Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois on May 20, 1897 · Page 8
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Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois · Page 8

Sterling, Illinois
Issue Date:
Thursday, May 20, 1897
Page 8
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, ri L, MAY ?•'. f 8 *??. f r tf f Ji# <r--r.lti nf y-'fr JV?T **-,T* »'* if W« rfrfc 1* j%o»* fhf, rntf <« j OF WBW8. N Weather Report. I.HIOASO, Iti,a., M*y 19, 1897. Forecasts for next 86 hours are for 111,, warmer, showers Thursday, —Abbott Williams is hauling lumber to his farm In Mohtmorency today for the purpose of building a large barn* • • — B. Frank jHobver has been engaged to teach the .Fairview school for the term of 1897-'S8. He ia a good teacher and the Board is to be congratulated. —The Sterling School Cadets will noon loom out in handsome new white ' duck uniforms. McCallister & Snart have taken the contract to do the cutting. —The work"" on" the "new" Catholic church has been resumed. The frame •work is being put up and the brick . work will be pushed to completion as rapidly as possible. —A, letter was recently received from Ashel Dillon, who has been Auditor for the town of Fairhaven, Wash. .."Zale" Bays^thRthe has gone Into the salmon ilbhing business and is making a "go" of it. —All the barbers of Polo took a day off and went fishing recently, They doubtless all used hair lines. The catch is not recorded, but they will tell their customers all about it for the next twelve months. ,-— --- • —John McNair has gone down to the County House to spend about two months in beautifying the place with • -new paper and, paint. .-^WhenJia^gets through Whiteside's home for the poor •will be a place Qt for a king. —Circuit Court reconvened Wednesday by Judge Shaw.; The case of Courtwrlght vs. Blchards has been on trial all day. It concerns a note of 8BCOagainBt Mrs! BicbardB and involves a real estate transaction. It is being tried before a jury. '—The Dixon Star dosn't seem to have a very sure opinion of the truth- fullness of the hunters of that city. 'See what It says: "If put upon the stand we could not testify, of our own knowledge, that a single duck or BBipe had been shot and killed by any of our hunters this blessed spring." '—The country editor is a reliable encyclopedia. A aubsrrlber sent him this query recently: "What ails my hens? Every morning I find one or iQore of them keeled over to rise no inore." The reply was: "The fowls are dead. It is an old complaint and nothing oau be done except to bury gratUnjirof HthlrhlghwBy- in Palmyra, northwest from tie church has been completed. It is a good piece of work. Mont Drynan and Mart Stevens, who have done so fine a job there, will soon commence on the stretch of the Dixon-Sterling road at that point and put that through. This will be welcome news to the local wheelmen. —According to.the following.the Mt. T)pmoErat has no confidence in the fishermen of that city: "We do not propose to publish any more fish stories us they come to us. We have purchased a pair of scales and a tape line and if you want the story of your catch published, bring the flab or snake to this office and have it measured and weighed. —A. A. Clarno was showing in Orangeville this week the head Qf a chick that had it lived would, have been a curiosity on the front seat of some big show. The chick had two mouths and three eyes. 3'here were two bills, two tongues and an eya on *8ph tide of the head and one in the Middle. It lived one day after being hatched out* ; •—The celebrated Hazelwood school district case baa come to an end. The attorneys closed their arguments Friday afternoon, and at 9 o'clock Saturday morning Justice Bobert H. Scott rendered bis decision and the accused were discharged, the court holding" in substance that the affray in which the election ended, was not a riot within ' «-A DItfia woman,whOB6 husband i» is too habit of coming home tipsy at Bight, decided to to frighten him as a cure. The other night ehe arrayed her- mlt in a frightful apparel and when the boozy busband entered the door, Eke ftatd in a dreadful and and sepulchral tone: "I am the devil!" "Zat so?" mid, the husband. "Shake I I'm yo« brother-in-law — married your P, #. Keltuer and wife, who have ettendanee at their District Conference, caws |home Friday evening. meetiog was held at Pearl City, asd wss wy tiarmQaioua, Two Wti'echoasa to represent the d&trfet at their An'oual Confereuet), will tw beld Juae|, stt Frederick ®Whi congregation io the *>»4iti*d to a delegate at tbs f* *f»J ! Sf T^^f^'J-f! f>nj>«.r£*i ,tf>7)Ki«'^-a j ;-f i««T ^,<».l fl fi -r« ?<• Frittoy f-*»r i^p^irs. took po*5P«3ion of h!a new offlee this morntog. E, G. MatbiB will be the Deputy Postmaster, —Ths annual reunion of the Thirteenth Illinois Infantry will be held in Dixon MsyiE5,fto celebrate the thirty- sixth anniversary of Its master into the service of the United States. —Among the recent donations at Moses Dillon's office for the famine sufferers In India are: Adam Lust, 155 pounds of Corn; M. J. Byerson, 6EO pounds of corn; Jonas Baer, 430 pounds of corn, —The case of Mercer vs. the C. & N. W. Bailroad, which has been before the Circuit Court, has been decided, the jury giving Mercer a judgment of 8400. The suit was for 80,000, damages for injuries alleged to have occured ten years ago. —The charter of the only toll road In the State of Illinois expires next July. The road leads into Galena and the charter is held by the Galena Turnpike Company, and the county board have decided to refuse to renew it at its expiration, Thus the last toll road in the State, which has become an impediment to Galena's business, will be abolished, —A story is told of a Kansas bloodhound who was given the following trial: He was given a smell of musk first and at the end of two hours returned to his master with -a muskrat, The second trial was by far more difficult. A man lost .a poodle dog; the blood-hound was engaged. He was given a sniff of poodle's collar. He started out and wound up at a meat market, Giving loud and prolonged howls he seized a bologna sausage and tore away to his master. This hap- PERSONAL JMENTION. Fred Manning, of Tampico, was in Sterling on business Saturday, William Wickens, of Tampico, was a visitor at the home of his son, Sam, Saturday, Mark Zigler and son, of North Jordan, were in town Saturday visiting and trading. • Misses Lizzie and Carrie Keebler spent Sunday at the home of their parents in Jordan. • . S. F..Gould and Glenn Cole, of Pro- phetatown, visited over Sunday with Sterling friends. M. C. Carr and John Sharpes, of Tampico, spent Sunday in Sterling, the guests of friends. , • Mr. and Mrs. W. D. Boehm went to Palmyra Sunday for a visit with Mrs. Boehm's parents. James Sweet and Henry Jenkins, of __ with A load of butter. . Dr. A. E. McBride and family, of Coleta, spent Sunday in Sterling, guests at the home of John Melster. John Behler, of Erie, spent Sunday in the city. He came to attend the meetings at the Mennonite church. James Pollock, of city Saturday,- a guest of his uncle | James Anderson, of the First ward. r John-Hacheiyof-.Mil- ledgeville, were visitors. iu Sterling Saturday, They came to visit and trade. Mrs. J. F. Benthel and two children, of Genesee, were in town Saturday vis- itiqg;Mrr. Bentbel's mother, Mrs. T, S. Marks. Mrs. R. Bird, of Burlington, Ia., is the guest of her daughter, Mrs. Me- Cosb, at her home on Welt Fourth street. ' , Dr. J. F. Keefer was called to Tampico Monday to consult with Dr, E. W.Wahl concerning an important case. Phillip Kane and Miss Sadie Fitzpatrick drove down from Dixon Sunday and spent the day with Miss Margaret Williams. ' William Stanley, of Coleta, was Ins e city Thursday for a visit at the bona« of ;bis brother, the Hev. T. B. Stanley. ' • John Maxwell, who has been teaching the Falrview school, will go to Chi* cago eoon, where he will enter a medical school, ' Misses Mary and Hannah Hackett* of Sanfordyille, were attending to business and visiting with friends in the city Saturday. Henry Scbryver, of Hazelburst, did some trading in Sterling Saturday. From here he went to Lyndon for a fishing excursion, Mrs. It, L. Wilson quietly celebrated her eigbty-fouxth birthday Thursday. &. number of friends called to offer eougratulatioite, ' Mr. and Mrs. Lewis Ward, of Stones, were In the city Saturday, guests at the "borne of Mre. Wafd'e elater, Mrs, Bhoda MeWhorter. Charles McPberran left Suaday, foje Milwaukee, where he will visit with hi» brother, lislpb. From there he will go to takeaposittoii with,the J. L Plow Rif harden, Editor Oifferd and Mr. Jsekeon, of Tampico, were !n the city today. George Wareheim, of North Jordan, came down Monday to purchate lumber for a fence. M*ri. William Davis and daughter, Laura, of Jordan, were rusticating and trading here Tuesday. ' Mrs. J. W. Cashner and daughter,Miss Myrtle, of Walnut, were in town Friday for the first time. , George Maxwell, of Jordan, a student of Hahnamann College, Chicago, is home for bis summer vacation. George Apple, the miller of Malvern, was in town Friday with a load of flour. His wife accompanied him. Frank Llewellyn and Henry Wahl rode their wheels to Morrison Tuesday afternoon. They returned in the evening. , John A. Jacob, of .Jordan says he will have to plant some. of his corn over on account of the ravages of the cut worms, Editor L, Oltmanns and daughter, Miss Marie, will depart this evening for Belnbeck, Ia., for a visit with Mrs, E. G. Meyers. Mr. 'and Mrs. Charles Gleason, of Coleta, were visitors In the city over night. Mr, Gleason came down to look at horse flesh. ~ James F. Miller, of south of Harmon, was in the city for a physician Thursday, His daughter is very ill of fever and rheumatism. F. H. Johns is driving one of the finest horses to be seen on the streets. The animal was recently purchased at the Borry sale in Chicago. „. Mrfl Jr M..J,.Chambers, mother of Mrs. SewardBaker,was stricken with paralysis Sunday and is very ill. She is under the care of Dr, Crandall. v . i Eighty-nine young ladles and gentleman will graduate from the Freepqrt High School this year, This is the largest class in the history of the school. Dr. and Mrs. M. J. Hill returned from Chicago Friday evening. The doctor has been attending a State meeting of the Homeopathic Association. Mr. and Mrs. Horace Brnbaker, of Northwest Jordan, broke their buggy while on their way to the city on .Tuesday, and had it repaired before returning home. "'-•' •..'..' TheBev. William Beers, who has been visiting at Van Orln, returned home Tuesday, While in that city, his former charge presented him with a purse of $40. - r, Mrs, J. M. Burr, formerly of Como, but who has been residing in Fayetteville, N. C., for two years past, arrived In Sterling Friday and Is the guest of relatives here ^_.^,_^_-__:... ^==^: Charles A. Noble, of Dixon, called on friends in Sterling Friday afternoon. Mr, Noble has but recently returned from An extended journey through Mexico and California. Mrs. George Leland returned Friday evening from Milledgeville, where she was called last Saturday to the bedside of her father, who was ill. The gentleman is greatly improved in health, . JatnpH T*. M11lar| of Wtnnebagc train fnr IMxon; Henry Softof, of Harmon, wiw bny- l&g hor?ea In town Wednesday. Mr. Newcomer, of Pr&lrievlHe, sold tea hog s to our buyers that averaged Swamps, is in the city today. . He reports that he has planted 200 acres of corn. He also says that his daughter, who has been ill of fever and rheumatism, is able to be around. . Mr, and Mrs. Henry Wolber, from near Milledgeville, have finished their seventy acres of corn,planting, and they took a day off to come to town. The man that works for Mr. Wolber, Mr, Unterzuber, and his family, lately from Germany, are also in town. Messrs. Bent and Ramsay, of Morrison; Burchell, of Erie; Moon and Haneon, of Fulton'. Greenlee, of Lyndon; Richardson, of Tampico; Mathis, of Prophetstown; Abbott, of Ustick; Brown, of Coleta, looked in on the STAKDABD a few minutes -while they were in the city attending the Repub- meeting The STANDARD ia ia receipt of an invitation to the graduation exercises pf the Harmon 0ch,ool8, which will take place May Bit It WA4 sent with the compliments of Carl L. MoWil* > One of the graduating class. The is composed of Samuel T. Zellar, Nellie Zeller, Lloyd B.Swab and Frank L. Smith, of the Harmon school; Carl McWillimas, of the Lake school, and Nellie Ferrla, of the Ring school, —Bicyclists must not think that because they have rights they are the whole thing. '. • There is a good deal of complaint regarding the careless manner in which they ride after dark. Several horses have been badly frightened and accidents narrowly avoided. —An interesting session of the Epworth League Beading Course was held Tuesday evening. The attendance was large and a general iatereat was taken In the leeeon. Rev. Grover C, Clark was the leader. The subject of the lea- eoa wae "The State," » chapter in toe "Soci&lLawof Service," Several animated diacuseioiis of tto* 'topic Andrew Laher, of Deer Grove, was up to town Wednesday for the first time since last spring, Mies Grace B. Sides has arrived honie from Chicago, after a winter's visit with Mrs. A. 8. Dexters and friends. Master Sidney Negley came with her to camp with her brother, Dick. —Mrs. Julia Delp has given 85 to the fund for starving India. Let the good work go on, By the end of the month our city and township should have a car load of corn for the famishing people. Letter List. Letters remaining in the Poet Office at Sterling, 111., for the week ending Friday, May 21, 1897: , LADIES. Byers, Mrs. Lucy, Fletoher.Mfs. Wm. Carlson, Miss Amanda; Hubbanl, Atlss Nellie Chamber, Hiss Eva, Mills, Mrs. W. L. GENTLEMEN. " • Batler.T. A. Hyde. Frank B. ARt. 0. K. I. & P. K. It. Merrliletti, Harry, Kverly, E. E. Mbnlielt. Prof. D. B. . QreenneW.Abel, J Smltb.Dr. J. H. Hughej H&rry, Sterling Hardware Co. When calling for above letters please say "Advertised." ' JOHN B. JOHNSON, P. M. Weekly "Weat&er Report, 0. E, BENSINQER. We«k endlng.- ^Ttfftyiu. Sunday Monday ------ Tuesday -—• Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday 7 s. m, CO 60' -tx- 50 D4 ' CO 44, 12 m. 70 74 ' -70- 50 05 03 58 10 pm. £4 CO :-:(J4~, 60 • E4 60 48 J3 72 70 ---u~ ' Cl GO .68 C3 Lowest B4 40 •52'"' 39 48 .40 42 BORN. EBERLE.— To Mr. and Mrs. Mooney Eberle. Sunday, May 10, 1897, a daugh- ter - ' ;— To Mr. and Mrs. Leander Capp, of 'Jordan, Sunday, May 16, 1897, a son. , Something to Eat. > Did you ever try the Merchants Cafe ? Everything first-class. Low prices, Good grub and courteous treatment. Try it.. C. S. VANDEMAKK, "IHOB KENT.—40 acres of pasture, north of JJ Bressler's mill, on Elkhorn creek, Joining wolferaperger'sfarm. Levl Bressler. S4Mw Strictly Pure Grape Wine For sale, One to 2,000 gallons. Age 1 to8 years old. Recommended for medical purposes. For particulars address L. HORNING, Malvern, III. Underwear 1 Hot weather undeiwear, Large stock to select from, at *__ ; •*our— WTC. EIBB & SON. • ':•• • . -0. Biaele,; '..-_ •_.;,-" —The-^Bakerj—ser-ves— the—-best—Ice Cream In the two cities, in all flavors and in any quantity. ' 8816 A Fine Line of Shoes. I wish to call attention to my One line of shoes." The very latest in style and color, of any shade. I fully guarantee my goods, and ask you to call and be convinced that I can save you money. J. F. STROOK, 06tf ' '116 East Third Street. Ladies' Walking Shoes. The finest line of ladies' Oxford shoes in the two cities, at 4H6 ' J. R. BELL & SON. . New Train to Kanuag City, The C. B. & Q. B. B. put into service last Sunday some splendid new equipment on the express train which leaves Chicago every day at 5:30*p, m- and. runs to Kansas City* St. Joseph, Leaven worth and Atchieon. The coaches, smoking car and all, are finished in mahogany and silk plush, with mo- quette carpete oa the door,, Lavator* lea ia every car are fornUhed all conveniences, end plenty of nice clean towels are always on hand. Tbe-Pull- man.Vleeping care are also of the finest and most modern pattern; indeed the whole train, which Ia brilliantly lighted with innumerable Fintsch lights, it) up to date in every respect, even to the platforms, which are incased with wide vestibules of the latest design. Ffy«time Will eoon ba here. We 'make all kinda of-Screens, plain or fancy, to order. Prlcte j'eaao'nablft, Will quote you low prices on .. • water tanks or anything in the mill-work line, J$hn Peck. JP, 8.—Old screens Do you .want Corsets? i-J We are showing the most complete in the city. : All the leadine styles, including celebrated u Majesty w -best corset in, the world. Also a full line of the Popular Corsets, the only corset made with th© Loop Laces. Every wearer of corsets has known the evil side of Brass Eyelets; corrod^ ing and soiling dainty and qostly undergarments, cutting laces in a few days witu their knife-like edges and making a thick ridge which shows plainly through the dress- All this can be avoided by using the Kabo Gor~ set,: They come in long waists, m6dium waists and short waists—high or low bust ' ; ".' - '•-'. ' • '-•"". ••'' '•:'••''"'.. '• < The Best Corset in America, > , . < p We also show the best Summer Corsets —colored or white. Regular weight or Summer weight Corset Waists of all kinds for • ladies or children. • ' ^ _ _ -' K. Ctiesterj Bargains in new Shirt Waists. EVERTTONETJOE^IT: . . do it. We do. When we enter a room we itnme- * diately glance at "the WALL PAP^R. We do~it instinct* ; ively, for while the.wall decoration is seemingly irtsignifi- cant and unobtrusive, it lays the foundation for the beauty ; of the room. With inartistic paper you may work for cver^ and there will be something wrong about the tooms- While the right; WALL PAPER~-well; it will almost fur*.' nish an empty room. No where else will you find so much' beauty for so little money. At B. HENPKICKS, OPPOSITE CALT HOUSED Qo where yoii please, you cannot find a finer assortment of choice dried'." xj fruit than we have in stock at the present tijne, * . '. J /< • '. ;- -"" " ; PEACHES. , , We #re offering Special Bargains in Peacijes.- Those we are selling: at Three Pounds for n. Quarter are a bright fruit, and have a delicious. flavor-TR Y -THEM. ' Take a peep at our display of Fresh Vegetables. We are „„_ -stantjy getting in new stock, so you can always, find aio0, crisp garden goodw at The Bee Hi?«». ^ NEW CABBAGE. A crate of choice California Cabbage-M-SDlid fe«adt* —just in. , THE HIVE \.^ , FIRST AVENUE. ^H

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