Denton Journal from Denton, Maryland on August 13, 1898 · Page 2
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Denton Journal from Denton, Maryland · Page 2

Denton, Maryland
Issue Date:
Saturday, August 13, 1898
Page 2
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MELVIN, STEELE 4. JOHNSON. EDITORS AND PROPRIETORS. SATURDAY MORNING, AUGUST"! 3,1898. DEMOCRATIC PRIMARIES. Notice is hereby given to the Democratic votors of Ciirolino county to hold primary elections in [ho several election district;, ot said ew'V.y, :it tlie usiuil polling; places, oil SATURDAY. AUGUST 20, 1898, l" FOior'. liic c!o!o;Mii'~ -rim encli district t-i r-;pioto!jt '.!·· ,.i it; .1 lmocrnlic county n-.nvw.tifir. I-croby riii'cd to meet in Doii- ton, on TUESDAY, AUGUST '23, 1898, K* 1 o'clock.-' o Meet llirp(dule«ntos t r n p- vc^cnt Ciiroline county in tho Democratic Congressional v(.iivunlKn to be held in 'ie in City, on T H U R S D A Y , A U G U S T iV ISPs, l.i 11.1 i in lie . t'lvi .-ii^l .Vi.i ; · n. 1:1 m i l - for V.und D i r t i M i . (V fiom I o'clock to 5 o'clock. ;. in 15y o!v.ei- L'TAT ii C: STi', A L C(j .\L V. ITV K il. forest in tho success of tliis F.-iir, so near to us, jiltbough in ali adjoining county, ami no dopartmcut should l)f w i t h out exbibitorentvy from Caroli'.if, and the attendance should likewise be liberal, in recognition of tbe urn[ilo provision made for tho ploas- uro jiml profit of tbo puople. EDITORIAL'NOTES. The proposition of Jir. T. Fred Garuy, if wo uudorstaud it aright, to givo tho use OH the water-power at the old Pool's mill-tlavn, about two milus I'rum town,' for an electric l i g h t plfcut, is sufficiently generous and }u!.'! iV«jirUcd to merit a f u l l I iiivcsiiyatiim ot the feasibility of the p'-oiei;t. The flow of water is sufli- t-out to furnish power for tho plnut, anil is ahoacly dammed except pates. The largest itom of expeuso, thei-e- r'oi-o, would bo providing iov tnius- m i : r ; n y i h o power ovci t!." ...t. r - I vcnirij: distance. Towns IIOL lar^ 1 ' 1 tl.iin Deiiion. have maintained «jk-o- trie light plants that "cost more to erect and operate than this promises to. Why not Deiitoir? WE DON'T WANT THE PHILIPPINES. Soiuo little idea ol what wo might expect from the Philippine Islands, - in a cotnmorcial way, may be gained from the figures for 1S95 and 1896-the Jatest obtainable. lu 1890 tho exports of tho inlands aiuouutod to $22,000,000 and the articles were heinp, sugar, coffee, copra, tob.tvc-o, indigo, teak,ebony,fruitsand spices. The imports for the same tirno wore $12,000,000, articles not enumerated. The revenues to Siiiiin wcro $13,000.000 and the expenditures by Spain on their account wore $15,000,000--a net loss of $2,000,000. The question arises, do we w a u t territory ,six thousand milos from our nearest coast cities, tho industries in · which are agriculture, mining and grazing? Have ye not already fully enough land, right at home, to do- vote to growing of sugar, tobaoco, grains, and to grazing? The prices of things agricultural, naturally stimulate their production, and it may be safely put down that the United States, as now territorially, ·will rise to any demand for them, as was demonstrated in the export of over one hundred millions of dollars worth of breadstuffs last year above the ordinary; and still there is a comfortable supply left in the country, and, with the crop of this year, too much for the maintenance of the good prices of the winter and spring. -What sort of trading could we do with a country whose chief productions are the same as ours? And how would a trade between -two countries neither of which have any trading vessels worth mentioning be managed to tho special advantage of either one or the other of them) In an ordinary way opening np the ports of the Philippine Islands to the craft of the nations would be opening the way for the merchantmen of-other nations;, which now do the carrying trade, to carry it where it can be quickest and most profitably done. There are considerations which ought to weigh strongly against the proposition to take government control of the islands. They contain a population of seven and a-half mil- lions Malays. Chinese and savages, with a sprinkling oJ Spaniards, tur- bulont and uucoritrollablu stive by force. The Jeast possible foi^c to reaiulaiji peace on the islands, and make safe from depredation rhe en- torprises which might be ssartoii by capital from this country, would require a standing army larger than has been maintained in the United States for many years', prior to this war, and a considerable number of armed vessels. The cost of the civil government would also represent a very large sum. If the pecuniary advantages of possession were massed against the cost they would bo so inconsiderable that the stupendous sum remaining on the debtor side might well make us bait and seriously contemplate the smuuioi Aud we might well ask if we ca afford to contribute such large stun to the sort of civilization that fol lows an army of occupation 3 ? looks like a great price to pay fo a land peculiarly subject to volcani eruptions, typhoons, and earth quakes, and infested with a peopl among whom insurrection is chronic Thousands of visitors fioiis every part of Maryland and District of Columbia witnessed tho ceremonies attending the unveiling of tb3 Francis Scott Key monument on Tuesday in Mount Olivet Cemetery.Frcderick. The ceremonies were most impressive and the oration of Hon. Henry Wattersou was a grand tribute to tho author and tho flag: "Here a last he rests forever. Hcru at las hit. tomb is fitly made. When hi eyes closed upon the scones of this iii'e their last gaze behold the ensign of the republic 'full-high advanced its arms and trophies streaming in their original lustre, not a stripo erased or polluted nor a single star obscured.' " It is stated authoritatively that war debts amounting to one hundred million dollars have already been paid and that even though hostilities bo about over we will have to expend many millions more. Fifteen hundred thousand dollars a day is said to bo a fair estimate of the cost of the war. The First and Fifth Maryland Regiments will not see any active service in this war. The order for them to go, with other troops, to Porto Rico has been revoked. General Miles says he doesn't want anymore troops. ' The Prohibition Congressional convention for the First district is called to reconvene at Salisbury, September 6th, to nominate a candidate for Congress. Let o n r t o w n take pattern by the most progressive municipalities of the smaller size and secure waterworks without delay. obliged to stop u n t i l the excess or stocks is t u r n e d into bread and meat, or its equivalent, to feed the workmen. Even the shrewdest calculators among m a a u f a c l u i e i s come to d u l l periods in the year when they must "shut down their works/' much as they dislike it. Then merchants may become phii.mtitropi.sts, if they choose to sibsisi. in oiivcrting ilie wood and labor into w e e k l y wages to keep the workmeii ;·· m a r k e t basket going and the rent ...jiJ up u n t i l brisk times come around again. A PLAN NINE YEARS OLD. Ten years ago we made this discovery, and nine years ago we made some phitis, which we have worked upon successfully each year. It is an entirely different thing from an August sale of the odds and en'ds of the s t ? k . to «a!vjume business in m i d - s u m n i L i . The re?.! t i l i n g is .. povH t'.iirg-- | a w o i t h ^ t!i;n::--s 'in- ihvi'^ for our custi"-i» y, as well :\ -:hs T.anutac ti!rers--:h:s ^'tlio-inr from selected workers in wood nf their best \vell- oroven manufactures--such Pieces and sets, made bv their best workmen, between seasons, when their travelers could not get orders on the road, and putting them into an August sale, rated to cover the cost of wood and wages. AT THE PRICE OF WOOD AWD WAGES You see the idea. It keeps to- gettiei and gives wages to the good workmen, and is a benefit, without a profit, to' the f u r n i t u r e makers. Nobody, so far as we know, does the same thing with f u r n i t u r e that we do, and our A u g u s t Trade Sale is arranged for months ahead. 78 styles A n t i q u e Oak Bedroom Suites--88 to S1G5-- The Ideal H y°« are going away on a vaca- Vacation tion and want to take a dress suit Suit -- a business suit and a suit for A Blue general knockabout use get a Serge Blue Serge and you have all in one. They are dressy comfortr We and will stand abuse. They range in price irom$7.5o to $15. The $7.50 kind are fast color, well made and are all right for the price. Our popular one, owing to the price, is the #10 grade. They have all t he goodness crowded into them that can be put there for £10. The TRUSTEE'S SALE grade are beauties, made of Hockenim serge, indigo dye, coat made skeleton, seams all covered with silk, silk back in vest. In short, all the little extras that go to makeup a first-class suit. For economy and com fort a serge is the summer suit. Closed evenings at 6, except Saturdays. JAS, T, MULLIN SONS, Clothing Sixth and Hats, ' Market, Shoes, Wilmington. EASTON FAIR. The thirteenth annual raeetiuy o tbe Talbot County Fair will be hold August 30 and 31,-and September 1 and 2. It offers to the guneral pub lie, in the inducements and attrao tiona which the liberal mauwgeoieni has provided, a season of instruc tion and enjoyment. Tbe exhibits will be verj fine and full and will be of Mpeeiftl interest -to the farmer and his family, in that itjjjives them the opportunity to show to 'those from other portions of the State what the Eastern Shore produces in paddock, stock yard, field, poultry- yard, in ladies' handiwork and culinary accomplishments. New features of special interest to those fond of athletic sports have been secured. Thero will he spaning exhibitions daily between well-known and expert middleweight boxers, and there will also be daily performances by artists of world-wide reputation on Iho Vaudeville stage, which will be free to those who have tickets to the grounds. The price of admission 1hi« reason is very low '--25 cents each day, except Thursday, when it is 50 cents--and grand stand rates and season tickets are proportionately low. The privilege of return pass at the. gates will bo eiu'iutmtly satisfactory to the patrous of. the Fair. The'people of this ·ounty should take an especial in-1 NEWSPAPER! About oue month ago my child, which is fifteen months old, had an attack of diarrhoea accompanied by vomiting, I gave it such remedies a.- fire fusm.lly given in such cases, b u t as nothing gave relief, we sent for a physician and it was under his cave for a week. At this time the child had been sick for About ten days and was having about tweury- five operations of the bowels every t w n n t y - f o u r Louis, and we were convinced that unless it soon obtained relief it would not live. Chamberlain's Colic, Cholera and Diarrhoea Remedy was recommended aud I decided to try it. I soon noticed a change for the bettor; by its continued use A complete cure was brought about and it is now perfectly healthy.--C. L. BOGUS. ·Stuuiptown, Gilmar Co., \V. Va. For sale by Hugh Duffey, Hillsboro ; It. J. Colston, ttidgely; W. E. Brown, Denton. On and after June 1st--tho beautiful summer resort, Bolingly on Chester, located at Queenstown, will be opened for the season of 1398. Special rates, over the Queen Anne's Railroad will be given to Sunday Schools, etc., desiring to use this delightful spot for a day's outing. Grounds are being laid out-for Lawn Tennis, Croquet and Base'Ball, for the exclusive use of the patrons,! Those not taking lunches with them can be accommodated at the Hotel, with meals at popular prices. Fishing, boating, bathing, crabbing, and all other poplar amusements. For railroad rates, apply to C. C. Waller, General Passenger Agent, Pier No. 9i Light street, Baltimore Md. M. J. Marx, is manager of the hotel. Tho Eev. W. B. Costley, of Stockbridge, Ga., while attending to his pastoral duties at Ellenwood, that state, was attacked by cholera mor- bus. He says: "By chancel happened to get hold of a bottle of Chamberlain's Colic, Cholera aud Diarrhoea Remedy, and I think it was the means of saving my life. It relieved me at once." For sale by Hugh Duffey, Hillsboro; R. J. olston, Ridgoly; W. E. Brown, Donton. At $»--Antique Oak Bedroom Suites; full size double bedstead, high carved and paneled headboard; bureau with 3 long drawers; top36x16 inches; mirror 18x20 Inches. Washstand has one Ic. g drawer and double closet. At S15--Antique Ash Bedroom Suites; lull size double bedstead, paneled and carved headboard. Cheval dressing burc.iu, with beveled edge mtrror, 18x40 Inches, 2 long drawers ahd 2 short drawers and bonnet box; washstand hai splasher Kick. At S20--Antique-Oak Bedroom Suites; full size double bedstead, high carved headboard, paneled;chflva! dressing bureau, with beveled edge mirror, 18x40 inches. 2 long and 2 ihort i2i.iwers and bonnet box; swell top 'v.iMiita.'id, splasher back. At $25--Antique Oalt Bfdroom Suites; full size double bedstejri, with high) carved headboard, paneled; Mvell top bureau with 2 short swell fiont drawers, 2 long drawers, upright oval pattern plate mirror, 28x34 inches, m handsomely carved Jrame; swell top washstand, with 3 drawers and splasher back: 3 styles of suites at this price. At S3*--Quartered Antique Oak Bedroom Suites; full size bedstead with elaborately carved headboard; swell front bureau, 2 long nnd 2 short drawers; French pattern plate mirror,"20x32 in.; handsomely cr.rved standard and frame; swell top splasher back washstand. i CHIFFONMURS--The -vi.est of drawois" of fou.u-i ti,in-s has still the same usefulness; but today the use is so much g-eatiM. We have them in all the popular woods, most every size. 150 styles, representing a stock of 1000 We have several hundreds, to sell at S3.75 each, and they areof solid antique oak, 5 long drawers; ornamental top. Twenty-five other styles under $12; the finest Is priced at S100. Antique Oak Chiffonniers--90 styles--$3.75 to 872. At S3 7 5 -- A n t i q u e Oak Chiffonniers; top 33x17 inches; 5 long drawers, paneled ends; carved Ixick piece; nica- ly finished. At $5--Antique Oak Chiffonniers; swell top, 34x18 inches; 5 long drawers; paneled ends, carved back piece; heavy and well built. Another .style at same price has mirror top At S7.50 -- A n t i q u e Oak Chiffonniers; shaped top, 31x18 Inches; 2 swell drawers; 4 long drawers, beveled edge mirror, 12x20 inches. Another style with bonnet box. At $10--Antique Oak Chiffonniers; sliap. edtop, 30x10 inches; 5 long drawers; top drawer; swell front, pattern plate mirror, 14x24 inches. Bird's-eye Maple Ciiilfonnlers-- 66 styles--815 to SCO. At $15--Bird's-eye Maple Chiffonniers; top 37x17 inches; 3 long and 2 short" drawers and bonnet box; French plate mirror, 10x18 inches, Mahogany C h i f f o n n i e r s--70 styles--$16.50 to 8100. ASSIGNEE'S SALE OX VALUAIIT.K PBOPERTiY IN HILLLBORO. ' liy v i i t u c of the power of sale contained in 11 mortgngo from Mary V. ilorgnn nnd John A. Morgan, her husband, to Fnnnio T. P. Todd, dated December 4, J894, and recorded in Liber E. C. F., No. til, fo)ios 152, i-c., one of the land records for Caroline county, which said mortgage was duly assigned by the snid Fnnnio I. P. Todd nnd liusbnnd to Daniel J. Pooks, and by tho said Daniel J. Foohs assigned to T. Pliny Fisher, the said T. Pliny Fisher will sull nt public auction, to tho highest bidder, in front of the court houte in tho town of Dcntoii, Maryland, in TUESDAY, AUGUST 30, 1898, between the hours of a and 4 o'clock p. m., the following property, to wit All that trnct, lot or parcel of Innd situate in the town «f, Caroline county, Maryland, on Church street in caid town, bounded on the north by the lands of the heirs of the late Dr. Thomas S. Holt and the lands of Mary Culiiton, on the cast by lands of Dr. Thomas Hackett nnd others, on the south by the said Church street, nnd on the west by the I'nrsomtge lot df the Protestant Episcopal Chinch, having u frontage of ninety feet and a depth of one hundred nnd twenty-seven feet, and contain.-, ONE-FOURTH OF AM ACRE OF LAND, more or Ices, being the same hinds conveyed to the said Mary V. Morgan by .John M. liuuvcn by dcud duly recorded among the land records for Caroline county aforesaid. This property is improved by large OF-Valuable Property IITHETOIIOPDEKTOH. o By virtue of a decree of the Circuit Court for Caroline county, passed on the 27th day of July, 1898, in tliccaiKc wherein James N. Todd, infant, by hi» next friend, (Jlara N. Todd. iscompl . i n u n l , nnc Jniucs N. Todd, i n f a n t , is defendant, T Pliny Fisher, trustee named in snid decree, w i l l sell ut public unction, lu Iho highest bidder, in front of tin; court house in the Uwi, ot" l,Vnl..;i, Maryland, on TUESDAY, AUGUST 30th, 1808, between tile hcn:r.i of 2 and 4 o'clock p. m., all lhn ronl cbtuto of which 1 tlio late James N. Todd died soixcd and possessed to wit: .First--All Unit lot or parcel of groiint situate in this t-aM town of Dcnton, on the northwest cornor of Gayiand Second strooU adjoining tho property of Sirs. N. Alex Hutson and r u n n i n g back to the Choptank rivor, being the residence of tho said late James N. Todd, and it improved ly a largo THRKE-STOKY DWELLING, heated with furnace; Dairy, Hen-houso Stables, and Law Oilico, all new or recently repaired. This is one of tho most desirable homes in Dcnton. Second--All that lot on Second street in said town of Den ton, near tho Academy, and known ns the "Smith Good property/' having n front on Second street of 4'2.} foot and a depth of 127 feet, and is improved by a TWO-STORY DWELLING with back-building, now in the ocuupnnry of Smith Good. Third--All that unimproved loton'said Second street, in s,nid town of Dunlori, adjoining sand Smith Good property on tlie south, with n front of 42.V feet and a dcntl of 127 feet P TERMS OF SALE. The terms, as decreed, arc: One-third of the purchase money to he paid in i-nsli on day ot sale, and the balnncc to he paid in two equal instalments of otic and two years, the credit payments to oc interest- bearing and to bo secured by t!ic bonds of the purchaser or purclmsers, with sureties to be approved by the trustee; or all cash, at tho option of the ptirchtisor or purchasers. Titlo papers at expense of purchaser. T. PLINY FISUER, nugti-tds. Trustee. PUBLIC SALE --OF-- DWELLING, with modern improvements, »nd with good itnble, c., and is one of the 1etA homcsiin nillsboro. ' TERMS OP BALE-- Cash on day of sale. Title papers at CApcnso of purchaser. T. PLISY EISHER, juig6-tds. Assignee. 1 REALJSTATK By virtue of competent authority the undersigned will sell nt public sale, nt Ridgely, Maryland, on '· Saturday, the 13th of Aagust, 1898, between the hours of 1 nnd 3 o'clock p. m. the following renl estate to wit: All that farm, tractor part of a tract of land situated in the Second election district of Caroline county, Maryland, on tlie public road leading from Greensborouirli to Bridgetown, and about one nnd a-lialf miles from the latter place, adjoining the lands (lately) of the heirs of "Win. M. Day, the lands of Boone Loockcrninn and others, known ns the "Alonzo Clark Farm." «nd. containing , 222 ACRES OF LAND, j i more or less. This land is of .superior quality, has on il ] TWO SETS OF BUILDINGS, in ordinary repair; well located as to rail- i " road tiansportiition.M'hools, churches, etc., I nnd will he ottered in three tracts--75 I RCICS, 85* nnd 01 acres respectively!-- ' T TCimTrn'Ci according to a phil to be exhibited on tlie j Llbi-Llli 0 day of sale, and then , ls ,, whole, nnd will 'i bo sold in whichever way il brings the Ool., llal Tbree Great A\id-S u It's the ndti Summci is an ('a it's H t!io i-i;;I|l -;io:.., :U a t ti tun*' w h e n r h o i i at i t ' s l i e i g ' i t . Wc'il cJuso out this week oar st ul o;' Sunnnci tiino wu were ';leai:n,' mil uroods. This a u u u u l sale ji'Iy l i ' u k p f l - f o r cvpiii, for £i-e;it nio.ins of saving on j ust i'lll.-ll C i O l l l C S , use!nines* is _^"*ji»_| stcd and Fancy Mixture Suith that soW UP :o £lo. 09-- choice of any for $7.5O. Suits we imule-to-order, but for some reason or oilier were uncalled for, worth up 10 £20, will uo h.i'Uid- ed in thoso great sales at $1 1. The baliiucoof our Mcu's Pointed and Square Toe Shoos, are grouped into _ two prico divisions, Pino Calf, Yici Russ.ats ;i!id T.ia .Shoes, wo sold for $3, will go at $$1.5O. Those we sold u p to $5 will go at $2.50. I!itt.r!ie Vr Hi .-se shoes arc Kre.-.t i L l t . jiml (Iierc aic on] · five hundred odd [i.iirs Hat We've taken our Men's $1.75 and 2.00 Belgium Split Braid Yacht, Soft Brim Sailor and Mackinaw Hats, and mado a special price on all of $1.25. Our Men's 75c and $t Rough Jumbo Braid Sailors and ilackinnw Hats will go at 4Sc. Other departments are feeling the keen knife of this Clearance Sale, so that there's hardly anything you need but can be had for much bo- low regular prices. Children's Clothing, Hals and Shoc,. Men's Furnishings nnd Underwear. Bicycle Clothes, lints, Sliufs and Hose. Bathing Suits nnd Trunks. EARING OUT When you're in Baltimore make Oehm's Acme Hall your headquarters. Ladies' Waiting, Retiring and Writing Booms; Men's Smoking and "Waiting Booms Free, no matter whether you're a customer or not; meet your friends at Oehm's. Parcels check- 3d free, and every accomrnoda- ;ion and comfort is cordially ex;ended to you. Oehn's Acme Hall Baltimore Charles Sts,, BALTIMORE, MD, All Car Linos Pfiss Ot-.r Door. PURE BONE! Is tlie MC fiirtili/.er after all. T R Y DISSOLVE CLEARING ODT SALE'! For Iho next thirty days,, to make room for the canning season, I will offer nt GREATLY EEBUCED PRICES about WANAIHAKKR'S PHILADELPHIA, Monday, August a, uea Store closes at 12:45 Saturday ifternoon during August. They Cannot Eat FURNITURE HENCE THE AUGUST TRADE SALE At $18.50--Mahogany Chiffonnlers; top 27x17 inches; o long drawers: beveled plate mirror, 11x18 inches; highly polished. C O U C H E S -- J u s t the regular every-day Couch that does so much for our comfort; tufted or plain, of any sort of goods, made to order if wanted, and as fine as you please. 50 styles, $9 for the cheapest, of corduroy or velour, In new fancy figures; hard wood frame, thoroughly constructed and finished. Up and up to S95 for a handsome Mahogany frame and finest materials. $15 Couches at 69.75--five hundred of them ready for this selling. Fine, large couches of best construction; 76 inches long and 27 inches wide; f u l l spring seat and head. Coverings of corduroy in newest patterns; tufted, and edges stitched. We formerly sold these couches at 815, though in one instance we placed then; on sale at $12 and sold two hundred in one day. Today we have five hundred couches of absolutely the same quality, and the price is $9.75. John Wanamaker. $3,500 WORTH OF CARRIAGES, Dearborns, Spindle nnd Farm "Wagdns, Fnrm Implements,'Plows, Harrows, Corn Harvesters, Manure Sprenders, Wheel llnkcs, nnd Nino Disc Harrows with the latest improvements. Lap Dusters, Horse Covers and Fly Nets. 47 SETS OF LIGHT BUGGY HARHESS" A1TLY AT W. H. MURPHY'S Warehouse.and Store-Rooms, Farmington, Del. Notice of Scholarships, OI-KKIB OF THK SCHOOL BOARD, 1 DEMON, MD., Aug. 5,18S8. f An pMiininntion of applicants for tlie scholarships due Caroline county nt Clinr- lotto Hull school nnd St. Mnry's Female College w i l l bo held ut the office of the School Bonrd, on Saturdny, August 13th, ti begin nt 10 o'clock ft. m. The examination will be conducted in the following studies for St. Mary's College: Arithmetic, U. S. I] istory, Algebra, Geography, Physiology, English Grammar. For Charlotte Hall nil tho above studios except Algebra and Physiology. Both tlio above scholarships cover board, tuition nnd practically all necessary college expenses. The scholarship at tho Maryland AgTi- cultural College is vacant because of the resignation of R. M. Messick, Jr., and applicants for sumo will please attend this examination. By the payment of $85 the appointee will receive board, tuition, books and room-rent without further charge. Uy order, M. B.STEPHENS, Examiner. most monev. TERMS OF HALE. \ \ One-fourth Cl , s h ,,,, ,| llv of snle ., ]1(1 t j u; i balance in four equal a n n u a l instalment?, · °" your U ' il0!lt rtll1 tl10 result will astonish the deferred payments to benr interest and i'°"- to l)c bci-ured to the satisfaction of the un- ! dcrsiRiied. s. E. HILL, ' · 200 Equitable Building, Baltimore, Md., · Attorney for the Owner. _J®f"Platcan be seen and information given at tho office of LKWJS WKST attorneys, Donton, Mil. SOLD IJY J. H, BARROW, PRESTON, MD. AINJiSIUAL EASTON, MARYLAND, ,, . ' ' Come and see the Best Pair ever held on the Eastern Shore. Finest Track and Races. Liberal Purses and Premiums. Reduced Bates on all Eailroads. Railroad Platforms on the Grounds. Special Attractions and Delightful Music. Low Rates of Admission, Daily and Season Tickets. Anj Season Ticket Entitles Holder to Return Pass at Any Gate, -X-IC" Remember the "Main" Attraction ! CL All Summer Goods must go at some price. We don't into .id to carry over a single yard. Mow is your chance to save nviney on all Dry Goods, Notions, Mattiags, Men's and Boy's Clothing, Ji.;-t think oJ all of the best Percales, French Ginghams and Mrdras Cloths that sold for \i% and 150--all go for IOG-- and a big lot to be sold at 8c. Calicoes, best goods, in black and white, gray and blue, worth 6 and *jc--all go for sc. Light calicoes for 40. All of our Summer Organdies reduced--25cgoods''for 2oc-- 2oc goods for I5C goods for i2 I/ /c. "Ve have placed on a Bargain Counter Hundreds ol yards o' ^oodsall to be sold for 5c. Come and get first pick. See our 29c Table Linens, and 59 and 750 oner,; cannot duplicate them for same money. Hundreds of yards of fall- wool _dress goods to be sold at 25c, worth double to wear. This includes blue, black, green and red all-wool serges, and a hands9me lot of mixed dress goods, all go for 250." All of ol our 150 dress goods to be sold for loc SPECIAL BARGAINS In Mohairs in green and brown, worth 6sc, to close,* 4gc; .and one piece of gray worth ji .00 for 7$c to close, and black' positively the best we ever had, all go during this sale, $1.00 kind now j$c · $c kind now 6oc; 6sc kind now SGC kind now 37^c- Now is your time to buy bargains in Silks. 'Best plain black China silk, worth 75c-to close at55c. Name your own price on fancy silks. All of our guaranteed kid gloves in tan, brown, black and white, worth $1.25, during this sale only 9Sc. See our 2f)c and soc corsets. P. N. Corsets jor 50, 8sc and $1.00. Ferris waist only 6oc. - CLOTHING! CLOTHIN,!; Just think over 500 suits to select from. See our $4.00 and $4-50 suits reduced to $2.98 to close. A special bargain suit for $7.50 in men's during this sale. Look, ali of our $5.00 pants in black, all-wool clay worsted to close out at '$2.50, and all of our best tailor-made pants worth $5.00 and $6.00, all go for $3.50 to close. Bicycle suits and panls'J 'crash suits for men, boys and children. Clothing for ejver r ybodyl fruits from 75c to $18.00. Pants 250 to $6.00, all reduced to close out. We are positively giving the biggest shirt bargains.ever offered in Easton. Have you seen our 49x1 shirts?' Only a few of those $1.25 form last season, reduced to"69c- to-close. See our $1.00 shirts. . Just opened the latest, thing in this line. Link cuffs only i$c. are lopking^foT'bVgains in dress goods, clothing, notion's, etc. CalTand'^ee us, "no V_» f O' o J J ww« -««r«*«A «*ft#Vl kWrf%« U 0 f IIV* trouble but a pleasure to show-you. Just opened up a lot of Piques in white, blue and pink,:all for rqc;. "Goods muat. eo «-n mnlr^ r-n.^.^. f«_ T7_1I _.._-!_ " ' ' ' ' · ' ··» ..lOn* 1 ' ** to make room for Fall stock. Ready-Made Skirts and ready-made Waists-at-Your-Own Prices, to close out. ~ ,.- / THE BARGAIN GIVERS, ' '· i' ' ' EA5TON,,MD, forget the Annual M. P. Sunday Sc'iool 'Excursion"to City, August 17th, 1S98. J. C. GODWIN CO., YOUR WHEAT Wye Station, Willou^hby, ,Q. A. B. R. See Our Agents, Who Are Prepared to Pay Highest Market Prices on Delivery, -**»!·- · P. H. GOL.T, ) W. H. DENNY, , S. N. SMITH, JR., W. P. PENTSTINGTON, EUGENE LYNCH, Dowries, W. H. ANDERSON, Denton, H. C. HOBBS, Hobbe, W. R. PETERS, Hickman, M. L. BLANCHARD, Blanchard, W. S. LORD, Greenwood, J. CULVER, Ellendale, CUSTIS BURTON, Milton, E. W. INGRAM, Lewes, Grain also received on Storage in Elevator,^ town, and negotiable Receipt issued, covered by ance. Particulars furnished on application to WILLIM M, JH» QUEENSTOWN, MD. 4 '·* i i , For ;WM,HOPPS*CO. ( BALTihpBE;^.;.^ . W $^»$«4^»| Wood Wanted, OVERPJRODUCWPK IK Mechanical power in f u r n i t u r e - naUing produces tpogreata quantity of everything. There are times in the vcar that 1h« factories are Professional Notice. I beg to (announce to my friends and patrons that I have placed a 'phone in my office, and am in constant communication with all points on the Dorchester mid Queen A n n o s !ims. Von '.o-p"ctful!v U-JiU. i'. GAjLl,O\VAY,M. J). Nifjhl (.all, 1. Day call, Ci.iHml Ouicc, FcdornLburg. Orvicn OF THE SCHOOL BOARIV DKNTON, MD., Aug. 5, 1898. / Sealed proposals, marked on outside of envelope, "Proposals for Wood," will bo received until noon Tuesday, September Gth, to furnish for each school house wliere wood is used for fuel enough good, merchantable wood which, when added to wlmt may already be on the school grounds shall make five cords. Bidden, must state what kind of wood they will furnish and no bid will be considered unless the wood is seasoned. Successful bidders will be t'lirnislicd blanks for stating their accounts which must be endorsed by at least one trustee of the school, stating that the wood hud been measured nnd wns of good quality. The wood must be corded on school grounds by October 1st. Wood bills payable when properly mado out nnd signer! by the trustee. By order, _ _ M. B. STEPHENS, Sec'y. v For Sale, One Pinner and Mutchor, complete. Price low find toi-mc oaty. Apply to S. P. BKOWK ' 7 30 fi Hiokmfln, Del. each dft ' b r A1JE 17LM AN and other middleweight box- Q°^i lnpIon *[i«Wlowol s lit. On ono of the days to be announced, mi · .,, v GANS Wl11 s P ftr ll 25-round match with tlio "GREAT U N K N O W N '' J Ins will be ono of the GREATEST SPORTING EVENTS OP THE SEASON and of national interest to the Sporting World. on 0.01 a, Daily High-Class Vaudeville Mormalices and Other Star Attractions. These Features alone arc worth double the Trico of Admission to tho Pair. Pin- est Program of 14 Races. Entries close Tuesday, August 23. R. B.BON D, DEALER IN m Kr'Entry Books for Exhibitors open Monday, August 15 ; close Thursday, August 25. Entries free. Competition open to the world. WHOLESALE AND RETAIL, Will give all the benefit of large purchases for CASH! GASH JOS. B. HARRINGTON Sec'y and Treas., Easton, Md. Examiners' Notice. We, tlio undersigned, having boon tip- pointed by. tlie county commissioners of Cnrolinc county to u.\-iiniinu and, if round necessary. Iny down ti now public rond in the Eighth Election district, beginning at or near Boachimip's Bridge, on the rond lending from Williston io Concord, and running through thi« liuuls of Mrs. Kliza- beth Bcaelmmp, William P. Liden, nnd between the lands of E. M. Qnrey and W. C. Andrew, until it intersects the county road lending from Two Johns to Jones' Oorncr, hereby give notice thnt wo will meet at tuid pliico of beginning jit!) o'clock n. m., on MONDAY, SEPTEMBER 5th, 1808, to execute our commission. The county surveyor will please attend without further notice. JOSEPH F. HOOP, B A M U E h T . NO1UITS, WILLIAM T. LORD, J u l y 30, 1896. Notice of Supervisors of Election. The Supervisors of Election for Caroline county, M a r y l a n d , liei-i'bv givo notice 4 1.-.4. J K .. _ _ · ! ! _ _ ' . , . » . *.»»° . that tlit'v ton, on will moi't at their o'ilice in ])en- Tuesday, August 23d, 1S9S, at 10 o'clock n. in., lor the purpose of appointing Judges- fiiul Clerks of Election for tlio bovorni cict lion district* of Cnro- lino county nforosnitf. By order Honrd of Supervisors of Election for Ciiixilinoi'ouiity, Md. W I. NORKIS, Uloi-k. Notice- All pcrsnns who li:ivc ropnir work in shop nre rcf|Ucstcd tu c:ill for il before the 15th d:u *)? Annual · v.\., or ,t v:ll bo sold 011 llianlny, ul public unction, to pay ill argot.. MOtiKS CJOXTLIKJJ. DON'T Plant Crops and Allow Them to be Destroyed by Insects When It Is So Easy to Prevent It '. f.f Slug Shot, for Cabbage "Worms, 5 Pounds for, 25c. ; Paris Green, for Potato Bugs, 25c. a Pound.. f Disulphide of Carbon, for Weevil in Wheat, 36o. a can. "j TRY * 0LASS OP REFRESHING 5ODA. ; ' 3 '" !: V W. E. BROWN, IRDC:OIST, DENTON^ MD. ^ ^WSPAPER!

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