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The Daily Milwaukee News from Milwaukee, Wisconsin · Page 1

Milwaukee, Wisconsin
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Thursday, July 14, 1859
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Correspondence of Uie New». OK itisoii 'Eaily Paper, puWiahea ererjr i>orning, except M ^pbdkj; r. Weekly Paper, «<md»y, WednMatj- »na Friday. r '- Wednesdiy morning, : " ;-:•..• 'Dally piper for one -.yeary payable to advance... ,f7,00 TERMS OF TEI Tri-Weekiy Paper tor oce year jiarablc TEEMS OF TEE WEEKLY PJUPES." -'•' ' Weekly paperfpr one year, payable to advance..$l,00 ,HATES OF" Ten lines, or square, l day.... do.. 2 days..-, do. 8 Jays ,'. 4 days ,. C dan... do. do. do. do. do. 1,60 2,00 -8,60 8,00 1 Week..,;. 8,50 £,00 1 square, i month.,.» 8,00 1 do. .-SnionUis*. dp. do. do. 'do. do. 8 months.. 12,00 4 months.. 16,00 « months.. 16,00 9 months... 20,00 ..80,«0 Rounds & Lahgdon, :- ' ", A.»VEKTlSINe - A'GESTTSr' '.- •'-.'• I S5 Randolph Street, 'are aulkorittd fo'rt- ddterttefmetits/or 1kitan&~att the Leading I'af-ere <j^ Vie JforfhtDtst, and are i&t OUT andtx- .••t r.«rvELT a MARK M. POMEROY, Editor. ? Hctcsrological Record, forfjuiy 13,'ffl Sept hr C. H. GARDINER* CO., Drngglrts, 19Spring • itrstt. ; •. S X. K. "82 = a THEBKOKITKE. 2 T.x. '' Aasti p^ ^ do ^ *o started the poor fellow that be has not been " train of oars^might hare rnii* mile* minute twenty mlnntes was ;ronbttweeii Kilbonrn can findpnt, the^dky ;^Iyiing:to the saper' intendant's office, pro-riding some on? don't kick him ont before ansirerin? his qnestion.— If the editor wonld pay half asmnch attention to bis Bible,- as be does to picking flaws in our a'deiodptlonV: of i^iay trir/ as-far LaPointe [or^Bayfleli; ,J left Milwaftke«i61-!Z 1«: m, r July »3, ia L oompiny; with Col: ' ' n Chien ; ' and Capt. Jones, :',-o( Galena, : and. / a goodl; p»8Benger8,:-for different ports ion Superior, In, the' mining regions, on th( good ^teameriiady'Etgini -ifJapfc John Wflson ' »',;aiiR means of seeing at least one of hia name recorded in the br Telegraph and Commercial matter* (te Fourth Page. ••-;• : "£@» The poetry on the Cattle came to hand a few moments too late for to day's paper. It will appear to morrow. * .. The auction sale of damaged goods from propeller Boofcet,,»iU fie continued ni Hood's auction rooms, this morning at ten o'clock. . ••'••' ••••-•;• New Orleans Picayvne says ;:— "Our c'oteraporartes of Havana complain hit *«iy of the same close, opprwsirc weather we have oarselrea experienfjed. Up to ten in the morning the sun shines out- bright, clear, and almost ingupportably hot Then the clouds gather, tha whole sky becomes overcast, sometimes bringing a shower and sometimes .not. In the latter case the atmosph'era becomes BO close as to render respiration difficult. The papers of the southern 1 side of the Island also complain of the same close, sombre weather, and mention it aa a remarkable fact, that they hare bad no real tropical thunder and lightning shower daring the season." •-: ...';. " V t&* TjralBiitiABb.JMArcH.—On Tuesday evening, the long talkedpfiriatch for . king their passengers comfortable and happy ybn Want-to i haTe a good tlfiiej tafreiirip ^p, JAkfl' Boperior on the good steainer Elgin indjier gentlemanly offlcers. ,W« .had arnica tinieaHday Sattlrday.'TinUl we arrived at Two Elvers, where .wamet a ^gals of jwind from the North, which made most of the passengers betweenlPrank Parker, VJanesvilfe, and Cyrus Coan, of Baaine came off, resnlting in the enc- cess of Parker, who beat .his opponent by 154 points, In »gains of 1000..; TheUble,.onf pr Otis f ieid & Co'a j wis put np in Albany Hall, and seats for two t ; bni we MriTed at old JIaeklna» on Sunday, about noon, : all right, wheie'we fonnd several Tessehi, apd the good people ali Jiappy. ; -We left there about i o'clock p. a , , and arrived at Saull St. Marinabpnt 10 o'clock qi the evening, where .we fonnd r; General Sweetser, of Foi t Wayne, Iridiana4-an "exten". sive Indian trader, n-1,-, 1. \* killed more Indl- : ans, on a small capital, thin any other man in the ooantry. He is bound for ;Stiperior City, where the rest of ns are bound. .We shall, probably, reach thereon .Friday. - i.Wc'Ml theBanltSt. Marie about 1 o'clock a. m. for Marquette, where we arrived at ] o'clock p.m.," and found a large party in waiting, to take a short pleasure trip on. the steamer Elgin to Grand Island and back, which detained" ns until m dnight. {I forgot lo mention that/we tad a splendid dinner on board on the Fourth) W.eU,:weweiU to 0ie Island, where we/found a beautiful harbor^ but, there being .no dock built) the Captain lowered away a mall boat, and .we went ashore, and I got a fe.w trophies, and a lady •presented both Capt.' Wilson and myself with a beautiful boquet/ - ' : - r .:i4.bont 16Q couple oarna on.Mard for the excursion, among, whom, were Jar. Paddock and lady, ili;; autthews and ' /ladfr, and our old There will be in election" for a Warden and "Vestryman of St. Paul's, Churchi this morning—Jnly .14—at half past eleven o'clboi, at the Church. ,'-.'• :-'.:- ! : J^* The Manbattan Saloon, on West Water street, is the general resort of "the boys," about beverage hour. ' Fred, understands his regular biz, every tima ' '. ' . : 8@* IK TOWK.—Col. C. D. Eobinson, of the Green Bay Advocate, is in ; the city. He reports the lumber business ap North as much better this season than last. - BS?* The \rife of a clergyman, in Boston lately caught one of her feet in her hoop skirt in such a manner as to throw her down with great violence, and to break one of her legs. X@°" These warm mornings, to take comfort, arrange your wife in a buggy; ; and 'drive I the players oommerioetJ> by -.tabbing for the choice of ballB, which wis won ty ParieT, who took th» lay off, ^vinjj £oaij the first play The game, a full one, was well played. Coan took Me lead. tfli-he : Inade aooal S00 t when Parker; passed him, *na kept ahead till ithe close. The largest ran' on 'the game : was 69, iy Parker, which was followed by one of J67, from Coan. About twjo: hundred spectators were present, who, for four honrs, were mtich interested, Tha Judgesiwere, AndyBlnm, for l»*rkerj and Mr. Hyer, jfor Coan, who chopse a referee. Both parties'iplayed well, but jtre think Parker! the best, is. the result proved. He was in better phiy, dsdiajr all ;ihe requisites for a tip-top playery/being cool and ca: M in all his shots. Mr. Coan has not i ticed of late aa much aa he sl-ould, hnt prevnd friend Burloek and ia4j/ of Milwaukee; the Btjv. Mr. Maynard and lady, Col. Everett and Jady ; Doctor Hewelt and lady, and Hon. Wetmore and lady, and/fe host of other pretty ladies and their Deans*. We had dancing on hoftrdi, of course,/but as I do not dance, I enjoyed the fan by looking on. •. . ' • ! ' Some of oar party went out to the mines at .Marqnette. It is about sikteen miles by railroad, and during the afternoon they caught ^abont fifty fine brook trout, which made ns a niqi Wt.- .We left Marqaette aV6at one, a m., and 'attired at Portage Lake about tix on the motaing of the Fourth. The town is about Shteen miles from where we landed, and it noon we arrired at Copper Harbor,where thejre is a beautiful harbor. Here we went and viewed old Fort Wilkins, and the beautiful little lake called. Fanny hoe. This is »he place where Col. Brlsbat had his pitched battle with thathewasmuchtnorethananordinrryhillJard the inhabitants, in tbe y«ir 1855. man, who only lacks a little brnshing/up,' tol tjle..XJ»»*-»*—•~>«>rsaowed bit great ability mate hjm a tomii*U6oa>»*- a ~~*****7* a y o3 '*- I M •"«*'«« and a soldier. This was one of the little princess Piccolomtni ia engaged for Jthe season at Drnry Lane. She made her first appearance in the opera of Traviata on the 20th nit, and marked improvements in her style and singing are discovered sinoe her return from America ! at the Spring street Congregational Chnrch this evening. The 2nd Ward School will hold their first anniversary Festival there to-night, and the pro- gramme is rich in literary end scholastic «n- tertainment. ' : GARDEN.—Dr. Chase, ot Lake, must have a more than average garden, if the fine lot of celery, and other garden vegetables ( he sent us yesterday will enable ns to judge. He is cultivating all these luxuries of life, and that with success, us he understands gardening to perfection. heralongupthelakeshpr.e-^-K^r—-i-ninoi ing sentiment seemed to be that Coan Is the wife of ;r.«—<—r«KS some other man's wife. ^ wMe p w]fer isthe most adf £ f 2c's alTthe same—only so yon ride. j mi. fi nes » £3^~Tnnis '& Co. have just reeeire<t Ballon's Dollar Monthly for August. This Magazine is the cheapest in the world, it is ably conducted and will well repay the small investment of $1. _^o—*-«» toB'gams is concerned, tbe prevail-1 hardest fooght battles ever read of in this ablymade by Coan; while tta skill, in keeping the balls, togelher,ywas as unquestionably displayed by Parker. Both players aoted-the part of gentlemen throughout. , Coan offered, after tha game was concluded, to play Parker.three months from thistime.for a purse of $1,000. /Whether Parker's friends will accept the challenge, remains to be seen. The following/is the game of e»ch; Cow having the first play: he editors of the 3d -;tCongressionaI District talk of getting up an editorial convention, all among themselves. Wonder, if they don't want a post ? If go, we know of a nice young man—wie-won't say who—that ia always on hand, when such chances are to be taken. tST MADAME Bosco.—This lady who performs some of the 'roost astonishing feats of legerdemain, is to be here and give entertain- ments'at Albany Hall, nearly all next week. She has been performing in Chicago recently. and the papers there pronounce her very skilful in her business. «©• Thank Heaven for the greatly needed thunder Ehovror we bn-1 yesterday. It cooled and purified the nir, spunkled the streets, lowered the price of fans, raised summer clothes, allowed the ladies to walk out after-it without melting into " lasses," and did a world of good to crops. I© 1 * LOOK Our.—As green apples are becoming plenty, -we w.ottld suggest that all per. sons, not anxious to start a wooa-peoker's nest inside their Tibs, had better not eat more than a pec*k at a time. Mrs. Eve got tig all into a snarl once with an apple, t and we, have been afraid :of them every day since. correspondent of the Sentinel says that one of the wants of Fond du Lao is a good hotel. No city north of Milwaukee has as 1 good a hotel as the, "Lewis House," which is) second only to the Newhall. Guess NymdrynJ kle had better put np at some ofthe hotels, Instead of "cousining''on members of the church to which he belongs.' By so doing, lie mayj keep as well posted on hotels as lie is on young ladies. Ehoti. 1 V 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 IT 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 2T' 28 29 80 31 32 33 34' 35 36 37 ,38 39 40 41 42 43 44 45 46 47 48 49 60 51 52 58 54 55 56 67 58 59 60 61 62 68 64 65 66 67 68 /Buns. / 0 17 15 ." 0 6 47 . ' 0 k . 16 " 30 4 21 18 12 0 14 9 3 0 28 25 0 2 7 2 3 8 5 0 0 0 25 0 5 29 10 19 6 2 6 27 14 .24 10 '30 14 3 ' 23 12 3 11 3 6 - 5 $ 0 0 0' 0 0 ,32 3 6 2 PABKZB. Shots. 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 28 24 ,25 26 27 23 29 30 81 32 33 34 35 36 87 38 39 40 41 42 43 . 44 45 46 47 48 49 50 51 5253 54 55 66 £7 58 59 60 61 62 63 64 6566 67 68 69 70 JBS?" A Boston fetter in the Journal of Commerce says:—" The friends of the Hon. Eufns Choaie may be too mnch alarmed by what has just appeared In the papers. I learn fronV tbe best of authority, that Mr. Choate did not leave this city last week with the full purpose of sailing to Europe, but rather thinking he might-tarry at Halifax, if the vojage to that city was not wholly agreeable to him. He did stop at Halifax with bis son; and will come leisurely home. Jtfr, Choate has no die* case upon him j but is simply-debilitated from -iloagand excessive labor ?n Ms profession.— He needs a few, and perhaps, quite a number ' : ttf months of rest, attended with fresh jftfrj anff - agreeable recreation After «nch a period, his 'dlente and. his' country have the &est of rea- eonsfor espwsting to fee favored with4KB,labora of Ms mental' BOBS. 0 6 5 3 7 8 '/ .29 6 12 0 15 0 2 0 11 0 20 13 9 0 43 9 16 34 3 0 6 6 6 24 61 5 21 IS 40 . 0 0 9 5 9 27 - 17 4 2 40 20 5 S • 1 6 10 21 0 15 20 8 9 J? 7 69 16 14 1, 7 2 « . 0 28 . 0 0 22 16 0 30" a- 14 a 8 11 16 16 1 0 3 country, with so ftw men against such great odd*. Well, we left h w-«, and arrived at Eagle Harbor about 3 o'clock p. ra., where we were received by a fine "brass band, which escorted us to the ground* wb»-r« General Sw^Uer fought one of his hardest jonght battles. T is the place where Capt. Jones, of Galena, per formed one of his greatest exploits as a citizen and a soldier, in taking a battery after fon: honrsjbard fighting. After viewing this town and its mineral), which is a prrtty place o quit? a nnmbe^ of inhabitants, we left, for Ea gle Elver, where the ladies were out in good)] numbers, waving their banners to welcome an This is a flourishing village! Weletther^abon' five o'clock p. m., for Ontonagon, where ire arrived about 11 o'clock p. m., which is 600 miles from Milwaukee. -This is a flne place of about two thousand inhabitants. There is .not'water enough In thirriver to let our boat go In-to it, so they have to nje a little steamer as a lighter here. We left here about 12 o'clock at night, for La Pointe and Bayficld, where we have got to wait tot the steamer Kbrth Star to get to Superior City. It is said there Is v«ry rich mines at all of these points on .this lake I would recommend that tbe next trip tbe Milwaukee "Light Guard takes, they get Capt. 3 to fetch them up through this country,as (here is some beautiful sights to be seen her?, which I think might be of great benefit to them, shall be at La Pointe in the morning,when the boat Will leave immediately on her return trip I will write yon again from Superior City. , i Yours as Ever thris Stupid inao al J. fil- d*y| ttspra of tji got baoied - iff .libti; t . Chestnut Si BriagB,^£bBiBg* dtiaWe IQ ." outiliere again j they jwam nndw. :trp;t)!i« streami gt; $ ridge, Wierji ; tjjey ;: «r«re stoid it mncli longer; ... atiA-BD9,i_Ti» gnat billlird between Parker, of Jtnesrille,- and Coaoal, ' , Bscine^ppcnra .at . Ibe ^yatt fffinae', keej'this evenlrig.— ^ Madiidn Journal. Hoose.-Mlltrsnkeo ! V' Whea was jilicrfe fro'in Janesvilte, who is Coansl, ofjtkcfne. is about fls stnarf M tie -boy who tapped a currant bush tf/getourraat wine ! : : .i: .rnateh at Albany 1 Half last night Was >on ! by* ParKsr, of JanesviUej' by somcttung over 150 points. "The best ran ' by Coin, e'7. JAboat one 1 hundred'; ' E[ftU, last alght, to epeafcairjiir, :!SS^^.pT-;i<^i large in.tlia elreet ^ of resolotions passefl Jeolaring if lo I>o the daty ^to.lmptfoud the jloTcIfi8and"-boTine n , aifd ptotebt tha •g£r/wing : aid gardens of. the city^?^? : K !-wr taa there been r a,sood« prospect of- whest with, onr" farmers as at this present Un». The season from' the' commencement bag been most 'propitious— moisttne; Jemperatora, and. Heaven's Wfaiipgs.geneiaUy.iBeeni-'tb* hare united In an eflart to do their Vest.for the whe^r flelda of Green Eaks-countir, and emlnant has, bflerr tb«i r avcaese,- prodnolrig a mora uniform heavy growth, and a greatfr length 'i»f' bead than J>a$ been . s«en IB years. - If tlio cpmftig two weeks bring no ills to thk, bar Itapb pro? duct, oar farmer* will feel Itheraaelrea up lo their true dignity,— Ripon Star. : :'•;.. . &TTJEiipTi:~p''"BOBatjiBiv— A -.daring attempt at house breaking w«s undertaken by one of the light-footed gentry, between twelve and one o'clock on tfonday;n)ght,lasf, v at tlm residence of Mrs. P. W. Hojt on Fifth street-, between Wisconsin and Pesrl The moieol- operatlon was as noyal ^ was daring. A chair .wait: placed, breath tbe... window, and some pine-bloeks thereon j by means of which, the fellow undertook to get into the window, • , a ..A - • - _-.-----^r-.-. and climb over the'bed in which Mrs. Hoyt and Bftf persone. we. c p.resent.r-^nte Dtmo- 1 iwia. •d»Ush.l«r,.w0Te at the tinjo sleeping.- The "'•;,/. .-. •..-•' j. /.='.•...••..'•••:' •;•;• i .'rnojso he mad& awofce tbamVwhen he sprang. Thfe largest run was G9, by Parker.; ."Wjljiiij; hick and hid foraTew momonts. Shortly he rn /j,F *t, A « M .«i. !„ .I.^_B «« :_ »i._A ^^L- -'. trit^d arfain twc/of the truth is about as near as that papsf ev r ..geta, thongh we caa^t see why it' tie about so small a matter. Our advice js for the new editor of: that sheet to quit editing; and go back to: frog spearing, at Hartford. -• 'v 'AwfQl"Gardner's new cofiee and reftd? ing room in the Bower;, was visited by a New York report n-.who foundit apparently already a popular institntion. Nnm bers of respectaole; Working men were reading at the tables, one oc two smoking, and it little gang of regolar: * bruisers," in red shirts, were calling for lem • onade at the countermand watching "Awful 1 * Gardner with much curiosity. "Awful" «hepk iands wit"! them, very cordially. One.tall^ muscular man came in,who said he had t rallied Gardner for a prize Bghl ones in Philadelphia,; jut, like him, he had enough of rowdyism^ and was trying to lead a good life ; he hkd 1 leard of the room, and it was just what • he ;jad long^ wished for tor his old companion, i i AS AnvASiAOE.—A nieeljt- tla row was kicked up yesterday, in ; tha Third! Ward, as follows . Foar Irishmen were atjnn- sing ^UiemselveB at noon, by seeing which i of the four could jump the farthest. • After sev-i era! trials, with and without stones, backwird and forward, one fellow toed the straw, gajve; .wo c : r three swings ivnd'etarted. At the same time, just for the fan of it, ono of the others jlaced his foot against the turn-out of ibis trousers in no gentle manner, and tbe jumper;; made an awful leap, betting'his competitoriby' it least a foot, ploughing up the turf WUh l|is imeller, and foxing hiisJi.eidi '/^ >A -.«*"-*—*'*T < "'' ^&*c* -^fatffv'irna'ti ^ar^^iamong the ioursohs; if the Emerald Isle,for the space of five mib- ntepj in which war,: the man with the injured iarmed with a hoc-handle,'aidi?d by fats withfa fire-shovel, caine out victorious;— !« said it was an illlgent start, but, thin^d-rtn he Faddy to, free icid fiis fut f . ; * eail>t Mrs> -' fop llelp » bc ounce or two of cold lead is none too good for such rascals.— -Ratine Journal. In this city, Jnly Cth, Mrj, JltRi S. MILJ.ITT, agedT4. of NEW ADVI3RTIS3BMBNTS. SOCIETY. ' T HE GBAND PROMENADE COHCEET at Bellerue Bouae, (formerly H. W. Wild'* pUce,)hu been fostpon d to • . j . FHIDAV EV£NI.\G, JUJLV 15. Jn^a«.reistrcl for the Festival of tlie Second W«rd Uljb School on Thursday neat. ,, . . ' ' Member! of Ihe Society hiring paid their da^.-rll! be admitted FREE with their {unlite* , Penom not b«- IngmeiabenSJceatf each. 'i CoDrtrt commences at 7 o'clock. - Trc'fttt to be h»d ' - at H.SIedeclten*Co'«. JJH CtTT CoHJTBOLLIa'3 OfTTCI, I Contrect Depirtment, MllwMkw, July 13, 1855. ; f • CiEiLEB prop«sal« -»ni b« recdreimt this office, nn- O til Monday, Jaly nth, at 18 o'cloek A. M., for grading to the e«tabllsbertgr»de, ihe south nilsyttironsh Mock'I02ian4tJie north alley through Wocic 163, in Uisfecond W«rd,of theCty of Mil»»ojcce. • - x jylt-dSt E. L'a. flAttDISEB. Ccmptroller. NOTICE. . CUT CoapTsOLua's OrncB, i ' Contract Dep»rt&ent; Jane 80, '!&».•• f T HE foflowlni: is a fc^r^oIe of loti frontlnir on H»r- n»na«treet,f{om Tth to 9* streets, in the 9ih ward, of the City of Milwanket, iSoirln? the amount utlaitej of th r Oil j Engineer. JU<eum«at ai folfowV: JOHN LAOBESHCIIIEB, •'•" H. BOEOKEKTT, - '. ' StreetCommisjloorrs. ; " I Lots Houghtlon's j» Jd;tjon. ;: Block. tot'. ,. - 203 ' 8 .--.-.' •..••-•-~ 4T" *7io" GnturrU. To the Editor of the New* : A military company, composed of fifty fine athletic looking Germans, has been recently organized in this town. They made their first public appearance on the 4th of Jnly, and in their new dress of green and red coats and white pants, presented a very imposing appearance, , Much credit Is due to Capt. Verkins, for the energy and perseverance displayed in organ- .iztng and equipping the Eagle Guards. By the way, Capt. Verkinsjs as fine a looking man as you will find in Che county, and one of the best fallows in the State. T!he " Guards" Intend sending an invitation to the military of your city, inviting them out to a drill and public dinner some time in the fall. They will not refnaa to come, for Eagle Prairie can furnish, one of the finest grounds Jn the State for such purposes. EAOLB, Jnly 12, 1859. • > German papers please copy. • "- B. *©- The Milwaukee & Minnesota Railroad Total, -• Difference, girl, torn* three or four years old, by thecwo, »f Murray, swallowed scalding tea from a bowi —^__,__,» -., onSrtm^y^jt^^,^, ( ^ " - ' ~ *'•"*•• rnnnipg their car* on time. The cars on this, road are as sure to arrive at the'hour and minute named in the time table as the sun is to rise In the morning. The Company, too' are very fortunate in the employment of their cbn- dnetoru. We don't believes railroad itt the wholBcpuntry Las a more accommodating, agreeable snd gentlemanly set of conductors in every respect,than4heJlUwanfcee & Minn™' eota j and among them we mutt be permitted to particularise Messrs. Olin & Todd. T!ber spare .no pains to make the journey of" travelers pleasant and agreeable. They are both very popular with the traveling pnblic, and the? Tleservatohe.— Portage City Xecord, ; Wha,t the Record says «f Todd and OUn we can say of all the rest of the conduoton on the Wad; Universal favorites .are Todd, Olin,Greeley, Crippen.Lathrop and Bridgman, with the traveling public, and fora hundred .years m»y continue so. - Woefe'LaCrossecoudne- tor». ' , , , \ . , .. —An act of unmitigated vil- ted one night last week, by ^ . some candidate or candidates for tbe gollowa, in the town of Letaonweir and Seven Mil Greek, in this cohnty, by treating into tbp sobool houses and robbing -lh«n of tbelr contents, consisting entirely of school books, slates and the etc. of the school room. 1 Two school houses were entered by the villains,^one in "-v McCnlltm's district, in Lemonwelr, and — HlS Ho50R, JODOE dor*,»5daj'. July 13;*James Slpan, Michael Haggurty, Jamos Senbet and Dennis Kane, complained of for rcrnoWng satrf, A- ; f r.ra the beach..' Continued to 14tb at 0 a »,.'. ' ; . -.,-• . '•' l '"\ James Jordan gelling Uqnor withont license. Penalty 825, paid. ;: , James Alfor, dronlc, penalty gl, paid. ' ; Edward Rogers, Win. Eogera, Patrick Sirea, complained of for being .disorderly. Jury demanded by John: L. Dcran, connsel fo°r the defendanta. • "'•', •. City Attorney asked a discontinuance as to the two Eogera, and trial proceeded aa to Shea. Jury retired, and after being ^nt an hour g r do 15 BeneSts. ssa,7T —. ac,'3 53,48 310.TT BU4 5I.H CO»w«oi.t«t ! 30J'riog. rtmeat,Jaljl3,18S9, 4] BALCO pTdp««xi4 wHI torWehretfat' this office un- KJ_UlMond»y, July,!?,I869 t fo»contracting-»publ »«»tt,o.r near tlu Vorwr of Vlr^ols smj Monr itftett, la either ths Jlfth or -Eighth War Ji ~ P1>tt-d4^ ' ••-- '•' t.VB. 0«Km>»EB. Comptroller. - .„ ...... . p,poBtr»!» Bftfartoitaf, Milwaukee, July 13, rffS. f siwa *t this office until »t 10 A -It., for constroctlDg. : -' <Varti of the City of ,Mawaait««;on? «n1h* north »nt comer of East ™*« »«>**•'«»*<» «twe*»»»nd onV on ilia north title jyl*-*it l Water aud SJarket su. -Bf I/H. SARDINES, Comptroller cs« riqulriiie th« »«sl«tanc« of « stimulant shooja use ^(KjffcrtMb fftniuai •Sitttn. Tfc« contain go iric,ohol:.<rr.'inJurtattt. iBgredliin^. tail J? i vo , 3ati peat .<UmaUttoKptapettle*v fonowsaby na deleterious iBScji.' it jan »r« jaffering. «ith Dyipepiis, r,ir?r' Coorpliiint, NerrbcaneM, LOJS of Appetite, these BUtcrs If And'pcnDAfi9it f l7cur* you." For : sald by «8 ftagj5lsts-anii;a««J«r»Tri' meilicines at TS cent* p«r - WOBM .. SPECIFIC. ' • ' •• ,:: PREPARED BY FLtMISQ BR03. ., 0!?" the follo»iny, from » customer, shows uisrte- taand which this great in«dl«a ttas created vhercYcr it T •>- Bu»S38C»o,Tloga Co.,Pa., JJarchso, 1S50. Hn&s. liranra : Bao«.— ffmttemen .-—In eonao- qgence of (i<( 0rr*a< toutwnption of your " TForm Specific" In this place and rleinlty, we IWva entirely exhausted our stock. We should feel 'obll^si} by your IbrisrdiBg, via Carnloff, JI: T., 20 dozen, with jour bl i on tit reception of wniet we will remit JOB the money '• From th« wonderful tgttd of said "grwdttc** in this neighborhood, there couM ka sold annually a lira* quantlty, if to be hid (wfcol-sa'e and' retail) from 3om« tocalageni. If yon'ydold compensate i person f.ur Iroubldasd expense at reitding, I think I could made it to joo» advantage to do so. Tours, respectfully, . rt M. 51. UALLORI, Per W. E- PoBTxrt. IS?" Purcitaers will bo careful t<x aat| for DK. M'LANK'S CELEBBAT15D VEKM1FU5S, manufactured by PIi£MlNQ BEOS, of Pittsburgh, Pa. All other Ternjlfhses ta comparhoa are worthier. Dr. il'Lane'a Eeonine Vertnlfug-,»lao hia celebrated lives'P'Us, can now be had »t »ll rejp<>cUW.' Jru< stores. A'onn P) jjW-«lAwlm FLEJJKJG BROS. NOTICE- IHE Board of Kerlew of the City of Milwaukee, will JL meet st Cocunon Conncil Room, at 9 o'clock i a., CD the I6Ui tlay of July ImU.fcr too purpose of hearing objectlocfl of parties or persons deeming themselves tggriered bj the Afsenaieiit of the taxable property in said citr for the jear, 1329, ac<l after the bearing the p»rtle«; will make inch aUenUioa .is juifice and equity reqairt; kn4anpply odiulons and equalize '^e Assew men( LisU u to tl.e Mveral Wards or any part or portion thereof, ami will continue, from day to day until their dallr* shall bt) completed. MUwsukee, July-', 1S5». ' Je2-dn . . HERMAN L. PAGE, Mayor. ! NOTICE. i Cmr CoM7TiioLi.i;R'3 Orricn, I Contract PepKtment, July T, 1S50. f HE Co-nmO3 Coaneir by resolution of Juue CO, 13W, .JL hiring adopted the recommttadatloa of the Stn; t Comin »!onert M ill a £ih Ward, it !j or Jere.i: That Baricf pn street from 2a street ea-t to Hnbbirrl street, in the 6th Ward, 1» grided to th? estibli^heii ffro^e In accordance with the estimate of the City So- gineer, on file in lh« offlce of lie City Com'ptroLer. OwBera «r ageatsof prop«ty sltnited on the abo»i! sained street, are hoetiy notiftsd to make th» said im- pr'oTemtntt within twenty-two days from date or the Street Crmmisjioc«rj of the 6th TV'aard will c.i«« ih: sam*;t9 be done and charged to tfte respective Iota, »c ordlaR to law. . |?8-<t6f ILL'H.OASDlNEIt, CbinptroHer. AND R ¥ Wednesday Evening, July 13, 13Q9. • ; ' • • . THIKDNWilTOF .M:II>.-. 'i,ij'a-«i HT-O AS ASMODEUS MELLYJNTHKMAID OP PAIL, JQTK« Cl/trfE First Appear.'vn THE D»n NOTICE. ' - CITY C»«lmiu,u..;n'.i 077tcs, i Contract Departmenf, July 7,15^^. )" T HB Common Cyvunetl by rnsnluHun or Jim,. ••o\b, haTlag idopipd ihu r«c«n>m;nda:i'>n '>f th.. ilr-'-i Cornrolssloners of yth War-l, ;£ ii ordt-rr^l: Tltnttho following''a'ami."! ind dejcrlhcd lot.i in !ln- 9ih Ward, of (he City of .Milwaukee be, anil -.ha i hcrl'hy declftrrd puhiic nuIs-tTicvs'tly,. *r»ineorfler"'i ret b^sbatrd within twenty tlay.i from the publication ..r thfa notlCfv according tn sbtr (.'.I'linat.! on '.}}•? :n !!,•• .f. flee of the CIS. Compirol'^r, vi?. : f,ou 5. I, j <n.| ; block 113; lots 1 :,ni\ i, btfici JI», Knteland'i A.[.|it:,,,) lota 17,13 and II, block 13; !ot I, biock-l;U,t i, i,!.>,•::' S, In Vliet.** ^(Uiitlon; lot i, Mock'^1); tot I. l,|.]c'< I; :,m 3,a, •« Sand 8,bFaclc97; Jot 1, bl.ick 'II, In Plani.nton 1 , Addition; Iota 1,3, .J, 3, fj, T, !i, to, 11 and 11. uwaer.i and .agenti of the' atmv« .Ic.'crltwl pm-i.-r' -.• aru Hereby noilileil to abate mi.l mil--ino.-»-.viiniu twenty dan from Sni3 ilal« t>r !•»• Sire».t Comm<nsinn- trs of the »£h Ward ivill cause tli- mnie i-.r !„• .|o n ,> -H..I churjcd to the.rwpi'ctire lota ,.r par; "f l.n», n-cor•!• 10 law. E. I'll. GAa'DINKU.t'orn;,!! -II:-r Cl7T COMPITKILLKIL'S Of",':C;T, I Caixtract Ocpftftmont, July !i», l^.Vt T ropoji.ilK will V «ccl»'cil at ;hli .iii.-- -n- 'jiy IStluat 10>; i. a., .;r:niii^- W-iii. jtr»ef .iDfl. sidewnlka to the* established ^ra.le, nm- between lat an t ijifi av-nue .-...pair I, m also for planning north Jiifewalk from ].>c :n--nii- •«. t. 1 : west line ol "vV Ikcra Point Addilloq, in th-i -i:h '.V i, Of the City of Milwauke jyli-titt ^-J.'' . NOTUJK. .•• •" : • ClTT Co-JPTUnt.LKH'.l Of-n • Contract Department, July 11, i>o-'). nHE Common Conncll hy r. solution r-f .nil / ~ JL haviOK adopted the recommendation of •!>•• Commiasionenof theTth Ward, it is ord-'-i,l That lot'.', block 73. in thu Tth War.l if •:„• , -Milwaukee be, and in )i?r*.-tiy ih.-olart'l a j.uM:. HI and the satno ordered t!> ^R. abat-'d -vrMn 'en riv tha publication of lliia no'.ice i icconlinue r".M - tlmate of the Engineer, .>n Qle |» •.!]..- oiao,- ,i ••: Comptroller. Owners or agents ol the at,v-:lc3crib-l ...t '.. 7!3, are hereby notifU 1 '] to ab:U"'.h.' niii.^ ins;-' n wlth'n ten d.»js from date, or tlin stee»c Cnmr-i ers of tlie Seventh Winl will,i <un.' •., .. and charged So sahl !oti •iccurdmi; tn law. Jyl--dflt I-:.' L'H. O.vrtDlM.":!!, OoraDir., NOTICK. ClTT OiMIT.IUU Contnct Ijt'partr3"rit, J T HE fo'.Jawin^ la shall j!reel, fr " la i ;ch.;'inie of lots froati- j froni Ui-Jilhf t i Diviaioa *ir : "th Ward, of the City i f Milv.iuittrv, irul ~ti.. amount ivhich t.ich lot willfw btfuc;ji:eJ ny _ said str'-e!, according to the i--I:in intl ..!*!im:i: City Engineer, .-iHse two, mnrned and stated they they were, nna- ble to a^ree, when ihey were dismi«s«d by the Jndgeu This was the case where thes« l»«tKJs were arrested for charivnreeing a newly married conple In th 3 Third ATard, on the night ef '' ! thelith COUSTEBFEITS.—Chemung Canal Bank/.Elmira, N.Y.; Is, the genuine have for vignette train of cars, female on right- end. steamship on left end. New York State Bank, Albany,K. y.; gg, imitation of genuine; vignette, female each side of shield, state die on left end. Merrimaok Bank, Haverhill, Mass.; 100s, vignette, eagle standing on bale of goods. Exchange Bank^'Greenville, B. I.; 6s, vignett? two females, shield, &c., unlike genuine.— Madison County Bank, Ca*enovia N. Y!; 20s, vignette, female seated, ship in distance, unlike genuine. Artisans Bank, N. Y.j 10s, raised from Is, vig'nette, mechanic in circle.— Market Bank, Troy, N. Y.; Is, photograph.— White River Bank, Bethel, Vt.;, 3s, vignette, figure 3 and female on- each side; Vulcan on right; Washington'on left; lithograph well done. People's Bank, Boibury, Mass.; 8a vignette, females seated, shield between them. Tradesmen's Bank,. Boston, Mass.; 2s, vig. nette, atan and girl at a well. Traders' Bank, Newport, B. I.; 5s, vignette, steamboats on a river. Traders' Bank, ProvideBce, B. I.; 2s, vignette, man and girl at a well.' Central Bank, Conn.; 23, vignette, man and girl at a Well ROBBERY.—Last Thnrsdayr night, the stone store of F. M. Rubles waa irokeo open and robbed, of about two thousand dollars' worth of rich silks, splendid shawls, linens laces, etc., etc. The robbery waa detected early Friday morning, and immediately men volunteered to search for the hleveaaad the goods, which were supposed to have gone down the river. -• • - ' About noon, Messrs, Smith, Card, and Indian .ToejB»n»fl upoo^ a -boat loaded with Jha stolen goods near a log shanty concealing the- t>bbera, about seven miles below Brownsville, ihdian Joe was dispatched to Bad Ax /or help. 4ean*Mle, the robbers came out and took possession of'thelr-boat and- bootyf-whra Card' and Smith set our post haste on the track of he Indian, leaving the'robbars, four In nnm» ber* to cut sticks where-they pleased*. • The'party of hunters crossed over from Bad Ax, four miles below the place, of the robbers, ind waited-their approach; Hone camel Thinking tbe robbersmight hare passed them-, bey pnt for Lassing>nd Prairie du Ohien. , Saturday morning, Sheriff Polleys and F. '. Bradish sei o.ut <qr *thej seal of war, and iverhahled tho empty boat, taken, by the rob- rers,-aDOTit half a mils below wher&flwt found, Wear by, they visited the bouse of a Garjnan. who Described two of tbe robbers/being at his house the afternoon before, enquiring theii way over the bluffs. Soon after, the German in passing to tha river, ionnd about one.four'b; if the goods concealed ander brush. Ko fur. her, trace of tberobberjr, sndjbe remajniBg hree-fonrths,of th« goods had been -had at fat time of our writing.. One of the robbers, t is sald r is identified as A most worthies scamo Who fisBted as a «• fishtlno ohftrm.t.iJ> .»«^ lots In wailito>ldd«ion. .513 H S20.S? ZI1/. . l 2?0,;.| 21+ i, . 3 ] 3ii i 212 1 SSslct"'- •'• do . • ; . 6 . 31043 E.-L'H. OABMSEB, Comptroller. NOTICE- CITT Con PTKOU-IB'S Ornc¥, t Oonttjct Depftrtiaraf, Miliaulte^, July 11,1SB9. f n\SE following U'»'schedale of lots f-ontinjon th« i i mlley, running cut %nd west throush block «T, | n the Secnnd Wardsf'ihe Cty of Mllvaukre, showing tlm »moont which c»«h lot will be beuf/ItJed hy filllD-sald illey to the estab'llsritd gr»de J. H. BTJESI.XO, - LODI3 ACES, ! Street Corooi'tioners. ! \ _ Eloct. ' lot. Benefits. \ . 4T 7 5J,«7 Jo S 72,33' <la . .; 9 J6,rX) du 10 43,67 : jrl4-d3t . - E. t,*H. GASD1NKK, Comptroller. ; .NOTICK. ; i Crrr ConrrnoLij^'s Orrte«, i Contract Department, Milwaukee, Jnly T, 1S59. f ^115 Common CooocU by»«*»l««oii oVJuoe 30, isc» L iv.^n. ( ^irpKJ toe recomnendabon of. the Strett»lEstoMn of the Sth Ward, it in ordered : Tb»t th« north and tomb, all ey In block 2s, 6th "Ward of tha City of Milwaukee, -e grided to the established erade, according to the e»IUn»te of the City Engines:-. on fll« in the offlce of the City Comptroller. Owners or azents of ptoperty saoaled oa the above allir. are htreby notlflect tcr make the said ImrtCT^ rr-i-, t, within twenty-two «ays from th'ls date or th«Si. ; oara'sa'.cners of t!>e «th A» »rd will cRUJe the same td le dooe and charged tib tte raspectiTe lots, according to law. . . . JyS-'-'fc _ t. L'H. QASDINEB, Comptroller. CHARLES It. AWSTIIV. DEALIa IS Domestic Exchane and Speeir. kinds of Gold ana Sn. f|1HK highest nUei paid fur all JL vjrr Coin »nd Bullion. canstaolly for sale at the lowest prices. e dealing inSpecle and Eschinge my entire and erclojlTt; bBsincss, I ia> able t.i give my customers an adTantage orer cnrreat fl jur<;s. LlJt of pr!«» wili be furnished at my office, SO. 52 WISCONSIN STUEET, CnJer the Bsptijt Chqrcb, nearly opposite tlie t-'astoiu Hacse. _ ^ _ • _ m»riH-.16m ALBANV RESTAURANT KO'ilCK. Crrr CoimouiVs Orrici, I Contract Department, Mil., July 12, 151». f Common Council by reiolntlon adoptej June ; «.. 1359, It Is ordered:. That the followiog described . lots, part of lets sod parcels of land In the Tint Ward of the City of Sliliraa- kee be, an d are hereby dccUred public immn.-ts, and the samo be filled withla tirenty days fron tKe publics tlon of this notice, TiK S X o- block 353: 3 /V Z, block ' IM; lot 10, 3 and N««, block 110; 8 ,VJ 6, hlcrtlSO-, ntIO,aXS»ndN>f8, block 127; l«t 2, blosk 123; - o«;, B o.ti? tl «! Bd . t ' blo <* '89; qoarter bloc EO; 8 80 ft of taWdle GO. $t Woek 69: 3 SO of M 6!) 4 block 59; B 20 ofU to, X Woct 87; ff'w ft, "lock 1^ BCOn.ln.Bodifit'. Addition; lot' «. wiet ISO-lot 7* block !«; N « a, block 19*, West *V btoetlis- io» », block 183; E S 28, block T9?; lot* S subdlYlslon of lots T, In block-lW, Hodjrerfs Addillffn; tou 13,10, 14 W X 6: lot T,S 50K6, Wock 193. X : block T3j « 60 ft and U (» ft; lot T, block 128; lot 7,bloek 1M. Owner* or ageoU ofthe abore described property an hereby notified to abate the'nolsance on the abore described propefry within 20 day* fron this date or ice Street Commlsjloners oftte Krjt Wird'wjU catue the «me to be done a8d charged to the respective lots, according to law. ' . . f jyl4-d6t E 1'H. GARDIXEBI Comptroller. BILLIARD ROOM. Albany mock, comtr cf 'Main and Michigan isle. Opporila NttctutU Ho»,e, Jtilwaute*. LaJIes Entrance second dno» on Main ttr-et dec4-dly C 1 HOUSE. WISCONSIN SPLENDID UOTEL has recently chan^eil pro prletors—General JI«M»nm»o retiring, irj'J ih TitMnL ?LOTU sacceeiliri him in its mMiSOTec The Xasrs. t. are bot.'i well taoirn thronffhout th western country xa gentlemen of exporience in -Hotp keepinit, inil BO other wiarMic* is necessary tliat th Hyatt iloose w;U bereafter b« conducted in a style ;i ettlag the patronage ofthe pabiic. Jo Jo do .1'3 .lo do '10 do '13 •jo Jc. do 11 I't Ti-iils. •J1.S5 i|0 in 'id lo •lo Jo iln d'j lo w. A. NOY;;-I, V[.;TOII #cnc Street CoiLimM-K E. L 1 •jvl'-'-IS- . G:\3DiN~ Coraplr • Contract Dtp_irtment, July In, 1: S * EAL2D propca'ila wii\ be r, •••:ivi>ii nt thij FriJsy, Jaly 15-, « 10 A. x. . >.r ,--a.lin;; ton stre«t ana jldeTjiiia, unj ; : .~i , i? ir.e from 4th avenue to '.he T».SI line .>i '.Vil;;r-n [' tion. 3!h w »M. jyl-'-i!4t E l.'iJ. GARi'INKil, Ci-m OrTTI.'OMPTqOi.. K-['< D Contrict Denirtm:;--' ^ETAtED proposali nill b.. . - i V? ta yrtday July 15th, !SJ'.-, . II L .:.:';, 5fihivenue ^nd siclew.llits ;vnil •> ^nxTir i • frc-ra svenua tn the ^est lim- .1 v <, r. dition, in tho 5:h ir;I, City of .M. jyl3-<l.i: E: L'U. (.-HHD'l.c..., <.. NOTICK. C.,atract Departa-n:, Julj II. :-','.<. con Council -y rrsol'irron i<io;);~t j .provin-;of tile rect njme-intioTi Com^isstoa^n uf thu Is. Ward, it 13 jr-i.-r- i That the Fourth .luenne :un- ; in^ -rirrtui.n -r... •; of south west f 4 ' .»f 3ec. 5, ^JKiru'^'ih!.- tu .h... n. aad Ke'erroir Tract be ^rnde.l :o tn.i esf.aiu:.- l l«r's OSice. Owners or i-onti ni -, 1 ... -[h^v .|,.;,- r i- . ^ l.lnd ftro hereby notified :' wiihin t^eo«y-tT-.i diiys r.-nn rnlsjionera orihe Firn '.Varri done and ^har^cd to th.? r-.-? cording to las-. jy-12-dCl K. T.'n O.MT l Tn:i:re .1.1:,: , ill t- LOT FOR SAL.E. NOTICK. Crrr CoJiprtotint's Orrics. I Conlntct Depsrtrflenl, &1L, Jane », 1?J9. f nnHE following Is t schedule of lot* fronting Witaut JL street, fromlSlh: lo 20th street In PlanUnton 1 * Ad • dltion, IB the 9th W»rd, of th« Oliy of Milwaukee »nd in assessment of tBfi benefits to each tot. by grading laid street and the sidewalk* to tha t stabllshed grade, graveling street, paying gutters, plahklnj and curbing walks, at per pl»n»nd estimate of C:ty Engineer. JOHN LACBENHEtifES, H. HDECKERIT, , . ' Street Commissioners. Ia PluklntonY Addition. ' Block. 3 8 • 8 3 8 3 8 A 3 8 8 4 4 4 . 4 5 ' e « • 6 * jyl4-3dt Lot.. Benefits. 67,50 6347 65,84- 63.CO «,H> 87,80 71,84 78,84 78.1T StMS 82,50 76,17 T5^0. TO,5« O,M Block. 4. 4 • .4 1 .'. 4 4 5 :•5 ' -8 5 6 6 8. 8 -6, 6 ', ,.« 6 ^8 66 Lot. 1 8 ' 9 10 H i 2: 8 4 6 6 7 S 9 A 6 6 ' 7 8 » Beneflta. 6.91T G8,£0 67,14. 71,84. 106,64 1I£NJR¥. iflll, LAGER J BEEB SALOON ' '-; A»» BIIiLlABD UOOHI, ; I.5O East \Vat«r Street. A TAMET7 of Dishes prepared at »11 LrTUKhes or Sappen, consistine of ; MEATS, gABDIsts, . PICKLED 7I3H. - '• ' • OTSTZ^' Mssical BBtertatnmeot eterySaturday etenicg. M O R P H FS05I THE. COI7JJ: try are Invited to examine Y r- I 97^4 ,88^4 84JZ1 85,21 Ul,!4 65,20 78^21 84,31, S7.S4 108.54 • . E. VS.. OABDISIR, Comptroller. . , r ^ Oourrt «• fighting character" some ears again Xa Crosse.—Xa CrotfJDemoerot, ,ttgpr!«P8dayV'.8ald-a»'ernployer to his •borer, J *yonr are to, commenca work at five n tfie jneping and leave off at eevejjlntheaf. " ••-, .1 .- ... ia Paddy,," wouldn't A be ernoon." , etter., to begin at siveo In the mornln 1 <*nd eave off at. five in the afternoon 7»: " -''t ; iaLWACKKECOCNTf,).. _ '-> City «f Milwaukee, K 1 ' Io glmtn P. Noyes : " i -,...'"' o' • ?)U are btreby notifled that » warrant of att»ch- menthas beenlwued against you, tnd voar nro- perty ftttiched. to satisfy the dejnand of JoseriU Qilot, •moqntlng to forty-flTe doUarj aad nfty - cents.- Now unl«i you Bhill »ppe»r before- D. L. Deyo, » Jnstlcs of " * on ie.«onddvof ° dock ln aa forenoon, p»ted thlJlitt day jBly.i.D., 1559. ? • - .. JOSEPH QBA^T.Flalntlff. NOTICE; ** * Commistkiners. Bflt. 1st. Am'l. JOO- 11 69,3$ *1 10 80,00 " 9 " ' 8 t 15 ifl8 - °8,C» 83,69 104,09 9K99- ; STOCK Ol 1 ' Hats, Caps & Straw Good* : Of Every Description; A.T. AV.H01> K.SAL. K. Alsp, tbe TEET BESP STOCK of 'i RETAIL GOODS, Erer broight to thl» Market, for sale CHEAP 1 »t ' , B. T HBO OP, ISO EastLwatcr Street. • AMERl&AN CORNET BAND! ia NOW.AEADT TO . ASY of Instruments, from one to' twenty-two, ,for Calls, Parties, Parades, .._. Kxcursfons, Ac., 4e., at reasonable• rates. ; •....-• Apply or address American Cornat- B»nd Hempsted's Muc Store, 173, East Water st. THIS W>Y WITH YOIJB MONEY :' JOHNTrV. LEDYARD, Cash! Grocer and Wine Dealer, so. isi EAST "WATER ST. mHjB BIST^KLACE TO BUT FINE SHEEN AND BLACK T£AS ; . Ths belt place to boy OLD JAVA and 5COCUA COF• " . ... 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A LDOHOt "Wftr ct. at.Maoufactart's nrioe. Ufjt-l- ,'^::'^.^-:.-'j:-'-:- t " Q03tBc1ioioaT«al>oa Sams at O narST ; STJS54 OHOSflJ's. Ctrr Co.Mrr- .^.-rTri ContrA-t D-par?m ut.July '.ith, prnpos.ii s will l«j recrn'td .11 this tO !ii Thursday, July I4th, IS.V.l, u ;n .1. jj. ;,-, aad graveling ur.2ni-«hed poniocsof I\iv.'r <sn [>r pjankirji: cite iidt-Tnlkj .iinl paTitn: th.- ^ aiid street irom Oni«ida tti D:v sicn ntr-j^: ; 'iVsrd of thi-C,(y »f Mllwauke". ij-dri ' R. L.',/. GAKDIN"Sl{, 'J.-icip £ •< flERXBY ^ivea thathj- virtue oi.i ciulik- . nu rr^ u . now in n.y ;!OS3tS5H'n, mid by tbe ,;'••-. said mortji^r, t ^111 5i?ll hy ruioli.iti t.i the h;.:hr.-,t in b^bt bidder, at 111" i^(t:-on of Kobel^ "Bainhrj.J^e, -h morttf%^or, in the Fourth \V.ird of tho <vjy or ^^llIv.ll 1 k^e. at iU <i'eioek in tiie fornonn, on Uie Uth .fii-, 1^5D, ihe foiloff.-o'j Je^cribed Hat ol propony :o -?i: 1 riiteon tlole Tsble, 1 li»r Counter :md' aielv-i, I Bed Steds. 0 T.ih e.i, -i) Chairs, J Cook Stovcj, tPnlo Stovt^, 'j Wl3h-st:ijid^, B i.iu 5, i'ttctter?, !.!> Arm Chair- and a variety c.' oilier chittl- proinTiv. • A. McCOBMIO, By P^THICS FAHET, Conatabl..- NOT1CK. CITT Cu2ip7aor.u:n'3 OF.'IC';, i toEtract Dea*rtinet.t, Milwiiuliee, July T, li',9. ," T HE Common Council, byresolulion of Juno -0. 1:;"'>. having adopttnl the rccommemHVKm of thd Strot-t Commiisionera of th*ti!h Ward, it i3 anh-ri/il • Ihatthe north ind south alley in hlock •:'}, m •.!!•• .;:h Ward, be gradfd to the -:3tabl43lie,l grailo, .11-. ..r.lini; -u taeestlmato of th-j City Comptrollvr. Owners or agents of property situatL'il on iini jii^-,- are hereby noni;leii to aiaka 3:iid improvem«ni ;vth!n twenty-liro a*y» from this date, or tuc. itreut C.jramji- sioneri ofthe li'.h i-anl trill caute the sums to be .u*... and charged to tho re3[>oc'_vtj lou, ..ccbnlmif :u law jJi-JCt K. L'U. OAJJDlAUt, C<.in1i;roli..T. NOTIC'K.. CITT COUP .TOLLED OPFIC?, i l-ontractBepartruent, Jlilwau»Cf, July 7, '53. f li; Common Council by rewhitioaauopti-it Jur-j '. A ISo'i, having ail-jpUJ th... r..coaim<.-iuin u " the Street .Co Dim ssioners of the 8th Ward, it : i ,. r - dered : That the Sast and TV,at *^y m b!oc'< C3, in -.!» 0:h Ward of the \iUyor JUlwnuSeo, hj traded tu iiiu — tabllshed grade, and in- accordance with tho eat. ma:.- "if tho City Ensineur onJile in 'itieol3c'o'6f the Chy Comptroller. . . Owners, or ogeola of property oa Jaid atraet are iure- by notified to msha said improvements within t-T-niy two' days :roin' d .te, or tn« Strn-t Coninjisaloners of ineOta warU will oauao tha SMUO tu l>a doao i u j churned to tha respective! lou, aecurilln; tu iaT. - -u. fu. t;AitL>iMilt, loni'.tr lU-r ,f NOT1CK. ClTT COM?TBC Contract Dep^rtmeiit, Mil., July 7, l?fj.' j" T QE Common Council, by resolution June -0, jsoj havinu adopted the recomiaeciiation of ihu S'reet Commissioners of tha litli \V;ir , it U ordertd : That a sewer- bo con'strucred through bloci ^S in '!i» 5th W..rd of thu City of ililwaukee, in uceordfiuoe with :he pUn tmj »pejiaoitlona of the City in^incer, 0:1 :iio intha ioffice ot tho City Comptroller; Ownter* or au-ents of pmpurty .utaated in rlia ibovo named block are heroby m;.riled to i-onitruc tlio •va sewer within f.vclity-rivo .iuya irom djito, or 3'reet-Commisstonertt of tho tJth W:ird will! crtu^o saidwori to be done, anil charjed to file res: eetive iota, according to Saw. jy'-dlit S. VII. CARDIN'K!!, ( • HAT HAT .. JL; , C A P te — l.VD— .GOODS Thaw- can ' l»« . ' — Al — ANT OTHER HOUSE ,L\ TliK WEST ! Vj •EBCUASTS who Uesiro to s»y= nioney in lav .M: '"*• °' »»» of goods, are rfspectftillj siwitetfto esaaui- iy stocs boforo buying, ;ia ii am satlstiwi xyprir , i ' s . lower than any other houa<« of the :<iad in thu Ity. My jood8 were purchaaed aiueli below <hu'r aa et value, and 1 am willlDrt to jive, my customer! w ,,""*" 11 ""-' 1 " "'' U - V "> tAl'S-WJ is I»rgc., varied aad well aeieclcd. ' W, D. DACOM, „„.,.,•-, IflS SMtW»tsr»troot, apr<jO-,Ui»at. M»xl Jour' to Catidee. Dibble ,B Co. xa'^ O'SFIOB, (. Contract Dep.i.-tmeai, July 9,h, iii3. ) opuijla' will b« ri>0!-l'>.'d it'tliM ofllco until Thursday, July Uth, 1S39, at- 11 o'i:;ock 't i a., the consiruction gf tuo aewtrra in ^*jf df vsnth Wrud, p rora toe west end of .Tohrwort ; jtrt,'?t, :iud <\uo -'roci W west end of Jlirt'ia street to U;o river;;;»eri o Da constructed ia^aciordance with'tba plan and -pedficaitons on. Olo m Comptroller's oiliinj. - Jj3-d4t E.L* ( i. BA8»f.»£K, Comptroller. . -NOTICE. T SBne^t monthly taeotias of tlieSt Georjo'j3o- olety will b« bcU 08 tha eiaranlh day of Jtuy n*it, 4Uib«insih« Cstebratipn of'Junorica'a Iaiiop»m)- * - GSO. BOCX3TV2EL, ?eo'y.

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