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Arizona Republic from Phoenix, Arizona · Page 4

Phoenix, Arizona
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Friday, February 21, 1941
Page 4
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Page Four > AFL Quickens Drive On Ford MIAMI, Fla., Feb. 20—(AP)— The American Federation of Labor today put its resources behind a drive among the more than 100,000 workers in the Ford Motor Company amid predictions it would provide" a showdown with the rival Congress of Industrial Organizations. . William Green, president of the federation, carefully withheld the number of organizers on the campaign—one of the biggest in AFL history — and the number of members already signed in Ford plants. He-said only that a "great many ' ha'd joined." . "We don't want i tioh-to the enemy—the CIO," h said, but he did predict success for the campaign—"in a reasonable time, probably within six months.' Executive Council Meets 33ie federation's plan to step di rectly into the Ford organizing job —apart from the AFL's United Au totnobile Workers' campaigns in other plants—was discussed at the final midwinter sessions of the executive council. The meeting adjourned gl&omy note, however, because o; a threat that more than 200,000 machinists would leave the federation: as the result of a jurisdictional dispute with the carpenters union "Ehe association of machinists Baifl" their president, Harry W Brown, have quit paying dues to the^AFL. Green said suspension wojSJd follow automatically in three months, unless the dispute is settled. •:.'• Waterway Opposed The executive council also vigorously opposed administration at- te'rnpts to revive the St. Lawrence waterway project to provide a deep channel to the Great Lakes and supply additional public power along the way. The Wisconsin Federation of Labor had asked support foijthe proposal. *Jn announcing the Ford organization plan, Green said the federation first would work on the Rouge' plant at Dearborn, with 60,000 of more members, $»e Lincoln plant in Detroit, and the Kansas City plant. In an three, he said, unions now ale working. He decried "loud campaigning, denunciation and recrimination" of the CIO's drive on Ford employees, and denied a CIO charge tiiat the federation was working with Ford's personnel director, Harry Bennett Green declared it "is just a question of tune" until the AFL signs a majority of the employees of the three big Ford plants—at $2 initiation, -fee—and asks recognition from Mr.- Ford. "We hope to be recognized." he said; "the facts are so overwhelming, but we don't know of any change in Mr. Ford's attitude—we haven't had a chance to ask him." Plea Changed, Driver Freed Procopio Renteria, SOS West Tonto street, yesterday changed his plea to guilty of reckless driving;, and ^sentence was suspended Stodays by Nat. T. McKee, West JE&ftenix justice of the peace on cjjnflition Renteria conduct himself as a law-abiding citizen. The justice also recommended Renteria's operator's license be suspended 60 days. : Renteria was charged with reckless driving at 13th avenue and Grant street February 8, after a Bjevious charge of assault with a qeadly weapon was dismissed because of lack of evidence. Two men were injured when struck by ic car driven by Renteria, deputies sheriff reported. jj In city court, the following paid fines or .forfeits . on ,speeding charges: Walter B. Davis, Tovrea Backing Company, Ray Valencia, 115 West Osborn road, William K. Birch, 303 East McDowell wiad, Marvin H. Young, 319 East Palm lane, and J. D. Howell, Glendale, 57.50 each; and Carl Hintze 3217 South First avenue, §5. TFor failing to heed a boulevard stop sign—Raymond Jones, 14 North 13th street, J. Santa Cruz, 5?)9 West Coeopah street, and W G Jffackey, rou te 2, box 466, $2 each. : Driving without an operator's Bcense—Leroy Ryan, 535 East Jefferson street, §1. Little Stories Of Phoenix Daily Life Arizona Republic, PKoenix, Friday Morning, February 21', - '_.*."". • ' -^^r= •'— Heard Museum Will Present ASAP Votes THE CASE of Robert William j Girton, 28 years old, a colored garage employee, charged with stealing his wife's eyeglasses, was dismissed yesterday at request of his wife in East Phoenix Precinct Justice Court. It had been expected to provide a test of one phase of the community property law. HEARING for Marion C. Ledbetter, 1010 North Third street, on a nonsupport charge yesterday was set for 11 a. m. March 20 in East Phoenix Precinct Justice Court and rie was released without bond. The complaint, signed by Winifred Ledbetter, accuses him of failure to provide for two minor children. CONGREGATIONAL BETH EL, meeting at Fourth and FiUmore streets at 8 o'clock tonight, will hear a talk by Rabbi Nathan A. Barack on "The Individual and Society." J. A. HUNTER, market news reporter for the U. S. Department of Agriculture, came to Phoenix yesterday to arrange daily reports on the Salt River valley spring lettuce deal. He will issue the first report Monday. TOWNSEND CLUB NO. 25 will meet at 7:30 o'clock tonight at 1904 East Washington street, with W. S. Swank presiding. HEARING of the appeal of W. F. fohnson from a peace disturbance conviction, scheduled for yesterday, vas continued indefinitely by Su- lerior Judge Howard C, Speakman lecause he is engaged in trial of another case. AFTER trial yesterday before Superior Judge H. Karl Mangum, flagstaff, presiding here, a jury leliberated two hours and freed Slijah Pinkney, 38 years old, col- ired, 1602 East Jefferson street, of L charge of failure to provide for his three-year-old daughter. Senator Was Elected Illegally, Says Tobey Your Income Tax H : NO. 17 ; Deduction Of Capital Losses ~ No deduction Is allowable for fosses from sales or exchanges of property, directly or indirectly, between (a) members of a family, ib) a corporation and an individual owning more than 50 per cent tf its stock (liquidations excepted) Jc) a grantor and fiduciary of any Jrust, or (d) a fiduciary and a beneficiary of the same trust. ; If (1) shares of stock become JworthlesL during the year, or (2) Corporate securities with interest Coupons or in registered form are Ascertained to be worthless and jcharged off during the year, and are capital assets, the Joss there- Irom shall be considered as from She sale or exchange of capital as- «ets as of the last day of such tax- Jttble year. - In determining "gain" in case of jproperty acquired before March 1, 1913, the cost, or the fair market jalue as of March 1, 1913, adjusted as nrovidod in section 113 (b), as amended by section 215 of the Rev- *nue Act of 1939, whichever Is freater, should be used, and in de! iermming "loss" the cost so ad |usted, should be used. If the »'sertv u'»c Q^rt,,;«^j aftpr '-e^^l^™^= ^"j^ >y sections as^Sf'aif Revenue Act of 1939' II estate, the location and for bonds or other evi- ^ences of indebtedness, name of issuing corporation, particular issue, denomination, and amount- C) f° r Stocks ' name of corpor- class of stock, number of and Friday Morning, February 21 51st I'car, No. 279 ARIS 3LIO mbUlbed Even Moralns and Sunday Arizona Pnblishlns • Co. 112 North Central Avenue Phoenix. Arizona Subscription Katn In Advance One One Three Six In Copy Mo. Mos. Moa. Arizona « .05 $1.00 $2.75 S5.2* One One Three Six One Out of Cony Mo. Mo>. Mas. Year Arizona * .10 Sl.IS S3.M $6.75 J 13.00 Entered as woond clu> matter at the port office at Phoenix, Arizona, nndel the act of March 3. 1ST*. UNABLE to agree on the guilt or innocence of Joe L. Archer, Phoenix salesman, charged with intoxicated driving, a jury was discharged yesterday by Superior Judge M. T. Phelps. Then the case xvas dismissed at request of Fred C. Struckmeyer, jr., deputy county attorney. It was the second time Archer had been tried and the jury was unable to reach a verdict LIBERTV without bond was granted yesterday by Superior Judge Arthur T. La Prade to Cecilio Guerrero, facing a hit-run charge. TEiEFACT EUROPEAN ASSETS IN THE U. S. "i 1TALV MIIUON ESI 4 GERMANY:*; DOUARS 662 SCIENCE SE!!V1CE-P1CTOG«APH COP. 2-31 THE FDRST session of the municipal affairs study class, organized under auspices of the Young Women's Christian Association, will be held at 10 o'clock this morning in the YWCA building. R. H. Smith, secretary of the city civil service board, will conduct the class. AN AMENDMENT to the articles of incorporation of the Fidelity Mutual Insurance Company of Phoenix changing its name to the Empire Mutual Insurance Company was filed yesterday with the.Ari- zona Corporation Commission. A- PLEA of not guilty to a petty theft charge was entered yesterday by J. H. Dupron, Phoenix insurance agent He was released without bond pending trial at 2 p. m. February 27 in West Phoenix Precinct Justice Court. A JAIL TERM of 30 days and a fine of 520 was imposed yesterday on EH Smith, colored, who pleaded guilty previously in East Phoenix Precinct Justice Court to carrying a loaded pistol concealed on'his person. CTFTEEN DAYS in jail, suspended, was the sentence imposed yes- terda* on Thomas G. L. Huntsman, 25 years old, 18th and Jackson streets, when he pleaded guilty in East Phoenix Precinct Court .to disturbing the peace. LETTUCE shipments yesterday were 25 carloads, according to railroad office reports, bringing the total shipments from the Salt River valley for its spring deal to 143 carloads. CHARGED with sending a threatening letter through the maii, Gregerio Moreno, 45 years old, was lodged in the county jail under 52,500 bond yesterday after appearing before F. A. Hickernell, U. S. commissioner. His hearing was set for next Tuesday. ARTICLES of incorporation were filed yesterday with the Arizona Corporation Commission by the Collins Drug Company of Prescott. Incorporators are E. C. Locklear and Joseph H. Morgan of Prescott. Capital stock was listed at 5,000 shares with par value of 510 each. BODS will be opened today by the Arizona Highway Department for construction of an underpass on the Stein's Pass route at Benson. POLICE were informed yesterday morning by George L. Boyle, route 6, box 413, that two men had swindled him of 5185 m a "smack" or confidence game in a North lentral avenue buffet. THE HOME of Edith West, 338 tforth Fourth avenue, was burglar- zed Wednesday afternoon and three coats and a pair of slacks, all valued at 5100, were taken, she reported to police. The home was utered through an open back door, t was stated. TWO INDIANS, 29 and 42 years old, were arrested by police yes- erday afternoon in a boxcar at Third and Harrison streets when the officers found two pairs of gloves and two odd gloves in their possession. The gloves were believed stolen from the Montgomery Ward store, officers reported. IMPOSITION of sentence was deferred two days for John McGregor, 78 years old, after he pleaded guilty yesterday in the city court to vagrancy. FIREMEN washed gasoline yes- :erday afternoon from the pavement on Fourth avenue between •Vashington and Jefferson streets after the carburetor of a car had looded. VOTERS registered for the March 1 municipal primary num- >er 16,848, it was announced yes- erday upon completion of a final abulation of registrations in the of- Ice of Joseph C. Furst, city clerk. INCREASING demands for indi- Japan Seeks To Get Goods HANOI, French Indo-China, Feb 20—(AP)—Reliable sources report ed tonight that a serious dispute lad arisen between the Japanese and French authorities over Japan gent medical relief caused the| ese demands for 510,000,000 worth To Sign Order NEW YORK, More than 700 Feb. 15—(AP)— members of the American Society of Composers, Authors and Publishers approved unanimously tonight the board ot directors' decision to consent to a decree designed to end the federal government's criminal antitrust action against'the society. The decree would provide for assessment of fines of 524,000 against ASCAP and require changes in ASCAP's operations' policies. Ratification came after New York's . lieutenant governor, Charles Poletti, special counsel for the organization, asserted it was to the benefit of the authors, composers and publishers of the nation to do so. Gene Buck, ASCAP president, announced that he would fly to California to conduct another ratification meeting of the West coast ASCAP members at Beverly Hills tomorrow night, but it was pointed out that the action taken here was bv the majority membership of ASCAP. There are about 300 members on the West coast of the society's total membership of about 1,200. The consent decree was expected to open the way for a renewal of negotiations with the National Association of Broadcasters to end their differences over fees, which on January 1 brought elimination of ASCAP music from most radio programs. After tonight's voice vote, Buck said he was hopeful that the broadcasters would "sit around a table and reach an agreement with us." "Up to this time," he said, "we have not had any word from either the broadcasting networks or the individual stations who have not come to an agreement with us." Broadcast Music, Inc., set up by the broadcasters as their own music source, announced it would give "careful study" to any consent decree signed by Its effect on the decree to which ASCAP in order to ascertain Bivn consented in a similar action a few weeks ago. "A settlement by ASCAP of its difficulties with the department of justice, however, will not remove the need for BMI's existence," the BMI statement said, "but it will emphasize the necessity for the continuance of BMI's position in the music field in order to maintain precisely the competition which it s the government's purpose to permit." Dr. Deric Nusbaum Tonight DR. DERIC NUSBAUM Colored Slayer To Face Tria A first-degree murder charge wa filed yesterday against Andrew James, 69 years old, colored, 140 East Madison street, in the fata shooting Monday night of Cassi Wilkins. 21, also colored, 1406 Eas Madison street. James, who admitted shooting th girl with a rifle after slashing he with a pocketknife because he sai he "knew she was going to mee another man," waived preliminarj hearing in East Phoenix Precinc Justice Court. Justice Harry E. Westfall ordere him jailed without privilege bond. James, a cotton picker and ode jobs man, said he fired at the gir while she and her brother, Gus, ir were washing blood from cuts o her arm and face, which James ac mitted inflicting. The bullet passed through th girl's body and wounded her broth er, who was reported recoverin yesterday. The shooting occurre at the girl's home and James sur rendered to city detectives in his WASHINGTON, Feb. 20— (AP) Senator Tobey, Republican, New Jampshire, charged tonight that in he last Maryland election "a seat in the United States Senate was gamed by illegal methods." Senator Radcliffe, Maryland Jemocrat, was re-elected to the senate last fall, defeating Harry W. Nice. Tobey . made his charge in a supplemental report designed for inclusion with the report of the enate campaign expenditures committee. The full committee report las not yet been made public. His accusation was based on what he aid were excessive and .illegal expenditures in the Maryland Democratic primary. Says Manager "Lied" Earlier, Tobey filed with the committee another supplemental report hi which he asserted that Oliver A. Quayle, jr., manager of he Democratic National Commit- ee, had "lied brazenly and unhes- tatingly" to the senate commit- ee. He declared the committee should consider the advisability of punishing Quayle for "contempt" and for "perjury". He referred to Quayle's testimony that he arranged for 5100,000 in loans by R, J. Reynolds, jr., wealthy North Carolinian, to the lew York and New Jersey state Democratic committees. Reynolds testified that Wayne Johnson, chairman of the Democratic finance committee, approached him about he loans, and Quayle later changed his testimony to agree with Reynolds'. Radcliffe Gets Post Senator Radcliffe defeated toward Bruce in the Maryland Democratic primary. Jn discussing the expenditures in this campaign, Tobey did not refer to either candidate by name, but declared of the outcome: . "Here we have a situation in which a senator-elect has come to the senate through the lavish, inordinate expenditure of great sums 3f money and whose claimed right to a senate seat was achieved by illegal means." Under the law of the state, Tobey said, the 1938 senatorial vote permitted a maximum expenditure of . Mexican Axis Bases Charged TORONTO, Feb. 20-(AP)_ Sir Howard d'Egville. secretary 01 the Empire Parliamentary Association, told the Ontario legislature today that 20 secret air bases in Mexico are operatinc for the benefit of the axis powers. His statement was described as a reply to assertions of Col Charles A. Lindbergh that North America is safe from invasion by air. Lt Col. George Drew, Conservative leader in the legislature, said relations between Canada and the United States could be improved if Canadians Z^^A-^tocontSn Ford and nnde ' which they Sir Howard told the Jerisla tors that war losses of me?I chant shippinc could continue * t ..« le Present rate ot W20 W. $3,000 hi the 1940 senatorial primary. The treasurer for one of the . senatorial candidates in .the primary campaign, he said, reported disbursements of $82,293.65 and unpaid bills of 523,032.64, excluding expenditures of approximately $17,000 made by other committees on behalf of the candidate and others. The treasurer for another candidate, Tobey said, reported disbursements of 55,650 while the treasurer of the campaign committee for the same candidate reported disbursements of S86.40953 and unpaid bills of $5,331.06. "And so," he declared, "the fact is that more than $200,000 was spent in the campaigns of these two senatorial candidates for the nomination only, one of whom was elected and seated in the United States senate." Tobey said the committee had decided not to take cognization of the expenditure on the ground that it was made in a primary rather than an election. "I do not concur in this reasoning," Tobey said. '.' In a state such as this, unless a man is able to receive the nomination of his party, he cannot go before the people at the polls at the election/' Plan To Ease Dockets Aired LOS ANGELES, Feb. 20— (AP) Plans for relieving docket congestion and expediting court procedure were outlined by Federal Judge John J. Parker of Charlotte, N. C., today at a California-Arizona-Nevada regional conference of the American Bar Association. As chairman of the association's committee for improving court procedure, he recommended: 1 — Better judicial organization, with provision for proper administrative control in the courts, themselves, of the judicial machinery; setting up of judicial councils and conferences and the vesting in the courts of the rule making power for the regulation of procedure. 2— Improved trial by jury by selecting better jurors through court-appointed jury commissioners; restoring the common law power to the judge to aid and as- ist the jury and by eliminating the e verdict in complicated 3— Simplification of trial practices in line with those used in federal courts; simplification of rules of evidence and making the question of admissability of evidence largely discretionary with the trial judge. 4— Simplification of the processes of administrative agencies and tribunals, especially with respect to the method of revewing their decisions, so that the principles of lair play and equal justice may be maintained. 5—Abolition of the technicalities and burdens of appellate practice with provision for review on the record made in the court below. A government permit will be lto Swil> county health department to exceet its budget by $13,156 during the first seven months of the curren fiscal year, according to a reporl submitted to the county board ol supervisors. o . Donnell Gets Governorship JEFFERSON CITY, Mo., Feb. 20 (AP)—Forrest C. Donnell, Republican, won a five-week fight for Missouri's governorship today from a Democrat controlled general assembly that certified his election in glum silence and set his inauguration for Wednesday. Minutes later cheers greeted the announcement that Lawrence McDaniel, St. Louis Democrat, would challenge his former Sunday school teacher's right to the office. Donnell defeated McDaniel by 3,613 votes in the official returns from last November's election. Petition To Be Filed Next step probably will await filing of McDaniel's formal petition—his first personal maneuver in the dispute. The contest thus far has been based on charges ol election fraud brought by a'Dem- ocratic county chairman. Prodded by a unanimous supreme court decision that gave them no alternative, the legislators met loday to hear Morris Os- bum, house speaker, read the election returns and declare that "Forrest C. Donnell has been, elected governor of Missouri for a term of four years." Contest Awaited There was a dead silence until U N. Searcy, Democratic floor eader of the upper house, took the floor to say: "A few minutes ago, in a telephone conversation with Lawrence VIcDaniel, I was requested to announce that he will immediately, or as soon as possible, prepare and file with this assembly a formal petition of contest." The demonstration subsided quickly, thus ending one phase of Donnell's bitter fight for the governorship, a fight he carried five weeks past his original inauguration date and into the • highest court hi the state. general cases. , A ?£!? ntina expects to spend near^$75^00,000 in aiding its corn Army Jobs Indicate Something In Name FORT JACKSON, S. C., Feb. 20— 'AP)—The army .evidently believes there's something in a name. First Class PvL Roscoe Runner )f Milan, Ind.. is a runner at post headquarters and Pvt. Jesse Driver >f Lafayette, Tenn., is a driver for the post message center. Alfonso XIII Is Worse ROME, Feb. 21—(Friday)—(AP) Alfonso XIH, former king of Spain, vas reported slightly worse early oday and arrangements were made "or a physician to be in attendance throughout the night. The ex- monarch has a heart ailment. TOO LATE TO CLASSIFY SIX rooms for home or duplex, 'urnished. Lease, ?35. 1945 East Moreland. SEE THIS 1937 Chrysler Royal Vindsor Sedan. Radio, good condition.'Phone 3-0397. MENTHDLATUM Do FALSE TEETH Bock, Slide or Slip? FASTEETH. an Improved powder to oe sprinkled on upper or lower plates, holds faise teeth more firmly in place. Does not slide, slip or rock. No eirnimy eooey, pasty taste ^r feeling. FASTEETH Is alkmltae (ntl-add). Does not sour. Checks -JlalModor" (denture breath). Get I FASTEETH at any drug store. of American- and Chinese-ownec goods stored in Haiphong ware houses. These sources said Japanese military authorities demanded that the French requisition the goods and then hand them over to the Japanese, but that the French flatly refused to assist the Japanese "in any unfair way" and said that if the Japanese wanted the goods they must seize them forcibly and take the responsibility themselves. The supplies include American trucks, tires, and other materials which were en route to China when the Japanese cut off the Haiphong- Kunming route last September. It was reported the Japanese have strengthened their guards around the warehouses, preventing removal of any supplies, even those requisitioned by the French. The Japanese, in making their demands, were declared to have begun by stressing their right to direct Imlo- Cliina's economic affairs because this country is part of the "greater East Asia prosperity sphere." Observers here said it was apparent that the' Japanese were keeping a close grip on the disputed goods so they could seize them quickly in the event of war in the Pacific. Car Overturns, Youths Arrested After the old-model sedan in which they were riding overturned yesterday afternoon at Marinette, four youths were arrested by W. O. Ruth, Peoria constable, for investigation of intoxication. None suffered more than scratches and bruises in the accident. Three brothers, 15, 17 and ID years old, admitted drinking wine which they said had been bought by the eldest of the quartet, 22. A Eifth boy, nine years old, younger brother of the three boys, was also in the car at the time of the accident, Ruth said. All live in Glendale. The younger boys told officers they had "chipped in" to.' buy a quart and a pint of wine and had et the 22-year-old companion make the purchase for them. The latter and the 19-year-old youth were being held in the county jail last night, while the other two boys were released to county juvenile officers. Mother Of 23 Dies As Result Of Burns LAKEWOOD, N. J., Feb. 20— (INS)—Death today robbed New Fersey's largest family of its maternal head. . Mrs. Mary E. Kanze, 66'years old, mother of 23 children, 22 of hem living, died as a result of burns she suffered yesterday while mtting wood in a cook stove. Mrs. Kanze was preparing dinner for part of her big brood and her husband, a Work Projects Administration worker when her apron caught fire at .the stove. HOT WEATHER WIU Soon Be Here SAVE TIME & MONEY Arrange Now for Your Cut R«te Electricity Cuts Cooling Costs PfllMER MFC. CORP. 70S WEST JEFFERSON Boy Is Captured In Stolen Auto A 16-year-old boy who last Sat urday was granted probation afte stealing two cars and wrecking one of them was caught by a dep uty sheriff yesterday in a stolen coupe near Mesa. The youth, captured after a chase at high speed by Haroli Dana, Mesa deputy, admitted hi stole the car . in Chandler yester day morning after he told the couple to whom he had been pro bationed near Gilbert he was goin to school. The coupe belonged to C. C. Riley. Chandler. The boy said he drove abont 30 miles before the depot}' saw him speeding. He admitted he took cars because he "liked to drive fast." The juvenile court put him on probation after he admitted steal ing two cars in Phoenix in'two days and wrecked one fleeing from a driver with whose car he had a slight collision. Just prior to coming to Phoenix, the youth had been placed on probation for a similar charge in Los Angeles Calif., a juvenile officer said. He was lodged in the city jail last night, pending decision of the juvenile authorities to send him back to Los Angeles or to hol( another hearing for him here. o Thieves Take Crushed Rock SANTA FE, N. M., Feb. 20— (AP)—Hard-working thieves whi made off with 1,000 tons of crushed rock piled near Gallup were sough today by state police and the high way department. The rock, stacked for mainten ance work on the Gallup-Shiprock highway, abruptly "disappeared,' Burton Dwyre, state highway- en gineer, said. •"We are going to press this to the limit and prosecute the guiltj person or persons to the fullesf extent of the law," he said. Dwyre said the rock cost $2 a ton \vhen originally purchased in quantity but probably could not be replaced for less than 54 a ton. Army Vehicles To Make Trips FORT HUACHUCA, Feb. 20— (AP)—Approximately • 100 U. S. Army vehicles, including newly arrived trucks and motorcycles, wil visit Bisbee and Tombstone Monday morning on a trip designed to help break in the machines. Later in the week the motorized units will visit Tucson in connection with a tactical mission, and wil] take field equipment along. They 3lan to remain overnight in the Old Pueblo and possibly- stage a parade^ Huachuca. Adjutant To Talk In Phoenix FORT HUACHUCA, Feb. 20— 'AP)—Lt.-Thomas J. Brogan, post itijutant, has accepted invitations :o deliver addresses at Phoenix and Tucson next week on the construction program here. Monday he will address the American Legion Club of Tucson and Tuesday he is scheduled to speak at the Kiwanis luncheon at ?hoenix. Personal To Fat Girls Now you may slim down your face and Sgure without starvation dieting or back- Breaking exercises. .Just eat sensibly and ake Marmola under the conditions and ac- eordlnc to directions on the package. Marmola Tablets baye been sold to the public for more than thirty years. More than twenty million boxes have been distributed during that period. Marmola is not a cure-alt. Marmola !• only for adult fat persona whose fatness is :aused by a thyroid deficiency (hypothyroid- sm) but who are otherwise normal and heal. Jiy. "We do not make any diagnosis.aa that s the function of your physician, who must, >e consulted for that purpose. Why not try to' ose those ugly, uncomfortable pound* the*, tfl&mola way? Get a box ot Marmola B'yoiv drossut Dr. Deric Nusbaum of .Gila Pueblo, near Globe, former traveling ranger in the Four Corners area, will deliver an illustrated lecture in the Heard Museum, 22 East Monte Vista road, at 8 o'clock tonight. The program will be open to the public without charge. Dr. Nusbaum's subject will be, "Anasazi Remains in the Four Corners District". Two Kinds Of People (In Arizona, the archaelogists have established two kinds of pre-historic people, which they have chosen to call the "Anasa- zi" and the "Hohokam." The "Anasazi" lived in the northern part of the area and the "Hohokam" in the southern part. Gila Pueblo established the "Anasazi" name, which is not yet in universal use.) From early boyhood Dr. Nusbaum has been associated with archaeological research and museum work. On being graduated' from Harvard University, he proceeded to Oxford University as a Rhodes scholar, where he achieved his doctorate at the end of the third year. Goes On Expeditions Although at Oxford his major study and thesis pertained to the culture of polar peoples, his field Trek Leaders Are Appoint^ Committee chairmen tn ' ' &£&"-*••"£-» tain March 9 , clubs dinner meetin. Westward Ho last night h^i Bonnell, president. r J At the same time the pint, cided to plan for enf-* -least 850 guests this • her several hundred ever has been accei trek. This decision was cause the advance i has passed the 400 because better facUltta handling a crowd of such both for food and i ment, have been developed^ the experience of years, Mr. Bonnell A bus will leave fronv 25 Central avenue to take out other automobile 7:30 a. m. All cars ., ed in as they enter Peralta canyon, national forest The committee chairmenart-' : • F. M. Guirey, camt work—while . principally concen-1 Foster, campfire; H. trated in the Southwest— has involved expeditions from within the Arctic Circle to the Maya field of Spanish Honduras and work in Northern Mexico. After a year of unsuccessful attempts to return to England to marry his fiancee, (an Oxford graduate in law and an assistant air raid warden through 57 raids), he arranged for his fiancee to go to Canada, where they were married prior to establishing their home last fall at Gila Pueblo. Dr. Nusbaum lived for nine years in Mesa Verde National Park where he did archaeological field work with Jesse L. Nusbaum. He also has been associated with Paul Martin in archaeological study in Montezuma Valley, F. H. H. Roberts in field work in the West Puerco and with Earl Morris in the Lubrachuka mountains. He is interested in the extension of tree-ring dating methods to the South and in evidence which might prove or disprove relationship between cultures of the Southwest and those of the Valley of Mexico. ForTraiGet New Trainees FORT HUACHUCA. Feb. 20— (AP)—Arrival of 1,560 selective service trainees here is expected about the first of March, Col. Lee D. Davis, commanding officer, said today. Trainees are arriving from Fort Meade, Md., at the rate of about 75 per day, Colonel Davis said. The big group anticipated in early March will come from Fort Hays, O.; Fort Thomas, Ky.; and Fort Benjamin Harrison, Ind- Military population of the post is 3,111. The second battalion, comprising petween. 700 and, SpO^men, will move into the'hew barracks at the cantonment site tomorrow, making approximately 1,400 men in the new barracks. Arrival of the big group of selective service trainees In March wil] bring both -the .25th infantry and the 368th Infantry up to near full strength. . : . Approximately 1,800 men are employed on the new contonment, but carpenter work is almost completed. Utilities remain the major unfinished task, according to E. G. Shaver, office manager, for the Del Webb Construction Company. The force will be decreased gradually until the job is completed in May. A new bunkhouse has been built at the Webb camp, and employees of the firm will evacuate the bar- acks which have been housing them within the next few 6£ys. Huachuca Field Survey Awaited FORT HUACHUCA, Feb. 20— (AP)—Surveys on the new airport for Fort Huachuca will begin soon, military officials said today. Presidential approval was given recently for an allotment of $487,000 for the airport. Plans and specifications are expected to arrive from Washington soon. The project will be under the Work Projects Administration, sponsored by the army and supervised by the construction quartermaster's office. —o highway Patrolman Named At Prescott PRESCOTT, Feb. 20—Appointment of H. G. Cramer, Casa Grande, as state highway patrolman in this district, succeeding Ronald Wilson, vas announced here today. Cramer graduated from the recent patrol training school in Phoenix. Wilson will go to the Salt River valley to become a special ifficer. Cramer's territory extends from Tarnell to Ash Fork. check-in; C. L. check-out; Harlan Dr. Palmer Dysart, £5n^5 Paul Case, entertainment.' fr R. W. Hussong, firstai™ Cai'4. r r> Blaine, firefall; W. A. Neto J. A. Murphy, insurance; T * , Donough lighting; y.'E. Trae'i hike; S. L. Blue, parkf "' Duncan, photography Briest, properties; W. J.' fessel, publicity; Mr. Foiter'thS hike; Frank Denson, tidwtriM? Schimfessel, transportation*' M? Guirey, road work; and Mr IS Donough, police. ' As an entertainment nrogmi for the meeting, Miss £T O'Rourke played two flute.solos J Adam Frenchman gave an archm exhibition. ', North High Gives Show Tonight at the North Phortt High School Auditorium Joe'Cbt lege and his Jane will have tte heyday in this year's edition of tie Rhythm- Roundup—a musical con! edy de luxe centering. Its activity it fictitious Coo Coo College. .:' Top student talent EM tea recruited for the prodiKtlo»- script scribblers, Tin Pin iOej tyros, embrjo choreopiphtn and rising thespivu have am- tribnted to m show direct*** br, Miss Rath Mathis, with Hte < Isabella Howatt anisttaf. Written by Mary Alice MOOHJI senior student, the story feattw varied college types^-the aft played by the author; the. glamour girl, Kay Kunz; the ugly duck% Priscilla Peterson; the perennially ducer, Georgia Annon; and., fc eternal triangle, Eileen Ouinuli Ette - Powers, and Ted Motfc";;,« • Dances will.includerLa- Cast, cross between a voodoo rite an4ttl latest jive; a languid waltz,- tefefr ing continental romance to s sera- ity ballroom; a military tap,'k tune with the steps of iselerteK a strenuous dose of daily dozen, in comedy form; and a--burlesqiB dance by two "mad Russians" who never saw a steppe. The extravaganza will spotlight "Josephine College," words and music by Mary Sullivan and Margaret Taylor; a passionate serenade, n> der a balcony, the South America way; John J. Beyer's school must department; and Orley lies' -a* chestra, supplying incidental must Learn How In this age of machines nil* work is more than ever deA- able as a creative art. Witt litfli labor any woman can", mate pretty and useful things for herself and others. 'Needleworks a pleasant and profitable helte With this in mind we have pus- lished a 32-page jlliUtrateiJ booklet on all kinds of needlework. It includes knitting; OT" dieting and emproiderinz, "a» well as the more practical sewing and mending. The stew stitches are easily learned, an quickly done. There are drawings to show you. Send 18 eera for your copy and be convtew. —Use This Coupon— • Lisbon Harbors 178 American Citizens WASHINGTON, Feb. 20—(AP) 'he Red . Cross said today that here were 178 Americans in' Lison awaiting transportation to lis country. About 230 others, t said, are expected to reach Lison, most of them coming, from ^ris, during the remainder of 'ebruary. Arrangements have been made or 100 to sail on American Export hips 'in February and the remainder on sailings in March, Arizona Republic Information Bureau, Frederic J. Haskin, Director, WASHINGTON, D. C I enclose herewith TEN CENS in coin (carefully wrapped in paper) for a copy of the NEEDLEWORK. Name Street or Rural Route City State (Mail to Washington, D. W ""If So you're been overeating again I Things looked to good you kept right on. And then gas. Stomach and intestines feel inflated like a balloon and breathing becomes in effort If your bowels are lazy they, too, object Well, for such occasion! there's ADLERJKA. An effective blend of 5 carminatives and 3 laxatives for DOUBLE ACTION. Gas is quickly relieved and • gentle bowel action follows. Get ADLEHHCA from TOUT druggist TODAY. Courtesy Cruz Store .Weak, Pale Tired Wcmei BUILD UP RED BLOOD! If pain and distress of functional monthly disturbances make you IE out-pale, cranKy, -try Lydia Pin! (with added iron). ii .g Pinkham's Tablets not on»» lleve monthly pain (headwg backache), but ALSO helpswg upset nerves due to female Pf™" complaints. Wonderful to build up red blood and Thousands 'of women 3 helped, V/brth. trying!

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