The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas on July 17, 1923 · Page 9
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The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas · Page 9

Hutchinson, Kansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, July 17, 1923
Page 9
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TUESDAY, JULY 17, 1923 THE HUTCHINSON NEWS. PAGE NINE. MUST STRAIGHTEN OUT THE ACCOUNTS Treasurer'* Balance Sheet Does Not Show a* Much Money aa Bank Statements. The county will probably ongngo an expert accountant to tako up the mat- tor of ooimty tunc! b&lancoB In the various banks following the report today by County Auditor T. J. Alts- wagor that In only three of twenty- Ight instances do the bank figures on balances agree with those «f L. 3. Adklrison, retiring couniy treasurer. Mr, Altswager recommends that an expert be engaged to go Into tho bank deposits and dotormlne wherein He the mistakes. Tho former county troasurnr reported a balance on hand of $899,958.80 and tho bank statements show a balance on hand of $905,011.85. It Is 'believed that most of this can be settled easily, The larger 'balances shown In some of the-country banks Is believed due to the fact that taxes collected recently and not turned vor to the troasuror have been credited to the county account. In moat Instances only a tew cents or dollars difference exists. The county commissioners have contracted with J. E. (laton & Co., of Topeka for an audit of the treasurer's office from October 1, 1920, when tho last audit was completed, up to date This audit is to cost not to exceed $2,400 and must be completed by Sep tomber 1. REORGANIZATION OF 4TH STATE BANK IS LIKELY (Continued From Page 1.) and lie would go In on the re-ovgnnlaa* tlon iplan. i Sentiment For Continuance. J. H. Tudor of St. John spoke of tho need of a bank in the north part of town, of tho fact it had 'boon paying , good dividends and that ho was willing to re-Invest If the man proposed was a man. versed In banking business. P. IP. Frleseh, the undertaker, spoko In favor of re-organisation and bonding tho officers heavily. •IMI1 Lamborn. was for re-org&nlsa- tlon and suggested 1 that new material was needed In the bank, new money and the way to gat It was to biro some high powered BaleBman to BQll $40,000 ,or 160,000 In stocks. This suggestion was later decided unnecessary when Judge Williams made a motion to have a committee sell stodk and get a proposition put be- •foro the stockholders together with the name of a banker wh» wanted to asumrao the leadership In the bank, then got two -thlrdB voting power together and make a definite" decision. There was perfect harmony 4n tho meeting, no censure of any movo made by the directors In their two weeks of Incessant work and all Beamed to ,bo of an accojd In tho desire to put the bank back on a substantial footing. When Judge Williams motion was put, not a single dissenting voice was raised, all voted for It. Fourth State Stockholders. The share holders in the closed bank aro Ed Aaron, Kansas City, Charles Arbuckle, Eldna Arbuckle, Mildred Arbuckle, T. R Arbuckle, Tom Armour, J. C. Baddeley, Laura Baddeley, Phil J. Baddeley, John Burket, Sam Burket. - liliner Bloom, Elizabeth Bloom, Ray Brashoar, Esther Brlggs, J. C. Brown, Ttobcrt Brown, John H. Campbell, It. V. Campbell, J. L. Carmack, I'\ W. Cooter, Arthur Dade, Krnest Dade, Jessie Dado, Roy C. Davis, Joan Dunn, J. P. Dunn, John Enns, James'R. Farr, Carl Kind In, P. P. Frlesen, Guy Glascock, Sadie M. Glascock, Walter Grundy, Helen Grundy, G. W. Holloway, S. F. Kittle, H. P. Kohlbohm, Ben -LamBorn, Roy Lamborn, Dill Lamborn, Frank Lewis. A. C. Malloy, Bort Mltchner, Lena Tudar Morgan, W. Y. Morgan, C- OwBion, John Pargot'er, W. L. Rosier, Garrett Sallec, Alice Scott, Billy Shears, J. H. Shears. Anna Shuler. Eustace Smith, .1. E. Springer, J. M. Starr, O. N. Stevens, Jos. Strouse, A. M. Talbott, J. IT, Tudor, W. S. Waddle, H. O. Welsh, C. Welty, C. M. Williams, Howard Wilson, C. C. Winters, ever- ot£_jrork, Harry Young and Ralph Young. TOTAL REWARD FOR GRUNDY HIKED BY KLAN. As near as can ho learned there "is still nothing that can be learned as to tho whereabouts of Walter Grundy, absconding president and wrecker of the Fourth State Bank. The local chapter of the Knights of the Ku Kfux Klan last night added $500 to the reward for Grundy's arrest which makes the total now sufficiently attractive for sleuths to lake, up tho trail. With tho loan's voluntary action, taken at THE CONVENTION HAS BEEN POSTPONED TO SEPTEMBER The Demolay State Meeting Changed From Aug. 9 and 10 to Sept. 6 and 7. •field at the homo of Mr. and Mrs. David Wflson. Rev, D. H. Swltsor of McPherson, formerly of this city, conducted the services assisted by Rev. R. A. Dadlsman and W. R. Rol- ingson. Rev. made his homo hero a few yi*ars ago with Mr. and Mrs, C. C. Alexander of 19 Twentieth avenue west, at which tlmo he had a charge at Wlndom. Burial was made In the Union cemetery. thoro wore bofore tho-board of directors four or five different propositions of bankers wanting to buy into tho bank provided they had the Cooperation of tbo stockholders. New money must bo put into the project by" the stockholders. Ono thing must be done In re-openlng and that is that tho offl cers must bo heavily bonded. "Our past experience has taught us this," be said. "Mr. Grundy was bonded for $5,000, and Mr. Baddley only for $10,000. The bank has nothing practically to Tocover from them. If they lind been bonded Tor say $50,000 each wo would have had no difficulties today. The hank needs ono man who Is versed In banking and who can run n bank economically with a clerical force. "Another thing, In the past Mr. Grundy only passed on a loan; in tho futuro In only an emergency should tho president pass on a loan of any size, say to - merchant; all others should be sanctioned by the board of . _. directors or a loan committee of thei tllB weekly meeting at Rayl hill, west A. D. Leigh, chairman of Hutchinson Chapter, Ordor of De Molay, has received Hie following letter from Jack H. Garrison of Independence, state Becretary, "which tolls of postponing the state meeting, aa tollows*f Mr. A. B. Leigh, Chairman, Hutchinson Chapter, Order of Dc Molay, Hutchinson, Kansas. Dear Sir and Brothor: At a meeting of the State Advisory Council, Order of DeMolay, held In Wichita on July 8th, It was decided for the beat interest of the State Convention that tho dates of Aug. 9th and 10th. bo changed to Sept. 6th and 7th. ' It will be necessary that each chap- tor forward a registration of tho members who will attend, giving the names of each Individual and if tbey desire reservations made In advance. Wichita chapter will bo hosts to about two hundred and fifty members and all above that number will make reservations at their own expenso. Tho expenso of tho officers will be borno by their own Individual chapter. Per capita tax of 25c per member as of Dec. 31st 1922, Is now due, please send check not later than Aug. 1st, 1923. Credential* will be mailed at a later date, Fraternally yours, JACK H. GARRISON, , State Secretary. MUCH TRAVELED HAT AT EXPRESS OFFICE DEMOLAY IS BACKING MARJORIE MONTGOMERY This Organization Would Make Her Queen of the Grotto Circus. The local Do Molay organization, consisting of about 126 members, is backing Miss Marjorie Montgomery of Hutchinson for queen of the Grotto circus, to he held the latter part of July and the first of August. Tho young men, members of this order, aro active and are out working for .Miss Marjorie and they are hoping to win in Hie contest. M'ADOO A WITNESS IN MORSE AFFAIR (Continued From Page 1.) SULLIES DANCER'S HEART RULES HER FEE! Hiss Mary Eaton. Ownerless Bonnet is 'Touring United States—Attended WiUard-Firpo Fight. l)oar4. This bank was organized for greed beforo, lot It be re-organized for legitimate purposes. Welsh Favoro Reorganization. Dr. H. G. Welsh, a director of the bank said a few words as to the work which has been dono BIUCO tho elos lug of the bank. have always had faith In the bank, In fact only a short time ago I purchased 20 shares In Tho bank paying *160 a share and I know that another member of the board bought the same amount paying a like sum. I had all kinds of faith In Mr. Grundy, In Mr. Baddeley. Ot course we knew wo had somo paper that was bad; tako for Instance the Rust loan, that was a bad x loan and we tried to release •some of the other questionable paper when we took charge. I still bolievo In the future ot this bank and will pay my assessment and take new stock lu seeing the reorganization of the bank. This instance hasn't changed my faith In humanity. 1 think with Mr. Williams our officers, should be heavily bonded and know' that In tho futuro the affairs of the back will he more closely watched after." Rosier Tells of Investigation. W. l>aoy Hosier, secretary of the board made a littlo more detailed explanation Into what the directors had found out which had beon previously touched upon by speaker 's. He spoke of the amount of questional paper which had been cast aside by the bank examlnor. "Some of this is redoemable," ho said; "Some can be secured at once and become ifllt Sedge loans. After tho $110,000 has been charged off, coming from capital and surplus, 1 ibelleve there Is $50,000 that can be secured within a week leaving $60,000 or assessments. This must be all cleared up bofore a reorganisation can tako placo. Than new stock mu3t bo subscribed, and re-organliation made under tho old charter. "I Would bo willing to make the voluntary stock assessment and take out now stock if I was assured tho new mau In charge was all right, juBt as you feel. Will Realize on Much Paper. "Wo found a lot at accommodation paper, put up In crooked deals, some of ft wo have to gu into litigation to secure, some Is not collectable, other notes will be made good but will take time. • \ "I want to tell you of an Instance of 'how oome of this paper will be made good. Wo found a $5,000 note which wo considered uncollectuble. The man giving that note came to town yesterday, came to the bank and voluntered the information'that he owed the bank the amount, and that he alno cwed another 'note of 311,C00 r'f which the bank had no cognizance. Ho raid that within 15 daya ho might be ali 'o to clear up all ^of his indebtedness and if not than within 0 or 9 months -but that ho would pay what ho owed the bank." Another stockholder who spoke wae John Enns, of Innian, a banker himself. "It looks to mo that there Is only one thing to do and that is re-organlr.0. ! would like to. I want to suggest that It might bo a better plan that when these notes, which must bo checked off in ro-organtzatlon, are collected, that this money "Tbo given back In dividends. It would help In selling stock." (Dr. Welch, concurred in this Suggestion later on.) Henry Shears said he had 25 shores ot the city, the reward offered now is $1,250. To this latest contribution.! 1 * 23 $760 had proviously beon subscribed, $500 by the directors and $250 by the state banking department. "We stand for law onforcement and will be glad to pay tho amount pledged to bring Walter Grundy to Justice," snid a Klansman today. VET ORGANIZATIONS AGREE ON PROGRAM .Probably the most traveled hat in the world honored HutchinBon with a visit, this morning when Santa iFo train No. 49 stopped for a short while. The boys of tho local express office had the honor of entortainlng the distinguished visitor and seeing that it started safoly on toward its destination! ~ The hat, which was of the felt variely, bore evidence of long and continuous travel. It was covered with tags showing where it had been and also telling where it was to be returned. Tho hat was started on its long journey by the San Francisco lodge dT the express employees union, and ono of the tags stated that It must bo returned there ly Sept. 9. According to the tags on tho hat, it had boon to St. Paul, Omaha, Chicago, Kansas City, Ogden, Utah, Memphis, Tennessee, Arkansas City, Kansas, and Jersey CIO, New Jersey. While In Jersey City the hat attended tho Wll- lanl-Flrpo fight according to tho tag. The boys of the express offlco here took good care of their distinguished charge, and started It on towards El Paso, Texas. It will be a well-worn hat by the time It gets 'back homo. SOLD MUCH MOVIE STOCK BUT MONEY IS ALL GONE saying we wanted no favors only the legal rights of our clients." On tho same day, Mr. McAdoo said, ho wrote a letter to Chairman Hurley representing tho incident. His letter, ho declared, characterized the Offer as a "favor," as a "offenslvo and surprising suggestion." Justice Stafford admitted part of the letter containing this reference, but excluded other portions. ^ Mr. McAdoo said his recollection of details of the negotiations was vaguo through the lapse of four years. After John Ilarton Payne succeeded Chairman Hurley In August 1919, he recalled, the board gave him a hearing. DlA't Understand Position. "What WHS tho position of the gov* eminent at that meeting?" asked Mr. Lambert. "I never got clearly the position of •tho government," Mr. McAdoo replied. "My impression Is that somo other basis of settlement was suggested, under which the company should undertake to buy tho vessels from trie government." Mr. McAdoo testified that his firm took the Virginia company's case for a fixed feo of $50,000 which was received "ultimately," in two Installments. Counsel then went Into othor business relations of tho McAdoo tirm with the Morse interests relating to fees onx tonnage secured for tho United States transport company. BANK EMPLOYESUFFERS CUT WHEN HIT BY CAR Wilbur Enoch, 15 Sixth west, an employe of the Commercial National bank, sustained a bad cut on his-left ear yesterday at Wichita when he was hit by an automobile, Mr. Enoch had stopped at a filling station and had got out of ono car to get into another one. While ho was going around his car ho was knockod down by another machine which came up behind him. NEW YORK,—Tho "Follies" may drive Flo Zlcgfold to drink—if ho can find anything stronger than water. Ziggy ha's a lot ot "Follies," a new set every year, and most ot '.hem, tho fair chorlnness famed for their phy- cical charm, are well known. But Zizzy has just corns to the realization of another "folly"—It's the folly of trying to prevent Dan Cupid from exercising his wiles on the 'glorified American'girlhood'" he assembles annually. Flo has found It difficult enough to handle a gang ot temperamental feml- nines and keep their petty jealousies from breaking up tho show. But when it comes to curbing the ac-tlvlticss of that sprightly young manipulator of bows, arrows, hearts and marriage VOWB that's a camol with another hump. Millionaires like pretty girls and tho pretty "Follies" girls love millionaires more than they do getting FOIt NAt .lv Five-room, Illinium. :11s Wis! Tli:r nth. Tl •.Tt -»:4 tbat classiflt >1 ids can eeil Anything rta hav« to •oil, «ecur« Anything you wi«h to buy, let vou a poglUon or »«>cure help t<y~ *?uT Any tima you «r« In noed tt any of thci* things, call number I. clansifloil rt ^iwrcment. Tl 31-3H CsMBivaissQirs Wi! want women to ciuwoaa HutcTitn- Ron ami aurni 'iniiiriE territory for * Ettarantp<?'l national prorturt. You nt>#d not mal<n n. nalo, just demonstrate th* product. The snt*« roine it.ttTwn .rAl*. Wo want wiMtm .11 who li.ive a. plvnslnc por- Konallty and murtt Ua ft hie to mix with tho hmiaewtv«»s of lh« city. M»«t he neiU und e'.otm ml Imv* good fdu <;UIun. l.eavo your nrtmo and ftildj ««8 rtt Th.i .News offi*j*» In nox ({-<!* uml we will fall arttl liave :i personal Interview with you. Tl 10-17 For mile- 8tcin«w;iy haliy gmml plnno, tfood ,\» new: ha:j ie<:fiv*d ftxcfllent care; must b« .iffMi to ajipf'riatft value. Mm. H. CI. Widsh. tI0 North Walnn". 11 il-4t Ftm nssT- per wfi-k. Mnnltoii. FOR PA 1.10-Kaat Ocb».irr room to adultw, ?12 Write Mrs. Sam Mirpt, box r -olo, *n lG -6t I'MliI roadau-r bod ly 3: Tl 10- 4t GUAIUNTKRD rebuilt typ«-w.Mt.>r« of all makps. We do cl«anlntr nud ropalrtna Klntael Typewriter Exchange. I'hono 40a. Tl 4-25t TVPKWaiTER ribbons for «H mattes of typewriters. Kent7.-?1 Typewriter Kx- chunge, 24 Wiv^t FlrHt, phuno 402. Tl 3-75t and painting. [<* M. UUJUI or 101 West Sixth. phone B90W Tl 26-Ht We clean, all kind* rv West ITirsI,. BARN iae and scrub ruga, W* fia repairing:, i'hono 283, _ Tl 2«-26t ®0Y§ ~" EXTUA SPBNOINO MONICX 4 JITH uiiAiJu. \'i:wa 19 19-20. YOU. APl'LY TO Mil. their pictures in tho papera. Tliat'3 n bad Htntc of afdilra trom Zizzy's point of view. Mary Eaton la Ihe Intcst to caiiBO worry to doHcrnc! upon Flo in largo and melancofy (?ol )S. For Mary is tho premor danaeuae of tho Zk'isfeld ufifirogatlou ami when ho tendered her a now contract with tho r „*.,,, clause, carofullv inserted, prohibiting! By'""sKJ.tJNd' x'tiio' N'IL'WS'AKTBK marriage during her engagement, | $-J*- I l'i .9 *. t .. l 5Xi j; ?. , i? u -.... 1 ??... s ' ) :AK Mary Just naturally stopped to the trout. Zto.y waB told In a .inlet and dignified way that ho might prescribe how much she could or could not wear In her Miimborn, but that when it came to affairs of heart he had no more to nay than a henpecked husband at a suffrage convention. A.fter which tho unsigned contract was duly returned. Mary <\r.uleH that uho haR any design!) on any particular man, hut, wantH to bo free to net any likely look-' ing 'prospect. WtssfteirnD Sdsote IHIffiHice & OlKkis QeniiiikDg Co. OLD AND NKW WINDOWS CI^iANBU, UUUS OUH Sl 'KClAM'Y. No money If work U not satisfactory. PHONE 35.1. «1G NORTH »UI'l,li, HUTCHINSON, KB _ TJ t-Ut ¥yp«woiieir KaKbeims Carbon l>ft|>er, K '-c-ond shet-ts, Ptc OoMen Hulo Pr, » H. 7 Kliernmn Kaiit. TlP'.wfU.'i -L '&t SUDDEN DEATH FOR DESTRUCTIVE HOPPERS County Agent Demonstrated the Effectiveness of Oil Bath at Spangler Farm. . Several thousand graBBhoppers, which had infested the alfalfa Held t on the J. S. Spangler farm weat of two children; Margaret 12, and Grace i, and ono slater, Mrs. J. P, Hen-ley. LAJUNTA BANKER COMES HERE FOR HIS HEALTH _ AnraTOiMicffiiBEiiBiinto The a«l(kn llulo l'rtes, A new resldont In -Hutchinson Is C. C. Buchanan who has brought hla family hero from I .a Junta, Colo. Mr. Buchanan was In tho banking business New York, July 17.—The atato attorney general's office today obtained an Injunction restraining Walter I.. Johnson and three movie concerns of which ho Is alleged to ho tho head, from soiling further stock to the public. Three tiuartcra of a million -already liavo been Invested in these companies. The companies In tho injunction were the Motion- Picture Production Company of America? National Kx- changoinc, and Johnson and Hopkins Coitfpany Inc. The attorney general's offlco which recently has been seekiug to purge tho street, declared that despite the J7EO,000 received through stock sales, the companies had nothing now in the treasury. H. II. Kaege. The American Legion and tho Veter. ans of Foreign Wara have agreed to cooperate in oHjtalnlng the passage of legislation desired from the coming congress. This follow* the suggestion of H. H. Rftege, national legislative chairman ot the disabled vets' organizations, that a recognized program be adopted. SOME CHARTERS. Special Session Was Held In Topeka Today. Topeka, Kan., iiily 17.—At a Bpecjal session of the stalo charter board today, a charter was granted to the Morlarlty-Thompson Mercantile Com:, pany of Parsons. It 1 B capitalized at $20,000. The Mid-west Petroleum Corporation of Delaware, capitalized at $99,690, was granted a charter to operate Mr. and Mrs. D. R. Holmes of 309 North Chemical annonnco the birth of a baby girl today at Methodist Hospital. The meni/bers and friends of tho Congregational church wlM hold a reception on the lawn at the homo of Mr. and Mrs. H. H. Kauatzar, 320 Crescent Boulevard; Thursday ever ning. Word has beon received here o( the birth of a little daughter, yesterday, to Mr. and Mrs. Ewlr.g Emieon of Vinccnnes, Ind. Mrs. Bmlson was formerly Miss Tuloy Louise Shepherd of this city. HIGHWAY ROBBERY. thero 'and has moved here on account of the lower altitude. Ho was a , former president ot the I.a Junta Hutchinson, were given a fatal oil 1 Chamber of Commerce. Ho and his hath this morning. V. S. Crlppen, t family are living at 701 Avenue A county agent assisted Mr. Spangler in J east, constructing a hopper dosor which was user! in exterminating the grasshoppers, j The hopper dosor was constructed out of part of ths roof of an old porch. The ends were soldered up so that It would hold tho oil and sled runners were fastoned to the bottom so It, cc-<ld hes pulled around the field by a horse. - In only SO minutes time, a bushel full of grasNtoppers had been killed this morning s.nd still only a small portion of the INjld had beon covered. Mr. Crlppen ststes that a hopper doser should be constructed 16 foot long, three feet wide and four Inches deep. He explained that the wasto oil which is drained out of tractor crank cases can bo used very advantageously in killing grasshoppers. Sht:rm:in Kast U -ttB -34-:iL IJ you need insuriinco or ntietl u loan, call mc ami U't me ext>Uin to yon: l'Mr*. tornado, juitoinobilo, liability, compensation, heliuli anil nfeluVtit, i-eJUdenc. burcrtrtry, unit tourist rlontor. W. It. BK1 .DKN >. lit South Miiln. i^iono Rt)?. Tl<ioJ3-2Bt LOST—Two Med fish rind lines, on or no FlniU-r plcium coll 3817J polos with reols ir North Pojilnr. ad 17-It Murphy to Europe. Los Angeles, July 17.—Jimmy Murphy, 1922 automobile speed king, pliuia to leave hero Thursday for Europe where ho will drive an American car In the Italian grand prix at Monsa Hep- tembej; 9 and in a race at Barcelona, Spain, November 4. TOO LATI TO CLANirv - f*olt HAI.l'^ — Cias engine, forou pump anil Jack. Phone 3186W. 18 BIG DAMAGE BY THE FLOODS IN COLORADO GOOD aft of heavy work liornesa. clmap, Call 1UJU North Ijorralnn. 18 17-U WAN'TKO, lmmpdlatoly—Tent. J'huno 2307, 710 PJjust Second. 20 17-41 LOST—Cirowinff Klrlw' patent leather two- atr&p Httpppr. Kin tier phone 2443. 30 17-2t ONF3 IarR« Axmtnst 'T niR, onn b*>i1. i.n.i writlntr J^fk find bookcase combtnod, one dlnlnK nttn table with H . I'hon*i fluvlnK office houra. IS 18-10 FOR SA1 >!*;•-•• Offlco ilf;fllc, lioum'holil f\ir~ nltuVc, portable hehouae. 1'hoiirr 2iifi4 W. IS l7-«t J04 Went 3 17-Ii!t LKH1T houBRkecplnif Fourth. FOR RENT—Klvri-room cottafi-e, mo<lnrn except fuuiaos; K'" - aBc. I'htino 725J. 7 17-U THE NEWS TELEPHONE, 4400 Swollen Rivers and Creeks There From Cloudbursts in the Mountains. GASOLINE SELLS FOR 13 CENTS AT DALLAS Dallas, Tex., July 17.—Independent dealers In gasoline today made a further reduction In the retail price ot gasoline here, cutting It two cents a gallon to the new price of 13 cents. Filling stations operated hy the largo oil corporations today continued to sell their product at IB cents a gallon, the price set yesterday by the "independents" when the latter cut from 17^centa. Independent dealers say they are seeking to compel the larger compan les to abolish tho practice of allowing commercial discounts to large buyers, Too many girls who are good mod' •Is tor artists are bad yanxaleg.— In Kansas. Its application sets forth that the Kansas headquarters are to bo established in Topeka and "one fifth of the capital Is to ho invoated in Kansas." | BENT BACK JEWELRY. Wife of a Bandit Doesn't Want That Business for Husband. Kansas City, Mo., July 17.—Jewelry valued at $3,600, which was stolen recently from the home of Mr. and Mrs. L. R. Goudle, was returned today through the mall. With the package was a letter which road as follows: "To the Croudles: I am sending this Btuff back to you, as I do not want my husband to make a living lor my- solf and family In such a manner. Hoping thlB ends tho matter, I remain, "Wife of Baadlt No. 1." "While the bandits were ransacking the Goudle home after hojdlng up the adult members ot the family, they addressed each other by numhers. The loader apscared to Ibo No. 1. FORMER LOCAL PASTOR DEAD. End Came to Rev. Peter Lahr Ir Michigan—Burled at \y Infield. Hev. Peter . D. Lahr of Morgan. Mich., a former Hutchinson resident died last week, and funeral services for him were hold yesterday Ui Win- When Barber Put Tip on Regular Bill. New York, July 17.—'Has a barbor, who la not given a tip a right to charge it on the bill? A. W. Morf, manager of a typewriter company, took this question to court, charging Joseph Costello, a barber, with petty larceny, for ringing up an extra ten cents on his check. "I don't care about tho dime," he snld, '1jut this highway robbery has Denver, Colo., July 17. -After an all-night vigil, clue to swollen rivers and eimcks that threatened lives and property, residents of Denver and other cities and towns in tho storm swept areas today were estimating the damage. Rains that In some localities assumed the proportions of a cloudburst desconded upon Denver, 1'arker, Franktown, Metrln, Sullivan, Florence and Portland and other points in such volume that creeks overflowed their to be shown up. I'm a red •blooilcrtJ'"" 1 ? 8 ' "ashed out highway and rail ]>«ad bridges and damaged scores ot homos and business houses. Early last night residents all along the valley close to Cherry creek fled to high ground. Two cloudbursts" In the Parker district were responsible for the floodocl conditions In this part of the state. American and this is going to bo a test case, it it costs $1,000." The case went over until August 2. Grape-Nuts Cookies. 1 cup Grape-Nuts. \b cup shortening. cups light brown,sugar. Vi cup milk, a well-beaten eggs. 2Vi cups flour. 2 teaspoons baking powder. 1 teaspoon cinnamon. Vi teaspoon cloves. M teaspoon salt. 1 cup chopped Beeded raisins. Cream shortening and sugar milk and well beaten eggs. Add well- sifted dry Ingredients and raisins that have been dusked with part of the flour, and then the Grape-Nuts. Boat thoroughly and drop from a spoon on batflng sheet ono and one-half inches apart. Bake In a moderate oven for fifteen minutes. Add Grape-Nuts Salad. 1 cup Grape-Nuts. 1 sliced orange. % cup cubed pineapple. 1 cubed bananas. 2 teaspoons leniou-julce. Cream salad dressing. Cut up tho fruit, add lemon-Juice, mix with Grape-Nuts, and servo on bod of lettuce with cream salad dressing- Makes tour (o six portions, DEATHS AND FUNERALS DIES AFTER OPERATION. Alva L. Crouch Had Been Suffering From Appendicitis Six Months. Alva'L. Crouch, 37, died at 12:10 this morning in a local hospital, following an operation for appendicitis yesterday morning, and an Illness ot six months. Funeral services will be held tomorrow afternoon at 3 o'clock from the Johnson Funeral ParlorB, conducted by tho Odd Fellows lodge and Rev. A. J. Bell of the Zlon Lutheran church. Mr. Crouch was bom Keb. 18, 1886 near AtchUon where ho lived until 1906 when he camo to Hutch inaon with his parents. Ho was formerly an employee of tho Morton Salt Company. He married Vera Fagerqulst of this city In 1910 and to this union were born two children who survive him. He loaves his mother, Mra. Ella M. Crouch of 645 Avenuo B east, his Invest In An Old Established Company For thirty-eight yearsj this Company has given continuous Water and Electric Service in the City of Hutchinson. It has paid each and every Preferred Dividend while under the present management. It has grown and developed with th_e community. These are a few of the reasons why you can Safely put your Savings into the PREFERRED STOCK OF United Water, Gas & Electric Co. Customer Ownership Department.

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