The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas on July 17, 1923 · Page 11
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The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas · Page 11

Hutchinson, Kansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, July 17, 1923
Page 11
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TUESDAY, JULY 17, 1923 THE HUTCHINSON NEWS, PAGE ELEVEN. COMPLETE PLANS FOR SCOUT CAMP Plenty of Activities Outlined (or v the Ten Days. RULES ARE PRESCRIBED Military Courtesy Will bo Ob- aerved—Parents Can Visit , - in the Evenings. Tho 'bis council of tho Hutchinson Boy Scouts will too hold from August 20 to 30 at tho camp site «tx miles north of Nkkerson on tho Arkansas! fiver. The plans tor tho camp which. were made by the scoutmasters ware approved by the camp committee of the Council, yesterday evening. Ray Coontlcld, the. Boy Scout executive «tat09 that w-EIlo the camp'wlH not be conducted, exactly along ralli tary line*, ntlll there wfll he rules and regulations for the control of the Scout*. There rules -will be mote for the development of the proper courtesy and respect toward their scoutmasters than anything else, Mr. Ooon- fleld exyUUned. To Show Tracklno Ability. A two day treasure hunt will bo one of the feature attractions of the camp program. This will test out the tracking ability of the scout* and the boy who finds tho treasurer, which will be some usoful part of a Boy jicouts eq.ulpra.en t, will get to keep it. Several long distance hlkos have been "planned on which the boya will have to cook their - own meals over their individual camp fires. An athletic moat will be held and during tho meet the -scouta will be taught first aid work. Tracking tests will be given to see whether the scouts »re «Me to 'follow. a marked trail without losing tnelr way. Each scout will be taught to mark out a trail, BO that another scout can follow Mm, Plenty of Athletics. Tho contests which will bo participated* In by all the scouts will include horse shoe pitching, bsobatt games, etc. Thoro will bo a free time each day, whoii tho «oouts can do what tl^ey llko Just' so the/ do not violate any, of the camp rules. One of the hikes will ho a kodak hike when the boys 'will fee taught to take pictures properly. To Choose Ovvn Officials, Tho campfire hour at 8 o'clock each evening will ho very Interesting. The flrot night, camp officers will he elected and they will Include a mayor, a prosecuting attorney, and a sheriff. There officers will havo charge of governing tho camp. They will conduct a mock trial during one evening. The second night there will be on 'imitation, tar newcomers, There will ho no rough housing anyone but Just good wholesome fun. Thoro will be 123 NORTH MAIN STREET EXTRAORDINARY REDUCTIONS! EACH A TRUE AND TIMELY ECONOMY ON SALE AT THE PRICE FOR ONE DAY ONLY, FOR Tomorrow., Wednesday, Will Be the Day of 11 Special Sales Every item has been reduced from the regular Stettheimer stock and (quality'considered) is offered at less than any where else in Hutchinson. We have tried to provide sufficient quantities of each item to last for the day's selling, but it is very adviseable that you shop earl. Read all of these items carefully. No. 1—Up to $10 Cotton Dresses Ratine, tissue gingham and voile dresses in many ffO Mi colors and plenty of large sizes IPMIUU No. 2—Up to $19.50 Cotton Dresses Fine quality linen, ratine and voile dresses - ^^inflfl radically reduced. Ail colors and sizes , V lUiUU No. 3-Up to $25 Silk Dresses 74 silk dresses in light and dark colors, sizes fljl ft 00 to 38/that represent a tremendous saving «P • UiUU No. 4-Up to $1.95 Silk Hose 250 [iair of sill< fasliioned hose, every pair perfect. #"f (lfl • v " : Colors to match all shoe or drcssshades. , «j »liUU No. 5-Up to $15 Pleated Skirts Knife pleated skirts of roshartara, canton and wool fl*Q flfl crepe. White, tan gray. They are the finest made yOiUU No. 6—Up to $5 Sleeveless Sweaters ISO sleeveless sweaters in all colors and combinations flJO QC of colors, including wvvhite v*«»uu No. 7—Up to $35 Sport Coats Final closeout of crepe lined sport coats, useful 1 ft Mi f&f*&&\-- the year roundv Priced ridiculously low at r.. . .«P lUiUU No. 8—Just 4 Spring Suits Three in size 16, one size 36, two navy twills, QfZ ftfl one brown velour and one imported tweed.... _ yJiUU No. 9—Up to $8.95 Summer Hats i . * Clearance of high grade summer millinery frQ (1ft - in all colors, at less than cost price ,.., yfciUU No. 10—$1.95 Satiney Bloomers , Just fifty satiny bloomers, colors orchid,""" v 7Qp white, flesh and light blue '. , J 3u No. 11—Up to $12.75 Fox Scarfs Limited quantity fine fox scarfs in platinum #C MX and biege colors. All in perfect condition vUiUU No Refunds. No Exchanges. one nnuslc ntght, a street', fair night, a boxing nlgfit, a leisure night, and tha last night will ho visitors night, wheu there will bo a special program (or visitors by the scouts. The visiting houra at tho camp will bo any night after retreat which la 7 o'clock In the evening until tap at 10 o'clock. On Sunday visitors can come at 10 o'clock In the morning and stay until tnpa. Camp Rules. Tho camp ruloB ara as follows: 1. ^lo flrearnia of any'kind will bo allowed in enmp. It. No swearing or uso of tobacco will ho allowed. 3. Swimming will he allowed only at tho apoelflcd houra. 4. No one will bo allowed to leavo cani,p without permission. .No. B. No onu will be allowed- to get up between taps and reveille unless previously arranged and permission granted. (S. Good clean fun even at the other fellow's expense Is enjuyable; other kinds will he classed as a camp nuisance and will not bo tolerated. 7. No use ot boats without permission and if granted must he accom- pKnlod by adult loaders. 8. All scouts are expected to salute scoutmasters and officers and use Mister, when addressing theiu. The camj> this year will be called Camp Mrtchner in honor or Bert Mltchnor, president of the Boy Scout Council. The expenses of tho camp will be ?6.50 for the 10 day period, fell the scouts In Hutchinson will receive application blanks within a few days. KENNEDYIEAPPEARS AFTER 2-DAY ABSENCE LIGHTER FICTION IS POPULAR AT LIBRARY Emerson Hough's Last Book is Most Popular of Recent Arrivals. Ray Kennedy, 32 ot Wichita who Is hero spending a two weeks' vacation with his father in Souih Hutchinson, and who was reported as missing yesterday, returned late In the after noon, bringing the McVay livery' car which ho routed Saturday evening No explanation was ottered, county officials say. Cor his ''long absence. Tho car showed it had traveled 320 miles. Blmcr Sutton who was picked up yesterday when it was feared Ken nody might havo met foul play, was formally charged with violation of tho prohibitory law In a compluint sworn to by Sheriff LarigCord. Sutton has the last man to see Kennedy Satur- <tny evening. In quizzing Sutton about a ?10 bill he had changed Saturday tho officers learned It had been given him by John It. Miller. Miller, was questioned and said ha gave the bill to Sutton-for some -iyjiiskey, ae cording to Sheriff Landlord. SONG WRITER MAY HIT . HER TEACHING CAREER Poplo do not caro to burden their I minds with heavy or technical reading during tho hot months and there I s a great demand for light fiction, i states Miss Ida M. Day city librarian. The most called for book in tho fiction Uno at the present time Is Emerson Hough's ''North of HG". Harvest bands who occasionally drift into the library very randy read anything except the newspapers, ac- ording to Miss Day. However a few who appear to bo college men havo called for some of the technical magaaines and other h-avy reading. The following books have recently been received. Fiction, v "Copper Box"—Fletcher. "Ooirmistador"—Uorouii). "Su;jl of Abe Lincoln"—Baucoek. "l>nuger"—Poole. "Friend at Court "--Stern. "Pilgrim's Host"—Young. "Men Ijlkf Hods"—Wells. "Faacinatin; Stranger"—Tarlclng- ton. ".lenevras Money"—f.nca;'. • 'U»nd ot Cotton"- Scarborough. "Stella Dallas"—Prouly. "SLML'.'I ages of Women"—Mackenzie. "Sciidders"• - -Buchcller. , "Daughter of Adam"—Harris. "World Outside"--MoGrath. "Mr. and Mrs. Sen"--M.iin. "Vision of ! >o.-ire"--Pedlar. "Sir or Madam"—[luck. 'Tonjola.'— Stookley. "North of 30"- Hough. Non-Fiction. _ Hook of Letters. Hook of Business Etiquette. Life of Barnurn— -Werner. Man From Maine- - llok. Beachcombers in the Orient. Things That Have Interested Mo- Arnold Bennett. [i[i ytrefuu—I .ewiKcihn. Down the Mackenzie through tho groat lone land. Second Empire—Guedalla. Suburban Day Specials 20 per cent discount on all children's strap pumps. Womens* blach, brown and white pumps - . - $L0O Girh' black and patent pumps^ Boys'black and ian oxfords $1.95 19 north « North Main RAILROAD NOTES ORGANDY FttOCK SLEEVELESS STYLE .Emporia, Kan., July 17.— Wrltin popular song hits has more thrilln than school teaching for Mrs. Main . Scaver, St. G^Orge, a student at tho Kansas State Teachers College, Emporia. Mrs. Seaver recently received two hundred dollars for tho rights o her first song, "Mary Ijce," from a Kansas City vaudeville concern. Mrs, Seaver wrote tho song several months ago, but did not send It to tho publishers '.atil requested to do so by tho Now York Melody Corpora-' tlon. Ueorge Graff, Jr., head of the corporation, composed the music and had tho complete soug copyrighted. |X'ot>ios of tho song was sent to five hundred vaudeville companies and publishers. Tho composer will receive ten per cent of the sales. Mrs. Seaver Is also a writer of short stories. William Allen White, Kmporia, author and editor, has spoken of her as "a budding young author who will somo day make Kansas known." ' THE DAILY RECORD BuUdlne Permits. J, U, Murphy, ill Fourtmuitfi avenue west, a fra-ino residenr^ to coat $3,000. II. B. Bryau, Twelfth avenue wt-ut, resldi-.W'ts to coat $^.100. J. H. Ktroi.ui, G21 Twelfth av to cost $2,400. Births. Mr. and Mrs-. Philip Crow. (Grace Crow) South Park air-cot,-daughter, born July 13. TAv. and Mrs. l>on Vlotchcr Inn Is, (Ruth Woodson), 15 Thlrte«nth avenue east, son, John Woodson, July 1. R[r. and Mra. Lester Wait a Xloover, (ttucilati Davis), Oausliter, Molllo Ann, July a. Deeds, Guy E, Blasdel to Mary I*. Blasdel, lot 13, blk. 11. Hyilo Park 1st ftdd.. •" ' ' 4 ,i of Strength and Service IWitti capital and surplus of Two Hundred Twenty Five Thousand Dollars—with resources of over a Million, Seven Hundred Thousand Dollars—and more than twenty-five years of experience^ growth and service, this bank has the capacity and strength to amply take care of the business needs of the community. ; And in addition—you will find throughout the entire organization a willing spirit of service and accommodation. jLyato.U- !•••••, . ... ,.:>fc^iito;i»^t«»iiia:M«>i'«^:.^;> •<• J 1 J The State Exchange Bank Hutchinson, Kansas, Hutchinson, and e>4 of nvr'A ami «u »f BWk, 6-24-9, on,l lot 7, bit. 7, O-eacont ark 2nd, Hutchinson. ,r , , . M»rrlaa; Llc»n8«». Harold Andrew Krieir, Inman, SI: Ruth Luolto Poulton, Medora, IS. PILL NOTES ON AVENUE A. A cold cream powder, $1 size, and a $1 jar o( cream; special sale, both $1. Cash Drug Co., Avenue A. and Main. Bathing caps special this week, 35c, Wo also have other very popular numbers and want, to .show these lines. Cash Drug Co., Avenue A and Main. Goggles, goggles. W& havo a dandy number in goggles In a leather case we are seMiM? for 75 cents. Try this one during this sale. Cash Drug Co. Avenue A and Main. "Sally" human hair nets, double mesh, all colors; special this weok, 10c, three for 2Ec. Cash Drug Co. Avenue A and Main. HAD QUART OF WHISKEY. Consequently Man «nd Hl» Chauffeu Are In Bad With Authorltlos. Fort Worth, Tex., July 17.—M. Prultt, attorney of Oklahoma City, and his chauffeur, Dick Jones, were arrested by city police Monday night on a charge of violating tho national prohibition law. Charges were tiled against l!i<j(m in the federal court They wore released on bond. Tho men are «harged "with having a quart ot whiskey In their possession. When you -Brant tho beat ot Ford service call B9, wytlra*. Eagland- KlugBley Motor C*. " VMt A magazine devoted to the Interests ot its employees will be put out by the Missouri I'm-il'lc within tho near future. The nuigu.'.ine which will bo edited in St. Louis wilt tte essentially a railroad publication and will carry Items of local interest as woii as general articles' on the railroad business. The name of the publication htis not been determined but the first issue Is expected to be put out by Aug. 1. I J. P. Eby, claim adjuster of tho Santa Fo from Wellington is In tho city todny. Margie Wonddcll of tho Missouri Pacific freight efflee retdtued yesterday from Pratt. Word has been received here that T. H. Holland Santa Fc operator at Sylvia lias been transferred to tho relay service at L,a Junta, Colo. A. 11. Burrows, traffic representative of tho Nickel Plate lino Is in tho . city today. ] C. 13. Perkins, vice president In ch.irgc of traffic of the .Missouri Pacific Vith offices in St. Louis, Mo. and G. VI. Hamilton Kcnural freight aReut ot the Missouri Pacific from Kansas City, Mo. will bo in the city tomorrow. A, D. Fleming traveling frei.i'M asent of the &tnla I'"e went to Mcpherson today on business. Clarence O. Slade, switchman for tho Kock inland is tho oldest man in point ot hcivicc at the Kn:al yards, lie lias hecn ou the job for 20 years and is now about iG years old. However, be si 111 make.-* tho yomiKor switchmen step to keep up with him. 15d. York, Hock Island toleKraph operutor is sUU coruluod to hts home on account, of i]lnc;s. It is feared that he has typhoid (ever. A carload of Colorado cherries camo in today on San^a Fe train No. fi. Tho cherries wor»> consigned to tho Hutchinson PiOfluco Co. E. J. Roach and 'M. C. King, route agents of the American Hailway Kx- press Co;, went to Wichita where they attended a conference with Superintendent J. Kennedy of the express company. , Many watermelons are coming in from Texas over the Santa l'"o. Word has been received at the local Missouri Pacific officio that Wichita has IHHUI made a passenger point of that road. M. S. Kitchen formerly traveling passetiser agent for the road at bit tie Rock, Ark., has hcon appointed division passenger agent at the new Wichita office. The VVlchlta office will hundlo part of tho business formerly bandied by the Kansas City and Little Rock, Ark., offices. RIVERSIDE PARK THE PEOPLE'S CHOICE Milton Schuster Musical Comedy Co. THE BEST EVER Aak Anyone * That Attended Yesterday BARGAIN PRICES , 10c and 30c 1,000 Seats at 10c BE A BOOSTER FOR SCHUSTER MOT** THE NEWS TELEPHONE, 4400 As the summer advances hosts oi light, airy dresses aro seen on th<: streets and in tho shops. All the coul looking, sheer materials are utilized and tho color and variety aro bewildering. From summer Bilks' and chiffons to ginghams and other inexpensive and practical goods thoy aro scon converting staid/ business streets into posy gardens or colorful posters, if one prefers. It Is a Itttlo peculiar that as milady has lengthened her skirts she has shortened her sleeves; in fact they have disappearcrl altoKother. The Illustration pictured shows one of theso dainty summer [rocks sans sleeves. It is made of dotted organdy awl is simplicity itself with slightly gathered blouse and skirt. Tho skirt, hawevoT, Btrlkes an unusual note in the hom which is scalloped, tho scallops being outlined with two rows of narrow piping in color to match the dot In the goods. A frilly collar in two colors trims tho blouse, while at the belt lino flowers of the two colors for ma girdle. Tho shoes worn these days also add to tho cool and dainty effect created by tho gowns. They simulate more and more the sandals of our childhood and are worn in color to match tho gown or hat. Probably the style originated In the sandals worn by tho beauties of Ancient Greece. F. C. Seeber of tlreat Betid was Uero today on business, L. K. .McComb anil Forrest Lear of Larucd wore hero today on business. C. 1'). Iiranim.', Carr Taylor and John Martin wore in Newton yesterday on legal business. L. L. Brock of Fort Worth was arrested yesterday evening charged with vagrancy. T. H. Crton of arned has gone to Coldwatcr and wtll havo chargo uf the LarabtVj elevator at that place. Three young men enlisted In tho U. a. Navy at the local recruiting station at the postotfico tills morning. : Thoy wero Jno. Morkin ot Kansas | city. Dick Wilson ot Cu»hlns N Okla* and Rex Nichols of Bartlusville. j Mr. and Mrs. Lyie DricbelbSs of 521 I Fifth avenue east, anuminco tho birth of a sou, yesterday at their home. Battery A of the 130th Field Artillery will ho paid lis FiMliT .il pay at tho regular drill period Wednusday night. J. H. Mulllson, suiKirlntendent ot tho United Water. Gas and Electric Co. went lo MCorliug today on business, Mr. and Mrs. F.. R. Holmes, of 309 Nurth Contra] stroot. arc r.he parents of a daughter, born this morning at tho MothodlstJiOMpRal. Mr. and Mrs. Frank 1'Iuyord and their niece Miss Paulino l 'inyerd and Mrs. Basely left today for a vacation trip to Colorado in their car. LiUhor Terry of tho W. U. llulse, architects force, has gone to Missouri where ho will superintend th.ree Jobs which the company has under way, consolidated schools at Metnlon and Armstrong and a Masonic temple at Marcoline. Tho trouble with tho world Is you. —Atchison (.lloljij. TO START ON BRIDGE. Contractor Getting Material on the Ground for Haven Structure. E. Tomlinson of Gurfield, contractor for the Arkansas river bridge north ot Haven la getting materials on the ground and expects to start work soon, he told County Kngineer W. A. Stacy. It is likely that some of the preliminary work will be begun Monday. Tho Haven bridge will be constructed with federal aid. - The biggest hypocrite Is the orutor •who addresses a mass meeting and daclaxes'tho Peepul are always right. —Atehlsoa Globe. Beauty Work at the Clean Towel Shop la done by Mra. Hatch. BU11» Caia. 17-8t BiiSTfiN S H6E SH 6P -UPSTAIRS-- II2*N.MAIN STPCtT. WHITE FOOTWEAR SPECIALS PRICES REDUCED Klnn Tut sandal as illustrated. In • ll white calf, white with green- red or black saddle and tab, rubber heel, welt sole. Oil QC 8pecial «>HiDU All white one-strap pump, as Illustrated, turn sole, plain toe, *lso In white rclsnskin tip across toc^ welt solo, rubber heel, PQ QC Special $Jid\J SUBURBAN DAY SPECIALS Men'a Work Shoes—$2.95; Ladies' White Cauvoa Slippers—.?1.95

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