Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on April 26, 1950 · Page 22
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 22

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Wednesday, April 26, 1950
Page 22
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WEDNESDAY, APRIL 26,1950 ALTON fiVENINQ TfiLKQRAPM PAGE TWEKTY.TttRRB How to Introduce Child to Religion By tJAVlB fA*Lo» MARKtf AJ» fidticatton Wrttef Many parents ask, "How can 1 help my child to understand religion?" * The answer to these questions, says Dr. Edna Dean Baker, president-emeritus of National College of Education. Evahston, 111., is dependent first of all on what is meant by religion. She says: "If v/e have In, mind dogmas, creeds, theological concepts, church history — and adult form of religion. we have to say that a child cannot have religion. Children are different from grownups. They are immatufe human beings. They have not developed the ability to fhlnk, as adults can, In abstract terms nor are they interested In as creeds and such formulations dogmas." Dr. Baker, who will conduct a two-week course this summer In "Child Guidance In Religion," at the College, goes on to say, "If on the other hand, we think of religion as a way an experience with of living or life that re- Key to Business In Spending 8AM DAWSON NJEW YOftK,—<#>—If you want to know what's ahead for business n general, watch the trend of in* vestment spending. In the opinion THEIR BABY FOUND ALIVE and Mrs, Clifford Holden admire their daughter, Chanera, through a hospital nursery window in New York today after the child, an incubator baby was found alive m a small mid-Manhattan hotel. The baby was taken from its incubator 25 days ago when it weighed two pounds, 11 ounces, and Mrs. Evelyn Jane Jordan, an 18-year-old hotel chambermaid, was today charged with kidnaping in the case. Police said the woman admitted taking the child. Holding the baby is Nurse Frances Drew — AP Wirephoto. sults in confidence, faith, consideration and love for others, cooperation, a child can be helped to become religious. Such a concept meets the need of the child for security, a sense of belonging, a need for regularity and rhythm, affection and happiness." Continuing, Dr. Baker points .. out, the religion of the child is then a matter of gradual development in understanding his world, the people and things in it, of learning to consider others, to love the members of his family, relatives, neighbors; of learning to share, to take turns, to cooperate .in doing things; of developing purposes; of acquiring faith in the dependability of his world, In God. Parents have to be willing to study the growth and maturing processes of their children, to live with them, to know each one as an Individual -with his own uniqueness, in order "to help to guide religious development. Regularity and system are important, says Dr. Baker, for children are greatly in need of this kind of dependability which makes them feel they are in a law- abiding world. "They need consistency and firmness in control which should be neither too stern nor too lax. There should be some free time for children and some opportunity to chopse. They need a few belongings including play toys, treasures they want to keep, pieces of handwork; and they need a place to keep these things. A child cannot respect the property of others until he has some property of his own which others respect." Kmontional security is dependent upon a sense of belonglngness, upon receiving genuine affection from one or more persons. It helps a child very much to have his personality difficulties understood by his parents, and to have them show his respect as & person. If questions about God, death, suffering, accidents and dlsasterous torms are met frankly and with- ut emotional upset, It does much increase emotional security, she ays. _ "It It's made in plastic It's made n New Zealand," Is a new Indus- ry slogan there. E.O.M. SALE 24 ALL WOOL SPORT COATS VALUES TO $22.50 YOUR CHOICE $10.75 265 DRESS SHIRTS 92.05, $3.45, 93.95 Values $1.29 Sites 14 to 18. SLIPOVER SLEEVELESS Sweaters 98.9? Values YOUR CHOICE $1.00 Sizes Small »nd Medium. OPEN FRIDAY NIGHT 'Til, 9 P* M* ERNST'S SHOP WASHINGTON READ TELEGRAPH WANT ADS End your hot watct problems with a sate, dependable GENERAL© ELECTRIC AUTOMATIC WATER HEATER Alton's Broadway 201 E. Broadway Dlnl 8-2681 of at least one business leader, that's a much safer guide than :rylng to follow the old-fashioned justness cycle method. An estimate of future expenditures of an Investment nature gives the average businessman with limited research facilities a shortcut method of telling whether times will be good or bad. This Is the view of Frank D. Newbury a retired director, vice president and economist of the Westlnghousp Electric Corp. He bases this on the belief that Investment spending variations have the greatest effect on the total of the gross national product If his short-cut Is to work: spend' Ing for consumption goods and Iquid assets, with no majof In- :rease in consume* spending of past savings. these are two big Ifs and New- bufy sayfl they must be taken Into acount in business forecasting. The other popular guide to bust- ness activity Is the Federal Reserve feoattfs index of industrial production. But Newbury points out that the Index "covers less than one*thlrd of the labor force, since it omits farming, construction labor on the site, and all the service Industries." Businessmen Who would be forecasters are advised to learn as much as they can about the in vestment plans of business firm? and government agencies—"fortu- services ttnust pattern, with follow a normal personal savings neither abnormally high nor low; and so must additions to personal GET BETSY ANN BAR-B-Q :;;: RKKV OH 1'OKK Just Heat and Ent AT YOUR GROCER CAUOUSE5I To wH«v« p»lntu! e»llot»M, burn- I ng or t«ndern«M on bottom ot fe»l I and remove esllouMS—«el thma I thin, soothing, cushioning |Md«J nately, Investment pUfti take time to prepare and A Mill longer time to execute", thus easting their shadow far In advance. There are six types ot this Investment spending to watch: 1 private construction; 2. producers' durable equipment: 3. changes In business Inventories; 4. excess of goods and services exported over corresponding Imports; 5. federal government purchases from busl- nos, either for new construction or other items; and 6. state and local government purchases from business. If the total ot these e»n b» expected to Iftettase, "It It logical to expect an increasing trend In general business activity", New* jury says. But he watn» against opinions based on one kind of in- D-Scho '/s lino pads ALTON FIXTURE CO. For Cabinets, Sink Topi, or Store Fixtures. CALL US Phone 2-4DB2 in \v. nnoADWAY EAST ST. LOUIS LADY LOST 50 IBS.-THANKS RENNEL "1 can recomm«nd Rsnnsl M th* diife ft fid snn» m«thod ot reducing. I lined to welsh J6< Ibi. and now I am down to 104 and f««l wonderful. I didn't huve to exercise or starve myself and t plan to continue with Rennel until I reach 176 11m." Bo writes Mm. M. Summers of Ilia Col- llnnvllle Ave. Imagine! Eat plenty and lo»» weight with thin ilniplo yet effective home recipe Buy a bottle of Kennel Concentrnta from your druggist and pour the contemn Into a pint hotllf than add enough unsweetened crapefrull Julao to fill bottl*. Tak* two (ablespoon/uls twice » day. It'* that simple. No dleti to oomplloiit* your m»al planning • no expensive vitamin* to fortlfT your system while golns; hunitry • you oan eat normally. If the flrsi bottl* of safe Inexpensive Rennet do««n't (how you the simple, f n ay way In lose bulky fat just return the empty bottle to the manufacturer for your money back. Oet Hennel today. The. endorser* of Kennel are busy with their own al/airs. Plcau Jo not contact them. We will pay $100.00 if we cannot product tht abovt testimonial. Vestment ftlotte: "iSMdffl &»,«& kind! of investtntfit RtoVI » tfcf sawt dtrsetlfm-Mi it ttif tin ~ Ml ilk " " Hailstone* killed eel* afid trout in a New Zealand river. YOU NEVER KNOW WHfN YOU OFFFNO! Restore Pleasant Breath Instantly with Just place Broflth-o-liitof between your Hp«_lnhfl1e_and instantly it neutralizes odors from stnoklntf, drinking, eating, Doesn't cover up odnn, but gets rid of them. That's because Breath-o-lntor contains Neutragen, whose vapors neutralize odors at thetource: in mouth, throat, chest. No mixing, no gargling, no chewing needed. Use Breath-o-lator any* . time.anywhera, Amazing* S ly effective. Refreshes j breath for hours. • < N * '•«•• Buy youri todavl Ntwiragtn wa(tr« Project of Blng Crosby's Research Foundation 5 BIG STORES OPEN NIGHTS Alton, Wood River, Jerseyvilte, Illinois. takes bigger, better LAND WE LIVE IN CUSTOMERS EMPLOYES You've got to have skilled men and women to make and distribute the electricity that comes to you at the flick of a switch. And they must get a fair return for their work ... in wages and job security. But employes, alone, are not enough. To produce efficiently, you must also have machines (from typewriters to generators) to multiply the em- ployes' efforts and make their work easier. MACHINES Machines—and the huge plants that house them—are not supplied by the "company." They are bought with the dollars of thousands of stockholders and bondholders . . . men and women from every walk of life who invest their savings in Union Electric. And they, too, of course, must have a fair return on their money. Otherwise, there's not much point in their investing their hard-earned money in our company. Our customers are the third vital part of this picture. For without customers there would be no jobs ... no need for machinery ... no need to make electricity. The customer must get fair rates ... the best possible service at the lowest possible cost. Only in this way can electricity continue to be of more and more value to everybody and continue to create more and better joba for more andmore people. THE FUTURE IOOKS BRIGHT FOR "ALL 3" AT UNION ELECTRIC Yes, it takes "all 3" to keep the electric business going and growing. No two can get along without the other. And it takes something else, too—the careful planning of sound, progressive business management ... to see that electricity continues to be a GOOD INVESTMENT for "all 3" in this wonderful LAND WE LIVE IN! By acting in the interest of "all 3," management provides fair rates for our customers . . . fak wages for our employes . . . and a fair return to the men and women who have put their savings in our business. It takes "all 3" to supply electricity for a bigger, better LAND WE LIVE IN. UNION ELECTRIC

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