The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas on July 17, 1923 · Page 10
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The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas · Page 10

Hutchinson, Kansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, July 17, 1923
Page 10
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PAGE TEN. THE HUTCHINSON NEWS, TUESDAY, JULY 17, l 1 ^,,,^ ociety Coll Telephone No. 4400 and aak for Society Tho members of llio 4-H club mot membor ot l'l Hutu phi at I,awronco yesterday at tlie home ot Miss lMelulf and Mr. Lcwta la a Phi Kappa l'al. Preston north of tin- city and enjoyed i a, r~ ^ a pleasant tlinn together. A covered dish lunclu-on WHS served nt. noon, and following this the usual business session wan held. Mr«. Ai'lliur Wemlt nnd Mian Vera Glnthart fnvorod llio guests with a | Ml »s Brum Wainnor, piano duet, and Miss Lucllo Haller, township, loft toduy for Mount Llber- jihiyorl a piano nolo. Mrs. Wurnlt who ty In ^ w | 1( , r „ flI|0 , a lQ be | nstrU( , tor In lender of tlm club ga.vo a abort ad- 1,1 a Methodist, college during the mm- dr. H a to the young ladles on tho club i„ g _,,„,„. )ms , )(Hm w|(h t)u , Mcth _ pla»H and tlie work to bo accomplish-, odist rollPKe at Wlnflold for several nil. 'I ho Mcpherson bounty nurse, Miss; years and has only rnrontly boon on a th» Bowknot elul) at her home, 618 BlRhth avehuo ^east, Mrs. D. 11 Phillips and Mltia"Mar­ garet Jones will entortaln a few friends at breakfast at llio Rorabnugh- Wiley Tm Iloom and bridge at their homo, 606 Avonuo A oast, ompllmonl- liif; Miss Margaret Illnynoy ot Pitts, burg, Pa. * •»• * ' v. * CHURCH NEWS. * - 1 J A——*— 4, ——A^-— s> <% — a Mrs. Lincoln Stewart will preside as hostess to tho moinlicrn of tho St. Torean's Oulld of tho Catholic church nt her home, 110 Tenth avonuo west, Thursday afternoon. Tho women of tho Universally, church will (rathor at the homo of Mrs. John Tliarp, 316 Ninth avonuo west, Thursday aftornoen at 2:30 o'clock. NO ARRESTS IN BANK ROBBERY Wild Rumors of Connection of Local Characters With Burrton Affair Afloat. Thursday, will b»>ladl «t'i fres; night I for tlio opening of thflblll tor tSe last half of tho wook. Lidlea. For poraonal attention see Mrs. Hatch at tho Clean Towel Beauty Shop. Bllllo Cain. - 17-St ! . niliita Johnson closed tho program for tho day by giving nomo very ln- Blriioilvo nnd interesting demonstrations In first aid work. Tho guests Included Mrs. Henry Yahiio, Mis. Sydney Wilson, Mrs. K. D. (llatliart. Mrs. luia (lllmore, Mrs. Wvlcy Hemphill, Mrs. Charles Aftnr- gren, Mrs. Mary (illmore, Mrs. George /out, Mrs. Fred (lookins, Mrs. I. P. Shepherd, Mrs. Richard Flack, Mrs. I Tom Lawrence, Mrs. (iuy Koedy. Misr. • l.nelle Haller, Miss Vera (iiallmrt. Miss Ida Kinsley, Miss Ethel Wilson, Miss Ina Herders, Miss May Shepherd, Miss Virginia Wilson, Mlas Thelma Keedy, Miss Verua Reedy and Miss Hyth Moiris. About eighty ladies enjoyed the day ai Die Country club today, when the local lady golfers of the Hutchinson •Country club, entertained the lady golfers of the Salma club. The Sallna jili'.yers motored down early this morning, nnd silent the menilug playing golf. Prizes were nwnrdod both iuniufg the hostesses and tho guests. Tho members of the ladles toutua- iniut committee acted as hostesses for the morning. At one o'clock a vlatnty luncheon was servod in the elult houao. Mrs. O. I". Wright, Mrs. (!. It. (lace, Mrs. W. L, Rosier and Mrs. Chalmers Fair were hostesses for the luncheon and bridge In the afternoon. The tables wire decorated with bowls of zontas, mid places were marked for eighty guests. The out of town ladles present were Mrs. farl Davis, Mrs. 13. A. Wyatt. Mrs. Hoy Faith, Mrs. >N. F. SehwurU, Mrs. Paul llossemoyer, Mrs. 1. A. Pi'l- ble. Mrs. C. I.). Rolisou, Mrs. J. 11. Hlollfy, Mrs. I. U.-lion. Mrs. O. 1.. llialo!, Mrs. Ted Itranson, anil Miss 'Helen Stevenson all ot Sallna. They were nceompnniod b>' tlielr golf professional, Mr. Roy Campboll. •i -f- •»> Rev, and Mrs. Walter Clark chaperoned fifteen youuK ladles of tho First Presbyterian church yesterday te the Presbyterian church summer camp on tlie lOimer Dukoiow farm, seven miles • northwest of tbe city. They will remain nt camp until Wed- ner.iiny ovoniUK, and at that time, another i;roup wiii be taken out. Those in the party who are at camp the forepart of the wool: are Thin-let Peters, F:uiuy Peters, Mar- Eiwel Chesbro, Alice Fontron. Grotch- en S.'hlauilt. Anna Cauipbell, Carol Cii»i, .Van WrUbt, Katliorlne Te'.sr. Ji -miitte llrepiers, Vtmn Morris, Mmko Swaford, I'M her Morean. Mar- tsret t 'oi ^elberir. uel i^velyu Mauley. Anuouncoments have been received of the marrlaue of- Mrs. I^ila Wilson nnd Mr. Fred Murphy, which was (lilfell.V HOleilllli/eii ^ :l y ^i) j n porL- lend, Oro. Mr. nnd Mrs. Murphy lire maltlne, th«i r hi>ine. In Lie; Aiup-les, Calif., at present, but both are former residents or Hutchinson and well known here. •Mrs. Murphy Is at present visiting at tlie home of her son, James Wilson, in llnliler, and plans to visit In Topoka nnd Kansas City. Mo., before returning to her home. (if Interest to tlie Hutchinson young Iiooule who wen- : .tudeuts at Lawrence the past two years. IB the announcement of tho engagement ot visit to hor parents south ot Hutchln son. «• * Miss Loreno N'obnl and MISB Dorothy tlraber will go to Mc.Phorson Ibis evening to spond tho week visiting at tho home of Pr. and Mrfl. W. IS. Cre;;nry. Several delightful Boclal fuiHdlons are being planned In tholr honor. Mr. Waynne Hand, HOU of Mr. and Mrs. W. O. Sund, of 814 North Plum, is here visiting his parents during bis twenty day furlough. Mr. Sanrl 1 H stationed at .San Diego, Calif., and Is a first class seaman. <!• >* Mr. H. 11. Musser, of Kanaaa City. Mo.. Is here for a few days visiting Mr. and Mrfl, .1. R. Baker, of Avenue A east. Mrs. Musser has been here for several weeks. JAUNTY MODEL IS TAILORED FALL SUIT Miss Helen Maurino Franklin, daugh-.| tn0 ( .|iy. Mrs. K. 11. Musser of Kansas City, Mo. and Mrs. Charles Oano will leave Thursday for Rroivdmoor, Colo, where they will spend tho remainder ot tho aummer. <p •?• •?> Mr, and Mrs. Fred Hennoy and daughters returned last evening from Green Mountain Falls, Colo, where they have boon Bpondlng the past three weeks. * <S- Mr, and Mrs. A. I>. Spouslcr spent the day yesterday In Wichita visiting friends. Mrs. Sponalor did not return last evening, but will remain tor a few days. «• <h Mr. D. Uiidln ot Amarillo, Texas, will come tomorrow morning to visit his sister-in-law, Mrs. lClla Rrooks of 4Hi Fifth avenuo east, and other relatives. *> <b 4. Miss Marybello Mundy of Independence, Mo. Is here visiting at tho homo of tier sister, Mrs. George Foster and Mr. Foster of Hyde Park. <;> <-.> <s> Mr, nnd Mrs. Harry Tldd nnd small daughter aro spending tho week in Brookflehl, Mo. visiting Mrs. Tidd's parents, Mr. and Mrs. Joseph. Muore. '» •';> * Miss Alice Hamilton, of Nowata, Okla., will couio next Monday to bo tho guest of Miss Katharine Smith at her home, 1016 North Main street. •3- <•• * Mrs. Kd Hansford of Kansas City, Mo., is hero visiting at the homo of Mr. and Mrs. .1. It. ISlnslor of 1629 Fourth avenue east. '•' •$> Mrs. .1. n. Caskoy, ot 302 Ninth west, has us her guests Mrs. L. A. Tlanton and Mr. Robert Dan ton, of Waterloo, Iowa. * <•> $• Miss Shelby Smith, who is visiting friends In Marshal, Mo., la expected to return about the last of the week. * <f. •!> Mr. and Mrs. Ted Davis ot Day I on, Ohio, are here and expect to spund several months. •Z—4— <f>—*—*— •i —-«—9—>—• I I <j> TOMORROW'S EVENTS. -i> Tbe regular meeting of tho Merry Matron's club will bo held at the home of Mrs. Charles Oltocrans north of Notice. iMombera Cyrus Cauldron please do- lach end of .picnic invitation and mall Allco iRIchardaon so wo •will know about refreshments. 17-2t A quiet Investigation of tho Burrtqfl .Stale tiank robbery has be.un In progress ever since the daring daylight- hold-up last week, without results to date. A 'bank deloctlvo has been In thin section for povoral days nnd Is following se.veal live clows, asslslod by Sheriff Laugforfl and'his force. Many are the wild rumors which have h^en afloat, on the streots of Hutchinson since the day after the robbery. At least a score or local characters have been Incarcaratcd, according to the mouth to mouth circulators, but to date no one has really been arrested. One boy was questioned a day or two after the robbery and proved an Iron clad alibi. "It Is difficult to land tho robbers, because of lack of means of identification,"' said Sheriff Langford. "A Iluton man who said he could Identify the robbers declared the hoy wo detained was one or the highwaymen •but I satisfied myself thoroughly that this could not have been., Shelff Langfod said that the Burrton bank cashier declared ho would not undertake to Identify the bandits because he would not risk sending the wrong man to prison. Tho "Reno county sheriff said he has • not soon tho liurns operative for severaLdays. Can a hundred bootleggers sell as much liquor as one old-fashioned saloon did?—Atchison Globo. All through the season one lias need of a suit. In one's wardrobe. Dull days, cool days, days of travel, all call for a tailored suit and smart blouse. A top coat may also "be carried, but the suit Is the necessity. A change el blouse is all that is necessary to make a fresh looking costume after shopping or at the end of a journey. This jaunty suit is made of blue twill with medium length skirt'and hip length Jaekei. The skirt Is perfectly plain but the jacket is trimmed with black braid and fastens with four buttons set close together. A jaunty little sports bat of felt with a cockade set close to the crown on each side gives just, the right touch. Cloves are always an impiutant accessory. The latest designs, button at. | one side or are tied around the wrist with tasseled thongs of kid. Sonic turn back sharply over the wrists showing a lining of contrasting kid. Sometimes a gauntlet consisting of three or four frills of kid with loops of tho same falling over the wrist is worn. Then again the usual stitching on the back of the glove is re.ilaceii by an oval, heart shaped or triangular desiigu of the wearers monogram. Possibly It is old fashioned .but nevertheless true that one hallmark of a lady^b> impeccable shoes, gloves and handkerchief*. It is, well lo bear this in mind. Do YOU Need Glasses ? Often gtaaaet are neceteary where the vlilon aeeme perfect. Delicate mueclei are put to toe much atraln to hold the eye* In focus. RESULTS Inflamed eyes, Squinting. Frowning. Headache. That ALL-IN feeling before your day'a work la nearly completed. Have your eyee examined NOW. ZINN, ORtometritt The Zinn Jewelry & Optical Co. Jno. Blrchfleld I Tomorrow | 31 Will be Q! Suburban Day And M usual we have a III long list of specials for j 1 you in every line" we car- j£J | J ry. Some of them a dyers' i tiled in yesterday's News but we have many more f|j Prosperity luukea few frlonib*. —VauvenavKUoa. Music Is Esaontinl GOSSIP OF THE STREET Sustains arm fracture—Mrs, A. N. Merrill, cashier at the Stenge Cloth- ins company, foil "and hroke her arm Kitlimluy hut she is able to ho down today. Mrs. Merrill had gono across Hip street to do some shopping and was coming hack vhun ' SIKJ . slipped just as .sho reached the curb, fracturing the bono in hor arm. • —x— * Two Charged With Desertion —Alba Itny Cole was arrested today by tho county authorities on a charge of child desertion. The complaint was sworn ;o by Itls former wife, Mra. May Rayl Cole. He was released on bond. M. A. Burt ram, also charged with, child do- Aertion, was releasad on bond today ponding a hearing before Justice Cox. Cleaning Plant Robbed—A cleaning Plant operatod by A. P. Hunter of 70S South Washington, was robbed sometime last night. The thief to-ok one pair of trousers, a brown silk dress, a black serge dross and a blue sorgo dress. The culprit gained entrance to tho building through the-back door. >4l —X— r Work Force 'still. Short—Tho Stam•'y^Mackey Conyruefion Co. i« still working a short shift on th-^ propect 27 pavement west of town. The contractor now lias less than a railo to go to complete, the 35-mlle stretch of pavement to Haven. Men have beeu ' scarce since harvest began. j Sees Good Outlook—C. V. Froeso, 1 sjK'ciul representative of the secretary • of state in enforcing the auto licence law, returned today from a trip to southwestern amiuiea and reports few delinquent motorists ther:*. Outlook " for row chrops is exceptionally fine iu ; (lie southwest, he says. j ter of Mr, and Mrs. ,1. A. Franklin or Kansas City, Kan., and Mr. JCdwiu JUdiert T.owirt, son of Mr. and .Mrs. J. Lewla of 'Wichita. The wedding will he at four o'clock Wednesday afternoon, July 2ii at* the homo of the bride's parentH. Miss Franklin is a Mrs. 'Raymond Newberry will preside as hostess to the members of Ladies. ' If you want a good soft water shampoo', sue Mrs. Hatch, Clean Towel Khop. BIHIo Cain. 17 -3t A book could be easily filled with praises from the 6wners of ELBURN pianos and player-pianos. An owner of the Elburn Pianola' writes: "It has at all times been a £reat source of pleasure, and a great entertainer of friends who from time to time called on me." Elburn Piano, $365. Elburn Pianola, $620. Elburn Grand, $635 Conic in or write for catalog. Very Easy Payments. J «|ENKINS' Va# SONS MUSIC CO. 1L V. rtulland, M«r. 122 N. Main Ht., Hulcliiiison, Kansas l'OT anything in music, visit Jenkins'. TO KNOW JUBt what different flowers to use and exactly how to use them -whon you call ar.4 gay "Some­ thing extra nice for abont ten dollaTs"— That's our business. We take prldo In harms them exactly right even unto the last detail. "~ For that particular .order call— Phone V/ 1 ®*^ 3800 V*#r \OfaV 18 North Main EXTRA SPECIAL DANCE Wednesday Night, July 18 9:30 P. M. CROWDS AT THE PARK. Saturday evening<lanee Stevens point: 10-tt HSNITH^) Suburban Day Special On sale at 10 o 'clock Tomorrow Morning Ferndeil Coffee, lb. 31c 40c value—Ferndeil Steel Cut Coffee P. & G. Soap Chips 2 for 41c Large packages — Valu* 25c each Order Early Okrn Carrots Totnatoca Lettuce Cetary DcoU Cucumbori New Potatoes Dressed Frleg Vent Chops Leo Of Lamb Cholca Veal Baked Loaf Roast Pork nnd Betf Corn Beef too Cook Dtoc Plums Watermelons Blackberries CaMdoupe Peaches Apricots Apples Phone 1500 "THE FERNDELL STOH«* 7 S. Main — H ousehold H ints By MRS, MORTON MENU H i NT. Breakfast. (Jrap*'f rull. Wheat Cereal and Cream TO.IHL CO fro O. Omek-L CoukK-a. Milk. ( Luncheon. Cmim of Ctilfiy Koui>. Crackers. Oohl Mi-at Sandwiches. CottaBu Oho esc Apple Huttoi. Millk. Glnsor OooUP-a. Sweet Cherries. Dinner. 1'ork Ch.-jus with lirown (iravy. Baked PotuUn-n. liuU«ioa Carrots. Brown ilroait and Butter. Curamel Cako. I.t-mon Sherbet. Tea, Milk. Milton Shuster Co.. pleasing Large Crowds Each Night. Another^o crowd utLPiided Riverside Park theatre a^ii'.i last nj^ht to wttiipsii tlu' uxrpilont performance si von by the Milton ShnsU-r Mimical Cominly Co. An a patron said last itiRht, "it BtifiuH lik» olii tilnes to »eo the large crowds that aro attending this show 1 ', iiut it is indeed a real entertainment, good sin^Lns, dancing" and lota of good clean •wholoRorno laughs. It is the Inmost and ohoapent show in towu^ Mr. Shu?tfir having cut the prices to 10c and 'JOc, plenty of trood seats for a dime, it)00 in all. MULTIQHAPHING Mailing, Folding, Addressing. PHONE 670 Wo write advertising campaigns. All kinds of Malting Llsta. EUGENE HANDLES ADV. CO. Eugene Randies—W. Raymond Allen 3 WEST SHERMAN Robinson's Syncopators Chicago's Famous Jazz Orchestra line Pieces—Violin, Piano, Cornet, Trombone, Piano, Two Saxaphones, Bass, Trap Drums. fSTEVENS' PAVILION .THE NEWS TELEPHONE, 4400 THE CURB STONE LUMBERMAN TODAY'S RECIPES. Drop Ginger Cooklei—Take one cup brown sugar, one OBK, a iilnnh of Bait, throe g.uart«r» cup aliortoniuis, three- quarters cup molasses, one teaspoon soda In one-halt cup cold water, one level tablespoon ginger, flour till stiff enough to drop. Bako in moderate oven. Pork Chopo—Porlc eliojis are delicious proparod this way. Have frying pan hot, put lu a little -fat roll pork chops in flour, salt and pepper thorn and fry until brown. Then pour enough hot water over them to cover tliom and simmer slowly on back ot range for one hour, keeping plenty of water on tlieni. Whon tlouo thicken gravy aB usual. Carmal Cake- Onn-hulf cup of butter (or substitute), one and ono-half cups Kiigar, n;ilt; cream toRothor thoroughly and uilil yolka of two eggs, and one cup cold water. Mix and add two cups of flour and two teaspoouss baking powder, one teaspoon vanilla, three tablespoons caramel and one- half cup flower. Lastly fold. In beaten whites of eggs. For Caramel—Take ono-half cup granulated sugar and brown It In sauce pun until it almost burns, stir- rim; constantly. Then add :i little water gradually, stirring all the time. Thia will keep indefinitely. Iciru — Two cupa lirown su^ar, one tablespoon butter, one-half cup millk; boil till It threads and then- remove from fire and Btir until just i-ljiht to apread on cake, being careful not to atlr too lonK, as It harden^ qullclily. Lemon Sherbet—One quart fieah milk, ouo cup cream, juice of three lemons, Iwr cupa sugar, -pinch of salt, Mix lemons, sugar and t;alt and place In freezer. When partly packed with ice and salt raise lid and add milk and cream, quickly replacing the lid. Start turning Immediately to keep it from curdllnp. Makes three quarts. Brown Bread —Take two cups Bour milk, one cup light Now Orleans molasses, two level teaspoons soda, salt, one and one-half cup3 white flour, one big teaspoon baking powder, two cups graham flour, one cup chopped raisins, one cup ohopped nuts; dlvldo Into threo coffee cana and bako very slowly for two hours. Have ovi~ rather hot to start with. SUGGESTIONS. To Mend Granite—When a granite pun, bucket or kettle leaks, boat It, and put sealing wax over tho holo or crack. It can be used to wash and pare vegetables In, etc., with slightly warm water. To Clean Sink—Tnko a damp cloth with Just a few drops of kerosono when cleaning the sink. The dirt comes off quickly and leaves a apot- less shining surface. Frozen Dessert—Take four tablespoons sugar, one pint of whipping cream, two oranges. Whip the cream, put In the Julco of the two orange* and tho sugar and beat It up agalu This makes a fine frozeu dessert. PRIM-PRE ST Everything daintily washed and as daintily ironed That's what we give you in Prim- Prest, the super-excellent family service we are now offering.' For complete satisfaction, and absolute relief from all washday troubles, you should try it Phone today and our representative will call for your next washing. _ ModelTauiidrV DRY CLEANERS 37-19 VWwt Second Walter BechmMga PHONE 4 4 Is a product known as small town stuff. A prospective builder or buyer is made weary by bis .persistency in trying to.close the deal for materia] before ho has a ohanco to setr"BNYDE11S QUALITY and REASONABLE PRICE. _ Whon you are in tho notion to save dollara on your Lumber Bill—get SNYDERS PltlCB on the bfll complete. THE SNYDER COMPANY PHONE 184. 23-25-27 We6t Sherman. FOLTZ PHARMACIES -3 STORES- .AT YOUR StRVICE L^SWJ San ECZEMA LOTION A Booth lug and haitUns lotion for application In all •ruptlve and Inflamed conditions of the akin and" acalp such aa, eczema, salt rhoum, pimples and tetter. , This la an excellent preparation for use In relieving tho Irritation and, pain caused by mosquito and chigger bltou. BOO THE BOTTLE 2.- & MAIN & MAIN IwCtffcoe I3^6t MAIN

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