The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas on June 22, 1973 · Page 1
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The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas · Page 1

Freeport, Texas
Issue Date:
Friday, June 22, 1973
Page 1
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The family daily paper of Brazorfo County THE BRAZOSPORT FACTS 01 K «*U. VKAH, NO »T KKKKI'OItT, TKXAH mil KttlDAV JuNK22, m» II PACES DAltY It CENTS WHAT to read tim tmwi* tMfe'i <**» t£»f « tfc <i e * a e tWv Mti tWSi fJ*Mai*. (fee SjacB lllte ta*ik< £* R/chwood council on spot over sewers, drainage fcfcj) WU -VI ftr«l <1!i!*«a» «M* s» Wit I^Wltlij-.! J'i« >^! felr * vtnv <'itj <•> tl »ujf([t:»(»-4 (fcit t-! us jt JiltV. o»firtt Uii »ilh Al tbe turttiet i"<me>c»)ns*» A> 4 ? Sky ond Seo >.:ii hi: 'Vf. > ',"• a .-,'. fc'Mf SV bl £.;^ r i*VV't Vii; S Mi i i?r : '. i|-li i . i ^ ,-s / 'ili: i! ;'!. SBtt t ». f i'ftr'-iMutit ff*|c«* >=»J * **i»'» »3Si'»i «v<«vif<:-j.j» /<*«{ 'i * f » 5 ) «C«pKi:*««{ f'V '.'.V I'irft,'. ftt.t'A *»tf t-tl'Tti't f Ito-*!** 1 -_> SEEN and HEARD I. \nr T K ss v i^ ** <* ^? 'tt &*& «', (."{stir ?;?<rr;r?c w? M V» WUtlUll *» i>^ ai* t Uifinj ir, A?»iU'»>n «i)lt ll>* flf» 1 1 O n»S JllSl:* Umtly *r*> •hen-, 40 a tt I' i-i»«)uir> ui KMJ I't.AVTKH id npten Tmn . vnsia-.g in m ih-f rKirne o( hrf Mr* It R, TtH- Ut IMrtnj hff n»»l the to «m« of the (M M l»r HOB HHIHl.KY firtlt tuf U, lo represoiU the tkty Aiva i ln>p*Fr o( the A;r*fK*n Heart Axortattori «» Uic AJIA Annual FF Council to meet MIEKHWT A »pect*l meeting «< the City C«uoc« will be held at 4 M p m today to t«wie» ptettt (or th* pru(K»«<) new goU MMTM AnbiUxt Jack MUkr o< o U expected to pre*e«l '-* tl! (K«} *. t' r 15 u? *s»^ !««?•! i. «: MjirfjciJ 3-tl'l ,'-JSilMf KittiK 1f*K> <•.•»»„ tirf tt UK '"««!%«« -.1! Wi j j:i!<- tt; UK tV>f,t5,i-.iT. 5S.HK". i! S-.< tKiasifK i* <4i».?'f.« ".J«t c-ii(» r )', fr sjnr -f V i ''s-icKir'Are.i.,', S H }S»-» ».•;•.; ^i'^ ; ts W-etlJ' «r. tv ijl,* 'Jir tf ^liintj ii lft.'It i,*K»^ ^K ! itftt l&Wt'l't t t,t nvi'. a. *• ' : ' v *• * '-' *S » *- H t M * ; Jo/nf agreement on nuclear research .<!•' »<WX*.J«»-17 iHlWSKtfV'l Si!) 1 . tvh« t«ct fca <i{.c; ,-!sr.";-5'i : !.< .wtJ if' tf.i-f«9fiti(p*«s. »t tir > »• ? H * c <f * t; fc ' **KJ ft»c di ^*« t'J<4-t 'irtjiSC **M &4i«fi:«*c^J ^.tift! -,' » wXKiSij tff i JfJtj AKW» *-S ( ti w>4-;":ii *•»•«.:*-.•!, «--cir'l. i,*^ ^?i? tf i<-i.irt *'. !•* t-^lii W:rit^!:*..M*^ rein f? *••:• ' si »/. •'•'' vVvficij ii,.i't. 4 *"i:Jvt*'f li U.**.?, 4f\g*$ 1st shift clocks out Skylab crew down V S V itir Wf Jtt tt »**»{«• OK. Aptiio tf*!l tet the *! * » » «•, a* School survey begins Monday )/.nr. livit no /r-jn'f »•:»".« cm tbr f7*(! tr, WBST (hr cl It Uv to e l.'fij»Trti{j( at Awuw will t« m tfe* Ten tfiinute* ialcr thr> l:tv.!xxi IhfTftsgh Out hatch Duirid ntujVj hand piayn} ' Arthc«ri A weigh" (or the all Na art »kv* and tr.kriiww arvunc) thr wttftd »ft»tn lud a rinfMdu- M«*»I to a US mitttn«pic< *» the Apoito rratl and Thrtc young men »n4 »t«twn will koork on (be A»» od a(3^jfo«jm*lri| rswy ifth Nc«a* Uwcujtstw! Uw duirxi lo utk *Hb r«tidrnU ta*ard a mtthtlf mrdical tho^inj >oror the (out (or Uw project at that time While the) arc impartial tftiUidm who do n& livr or tr^ch In the tctao) tl*i«nc(. lh«ir service* h*ve b**n *u$t>\ by thr Khaol Io «k) in obtaining dtrecily (nun tfbaol (wtuKM trJurmaUon about lb<> conrvrm o( U reeled lo the tehee) Tram memb«r» «i|l bt wearily identification badgot and carrying letter* of imnxlueilmi CoovcraUtn U citttciu in tn»wer)ng qu«ti«u will to of groat M*t*UuK« to the dMtrkt in planning lor children, a )(,»» *fi and Writ/ («rni tn the • eighth** i«ofkl «til pljy a major r«!e in <ktrrmir.tR| tJ man can fuorUon cfltcictilly in future l«ng duration lli<ht» The hrM o< the twu itUay SijUb mutton* U tchniuled (or Uuixh Jul> 7? Trte »»)ruiau!> almotl »rrr hrld trtt'i in wtul tocUy to try to repair a r,(ngfr»tion |iric4>k>n\ in their ipace tlatian Ikit Mimoo rwtrui decided Ihrrc »a» nothing the a»tr«uuU muld do and told them to cwne boinc Ten minute* behind schedule. Conrad, Kerwto and WnU undocktd their ApoUo terry tfeiu *»d ciecut*d a cioudte and thmr huge ututr (urachuiot "K\cryooe't tn i.ra(ir.' C'onj»d wtd a* the »pat<H-ra(t bobbed on the water a«a!Iinf pickup Krogmro imnvcidiatfly teaprd (nom hrJtfipplcn «o terure the tpacrcrad with dotation The Tk-««xier«(» reported the attrtjtvauU had landed 6h mik* from the »htp and that the thip was th mtlrt (rom (he target point tndtraliftg a prrfwt p«clk up the AjxJki \»tth the Aiironauu »ttll trujdc, m conlrui to mutt earlier U S flights \then the ipacemen w«r« lifted to the cariier by helicopter Medical requiremeuu dicUUxl the (Mick up method today . Medical eaperto ««re ixM t Conlinued un I'sgc I < > BRIEF: ABOARO t'«« TlfO.H'. W.HOttA Miri>*iM«u «j tmm nun"* jr-WTO*? to4»jr . tfctftt «wh j*«t«*fW prwtM t *«•>(«* c>.ji(»fi *&«*• 2% day* *nj 11 mitt**! tmtat town " i.i;?«! 1 t/ cm tfi Sit MM 8*7* - • fix ijH-gpl d*".r Jar ta Sittu'.iwg Jinr *»«vj — T>.e ttruicrcd "sUJrS Of,t !»«- V.-.»*rt U'sKrf-, TVuB-wSij ij Jtlf^tiriKutr.i th t«-jfjr ».n<J )«.i.isjWj rr> rfrfK 'kjf-tjfS i^ cUrir» otri'fcen 1^) !fic rr,<i t.f JVIU Til) HV.ll 7V lf,- MR. ANT) MR*. J. L. *>BOTtK mferri trlt»r *ad pfcalMUI el II ».**» ch*«i $J 0,000 plus winners in Digest sweepstakes J I. M*f», Oiilr alwi T>»f Mrt Mr* it •»« i "«-aG turo tiJt tarf, "I m; buituad *!•*•»)•!. Equipment ordered for U playground JACKSON *»{**!! wtoere Uw tearm*. /ax cra/fic u cipecMrf to ** w fee Uir *.rr»sU part use- <t( she <&K> to Us* Gko p»rk »l it Tttf « '.:!> t»:htr uwti (at fl a i : 1:. iw> lo t* A! JWTRWSii IhlMT cst> Rood bearing set -* her* «!'t-c( irorr. S! CithvliK l>Xw*X*i she !h<- !« V » rn tc U- or J! Tfcr t-c :n foe Gieo 14 the tarj tar !5C> to pi*ce in thi! budget cicf i- (or «mtl*r to tit- (levr toped JB ihrw otbir*- e.«atiOj§ jurts roe aborts w**tjng " She sjid lh»t i!sh«i|[h the i.ofeJ htm that she »A» cure Out wcr.wSay she »<x^ «in,. wit was wsrprfcued *ben sfae &d Scfcotik said, "We dwfs'l sp«xJ it all te or* piaor- ' lie abo «asd that they »xwJd laic to jt»* MVP «so* cf it far j-*tcW and tiut faeae •*txM fc* u*ed !or a itirage. ajaj ioojp for their ciaktres's cdoctuon The Sobot&s hat* four cteldren; cce in college HtAU tsaw ttw srsAaey is io the r»« ¥rt:.yaf. ytt&f-jd &*r& swiiimg UK tan* wtxa t&ey *i. f J Qixd ta i&nr on it for limr eluidrea't scftoofcsg. San Bernard going down The Sin RerrarxJ row. itejg »«h the Bfajat, ti rwrttitng alter beasg dear faowi iug* foe teveral d»>-s »nd c»t»tng nsuch cocsctrn 74. the fu.-c5> Coucty Clvtl Coordinator Pete Goodman laid The Facts tfesa rocrraR£ bit aiftcr had gotten a repor? Uui the Sin Bernard Hf V»K< i s or 5»5 < id.uoeiit to {'UnVatino Court Tbc*c iint lime iK»! at ot> (urxii »ili vert 1 * the bci*r«r(f Unflilh l A» in ar* lo us* Tbr {>l»}grwirs!l eipupmeol in Onlfilh Part *is donat«J tjj the U-ccst Oub ind MMH* in Part bj Jayc««3 »nd Socnc rrs;6ejili ilcng the nuer dsd rtpiart wove water di(njg« to iheir homes Ooe near Spcrtutuit's Span uid he lud ibojt nine tncfaes ef »aler tn his home ReiideaU reported that part ol the fVoodxeg was caused by boati that threv waXe* clos* to heroes Conflicting opinions in Alvin phone hassle the agc the B> tl \HH\H\ MAIN South »v*<nn Hrtl Trlc^ihane Cu h*» irJcrf - BiH McNeal that Al\w Ot> C«.it»:s! tVx-i r«< to n^uUj<f (he f a!cs oi thr ii! tciffirjtiiH' ui .\1\ in and the oittnrttn) dice* f*>5 |iian to r«* -md ><? nnccil) cf(etii>ie UKtfiiM* McNcal relayed thw c^ssmon in a IVIKMI tn Hw- cwnvii Thar i4a> nijtjtt lie wati tha'. he had tiwn in *\»urt with the Bell ( YimjMrjy '» arejii eprt'^rtiUi i\ e *r-d Atiixiiin dur »¥. the la*s t u o »eek.», ailing W> the rixptoM al !!,»• ir.avw .mil tiHtncd that he W(io*li> \*\teu trie r*!e An Al\tn rcMdcrttt »uh JHH»e^rnJ at the Uit cx*jiKil ineetinx u% 4»i !>H- v'iiy v*hy hi* Ifirphune tell had Uxii affcvted by the acik<«t •,»( the Ht«»iiw Oiy tvutHtl. which had m-eni!) AiMlv-iiu-ii j r jlc sikTi-Aw tor the l(i!cU!.U«i AM' a live S3! i-uhdft£r is an i^UKMul wr\ KV in Alv at whtvh *lki»^ l< If^tctK- » ;J IU K, {(.K^tuji | 4 , tw m«ie <.Ji irct- IT«- other Ahin f%ii»«t|£e. ite, ni^ittv» A loti to cdtl HU^MWI Alder McAral » o4H< wl u«j«»> «l».»uj t>»- le^jhi.v mt Ainu's r*ie wcrraie. Hie sum r»'pr»KrtVtaii\e tn Tn-v»» Oty u^orm-CTj luin thai it ««> the triffiiwttc wiiifmny "s utmium ttut Ml s* oui J MTVW« aty ibereifutv u txx wib^vt s u u,t of the Ahin Cit> Cwmal i titiai reminded Ox u«u|)an> Uiitt stil iJl tHuubcr* are ui Alvm, uui in HouMiMi, at*.! he asked ho* Uie HousivMi City lh- ] .i'» attorney continued that ill t. ctxiM<kr«M an "im U'ifjiixMic M'nice" and no cuy c»n r*ue those rates, so South- »ou-rn llrit iM it on it» v>\»n thcti -*rvise Bell'v attorney, itdtti^ the city » tutficiai piMJiiKi thai a dtw» trnkt-xliuvf jurudwrttuQ over rate changes vktihui the cdy ami askuijt tor the cuinpjjiy •» poailnja The at•.un.«> rvjiii«d that the Bell ownpiiay cucasiders the rate ui tTtux^ Segal ^nd prn<wr and t* not » Oling io rescind th«n \Vbc« asJuxi by the counal lor his ocpisuwn, MciNeaJ stated that his resicdrtJi had Uxl him to bei»eve that the Cuy at Alvin does l» ^ e Uie .juthont y to re^uUte the rate of Ihe 33l" Ui hi> wpnwn, McNeai wx<t« o«, if the lekptwo* cainpaii) s itf gummt w»» taken to its, k^ical extension, th«. the cuy npi wily be denied the right to regukte the rale uf ill - lain thai, m tool, l hod aulho* ut and Jtvum! the oty, but «»t tn Tw Ihiti «xmiacted M*:\«al and told »( taue Ut«r U\ rate IUi«*tau'» . whtt'h m- MvMeitl luld the wuiKii that tt has lhr«* tHHJuua tn tl* itutter The city can etna? the tswue and du noUimg nitrft, or U cau bww '.he rales and wait to *ee what the Udl Cwtipauy docs in nrturn U^ly. the city can go ta court and ask Iwr a dex-Jaratery jrxt^ir.CTil on the nutter, m acikni \*h»eh \*yut<J mvuiv* (tttug suit a^aawJ the cxmi JMIIJ and «»iung the court to rule au wheUwr.: Alvm lu> the )urisdicnoi» to r*gui*te it* tetephctw! rates. Me- Svvtl rvueratrti that it U km opuiwn that the cuurt wuuki ruk to tavvr of Alvm A) I hi- su^KMtMMt ul Cuuncitituu B J Siiiders. tlvt- uiayur j^iuiutai a cviiuuiHcv to jjudy the three U,-irt ul «ictiun a«J decide «hki> lo take TV ntatla %iU be itctvd ujwti a^iiiu at the ue&t regular u»«»rti»g w July 5.

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