The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas on June 22, 1973 · Page 4
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The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas · Page 4

Freeport, Texas
Issue Date:
Friday, June 22, 1973
Page 4
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tllK RR AZOSTOIIT FACTS g'»'<'|K>r<.T>tiM77MI,FrMiiy.Junta. |>73 DEAR ABBY Confessing to Jesus enough By Abigail Van Buran t \m » T, I think t do Now tell me, should 1 tell roy wife? OFF MY CURST IN (Jl'AM DEAR ABBY: I urn in the United SUt« Air Kw«. I «m • mttrted man, but t h*v« spent more time »w«y from my w«e than with her because 1 haw been stationed overseas to places where dependent* are not permitted. I Jove my wife with all my heart and nothing couM ever change that. We have had a good marriage in whKb we have always said that we would be absolutely truthful with each other. Wei), that is my probkm. I have failed In my part of the agreement. I have toM my wife that she was the only woman I have ever had an affair with. That's a Be. Before I was married, 1 had an affair with a married woman. White I was overseas 1 had two "ooe-nlght stands" with a ditfemit girl each time. They meant nothing to me. I can't even remember their names. I have prayed for forgiveness and (eel that Jesus has forgiven roe, but t feel so guilty about lying to my wife, Bui If 1 toW her the trulh now she would never believe another word ! said. Should I confess these ties to her or not? Abby. you are the only person to whom I've told this. At the bottom of your column in the Stars and Stripes It says: "Write to Abby, you'll feel better If you get it off your chest" Church sets drama, film 0»T; N«. »«, w>! Cu«»fMl«<( t* >««r wife w««M makr h*r unhappy. Y»tt'v* ttwlrwd to Jn»*. That'* DKAR ABBY; There U an unwritten law ol ethka among hairdressers One operator does not deliberately sleal another operator's patrww If the customer bomtt decide* la switch o< her own ai\-ortt. fine and dandy. But for an operator to try to lure away a co-work*r'» best-paying or nxwt interesting exaioroers Is unethical As a shop owner who is alto a bainirratfr I have mn some wcelient operators fall vktlm to *uch piracy and consequently kn« their self -confidence. By the Um« the owner of the shop become* aware of what h** happened, the offending operators have maJe th*itu*ivrs to \fjtuibfe to the shop that the owtxr can't afford to fir* them How are the vwlims to fight b*c«? NAMKL^SS OUT WKST DK.\R SAMKUSS: tf» contctv.kk Out ICt Kigfc^r oallkrtv l&at a kairdr**.*«r o»«W • *«*aj" a tit* patrva from a to-«<tfker. If ta* f*U*» «aa k* aw»jr," the-* art taUrffed, ta wWcfc FREKPORT - Presenlation of a Christian musical drama will be performed by the youth rf the First Baptist Church here Sunday. June U4. The drama, entitled "What's it all About Anyhow" and composed of three acts. Oil Change Every 7,000 Miles Ihe nm of a ba.'ancv ?,t«0 mU« m IS Tha! 's time for M ml change. To assure continued accuracy and dependable ptrfarmans.-* your wasch should be cleaned and oiled every year iti 18 months Give >nur uaich ihe care of a possesswn. It require* no more lhati any precision medsanscaJ uxstrumoit lisrwi i Jenelfrs will be pteo&ed lo inspect your •aaich free., and "change TOUT oiJ" if needtd You can depend on Baron's tn lack's Center fur prompt. quahiy will be presented in the main auditorium of the church beginning at 7 30 p m Performers in the drama are Cindy Edwards. Sara Eikms. Cleta Uoerl. l.u Heard. Audrey Petty. Brenda Reynolds. t>bb»e and Pam Wilkinson. Kathy Spann. Stephanie Stark, Douglas Eddy, Dannie and Janice Fcrgeson, Kenny Johnson. Dannie and Jean Ar.n Penny. RooaM and Mike Whjlehead and Mike Sicvera Abo. the church will be showing Billy Graham's film "His Land," a Journey into the jou) of Urael. beginning at 6 p,m in the church Mkwjhip hall Th? Velajco Bapiut Church will abo be showicg the film Sunday at 7:30 Then; is no charge for ihp rveots and ihr public IA tnvit«i to attend Chkken, fish meals to be sold at church FRKEPORT - The Ktr»S Missionary Baptist Church will b* selling barbecue chicken and fi*h dinner* Saturday The dinners will b* wid from 11 a m until sold out ami the plates will «»t Jt SO each AUo. cakes and p»« ••• wbote or by the sltce. will t« soW For delivery »*rvic* call the R*v G L SJe*art. fualot. at 2»25U Profils from the sale will go into the church fund Rev. Swinney to be honored Til IUT CI$TUp*y, tii •Kan UM Our Loy^hwoy \V 'Summer PUywcar and Swim wear S-M-L - MT - >«.\.: See Our Maternity Wear T °P* Panh Swimwear Lmaene H o$e Dresses Gift Certificates WEST f/OLUMBtA .\ reoeptoo bawrinf ihr R«", lx»xurd R Swsnne} or. ti» 25!h anr.ivrrjury o< hit ordi/ul;or. 4* 4 Jlr^bjirrun mtsu*!*r. t* fccsnx h*W A'- .) » pm Sunday, Ju£* 2«. i« tftr run Osurrh r,l Columbia The Hev Svniancj ha» Si*!;-^. pa*Jor o< both the llttixt ats«J Ibt t'mi Churchr* ir. Sweeny unre Nm. 1. !S«iS JI«r was ordained Jur* 35. !'H* in .Swiwury o< Hwfc«rrJ Swt NEW ARRIVAL OF CENTER STAGE SEPARATES th* Vivian f'friby a»* V.-vun. l-i (:fst ffcuSnej:*- unf f-itSI J"rv*w to turni,.'!^ ta W? t 'uiuCTfcu , fc< MTVftl " kjp l-'tf »n m for* !.JV4< Mitrv <V.) jrj.l * Ujtoo. Reception to honor the Willis Sparks Mr jfirf Mrs Mt'illi* Spafkj will he hor^riprf with j fncpplMXi ir, !r*!r h»m<< j! tfca W iu«fv SirineJ m rr»«p«)ri co Su?sd»). Jww :« from : lo i p m Thf coypte are g Eh*:r Kth RE\'. I_R SWINNKV NOTICE! SUMMER SHOE SALE NOW IN PROGRESS ENTIRE STOCK OF LADIES! MEN'S AND CHILDREN'S SUMMER SHOES NOW ON SALE. The r«:ev>*-'° ti by lhr»r two oUfe-st s«s«. Kotvnif and (Undy Sparkj. and b> Mr^ K It ltr«ty mother of Mri spark* ImiUtK^a to (rwrnii of !h»- family <r« ntrr^ircj ihrwu^h the pr«r»* Twomblys honored on 50th anniversary Mr, and Mr* Harry Twombly *tre rcccnll) honored by their chiWrcd on their Stith wedding anruvenir/ with i dinner party at the Warwick Hotel m Mr. and Mr* Twombiy lived m Kreeport at the tun<- of their marrug*. June 20, l«1 They moved to ifou*tan »nd ri'swktj there until they returned to Krwport in liHl, They have made their borne at ISO) Wot Ktfth for the patl 30 yearn They have 4 children. 10 grandcfa}tdrcn and one great- PKAR AMY: 1 urn • mkMI«h«|fd woman with * torn I hop* you won't think U too tUty to tniw* r . iummw I vttii mjr »bt#r to Omaha for • »Mfc. She h*i * lowly RUMI r«om, utd I wijoy visiting htr, but th«r« to w unnoyanct. In the hilt Jmt mttritfe my Iwtfroom door »hw» U * grandfather flock which ehtww on the half how, awl then again on the hour. Thw« chin** K«*p me »«**«> pratfi- caily all n%ht. I c*»'t untfenteml how my tteter and hw husb*i*l CM ite*f with that ttoek tn the halt Wben th» shim** ar* atom, t a<n disturbed by the IHKH] tkkifi* I hat* to ttmiplate eo my tM«r, hut I » m (Jwttftag nw n«\t visit ferhai* U yw p*t« thfe «fe«'U f«th» WoJ -TICK, TOtX AND UONtl" HIUH TICK! llw't k **W **k y«*r tlsitr yaw rim. PKAR A11BY I MM>* 13 "It S. V r"" Itivitaiktat I only * tw»p<Jc*M' a taut*** tuu to k»uw tow , , i for After walitn« t*o »«*.i, wwtM U be at* for me to wkpfcoc* iN.w« (rom *»»<« | and a.<k U they are cutoin^ of »*' rvkccMt to *» tt. rtttsnunu) MoaWIS r.U On th« ii tititn \in if r~ «** n -i r»»ty. <rr«* I. AMY •*« SILO WHO FREEZER Neol -Brockman Mfi Jf 'it in ISaff h««r.« e| i.Ssr brtctr't jjajypt.i j»i!t> t;«t:K \tf-oui. \ttxlt at the brtifa, as<l Iftir K*» Juftn S6fpvjf4 ,jt ,\f,iflvtaG attiiP-iltiXit *t <Nr r. tSc toraT is'.! fiif jS Ausitn »2ii'. son sjT M.* W SraE S< ai MJ 4 »?B«iirrJ .4! SVfWllJf-iA »< A.'!< *:«!•»•» J*. ftlJv'ik Jl' ".''».• w 4 ^: ^ U;',w :.™ •)!,•« 10J5 Vatet 5K99 5 n-.jf; vi.s LOI6 NIIIU cms NET jrtl j.-uj .Ur< f*-v4(iS>C M).'!.-.»::i VJ.-s ?>*•(:' ftrr •*>:»{ ifirj ftp »kir< fe-wrd to i s^rf j DRIW ttOUK* ro.-ic%v:!s Colemon -Vines K:iM«iJ OBITS* i'ulcmjn Jr Afy waiir.g tfceif hvrtyr in Slu'.r (/;jJ,rjBif!!j Ihir TV* Hr-i f K Tt^t«sf><?!.:i.j>',(r-« at !h»- tfci^fc!* rwg crfrrjjr.-y Thip brid*. fhp f>irtn*r firrRiJa t,«u %'ins-i ^n4 *' Mf A Ml M»» Vtrars rf A ,1 grudujtr o/ ^avtijiid *,-aJ Itr^o 'A fjinti f «J !?•,<!• .:«*ipir rrjwV 4 • rip fi> *».*(i*H!;f5rs Bake sale slated 9 itn A t'oicfivJR ij^ i'tuS* Jirnl thr Nr* W'jwi F!! (jTiiru* ('«<*ovAn S» . t'lujrvh «< Ou!r. *ill i* £rj(!i(jtr <^ ! School and HP WAfiON MILL 71tt (VjfwirwrSfori Co of Tlw iaJt »t!l I* frprt! » a m n< h»j<«» »»» fk*h group aitl Hjkrr of A&j£ifton 4fi() htOfti^nv^t)^ &Mt? Worn* c*!tt* J'rwfitiifrnni th* wl« will HUT 6AROEI WHEEL IAJIMW1 10J6 !•*•• 6 TiOfWT TICILI BOX W/RIMIIIU TU1 SHUT PIliT II $1311 Sffii! HINT SffUYEA KIT 414 Happy Birthday I.ADD TEMI'l-K. JKKMV WAYNE I'OWKItS, Mr» CI.AKK.NCe L KOSTKK. HKHiiKHT McKLVKKN Jr , Mrs II B KIUSHY, DKBOHAH ANN MAilSHAU., anrf HlfDiAKfJ COLK Happy AnoivcrMry: Mr and Mr* OKA WOIXAM I i. iv> • ' , - N* | H )AM a i r t ' Ab Florence Miller (u»m»-tics Liquid (leanur 4 «*. 12.54*. * at. ll.Od. Skin Frtihutr. cuataln* no alcoJiul 4 ««. 12.50. 8 o*. |1.0«, A*lrinK*nt. cu«Uib» no altahol, 4 I24«. II w. >4,W». K>r ('ream I w. f i (U. |3.iU Juur <rtot **» Fhirntct klUttr „ Iti »WI „ 18 MINI PMT 2 - CELL Fusnuarr $141

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