBN

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