Garden City Telegram from Garden City, Kansas on February 18, 1964 · Page 2
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Garden City Telegram from Garden City, Kansas · Page 2

Garden City, Kansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, February 18, 1964
Page 2
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editorials fjarilon t'Jiv Tuesday, February 18, 1964 Winter In New Hampshire Sod S/ory to the West \Y7 e must not take our water resources for granted. To the west of us, Colorado is facing the worst drought since the dirty thirties. And there's no relief in sipht. Water supplies in the state are no better, than GO per cent of normal. Eastern Colorado, which depends so much on the snows at hiphor elevations, is especially hurt. Its topsoil has been blowing away, and water tables are continuing to decline. The hiijaro John Martin reservoir in the Arkansas Valley to the west of here is critically low. Making the current drought much worse is the drought of a year ago. One must go back to the mid-30s to find two such dry years in a row. .Southwest Kansas, although dry, is in better shape. But irrigation is mushrooming, and demands on our underground supplies are lowering water tables at an alarming rate in some areas. Water conservation not only is needed, but is a must if we are to continue to enjoy what this rich land is capable of producing under irrigation. We take water for granted until the well runs dry. Then it's too late to become concerned. Garden Citians are accustomed to good water and plenty of it. In comparison with cities further east, we use several times the amount of water per capita. Winter lawn irrigation, almost unheard of in the eastern part of the state, is a common practice here. Water is essential everywhere, but plays a larger role in this area's economy than in many other areas. So the responsibility is with us to use it wisely. No Uniforms Needed en. Curtis LeMay and Secretary of Defense Mc- Naniara have given contradictory testimony on the reliability of missiles. LeMay, with his beloved Air Force at heart, wants more funds for manned bombers. Me Namara, with only the nation's defense in mind, puts more faith in missiles. Both testified before the House Armed Services Committee. Although what was said is secret, the committee added $92 million to the defense authorization bill for development of a new manned interceptor plane. So apparently LeMay presented a more persuasive argument than McNnmara, or else there are some Air Force reservists on the committee. Congress has a good number of military reservists in its ranks. These men make little if any contribution to the nation's military strength, but being a reservist offers opportunities for junkets at government expense and is good for some flag-waving in front of the voters back home. Of course, when the matter of military appropriations comes up, they are expected to back their particular branch of the service. This is a conflict of interest within the government. It would be well within reason to ask our nation's lawmakers to give up military ties while they are in Congress. They still may carry prejudices of their military branch, but without ties they shouldn't be committed. As a member of Congress, they have a total com- mittment to their nation. They don't need a uniform to show their loyalty. , •,.. ,•.. Drew Pearson Reports Mundt Has Unique Ideas On West Point Candidates WASHINGTON — The unpre- can, in the final decision. But Kennedy of managing the news, dictable Sen. Karl Mundt, R-S. what would be the best for the ... In New York last week, LBJ D., has selected for West Point United States is a problem that went around to the New York educations two South Dakota basketball players who were sus ponded for shoplifting in Dccem ber. The shop lifting episode was Hal Boyle Says Comedienne Says Women Are Funny shoplifting in this .-ase were not from underprivileged families. One boy's mother has been a NEW YORK /AI " ™—""' '"" Ji1 " 1 "" •""• - M Kl1 * ° h - '• member of the Slate and Nation- Loudon is a who washes her a week, knows 1,500 saloon by her fellow performers. songs, enjoys riding on depart nient store train trips cry when they are over." cuse University at the end In a business in which many her sophomore year. performers become as wound "i found myself studying zool up as tops, she has remained ology and trigonometry, neither president Johnson 7s considering breezily normal and non-neu- O f which seemed to be helping tl)e pa i n f u i possibility that he rotic. She has her own theory as me much toward becoming an may nave to send guerrilla-train- is causing the new President to Times office to have lunch with rack his soul. its executives. Next day the Meanwhile he has ordered Sec- Times featured a front page, rotary of Defense Robert McNa- double-column story blasting iti mara to do everything possible honored guest for leaking news curcfuly hushed up at the Rings to bolster the South Vietnamese *° a rival newspaper. JFK got High School in Pierre and few forces. The next move probably criticized for leaking to the people in the state know about will be to ask the South Vietnam' Times; LBJ got criticized for it. However, seven star high esc generals to let Americans leaking to someone else. . . . school players were found to help plan and direct the military Charlie Bartlett, of the Chatta- have been shoplifting while play- operation. Now they are restrict- nooga and the man who Intro- ing out-of-town games ed to giving advice without con- duced JFK to Jackie wrote a On these trips they would sallv sent. column last week that the late forth to local stores and pick up Arizona's buty Barry Gold- President had finally decided not various articles ranging from water had about every Senator to favor any newspaperman sweaters to necktie c'.ips. When who wanted to do any political Look who s talking. . . . Billy the school authorities found out mailing cussing him last week. Rose, the old Broadway show- about it, the seven wern susnend- For he tied up the automatic man, admits making $9,000 an ed for three days and everyone typewriters and signature pens in hour onithe stock market since was admonished as to . ccrccy. the Senate Mailing Room most of l"»t October. Billy studied stock the week, preparing letters to market speculation under that old Tht school authorities explain- New Hampshire- voters. P™ Bernard Baruch, for whom ed. when queried by this column, The ebullient Senator from Ar- he once served as secretary, that unfortunately shoplifting is izona was trying to catch up with rather prevalent among high the reported lead of Gov. Rocke- _ ... . v school students of the present feller in the key primary state, California TOUng generation although never before and had secured the mailing list GOP for GoldwOtCf had it taken place among mem- of his No. 1 backer, Sen. Norris bers of an athletic team It Cotton of New Hampshire. SAN DIEGO, Calif. (AP) — seemed to be a sort of prank, of- Goldwater used automatic The California Young Republi- ficials said. One boy will siart pens to sign 85,000 letters, mak- cans say Arizona's Sen. Barry shoplifting and then dare others ing it look as if he had signed Goldwater is the man they want to follow. each letter personally. for president of the United The boys who were caught States. Recent president* have found And attorney John A. Groma- that it does not pay to break la, 34, of Fortune, is the new bread with the New York Times, president of their 14,000 mem- John F. Kennedy went around to ber group. for, 33V, Sen. Mundt picked Zenas Gurley, partly in deference to JFK's against. 330 North Graham Street, Pierre, father, a friend of Krock's, part- and Gary Gage, Box 392, Pierre, ly to manage the news. Later, -Whether buying or selling, use accusing Tele'.'ram Want Ads! of are excellent basketball players. Though It may be denied. to why there are so few success ful comediennes. "Women are naturally funny, actress," she said. So she c*me to Manhattan, but people don't give them a took dramatic lessons, danced chance — because they don' want them to be funny," said. "Who are the funniest men comedians? The ones who talk about women. ed U. S. troops into the South Vietnamese jungle to help beat back the Viet Cong guerrillas. ..... . .. This would mean open fighting briefly in a chorus line soon between Amerlcani and com . she found herself singing and phy; munjsUi runnin g the risk of an- mg the piano in small cocktail othcr Korean . scale war _ if the lounges ' Chinese should send reinforce"Other people call them me nts swarming down from the cocktail lounges—I call them sa north, loons," she said. "Over a three- yet' the depressing fact is that But thert li nothing funnier year period I think 1 played the South Vietnamese have been than an insecure woman show- every saloon in the country losing ground to the Viet Cong, ing her insecurity. Audiences "i have a book of 1,500 songs American advisers have corn- love a woman performer who is that my father and mother plained that South Vietnamese seemingly insecure. They don't taught me — sentimental, old- officers are bungling the war. want her to come on like an time tunes with a lot of melidy. The Reds are pushing hard, They're really saloon songs, be- and should be threatening the cause where else could you sing capital city of Saigon itself this them except in a saloon—or In summer. It probably will take your living room?" American ground-air action to She rocketed to national at'on- hold off the assault. atomic explosion." She never ceases kidding her- City Uaiiy Esorpt Sunday »nd tion as a bright new television This would give President n/cS?,*! 1 ,; .Tin'Eart guest star in 1968. Johnson the agonizing choice of ohe»tnut _ _ . , .... . , pulling out of South Vietnam or , Oerothy, wt» U still a bache- throwing u s forces into the ltti lor 8H-1- recently bought Herself battle £ hold u He have w old browBttone house on the to make the decision> too> in the u PP er La . s . t ^ de - 5>ne UKes !° paint, write her own comedy ..mtui-tal onnV anrl sew For material, COOK ana sew. ror years she sewed all her own Adverti,t n i Bi 5", v ^siTmber «i u* Anocuted !•>«»* Tim Associutea Press la entitled *«• Olusively to ths ua« (or reproduction of all th« local new» pnnted m thu newspaper a» well as ail AP newt »ud OUpatchea. All rishu oi oubUcat- »l*o reserved. T*rn»» oi sui»»triuu, 0 middle of the election campaign. If K*> pulls put, the could accuse him of giving up „. ,.. . . ... . South Vietnam to the commun- . She likes people, and toll u i.i, « \. 0 pi-nnsoo *„ f.oM th« ' carrier « month U. fcarden City. , Dh Uosouhv- « J,. Chooses to fight, the i. payable t 0 carrier in advauo*. *«' jwuwuHuj. Republicans could harp on the cute, *ber. -'Do the best you can, »nd oi d theme that the Democratic don't expect other people to do p t j th „ tv - ^^ better than their best. Every- Sity Su f^m ^he far-oH body tries. Some make it some SouUj Vietnamese jungle will don't. But everybody tries. hardly ^ popular vith the vot . ers. —Closing out sale—Radios, TVs, Politically, Johnson can Involve hy mail m cities that h»v« stereos aid appliances. Don's American Ambassador Henry carrier ••rvice. <ec*i c*rri*j Service R a diQ 8 ud TV. -adv C»bot Lodge, a leading Republi- Lime. Scott. Wichita, Greeley. Ham- i.'toii. Ki'ariy Grunt Haskell »^d Gray counties. J900 par y**r; •!••• wlie;e $15 O) per year. Second class ix>stai;« paifl ai uardeo City Kan.«ax. HARRY CHRISMAN of Liberal, author and historian who spoke last week at the Finney County Historical Society annual dinner, talked of "extending your life through history." And you can do it. We live here only a short time when you consider the average life-span against the span of the ages, but by studying and learning about the past, particularly those 100 or so years before our own lives began, we gain a kind of "extension of existence." w * + WELL, WE have been thinking all along that it was no surprise that the cameras that went along on the moon flight of Range VI failed to click. Is is our confirmed opinion that cameras are mostly unreliable and unworkable. That's the way they've always operated in our inept hands. And we've seen the same non-function when other would-be photographers fiddled with film, flash, and exposure data while the gravy congealed at family dinners and the babies fussed and fidget* ed. We have thought that possibly th« human element was to blame, but those cameras way out of this, world did not have that to contend with. * * * FORTUNATELY SUCH feeling of failure of photography is not universal. Here in this town the Conard Studio, now owned by former em- ploye Dave Rintoul, is celebrating its 50th year of con- tinous and successful operation. (The history of the studio goes back much farther — to the 1880's in fact, but Frank "Pop" Conard bought it in 1914.) By way of observing the anniversary, Dave is looking for brides and grooms of 1914 who had their wedding pictures made by Conard's As a gift, he'll tnke their golden wedding anniversary pictures. So far he has Mr- and Mrs. Willard Moody booked t'or a sitting for their April 5 observance. If you are a 1914 couple, call Dave,, •Mi. You ( ;»ii < on »*< TIRE SALE I ALLSTATE Nylon 18-MONTH GUARANTEE SKAKS 4.70 i 15 TUIE-TYPE ILACKWALLS for « Plus Tax, No Trade-In Required • P-95 ADDITIVE GIVES LONG WEAR • NYLON CORD RESISTS ROAD IMPACTS Free ALLSTATE Tire Mounting / / / / 4f ^f ^5 * Guardsman Nylon 27-MONTH GUARANTEE 6.00 x 13 TUIELESS ILACKWALLS for ' Plus Tax, No Trade-in Required • OUR MOST POPULAR NYLON TIRI • 4-WAY SKID PROTECTION TREAD Scientific Wheel Balancing Guardsman Supertred 33-MONTH GUARANTEE 6.70 x 15 TUIELESS ILACKWALLS for ' Plus Tax, No Trade-in Required •EST ALLSTATE NYLON TIRE EVER DESIGNED—AND THE SAFEST 4"..i> \~£, NO MONEY DOWN en Sean Eaty Payment Plan ALLSiATE rASSENftll TIME (pUAKANTH All Pollwet—Tre^-Ufe ftirarMte* Wt guarant** th* ALLSTATE Tire d*t!gn*»- •d harain by serial numb*r, against all {ail-! ur*s resulting from road hazards or defects' for th* life of th* original tread. If tir*< fail,, return it and w* will, at our option, r«-J pair it without coit to you, or in exchange{ for th* tir*, r*plac* it, charging only for th*J tr*ad worn. Th* charq* for tread worn wilh be a pro-rat* thar* of th* exchange prlc** I Treari-Wear «nere»t*e | We alto guarantee the life of the tread <or = the number of months designated herein. If j the tread wean out within this period, r*-< turn it with this card. In exchange for th*< tire, we will r*plac* it charging the currents exchange price* less th* dollar allowan Indicated on the back of this card. SIMILAR LOW NUCIS ON ALL SIZES AND WHITEWALLS. $6.00 FOR YOUR BATTERY when you trade for a new ALLSTATI 36-Month Guarantee 12 Volts Scan Low Met 95! Power anouqh to turn Your •ngin* for over 5 minu*ts whan starting in jaro-cold waatkar. Fits Chav. II 19626}. Fakon 1940-63, Tamp- l»«l-*3 and many oth- With I *r c*n. NO MONEY DOWN !• Volts ReniUr Hf*lw**Mr Hate Plat* EXTRA THICK PLATES CIVK GREATER RESISTANCE TO BATTERY FAILURE $am* fabulout pow*r for «»ld w*aiher starting as th* Ig-volt baHary Fit, Buick 1925-31, Chryj. I956-5I, Ch»v. I929-36-40-S4, Dodg* 1930-56. Old*. 1920-33, Plym. 1921-51, «nd many, many etK*r|. Sftn L*w Prict with trftjt'iii NO MONEY DOWN] Shop at Sears and Save SEARS SstufMlion Giwr»me*d or Your Money B«ck 401 N. M,in — BR 6-4376 Stor» Hours: Daily 9 to 5:30, Saturday 9 to 8

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