Denton Journal from Denton, Maryland on August 13, 1898 · Page 4
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Denton Journal from Denton, Maryland · Page 4

Denton, Maryland
Issue Date:
Saturday, August 13, 1898
Page 4
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M E L V I N , STEELE . J O H N S O N . EDITORS AND PROPRIETORS. SATURDAY MORNING, AUGUST 13,1898. CELLAR ROOT BINS. Collar Successfully Fitted For S Rnota -- Tho Valuo of Air Roots stored'to large bulk exclude tbo llr, and this condition promotes decay, · eppecially when tuoy nro gathered har- 1 jHedly and not properly eieanctL Tho tail ia oftentimes wot, uuil roots gatber- (d in each weather navo to bo rebaudled ttr sorted duriug tho winter. A writer Jtn TheCountrj-Gontlouiau gives bis ox- jjoricaaco in refitting an old collur for u Barge crop of roots -- carrots, miiugols, potatcxps and turalpa This was done by placing 8 by 4 hcni- 1 look studs about three feet apart up and ' down' against, the ends and sides of tho Collar. Quo by two furring strips vrcro ( nailed to the studding, spacing the fur.' %) »lng about one .inch between the elats. ·' -jfhen, at intervals of 80 inches, npright . ' itads were placed on 2 by 4 sleepers, the .(rtnds being fastouod to tho floor timbers ·t tho top and to tho sleepers-tit the bot- FLKE FROM THE CZAR HOW HIS SUBJECTS ARE SMUGGLED OUT OF RUSSIA. OQBSTRCCTIOy OF CELLAR IWOT JIS8. ' Pnfiing stripe Ibid ono inch apart t balled to each side of the npright thufl forming bins 2 feet 6 inches . , b y ^alxmt S feet deep a n d t b o height of tbo cellar. 'Two studs formed ' the mat for tho fairing to tbo portable ' tkottoma of the bine, the bottoms being '{be frize of the Inside of tbo bins. Built fa this way the air can circulate nuder, over, behind and on each side of the '·oota lit each bin. The illustration ·' flhows a cellar under a barn or other · building, with the floor of the baru removed to enable tho reader to look , flown into tbo cellar. Tho cut is incom- · ' ftate in all ita ports for the purpose of · ciiiipie detail explanation. In very deep Cellars It is advisable to nso a second bottom or partition midway in height ·qd lengthwise of tho bins. It is told that a cellar can bo fitted as rttown for very little cost per 100 bush- ·«la'of capacity and will last a lifetime. -The portable bottoms can be laid one ,, Jjde to clean tho cellar nnd forpreserva- von. If tbo cellar is properly ventilated, ' foots can be harried iiito Bnch a cellar, 'and they' will keep. To prove the valno of'tho'alr spacing tho writer mentions .that one winter tho men neglected to .place tho bottom in ono of tho bins, and balf tho *oots in it rotted. This method 'is 'efficient and can bo effected at bat · little cost above one year's storage out- ode. Arrange tho collar as you will, the roots do not like light, mast have .ventilation and keep best in a torapera- tdro'Jnet above the freezing point. Cbi- lars with southern exposures are usually · P«n» For BilElng FIga. '. It la not necessary to liavocostly pens in which to raise pigs. There ore enough looee^bparda lying around every farm to jnake^it'leaflt one ox two good and cheap ncei for the sows. A cbrrospondont of Field and Fireside tells how so inake (hem after the stylo of a chicken qoop. . They should be built on runners to they can be moved with a horse to '' any 'place you want them. If the ground ·ie dry, no floors are needed, but if not dry floors will be better. Lrumber 12 ·· ·jftient-1 · · · "TT rK * ria *' aBttepgandafootwido ia Just right aaWntago it It baa to be taught for the'^mrpoea These pens ·haald ba made six feet eqnare and the -' mtf.tJpBEds rix L e* long. , ; . v xh$ door. Bboaldbe uafte In ono e»5 Hat jpiaped to face the south In order '- '»yuaftJh' ttie mnehlaa In cold weather . : '-*Ti»Wrf'!old bUoke* » burlap should ·jvh»hvi|rnerfite^.dooc..te keep oat the ,,., j«dftiial eao|v., A aaall hole for venti- VDOQ choald be col in the opposite ga- fele «od from which the door ia made, hue luge enough for four eighiag 200 pounds, , fijt. farrowing time comes near the · separated, so each one tftooli occupy her own pen. PMte Onea to Potato**. For the potato beetles, which are ·hick with him this, season, an Ohio 'ttmpondent of' The National Stock- 1 tfiiri'pcfefen to use sifting cans in ap- the parlB green, leaving tho "air and the sprayer stowed awaj^ln . tooUtoaao. He says: The sifters put / ^haaMenite.wheTe it is needed-- down tojEhe bnd of the plant -- and when flour obea'penoagn 'for a diluent a little t A the sarong mixture remains in the the stock long enough to catch ·U^bajarrat'ae they hatch and crawl '·to the tender loaves. Floor la too fc taif a 'potato top thte year, and we 'Staked lime.' A paper saok of slaked i Ume:weighs about the same as a sack ,, r ,of flow, and eo the old ratio of 16 to 1 , holds good' for it as well as the floor. A " wliture'pf that strength does the work '^atokly^and only a little bit is needed tor a hitL _ Onoge Jrove» Under Shed*. "The-latest information at hand is to i .the, effect that there is a strong proba- ,' Willy thftt' ono or more orange growers * at Clfcra will follow tbo cxijfiplo of the ', pineapple growers and cover their groves \ vrltb. slat sheds, " writes S. Powers of · Florida to . The Country Gentleman. "Not only' that, bat there will bo provided movable sections or panels of slats »o arranged that by being slipped the ,widib of a slat to one side they will drop down into tho cracks and. convert a slat roof bom a half shade into a ' ( tight coyer, capable of retaining the ' heat to be generated by steamer pote of . taming min, preferably the former, as .feeing the cheapest and best moans of beating y«t tested. It Is' believed that : in the long rnn this heavy ontlay will ' prove remunerative. .Men who used to ·ell from $30,000 to $150.000 worth of orangea per year arc competent judges ·in this saattor.". i The Terrible Risks They Art, Willing to Ruu to Ghtln Thoti lAbtirly -- Boldly Brave AjMaaainatlon or Transportation and Penal Servitude. Russia, hae been more than once described a* a bad plnco to get into, a difficult plnco to got out of and a very good ono to stop away from altogether. Ibid applies not only to Russians, but to foreigners as well. A Russian can only leave Mb country with tho express permission of tho powers that bo, embodied in tho form of a passport. Tho chief reason for this is tho fact, jhii j tho period of military survice ox- J-Jiids from ai yours of ago to 48--that is to nay, it covers tho best and most useful part of every man's life. TIKTO are many bettor things to do in tho world than, serving in tho .Russian army, mid. us passports uro practically aiv/ay« refused whore tho military service litvs not bocu completed thousands of Russians every year make attempts to Rot out of the country without thorn. Iii othor words, omigrntion from Russa ! mohtly takes the form of smuggling, tho contraband being in this caso human fugitives. Tho western frontier of Russia is on exceedingly long one, extending about 900 mifcs, a considerable portion of it being formed by rivers of varying size, some of them bein'g 'mere brooks, while tho others have channels of such breadth that it requires nearly an hour to fen-y across. Tho boundary line is watched on tho western side by Austrian lancers and dragoons in tho sonth and by German cavalry of tho same class in the north, while on tho cast or Russian sido of the line it is the Cossackswho are intrusted with the duty of patrolling the entire stretch, tho w'atch there kept being of a far closer and more severe character, since the Muscovite guards have not only to prevent the ingress of smugglers tud unauthorized strangers, but also to prevent the egress from tho empire of all subjects of the emperor who are not furnished with official' permits to travel abroad. The result of this state of affairs has been the creation of an extensive enterprise for smuggling emigrants but of the country. The business is concentrated, in great mcusuro, at those points where broad rivers constitute the boundary, since the watch kept there is less strict than where it consists of more rivulets or milestones. The affair is managed by ferrying the fugitives across tho river from the Russian to the German shore, and, inasmuch as the bonks of the Drewenz and of tho Prosua, as well as of 'the Szes- znppe, are low and lined with long reeds, low trees and marsh, tho matter is not, after all, so difficult on a dark and moonless night, especially when the Uoshuck guard happens to have, boon plied with a larger amount of vodka than usual The smugglers are men of the most lawless class, who, before they undertook tho smuggling of their countrymen out of the country, were engaged in smuggling dutiable goods into Russia, and tho-charge which they make for assisting a would be emigrant to escapo ia heavy enough to make tho business one of great profit to them. Tho rates vary from 10 to SO and even 100 rubles a head. In fact, the fugitive is charged to the limit, tho only check upon the extortion being tho keen competition which prevails among tho smugglers to secure the trade. The majority of these emigrants aro possessed of relatively largo sums of money. It is only natural that before leaving their homes in Russia they should have converted into cash all tlioir possessions so as to enable them to make n, good start abroad. Somo of thorn havo £200, or even £400 or £800. in their wallets. This fact naturally excites the cupidity of tho smugglers engaged in helping fugitives out of the country, with the result that 80 or 40 per cent of those who trust the smugglers to ferry them across from the Russian to tho German shore never reach the latter uliva A blow on the head with a punt polo or a stab in the back is sufficient as a rule to render the unfortunate emigrant powerless, and then the boatman, after rifling his pockets of everything he possesses, will tie a stone to his feet and pitch him into the river or else sink hini*)iu the swamps with which the stream is lined on either sida There is little risk of discovery, eiuce, owing to the secrecy with which tho police do everything in Russia, the relatives of the 'murdered man could never bo sure that their missing kins-, man had not been arrested by the authorities and consigned to penal servitude for attempting to leave the country without a permit--St. Petersburg Cor. in London Standard. 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Returning will leave Hillsboro Monday?, Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays, unJ Fridays nt 10 a. m.j Covey's 10.30; Coward's 11; Williston 1 p. m.; Ganey's 1.30; MeCurty's 2; Kingston 2.15; Dover Bridge 2.30; Medford's (Choptank) 4; Clark's 4.16; Secretary, fi; Cambridge 7; Trappo 8.30 and Oxford 10, stopping at intermediate landings, arriving in Baltimore early tho following mornings. SUNDAY STKAMEH JOB BALTIVORK. Steamer will leave for Baltimore on Sundays AS follows: Wayman's, 4.30 a. m.; Covoy's, 6.00; Coward's, 5.16; IVniu-ton, C.30; Gnney's,'G.4; Kingston, 7.15; Dover Bridge, 7.30; Choptank, 8.30; SeeretHry, 9.30; Cambridge, 10.30; Trappo, 11.46; Oxford, 1.00 p. in., arriving in Baltimore nt 6.00 p. m., tho samo dny. Freight received until 6.30 p.m.duily for all landings. J£. I. WHEELER, Agent, Pier 6 Light St., Baltimore. B. B. COUKE, Agent at Williston. 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Tjowest Prices nn Everything! ,0ood Second-Hand Carriages and Busbies fioin · ' SI 0.00 up. · SIITCE OSHOKNU COLUMBIA RIjS T DERS AND MOWERS aro at the front, and have Milbatllcd till competitors, having proved to be the lightest draft, the best work, sim- ilest in construction, tho .strongest nnd best-braced binder ever made. Ifcnuo the victory! Columbia All-Steel Hay Kikes and Tedders jxre constructed in a wny that you have two now rakc^ for tins prieo of one. Osborne- Columbia Spring-Tooth and ** Harrows are the only one- made with double levers. " Don't forget tlmt I inn lioiul(|iinrtrrs for all lines of .Machinery, 'CnrrU'-es; etc · at rest prices. TONS OF BINDEK TWINK Also have three =eoond-lmnd Deor- owest ng Jiindors for salo ohc.ip. Will r no sale. Givo me a call. H. M. THOMPSON, ^unranleothorn in nvory way to do 11 work HILLSBORO,,MD. Bhort notice. Chester River Steamboat Conip'y Change of Scbedule. JAMES T. MORRIS, ( I H D O K L Y , MD.) WteeliFirtt and BMuitk, AND EXPERIENCED HORSSEHOEB, In all brunches of my business I gunr- niitcc satisftiction. In horseshoeing I havo tlio ciulorsoincnt of host veterinarians JAMES T. MOIIHIS. Money to Loan, !?15,000 to loan on niortgagu in sums of $1,000 or more. Any l(;g:d business attended to'. Apply to AViLJIEll JSMOKY, Attorney at Law, North Fayotlo St?. Baltimore. Md. J. B. K. EMORY CO (TCMOUV A NKAVITT.) --GENERAL-COMMISSION MERCHANTS, LIGHT STREET, 2svCar-vla.oa.c3. Beginning June 1st, 1897. tho steamer Emma A. Ford, will leave Chestertown at 7.00 ft. m,, daily, except Sunday, stop- pine at itolph's, Booker's, Quaker Neck, and Quennstown. Leave Qxmonstown nt 8.45 a. in., arriving in Baltimore about 11.16. Rpturni ng, leave Balti more^at 3.16 p. m., arriving nt Quoonstown at 6.40, and Chestertown nt 7.30. Steamer B. S. Ford will leave Centreville daily, except Sunday, at 7.00- a. m., stopping at landings on Corsica river, Bogle's, Jflckson Creek, nnd Kent Island, and arriving in Baltimore nt 11.00 a. in. Returning, leave Baltimore at 3.30 p. m., arriving at Centrovillo at 7.30 p. in. Steamer Gratitude will leave Rock Hall daily, except Sunday, at 8.00 n. in., arriving in Baltimore at 10.16. Returning, leave Baltimore at 4.00 p. m., arriving nt Rock Hall at G..15. GBO. WARFIBLD, President, J. E. TAYLOK, General Agent. In order to settle a co-p art- nership, we will sell our stock of general merchandise. This is one of the best stands in the county for business and the stock is in good condition. An elegant store room, sixty feet long and located on corner of Main street. Has a glass front. A firsl-class opportunity. Call at once. N. FLOWERS CO., ITillsboro, Md. J. O. TAYLOR WITH j-,o, FRUIT AND PRODUCE COMMISSION MERCHANTS, l^ft East Ocxna-d-eu. Stl - t=t A T .T"TTVyrr-^Ta.T=r; 11BFKKUNCES: Trader--' Nntionnl Bank of Baltimore; First National Bank of StewarWown, I'M. Branch «t Stewartstown, Pa. S~~* T. H. EVANS COMPANY, FRUIT AND PRODUCE COMMISSION MERCHANTS, No. 214 Light Street, Baltimore, Maryland, and Vegetable?; Maryland' Peaches and Sweet Potatoes. Professional Notice. I beg to (announce to my friends and patrons that I Imvo placed H 'phone in my office, nnd urn in constant communication with all points on tho Dorchester and Queen Anne.s lines. Very respectfully, OEO. F. GALLOWAY, M. D. Night call, 1. Day will, Central Oflico, Federtilsburg. flfl Steamer Greensboro S. HKHCKWA.Y, MASTITIS,) Will ply between G K E E N S I J O J J O U G H and 1JA NT1 SIO 11 K Weekly, touching at nil landings between trreensbor- ough and Denton. On nnd fifter July 4, steamer will ioavo for Baltimore ovary Monday FREIGHTS .MODE RATE, CAPACITY AMPLE The patronage of onr merchants and furinois solicited thtit thi« line may bo made a success. Full inl'ormation by inquiring of G BORIS E V. DILL, AoysT, D.s JHIOOKWAY.MASTBK, Grccnsbnrough, 11\. O r H A U R Y A . U O K , AI.\T. Dentiin, Md. Is your Home, Fnrnituro, Graifl, LiYe Stock, or otiier Property Insured Against Loss by FIREORLIGHTNIN6P If not. if yfni w i l l aiiply U uno of the Agents of ll_c OF DOVER. DEL you oan ohliiin initriiiiecnt low rates. Tho Company is Mutual, and you will only pay what tho insurance costt, as any amount in ExcessofCost Willlie Rclurueil in Divifcnils or at terniinntion of policy. WM. D K J J N Y , Secretary. ahvnys ceivo grain. ti ro- K. PJAJMJ1KK, J . B . FLKTOHKH. Grocnshoro. Tiwton. Douglass House REHOBOTH CITY, DEL. OPEN JUNE (Oth. This Hotel is situated -100 feet from ocean front, and ono-f.ou.rtb. of a milo from Rohoboth Bay, in tho roar. Good Bathing, Gunning, Fishing A Booting. Special rates fox- June and September. Freo Hack. Bar attached. WM. M. JEFFERSON, PROPRIETOR. · TREES rf" PLANTS The leading varieties ol Apple, Peach, Pear, Plum, Qier- ·ies, SmalJ Fruita^ etc., for sale A. G. GELLETLY CO., WILLI8TOK, Ml, \ V SPAPFRf SEWSPA.PF.Hl

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