Decatur Evening Herald from Decatur, Illinois on October 22, 1930 · Page 17
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Decatur Evening Herald from Decatur, Illinois · Page 17

Decatur, Illinois
Issue Date:
Wednesday, October 22, 1930
Page 17
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A BEEFSTEAK «I6HT NOft} g SB LUCKY TO HAW THIS on. ever a ground* rate re- leball. land It !h sirtt, vears a. Ing the th« on* (i at tress pt them Juler n :cd w«r 0 like u (pnl r«- itncbody the Iron itandinfr 1 ft tnl. empire ill know sleartlns IT hen my . there ( was n and he you Ini- there. It ound he blow: ETT/S HOT '* 1 ':' 1 ' 1 , 1 ' 1 "''?'"*^/^^^ DECATUR HERALD Bobby Thatch* f 8VTEV£ftA WOffM W/U TW/t.ANDJANSbwCKGtMS TO LOOK WQPMY BUT I'M SURE SHE'SUOH/NO- WE HAVC A RECORD OF HBRC SOMBWWefte ONLY ONS VACANT CABIN-THATI? NUM9ER 572, WHERE WS'RC TO PUT Y X £ 5 A "",·,,,,,,, r ^ l/JVCLE * ' BEDTIME OTOKY _BT HOWARD H. GAIH9_ UNOUC WIOOILY SAVES 8DSUS "Now. Sammle, tell mo Just what happened," wild Uncl* Wlgglly to the tittle boy r«bblt M they hoppod through tbo woodt together, "Tell mo Juit how 8u»l» lutppened to bo caught," "Well," began Somalia, M ta« twinkled hli little Pink no»s «· Uncle Wlgglly did lil» own larger one "Susie and I wera playing la tho woode, McuKllnff our pawn In the dtled leaven, when, All of a ·udtlon Basic yelled; 'A enakor A tnakel wnd *ho ran tMt and she Dumped Into * box that * little girl waa pro- tending woe a houua for hor dolls The box foil over on Suil« and iho's under It now, with tho dolln, 10 I ran to tall you." "And quite right you wero to do thnt, Snmmle," nnlcl Mr. Longean "But what did the Httlo girl do?" "Oh, yho ran In the house to t«H her mother, I pJm that she hail cnugnt ft rabbit And mnyb« tho little girl will put my * later BuiJ* In one* and ttoep bar," "Not If 1 can help It I" ·poll* Uncle Wlgglly firmly. "But, knowing that llUlo girl ni I do, I tin not ttilnk 0he will harm Stifllo, Still »ho might leave your slater under tho box A long time, ·o wo must tto aavo her." "Yes. I wtint to do thfttl" exfltalm ·d Samnilo, "And watt there really » enok* In the tlrlud loaves, Sommlo?" ftskoo Mr. Longenra ns the two rabbits hopped along. "If there wan wo hod better go norne other way. Snakes are all right in their plftoox, for catching biiU rats and do on, bufl don't want one of thorn to cAtuh you or mo by mis Inks, Satnmto." "No, inrtocdl" agreed the rAbblt boy. "But thoro waw't really a snake Su»l« rustled tho drlnd lonvca hemulf and It noundcd like » anaka crawl- hig. oh, but the ran fasti She dldnt look whnro the wot going nnd btmk- «d right Into the box the llttto gtrl wae making bollevo waa hor doll's houao, And Susie la tinder th« box ·ow." "We shall soon Me," spokf Uncle Wlgglly, "For w« »r* getting close to where that little girl lives," Not long After that Uncli Wlgglty and Snmmlo «amo within «lg:t)t of the llttlo glrfi house. In the yard at the back was a box marked FISH but thl« wasn't Susla's name (which wa» LIUlc-tnlD nor won It tho name «f any ot the dolls. The box was marked FISH becnus* It ones h«)d ·ems tint of cod fifth, Thert WM BO llttt* girl In ·Igh *h»n 8«mml« and Unel« WlggHy noppfd (lowly and quietly up to the box, Then BanunK called; "8usl«t fluelet Are you tinder nelde her and at onoa tht doll spoke and saldt "Mama!. Mama!" "Oh, who is In there with your orlod Smmle. "Juet a talking doll," Susie anvwor* ed. "You needn't be afraid." Bo Sammy watm't afraid and he helped Undo Wlgglly get a long stick and put under tho edge of the box. Then the two rabbits pressed down on ttio stlok, the edge of th« box lifted up and Suele wfcs wived 1 Out she till y , . 4 *· "Oh, yes, eammle, I am!" answered *· little rabbit girl, "And I dont like It here, I waa caught In a Irar, I guess, and somo dolls are CAUght here with me. Oh, wilt you pI«*M *# we out?" , "Of wtin» I will!" cried Sammto 'Uncle Wlgglly is here to help SAV« "Oh. I'm to glad!" said Sit«l*. Them *· Jumped for Joy and thli made TM* box Jiggle A bit, but itlll It didn't Ulfle or Joggle enough for Susie to W out. However the little rabbit ·J" » lumpa twlggled one A* **·**· *· largwt) who had * |»K»o«*aph rti Oh! willyo Jumped, vary happy, Indeed, to be with her brother and Undo Wlggllr again, "Coma on now, nop fnttl 1 * called Mr. Longeant. "That llttl» tin may come bnek and though I am sure she In (rood ana hind to animals, uh« might want to k««p us for a while to show tier brother. Wt/a better run," So Samwlo, Suslo and Unel« glly rtin horn* to tho hollow stump bungalow. Meanwhile the little girl htul run Into her houso to tell her mother the had caught a rabbit un der the box eho pretended houuo for i«r dolla, "Oh, no, my dear! You never caught » rabbit!" «ald mother. "Nor "Yfl» I rtkl! Come and aeet" begged lh« Itttto girl, They went out to the box nnd carefully lifted It But of course Suile was gone. Only the three dolls Were left, "So*, my deart I told you!" «dd mother inilllnff. "Dear mo! Could I hnve dreamed It?" murmured the little glrL But when »he reads this story ihe wUl Know It wasn't A dream, but real. Now If the (IdewalK scooter win drink Iti milk and try to grow up Into a nlae, big bicycle, ril ten yon hftxt about Uncle Wlgglly helping Floppy out o( a hole. Cotyright l 1930, by Howart B. Garle,) NEWSPAPERflRCHIVE*. NESDAY, DECAtUR HERAlD JUST A KIO MOT POUWDS HIM UNCONSCIO V WAT* OWN TUG RAPIDS LIKE WOOQAIAM SAW T HB 6 LIGHT (CURB IW A STRBTCH OP CLASS/ WATHR WO LUNGBO -TO VJEU.,SUeUTM, eoiws ·to use IT F*JB,Me\W DEPOT THE NEBBS MGASORlW* FDQ, MIS twcies TH08B WAVIN4 TO MS ...BYJOVB, THEV ARB...AH! KMOW.. FRIENDS GAS BUGGIES CARLOTTA JOB OP IMP8R80NATIN* H, HORN. THE MILLION AIR! BACHELOR. WHO ABHORS SOCIAL DUTIES, HAS ITS COMPLICATIONS, A9 HEM LEARNED WAVE WAV MOTHER! HANG ON TO THE WHEEL! Hem Goes Over MOTORIN4 IN TH6 PARK TOOAV I'M WOTTEUJW MVraouwss -no ANVowe.WT rve TOOTS and CASPER ,, COUOKIEl-HOOPBR 1 , A LCfT OF MONEY I'D BNTBR WHAT ONCll MBT, Oa MY WOU9E AMP W1U. BE TAKEN PTWM ME! IP CA THE rp^ WORTH THE CHANCftV A Chance Worth Taking BRINGING UP FATHER AND IP t HtAft VOU OtONTP SO n- WOWT en aooo YOU- 00 VOU MWJjO, MOMA.WAN HOWS MBWIWUWT voicm TO CAUL Ot KR.OUWARY- ARB THERWiSBB THAT YOUACT LIK6 A S£NTU By MuMtnus HIGH UGHTSof HISTORY The Grand Council at Cahokia M SWT«MWR,t77fl, COOMB. CWRK. MW TWCMIEK «FTNelNIAM TRIBftS » Wt- lltiMOlS COIJNIIW W A fllW*?' CeUMCIL AT CAKOKIA OWIH« MISSISSIPPI AWcctisrcMz^TO Ti«e« PflOFBSSWMS 6P WlEHMHIP WtIM »i5inu«rAH^A»uMet iMOtHWeNCt 'I AM A MAM 'AHp NOT A OUWC».LOR ,* W I CAMVIM MV By J. Carroll Manifold SWfKH, MIMClua NO WORM. H8 KCUIU^ Hfr WOUU BB 4LAJ 10 NAVE TWW WlSMPSWP Ne«i»*Bioojv«w£ww^MjAHtA ONE.TAKB WHICH vou fUAfft /"

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