The Daily Review from Decatur, Illinois on July 18, 1914 · Page 5
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The Daily Review from Decatur, Illinois · Page 5

Decatur, Illinois
Issue Date:
Saturday, July 18, 1914
Page 5
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Evening, July. IB, 1914. T H E D E C A T U R R E V I E W Page Five Pg^apj FOQ, THIT HA/E WE VNEEONT I BOJ6H7 IT WITH NC. OWN ,L PROGRESS OF PENNANT RACES "ii- TAIII r Ucrry Akers Hurls Great Game--Score, 8 to 1. i r 0111" Ivlnni Mnlil* i nlli-l I'rlf'1'. i ml !· · nfT S»tv n.1 fiaa^iimn 't! '*» T V o t U in ' i 1 « p-Mr f n " i "DtnMtor" i ''ft ,11 t!i.- « in 1 I.· r I H!IK " .'t , ' I 111! . .! inrt Iv I ! Ihf i hi'. KIM t*Nf «n f Iw r In ' " n n I* ti I ' l l ' . I . ' . ' 10 I V , HU.1" « l | . l In nK 11*. ' I' vHl» ' In h Ml »I · f t u * " ' l i l n i . Plm Illn A«E-t M Ml.»l I lllHAVs HhM I 1* ^ f o p ijnel H-'II . t « \ i l t.rm J n n i i T i * unii M I I I J * III218T Larry Doyle's Homer Beats Pirates, 3 to 1. Pittsburgh, J u l y IS--Beschers single t n l .L liomo run by Larry P o \ l r gi\ e Son l o r k a 3 to 1 \ l r t o i % O \ M Til b u r K h in a t w c n t s - o n f i n n i n g pitchers' duel b e t u o e n Marqtiard a n d Adams Fri- i hi*\ h l l » v I l r i I I I i ' h ' U i. .1 j 1 pMnK'i' i iryp. I N V Will! I.I.AC.! t-- Anirrlf an \\t,n to I KJ T'l- t i V,-, * h u e I N r k » 1 '. HP nhm* Kaj" "I I V i H2 «W I O I M 1 * i r A M E S ntiil \\ r'rlir 'A I 1 n»- ~1 4» Kitchen, tCotzelnek and Edwards Hit Homers. ii*t r o u n d »·!·' "M 1 r l t P r « « 1 ' ( t i r e f l u n n r *·· ti r. i m k .1 ' i t i v O h o iwor" D T -- .... A \ l l !S|, C o f f i n rnnrpany .. I fader Iron Companv orr r»f 11-3 ««*- n . i k i*-,l I n th«» nl^r f-ojrM nine « i* f r n t u r e d l v K i ' ^ h e n K o t - f ·' i ·· pitched a ·"· f n i*trlk« o u t s R Pet 1 nfin l i t in \ilirrli tin i h 1| ! i i Jr\*-1 ind at V a a h t n d t o n Fcilrr«1 Kansas i terlea--Perdue ana Wlngo and Roche* Mayer Rlsey and Dooln and Burns. Boston, 1-6-2, Cincinnati, 0-4-1. Batteries --James and Gowdy, Benton, Schneider ami Erv,in Chicago, S-l-4; Brooklyn, 2-6-5. Batteries --Vaughn and Bresnhan. Allen and Miller American. E-t Louis-New York game postponed on account of rain Cleveland, S--0, "Washington, I--5. Bat- terlos--Collamore and Baegler. Johnson and Ain^mlth Boston 8-11-0; Detroit. 2-5-3 Batteries-Collins ajid Carrlsan, Covaleaklc, Hall and Starmse and Baiter Chicago-Philadelphia game postponed on acoiint of rain. Federal. Indianapolis S-13-2, St Louis 2--1 Bat- teries--Falhenberg and Haridsn, Crandall, Groom. Keupppr and Chapman Pittsburgh 6-5-1, Brooklj n 4-1-3 Bat- teries--Camnltz and Berry, Finneran, Som- mors and Owene Kfinoas City, S-1G-O Thicago 2-10-2 f!4 Innmesi. Batteries--Packard and Easterly, Watson Pfndcrgast Hendrlx and "Wilson Baltimore 4-9-1; Buffalo. 3-7-2 Batterlee --Conley Sugg"* and Jacklitsch. Ford, Andor c on and Blair Vliller Drops Singles Match to Coulter. Form* 1 ! 1-oni" i u n i\ r»n fr 11 I J % R K \ DO^LE. P p r l n c t t e l d p l a \ o r -whoio I n t h n t w e n i % - f i r 5 t i n n i n g if 1 ( H i n t i n \ r i P l t t ' i h iier 1 ! Reed Puts One Over "Claw.rence." on CHAMPAIGN CLUB IS_NEAR ROCKS And now ( " h a n i p n l ^ n i c T" OM-I^ t h * ·weak Blsfi In the I M leasue Thej ar« hvinr -i booster da; a u n d a \ . a double bill tnr 50 cents Th»- directors there h a \ r i««i]f»rt the f o l l o w l n a : s t n t o - BQent "WednrsdaT., the 15th. -was pai da ^ut t h r p l a ^ ' ^ ^ ^ h n \ « n o t h f f n p i u l I f they do not get t h e i r mone\ ft* S u n d a j night thej flr«s a l l Er**e nereis and of COUTH* wp will f o r f e i t our guarantee of $450 paid to the league officials "Just to show the people that the club haa not been keeping Tip financially our receipts for th» last six ByB have been $198 95, while the guarantees wo h a v e paid out amount to $301. This $305 does not include the salaried of the players HOT other So there you ar£ We've Hrrqld H i i m r r.onland culled up l a ^ t n i g h t tnrl i\ i n i ^ f l to hiiv J a i k ' ftnpn Ktx hours h c t n r p Ceortfe Kred bad railed up from Prorla and closed r h f *!fal n h t c h takes, Conger to B e t a t n i RowHiul d i d n o t k n o n t h i s and w*if» sorelv di^appointfd v h f n hoard that h«i wan too lat" STARTED DlCKEMr^O ao"lnn started tho d i c k e r i n g for rongei, but from what can be learned, hft wus trvlns to con\e. the impres- ion that he d i d / n o t want .lack very badly Quincy set a big prk e and President Jones of th^ Feorn club f o r w a t d w i t h t h e P t a t e m t u t that he would not cripple any Three-I club end for t h i e reason -would not buy Conger. Reed got next and got busy at once H slipped one over Rowland In m a k - ing a proposition and closing the d»al without any hemming ajid hawing. Now Rowland will have to boost his bid materially if ho is going to lana Confer, which Is Very doubtful,'as it is rtot thought that Reed purchased Jack with the intention of specu!atlnt GRABBED TOO LATE. Quincy gave Rowland a square deal n the matter and called him up over the long distance telephone -onlj the other day. Rowland said that he did not want Jack and then the Decatur trade waa consummated Last nig-ht Rowland was very much peeved when he learned that he had lost out on the deal that would have etrengthened his team sufficiently to put the Distillers n the race at the finish. Next time Rowland wants a Quincy player he will not try to pull something over. limply got to have a bit, crowd on I but will grab while the grabbing is ty or the hole win get us" J good. dv» f t ^ 3 ^ th" I n n g f v f gim p l i v e d in thf rational league EFFECTIVE PIT THING From f h f rloio of tlie t h i r d I n n i n g until the. opening of til* 1 r u e n t \ - f i r s t i n n i n g neither U a m v i s ^ M P lo so f f f f c t l v e \\.i' tho pit li.njr ^ I n r p f i e l d i n g cliaractrn/od t l i o u o r K or 'ioth sides Tho -w nrk of B u r n F Fletcher, Kell- and Mowrv was b r i l l n n t BURNS HITS TRIPLE In tho first i n n i n g r,um- h i t T tliree- bagere^ when two ·nore out Hr did not score In their half thp Pi( t ^ b n r c h o r ^ erored thftr onlv run \ \ l i n n Mentor i\ns h i t bv t h n f h p t ball p t t r l i n f ] h\ M a i n u a i d , w e n t to "rronrl on !Mrmirj c, t.n"- r l f i c p and scored on a t h r e e M.e h i t h j Wagne« The \ t B l t o i A t i e d th* '·corr m th" t h i r a on single 6 ; by B-esrher and Doj]o and Bui ns' out Best IIPI pinplr-l in the t % v r n t \ -first a f t ^ r i\\ o u r r p o u t He Siole second DO\!P then sent h i ^ honip- run blow to center, scoring Bescher ah p ad of him IsOT A BASE Adams did not give a bare on balls, and eti uck out MX men. Marquai d u n l k P r t t w o men a n d M r n r k o u t t w o Manager Clarke and P i a j e r McCarthy of thp local tram W P I C p u t off the f j p l d for disputing a decision Score NEW "iORK-- A B Bescher Dojle 2b Burn" If Fletcher, es '. . Mcrkl". I') . . - · Mayers, t; Mm rav J * McLean c . ... Stock. 3b . .. Snoflgrn-sB 2* ... Grant i'-i Mftrquard p . .. Totals PITTSBURGH-Mensor If *· · · · Mowrej, Sb ... Vioz, 2b Konetchy, Ib Mitchell, rf .. Kplly c f . . .. Gibson, c Carey 3* ... Colerrmn c .. Adams, p ... H r o o a Decatur lost out in the tennis finals I C h a m p a i g n in the Central 111 nols Country Club tournament jesterdaj, \ h e n Coulter a n d Graham of Bloom- n g t o n defeated Miller and "Wiley of his citv, 5-7, b-4 6-2, 6-3, and Coulter .f Bloomington defeated Miller of De :atur in singles, 6 - 2 , 3-6; S-6, 6-0. ·\SERE HARD MATCIlEb. Tin- f i n a l " in both doubles and 'ingles uere the hardest matches e \ e i eld on t h t ChampaigTi courts. In the doubles, the Decatui men showed g i e a t lorm, each game being closely contested, a gieat n u m b e r of them running to deuce befon being decided. The sets were undecided until the close of the fourth. COULTER STRONGER. After his gruelling match in doubles, Millar w a s not in as good condition a 1 -his opponent and was downed in three nut of four sets Coulter took the f u s t bet 6-3, then Miller came back strong and displaced wonderful form in the sncoitii set, defeating Coultei, 6-3. Coulter was able to stand the plaj better than Jliller howe\er, and defeated him In the last three sets, winning his f i f t h consecnth c championship. BLOOMERS GET CUPS. The final feature of the tournament was the presentation of cups and prises following the dinner at the Country Club. Seven of the prize cups went to Ui« Bloomington player" Graham and Coultei t e c e i \ p d the up for tennis doubles, this being the f o u i t h time that Coulter has won the doubles cup w i t h a partnei. Coulter icceived the tennis singles cup The n t h e r prizes to Bloomington T%cie won t \ G Munroe, consolation cup, \Vilco\ and Elliott, mi\ed foursome, Wllco\ a n d Baldwin, two ball mixed foursome, and Lawrence Young, approaching Contest. GUJBURG TAKES BOGEY. Galesburg won the a n n u a l 46 hole Attendance at Games Reach 80,000. to ROWLAND IS ELATED PeorSa and Decatur to Finish One and Two. According to Peoria papers, the total Three-I attendance for the year in that city will he c!ose to the 80,000 mark. This is as It should be in Peo- ila. Baseball is being given better support there this season than in arty :h**i year In Three-I histoiy. ROWLAND ELATED TVIth the season only half over, the attendance has been over 40,000 Need- is to sa 1 -, Manager Claience Rowland highly elated and he is planning to nake his permanent home in that citj Ml Feoria needed waa a TV i n n i n g team w a k e n interest in that citj HOW THEY'LL FINISH. O\er m Feoria they are saving t h a t the finish of the Three-I race will be as follows. First--Peoria Second--Decatur. Here m Decatur we say that the order will be re\ersed There is no doubt but that Decatur was greatly strengthened by the deal in which Shortstop Conger and Pitcher Holland came here. Conger is easily the. best shortstop in the Three-I league, bar none. It is' worth the price of admission alone to see him handle the hoppers that go d o w n the short field. IS BASEBALL MAD. According to a Decatur man who was in Peoria yesterday, that town is baseball mad. xBus ! ness men turn out to the games In largo numbers. The women are also good fans and turn out to the game EX-I.-M. PITCHER MAKING GOOD Vaugrht Striken Out 15 Men In One Game for SInskogee. Clinton Tilly IS--Ciaience V a u g h t two j e a i s ago w i t h the Lincoln I-SI league, is in Oklahoma w. here he is playing airtight ball, choosing f u s t to 3lav under an assumed nanr*. Thp first of Julv, when the Muskogrpe team of thp \ \ e s t o r n association was opening the second half of the season at Oklahoma C i t s , Vaught approached Manager McAvoy for a job of pitching and $A\e his n a m e as Morgan. He was ?d. pitched the game, and won 2 to 0. Oklahoma City protested the j?ame ' ogev plav, gaining: p e r m a n e n t posses- on the' ground's that Morgan was Vaught and a suspended player of the 'ion of the tiopln cup w h i c h had been in it 1 ! possession for t\\ o consecutive ears previous Springfield and Cham- n a i g n ·n ere the closest r o n t e n d e i s Simpson of Galesburg m a d e the best up, with Hon ard Walton, (he new champion , w i t h a g r o r e of 14 up, Decatur f i n i s h e d last w i t h [1 D- a t o t a l score of 69 MT. PULASKI TO PLAY PETERSBURG Totals 71 1 l3 1* Ban for Mejers In fifteenth inning C* Batted for Stock in eighteenth Inning 3* Ran lor Gibson in the t ^ n t h inning By Innings New Tork Pittsburgh 001 000 000 000 000 000 002-- 3 100 000 000 000 000 000 000-- I SUMMARY Three base hit"--Burn* W i g n e r Home run--T3oy1e Stolen base-*--Bnrn e 2 Tletchpr Bescher. 2 Double plays--Viox to \\ ipner to Konetrhy Fletcher to "Do-\ IP to Mrrkle 2 Tirst bate on balls--Off Mfirquarrl, C Hit ith pitched ball--3v Marquard Mensor First ba*e on errors--Netv York, 2 Pitts- mrgh, 2 Sacriflcewhits--MoT\re, 2 Adam* Vlox, Mensor, Stock Sarnfi? fK--Burn** Left on bases--New York 9 Pittsburgh ]" Struck out--B\ Marquftrd. 2 bv Adam" Time o f - - « ' - « . Johnson. . grsme--3 42. Umplrea- Byron and OTHEE MAJOR LEAGUE SCORES. The Jit F u l a s k l baseball team ro to Petersbuig Sunday to play Petersburg Pirate at tint place National St. Louis, -12-1, Philadelphia, 4-11-4 fiat- t h e c - H - will the Mt. Pulaoki defeated the Petersburg sal aried club last season anrl expects to repeat the tru k t h i s yem r t f t v fans ·nlll accompany th" team 'W j. M C . Carthy lo manag"! of t h e .Mt Pulaski club DANVILL£~MAY ENTER THE C. A. According to a report from Dam-Hie, a syndicate o£ fans oyer th«iw have already organized for the p u i p o s e of buying the Ottumwa. franchise in the ·Central association in case it does not go to Danville That Danville fans would even consider this appears rather strange in Uev of th» fact that one can't feed fans Cla«s C uall after t h e y have been ha%ing Class C and don t support that, and also in ilew oi! the fact that D a m i l l e is so fai -omoied from the rest of thp seven teams in the C. A. Monarohs to Tuncoln. Manager Otto Dombroskl ivants to give notice to his Monarch p l a \ e r s that thev will go to Tuscola S u n d a v , lesv- 1ns Decatur at 6 31 S u n d a j m o r n i n g on Wichita team in (.he "Western league. Muskogee proceeded to buy his release for $100, and saved the game This w e e k Vaught won anoth«i fast game-from McAlester, 1 to 0, and broke the record for strikeouts, fanning f i f teen men. In the sixth, seventh and eighth innings eight men went down in succession by strikeouts and the h a i d hitting of McAlester secured only five safeties off him, and these by two lone men. M'LOUGHLIN AND BUNDY PLAY TODAY Seabnglit, N. J , July 18--The plans of th» D a \ i s tennis rup committee for the finals of thp teat matches were changed todav Maurice E McLoughlin ana Thomas C. Bundy. the national champions, will meet Karl H. Behr and T. R Pell, middle states winners, this afternoon at 3 o'clock in the final of the double* R. Norria Williams, second, the j o u n g is cup player, wlH meet T. R. Pell, holder of the singles trophy, tomorrow a f t e r n o o n match in challenge SPORT STORIES BRIEFLY TOLD Hoblltzell gold ^e Cincinnati R*ds ha\n sold First Baseman HobHtrell to the Boston American league team Denunitt in ColHllon. Rav Memir.itt and Wea\er collided Thurs- dav in trvmg to catch s fly ball anfl both had to leaie th* game because of Injuries IVHhelm IB B«leaHed. TVllhelm was released by SpringfleM after .-Is poor showing against Dubuque He started the season well but icemed to get worse :ead of. better. FISH OVER SEVEN FEET LONG CAUGHT Springfield, July 18 --The record fish ha s been caught. Word of its successful landing- reached the offices of the state fish and game commission here yesterday. The member of the f i n n v species was _r. alligator gar. It was caught, after two hours' of hard work, in a slough otf the Mississippi river near Quincy Its length is seven feet, two inches and Us weight is 209 pounfls Its mouth, open, measured nineteen inches across and around the body, its measurement "ai thirty-eight Inche" The teeth of the fish which n a s a female, measured an inch in length and were about the size of a lead pencil. Within the body were found thirty- two eggs, one carp fifteen inches long and numerous smaller fish THIS IS SOME BASEBALL JOB Detroit: Xe^s Few people ha»* heard o£ Mullane-\ }pt M u l l a n e \ is a valuable member of the Cincinnati t*»im Mullatiey is used for i h e solo purpose oC h a % f n g TAords to say w i t h umpires When there is any chance of starting: an\ thing. Mullanej- dashes out and i,plls "Au% com* 1 off t h a t " What's the matter with oti?" He Is efp i ted to PI fined or draw a FiiBponsIon That's what he IB hlrod for If he didn't Kef chafed on^e or twice a week he would n t ne cirninr 3ns money He re- n e \ f s Herzogr of a pa^t of his burden It ma'\ also be n piece of n^us to learn that M--Gr^tt nf the Giants once had h i m for tr-e same p^ipose So far has ha*n*t played In an i n n i n g of and giric this season Unlike the naughtv child he is pupposed to__b** he^rd not s**en RIDER KILLED IN MOTORCYCLE RACE St. Louis, July 18.--Thomas B, Lewis of Birmingham, Ala , waa fatallv injured yesterday in the races being run under the auspices of the Federation of American Motorcyclists, now In convention here. HP crashed Into th« fence and fell over a twentj-foot embankment during the first race of thf dav. He died a few hours later. For the second time in as luany dass the world s record for a, mile on .1 d i r t track was broken here yesterda on the races held under the auspices ni the Federation of American Jlotorcv clipt c Pav Creviston of Chicago was the record breaker in Roth instance*. Thursday he lowered the record fron- 49 seconds and a fraction to 48 3-' seconds. Friday he circled the ml 1 -' course in 43 1-5 seconds, or at the rat. of eightv-fonr miles an hour. RUTHRAUFF PUTS IN WATER GUAGE Strip of Paint Being Pu« on Pier nt Illinois Central Bridge. Commissioner Harry Ruthrauff Friday started painting' the new w a t e r gauge on the pier of the Illinois Central bridge n^ar the waterworks. A strip of black paint thirty Inches wide is being- planted on the pier. Two coats of the black will be put on, and thp different stages v of the water will be painted on in unite. Three 50c Ties for $1.00 All our 50c ties, 3 for $1; this includes everything that is popular with men this season. Neckwear that is "snappy" and different. MAIENTHAL BROS: Toucji aMatch to a - -- ^ and it will not take you long to discover its superiority over other 5c cigars. It's a mild cigar, with a smooth, mellow flavor. IN FW SPA PERI IK.WSPAPFRI

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