The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas on June 22, 1973 · Page 2
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The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas · Page 2

Freeport, Texas
Issue Date:
Friday, June 22, 1973
Page 2
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WRVPOMVT Rail beds are in sad shape Sob«d b the dneriorttk.o of track. »r*J "*«** on UK nation'* railroads lhat the £* S 1 ^ «f "wnil Aratrak rowtw ha« wpcHiwa to the point where "»trnn<t IK. «» ..« . , - - AM mnrtly <£ other calory- mfi Sm °° th ' «mb« of the National AwocUttantf ' R*jlrwd Passengers whose chairman, Anthony Huswdl, made the above ' »i* a ew "And When You Get It Fixed, I'd Like to See the Wiring Diagram!" TIIK HHAZOWOHT B/SHOP: KEPOKTEft Nixon fumbled again w/fh FBI selections Tfcr ('Jstcwnr «ni«»!«a hi* part In Comment and Opinion r'r««p«rt, Tnai ***** t ANDERSON MERRY-GO-ROUND Co I son's confession variety of snooping Ut* (« tins* Hat aawtj 44,4 US* Kit MS A >iei*<*.i K, ' as i ** No aoe in Washington caa unde«tand why Pr«tden( .\uon r«juir«l an entire year - and thre* cbmcrs - to fill U»e show of J. Edgw Hoover. The o& nun was great, but be was also a nwroles* discipliturian. a bulldog with cait-iroo opinjoos. He died, and had to b* rrpiaced. The Federal Bureau trf laveitigatioa is an arnxed roonasiery. Mr Hoover made il that way. Its function has attrays be«n to protect the internal security of the United Stales. Three Presidents tried to rrtire J. Edgar Hoover — Kennedy. Johnson and Nixon. No! one of the three had the fortitude to look the old man in the eye and advise him to teave. They tried it in a devious manner — through friendly third parties, and While House "leaks " HOOVER AND TOE HOLE Hoover ignored them. He sat in his dark paaeUed offic* on Pennsylvania Avecue and looked across the street at a big hole It was one of the biggest, »cd deepest, he had ever seen. There, the new building for the FBI was to be built. He was beyond the autumn years and into the winter, watching those girders go up across the street He wanted to live to see that monuroent complete Mr. Hoover didn't make it. He died in Jus sleep. Before the funeral, his assistant, Clyde Toisoo, retired. President Niion. who feared Hoover, understood the organizational structure of the FBI. It is the most efficient Uw enforcement agency in the world The agents, as any knowledgeable policeman can tell you. are toe professionals' professionals They are also lawyers and accountants No outsider could administer the FBI, any more than a civilian might replace Admiral Moorer to run the US. Navy The new man would have to come from within The FBI consists of a director, moe assistant and associate directors, a half doien inspectors, and 59 Special Ageots-w- Charge The latter bead all the field offices. In addition, there are over 8.000 agent*, and 10.000 clerks, stenographers and technicians Cartha DeLoacfae might have had the >ob. He was Hoover's assistant He tired of waiting and accepted a fat position with Pepsi-Cola. Mark Fell, Assistant to the Director, would have been a good choice, but be will retire thii week William Sullivan was regarded as a i nwn " He looked like a ctoch tar line appointmrtit Cordon ^hanklm. fc*jci of tix DalUi office. **» considered (or t.V job So waj Kenneth WJuiUJtrr <rf tftr Miami office Roy Moore ii Jacfcuxi. Mfcuusipp*. enjo}* '.he nrspect of 4!! the OAKLEV A 'first' for that ubiquitous adman 4m* arm* ha.» multtd ui rotFwvr'Jsy cfucmtf m tie J or thrtatrrwd John Ma!«se. *to o SAC in \c* York <uxt abo AiitJUnl Director of the FBI. **» a name Niton beard (mrJ*ntf> TV PrwMknl knew the Jviro<-» acd the qualifications, and drifted imo ha mocd When he »A» pruiacd to somebcdy, br calkd on I,. Patrick Gray, who knew little mere about th* Federal Bureau of tni«tl£j!ioo than its i/tstiah In Wathunfton. Gray » known « itw .phtperfect Iwutenaot As s*o>nd tn command any-whenf, br would <io *«li He appeared to be one who coukl ukc ac\l*rt. but was dt/fident about Riving therc tthec the "While House" asked him !t> bum certain pertinent paprr* in the Wjtrrgjt? matter, it did not occur to Gray that other* might lock upoo thu 0.1 an rvjtwn cf U* He burned them Nuoo had a jccvnd chance TbeFHlaas dn/Ung rudderSesa Ui<? aa> Uw enforcement jg«xrv, a o«dcd a ch«f Ttw President *etect«d William another outsider. j.» an director Ruckeiihaus sumracoed th* S3 S.ACa for a Washington confermce The> l\tr* m *>, a cost of tn.QCO He nwiie a m rniftuSr jpeech, introducing hjrruelf. and. »mt!ing behind the hMnnm glwei. usd h* exDcctedtobearoutid for "abous today*." PICK 0.\K UK L,S The Special Agent* m Charge had become M> desperate that earlier they ti«l something indtscree* They lent i pfeadinit tetegram — «hich alt signed - to Nixon The? t *«£*d him to appear,! 4 director from witran the ranks "None of ua teeki P*r»ooal gam," it said, "there t» a MM reservoir of qualified executives *ithin the FBI from whjch a aominev could be selected " Silence No answer A week ago. the President picked Cbrntnce Kriley. retired FBI agent and chief of the ICanais City Police Department I pfaorwd a frw SAC* Their reaction *as a stgh of relief "Kell*y worktd*iih us." they uid "He knows the FBI '" Why u it that the Prrsident. as a hinng agent, requires f*o or more tttott to fill any post from the Supreme Court to Executive Aswstanu. to finding * new director for the FBI One thing be'» not - a personnel manager '.tint as Thii hj.i (a be Um i hwtory Uut * itt tiatatnm .ViJt la u.t«r' cU t. or ta ttw A» Uttfc o< it u fawMt 4 few >van afu the autjae oil 1 «!* s ika icv * Irwnd CM » >ac WSii* us* <-«f«nitte it tSx lA '4 titait, f«T ri«a. t.4"St EwKOiflW if »«» ij H-.faie t»u« sow v<e f tit tw**«5A«« l-r? t' itra-Jt •*•;«•« tit - ••v.'^v^y l^^^^M i^T 4 Am«scj=» to jfri oul o« the road 4.fid jnr tfce country 4nd dnve. ilrot. drxv* Ttxbjr. ««ro«- of thcrr. ti<?( only htr* to on «jj» cw - Ilunj J l "' J ' ! 'JlfM k -7.. v b> idepjirqj U-ttrr (Jrivtn^r. x "«- f v hjbtu, rave nr^fAjtjr tuovupjt. «tc , J«t uairr JCiujliy rvceamtaet!»iiC|[ I}sj5 tfsry !*i»v* «ha; their C4f% jt fcortw acJ ui» pubJte i tfc«7 can or Jots j car to wv* ti.vj^ftf try i,«cpLrtg; mar tuned m !j " All fa ft w Wue !-i . I (Jinan ini<{ rail stoat* fc! ; f! t»«> few j p»;r'.*r:e rf sl!< ' « *.-« <t!lj ,J|( f.L',-,1 W* .All o< tha. o/ cuurtic. is j[<jx3 7i«i.;n.« ii wcil »u 4 puysc wrvxr. «• ")<( ci)fnpjr4<» can «rll cv*r-» im iftpy can rr<uw Not »urprt.»tn«lj, 4di«Tti»jng his b"pjpai to Utch sroto Us* HAL BOYLE'S PEOPLE irwwrern •>•»*« '.tut ttniiantmmt drcuwt tut TV . irf n.-»rciS> 4! !**»( irf "ftc it «p lfcr«w« il tltae ».• riBL»-4Httn. s.s Look for rainbow on next rainy day NKW if-1 BERRrS WORLD YORK -A!"i Chjidrm 4isd wr»rr swrn So kiw* wfcdt to do •*h*n it ratna It aamaiingwrut 4 i;!!Je ( .^*' '*v prrvipiUlKm do»s to Us* '* •*tjrld Kocki and tton«t thir* jnd vpgctj tioo grtjwi '*hen it rain* But ijth<T*a* It U turd to »jy much m favor o< ram Hjin make* the d.»> djrkrr. riven flood thru bankt. traffic irurlt. chikJrrn whirte. the don rrfiaes to go ouUide. horw* tucd forlorn «i hilii, peopfc Heal c *<h other'i husbands comptain to U*ir about the quabty of the morning taxtt disappear, traua run Utc. but driver* deepen their usual icowli. loven suaprct the durabUity of Jove. HfitLant* MJiH at necutivr comtrund*. the bom puthea all (he buttons on hit drtk p»n«l to BOYI.K Actually . lh*T» 4rr 4 lr.« «| !^fljj{« y«j ran do n a I tit of ttarn you in civp il rjiivi in bed 4U day to be *kk 'han e» mean K that docifs t jt«t 411 !N> yo«r s)-ii«n. write 4 rcunti rafciB l*!!»r to 4il trw crtdi! trarjjm sfc t«T. wrttt^tf »«J unolty BRUCE BIOSSAT McGovem ailing' in his home state s*n i f»|} M no da, up 41! nut e/t s« tfca! u 4 41 rs,»«or> ' At that I WTT* >W< a year or two (.'otnpoic a l*»« will and tfsUnwr,! 13 which )«i dtiinrwril rvfr>U*ty irvtudu^ Use family cat, and krav* *U your mamf to the rim trine in jour back yard Read a copy o< 'War and to nu)i# road > 4fid Today Mc<Wi*r icid you «o" *flui(l no* «M b^j __, miijihl t»nd to »u*4r*ct fn^ri Us* imp*« .. lrw> ««e«ntn(l>- rndie*» utv o< W»t«rgjt# He My» «Nr c*»* I^UMI 4dmtratlral9«n '>*ur« feu proper r»»!p4r>Mur. f«*t* ftwn th* t«juir*r» ««vt c«mm«t)U of «vfh h»»s J •*»>«• ««)!«J <ft Is* »*«swt tht If none of ihew — »— •• " —.«— rainy-day blues there ta ocw lAst resort But the wonl thing about rain u lhat it put on your raincoat and rubber* tJonn «m* to numb and nullify all form* o< cut o< the houw into the downpour and human creativity People just don't know look for a rainbow what to do with them»*lve» One always cornw along US spending clock to UrG«m-( p«, C»0y "r»»uy clock run tkx.-k located »n th* national there's another clock thai . * at (he Chamber of arrival every few seconds of (wnrnwce o» th* United State* ciliien who will upend Kvery i 2 seconds « dul indicate* the ' expenditure of *uuher liu.ouu, the annual .income of an American Every 124 second* a light ftuhe*. ag UK spending of another 1100,000. And every two minute* and six eocwidn.» "beep" it beard, Wgnalinn lhat another million smackeroo* The ..__... _„ 00 time* a day. By s*)/uh a* I am it tin- every 1 oV»y, but with all «jy do fcMM that. • d'i (mi) I want (o IK ANY MAN WOULD ME. LET HIM TAKE UP HUi ,Vn Hi factor Ik* r«tu<tanr« Water |Ate To do m »«suJd rrnbroil him fairly in the country'* hottest iu!i«Aal lik*ty il would m««n screens much as if the im campaign + trt Mill an And that t* )«*« what McGovern dorai not need right r*> He beliei.e* that be f«c*» a difftcull twitJe for rwlcctioo a* senator from South Dakota in IVT4 He lo*t (hv stale to Mr Niiori last f*ll tit u convinced lhat bit hard tw»ye«r campaign for the prvsidcecy g«vc many South Uakoiaas a (A neglect, a feeling he had them for the national scene Tne problem *«* not letMncd by uV fact thai the Uteo incumbent Repubiicaa seiuilor. Karl Mundt. wa* bobbkd by a stroke, ' So, aa be sees if, Mc<<overn't No. I task :an sUle I* never ea»y for T** quteUy. t* UuJ Mr Nk»«w w *« th« U« M he u jfMihy at «u*r in at prfc* lin«ni)(dct of the Up So< U) »«wld b* p«r«»y»*i from Iran *n> tm$w*cfam«M THE B*AZOSPO«T FACTS

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