Sterling Daily Gazette from Sterling, Illinois on November 6, 1941 · Page 3
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Sterling Daily Gazette from Sterling, Illinois · Page 3

Sterling, Illinois
Issue Date:
Thursday, November 6, 1941
Page 3
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, November ft, STERLING DAILY GAZETTE. STERLING. ILLINOIS Willis Sution to peak at Coliseum Sunday Afternoon Will Moke Opening Talk for American Education Week Frr thr fir-' tun* -;n<-r HIP fmi ina of Arr.Ti • ,-in FriM'.Vinn wrrk. of 111 'f^ldr en\int v ha\ r . T.n.e a eminty -wide ; of l he «xrR'.jnn F.arhj of wliatrvrr i!«. r*>- an will makr srrtru K> b '-n!^ in pi.u. ObserMmcr nt h<>m' 1 Hm nil nf thp KchooK will wnrk uvii-.rr in making k thc oprnlnK (la-.. P'.mriay. Xovirn- P. n ir.rmnrril'ir OIIP. Thr mn=' rloqurnt nth or at" 1 which enuld bp found tn rrprrMT,: both and rrtiirnlioii hn r tTrn ^rrurrrl for that day Jn Wllln. A SiitUm of At- lantn. On . utin wit! sjirak nt the Sterling coliseum Sunday nftrrnoon. Tlir fouiidinR nf American Edurn- tion week RITW out of conditions revpnlrd by the World war draft Twenty-flvf per cent of thf men examined in thp draft were found to be illlterntp; 2fl pfr cent were ^physically unfit. These were startling disclosures. Unfit as they were fo war, these men also were incapable of serving their country most effec lively In time of peace. Members o the newly formed American Legion .wished to help correct these condl 'tlon». They snw In this situation an opportunity to serve their country after tht war. When a campaign o education appeared to be the onlj answer, they consulted with the of fleers of the National Education as slatlon and the United States of 'flee of education from whom they received ready cooperation. As a re' suit of these conferences, the firs American Education week wms ob | served In 1021. In 1938 the Nation*! Congress of Parents and Teachers ^became the fourth official nation* sponsor. The founders of American Educa tlon week who paved, the way for thi first observance in 1931 little dream «d of the tremendous growth In slg k nlfkance and results that It hu 'come to havt. Estimates indlcat that 8,000,600 parents and other eltiaens visit their schools each No vember and during this observance They learn about modern schoo practices and consult with teachers kebncerninf. the progress of their -ehfldrem Millions - of other citizens are reached through newspapers and mafarlnes, radio, public meetings and messages sent into homes Bcorea of national and state organ mil* are «hllsle< Pin the must of education. Bette EhooU. better understood are the I WINTER OUTSIDE __ SUMMER INSIDE . .-. . When You Hav« A QUICK HEAT Oil Biriii| Htittr 8«e these beautilul new tt today, Prapara (or bitter win- tar weather now by awurini summer comfort Indoor*. "rW.96.MI.i6 Modtl Shown Abovt ol $GA .95 64 Uae Our Budget Plan! Da luxa model with aide doore. cotuUot level value, Cola draft regulator, 6-gallon fuel tank and pojt typ* burner. Uses No. 1 fuel oil. Utility HEATER $8.45 .One-Burner OU Heater with Coofc- i n g Top.. Hinges & bolts are concealed, Burns kerosene Two. •» Burner size at HIM bnowh LYNCH Stoi T :• .if thr»i» activities. American daily tnpk 1 * for the next rHwrvanfe. a Mnn wei»lc ha* rom" to be ree- The program fir the en^ulnff yew >rd s- th" rustttunfllriB period of !h<Ti announced. r ,,.,, r -,r;>r for rdiirn! ion a! is- T , , ,, Culvert Contract Let • '•it pi r.'rut tinif there air> :-r> r ;r.;in! vprinFoi-'-. of Am^nrRn Paul Kornman ha* been awarded r'-i-in:; we<-k: Thr National Fdu- the rontrart for the ronstruf-tlon of -- - ., .•./ i n ' M-/M M'.i- A m*" ? i' Q '"! I B - '''•* r'Tv^f' />p*f ^ t}>*< T * K 1 ]'';.<- I"lll!»-d S;n<'-<; nfflrr- nf ;?r.ijj- i "irirm 1 " »nd ni\ the RfV- -•;•.' and HIP Natlonnl Con- lii'R-.I^'rdsn t^Tvirhlp itn* 1 In th<" H'fivd fia - ,.: r.Tirnfr; nud "I rr>,rhrr«. Fnrh north^a^f mrn^r of SfrlinB town-, 2 Training * Richard Eberlay Is Enjoying Drill with Canadian Air Force r)ir T\T. r 'k rr-prr*;^!! f n' i' r ^ Nl r C"'ir P.nri^ r n n' i f ^rs ^ 1 ^'^on'-nr^ mrrt H^c^iv. ^^ * rv ie ReiT>ral th^me and the will ;yrml' that th» trork will srd J Er>^r wather fotvlition« nf thl» nt\ "I h»v*> Ahr FV>rc« *w run Ijm6m of the sir 1MO." WM th*.comm"nt of th» )o- rnl young man at 'he hie Man- f.ine depot In Brandon. Manitoba, !i c.'anaria where he is now in tramins. Ua\-< -Hi* The Mannins d^pot »t Brandon R prerty is the place where younir of c<"twia twin en mined trainer* take off •j ref'T'^d from N r !i-a:xl. R C A F Airnnftman Ri.")i t>h> to the hoys at the tie g a inns? fine.! ThTe In n hie ."frvice fivine «rhooi in tlv» Royal locat/y] ryarhy from which ia* mef c o»rif o.f th<? othT i tK^'- ^ no ' : "',^\'*> Kon<* to !n vrun thi" n 'ir foyre. and time. ftpiln* aa well a^ tome of the regulations that RO-.-ern th^lr life in th* vrvlre Brandon is a food si/^n e»,r. and the ^p> th,r, are v,rv Q ^ Q^^ Wedding Day Many Felicitate Mr. And Mrs. Fred Shaible Mr find Mr<= FrM W Phflih'y of con(rratul«t«d hy tfatt!* of frt^nd* and relatlx-* 1 * who »ttiend«d th* o?M»n honv at. their home Wednesday on the occasion of th e ir Rolden wr-d- rimjr. The COT> - homf wax decorated with yellow rhrynanihemum*. Mr. ftnd h'nrtilv by a hr><;r of friend* «nd o^d neighbors and received a wealth nf hpaii'lful greeting card* and many prevnts nn<1 mrm^y. Mr Shnib'e snM the rainy day of Wednesday rfminded them of their wedding day in county, P«.. when th* slmiiwr ktlMi of we*th*r prevailed. The «*a -rery haprn- and b»iT»i hi be«f of h*«Hh rt tr«« not consider thTn 3^ having b ri^d .V) yearr,. The family had thnr w»ddlnf dinner at noon, th? o;v-n houv wag t n the «ft»rni"K>n. nnd evening r««w* frrTtn other"; of 'he Immediate familv Inrhided ir, tn* irlft* were «**vera,l hpaiitlfu! home balrerl rnk-e* Rpfreshrn^nt" of rake, roffe* and rhorolnte wa^ ^rverf durrnf thi afternoon. READ THB CLA8BIFIED ADS GREEN COUPON! HMOWOOO I UBTHRFDR I I 40 Hardwood t CLOTHES | PINS | WiUt 0»ip*a I for a Grand N*u> Tatt* Thrill... TRY RUFFMADE CHOCOLATES Pound .Bex. .. 44 e YOU'RE ALWAYS WELCOME AT WALGR.EENS DRUG STORES vari«ti«* en* IUMCI'. Chocolati C0vcrmf Chtrrin. ...It. On •«!• Thtirtdty. Frldiy A f«fwrd«y *MJY DCFEM9E SAVINCt 15 EAST THIRD ST RIGHT nrscnvico TO LIMIT QUANTITIEU GRANDMA^ Beauty Secret rOff TODAY'S LOVKLINKA* Paislays OATMEAL SOAP 6 •>"* 45* An oM • tlm« f aT»riU ; tn IMW, r*ftn«<i form. Twe IRONIZED YEAST TABLETS. SI SIZE (LIMIT MOLLE SHAVING CREAM, We SIZE (LIMIT i) NORTHERN 3 ;15 TOILET TISSUE (LIMIT « ROLLS) ™ ^ PEROXIDE of HYDROGEN fINr .•omi SHOi, ii Adjuetable 21( --AH-metal•••••• FLAXSEED VITAMIN or Mc«l 4.OUNCI AM ,-JS-O*BABY PANTS STYPTIC PENCIL CLEAR AGAIN COLD TABLETS TIN. 0» WILLIAM'S SHAVE CREAM •MUUR rwi I arlaa '•' TONIC Pint SI'M Vitamin THIAMIMF flLWSttUI ^- 59« a^rf. rf 1>^_ SSw5 MDOL UN en . OIL mini wNI a« orf^rf •• rW ay Ma Mtrvl Hart* |I*>M Tai. ••Ml* BEZON Vttamln • Compkx Pr«»W Halpful fot— TSc LISTMINE ANTISEPTIC ^J f*- »—i. . '•• • Wm m WH COU«M Dl liM, fOK .. BtZOH • WtalMW Mtf fi«fi» wHan dua ta daflelancy •I VHan»ia i Complat. 2.M •Ivttiie Smofeca 'flSgL.; a'ss" lOc CIOARS ayl, WTIM MAITII, MIIMt,IL»MMMTt, U •AUIU i WIIITII. r 3» •OLD BOMO, CLIWOOKLO*r ItcTOBACCOS aMI UXIfl i a| 13 « a, WalWMITfl • llaMII UAMI 9 TUXIfl • TWI III MWMII MArilTII TtlAllt • I HI!, at MN ILIalllt • tl IIUIIM HIM *V( «I.M VWM, AO 4a ron O*F QUICK MLICF wmou af jiatiaai ariataf fraw 8TOMAC? ULCEM DUE TO EXCCMS ACIJ Fraa back tclb al hoMe trcataaei thai mwi kalp ar it will eaat yw. nothtaf, Over aac MiiUan battlea ot 'h« WIIXABD TREATMENT lufd , aeaii aaM tar raMaf af ay>ipto«a ai dislraai ariattof fraoi atawack and 1 DiiadeitaJ Ute*r» Ana to Extern Acid. raar DifaaUan, Saw ar Upaa* 8to«- ark, aaaabiaaa, Baartaura, Slccpteia- ntaa, ate., d*| U Excaw AcU. 8ald «n IS *ay« trial! Lentheric TWEED COLOGNE Refreshing! 'J A ten9y, waodty. briik fr«9r«nc«l Tim9 Special! Exciting! BOURJOIS MAIS OUI Colognt! 15f Frayranea tKat wkiipart "M, yw!" FREE! BO«/« of •1.00 ELMO All-Weather SKIN LOTION wftfc p«rctoM «f ELMO CREAMS •••«Nfl«t t» f f »r mart SPECIALS SOc HIND'S CREAM L« P/tce/ PERFUME O'CLOCK Mintitont *J KapUcaTnaparluma vini a watekl PINAUD'S $» >»..!. •(••I*M COLOGNE Sr 49- lv«r f own BUBBLE BATH 8* Mflf 10c POWDER! 2Se LOTION! w/<* jwrcacM a/ ST~JBWBTO» FACE CREAM Hudmtt Jfarvffeus MAKE-UP KIT IMa«M h tMH, 1 tl M MN BptHck, dry rau«a, aa«npa«t trHfc pawdar! \ ^^^" "^^^ "^^ ^^^ "•' ooueit DOAN'S PI 11 • aaji IUflvl«r 7f« SIM i a i k i • . C-L OINTMENT COUQH SYRUP Soiw/aJ :42 f OXYDOL POWDER Me IAD Y HANDY KNIFE WHISK BROOM FITCH'S I«HU v9M0MW ^v Ww 1^UC4TCM 4 «r C 7lc AV - //. //. Xyer LUXURIA SPECIAL KIT 12 K«/u«/ *1 You qa4 8OTH~$I powdar. (I craaml Max Factor! PANCAKE MAKE-UP /( LASTS! 1!$ .Hidw m«ny im«H ««mpl«u'en fauHtl FLORAL BOUQUET Cologne! *1 liq t-ounca boHla. Alto in Carnation! EARLY AMERICAN Rosot and oU tpic* — gay fragrance! KOTEX »«• -wm^ 25' AUCA SELTZER MILK of Mijacfte IwNw•• Jlf - MAR-0-OIL SHAMPOO, Me SIZE (LIMFT n HINKLE PILLS 4 CAtCARA COMPOUND, ltr» '"-"" LIFEBUOY or lOc LUX SOAP (UMIT J) REVELATION Tooth Powder MEW! Ultramodern Ora-fon TOOTH •MVU* Ma tin.. s^ «* 5^ V BriatM with GLYCERINE Sappotltorlcs LIGHTHOUSE 'ANSFB If •! Va7X7V% alec S(W«/ ORA-TONfor duraWity! LUUTEJ haadtaal F«y atylaat [ NYLON ORLIS , WOHDEK B*USH\ DEODORANT SAFETY PINS Prafertml Clou! <&< DR. WEST, TUFT*\ P»^*V^ 50 ' iriatUa. Mill 40c '+riiyU+Ti Tooth fowdm TOOTH •INISN 25c J. A J. TALCUM POWDER OLIPP' STRAIN El BABY FOOD 10c iize IBEARDOLI V ' \ MTVaL VA •• IN fv NMNUW •Ul 1 2 _ 'A 4app«r*claJ cuV wkli bt§ ralH»f ayaa and f laali »•• *r Is Chocolate LIME MIX 9c PEPPERMINT STICK CANDY ICE CREAM with any 6 or 8 exposure film, MLY 25c N.V 37 C *"•* laaly TaaM, PLAYUM CARDS " «*•""'" CJUMaW 'EPTO-BISMOI MINERAL OIL L*Mi» ^»»»W i^f^r • » » • « t ^^ ^l^ j

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