The Chillicothe Constitution-Tribune from Chillicothe, Missouri on November 22, 1916 · Page 2
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The Chillicothe Constitution-Tribune from Chillicothe, Missouri · Page 2

Chillicothe, Missouri
Issue Date:
Wednesday, November 22, 1916
Page 2
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THE CONSTITUTION I n c l i u l i n i r t h e ChilHcothe Constitution The Mail and Star and C h i l l i c o t h e Democrat. O%vned ~ and published by J A M B S K . W A T K I N S Entered at the Postofflce at Chillicotho Missouri, as second-class mater. THE CHILLICOTHE DAILY CONSTITUTION, WEDNESDAY, NQ.V. 22,1916, ; T K H . M S OF SUBSCRIPTION. DAILY by Carrier In the City ot Chilllcothe, per year »r,.oo Pt;r week lOe DAILY }y Mall, Postage paid in Livingston County, per year *3,OO DAILY by Mail. Postag-e paid outside of Livingston County, per year tt.OO WEEKLY, postage paid, per year »l.oo gl'.V,"-. , ·' CIRCULATION. g£~"-'. ·;·' Adetalled sworn statement of clrcu- g^-V 1 '" ' lation will be f u r n i s h e d at any time Sj.£-; ; - - when requested by an advertiser. Tins OFKICI-4I. NEWSPAPER OF LIVINGSTON COUNTY OFFICIAL NEWSPAPER OK THE CITY OK CMILUCOTTIE MeAlXO MAY ". BRITISH SEA SUBWAY. GREECE. Greece at one time ruled the civilized world under Alexander the Great, but times have changed under the implacable flat of nations until she became one of the group of small states known as the Balkans. In the height of .her. ascendency she ruled the seas and was the dominating maritime power. In modern times Greece has been shorn of her former influence and impress upon the world. Her territory" cut to but a fraction o£ her former self, with ·scarcely any navy and Ibut a, few nun-, dred thousand soldiers. But our .readers know how Greece has dona "Wasnington, Nov. 22.--A call by the British government to construct the British channel tunnel, the cost of which has been estimated at $400.000,000, may be accepted by Secretary of the Treasury McAdoo at the end of the first .··'term of tbe -Wilson administration'/ '·' The decision. t o resign next Ma,rch 'has -definitely been reached by Mr. McAdoo, according'to - an intimate friend, and has been caused Toy the secretary's personal financial exigencies. An. alternative offer by one of tbe biggest trust companies in the United States also is under consideration by the secretary. President Wilson, it is stated, has already been informed of Mr-. McAdoo's intention to leave his cabinet at the close of the term. The president's position of his choice oE a successor for the treasury portfolio ia not known. '· ' ' : The possibility of his being put in charge of the building of the Franco. British tunnel is a recognition of Mr. McAdoo's achievement in building the "tubes" under the 'Hudson river, connecting New York City with the Jersey shore. The building of the. Hudson tubes took six years, and required the expenditure of $75,000,000. Its com. pletion marked McAdoo as one of the greatest engineers-o£ America. The expected cost of the channel tunnel will be $100,000,000 greater M ian the cost o'f the Panama canal, on which $312,000,000" has been expended' to date. Tbe cost ot the Suez canal was $101,000,000.. Secretary McAdoo's decision to resign has become necessary, it was stated, because ho has served as long as he can afford to. He is not a man of independent means sufficient to WOMAN AVOIDS OPERATION Medicine Which Made Surgeon's Work Unnecessary. Astoria, N. Y: -- "For two yearsi I was feeling ill and tooli all .kinds of tonics. I was get- ing worse everyday. I had chills;my head would 'ache,- I was always tired. I could not walk straight because of the pain in my back and I had pains in my stomach. I went to a doctor and he said I must go under an- operation, but J.. did . not go. I read in -the'-pap er : -'about Lydia E. Pinkham's Vegetable Compound and told my husband about it. I said ' I know nothing will help me but I will try this.' I found myself improving from the very first bottle, and in two weeks time I was able to sit down and eat a hearty breakfast with my husband, which I had not done for two years. I am now in the best of health and did not have the operation." --Mrs. JOHN A. KOENTG, 502 Flushing Avenue, Astoria, N. Y. Every one dreads the surgeon's knife and the operating table. Sometimes nothing else will do ; but' many times doctors say they are necessary when .they are not. Letter after letter comes to the Pinkhsm Laboratory, telling how operations were advised and were not E erformed; or,if performed,did no good, ut Lydia E.Pinkbam's Vegetable Compound was used and good health followed. If you want advice ·write to Lydia E. Pinfcham Medicine Co. (confidential), Lyiiii, Mass. THE mm :UROPE GREATLY IJf LIVE STOCK. To Meet This 'Demand It 1 Behooves ·American - Jjiye Stock f'aoner .to ".- Begin ~t, :O"nce,..'.I: reparrttL6iis. : . ! permit Mm to continue in the official office of Washington on 'the "salary of everything in. its power to keep "out a ca t,inet'member, which is ?12,'oOO of the European conflict. The King( a yeal ·· f · - Hazel and the leading statesmen of th-s Misg country have used every diplomatic secretarj . ot ths society means and power of persuasion withl^ 3 . esignation Tuesda j. n both sides, to avoid taking sides o r | T o e Nelson was electecl to becoming involved in the war. Pow- j j jef erful pressure was continually b r o t j (.0 bear. However her people become j divided and they are now in the throes of revolution and disorganiza. tion. It is a case of being drawn in QUICK REPAIRS ONE HOUR SAVE $ $ EXACT DUPLICATE wail Uu t nutko i t it.ys. f r i p r o f i t s , w i t . i Uiu l'iu:lu I h u broken 1 KU:iriUil(M' mi r J u p l k - a t o w i t lion t your jirosei' Fra iti us r era i rod a Iso. is been IQNE MILLION KINDS ^,",'3 ^"Sn t e n d e r e d ! Han k i n d s of lonsus from the rouyh t ! " ^ M A I L O R D E R S -clbsS of ta'e'-vrbrld warliiow in progress in Europe, the live stock -business' :of the : Baited S.tates will -fkc.e;- Its: greatest; :era .' of 'prosper The reason for' "this' is evident, before agricultural" activities can be renewed on the devastated Eariife oE war-ridden Europe, Chose' farnls ifiust be restocked with- horses and kinds of breeding stock, which ravages of the' war have s o materially reduaed in numlbers. Where will Europe , go' to " supply this demand for 'horses;' cattle, swine and sheep? Who- can supply these units so necessary for profitable agriculture? America, and America only. , And, to meet this' demand for breeding stock, it behooves the American live stock farmer t o begin at once his preparations to have his stock in shape to stand inspection of foreign buyers who will scour this country when Europe lays aside the sword to take hold of .the plow handles once mora. During the first week oE December, there will be held at Chicago, 111., the largest exhibition of horses, cattle, swine, and sheep in this country, and possibly the largest in - th e " whole world. It is the' International Live Stock Exposition, where more than 1500 pure-bred and £at animals, Epra- moHt representatives 'of all the -well known' breeds of horses, cattle, swine .-uul Kliccp, will face tbe judges in competition ' for a fortune 1 "in prizes. Classes ot individuals/ herds'; andr'car- load lots will 'be' shown, and ''Champions and gra.nd champions chosen. Facie all til* brokL\n parts .by force. The nation being helpless. Her people were enjoying peace; but now the nation is in civil strife and the larger nations at war have literally occupied her territory with their armies. Greece is receiving the fruits of the mailed, fist--overpowered by the great nations at war. But Greece- must submit because of her weakness. She .deserves the sympathies of the civilized-world. Glasses Kor CTu«-Um;is. What present could be more highly appreciated by mother, father, or other dear oae, than a pair of nfce glasses, made to the special measure of their eyes, and guaranteed to be a perfect fit? My plan .permits them to be given as a surprise. Let me explain and show samples. Special X-Mas prices ?1.00 to ?10.00. C. W. PAL'.M. Barney Bldg. Chillicothe nlSd20w4 in a. strong box. I r e t u r n ptaspos same day lny parcel post C. O. D. Lowest possible cluu-ges. G. W. PALM S P E C I A L I S T I N O P T O M E T R Y S13 Webster at., Chilllcothe, Mo. Phones: O""-*. 908. Residence. 1450M Closed Every Tuesday ALCOHOL 3 FEK CENT. AVegetablePrepanSionfirAs- siimlatingtlieRxxfaml ting i!ic Stomachs andBowelsar ness and [test.Contains netthr ppiuni.Morphine nor Mineral NOT NARCOTIC. Aperfect tion. Sour _,,.._ .. \Vorras,ConvulsionsJewnsfr THE CENTA NEW YORK. Exact Copy of Wrapper GASTQRIA For Infants and Children. Mothers Know That Genuine Castoria Always Bears the Signature, of Classified Want Ads , «vjt CENTS P»» Lijnt rom -nut riKKT IN8.VKT10N AKD TWO AJTB M»JO B.»i,r \aurra PICK LLNB m*.fm *iij»riONAi, IMtUKT'ON. MIVI* JiUJT OBAftUB rOK A LOST. LOST--A garnet bar 1 pin 1 .- iFinder please leave at Constitution office. ' · In Use For Over Thirty Years CASTORSA THK ccrlTAUH COM»AN , -.lew VOHK cmr. LOST--Diamond lavalier and chain. Finder please return t o this office. 20-3 LOST--City license auto tag. Finder please return to Constitution office 20-6 LOST--Brown traveling bag somewhere between the Utica'' Brick Tile, plant and Chillicothe. Finder kindly phone 322. Reward. 20-3 LOST--Ladies black' shopping has, containing red silk cord and 3 dys. blue ribbon. Leave at Constitution office. 20.3t LOST--Gold neclc chain and pendant with, small diamond setting in job envelope with Macdonald's name. Liberal reward for return of same to the Macdonald jewelry store. 17-tf FOUND. KOUND -- Auto State license tag. Owner may have sanieby identifying property and paying for this notice. · 20.3 I WANTED Public Sale! Having decided to rent my farm and move to St. Joseph, I wilt sell at public auction, 7 miles west and 1 mile north of Chula, 12 miles north of What is the meaning of this'great CWllicclbe and 12 miles south of Trenton, the following property, ou gathering of domehstic animals- . i How's This? We offer One Hundred Dollars *ie- ward for any case ot Ctarrh that cannot be cured by Hall's Catarrh Msd- icine. Hall's Catarrh Medicine has been taken by catarrh sufferers for the past thirty-five years, and has become known as the most reliable remedy for Catarrh. Hall's Catarrh Medicine acts through the Blood on the Mucous surfaces, expelling the Poison from the Blood and healing the diseased portions. After you have taken Hall's Catarrh Medicine for a short time you will see a great improvement in your general health. Start taking Hall's Catarrh Medicine at once and get rid fres or catarrh. ' Send for testimonials, F. J, CHENEY CO., Toledo, O. Auction Sale Dates. I have made arrangements with the Scruby Bros. O. . I. Co. to handle | my sale dates. Anyone wishing my services call at that office and, make date, or telephone me thru Springhill Central, or address Chillicothe, H. F. experience. Wm. Mast. ·16-m D. No. 6. Ten years Terms reasonable. Col. S-Toney t a JjOiui, ?4500.00 to loan- on city property. Will divide. G. C. Carnahan. Phon · 293. 17-6 DR. J. M. McKIM DliMlST CHILLICOTHE, MISSOURI 1'VOnitHEA A lBt «O4 1-^ son --rii U St. *llencc RAI1TIOAD TO WAGE WATS VPOJf TYPHUS. Ft. Madison, Nov. 22.--A special train, carrying doctors, nurses and a hospital car, will leave Topeha, Kan., today for Ft. Madison, stopping en route to disinfect all bunk cars and to cleanse all Mexican employes, in an effort to prevent the spread of typhus fever, four cases "of which have developed here. Atchison, Topeka and Santa Fe railroad officials here announced today that the train will stop at Ft. Madison to pick up Dr. F. M. Boyd of the Iowa state board of health and will then proceed to Chicago. From Chicago the train will move westward over the entire Santa Fe system. It was announced that the clothing of every Mexican laborer in the employ of the road will be sprayed with disinfectant, that the employe himself will be sprayed and that his living Quarters scrubbed out and thor. oughly disinfected. The four typhus patients here were reported improving today, has resulted fatally. One case CASTORIA For Infants and Children In Use For Over 3O Years Always bears Children Cry FOR FLETCHER'S C A S T O R ! A Good News For Farmers 480 acres for $222, Govern inent land along the Burlington Railroad in Northeastern Wyoming'. A 320-acre Homestead for the .filing fee--^$22 plus locating charges; and 160 acres of adjoining pasture land at $1.25 per acre--480 acre for $222. Think of. it! Timber for posts, fuel, etc. nearby, free to settlers. These lands are very, valuable for mixed farming-, dairying and stock raising. Send for map and particulars. Better get one of these homesteads before CHIROPRACTIC is tliQ philosophy, science and art that accounts for, locates and adjusts the cause oC dis. ease Any information will be gladly given at my office Tree. H. H. HARWOOD C H I R O P R A C T O R Lady Attendant SEISER BLDG. --Opposite New Post Office-- Phone 315 Seiser CH-UJjICOTHlD, MO. -this aristocracy of the animals--this aristocracy ot the animal world? it is to exhibit before the eyes ot the public the choncest product of careful breed. iug, to bring torth the masterpieces of men wh o have made animal breeding 'their life work. What does it do for tuc fortunate visitor and speculator? IE he has a breeder's love tor animals, it cannot fail to awaken in his a desire t o ' i m prove his work. The sight ol! thusy excellent individuals is enough t 0 inspire anyone with a desire to produco even better ones. Even for one who is not actually a (breeder of live stock, tbe'Internation- al is well worth visiting. It affords an opportunity to get away from home see some of tbe world outside,, and become acquainted with your distant neighbors. See what the oth- .er fellow is doing to make this a better world, and incidentally pick up some pointers on animal breeding, which are bound to be circulating where so many experts are gathered. Take your wife, daughters and sous along,~make it a vacation trip for the whole family, for you will find entertainment to rail at tills show. Reduced railroad fare will be in eflect from all points' to Chicago which affords everyone an opportun. ity to see the big city on the lake as well as this greatest of live stock exhibits at reduced expense. Ask your local agent concerning these rates. WANTED--Students to take care of. Phone 958. 21-6 WANTED TO FEED FOR WINTER --Plenty of grass, good wind-mill water and good stalk -pasture. Phone 30F12 or see Jas. Barnes- or Mrs. Blue. 26.W KENT, FOR Henderson ft Son. FOR RENT)--Modern in. Phone 453. close 20-6 FOR. RENT--Furnished room, strict.- ly modern, 615 Vine.. . Phone.C90. Office Phone Residence Phone 283 . . 1530-J DR. J. E. CALLAWAY SPECIAL ATTENTION GIVEN TO TREATMENT OF DISEASES OF 1 Nervous System, Digestive Or , gams -- All Chronic Ailmits the trouble and Diseases of Eye, Ear; Noss and Throat. Office .Hours 1:00 to S to 5:30 p. 11:30 m. Office: Second Floor Peoples Trus Company Building. DR, W. R. SIMPSON Practice Devoted to General Medlcto* 25 Tears Experience ta Disease of Announcement. i have contracts;! wi th the Interna. tional Harvester Co. for the full line of^ McCormick line of farm machinery. Any one wanting repairs Cor any part of this line, including gas engines and cream separators will be furnished by me. E. H. LAKE, Ptone S I S . r-billicothe. 506 E. Webster street. Mo. Night, offloe * Residence^-* IB B. CHILLICOTHE. MO. they are all taken up. Neither tie EYE, EAR and GLASS FITTINO the Company nor myself hav e any land for sale I am employed by the Burlington to help you locate and my services are free. If this proposition interests you, write and I'll tell you more' about it. S B. Howard, Immigration Agt. O., B. Q. B. R., Koom 21, Q Building, Omaha, Neb. DR. T. G. PHELPS THE OSTEOPATH OFFICE IN GTJNE.Y BliDG. 2nd Sfciirway north of JLeeper House CfflLLMCOTHE, MO. PHXOTES: Residence, 2O8; Office, 141 Calls answered promptly day or nighr DR. S. BLACK DT5PTJTY STATT3 VETKRTKARI AN PHONES: Office, S41; Residence 716 Private Calls Promptly Answered DOUBLY ."1 Chillicotliu Headers Cnn JJo Longer Doubt the ISvidonce. This Chillicothe citizen testified long ago. Told ot Quick relief--of undoubted benefit. ' The facts are now confirmed. Such testimony is complete--tho evidence conclusive. It forms convincing proof of mer_- it. J. H. Dyer, prop: Hindi room, Clay and Locust streets, Cbillicothe, says: "I had been a sufferer from severe kidney complaint and bladder disease for over six- years. I couldn't find a medicine that would relievo 1 I used Doan's Kidney Pills. I had an irritating kidney weakness and my back was lame, sore and -weak. I had pains across the small oE my back and kidneys, too. I got Doan's Kidney Pills at Clark's Drug Store and they correct ed the trouble." -(Statement given Dec. 15, 1911.) KEEPS DOAN'S ON HAND On July 3, 1916, Mr. Dyer said: "I always keep Doan's Kidney Pills on hand and use them when necessary. I never fail to get the desired benefit." Price 50c, at all dealers. Don't simply ask for a "kidney remedy--get Doan's Kidney' Pills--the same that Mr. Dyer has twice publicly recommended. Foster-Miltmrn Co., Props. Buffalo, N. Y. Hunters Take Xotice. · We the members of A. H. T. A. order No. 66, will prosecute anyone hunting on our farms. This takes in all territory lying east ot the Milwaukee and south of the Burlington railroad. Members A. H. T. A. No. 66. Wednesday, Nov. 29th, 2O HEAD OF HORSES AJT1J MUI/ES--Span 6-year-old horse mules, wt. L ' f O O pounds; span 3_year-old mare mules, wt. 2 2 2 0 pounds; 3 black mart, imi'.es, 2-year-olds,, broke to work, wt. 1060, 1100, 1200 pounds; 2 FOR RENT -- My shop on S. Locust 2-year-old mules, horse anfl mare, not broke; sucking horse mule colt. These are extra good mules, heavy bone, size and quality. Iron gray standard bred percheron mare, 4 years old, wt. 1580 pounds, In foal to Treadway Lorse; match span black standard bred Fercherons, mare and gelding, 3 years old, wt. 2750; span all purpose bays, mare and gelding, wt. 2340 pounds; buy mare, 8 years old, wt. 1460 pounds, in foal to Treadway horse; bay horse, 5 years old, wt. 1440 pounds; brown mare, 3 years olfi, road bred, brown 2_year-oi f i gelj'ing, running bred; smooth niouth mare,-in foal to Trcadway horse. These horses and mules I raised and bought for the marke*' and heavy farm work and are the best lot o£ horses and mules in the country. The above are exact weights. 37 HEAD OP CATTJjE--12 head of Shorthorn and Polled Angus'cows. giving milk, 2 to 6 years old; pure bred Jersey cow, a years old, giving milk; pure bred Jersey cow, 2 years pld, giving milk; 2-year-old cow witii calf by side; several of these cows are extra good milkers, giving milk until calving* time. 10 good stock cows; 12 cows and heifers which are fat an-I St. Mrs. Henry T. Miller. Phone 96. FOR RENT--5. room house, cellar, lights, living water. Phone 778-M. 20-6 FOR. RENT--Furnished rooms In modern house, 3 blocks of square. Phone 923. It read for the market; 15 steer and bull calves on feed since September 1st, average weight, 550 pounds; 14 heifer calves; 7 bull calves; pure bred Polled Angus bull, 2 years old, weight 1300 pounds; extra good roan Shorthorn bull calf. wt. 600 pounds. *'. HEA1 OF UUKOC JERSEY HOGS--46 head o£ hogs, weighing from 100 t 0 150 pounds, 20 of which are good breeding gills; ; sows having -11 pigs from 1 month to 6 weeks old. JW HEAD OP SHEEP--Breeding ewes and lambs. iMPLEMENTS AND HAliXESS--1 International hay baler, in good shape, only been used two seasons; 8-ft. McCormick grain binder; new Peoria disc wheat drill; 1 Shoe wheat drill; 1-borse Vanbrunt disc wheat drill, has never been used; 1 16-16 Osborno disc harrow; 1 io-16 John ' FOR RENT--Six room house, thor- Deer cut.a-way disc harrow; 1 S.ft. iron roller; Hoosier end-gate seeder, with grass seeder attachment; 12-in Buster Brown gang plow; 2 16-in. FOR RENT--Furnished home, witli modern conveniences. Inquire at 408 E. Jackson St. or phone 939. 21-3 FOK RENT--Store room with full sized basement at corner of Bltn and Webster, fine location for grocer. ies or feed. Chas. H. Grace. : . . FOR RENT--7 room residence, 3 lots and barn on north si*e of Jackson street and west ol Dickeneon St. 30-tf J. E. Watkins. FOR RENT--8 room modern house. Bath; full basement, furnace, paved street, 8 lots, garage. Rent by year. Address Marlow Bros., Chula, Mo. . . 25_t( John Deere Walking plows; 1 14-in. Emmersori Walking plow; 1 Emnier- son lister, with drill attachment; 1 Emmerson walking lister; Ft. Madison walking lister; 1 1-borse drill; 1-row Go-Devil; John. Deere spring trip, 6- shovc-1 riding cultivator; 1 Emmerson spring trip, 6-shovcl walking cnltl- vator; 1 Emmerson spring trip, 4-shovel walking cultivator; 1-horsn 5- shovel garden cultivator; l.borse garden harrow; No. 00 John Deere corn planter, edge drop with 1_4 mile of wire; 2 2-section s Dain mower, 6_ft. cut; 1 Jenkins hay Dicker; 1 Bull rake; 1 Sulky rake: 3 1-4 in. Newton wagon; all purpose cat wagon; 1 Moon Bros, rubber tired top buggy, yellow gear; run about 200 miles; 1 top buggy; 1 new extra buggry tongue; 1 American convertable wagon bed, making ] 5 different shaped beds; 1 12-ft. Hog, sheep or Calf rack; 1 feed cooker; Stover feed grinder, Capacity 30 bu. per hour, ear or shell corn; 1 p u m p jack; 1 ga!- vanisfd dipping tank with draining chute; 1 tank heater, 450-gallon gasoline rans; 1 Stewart horse clipper, with sheep shearing attachment; 60 ft. galvar.-zed hog troughing; 50 ft. 2-in. pine hog trougbmg; cattle feed troughs, and other articles t o j numerous to mention, such as tools, chain?, shovel?, etc.; 1 set heavy Concord bretching harness; 6 sets work harness; 1 set buggy harness. These implements and harness have only been used from one to three years and art in good condition. i'TEBD AXD GRAIN -- 600 bu. corn, 300 bu. of which Is in crib on Mrs. G. H Ramon's farm, 1 1-2 miles south of tarmersville; 5 bu. Boon Count white seed corn; 4 bu. White Cap 90-day seed corn; 100 bu. Texas Red seed oats; 70 bu. Khurson seed oats; 10 bu. rye; 1 rick of good timothy and clover bay, about 14 tons; probably have some stock field. SHOOTING MATCH -- 100 ducks to the best marksman. Come e'arh- as shooting will stop at beginning- of sale. Remaining ducks will be raffled off. Shells will be furnished, factory loaded. HOUSEHOLD FliBNITTJRE -- r Home Comfort range, 1015 model, et*. 1 STtTDBBAICBll Touring automobile, 1915 mode), four-cylinder. This car is in good condition. TERMS -- Sums under $10, cash. Sums over ?1C, 6 months t i m e without interest if paid when due; i£ not paid when due, S per cent interest from date, purchaser giving bankable note. 2 per cent off for cash. Thesf terms apply to everything except cattle, there being ready market for all ages ard classes of cattle, will require purchaser to give bankable no.te with 8 per cent interest from date. 2 per cent off for cash. Lunch served by ladies of Fairview Church. Sale i o commence at 10 a. m W. G. Collison ougaly modern, every convenience. close in. Desirable. Will rent either furnished or unfurnished..William H. Hamby, 419 E. : Clay. Phone 73. 15tt FOR RENT--For term of years, to reliable party, partnership plan, 240 acres, S miles south of Breckenridge, 'Mo., rich soil, woven wire fence, house of eight rooms, gras in house and barn, two tenent houses, two and four rooms, barn 64x66, silos, eight hundred tons, tool house, cave, coal house, garage, cribs, and steel work shop, corn graneries, chicken house. Renter must have work stock and be able to purchase my farming tools, which are nearly new. Practically all for crop first season. Immediate possession. H. E. Sanders, SAL.Z. A. W. CIES, Auctioneer. F. V. ROSS, Clerlr 18_m Southeast of town. CHAPEL FREE--NIGHT PHONE 44 3O1; DAY 397 F. A. MEINERSHAGEN SON UNDERTAKERS and FUNERAL DIRECTORS H. L. KECKE, Licensed E abalmer. CHAS. GIBBS, Asst. FOR SALE -- Two young fresh cows. 1 full Jersey, the other a grade. Phone 1-414-J. 1401 Bryan St. 22.3 FOR SALE -- Overland Touring: car; good as new, only 4 months old. Phone 21. 2_tt 'FOn SALE--One Double Standard Poll-Durham bull, 14 months old. W. T. Hudgins, Utica, Mo. . 17tf FOR SALE--team and wagon, horses in good, condition. _Apply at Coulter's Grocery. nlTdtf FOR SALli--2 houses and lots, flve blocks fr'iru square. Call at thla rther information. 3-tf' FOR SALE OH RENT--5 room bungalow, new, cheap if taken at once. Inquire 43"3 E. Jackson, ot telephone 732. 2g-tf . SALE OB RENT--Modern suburban property, 10 room honM with 5 acres of ground. For particulars phone 1454-.T. 10-tf SALE--Encyclopedia Brittanica, 25 volumes, fine hindlag, good »· ·" new, $20; 1 set McCaulay'» Histow of England. 5 volumes, J3; 1 vacuum i sweeper, Argyle, almost new, $5; 1 green velvet Davenport-bed, $28; 1 leather covered office or library chair. Telephone 246. {NEWSPAPER! {NEWSPAPER!

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