Dixon Evening Telegraph from Dixon, Illinois on June 2, 1955 · Page 16
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Dixon Evening Telegraph from Dixon, Illinois · Page 16

Dixon, Illinois
Issue Date:
Thursday, June 2, 1955
Page 16
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Weight Control Vital for Middle-Aged Happiness By GATKOR MADDOX Life can begin at 40 for middle-aged women. Catherine MacFar-lane; M.D., research professor of gynecology at Woman's Medical College of Pennsylvania, urges women in the middle years to maintain "correct-' weight or slightly below it if they wish to enjoy "maximum health, strength, good figures and ease in getting About 35 per cent of women in middle years are obese. There is a tendency for obesity to accompany the glandular changes 01 nan"*. Dr. MacFarlane war; dle-asers 10 control their THIS MAKES SENSE FOLGER'S s mid- by diet and regular but moderate exercise in the tresn air. Dr. Pearl Swanson, professor of nutrition at Iowa State College, points out that overnutrition in middle vears tends to be associ ated with accident proneness, poor surgical risks, a higher incidence of gall bladder and diabetes and is related to heart diseases. Other nutritionists and physicians also urge moderation in eating for healthy, happy middle age. They all believe a good breakfast is essential, one that mcludes about U of the day's food. When a woman eats an adequate balanced breakfast, such as fruit, cereal with milk, bread, butter or margarine and a beverage, she will be less tempted to overeat dur- Here's & balanced, 400-caione breakfast of the middle-aged. The family can add whole milk, butter, and a second muffin or an egg to make the calories adequate lor tne children— and father, too. if he is not reducing. Breakfast: Fresh blueberries (J2 id i. readv-to-eat oat cereal (1 wee), sugar (1 teaspoon), skim ulk (S ounces), crunchv wheat muffins with sweet tops (1), coffee, black. Circus Man DETROIT LP — Bright pennants fly from Clyde Wixom's front porch. His living room is decorated with pictures of clowns, elephants and tigers. Bedroom walls are lined with circus posters. A handcarved miniature circus crowds Wixom's attic and there is a bright red calliope in his recreation room. "Any real American is nuts about a circus," he says. Wixom's grandfather organized his own circus in 1S74, but gave up in 1907. Clvde didn't. Clyde went to the University of Michigan to learn to be a circus lawyer; ended up an advance man for the Hagen-beck-Wallace Circus. After a stint as a theater manager and Detroit fireman he retired in 1951— to his circus-like home. ^ ATM 7H Quality is always your best meat buy. And it's all the more so at HILL BROS, because we trim off excess bont and fat before weighing and pricing. U. S. CHOICE ROUND STEAK RIB STEAK STANDING RIB ROAST 7 Inch Cut ARMOUR STAR SLICED BACON SLICED Boiled HAM < OSCAR MAYER Ham-Cheese lb. S-oz. roll 69s 79s 65s 59s 59 49 "-Jg ' Jill m WHISPERING WELL - This striped structure stands on the outskirts of Maracaibo, Venezuela's second largest city. It's an oil-drilling rig fitted with a red and white "anti-sonic" shirt, which reduces roar of drilling operations to a mere whisper, so weary' residents can get their sleep. . \ - 1 mm II II 1 m COFFEE PURE CANE SUGAR Z - 89c 10 & 95c DELICIA Margarine V2 PRICE DEAL 1st lb. 26c 2nd lb. 13' 2 LBS. FOR 0*JC SWIFTN'ING SHORTENING ml can 79' ORANGE SODA The Dixon Evening Telegraph j Thursday, June Z, Ivoo Page 16 Eternal Law MIAMI. F!a for - Bert Schnurer saiys ne s going to be an a;>geiie >rney. On the last lap of a 4-r law course at the L'niveisity Miami, he is due for his de-e in June. 1956. he spnshtlv little man with the nnc aid likes to joke about his bition. When I sro through those pearly es. St. Peter is gome: to grab by the ai m and make me his Dmey geneia! " he says. "And ha-.'e an assistant m Hades to e care of the bad and ind::fer- Schnuter g; aduatcd fiom College I befoie some of his present teachers were born. He did well enough in the tashion manufacturing trade to letire in 1P3S. In 1952, he emol-ied for a law couise Mrs. Schnur- ? years ago, enrolled Mode From Pure California Oranges she .•ould transcribe his class notes. Some infii mines of age can be i help Schnuiei found When studving in the law library he turns jff his hearing aid. shutting out \ KK OF DOTI5T River of Doubt was dis-bv Theodore Roosevelt, being given to the dis-o tne skeptical press. It s named Rio Teodoro. existence was confirmed. il and V U. S. NO. 1 RED POTATOES Motels Copy Hotels - - - Vice Versa By DOUGLAS LARSEX , WASHINGTON— ( Special) Hotels are striving to become motels. And motels are beginning to copy hotels. It's a trend that has developed in the last 10 months, and as a result, travel agencies and the American Automobile Association throw up their hands in despair at trying to distinguish between a motel and hotel any longer. However, regaidless of what you call them, the hotel-motel business along with the whole 1955. trade TOMATOES . GOOD EATING CALIFORNIA ORANGES . . vacation industry is anuci-e an all-time record vear for It's estimated that 70.000,000 Americans will take vacations n their automobiles this summer The 50.000 motels in the U S. an expected to take in close to $2,000. 000 000. And the National Park Service is prenared to handif all-time high crowd of 50.000.000 persons. The re-solution in the motel EXTRA LARGE, TENDER PASCAL CELERY which the tourist will dis the n mer three-story buildings among the new ones, and more services in all of them. And all of this is expected at no great increase in price, according; to AAA predictions. The new- 1 0 b 65c tube ^ Qc doz.49c bun. 17 YOUNG, TENDER t% fj O GREEN BEANS l"»0\jc FRESH, TENDER A O C SWEET CORN .4M SZ0C HOME GROWN f% . A £ ASPARAGUS . Z-»40c COUNTRY FRESH EGGS -35° GRADE A MILK - 59° BUTTSB 59 SU-Z-Q WHOLE WHITE POTATOES V 10e SU-Z-Q CUT GREEN BEANS - 10c MONARCH PINEAPPLE JUICE ' * '33c YACHT CLUB TOMATOES 2 45c BEECH-NUT BABY FOOD 3j.~29e BEECH-NUT BABY CEREAL «* 10c SU-Z-Q PINK SALMON ;r S5c UPTON'S ORANGE PEKOE TEA ,C42c REYNOLDS ALUMINUM FOIL WRAP - «■ 29c PILLSBURY ORANGE CAKE MIX S 35c lPlin..fi DELICIOUS FLAVORS 3,« 25c BUY 1 ^"T» 1 CARTON 0/B CARTON plus bottle deposit 9:00 p.m. F^lf^l^^j"^B^^^p^p^r^p^ Sun. Till 12:30 rwX ' J U 3| l^u f±J T4 tvl I 1« Save Time Drive Out Plenty of Room for IS IT A MOTEL — OR A HOTEL? The trend is to bigsrer courts. lik< plus t\\ j-and-three-story buddings. ADsence oi utimu|. - est. most plush ones, will cost between S7 and S10 per night for two persons. And the price goes down, depending cn the age of a motel and the competition u nas. There was a price war i da this ; Klori >me motci ia;hfs lodg ing free m hopes that the guest would be willing to pay the next lime he stayed. Another mote! trend tourists will see is the construction of the new-ones closer to cities, and right m cities in manv cases. This will be observed in Boston, Philadelphia. Los Angeles, San Francisco and Rochester. : :■ examp! built comparatively cheaper and they are more economical to maintain. Putting them closer to cities makes them more attractive bed. and persons wno into town for a er before going to The extia services tourists will nd in most first-class motels in clude free TV. swimming pools. light breakfasts, lodgings for available baby sitters, tele phones in the rooms, tree ice <mu newspaper and adjoining bars and restaurants. The AAA used to call a "hotel a perpendicuiad structure msiae <i .-.nout tree paiMiig. auu °. "motel" a horizontal group oi buildings in the country with free paiking. The trend m botn motei and hotel development has broken this difference down. according to AAA s timer Jenkins,' director of national tour- ng, the big difference appears to be no bellhops— or a choice of sking for one— in motels, while a bellhop goes for your bag vhetner ant him or not m a noiei. That's not an official (inference, he insists. In the past 10 months in cities ill over the U S the hotel indus-.ry has tried to catch up with notels bv building new hotels with enough parking space for all guests. One is planned for Eaton Rouge, La . for example, with parking space on each of its 12 floors. The guest win register suu to his room without getting out of his car. r hotels are creating park-Is neaiby-for guests, and digging basement parking The Washington Hotel here, ample, has a dnve-m lobby. The sruest drives up a the desk, while his car is parKeci dioimng gaiage built right next to the hotel. This summer will probably see BEIER'S BREAD "BAKED FINE SINCE ,69" Phone 2-0341 CHOICE CUTS SWIFT'S PREMIUM CHUCK ROAST lb. 49< FRESH GROUND Hamburger 3 78c SWIFT'S PREMIUM SLICED BOLOGNA ». 35c further reduction m bus! le traditional old n •here families spen: vo or three weeks of the *.:cn, experts predit nd US. National Pa:k gree that the he Air.c BY GAYXOn MADDOX , Older men and women shoui.l ; eahze that those excess pounds | ne a dangerous possession They { uace extra bin den on the hean. | imit physical activity (mild and •egular physical activity is a must ! for good body tone', ate a predis posing cause of diabetes ana osieo- irthntis ana tena io oeutd.-e u.c ixpectancy. according to Di Rus-;ell I. Cecil, medical director. National Arthritis and Rheauma- Foundation. . Cecil reminds senior citi zens that .is physical activity be- s more limited they need fewer calories. An elderly woman needs only about 1500 calories a day to maintain weight and an elderly man not more than 2000. Therefore, to lose weight one must eat less than this. Many dieticians believe a basic breakfast is an ideal way to meet ■our nutritional needs while re ducing. A bowl of cereal and muk tnus becomes an important ke\ stone your reducing diet Not only does it provide ne essential nerals. but also bulk which makes that well-fed feeling last longer. are some breakfast aver aging around 400 calories: Breakfast: Orange juice canned or frozen (l1- cupi; oatmeal — qmck type (2s cup): whole milk (1 cup); raisin toast (1 slice.: butter or margarine pi teaspoon) coffee, black, instant. Breakfast: Grapefruit small CO pie-sweetened cornflakes il ounce i whole milk (1 cup);. whole wheat bread 1 slice); butter or margarine |!2 teaspoon); coffee, black instant. Breakfast: Fresh strawbemes 1 10 large i ; shredded wheat il,; whole milk, hot or cold is ounces) oven-ready baking powder biscuit fl); buttei or margarine teaspoon) : coffee, black, instant. Tlant Illinois' Plan Progresses In County Areas The "Plant Illinois" program, en dorsed by Governor William G. Stratton has piogressed very suc cessfully according to a report from area chairman Henry Lohse. In Dixon, the new Washington and the Jefferson School as well as the school for retarded children have been landscaped with ornamental evergreens. trees and shrubs At Nachusa Lutheian Home in Nachusa 66 ornamental and shade trees were planted. In Ash-ton the Methodist Cnurch and the Parsonage has been beautifully-landscaped with ornamental evergreen trees and flowering shrubs. ; as tar as he Breakfast Helps Weight Control in Older People Tiips on raffic Safety V>'atch all of traffic when you ars behind the wheel of jour car, not just the narrow band of it that ii directly m front of you. Keep your eyes moving, don't stare fixedly ahead, ignoring everything that takes place along the curb or ©» the side streets. Looking only directly in front of them, many drivers automatically signal has changed to green, "without stopping to think that some driver on the cro=s street may be tr;.in- to ' neat the lieht." Yes, tne fellow who starts ahead as soon as the. lieht changes to green has the nzhi-of-ivav. out if he take* it without checKing to see whether others al=o know it. he may get involved m a collision. Having had the rieht-of-way doesn t stramnten fenders or mend broken hones. Keep tour even moving so }ou can see what is developing on the side streets, along the curbs, in the area close to you and in the area ahead. You may hare to wait a second or two while some "jet pilot" swishes past < that second or tv mil!.- . but erahlv less than the time you might spend in a hospital. A copv of the completed new "Rules of the Road" booklet will he sent to iou free upon request. Write to CHARLES F. CARPEN-T1ER. Secretary of State, Springfield. Illinois. ORIGINALLY A MISSION The Alamo oiigmally was erected in 1718 as a Fianciscan mission in San Pedro Springs. Texas. Moved to its present site in 1771, it was converted into a fort and figured prominently during the war for Texan independence fiom Mex- Free Delivery ' POTATOES M CO schfto?c^usm Waxed ■ bTEAK 50 lbs $2.40 ,b EQ 10 lbs- 45* „ ,., . " „.K., SWIFT'S PREMIUM California >ew White lllir>kif*n«» Potatoes 10.59c WW Yellow Golden 4^ mm BANANAS 2 -29c lb. 35c Large. Fancv Head ^ _n mmm, m LETTUCE 2 or 29c f^""™™ ice cold rRYERSi WATERMELONS pan ready Dubiique Sliced J M 00 BACON , 3Sc each Free Parking Newspaperese® . N RCHIVE^ LWSFAPERr

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