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Decatur Evening Herald from Decatur, Illinois · Page 1

Decatur, Illinois
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Thursday, October 23, 1930
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N i s* ' V, \lnutes -A Allnnllo btane cronalnf p, Mrs. Keith t skies at Los ninuteji from Us Anr*l»» [ridge nvoy me who wa» TB- new United to Mexico to rr«w, is ·««· tha Wtflt* ;ton, D. C» t Hoovif n«w post, srly .A 24-HOUR NEWSPAPER Jkcatur JST VEAR I6H.BM tfoing Wrong With Business, Soys Educator Jkprettion Blamed iQn Faulty Economic Conditions i tin t/mttit f i f i i ) CHICAGO, Oct. 2»-- Bankruptcy of ·oooBtld iwKlerHhlp, too high prlcim, M tow tlvlnjt nttvndaro'a In foreign (WBtrifli, and on uneven attribution tawma are *onw of the things lblo for the general bunlne.H(i on, President Qlonn tt Ik* University of Wisconsin flpmklny btloro 1,300 guoits at the banquet of tho «*vmth ion- on major tnduetrtcu, which attend*! by W of the nation 'u educators tint! buNlneaa men, Frank declared chronic de- |o»»tbly utter ooHftpae, ·Ifht occur If sonis of the faulln bt mentioned were not corrected, 1«e(1em of Industry who, throughout the confertinc*, had taken Hit attitude that there wntt nothing ««ii»n»ntly wrong with biistntiw* iiuf th*l further advance* were cer- tiin, w*r* tnltl by the Wisconsin oJ- iwtter that not only wore the con- tlMilon* true, but that the pre««nt dtprtiRlen wax Inexcusable Inasmuch a «H thtr materials "to make Uto- dreams come tru«" were at C k jT*nk Htfreod with Julius M. Esinei, chairman of the board of the [faiwd States Chamber of Commerce, thtt prleo Kvolti had ihi'unk thi world over and that Immense rom- wdlty mirplutoa. or»at«d Inrftoly through faulty governmental nnd tollmen* leadership. had brought tbout * condition truly alarming, DrjiUirM Condition* Samoa, who also apoko V tlt« (twlnn bunqtiGt, deplored living condition* In foreign oounttlM and dwtirtd thai It such conditions were nlwd by equipment of homes with Mdern American electrical aids tti« i«M»ary wenulnjt would ipoedlly rtwrb all th# "iirpluaes and bring itaut a hotter balanced business wrtd, That the ailments of business are tttar and Iti Inherent strength tro- .Jlptr^d was tho general conclusion town 'from reports which eight no- tloail bittlntm loaderi «t»vt on the they represent. Meralb THE WEATHER: Shown October 23, 1930. THREE CENTS Ask Emmerson Call Legislature To Capitol //mm I II ^ ' ' '" " ^^ i , .,,, .., .,. - A "Mysterious" Bondsman Secures Moran Release Fisher Reduces Gangster Bonds; Let's "Mob Howl" i»tt i;*ited CHICAGO. Oct. 23-Juilce Harry M. Vlihci, who cHtlclncd tactlcH In Chicago'^ nreaunt drivp ot\ c i t m l n a l (U» thtiso of "« htiwllnp mob." pre nt tl- lrl«i or two In ft test of HID vagrancy Inw which hai IICPO Inrakrd to rid tho oily of cilmlnnta, rtickctoera find hoodlunm. Tho test Is nlmed at .Toseph D, Condi, px-convlct. and l^y Aldt'r- mon, his companion, whose ream-st on fugitive wnn'nnta n f t e r they hod left Fisher's courtroom Thursday drew now crHld»m from the Judttc. Judge John Tj, Lylp, o( (elony court, set thu bonds for Condi anil Aldenrmn on thi! vajcvancy chnrftcs ftt tM.OOft, and Fisher mluood them to $10,000, at the same tlmo making hli "howllntr mftli" (itntemont. Wodnnsdny Condi and Alilerman were At rested outsld« Phhof's court· room on an old charge of robbery pending In New Yoifc city. I,yl6 set their lond« at SiU.OOO Tho fnrt th«t Ihe polirn marie the arrcitt while Condi waa on tital purentlv liked Fisher. When the two ftttnfciHleri npiieuleU to hlni. he roduoed th« S40,ono bond to (10,000 At the sattif time, he reduce) the vnnxrrLncy bond n y n l n . from JlO.OtK) to J5 OOfi, POLICE"NAME"THUG AS PEORIA SLAYER Authorities Eliminate Two Other Suspects PKOHTA Oet 23 Thoma* "Nosey" ·m* lendfirii. thofr InYtiWrUm, and WHtlei, one of tlucn hoodlums ur- th»lr ronnits, w*m: 'rented In Kant St. Louts, was held Thurtuliiy us thp jirlnulpul suspect In the ititiuhtne Run slnyinjr of M i t Clyde finrrtson, wife ot a Peorla W. B. Storey; rallroadu; f»m te-o much competition nnd too »«ny Inws. tn need ot widespread M. 3. Sloan: oleetrldty; battling ptvprn men tnl ownemhlp, forced to go Into polities huwlneMM good «nd hotter. R, C, Holmes, oil: suffering from H) own n W l v l t l e n ; too much waste: wnaarvatlon ot nwnnivcoa neceiisiaiy. Uutllo Drown M. H. Ayledworth: rndlo: the fttflt- wt growing Industry In hlnUuy, no pwfdwnt to guide l(« giuwth, careful *npTvHnn nr««*iMiy. 1, Mcrlty; Steel: In tiuch Judge Lyle Begins Inquiry When He Finds Public Enemy Gone BAILIFF IS QUESTIONED (Hit VnUntPrnt.) CHICAGO, Oct. 23.--Oeorge "Bugs' 1 Mo run, notorious KRngslor m rested tis a vlotntor of the ancient vngrancy low Invoked by Judgo John H, Lylc In thu juilMl'w dtlve ngalnst SB "pul- lie wcmlos," wns flee afialn Thurs- dcy under a (10,000 bond furnished mysteriously white hu wns on his way from Lyle'a courtioom to the courly Jnll, Between the time Moran was pluc- od under bond and the tinia u. doxen other crMonorH who left tho cowt- ro,im with him arilved ut the Jail, an iitiUlvntilled jorson deposited ttOOOO In cash with James A, Reams, clerk ot municipal courts, and Moran was nt tho ]ull door, Lylo expressed surprise at Ual release, which was similar to that obtained tecontly by Halph Cupone, unolhtr "public enemy," and brother of Scaifaco Al Caiiotio, with whom Moian warred for yc,irs for control of the North ' Ij, Kan*, attorney for the Cleamns nnd Dyers, of which Mor?in Is vice-president, admitted hit know Moran WJLS out, but refused lo Ml the ntime of his bondsman and d'Clnniil ihe. gangs tur would bo bnck in CPUH. at 5 p. m. Thuitdny whnn J.yle and sovcnil nsslstunt state's at- lolnuy.1 will review Moran'a hintory In an attempt to find some old chaigo under which they con sund him to prison. Court He^hiH Inquiry Judge i,yj e took prompt action Thursday when he. learned that Ooorgo "Buua" Mornn, K n K leader who la charged -with vagrancy In l,yJe'n court, was relumed lute Wedon $10,000 bond. He sum-' moned bailiff Carmen Vlvlano, who euopteii a cilNh bond anil fused Mo-. an. ! "Why word you (dllt on duty at fi . m , widy to iiccept this hond?" Suspicion fuilfned ttlroiiKly on Wilder ftftei' ti check-up njipamntly ollmlnnted lh« other men. Three conditions E, J, Tiller: nfrrirultnre; hard hit by 10 vetu* of nhnormiil postwitr (ontHllons, Inw prices nnd drouth, *hleh will help some too by rqimltr- luff mpply with ili-mtmcl, not ubio- out of elttht who cnmo to I'porla lift J'i littiy, were known t] him* been nL the GaiiNon home where (in Attempt to ktdntip the tidmbler rcMiillcd In a gun hnttle ontl tho killing of Mrs. Uairlion, One of the gangster*. Charles Piivner, wns fwiml dcnit nt Edwards, vllle. MOTOR FINANCIER" WINS DIVORCE ON DESERTION PLEA Ulit allitl I if" I SlIERTHAN, Wyo, Ocl, 25--Thonfi- aii I''oitune tiyttu, griuidaon ot the Another Approved Buna fxplnnifd It \vns a colncl- di'iion hioiiRht nboiit by his icmnln- ing nt work t o ttem-Lh for a lost intUlnnij. T-ytn ftMkt'd If the hond wns replied t h a t It h(kd been by n n o t h f r jud^'P I.yle ouk'trc-i! the ballif to make n complete i-opoit of tho mutter ti Cllldf Bailiff Barni'y Snow o[ the munlcliml court. Fork's /lufion Summer Chicago-Council Would Have State Begin Upon Building Program Now Liquor Deaths Have Trebled In Decade, Report , NEW YORK, Od. 23-IoithH from nlcobolhttn haw rUcn 300 J*r cunt Mine* 1930, fltturot putllan»d Thi»r«d«y by »r. Fr»(t«Hek L, H«K- man, M»lhtlct«n nt the Prud*ntl»1 have r«- year for which Now YorkptH accustomed lo a while Chilalmas have always pt!lod thom;n'lvc3 on the wonderful autuninsi thplr cllmato of- fers. This week, however, western New Yojk was burled under a regular mfd-wmtcr snowfall which blocked roads, wrecked MINE BLAST TOLL REACHES 250; SLIDES HOLD VP RESCUE WORK (III/ (/»flri I'rettt Af^SDORF, Germany, Ovt. 23 The upfmrently hopeloiiti tank ot rescuing somo 30 miners entombed by uu ex- plonlon In th« Wllhcim pit or the Anna mines was carried on Thursday. Woikois had biought 2CO lyodlcs to the utiiface this morning through the deb rig of the wjecked Hhnfl. O»« group of men. the number sMIl not cxar.Hy detormlwcd, remained locked In the deepest levels of the mine. Little hope, however, was felt h u t lh y would be fotmd olive, /or he cllftloullfOH ot the rescue work- cis Increased us they bin i owed utow- y lnwn into tlie mine unJ entmin- ed debris (hat appcan-d at lonnt temporal lly Impassible. were forced to halt their work at times due to the difficulties in their path. Hujro masses of roth, landslides In the mine corrldom, anil plies of timbers and supports wreck- «d by the explosion lay between them nnd their entombed comrades Ninety-six mun were accounted for in hospitals, Ciowds still auxxl at the mine entrance seeking news of 1 mlaatng relatives. Officials made every effort to obtain a complete check on the number of missing, but continued to encountnr ditflculllca, Officials denied leports that a ree- cue patty ot £1 men hail ben on- turn lied by Die collapse of a roof In the mine. Hut th« Kltt"ilone. Jr.! U* optimum on anticipated itplaconwm biHlm-m imd on preMent tow cotton nnd rubber prloi-H. the loduitry Inok^ f a t w n i d to n (ill and proi|iriou;i 1^1. Hob(irt K Wood: w»tl r Minna ilnei- ft yi-hr ««". liut Ml suffering ii i mueti us tn past de* focitnx tunny t'lmnRfs «li)ul \y iftpld (tinnKP" in 1 I K l n c ewpcclnlly I" rtunl dls- Itletj. Pud Body of Broker In Yard; Killed Self, Belief API'li'.piilA. 'PH.. Oet. itf - 1C. m-IIlv, r.l m-nlof member «((he Ini'oimi-iit linikeinKc dm* of Rillly. Hi irk nntl con)|)iiny. wn-i iltnt in drUlh n«U- htH hoifle in. hi'ie Thttrwliiy. n« u imilrt wound through l.Mide tiltn Inv u ,3'. 1 ciillhtt' find 11 ' ImU'uii. · w i n luiifid Hv 11 mtmbot of I U'n" tn iltmtsi'i 1 , Mi.. I'uild'i In ThuiHduy from Mur- M Kyun on tila shovdnK of of moil 1 thnn a ycni. iiui-il tat divorce onw on the nf htiljltual ItiUim pertnc:c w l l h d i cw tin- milt, explaining ·hiiixi- wns unjusttfled and hntl bccr fllud by him whllo he wtis suf- fi'rlnit )iou\ heiid liijuite-! inct-lvcd In un Biitomftblle uccldent A vet'ond HUlt. (in which the decree wiic Ujnu-d, WM Instituted iiboiit a week ago Fire Causes Prison Panic hi Michigan Mich. Ocl 23 tir tmnlc ineviilleil for n h u l l In tin' MtchlKiu Stiilo pi (son ThitrnJitv when Tint, cnusrd by a thcirl flu-nit, litrilsi! out )« the Ijll'ICIMfltl tit t ) l t tOUlll IVlllff Of lllO old pi lion. Altlwtlh'h III* liinmlM wete at no l e f t home ex- l,r.-M n r nt. or th" ftmiltv diiiil niiitlvr- fi THE WEATHER ' «. m. tonljtht nnd mornlnic. SHjjhtl.v wnrm- unit In ttw noiilb par- tomorrow, 48 38 m. today 181 Homimed for help nnd bt-ut on their eell bin? 1 Colonel Lindbergh Makesjesl Flight BI'Tl'TlS^FIKUj'. "M'KKRSPOnT, Pn., Oct. 23--C'olonel Charles A. Lindbergh, lest Hying the n*iw air mull piwienfcer route from Newark, N. J.. (o Columbus, O,. landed here nt 12:!Vri, Thiirudiiy. Mght lain, mlng- lisd with nnow waw falling and a heavy fog Hiirrounded the field. Colonel Umlborgh left for Columbus, O,, (U Ii30. after t as ling through tho mud for 10 minutes to uot auf- ficlnnt wpood for tho take-off. OVFiltTUHXS; U IIDHT Illv Vntltll Prcul I.ICAMlNCiTON, Ont.. Oct. 2J-A Nlftjttirn Fnllft-Detrolt (jreyhound biw overturned noiir hnte today. First repotts tutUI tho driver, Dell rintuiao of pet.oil, waa itei'lousily Injured and 10 others hurl, An n result of the relensn of two pickpockets ten tliiysi nfter they hud been sentenced to one-ycnr term«, Judgf Johrt A Sbnrbaio issued contempt eltatloni Thurftdny fiffnlnst Sheriff John IS. Tiaepcr, Warden David Moneypenny nnd Chief Clerlt Henry C, Pljiera i[ the county jail and Silpciltilondent Krnnk Venciek »f Ihe county I n f l i n i i i i y . The plrkpoekcls wein trnnsfetred inystcrlfiuMly f i o m the jrill lo tlie in- limiaiy nnd then teletincd. Government Leaders To Speak On Treaty lll,t f t l i l i i l J'l NKY YORK. Ocl. 23 -President I lower, Prlnio Minister Ramsey ArncDonnld of Grcnt Biltaln and Tsunco Mut sudnlro, ,Tup.tne.Hi nmftBn- nndor lo Great lirltuln, will speak oi'er a world-wide uidln hoolt-up In conjunction with the formal rntlfl- enllnn ot the London Naval tfenty on the morning of Oct. 27, II wna announced Thursdiiy. Riidi of tho three will cxpicss the MCntlntent of hh country toward the ratlflciillon, uf the livtily. Mine Shaft Fire Throws 650 Minerstat of Work HV H E R U I N Ocl. 2.1.- Six hundred and lirty cotil miners weie nut ot vri rk Thutflclny us the reflult of a trlph, firo in tiic Frnnklln County Coul Co, mine Mo. 2, which damned ef.iilpmenf to the extent I h n t the shi\ft wilt be cloned for from two weeks to a month WKInim Smith, superintendent of l)v mine, said it wftx Impossible to Uic amount of damage, but lli a rninn would have to ho closnd for nn Indetetmlnnte period, Three Are KilieFWhen Rail Tunnel Collapses »B(/ iixiiia I'nis i CADIZ, O.. Oct. 33-- Three men wure believed to hav* been killed in tho collapse of a tunnel near Har- rlsvllle on the Adennncfts branch line ot -the Wheeling Lake Erie railroad Thursday. Thfl men were believed pinioned In thfl caboose tinder tons of dirt and stono that collnpacd when several girders gave way Wrecking crews were dispatched from Brewster to effent^fheir relcasB, EMMERSON DESCRIBES STATE HIGHWAYSYSTEM Visiting Engineers Welcomed In Springfield (Bir riaUml f ' r r n ) SPRIMCE-IELD, Oet. 2»-- Dowcilb- Ing how Illinois Imi chnnRCd from one of the middles!, states in the union to the leading "good ro«d slate" of the nation within the )nst ten year*, Governor L L. Enmier- son welcomed a delegation o[ more than 100 foreign hlfthwny engineers to Illlnoli Thuisday, The nrc on n tour of Inspection of tnlc]- wcbt hljtlTwayi prior to tliPlr Hltend- Ing n highway engineers' convention jil Wa?hlnst'm V Addressing engineers from South America Kmmcrscm p:ild specinl trl- hute lo countries of thnt continent cicctarfntr that he hdtl visited several Ameiltinn tounliles n few Soulli ycais and found there "cities the (jLiindeur of those In many of the nnclent Kuroponn coun- t;reat plnn1atlon«i produolnB hugs quwntltlfiH ot nRrlcultural com- moditie 1 }; highly developed mines und RrowlnfT mnnufacturlnB Indus- tiles; nro bdtiKlng South America Into world prominence." Episcopal Bishop's Condition Critical tHii t.'inl'il l'»"ii I EVANSTON, Qcf. 23~Tho condition of Bishop Sheldon M. of the EplBcopHl (llocesc of was reported UN critical Thuisdny nt the K van a Ion hoHpltul. The Itjahop. Dr. Owlglit P. Clarke, physlclHn. sold spent n nlRht nnd wa 1 ) consWerahly LAND1S DOLES OUT PLAYERS' PORTIONS OF SERIES MONEY tlllf Iliiflfl /Vitt ) CHICAGO, Ocl. 23 -Checks were Itunicd Thursday by, Judrto K. M. LftndlH to memberH of the ton Senators, New York Giants New York Yank corf for players' flhare:) In the 1030 World Berlcs receipts Washington, second place American league club, divided $21,200.07, with each full aliarc amounting to 1887.61. Tha third place New York Yankees divided $10,193.77, with full shares ttmounlliiK to SMS/ll, The New York Cilunts, third pine? Nntlimnl league team, divided tlie same sum as the Ynnkuea, bill each full Hhme nmoiintlnfr lo J5S8.8T. The Chicago Cuba, second place Nntlon- dl weaker this morn inn, ICBKUC cUib, were Riven their n week ORO, each player receiving W5, Guards Capture Three Rum Running Vessels illy Vnttut Pittvl NKW LONDON. Conn., Oct. 23,Coast guard (Milrol vessels brought In (hie suspected rum boats Thursday after a night of unusual activity nsdltj'.t rum runners operating In th* vielnlty of Montauk Point, L. 1 Six pi loners weie liilccn l,alttil BKECHICR. Oct. 23 Tour men nibbed the Farmers stale bnnk of lieechoi-, Will county, of K,000, Thursday and escapeil, 'I'wu of thi) men entered the bank ·ilioitty after It opcn.'d, A third binicllt remained on guald outnld( tho tfoor ami n fourth was nt (he ·wheel of their automobile.. Federal Reserve Board Rejects Proposal To Invest In Bonds WASHINGTON, Oct. S3--Federal irserve hoard orficlala rojectcd Thursday proposals thai ihey authorized purchase of half a billion c'ollnrs in government bonds to aid business recovery, In Informal comment on the current credit sit D nil on, a pioni Incut board official an Id he could sue lit- tla need for any such action hy the reserve system, He also hnld thnt other recent schemes nuggested by rrlvate bHstneis men hnd little nierJt, , Tin Panacea Possihls "If ye knew of any panacpn for ilpprcHMlon or of any means,to aid buHlness recovery In addition lo what we are already doing townrd eoay money wo wouW not BSle a dny In Maid. adopting It," thi* official Putchase of (500,000,000 In government bonds was urged by T. B. Mac- Can I sy, Maw York Insurance executive, who said this would place much additional money In circulation for business purposes. The same suggestion, has come from other sources. "There la no shortage of money: In fact, we have an abundance o( funds at unuHUally low .rates, and therefore MacCiiuley'a plan would srem an unnecessary step." the federal reserve of/(elal« said. "What jlfl lacking In the disposition to ui« the money now available. Rndiscount rates are at (he lowest point In the histoiy of the reservi sy.ftwn. · C, )', A A. Hlutllo Mnejt and pnroiywif traffic throughout the area. This plctur* wan taken near Buffalo. Legge Reports Russian Wheat Price Increase WASHINGTON, Oct. 23 ··- Chairman Alcxandcr.Ijpgge of (Vie Federal Karro Board »nld h* hD» received re- p«rt.B that KusBla han advanced Itom four to six eenU a bujsliel on the price of wheat which it holds tor 3«1*. Iegge deicilbd this an a aubaton- tiul Increase In jji'irf, and mid tt probuhly would be n helpful factor STRIKERS APPEAL" TO _STATE UNION Wcsl Virginia Miners Ask Illinois Aid t f t y t iHt'il t*tfH ) KPRINGFtRLD. Oct. 23-Members of tli "reorganized" United Mine Workers ot America were In iccclpt of jippenln Thursday for a» KiHUnca to striking coal tnlnei» in West Virginia In (lie «hn|)« of W- teis wont out from the union's national hendqtiaitern here thin w»ek The letters staie that ftOO miner" rn Ihe Wct Virginia field went on r lrlke In (hf fnci of ndvanrlng coal weather nilhT than (ifcept n cul In Life vcaled, In 1 figures were completely available, the rale was 4.0 for evory 100,000 person* In the United Stale», Thl* compare* with a rate of 1.0 for 1MO, Deaths from clrrhofl* of the |(v»r tn IBM reached a rate of T n. The statistician, In commenting on the figure*, docs not enler Into the prohibition controversy beyond o«y- Inpr thut "while draillc llnuor re«(Hc- tlonn nnd prohibition had at first a ptonouncnd effect on th« death rale. thta efted i« Bra dually loslnj force nnd the death rate show* n stronit lemkni-y to return In (he averaje eonimon of the pie-prohihltlon period," Tht fl(tur*» A I « |ul)lshed In the KpeeiBtor. organ of the Insurance eompany. WOMAN AlSlTS "" CHILD MURDER Police Say She Fed Glass To Two Victims Immedult R«Kif of J*Uw Aid of AWer- SHAPE NATIONAL PLANS CHICAGO, Oct. 23.-- Cov. Louii L. Emmcrion WAI uried Thur*d*y, ** th« remit of · retelution (pined by the city council, lo c*ll · »pedn| of the Lejiilslure in Novtmber in order that « pro(ir»m of public work* mljthi, b« «Urt«l *t one* lo uncmp!*j'm»nt, «»rl« t» Th* resolution w«» on« ·dopM hy ih in » iteMlon d connltfeniilon of th« problem, ·A.Mk HAUv^AdW jfclJ Another of fh* rtnotuHmn lh» «ped of Ihe Chicago A Indium *n4 ih« Nickel P1»U rail* mad be rod need lo ]0 mIN «l Rr»de fromlnf until ih« two com* uBderl*lt« *t«ck ttfvmttMn (n wl»h»p)*d|» which thi-y ire tlkgcd to hive dtteuttMl, A ful- A relief fund 5f*»(,OW,W^ wa« urged upon iht flninee eommttte* for incliwton In )t» 1IS1 b\nlt»t (n n ; third rftoluifon, . N»vy Hw M*hrr Tho counrll B)*O voted tint «hfiler h« provMed .on N«vy nl« r for *» mo-/ horn*)*** nornonit tut pom I bio ·nd tivort4 tn)nit4ltV.Waci)ni nt of an ordln»nc* luihorixfnir th* (tintk Fc fBllroBd'iiVroctcd with * M,fiOO.. DRNVKR, Col., Oet, 2S.-MI* fearl O'l^oughlln h»n mn,if · "oon- feiwlon" in the killing of her 10 year* old Htep-daughler. 1/conn O'Lau^hlln nistrkt Attorn*} 1 Karl Weltcngel, tn- nounced ThuiRday. The district iltonioy no Id that f" (torln Mm. O'ljoitghlln hud I m pi leu led her brother in law, Frank O'Lough- lln. were "* ub stun tiul ly eon eel," MJK. O'touKb.ltn I'ullapnei) midden- ly and wax carried crreumlng to a jnll cell, "She h»it cmehed und ndmllied her re»pon'»lhlllty," police were quoted nit saying after queittlonlnft Mi'ii. O'Loughlln throuRhoui ih* nlRhi. Mrx, O'Loughlln had fnc^d ho husband, Leo O'lxiughlln, city dit«c' live, for two hourn, unftwerlhg hi* question*. O'Uni|!h!ln wad weak from hlir reeent Berloun t1lno*r, eaiid- «d, physlrlnn« nald, by rating ground Nattonil PlnTFait Droppioi Into Slupt iflu WASHJNOTOK. Oct. M-PIini for ergtntontt f«dtril mtchlnwy (« hanJlln* th« problem at *,SOO,000 or mort un»mptoy«t men »ni wom»n dlMUMtd Thurndty by r*rMi|. Hoov«r with Col, Arthur Wowln, dl«ctor of frdtr*! relief, «nd Mhcri placed in "haw* of the work, H WM decide *t » Whit* Hou«« «mployw« fl( War H«rl*y nd The striking mon It Is Maled, are employed In mines locnled at Wdl'd. Knn«wh» county, West Vlrglnln Men employed In eleven oilier mines h; the nurne county urc planning to Join the clrlke. ti wn;" snld here, A Mpeclal union In vest I (tutor left heie for the wrn? of the strike. Two Suspects Held In Kidnaping InvestigaHon iJtj/ livtteil Preit 1 CARTHAGF:, MO., o«t, ss-soiu- lion of the recenl kidnaping of MM. Alma Wll*on McKinoly. oil helrew, who was held captive In Ihe Ofcark mountains ]6 hours, wn» expected Thursday utter the arretU of two MIS pec I*. Mm MnKlnley wn.t broiiKit here Irom her home ut Greenfield lo vltw William Prulcr, 42 yearn old Scott City. Mo., mitomoblli' xnlexntttn, and Mrs Empty lilt). SO Mr* Hill fought with off let'M who iinfstcd her and Pitiler in a grocery wtoie here, Boih denied any parl In Ihe kid- Ethet Iff Olln KMIingHworth he swore out wurronta for theft' tirrcst nfter listening In on ti Ions dldUince telephone conversation between them. Ho «ald both were tw»en in Qreenfleld Just prior lo tho nigh I Mis. McKlnlcy WIM fcidnuped, Robbers Help Jeweler Open Store; Take $125,000 NEW YQRKXtet, 21--A holdup ·* thousands of workoM thronged the streets netted bandits (126,000 tn dU mania and platinum front the atorc of Segman Abram, mtnuf»olurlng Jowclors of 102 Pulton itveet, Thursday. William Scgman stepped out of the crowd to open the front door whci\ho felt prMaure on hli back ana a voice aald: "Go ahead, don't (urn mnmnd or we'li kill you." lie was bound and gngged. The robber* escaped before other mem- b*ri of the firm arrived. Into the Bcvkele Park SPLENDOR^ MARK WEDDING SATURDAY OF ROYAL COUPLE rtf^ t mfrd /'i i*h \ ASSIST, lUily. Oct. 23 -Cluttered twin of the Hlllc I own of Annl«l, when" St. Krunchi mini* If ltd to the |H»OV seven ccnturlefi ago, were cnimht In th« turmoil «f final prep* ·nitlonn Thursday for lh» arrival of royally and « roynl bride. The Podrmw, Arnaldo Forllnl. completing preparations for th' marriage tit Princess GIOVKnna »ntl King World of Bulgaria, on Saturday, insufd ft tnantfeHto exprenfing the rejoicing of the population und e»presHlnj( itriitefu'neiw lo tha rrlncew for chooslntt Ihc Hlrihpbee of St. Franels foif her weddtnu. of Theitklng, upeclal |MI lice front Rttme and 4.000 troop" who will line the route ot the bridal procession through Ihe ntr*e Is which St. Francis watt born* u|xn hln return After his *n Juyn of fairilnj; and (irnyer on Mount A' --no, wlw« ha saw "a vision of (h* cronH nnd lh« t-craph wan naltod lo II," In th« to- colled upper church, where the walla are frescoed with awne* frww the life of the natal, a mftgnlflcenOy emlrolderet attnr clolh or Raid waft laid. The cloth, which wilt be Ulril In (he wedding nerMtmony. w»/t donated lo tha SI. Frunel* Baalllca tn 1D2A by Queen H«len. Jury Acquit* Grace Of Murder Chut* HARrUSBURQ, Oct S3,-Ch»r)ai Ora«c, lnv««ti«ator for trict No. ft, UnlUd Mint Wwkwi, wai found not guilty by * county court Jury Thuraday at a charfa of murd*rlng El man Hay*, mtnar, iho to death by Oraca In the union offi elal'a offlca hara Fab. 4. Oroca Icstlfied in bin own deft me and contended that Hay§ had «ra1 tlma* IhreaUMd ht» lift and made for him with a drawn knlfr, whc.n ha tound him in hln offlw, and and Rudy T he " · ' In aetl del«ns«. 11 of th« cabinet tut- R«cr«Ury of und«r«ter«Ury e* ly with MtllN. to begin of fed*wl ·» New York Preoirei To Extend Relief Tt Idle NBW YORK. Oet. I3-M«blllMll(m of th« cKy 1 * ntmurce* for wttef rf un*mployn«ni hy provldhMr ««w Jobs for thou*and» now out of work and fmnlnhlng food, clolhln* and «h«lt«r for the damiiut* Wle. fol MA. tor wity on a lar«* ieal« Thuraday. lh« em«rc«noy commitle* on un« Mnploym«nt, which hai prowhtd to raiM »IW,000 waekty In order lo civ* work lo 10,000 ntida of ttmlllM, went an«ad wlfh pltna for rablnt the money by Dtrwaal »oHcttatlon arnon*: bun In* M houwa, munh !· iht manner *mplay«d dttrlnt tha w*r. tlma Liberty I^tn drtVM, «» com- tntue* I* comno*«d of financier* and fxeeuilvop, inclttdlnt MM* of fee nt. lion', outftiandln* )u»in«*i Today's Evwuif Herald Feature Index OLUYAS WILLMWI hu a wide ·oquaintAnee with jwrfwtly human he folk*, for Iniunt* ih* woman Nclura* today m IB* prM«i» of Ing- without daMwl, Pa|* , MONTAOUB QLA8B, CMHW ot Pota#h and Ptrimuttr, hu th*»» dlactifti miMi#ity lor avtoUri in a ·tntfa IniUHnttnt on pigo ft. Or OOUB6B yau nmnnbor WU- Hun Paverthtm whan h« WM wow- Ing (hem In -Th« Squtw Mui-, KM. tat' Jog* your memory of tha «v«nti of IB y«r» ago on Paf n I. TA1MPIN TOMMY and Slteeu ara atlll atrutUttf about «n · U* Btound, Now tnoy'ra to bt kviitkm judeta aiibmtch they'd nthar ba conlaaUlhta, Paft «. SHBRMXaC HOLUB» Tkviiiock-tndllitoni politely IttiAMtor Oriforr'i N*lMMIon of tba MM. HoNnw Intomt U uowM by rtporu that baud ot gypUm M* cumptd nwr tit* imni of Strykit** murdar. Fac* I. ' ANOKtO PATttt MW thi aur»»t *ny to mtk* tblMrm tet* Mhool (· to dcmMtd p»ff*«t K«rkt. P*f* IL DR. JAUBR W. BARTON db cmto* itnaral pltytlBkl condition In t»N arUalo on h on ptfa 11, KWBS-IHidy RIU hto rt- v»nv», Tha Wr wlfi m bMdtd kn*«i ' Pago

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