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The Daily Milwaukee News from Milwaukee, Wisconsin · Page 2

Milwaukee, Wisconsin
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Thursday, July 14, 1859
Page 2
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Morning,. ittc State Convention. Contortion - Tneltoee of the Addi/'fe.^fe &fr tt f TW » »*» * fcsoo (tin* eaetern *ajr of the I*w dijSotto) j l*"* "tends dowB^b KB aib^^r&igSJasSSteugtfiii i »¥%** T":C»T* f•»•""•MM* M* *W ,s^«^j»* »•'..«»•&* s*l i.-_. --v^-vj.i«im»wiiM» nuv uau Ktucea JOp J|^^*o*eka« the,soldiers fronr their i f a fr^ tas *^'°r&^hrt,l*befattw , "SiSyjPS ta -: " athunderboU Wtf Mien' 'with&; JSLriTsrssBss.^.^^ :«4. *t_*r_L_j «»_».-_, „ . ~ -i. < *: --P i *"? nt *the^audaolona tuAt All thisnenmn> WltXCilH /A-F-SLA SLAKESLEE • V< ___VH — —..m.«j.... f .ft^ THEODOEK bONKEt,' .EICHABn S.SISHMB, not Gascon. *. , All the a were under examination, rt7« »£<L t» OT fl:wnua «H 01 4 wJasnspi- Won, Whsa Sewmont Was betrayed by* a com«»d condemned:*second time. iHe had " Bereral-hnndred thousand 1 fra«os, the • —•* M PAttHlSH, • , ,*- ATTORKKTS i^XlOKSELLORS AT r*w ' • Wo. 10, Albany-- * >AW ' fof Edgar Alien' «•„«. 6 Republic of the tfnlteft States a »»»%. Mf »ua mating* of Alexander 0aniiltait and a hl»cptelnpor»r1^;by.J«hnO. HsmiWos. "ejTjii!! raeetred: fz,Sv.f i Tbe Vagabond; by Adam Badeau; 41. Th» T«.tim«w. pf Modem Science-to il departments i " -••rf"""vifr/»«*w'iugjjj »IHI I favor «f the specific an'ty and common origin of »i [ ttj j *»rt«««ro».tr«ni;by £E. Cabell, M. D. Pries « F .¥*5' olrt :?*! 1 '? Impre.j CathsrlM JT; written by her- 00VN8BOVOB8 AT MI1< 3ree<1 , J«se. f Cows, .... nyalaicenf; br N. Pmrker Willis; . f T.S'ch.ra Henijr tana; 73 P . OT.I; by Anthony Troilope; «l Cow* ,and .Dairy Jsrjaln?, comprWnJ the »«««w««fr TheteneDoctrfne. —• ~ ~r"~»««»«™« , j — «uv«g»auj "»a soms jssrsMigioai importance • We have no fears that the sorad sense of the j tot it belongs^already to the Strategical ifoeor southerttdemocraoy will not prevail with «>.(««» ffinoto, whose ddean It mf be palled -- - -ri •*• "•——-• -^ »ja/w*w»,*w»H» *W Ui JXW" **W* WsWUVU, ^ e Y '"'' session of lAdlrPteegheltonei *ad*Ia«s«a j * - ' - -^ !"•— ' j but even then ihe lij»1a too&ttenriwforde-i" - m * rt * r * 0oHR w0w>»rcrtB«i!Ws»J.|a,---; ---™—v« w »«»««,« , raa ra , fenoe^nEt^ieko'nsaJtaotTh^Wmy.E^J^^f* 01 *^ *- «« « *P8Sft£ whirewT^K^aL" 1 - Fromthe lill.te.t^w^^S^J^ Hto^sJwS htastmaa; "^0010- have inSSeT' aeAdds, <mfy ths flnies«<<whfot tows-'Sni}***'* 113 " 10 8nb » ta ' i «« 3 fellows; -,"--- WJd- "lUs easily done wheiL.youararfol *wtMh«lU«,itagoil»ia^ ""*"' "' " *" ' la the Oglio) -has some Jrtrafegioal Importance j j?* 1 " 1 '* «pKhet*-withdraw., ." v speot to the question rained in that „ „„ „, Congressional interposition for the especial pro. tection of slaw property In the Territories.— Had we fears, they would be dispeUedJby the fcanfc tone and positive attitude of sereral of the more prominent sonthern demooratio jour- la the Oglio) Tuts some Jrtrafegicallffiportatfoe: ,~ - - - . *,„. t. r~i ,*.-.— a _^, .. . . „-. *. ^-.The apswer oomes from .the jsditor of the Jackson JHmjlt:~~ * > ~SIB—If yon'were al ing parallel to thia tivet, «t a dia&nca of ' ot ttfalre miles. ' . The Mincio' learfflat'peMhiera the Lagp di Garda,;«ad runs soothfast in~imfnnwrabl» crooiM to the apper lake (Lggo SapaJore) of Mantua, joining the-Po after having crossed . W,Jfcteiau«, formerly ) H3BUO * C01T,Alb».iy, > He* York, f R Btoenooon ia D. 8,<7oni Utoioner for several states. r*jLxeti BIOOOOOQD • < s I Com- , 1,25.' for Uo SHARPSTKIM JOBS ft..3JlABB!JTBIN r Enrron. /or tl In thff office of ! tho county of by notiiUri -h it i r'?m:un 'inr-'-Je !&>f" » ML HeVas^nttl^at SPEClAls NOTiCESi For Sample, listen to I «>» lake Mow Mantna {the jitter: ** The true doo-J It Is a river pretty laigB and that paper, «i B to t^^ and ,SrR—Foar ssttsfaoiosry.- All thisoocwrodtn Jac^soi, Mia3 r> on tha 25th of Jone Ust, and occnpied the attention of B\X men." an " U< to *--"«*««*-**««. , , SIB JAMES CLARKE'S ^ t Celebrated Female pj| M . " f rom a prescription of Sir «/. 'Qlafa ^ftfatardinary'to tke\ Quten ICIOB Is unfailing In the car* of al the . idandaandialets favor the laying of ponton* 1 ^ ? * he M "*•"«. »•» doubtless be minate bridges at many points, ft ia cros ' . s e 'Bimself orthose with "t; ?? ood ^ ***'«t^™ «l ^Kt^s^^ 2 ^ make forty thonsand snoh codes, there wonld] be<kfende4 against aTS be neither slaves nor horses in the Territories I cross the Minoio. Below Mantua from~th7 tloi »i if the people did not want them there ; and if hake to the Po, the length of the river is onb th^people did want them, there would be no seven miles, and this part is defended and occasion for such Congressional code. Thisis protected by the sonthem fort of Mantua br juet oneof,those staoborn facts thatare proof Pietofi - Mamu ». V againBt paflology, oasulstrr, or logic. The The strategical importance of the Mincio dispute isabont nothing, and wfll come to therefore, lays in the circumstance that U U nothing. Before the Charleston Convention the shortest diagonal line between the Alns meets, the.'peopie of America wUl find this and the Po, offering between the LagodlGardl ont." Thisis, most undoubtedly, the true "»*e north, and the Po'in ttfrsonth, only a doctrine - ; j line of twenty or twenty-fonr miles to be de- And then, again, to the Washington ConsK- fended. On the left bank of the river in a fcon .which says "that in order to steer distance of three or fonr miles, are sort (feolir. clear of tie nltraisms of Con^sinnal inter- ities, giving to an army ranged on their flanks twaition frtr ttin TimfAnti^n «r ^.t _.. •___ ^ ...... _ -»*»**»o . 5™«A»>brevjal.o,ia of the at a nse it'1s pecnllarly suited. It wlD, In a .hort lime, trine on tha monthly period with regularity. | BichbotUe,prI«eOneJtaU»r, bears the OovirnLaful Stanip of Great Britain, to prevent counterfeits, ' Jfc 1 ?* ""** "* < *^*» n ttfimaUi duHHg th. inter Tjnuut xosina oj Pre^ncy, « ^ ltn y t>t ^ tr PAJ MKR ifc \STAIUi, Attorneys & eounallor* at Law. tSlf~ Offlc*, No. 2, Ultehen's iVew Bank Buildin?, cor- ° Jinln * nd Bast W * ter rtre ' ! "'' *«•«•<*,«*; by Ro- at Law «JNO. A. „„ , ^»>JA: Attorney aad Counielloi KOS.»410,I ' UttWADKEt, "OommmrtoncrforA. J, fsio", • and Iowa. Untftd 3tak» aw! CtrmtUCourt a,mm{t,lon.t<. tfartau Elwood; orHoff Girl's live; 75,;. J. V. V, PL.%TT«, Attorney & Counsellor at JLaw. . Jleat Eatejs, »ith some iccoant of their H^uaH ao, Abits; $1. Ootltnes or Creal'pc; Uliutfateil' wiUi ov c r 4<)<j e i»- »Tlns1 r " ' 7 of Fr<;(ll?r ; Great; by ThomM f arlyli- The 6an» orfiraugi'ts or Chec'kers.aimpiifl.-u an.l «• Satur'o* d^ P - raCtI<:! " Ji * gram3 a " d nlua ration*; hy D. P NBW Amerlu«n Cyclopedia; Vol. 8; fit. New 1 lustrited, Cji»bri.|ge,| f>i ci l .11 ,fy; Tlvecdore P»rt« 'j Woiki Complete "'mcKU...».v«., 114 Eait IVater street. W.UUKlk tto '™' t *" Law anj Solcitori la Clnu.-r>, MAP or [SEAT OF ep in operates with 1-rnsh and soap was daily found and presented to the eminent customer. After a reduction of the bersute facial e, the amount of monetary con- aideration which the said improvement of the Outward man was supposed to call for was ii position for the protection of slai> property in the Territories, on the one hand, a^.l 'squatter sovereignty,' on the other, it io only necessary that the Charleston Convention should tts-af- firmand re-adopt the Cincinnati platform.— This will be full, complete and sufficient. It and foot all the advantage of a protected posi. tion, with all facilities of debouching and dashing on the enemy who dares to cross the river. Both ends of this line are'protected^y two fortr<i*s— Peschieta and Mantua ; to turn r was t \ cniiniD 8 "ink of the left eye the knight of the razor modestly demanded the modest sum of— one dollar. Horace first looked amazed. A oomphicent «nii e . however soon brightened his featme3,~«,d Wthont the le*st comment hauled out and hand- tint they art mff. thwack and Ua,to, F.tign. on .ugst « erl i 00 t*aoiicfUi« Heart, Hyttenw, , a a Whiu., iheieKlh wni *0ect a cnrewhen »U other meatu tare falleil, and although a powerfol reawdy, do not contain Iroi. talo- BWI, antimony,« any thing hurtful to the.«on.UtntIoD. rpti direction!t In the pamphlet around each »h£cn ihonld be tarefally preMired. Sole Agent for UieT/nlted8tate» and Canada, "JOB HOSES, fJUte J, C. Baldwin * bo;i O. TOR VOX D : t : SCU A: IV IflTKLER, ATTOENET3 AMD OOONStLLOBS AT LAW, ire Block,-iSl.if ti' rt Wlter stw TWKNTY-I IVK C'l'S. uhlcen hundred and •'''"'i 'i'"'"' '"'' ' h ' ! eacrlption of wch truer, r, r j nt ' a ' '' rl - ''pp r ' li ;i llowlnir. list, ia Uie n.unR •-,! '•>,,.''',! lr ' ' h '- r "" r . '' horn it is aaseiwed,. and tin Amount' nr",'"; !1 "" od Interest, calculated (•> tha List .in- It . ,' a«on(!f>ch. ' •"' l "m;> Now, tbemfore, ua!ea« such lnnd»i)o r,»i - i before the-l.lth day of .»pr.|, on" nioiuan.i >'. ,'• dredand sixty, in pnniiMc.; if trie .SuiiVfti TI u, '', made and'proTldcd, the-am/, -.riii >„• f.-rffit..,! . / ta.T«.and chnr(f«<, .in,! will i... . ,,,u-»... • i purchMcr. ' Landi mid f,>r< ,/,«•, .j/i,/ r,-t, t r>i.-.t . office rt.i rielint/iieiif, for th- .,,.., r H-, April 14, ,-!. j&. 1357. , 15 an-,. ;i iTCTfOM. A,;;i'_-, . . OIT.TOIW DE.CRIPtlaS. <,r Palricl; flamel, .1 WO Walker, n.eijr n (»REK>TFIEljD-. Town <;. C Comstock, ' » hf ,. hf n L . ,| r , S.'iin'l C West, bil n by r. Jin,, ir hv Parnon.i i by John Doe, l'"*^?, pr n Y f r hd n by t |i n ,- v hy 3 C iV-Mt , P.IK'.-,H.!!)y tit-\': Una |)'. n -v q Michael O'BrlfD, e hf . hf n famc.1 Can.'y, IT hf q w . t r :e, n hf" N til' n ?if J I) S«?Hiy, w !if s lit i fif I" SI* CHANDLER & HiCKGOX, Attorneys &Cunaellora at taw , pIIU, bj return man. Tor lale by anril-diw tllLlVADKEfl. a JB«BI ptaiiBna,... ...(aj>rl5j.,.. ictcoi. containing o»er l<3- OREKH* BUTTON! O.BAE&1NGTOPI, J.M.AWOTT. this ine to ' >a rendered im' th&Alpj),inthesonth profonnd bow. Aa soon m, laB oaroer haa, however, left the apartment, he remarked very feelingly that he thought he had experienced » shave in two difii rent directions. The writer soon after met the 'dollar" artist on the street, and playfnUy reti.arked that he thought the former ought to h .ve takm Horace's beard off free of charge, wl.-renpon the addressed individual very forcil.-y remarked that the We men had to pay 1>^ prices. - b 'Wauled t»' Purchase. St adrertlser wUhes to parohase a Hooje and Lot "the bar£.r i,7,T I l ""*' ilUy lt>c - M tn * b * S«»enth Ward. A m ^M^W*™'*''"**'*™** ***,.*& m«we* the purpose. Addrws firswer«9 wlthlocat on .. . COTTOS COON, HOLLISTEB ACOTTOH. nud C'ouiiiellors, N03.4,5,AJJD6, Pflffi-UX BDILDIXQ, „ (19< Ea»t U'gter Sweet,) JUST rtKCjKIVKL) AT ~ H U ,\ IV A C l£ O S B V ' M ANOTHER E.VV01CE OF CUOICK fBUIT, 'rmtj; '20 .—The old line whims . ^^ t • j^a ] 9tter tjie n , „( apair, of moccasins—a a little toiro of not more thanjP'f 8 ! 0 * ? f tbe-"L.ttJe lUven," tbemightv ^he fortiBcations consisted orig- the crosateg of Cl^, cre-fc. A ,andadeep ditch; - fourth district of Georgia, have nominated j. . «orwaca«ons consisted orig- J "»* crossing or We t ere. k. A demand lim. r ."iVngni lor wOQgT6SBj m Opp0Sjtj(JiJ tOl *-i*"»"**BCp<UtCnj pgnf n^»rt|j In oftfj/ji I a a fV Hon.Lneius J.Gartrell, on a platfonn which °°f el ""," ^^ 4omlnlon ll « aeigh»ottng tonnd. Ih« ?v,fr« He aUnohehadrter^ 1 'admits of but one interpretation and that is hlllook » Sk^ella, <»» »ne lefthaak ofthe river, wbmii cgietly to tl,- me^sant pin can* an nnalwraW, determination to ignore and «! * ascr ? ffl ' edw ^ a ^"on. The Austrians r^^Snl^H.^X %°* % ainsl f •"» —»**• *uo.fc »Oj . _ an nnalwraliln determination to ignore and re- * a * croff ° ed ; W *T a ^MUon. T!he Austrians pndiate all men and all party organizations of CODStn ? ot < xi oi *9'-right bank the fort Salvi, whatsoever name, and of whatever faith or i*" 11 ei « ctea ? iBca 1848 eight dnetles (Haxi. professed creeds that«re not for a strict and mllian with bomb proof redoubts, — «»* VH -tum I '* i JT-"»• *v^«vuvi>9| unflinching administration of the government, j P rotect£n S « nd dominating all accesses to the npon the true "intent and meaning ofthe con. j centra! fortresse s. The Jnnette»being a oon- stitntion, and the reserved rights and interests I siderabl9 4}st:auoa f «w» tie town, PesohJera of the South." Where is there a candidate, forms no « r » lar &e fortified camp for a whol* Hbrth or South, who is not running npon j* 0 ^"^"""' wjlicll<san nienace every move- the same declaration of principles ? - "I ment of the flanfes ot the enemy who is about . ••"-• • ts cross the Mincio. A fleet of small steamers BAK SopSTOK.-Notwithstandlng the assn. lying nnder the walls of a Peschier can tniw WGeneta[Houston gaveatthe close ot. his port troops to «very point ot the lake threaten term m the Umted States Senate,; that he ed by : the enemy.' Large sluices were con- snould nojjore enter tbe field o f , po iJti M) he strncted in 1848, Which, if completely olosed. 2S nOW &S u^grj aK (>r-Ar in «ftl»*t««1 ^^r.;_^ i^n- 1 nf^nM.*^ «l. A '_*^.:*« .-. ' -_ :^ yet covered ngainst the h whi, h his l.ft leg walas Wh«>. bovver, within a few •'..*._ _ • """«»«» wiuiin a lew miles of Denver City, on . ar war back tbeaf- fliotedindlTidnal pereSance undertook 'the in- TesHgationofoneof thepookelg of hla swal low.tail. The ««.irrl,ing hand felt something wrapped up I im n-wgpaper. It was prodn- celandop-.iu vi, u—ioi themiggingrnoc- 8 > mm>li for editorial at.. of jonrnalisU . 8ent-mlnd.-dnrss. Shortly after the -••••• 1 -»«• ««au o«pounos,ne 18'ruoiea in 10*8, wnicd, if completely dosed; is now as dteep as ever in political affaire. !lSe elevate the water of the lake considerably and isa candidate for fioverecr of ftn. With a ff opened.-inrell Suddenly the riv«r Mincio *o pretty certain Chance of being elected- and he «<«&«« to destroy pooten or ram bridges. = will ateo be before the legislator*^for'another -': Thewawayfrom Verona to Brescia crossar . ' tCrtll in t&6 SpDRlp. frt r*nTnv<nAn AA f** lor>n •• v I L-j_^»t" •__ t* ^-Jl _. . * onrnas that was to Inspect th d diggings had reached the plateau intervening between the South Pktte«nd the mountain*, their vehicle came up with an or team fall of fellow trawlers. A* soon as the .drstingulshed personace that H, COROES& CO., otice to th«ir buu O!! M fnenj« thai they have remoTe.1 the.r Wholesale Grocer ;•:» 1 H'EIBr- OLD' STAND, N*ir corner of i the Senate, to commence in 1863, just before the erpiration of his executive term ; and appearances, at present, indicate that in this, too, he will be snocessful.. Sam is an old stager, having commenced his career as a politician many years ago. When he seas apui.ti- cal game getting np^he must take a hand. PBOM VICE PEESIBENT TO PRBSIDESJ.— Martin Van Buren is the only man who was ever elected President after having held the office of Vioe Presiflent, since the Constitution prescribed the present mode of choosing the Int^xte f^tfl-.^— T_» m + _ under the walls of ^Beschiera, the,Minoio. ;, > This description will suffice to give a pretty clear understanding; and !de?of the present nature and condition of the northern end {the north key) ofthe Mincio line. The southern key Js Mantna (Mmtova,) a city and fortress for centuries renowned. It counts 30,000 inhabitants, and is situated On anlsland of considerable extent and circumference, occupying 175 acres of hind. On, the northern side of the town is a second island, which is much greater; .and - been pecere , aeries of infernal sounds, striking. ly remindful of the vociferations of half a dozen distressed jackasses, commenced issuing from their w»gon, ; The demonstration was evidently intended for the special benefit of Horace *nd was enjoyed by him to the fullest possible extent. It is altogether improbable that he had ever before been the snoject of a similar ovation. v- . .•••'.. '••.'*' .•:•.: i^ThllB we were encamped ihe. first day, for the purpose of .doing aw«y with onr dinner, an individual, who tnade nimself known as a "feller from Honth Carolina," «me up to our camp, wid caning tba writer aside, wondered " " P. O A D JOBBER IN AKD Notions. ALWAYS , , woere whether the "old man"— referring to Qreeler --conldn't be induced to trade a yoke of oxen for a olaira In the railed to discern the bottom of this funny The writer first that was at the tfon. he latter officer. John Adams and Thomas Jef- f rtifi ^~ the 5aland n ^e. -It fe large enough ferson both became Vice Presidents by reoefv-1 vfho ' B COT J» <?ormu of Sn.onn „, en nnn ' ing the nest highest mimber of votes to the" successful candidate for President, and John , Tyler and Mflterd Pillmore, elected to the eec- ond office, succeeded to the first by the death of Harrison and Taylor. DECEASE or COKQEESSMES Etscr.— Three of the members of Congress elected to th 50,000 or 60,000 Under Wnrmser an army of 29,000 mem was barracked on this ialand. The camps and barracks are fortified and bombproof. Around both islands in the north and east, House of Bepresentatives have died, viz Hon. Thomas L. Esrris, fn the Sixth distric of Illinois ; Hon. Gyms Spinck, in the Four teenih distrfct of Ohio ; and Hon. William 0 Goode. in the Fourth district «f Virginia.— Messrs. Goode and Harris were representatives in the last Congress. A Channlng Writer. , Under date of the 12th instant we received the folhwing note and contents from a business man which we feel some delicacy about publishing, but it really seems too good to ,be lost: "Enclosed please find ten dollars, which place to my credit. I have now been a con- etant reader of your paper (XUltcotikee 2>ailv •news,) for fonr years, and I think the enclosed will pay np the^balance due.* And I here take the opportunity of saying that / don't begrudge one cent ever paid for tketfevs. Goon my wends and may fortune favor yon. <Jod is Love, . Yours wer, * examination of tae-booksdlsdoiea th««rstl- • tu&t It tlnM. »nrl «Mttr* •A«Ai v 'ltAv •*&•• i« ^a j oeg , ln a yegr is a broad, deep lake; in the south and west a swamp, which is formed by a dried up lake, *nd even more difficult to pass than the lake! The distance from the wall of the fortress to the interior banku of the lake is 2,400 feet.— TUeonly approaches to the two islands-are five moles or dikes-three from the right, two' from tha left side. The eastern mole leading to the (fauborg) Borgo di fit. fllorgio consists of a long dike and a stone bridge, the latter' 2,700 feet long ^ the northern mole, leading to Borgo di Portezza, is 1,380 feet long. The Irst is protected and commanded by the Port St. Giorgio, theflecond by the great Citadello di Porto.. The moles in the west and south arennderthe «annon ofthd horn-work Pradella and the strong fort Pletoli. The sonth- ern point (the nose) at the island JQ To Is defended fey a combined system of entrenchment and redoubts called the redo,nbts>of Mflglio. retlo. Onthesanw point are the great sluices which, opened, inundate the environs to a distance of fonr to six miles. '„ This sitnaKon renders Mantua really impregnable. and as long,as it Is-npt' taken, —-——- *** •»»•« »MMMJ Y*vyvtfi***vUt Trullo no who was eager for the ttada was, howflver, ei- patiatfng on tbe merits of hte quadrupeds, the confusion of the names ''Greeley" and "Gregory," that gave rise to thfe ridiculous incident, sjaddenly beoame-apparent.. Aboui two houro afterwards, we met a party from Indiana; the leader of which rode up to me and requested the writer in an under tone, to show him the "editor of the New Tort? Herald!" What is feme? Whatconw- lattonto^Greeley in the thought of havimr lived a political life diametrically opposite to £nd°»X Bennett ' "* ^ t0b9C ° n One soenfc P iil never be forgotten by tbe writer. When tli« party had mounted their ani- maiB in front t>i tbe camp of Dr. Casto, tbe President ot the mining district, for Ihe purpose of treading the back track, Horacefonnd it, however, more easy to bestride his long eared charger thanlo induce him to move forward. Th« whip arid spur proved unequal to tlwtask. Every forcible expedient being ex- hansted, the rider Anally resorted to Amoral persuasion.' 1 -- Mellow words of kindness and encouragement flowed from his lips; but they availed nothing. The obstinacy of the animal finally seemed to excite the admonitor. and in a half-praying, half-threatening tone, he exclaimed: "tfw.mvie, for God>» taJct'don't be a mvleP This vigorous appeal wag promptly responded to. The aide moved. • _ . Are reqoeirted to call and examine . 0OODS AND PRICES. ' B. Pt CADY, Qncntln^i Block, n E. Water »t LOOK fiEBE, 7E WEABT TRAVELEBS ZHNINQ SALOON! L OCATED near tbe Milwaukee * sfcMijslpoI Depot U Jttst the place to procure warm aod substantial meals, for the (mall stun of Si cents; and the tablet •III be sspplled with thft choicest viands of Ibe seMoaT' iorSTERS AND CAMTE 8erred«p In every style, on short notice. The UVitw snt*-i>sll*ut ^r4tVi *V_ ^1.^*. i n, . - "(^ BACK: "rr» M hvrclofsr*. NoxrcB, 1 8 hereby given that all the counters gne notes inned bv the "People's KW&" a m ? 1 M be ,F'' nI "if at "-* 0< 5 c - of thel anl ^on, pl ™.»T within three Jt»r» Ir, m tf,e dale or tl ,» cr ihat the fond, deposited or the xalemrt.o 11 f said cite» wni l» jtrtn on ti> ih« <a I Pankm,. j H HAERTEt, ' T/«!V Jin/) c mprehetids the viltolt region country on w/iicti ,llie present irar mil waged. o nPllV S-Uiej »hich figure ou Ih» Map an; Piediuoc pJrmai Mo-hoa*'u' * ie North mj iouih'of th« aad the 1'spalSui.1. OH the no'.tb' .""Tve'^"pVe oat the K f a ° l " le j, T >''° J on ">ewi 3 -. tht- Alps T.IP terr lory coraprtaej m LombsMy, "venfc'lV'pled moot and SaT^y, Parma, Jrfodena ,nd tuscmy thou" not q '•**« '«« «s' tl>e H.te oj New-york. contii in i»-Sarijj]iauj—arefrea irom the direot o/ind' J reot STPay of Austria Lompardy, which 13 pjrt of ih Austilan empire, and Which ia, in some respect.. Uir fintsicountry—)n polrt of natural adrantjires—ID the world, contains a population of 5,000,0011. li or.ce ha,i t«lee cr thr;ce as many. The Austrian,,;d the Ticino, we nrc- told, a ihrye pojats—thre-stenlnff Noyarn, Casale and VercHlli "" " ? rUl > i'rnis and Jorca, and the northeru "a'"" " ~£? 'ailway (irenj Aronii on LakeMaraloio o Oenoj. Of these points, the only one of^any trength is Caaale, which b an Important military p-. ition, aad has been «trensthened at consider M" „ >ense. It la: the neare t itroifg place to the-Umbar.i rontier, and waa In oMen tin e-i the scene of m.ny a a™ popalstion at the Iwt c,nsa3 was'.'1,000. T-.-i,"'""' nnal> " !1Dt3 - A railway conoeLM.i Novrifi lt» Tnrin.. The french have entered Piedmont on two des-by thA Moot Cenij nnii Oenoa. Railroad, from osa and from Genoawiil enable them, if ihty choose, oconrentrate their forces on furin ,n a Mr hour. ho Genon rnad ((asses thron«h AJeasandrJt, wni ii ?. W,?? 0 ?' lj ' h e»««n«Mt place in .Pi«dm<mt; so mat, ijit be thonsht a4»»abtp,oae ccrp d'arrwc* roitj- more directly northward from thence. There are ais,, roada frorn AlcsisindrSi and In.m Turin to Verc-iu wi;ch would »nahlc theFr»nch to c llect-their troopi «,^.?,!J^^ which declrt<d the fat of Kapohoo's first Italian cam- palgn, was -ought Jane H r >SOo, oo tfc<. plain of Morengo uithin sfahi of the foriress-of Aleisandrl-i • j#i)- WAIUVATOSA Tow,, 7. K,,,,-,. : dwanl Uoukcr, iv -, .mil ?v , .1 It Dnchtmin, c :J|) I,T. M jf , ,, R U'm OiirJner. ,• Unil ,>( o ILirwiiud, ti inn,l •of A Ch,i,,., iv lainl.if A I! 51,MV. John L. Qnk n P Ma c I- vy u'.* , -4, a ilnil vf .11,1 .«!.•» ho,! ISuad -v •; n n w "i . (nrul of M.irt.n.-.,,, - Brnn B- r, ^ Im./ .1 5 ;.; j (I II W-.:t, n Mil .i 'ViiMlfcsha I'ii Sniiil, -r mn.l ,r : H IF IM, ••» ; in- Ift-rib-rj, .<•. Sin.l-n.inN he flk R.I, if I I(..n SOLE paop£irr«R-* oHia CATAWBA BrUNoy; 'Jllllii Brin-ly tm.. bc«n manufaotar^U for -«vcr.n i*-S'"df - n ' nl 1 ''"^' jn j? e of ">• Cataw!>«-0rape'. Mi! s K.nrl Milwaukee, March i:, 1SJ». JgONNEK I, BONNKit IjKDGE'H HAT. i BON'N'telt l.KDG-EB HAT. I BONNKR l.KDGEH HAT. BONNER J.KDG-KJk HAT BONNEK L.KOGEK HAT?! BONNEK J.EDGER HAT ...» •»»_! J _ . . . . . • fc **» •*• » W. D. BACON'S 155 Eui Water street. a eater * ' satbom<: ice of the progress 01 and cf our ability tr. those ma<Ie t>v in. Jut received at «pr3o IvALLCWTI,?, JV AND OHEA1IST «os B.IST « t £K ^SEET, r i.hlo Cat^wba Brandy nu . : nly tqaal* i,ut -j C i-.» tl i ,t Imported Brandies, in purity and flavor. It ,to 1 1, i me nest Brandj acom. Thj« .tatement 19 fulh ed *, *™'^l Jura's™'*" 10 * 1 " "' ° ar B " >St ' li3Un '" ri!l ' : - rn^' "-"';' l>3r ; ! '"?' 15 ' Sas long been fctt la thi, eon r,, , ^ U.<: ii.iro JuStiou of an article of such qnali-' V* 'Jpznfed* the sale and uae of thoie vile coir pooi. •« \:tTiftrti?solrl O nd».- the naae ofSr»ndy,ean oni Derej... i.,.i,» >-!«•. pui.lic gocul. TbeCatawbuBrnc.! pojScJs^ , «,« jjac.i qualitttj claimed for Uie b e «. terortta liqcors.aml i, nt perfect purity and raperi, • flayor, and asoverign and sore remedy for Drspe B 3i., n 0. 3Uamond« has appointed J. P. A F. 3. IL3LE7 s< 111 tast Water strtet, talc agents for the State of Vis' " castome " « iu '™» for- John ?ciicpp.-t. ., I,-.- ..-. John . Ft? Te D Jennmtis .. N'O FAMILY SHOULD BK WITHOUT Retail Price, »i,25 p e r Bottle, -, if E if L.lnil r.o by land OAK rREEK-Ti.wn P V John n pt ^ Bpo ? lhe Ma "» nk e« * Mlntajppr Coa.5 Ha n«at andeonTemrat place la procure theii ' .. ater M. at Law r,.... mscossix, ri»I rnir~.1 "V"^£ ••"•"i* Courts of theSereDth Jadi ^b^ 0 ^^.?^ 0 ,^.^,^^ • i.iuuu 11» nwit aoa conrenifnt place to mcsls. Warm Lonch from l»lo2 o'clock """ *" 0. CUNMISOHAM. HATHAWAY & BELDEN, ].! BA.NKING, ' Land and Collection Office. wisoossix LOUIS HOUSE. >uv mounts touis, FIIO.TI KOH.VDS A „.,.,,.,„„.,, , General Advertising Agents, '"" ' STSE£J t , for thu , i B*irn, . • 51 .irrcctg A lii, ogo. Um. i ... Citos, OtUwM'l- FraDUin Chemical Works, SO. 031KORT1I FHAlVKlnr STREET, c me AGO, ILLINOIS. E A C L E <& S o SIGN OF TH& . .o "« cosomerj, ami la tke trade In general, that during thlj seaaoa Do U. aT , el "?. e * gent » fllbe BIG RED KETTLE . DEALKBSJH Hardwara, H is ..»n»aeencontlnn*dby the «ane proprietor, who takes this occasion to return hU acknowleoWent to hit frleneU mod tbtptu't ^ for thelf pairdaaeeforio many year, paat, ind MUelts a contlnnanw of ttieir ktod raror.. ^ - rooms, ith «lore» and erery wmwifle* to w fort. There are some fonr or five rach room, la the house sow vacant, tb»t«»a be obtained, If applied for •° on - • DOT») "Tou Can't P«M," iff Horabe Greeley writes from Denver, July 6t£, bore them would hardly rwogaise their eons now tolling •wroffl the Plains, and straggling into this Place, hideously hirsute, recklessly ragged, tofefoot, Bun-browned, dnstH>ov«red,^ndwith <*<* shielded— where they have them-by goggles fromtheglare of the^rafrip ran, A true gold'seekers«etting ont from home, oUjr t for Pik sober n «on»«y a , , . iers,all mowments of an -army-adrandng sgalfist the Mindo, or operating otf its lea side. Napoleon the Gnat > -wluir,'« far Persons rob one another every day, bnt he must have teen a clever fellow who robbed the Prefecture de Police (the head police officer in Paris.) And this a man did whose •name has become historical—Beaumont, fie was the Jack Sheppar.l among thieves, i ., When Beaumont BccomplishedJae immor. taUzmg f«at (among his brethren) he bad jnst returned from the Bagne, (the galleys) -at &S!!i t;? Jtook ^? 0e <n the .«»^ J>t «» celebrated Vldoeq. Be aclnaUy robbed the strong box at the head police o^oe, and this hox con J-mVnAA *«M* j..—T**lu^--«_ .... * . .. .. _ *""*• "RED THE HON8RY," friHlS Injunction, diTinein its origin and [obligatory UUi\IV & CROSBY, 848 KAST WATEK STREET. .w? ttW ^ 0KiEK '-* ........ v .......... wiscosart. 'Who are jut In receipt of the cheapest, best auorted and moat complete «toclc of i < Family Groceries iSruo'fi^.X 8t °v«. Shee't Iron. Tin, —AJTD— ^S'&ZLtt*^^ -IMPIBMBSTS, m. Thousands appreciate the plan npon which icrejarema*«ents th«followingaJ- j TT ' " hl "'? r ' r ' >r: '" v -•"'•« tb*y Inveopenei »Btoreat irjrjeTsence^ »0« gamed- by distillation, Ulefe/ore IfcallhT an* Pare-- •""'••''"fc "'"••= »''o»e nsne.l artW«, togothe •o m .,h.r,». hu , others CMnot or dirajno , cl%mfo J ^,,.,^ ..""*' i are mac 1 ! less than odisrs; because I ^^ A «rlTOiiur»i' Implements generti'lyi ly «llons, and eomp^n,noTanl^aU SHEET 1 ROW ANDTlNNEttS' Won* V>e cof.)riny. j etc. etc. etc. T ' •""*«« i, M«na|rer, »ranklin ' Stores pot up to order. f^F- jfooflng-. «ar line pnoctusJTy attended to. eTtry * ctt °* mor * " "•^ Orders left will be attended to without delar ' ' M1UOLS * SON. "nr ,1' , , . Martin O'Brien. i t)y '!n •• *D t 1 * » 1 I Hill, n e , , , ..', " v r* V » Jr.i. r e Cantr.lT, 4 '^ « ., ^ Mr WiKI, .. ,; „ ,. .* I'rySI'niffli. n w -, n - -, 'LAKE—Town (;, i AbrMi.-tm Ifirllnirro, p -.v p , v .,. b'na',1 .. by C.'n- Ir GanJhae Lnknown. . line n-o","> e pt lot I amll- vlil«l tn lot t 2. rka,Chicago.!!], /j EMP1.0YMLKNT. *5O a JBonth and all Expenses Paid, _ .. ,„, _. .^^..uu^ vu _ la leH slaB< «~- p. .1.0 «?»u jjuuoe ojiioe, %na tnis box con- Napoleon the Great,~wno-,*s ter as possible ^ ia * d ',? > * 0 » I y«« lknot8 '> bttlall t D6 J«»«I- despised all fortresses inBs^and £0^ \&*j^^ £&^%?%«* resolnW/hehindj risked the same with Man-|^ r< " n * 1 w galleys, he freqneatly called ntwn tna. He-was obliged to £pht!xnd iraln"» A » i ^>?»Ieur Henm principal officer of the U*U»>A . » » ^ e «»nialia»ing teen bonglit j n Uie New Toric and Boston markets E 1 o R 04 sja,, At ra-h price* as enable as to undersell all competitors to the tr»de< *nd «IU afford us ahandsome UvintSofltl pnfprograoms embraces evtry article In- thS trade DOth - '• ^ *• - ' L e tneaboye profits Por f " rth «P«rl eArs, a ' C0 , raer 12 ">'J"«'-«*I i * * qcloal ' ie 0 <"!.^<"t«K» Ettop, le and , -ngaa^M,^ iiTO h?en potting to theirs--^, into »«»?« thU^npmiBg in '» aobered «na thonghttol frame of mtoa\^nst-begrlmed-«nd4aitei»d h«^" a patch on hUeheak,* bandage ' coastftafing a spectacle most njafat to behold. It i» likely to be some time yet l«fbre our fash- Jonihle Amerioan Spas and Snmmer xesorts *W Idler* wfll b* located «mong the Boekr • ' heorosssd not the Jnlian Alps, but;irtnpied'to thesJege of Mantna. Aflw eight months the -fortress surrendered— ftnane, not tha attacks' of Sepo- leon, foroingthe commander to this act (Feo- rtttry 17W)/ Napoleon, aTscjm as ie wa ia possession of Mantna, CTteredjTyrelanaAns- triaproper,and could vukySl |fne'Emperot to accept his eondWohi of peaoe, j -A great oattle " the pretcnop of making oertai we 'Mefnl information, in the h io tha police iritnWt delay to f tedn»pm% as we Ua*le1»eti*fteV tha JfaatUe O'' were only m.ft of * the AWD STAPJLE, Soch Mflneani, (a'l klndi aad at ih« rery lowest Prtces.) Teal, (§,3-. for Me warranted better than cas be bottght eUewhere for S shillings, or irlll gire you a pound for nothing,) Coffees, (Mocha, Old GoVernment. And aio,) W«1tnt an4 Moshroon O»t- to it them; moment when ont, JH>tcon>e.^ri»rin<t Bj)moe,«jd when MonsJent Henry who scarcely v wtt- fibMnt, shonld be away 'for thoire who ,j o, «tn an osroon O»t- Wps, all Una* of Bauco; snch asSoho, Worcestershire, faadlng and Boltatia, (too lattertelng a refreshing aad pleasing itiotnlMf to the appetite, composed principally of TarKlft condiments combined with rarious •cnl'niry prodactlons of the East. It i« an exquliite lellsh with f)»b, Meat*, Poultry and Oame, and foms • Valuable Addition toBoups, Mlncef, Haahes, 8teTrs and. Meat P)eJ,«swell as Salads. It also Imports » «•'-"• •«*»» • f v«) •*» T*K>* am e«a««s)« * 4eU*ian« flavor to- gtesis and ^—,_„ —'JITS, Olive Oil, Can Fruits of all kinds. Crane 6 2?'THeMei of eray descriptions, PlcUed j"'"-*""! rreah Salmon, Sardines, IJttle Keek Olams. core Oystwti Corn Starch, Woloca, B»go, Rice flour, Coon * r * .S^i .Wng Olur, Maccoronl, Vermacelll J. uiitcricTOaix ajto mtn. Oantlemen'8, Mitses 1 &ChUdr e n'B 0 otg SHOES, SUPPERS & KP SOOTS MADE TO Ho. 885 Eawt Water street (Oppoiltr W»Ikw Hdase,) ' - WIHCOSJIK , o, .,n,, lv ,, Hiram Merrill, In ^ ... ', r M Ellis Worthini{!oii% 1 "pt'n ,.\ •ilann A Brother, w pt s L> : i OeoGearty, Iu w - j,, , Jacoh NunDemaciu-r ^ ', , ., . Mr. Ciark, , „ ^ <0 . Smith 4 Pow»r, n „ ; n nr , M O \Vali«. Uhl.n, part Onniel Koltner, s >r cor i » . Win B Hlbl.arcl; m pt -,v ••; n T i, n iv cor n "j a- >.. Daniel Eellner. e S Jiw Hathaway, « .',, M* Evans, [ a , ,, t , , 'arae, Uj; „,!-,, a '. n ', J J-J5« ilorifiin. 9 'j frict n IT ', r.«htaBj ictereat insalj flrm t» Wi-liam M? Kimball O. C. __ _ Thf business i will heteatter ke conducted Bn( j e e A. " »»» ABT...GALU&SRY. - — - - — • >WKWW nuv VUwU Branmont found the Jo Jratehejfortfpportanlt „ aaythlng hastQy, he did all at nis eaeetcin tlmfc and as oleveriy as quietly. He put on a Wack «oat belonging to Jtfonsienr femr 4rpss then little worn, except by those hi fe offlw; he writod down Stairs alid wiw «, '^l^tsuarolonso, asked for the~offie%r, topic him for some high official, and twc were wot with him, without the liast Ji-si.—*g»wlj placed „«,„, UB B«; eaen «nd of the corridor, with rtriot orders tolet no on* pass nntn farther directions. It was v&f ajring, bnt equally saw. When he had made his selection amongst heaps; * '• Macombcrs, Salad Cream, ^.^T»ll?? p '?£ article which should b« In every epj eore»fainll»,|Welit.T«»Iw - • 80CW 'StfCA« CPBED HAMS, . taebMtCTerttBerea.UtOilstlljr Also, ' ' in 'SMSHT* nKSS POBK , - "' * .^f^ll^?™ 4 j 6 * •» ta «» n e« «f »h(J oldest and ^S*,^??!??^*^ 10 ' ta "•* Weilt - M - u »»<F*°« e »* u "ohIa;aep*rtBieDt If «u known to - »'» » — -- — ^- — — .^—-^ passed one of the and FLOUK Alwayipttta44troBitl.eEmplr« and Kew, Tort Midi, ' TO O, U LONff STOfT'BtlORT, which to select from AS FOR CAStt^C w« can afford to undersell otfr Call and Xlzaduie . OHWOSD'B DASnUERKAN GAKUERT Water stre.t, fomerlr teowoM 8«al.y«s • * . . JD A. P.PK10R, wai! tr. KIM BALL. MAP.LK SYRUP. SAWONS Maple Sjrup, choice article for Buclc- NETV P. .. . , R. Si Ot ASSES R*S5$?»?*^*r%S$#* a FAMIL.Y it.'LO.UK. constantly on haid, M • UVan-jt QROHflY'S' John 3iv,in, Ij ^ J^ o ;j John J Orton, pt t>f 3 , v .^ rj Donster, ._• linri^, J »L'C linu, -T Mil riv.«r excpt anil ^ of stti 10 :K--I si, pt 3 IT i, n Df. n . 'ter, a n-iri-, 3 . . . Orton, W Ortun John Ortorr, ptiirJi' n w-Umr ' Jones, « Ban.', 4 Orton, n- Orion Jacob WoJfratbo, pt j w V n IJT SchUpp, 5 ^ jo'i: line, 3 Morsis iv • Pensrhet Leiria Bahdorf, pt of n e .4 n t line, o On roail, Win iron, pt u- ,'.j Stamm, i line ' p.irt of 9 - ••- — • *•,*+»* \j*j *••** ' f 808 East Water ftrei-t. f''reach Kraudy. "" POBT asJ Uaderta Wines, (J "">e»,ionaonuor I Jl(U.ain 1 Landon*orter So Ale.Congresp WaUr, *c., *e,,j«,t re<reived by l*oi ^ • ' .' ' J.M.ALLCOT -COTT. . 4 ,jostrec6iT«lby ••"'•' •' soapi and J. M. ALLCQTT.. , Witoaiitt* &&!*.; O r»e«lTri * Patterns, a^S^^fe^S? i?5- ; AL.t,OOTT»S;; " .- ' Ur.oitn, T Of, ' - ec lin " • James 8 Browa, part of j a =»'.? Brown, north 1 \ Lindwurin' fart, j 3Q lc and Hands «o4 r«e, Son sajo wholeulv and re^_ J.U.ALLCOTT, Oragctos *s«t Cbeml«t, W3 Kaat Water st. »»«»- or Stolen. »* PKOHHOBTUOIB f or »W r ps«t,U« to Barlwra A: Held, «l«h» »°»«£ rl aft»» das»r Knc«ed by Freiderlch froegrt sjd M«J« Oh. »r9egel, dated Mli- wwtreo, October 18, 1853L- Iw*rn —=—V-_.._^... H ^,a nf >, K-.^, HIED. Ifaywood, . • w Knose . ' . '" I'illayc of ft John J Orton, n ^ lot J blk 1 , -.. " » ;j-iot 4bllrl John Hoesly, lot t blk 2- -H^ywoon, '.part « >> n w '! Iota 7 aiul S n . " Orton, o Iterjor,; •'••'•' ' .Kass ' - ' i » Oe<> Worttey. nart j ;4 n w ^ lot 14 a Mo ' at>, .''" '•'••' e H'ober v 3 i«ctn . , ; .. .line, ir Grey » enn, . • • psrt of IT Ji » » ..' •' : - Jl n 3 S and W _ . Brown •-.) Hubbard'.», n 1-&JOO lots 7 4 S except a'acro 1» n 1-SUOO io(j T i S oinitt€d fir 1335 » Wllllami' estate, lot No. 2 3 Edward DleUrlchs, s e tf q w v w Shepbard, n«r32i3-loOacs of It So. t , • ]a 0 Schacpr, 1SU 1 39 I 31 ll):!4 w .. . 9 sr 3MOO M 38 •3'JT-IOO ** *> 5131 SOW part n » 13-1SO 3J 54 *0 1134 , lerco, a 3MHoo'

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