The Daily Milwaukee News from Milwaukee, Wisconsin on July 13, 1859 · Page 4
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The Daily Milwaukee News from Milwaukee, Wisconsin · Page 4

Milwaukee, Wisconsin
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Wednesday, July 13, 1859
Page 4
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BY MXEGEAFH BKPORTED FOB THE DAILY _ tutor from Enrope! , JS.B dates to the 2d insf. passed Cape Race at half past fire o'clock on Sunday afternoon, and «r- rived at Halifax to-day. The following Is a brief Bummary pf her news? * - » The B^amship (Sty of Washington; from •New York, arrived ont on the let instant. The intelligence from the eeat of war suites - that no fighting has ooctfrred dnoe the battle of Solferino. The allied troops c<mtinn*~to crass the river Mmcio without molestation from the enemy. The Emperor Napoleon had removed hla headquarter from Volte to TAlle, no. The Sardinians' under the command of Victor Enuumel, had invested Peaoheira. their lines-extending -from Lsgeiie <Jnnla-t<rthe iflnclo. -. _, The Emperor of Austria lias not taken his departure for Vienna, as he was said to have intended, hut he is now expected to remain in Italy. 4 ^ The new English "ministry has announced that It will be governed by a strict neutrality, Mr. Cctooen has declined the .proposed .seat in the new ministry.. ',, ' LIVERPOOL, JolyJ.—Breadsfrafls. bare a declining tendency, and all descriptions are lower. Provisions are dull, and quotations are barely maintained. »Ji°]fe 01! ' July ^—Consols are quoted at 93 1-8 for account. The Morrena, haa become quite threatening, regular troops are- gOintorartothSiInsnrflenW, and llbe defeajl'of aw^ammenl-iTooMidered oertain. -,, — — «-.- t .", Qnayguas was'atifl Wookaded by the Peruvian fleet. _.,- , The 0. B, Trtgates, Merrimao an r d Satanic were *t Callao. " " TLeanedlcal surrey ield in the case ofCom. ron, has raulted in his being oondemnedT Ha will retnrn home immediately.and trill probably be 4 passenger on the U.S. fris«te Saranac /The Panams Star-rtyi a Most borrid and eold blooded (Border was committed on board the,train ooming from Aspinwall to Panama on*hs 2l8|, - figures. No, IcsjB* down .about 4e jand'went of .at * moderate rate. A further .decUn'e ll lookedJor, as the —-—-^aexg^edjto^gof irtUf^tfffij and to , Oats tuamltied to a Blight declln* • to-day, whfle com ll pretty firm, wjth light receipU^aya mail sales. Potatoes are i&U sUJtin*.- : „ -" "' * ','>! J fj - „ Batter and Kggi»« quite plenty, anil dnU of sale'. The- Battle of SalTerino. - KSW,YOEK, July 12. '• _ The Time?'publishes a letter from the battle-field of Salferino, giving the first accurate details,. The battle commenced a little before five o'clock, not far from sunrise. Just back of Castiglione rises ahigh range of hills, which projects a mile or thereabouts into the plain and then breaks off towards the left in.toa wide expanse of smaller hills, and so into the rolling surface, which marks that portion of the plain. ..The:Aastrians had .taken their position upon these hills, planting cannon upon those nearest-to Castiglione, which they oonld approach, as the French army was in full force .around that little village, and had stationed their immense army all over the surrounding plain. As nearly as we can now learn, Uie Emperor Francis Joseph had collected here not less than 225,000 troops, and commanded them in person. His evident purpose, was to make a, stand here, and risk the fortunes of, war upon the hazards of theday:-;Kapoieon prompdy ac- oepted the challenge, end commenced the attack as soon as it wag light this morning by placing cannon upon the hills still nearer to Castiglione than those held by tbe ; Anstrians, ond opening a fire npoa them on the heights ,beyond. ».-* . ., St. "imams, *nd was~rather inebriated. When near Uatachin, Williams went out-on the platform and-fcick^d~oneTof the brakesmen, merelylor fun as he says. Another of tho the passengers, 'Cant. 'Junlns Otis attempted to reason with bim for; Bo doing, stating such conduct was likely to involve .the jpassengers, in difflonlty. A few words passed-between them, when Williams drew a knife and stabbed the unfortunate Otis 4a the right breast, from the effects of which he died in about 15 minutes. The passengers -Were disposed to lynch the murderer immediately but they were prevailed upon by the conductor, Mr. Lee, to deliver him up to the authorities on arrival at Panama, and he Is now in prison aWalting his trial . Williams says he was bom in Westmoreland county, Pennsylvanla,bnt has livedin Colwell, Texas. He has lived several years in California. He kept & gambling saloon at Chinese camp, and appears to be a professional gam- - .......... Capt. Otis is from Boston, but has also lived mCalifomia. - . . . ....... .,.., ...... • -....-- : He .took .his own stand upon the highest of these, * steep, sharp-backed ridge,which oom- . mands a inagnzficient view of the entire circuit of the plain, and'flrom,that.pointdiredted the entire movements of his army, during the early porConfof the;day.: ;: The French/very soon drove the enemy out of the point they hbld nearest to .the towu and followed them into the smali villages of the plain below. - The first of these was Salferiuo, wliere tfiey hada sharp protracted engagement. Immediately after.the arrival of the train the murderer was placed in charge of a-krone guard and conducted to the jail, where! he U now heavily Ironed. -.-'•; The trial of Wm. Williams at Panama, for the murder of, Capt. Junius Otis, of Boston, has resulted In a verdict of homicide in the first degree. ' ••••- ; The steamship Valparaiso reached Panama on the morning of the 21st, bringing 27passen- gers, $327,617 in treasure. Her dates arefrom ValparaiBa to tbe.lst, -and Callao to the 12th of June. Among..the passengers is Mr. Jamieson, snperintendent; of the Pacific Bteam' navigation company's works at Tobbga. i The revolution is entirely at an end. Copai- po is in'the Lands of the government." "' - Gen. Vjdanrri, .commander- of Ihe ment forces in U raiso on the 27th enthusiasm. The troops were 'also returning homej but tne war footing of the-armyhas not yet ibeen FAahnor? i : ' •'"•. --".'•. ".- •- . i • -.-- ' : • satiare" small and of .Inferior to-day was very Ught. _ , 4 - •. - t - , «• , miwankce tl holesale Market. * < .- , TCISIU.T ETKUtfl, July 16. FREIGHTS—qolet and unchanged.' Flour to Buffalo ICc, to Sty fork 50c; whtst to Buffalo; «c; lo fawego 6c; no new charters, r. • -. \* , FLOOR—market dnn »nd depressed. Recrip'j'UB bbls; shipments 845 bbls. Pales* 00 bbls Phoenix Mills (choice eprlng.brand) jd 6,75; BQ do. winter at.S,?S; CO do common spr.ttg eitra_aVS,00., — '• WHEAT a to 46-lower for SJo-3. 1 fcweipts 8,795 boa; ahlpment»'2DO*lins. l.ttlu! bus .extra mining at 148XJ l»«OOdodo*tlAOf^OO do double extra <I» at J>13; 125do No. 1 at 87f 2,000 d* JJo.l, all nert week, 1 atSSj 100 do rery ch6ice No, 1 at 1,00. Total Bales' 4,950 tons. _^ , ' ' " KVB—qoiet and nominally unchanged. - ' OATS—lower. EeceipW 800 bu. " Sties TOO laj at 34;'1,300 tus at ST. TotsJ ssles2,000 bus ' fcORN-rteady with. Jtoited tnauactlons. Becelpts 800. Bales 75 bus shelled at 75; SO do do at 14, 2S do ear at 70. POTATOES-onsteady and dull, no receipts, light sales at MigCO. jBOTTEB-market rtocked. Erato 9@10; -fresh roU 12@18. BOGS-p'«nty and selling at 9c by the b»j. SlGffWlNEa—better at 20jy. ' BIDES—«ea3y. Beoelpti 644, IDS, Green 6@7 • Qre«nSalted8@9; Dry 14@1G; Dry'.tilmmed 16@18.; 4iVf)f)T__tn*VVau1 . A**4nAltm,~. oJt__ /ion " i"t ' Sk Loafs Sug^r OarM ., Friday <TentoRiitfi ^car»> o| itate* token on at Hew - ' to - VtesiL&m.uJnwE, s. Marshal •° w ""J-scnooner <gnrley Hlbbara yesterday to John S.HarrUfor llqfls 1 nrC»M'iO IS. -• * 1 1 -^ ^ ! Cfft CdirfiOLLia'sOntcii, i -.'j-,,, OontraetDepartment, JulyT,185». f fTIHB Common Council* by .resolution pf inje 2o'ui, '^ oaTlng adopted the reoomniendatlonpf OIL Street *^^«K'«<A^« a ^-,.--. t ie . e Ctty,of Milwaukee be, and the «»me IB Hereby,declared publjcjinJjaBsej W>» jaineordered to be abated wlthl . the, north, returned to-Valpa- h, l: and was received with jgrea* ." A number of political prisoners have ibeen tried by court martials.and sentenced to^iath, Dutin all .oases the Governmunt has commn- _ . f f ".v».»v*uu. WM^ta^CUiCUli. i lie J\flfi* trians disputed every inch of the ground and fought here as they did throughout the day, . witn the utmost.desperation. They were 3 times driven out of the town before they would stay ont. The people of the village moreover took part against the French, apon whom they fired from their windows; and the French were compelled in self defence to burn the town When they found it-impossible to hold their ground any longer, they fell back slowly and steadily until they reached the village of Volta, direofly. sonthtrest from CastSglione, and it Is only about a mile from the rirsr kincio from which, however, it is separated .by a range of hills. Upon these hills in the rear of the town, and overlooking it completely on the south and "the'.southeast sides, the Aus- tnans Aad planted very formidable batteries; and when I arrived upon the field, and went at once to the height where the Emperor had stood at the. opening of the engagement, bnt which he had left an hour before to. follow his •notorious troops, these batteries" were blazine away upon the French who were stationed on the plains below. ; .:.-..•-..• • The generalresult was soon made evident by , and a oorrespondinij advMioe on the part of that which rose from the French artillery. The cannonading at that poSitf lasted for overan hour, bat in precisely TThut -—--—-—,v««s*3 »uv xjivkuA^uuiouft-uau cpuzmu- tedjthe'pnnishiaent lo ImpriBbnment.orbaiilsh- mant from the country.: This lenient-poliov on the- part,of the: GovBrnment, has -done mnoh to increase Its popBlaritv. •-••-•• i • There, is some prospect of the army htlne employed in reducing the Indians of the iAr- suoanan territory, and the ^ress generallr approve of the project; but as yet the government has not officially announced-ita projects In regard to the matter. Congress was to meet on the first of Jane,' and the message of Prcsl- dent Molt was looked forward to with great interest.''..-.' — .:-."'. -.; ••;..-. :•-.:/.,|..-. u Thestatf of seige in which the eiitire :Ke- public .was proclaimed ends on the same diy, but i be President :c.mtuius thi-'extraordinary jiuwcr ,-onferreiJ .on tiiia at the end of i the. year:' • ••..•• ••: , . . . -. • . .,.. : ' Riimtirs of certain changes in "the Cabinet are current, bat in best informed circles they meet with little credit. ' • ElTEK PtATTE PBOVESCB—The ing difficulties between General "Urgi President .of tte^ConfederaUon, and the uov. ernment of Bo'enos Ayres, seems likely to're- sult in war. -TJrguizarectonsonthesniniort of Brazil, Paraguay and Gnatemala, ani ; is deterininea to compel, Buenos Ayres to join the Confederation — «.^»«.Miiw*Ai, UUL iu precisely t direction the Anstrians retreated, it was impossible to see. t Part of the Austrian force probably crossed thellincio Hirer,which flows southward from the lower'end of Lake Qarda. At one pomt after another & sharp cannonading would anse,and continue for half or three quarters of an hour, and after each successive engagement of this kind, the result became ap. parenf in the retreat of the Anstrians, and the advance of the French forces. ' i Daring aU the early part of the/lay, the sky had been clear.and the weather 'hotbat clouds began to gather aboat noon,and at five o'clock • While the cannonade was at its height a tre^ mendous thunder, storm rolled np from the northwest. The storm lasted for about an hour, ani the cannonading, so -far as we could distinguish, was suspended ; then the rain ceased; the clouds blewaway- the sua shone ont again, and the.air was iooler-^per- ifeotly delightful. .[ . *^ ~ Though the-cannon" may have ceased for" a •fame to. take part in it, the fight had meantime gone on, and when I again resumed my post of observation, from-which the storm TiacTexi pelled me, the cannonade commenced quite pn the extreme left un the entire field, on the very borders of the lake, north east from Castieh- one, and west of Peschera. *>«g« Commercial InleUigencc by the Canada.. .-. • -,-- LlVKBpobL, Jnly 1; _ All descriptions of breadstnfls have a declining tendency ,:knd quotations are lower is dull, and'prices are barely maintained. LOKDOK, July 1.—Consols are quoted at 93 1-8 for account dividend. .The ioney market is slightly more stringent. ' - - • i. The bullion in the Bank of England has increased £211,000. '" ' • ' ; W00trm»rked .dwlndilng. Sales 200 Ibs coarse »t 84>f; « 4o H do «t82.--Be.-WpU 8A1C Ibs. : i i •-'•'':•:• - RaUrioad matter*. ... • Rsotirrs BT Li Caosst t Urtwiirrtra KiiuioiD.— 1,009 bus wheat; 46 sacks; wool; 8 casks pearl; 13 cords wood;l honefSl^OO ft lumber; 6« Ibs hides; 17,004 do •uibdrles.- -' . •••'•' "-'•''•' -•'•: •.'--- ---' :. .." •;. ..BlCBPtS BT1. KlILWADicfta Jk UuglBSITri RiltftOiP.^ ' 118 bbli floor; 1,786 bni wheat; 800 do corn; 800 do joals] 8,310 Ibs Bcndrle^ 8,116 do irooii 20 tons itonei, i : Etczira BT MiLwjinixi 4 CBIOIOO RAiLaoio.— SS ibis flonr; 124 bn» wheat.!' ' ' ' OAKS ro« TDK laOiosst HirutoAu.—Five new pas-' .-.^f*. 1 '.. e .»«i .from the car Bhop'of.MpiTell t Bowers, fflewand, hare recently, been pat on the. Ladrosse Boad. The last one was taken up.'.West Water street and placed on^he track this fo'rvnqpp. • -- • ... 7 - HIITT J>AKAffiC3.-In. the 8upreme.JndIclal;Coart Boston, on Saturday,- In the case of Ssraji £. Shaw ys. the Boston andt Worce«ter-,Ball.oad,.Oorl>oration, the motion for a new trial was .OYerruleVlj'and^judgmen' for I22.S40 ordered to be entered for Mrs, Bhaw. .Mrs. Shaw's husband n-aa' |clllcd;«n the road belongingJ to thhr'corapany. . ^.- . .- '. ' • \ ,•,--' t- . ----- ""'.—Ihe bridge oh'theitooof the Vermont Central Railroad, over WMU "Elver, near Woodstock, was destroyed ,b> .fire, |i'n the nightof the1st nst: It «ras 600 or COO feeHn length, and the lots Is at east (15,000. There.,was an insarance of »1(>,UOO upon the-'rtrnctnre'. ;"''•' ' : . ' ; - ' •"•'•" f- ' > : -:' ISOEIASED Ricsina.—Tlie Tecelpta of ihe Hudson Klrer Kailroad for -Jane, 1659, were *I13,444—an increase oVer the same month of isSS'pf t20^2t. '"TEBM Hums 'ASK Scndotcwra BAIUOAD.— The Hlllsdale^(Mlch.) Democrat says that the rattfor'the above ro^dhis been |.urchasi:<i; aod^wlll be laid as soon M possible, probalily ta time for the fall tndei Trn-dcTana tgrleultnrnl, &c. ' Tai Ctori.—Thai f-r/. the prospect continues good for a fine crop «f whe> t.ihThecotn 1» rapidly recovering from the effecti oi the frost. Hay will be rather a light crop. Theweail.CT has been quite favorable'for oata and potaloei^-B< Hand Btgisltr, July Sth. HAETIST n itiOBibAK —HarVatlng wheat his commenced In this TieSIt.\;-and, should nothing occario IAJOJB the berry, It Is o .<« asserted by our farmers we shall lave the finest crop harTestedfor many years, u faruslieofkernelabajrelgTit per bushel Is concerned.— MbioniKrrar, July TO. '. . ,-; We learn from Hosts Bartow, Esq., of Westphalia! that In Ihe soathem part of the State, from which he returned a day or two i-Ioce, the wheat harrest Is toto forward rapidly and lh»t the prospect for » hetvr yield In ihatsectlon Ij rery flattering.— St. Johns Democrat, July $th. . ... , ... . Our farmers are /now in the midst of their harrest' and, if tho weather contlnaes favorable, ihe largest r,-".-•-"•*""'"' wiuutfuuer, yjr . ix)u u, %, o iana -, block 118, lots landjS, block-HO.KneeUnd'j Addltlonr l°f "• I3 «odl4, block 13; lot 4, block 4, lot 4. btock |, ta THet'i Addition; fotT,'block(9; lot I, block'l; lots 8» 8,4,6 ami 0, block 97; totl, block 81, In I'lanklntoti's Addlt)on;1ol41,8,4, % 6, T, 0, JO, U add Itf. •" Ownerstoa agepttiof {he afore de*ctlb«4 property are hereby notlfled to -abate said nuisances wllbln twenty dajs from tnis dateor Ihe Street CommlsslQn- era of the 9th Ward will cause- the «ame to be done and- chargedtothere«pectlT«lots or part of Mafe, accord Ing to law. _ ^ E. L'H. GARDINER, Comptroller.! ; PATENT MEDICINES. 4 T-,~«* -«v«»•—B « flufiui r of tbeite ir.iT.7<7TI hebestto tte^nltedStates. Those »ho e»nCln?ho g cV nm ' " M ">**• lW« %>™ JOHN W. LEDTAHD, Grocer and Wine Dealer, ' J , 161:Eaa; Water street. ; I S DEBEBT glTen th»t a meeiiuj O f the gtwkhblder.. In th» Swedes Jron Company, will be he d »t ii« nr flee in the City of HHwan^e^n'-jK&L? *uft eond day of Angost neit, tt ao'clock r: «.,- tor the purpose of electing Directors for the ensnin*rtar,in pursuance of a Stockholder'* call, aad.of a resolution ot the Board of Directors of said Company. -i . H. COWLE3,S4er<t»ry. Milwaukee, June i3,1S59, .. Je29-do»w4w fi . .„ CITT OoHrtBOLLxa'* Ornos,) Contract Department, July 10,1850. f ' t KALED proposals wilt be received at this offlc- nn'tll r Friday, Jaly 15th, at 10^ A. M, forgradlng Wallrer street and sidewalks to the established grade, north sldewalfc between 1st and Cih avenue repalnd, and also for plankluginorth sidewalk fromlstarenne to the west line of Walkers Point Addition, to the Sth Ward, of the City of . Jyli-dtt j. t'H. GAUDINEB, Ccpfptro<lerl NOTIOJB. ".'-•' Cirr COJIPIEOU.»R'S Orric'i, I : :. Contract ijepartment, July 11,1559. fi T HE Common Counill by resolution of July 741853, having adopted the recommendation of the SUe*i Commissioners of the 7th Ward, ills ordered: -• •That lots, block78, In the 7th Ward of-the Cit» of Milwaukee be, and li hereby declared a public nulsince and the same ordered to be abated wllhln ten diys from we publication of this, notice 1 accordance with Uie estimate of the Engineer, on file in the office of th« City Oomplroller. Owners or agenti of the «bove described lot 2, block 73, are hereby notified to abate the nuisance thuruon, with n ten-days from date, or the fiteeet Commiisioh- en of theBerenlh: Ward will cause the same to be done and charged to said lot, according to law. - i *•*"' '" E. 1,'IL.aAKPINEH, Comptroller^ I WOCLD call the altectlon of-f affiilles to myselec tlons o' : CH'OttJJE BUM'TBK. t^iinJ daily r^cnving by Express, choice \nlt of Butter from the best Dairies In tire State, which for quality' and flavor is unsnrpissedr Prices always to'Carres-' pond with the 'Mnarket rates." and quality'warranted. Orders solicited anil sent to all p-rts of the city tree. •JOHNW. U.DV4KD, , - Grocer ai'd Wine Dealer, "ay" *" 161 E»it Water street. BE; HOOFLAND'S GER3MN BITTERS NOTICED -"-.-. . ' Crrr CojfpTnoiiKa'a 6mc«, I Contract Department, July 7,1859. f T HE following Is a scheunle of lots fronting on Marshall street, from Diddle to Division streets, In the Ttb-.Ward. of the City o f Milwaukee, and showing the amount which each lot will be beneatted by graveling 1 iald->treet,-accotdtnB to the plan and-estimate of the CityJtoginwr, assessment asWiows: . ! i ; '.'•--•-'-. - ., VICTOR 8CHDLTE, 1 ! -. Street Commlsslocers.! '• Block. Lot. Eemrau; ! Block. • 9* - • :; jo : - (Jo'-. " •do "V.S do do , .do . do . do ':'•. 93 • do do. do Lot. 1 a - C I- 11 10 • 9 Benefits. 81,65 do •' • do : i' do ; • r do ; -i do do do : do ' '. 'do da ' 41,110 81.C5 do 93 - do do do do Ift4 do do do do do do do B O 8 U 10 14 18 12 . 11" 10 9 . • S1105' do ' - do •..! do- ; do i 73,00 i •S1.C3 do do do do.' ., -. CITT Ccm-roou.iia'1) Qrtic*. I Contract Depirtuicnt, July T, 18S9. f TO H& Common'Council by. resbluUon ot June 20,1S59, X. having adopted the recommtndatlon of the Strett Commu.sloners of the 6I1TWard, It Is ordered : That Harmanoi street froih,2J street east to llubbard strett, in the Cthi WariT, be graded to the established grade In accordance with the estimate of the City Engineer, on Hie In the office of the City Owners or agents of prjpeity sitoafed on the above named street, are hereby ho'tlned lo mnie the said im- nrovemtnts within tweniy-two days from date or the Jtreet Commissioners of the'61h Ward will -cnuse the- sam» to be done and charged to the respective lots, ac cording to Inw. J>S-dge ' E.r.'H. GAttDIiSER, Comptroller. .NOT1CJE. T UB Board of Bevlew of lie City of Milwaukee, will raiet at Commoii Council Room, at'J o'clock A. M., un the 16th day of July in6t./or tin- purpose of hearing objections of parties or iJeemiDg'tlictiiselves aggrieved t>y the Assessment of tf.e tuable property In said city for thcyear, lSM,'ar.d :ifl c r the hearing the parties; will mike Mich alteration 113 juiuce and eijuity require; and-*; oajMsioos an il equalize ll.e Asie»»- meut l,i>ta aj lathe M-ver.ll Wards or »oy psrt or portion thereof, and will continue frsm day to day until their duties shall bit eomp!e!eil. Jei-Jlt ,' - -V | II EttMA.N L.PAQE, Mayor. MAP <>!•'Ti |T-: Si-. \'f OK WAK TyjEW Map of Jforlh.ira and Central Italy, showing- I.™ the i^rat ef the War, Position Of Ihe Armies etc. to which ]i attached .-» s:nall Mau of Europe—ill /or i cenu. ,.,.......'.. ......!.... Aim, A Cue Map of the Theatre of the European War,with Portr.iln of the Kill :rt in Europe, etc ,—price :>J1 cents, at ': l\ bTiilCKLiANl^ & Ci)£'$ 4 Hist Water Stleet. Great Wood &. Hay Kmporium ! THE BKitsr MAKKRT IN \VI;CCN^IN. '5OO «? N 1 I""? Bal '" 1 ' £ly - 5 ' 000 Cnri " ?«soned VV/V »"*J, each 0,-Ilvere.J to Order In quantities cheap, at arner West Water and CIJ-iH.ura Oftce Jl-ibbelt A Urced. 0 H. L4MBERTON. to suit JtreeU. E. L'.I.OAEDIN'EK, , ae, e argest crop of-wheat ever raise<l in this valley will soon be recovered.— JfOet EepulHcan, July 0!A. ttloma Oatnt.—The Chicago Board of Trade have resolved that the practice of Stolers- In leading grain to ea^h other for' speculating purposo is bad, and ought, to be diScoontocan-cd. • Mixiito WBEiT.-Ttie Chicago Board of Trade hare t-«olvrd not "-. m A i lit-uw crop of wheat with the old, n. may re am on hanii. ![JTl2-d3'.i . Comptroller. Cm CoiiPTsotiia'sOfrict,» Contract Department, July 10,1SS9. f £ BALED proposals will he received at this oiEce until K3 Friday, July 1C, stlo A. M., for grading W.shlDg- ton (trett and sidewaltj, i and plinViugthe sidewallcs from 4th avenue io the wtstllne of Walkers Point Addition, Sih Ward. Iyl2-d4t E. L'H|GABDISER, Comptroller. •--•.' CITT COXPTBOU ES'S Orncs, I ; Contract Depirtmett, July 10,15S9.- f t) EALED proposals Ml he received at this office nn- C5 tU Friday July 18Ui, 13J», at 11 i. w , for grading 6th avenue and,sidewalks' and planking the sidewalks from 4th avcnne to the west line of Walkers Point A.1- dition, in the Sth •• ard. City of Milwaukee. • Jyl2-d4L ,E:t'H.(taRDIXER, ConiptroUer. EAGLE STEAM FOUNDRY, W O K K W.B. anow«. Auction and Commission Merchants, LAND AQKJiTS AN1) MONKV 1*0. 10 UlSCOVSl.N -STISJ.-ET, give particular attention to the sale of Pnrnl- lure, Dry Unods anil every description of Merchandize, at their fale room or in any part of the Citv or County. • J ' t3ff~ Liberal a.-yaooes on cocslgancnt-, and prompt returns made. .t . . »uj t .i ! "" JJl Nctel . !l . nJ JIorl tra>T!!S negotiated. COKDtil,, • Tin great standard -n, t dicinc,i of Ihf '• prn-M aye, have acquired their yrtat popularity only • through years of triad l r nf,ouii,lal siilijf,K- lionis renJeretl by them m all casf.i; and t!i,- people hare pronounced lh«m worth*/.' tirer Complaint, Dyspepsia, Jaundice, . Debility of the Nervous System, Diseases of the Kidneys, and all diseases arising- /com << diiorJfrcd licer or wealaiess of tfie ttbniiie/i anil il/y^ii:-^ orrjsni, are .ipci'lil;/ andprrmapfntly i-.-iri-it fjtj the GERMAN' B1TTETKS. Thf 'Balsamic Cordial Inn acjuirtil it reputation sitrpasaimj Hull nf mut >-;/.i.-/...r //,-,- paration extant, ft irill cure, winim-r CAH., . the most severe and lQinj-stii:idui<_i Congh, Cold, or Hoarsonesa, Bronchitis. In- fiuenza, Croup, Pneumonia. IncL^u.-ut Consumption, ant!has performed the nw.rl irlnniihinj <••;/••' rvrr known of Confirmed Consumption. A fem dotts u-ill U!M ./; <...(•..• .'.-.. .,•-;./ care the most severe Dlarrhcea pn,,-,•:•-.',,,,, from COLD is THE EOWI.LS. These '.neiiicine.t urc prnnrrd fni !>* i' M ' JACKSOS & Co.f-Vb. 41H MrWi >•/)-,..• /• ,-,,. dxlphiti, Pa., end are 3of>i /.?/ ./;•/,,, - - , dealers in jnfdicines ecer-jii-h.-r". a' 7'i .-, per bolllf. The niymiliir- •.' I'M i.,. :1 .., . trill tit on the uut.lide irr,ipprr nf ,..•,-, ',.,,fn the Almanac ;>«',/.../,,-./ , n iiu .-,'/., /,,-/ ;/„ proprietor^ called EVEBVBOOV'S AI.>HV\... you Kill-find testimony and ,-..,,• «..'.. notices from all part.* nf ih? ,-ti"*">/ Almanacs are yii'rn ttn:<jtt b't ./.',' .^.j ,/./ . c. UABRINGTON, m.i H, BOSWOKTU *SD\'S Agenlt for Hooffand's German Bitter." lliinauk ••• I> lij. J O H N T-MI (.> M S i'- ./' . •" • fHOM ttK'KiJK-Vi- ipenivi ,„ -•;- -•. • •' iicti-it . : 'S M. r tr!;i-t >iji::irL', in. i*.'-.'..•• ": ' near Oudil > :it.. Mil ".-i< k-... t.^'Ci..' ;' ., '•;„;.•:.1 i.L'r'rV'/l!..- Vl' '. ,'.. ,' ^' r VrV.- -:; < •; • forfiin.itf ^hoiil.l h.. fnir'ii,-:-^^ '* *~v<^~\'<',, . • ' .-i.eIr.Mln; i.r.-j it -r **°?<^ '^.,;'/.. ^ : ; I.ilii'.ntrUil.;, ycf iii.:r.nfr'iv..i ' ^\^"V".*'.". : .'".-' ^ •'. t J .f rtl ''< tli.iL in 1 iny .vpl-il.ri.- [.HI.. constif-utiouH by;it!n..nt from i.|.--;i..-r'..'. physicians ):i (fiwrat. jiftti-ti,-^' it j.; i •,< iv'iMH'r.iily cnni:t:ilf.'.| i>y tin; lr.-;t. ^ .Ml...;r-i-.i ,-r t tile Hllily :ind maon^fn^tlt i.l th.-^i- .-.-,r:nil.iinr , 'I.H entrr-i.^j thtf r;iH)l.'cinif of til...-'- -.vho -v/.u'],! rj.- -n.i: tent anil Hi:rc.L'.ssriil in tliinr ti-..';uni.-ut u.d .MI--. i(u-sper*eOL'0*!'^..-nKnl pr,'u;titif.n..r irt-, iii' ...-.!i,,.r piirluriity nor tinn? to rn.ilto liiDi.ii.-lf .suili'-i-Mit i v n-'pi i of tr.i-it*;it;nt, in innut 03.-'.- : i n\:ikiii ; ,' -ui'.Tinji.-i iiae of the antiquat.'.l an.I sian^.rr-n i iv.--ii>.,rj, '.l.-r-u l[.lrit caution, .h.iw.'vur, a! lie -i:i,-.l hy -.'.-• iv;.i tit: patient in filndiiltin-,' n:.i-..iii:i! jr, 1 -.-,-^!,-]^!!; .1' :i,.. verti^inij cliiss, as niri.'-t.-nlii* or Ui.-in u-.. ,in[.- v wtio.iujume Krenth :in.l othi'r nanM ,m.l .ir- vr. cahi infost ainiir:;...('ltii'3, .u.'ii liv iti-.-nii..! n-n .• to enter thflr Peter ifunic ali.-.i.-i, vul m.rn.-r.-.f.iilv I-. Hn.l poison Mi.,-m !villi m.:r...u.-y. pi-r.^on-j iivint;-i* A tliHl-»ni-.: in th-- .-.^ini i-v tr- \\ apt In li« dtl)i>-'l hy t!i- iyirr; ,.f ,,,,,•>,., -| hia father. Dr. Win., ..f i hi,•-!.•,.. ii'i.,,„,', , has.prr*.:ticeil over '.'\1 /vnr-!, :-.n'l .ria-} • .• n-•-; uf.- failures of tin; li.c^t Phy^i.:ririn .ii /:ii-.-..;.,. .1. r s n.-rrncetfuHy :*tlvi.^.r t..'r.? {.ul'li.- :,..• I-. h.- I,,;,,, i -,.. "I'.Tio.lioal Pill" InimbllsV i.tliii.lytr .-,,-..-,, , ... cian ^vho can trent i'u-ii .-a-..•-,-:.-i.'!i n :i.-ill-. .1,1 .., Iliinui i, I;ox 73, \-.i.v -t--!,- '.-,,, . t . : .._ : . $ THE SRSATHSr -*-£*C^ t-,'.' !•.) : i K I N L> t > !-• i : i ' '• ... TCRTON A SE:KCOmit, Proprielnra. - IN08. SyB,^OS,3OO, 3O'J arid 3O.1 i; WEST WAa'isiR BTKKKT , Two blocks hclow the Ls Crosse B. B. BTKaM KNOINCS, GfilHT* SAW MILLS, 1 New Vork Matter*. . . . , NEW YOKE, July 12, The agents here of the steamer Weser received information by the Arago that she would not leave Southampton till the 3d inst. She will, consequently, bring'advices from London one day Jatcr thaa those brought by -the Canada at Halifar. MARINE, RECORD. Pot-t of Dlilwaulicc... ..JTaly 12. The Piedmontes6 troops, under the Eiae who commanded them in per s on, had beS posted there, and reoeired the Anstriansaa tftey o&nie aroand. Prom about 7 o'clock till Sifter nightfall, an inceasant and most terrible fire was .kept up. The batteries-of the two armies were apparently about half a mile apart, and at the outset they were both seized with' nearly equal and effective vigor; but the Austrians gradually slackened their fire, andser- times took up new positions, while the Sardinians poured a rapid and uninterruptet shower of.balls.! upon them, suspending only fora few minutes at a tinje, and.then renewing it again with redoubled fury. The wind had now gone down 1 ) the air was still, and the found of .fhe musketry, as-wel as of cannon,, was distinctly heard •; sometimes only a single flash would be seen, then two or three at once, and* sometimes half a dozen would break forth in Instant, succession^ It was beginning to be dark when I turned to de Boend the hill, and all; the way down I still heard the roar of the cannon and'the clattering of the guns of the infantry. - : The Austrians have sustained an overwhelming" defeat, and it seems tome not unlikely that the Emperor may now be induced, by the representations of the aentral powers, to accept the peace which Napoleon will be very likelr to tender him. Matter*. " " ' ']' -•„'•- WASHIKOTOS, July 12. The Mayor of this city having received a dispatch from the Mayor of Richmond that O. Jennings TVise and O. H. Axtell had left lo fight,a dnd, and would probably proceed to the n-iighborhood of Washington, caused warrants to be issued-for their .arrest in case they should come this way.. The officers are on the look ont for them. , •< The ^late Congress)appropriated only fifteen thousand dollars as a .preliminary to the taking of the next census, for the preparations of blank forms, instructions-to Marshals etc— Arnple time will be allowed for the selection of reliable, deputies, and such arrangements ite made by the .Secretary of the Interior as will secure the prosecution of Ihe^wdrfc with more ARRIVED. Prop Free State, Bounds, Chicago. Stmx Cleveland, Dongal, Grand Haven, 1 DDT. Stmr Gazelle, Bntlln, Two Elvers, 92 hf this £«h, 44 or ;bb:« be«r. gchr Uonraj, Johnson, Uenomonee, ISO n lumber, 2o • . I am afraid to venture upon any conjecture as_to the number of ; killed and woundediri this battle, but from the .nature of the case it must be enormous. I am confident that not jeas than ten thousand wounded have been brought into this village alone daring the day MI say nothing of those that were left on the field, or taken to other places. Daniel E. Sickle* Again. ' _ ,, NEW YORK, July 12." * The Tribune says : We are credibly In- wrmed, from various sources, that the Hon. Daniel E. Sickles has bsoome entirely reconciled with his wife, and is now living with her in marital relations, as before the death of the *te P. B. Key. We are assured that in taking this remarkable step, Mr. Sickles had alienated himself from most if Bot-all, of those personal und political Wends who devotedly adhered to him during his recent imprisonment and trial. perfectness than heretofore. ' Many appilci- tions have been made for .employment as clerks,-but the census bureau will not be organized nntfl nest year, when the returns shall be received. ' . , • • ' There is authority for the assertion that however desirable the 'acquisition of Lower California may be to the Administration, nO such proposition is now pending between the governments of the United States and Mexico as has been stated. • Secretary Floyd's health is slightly iml proved. He will return to Washington to ac* company, the President to .Bedford Springs on ^The President has recognized Friedcrfch" Kuhneas consul of the Grand Duchvof Hessa Cassel, at NewTork.— •'• \ • . The Mextcan minister is ill. \" . Schr Experiment, Aiaes, St. Joseph, 25 n lumber, 8 bishoney. Star City of Cleveland, Bquler, Grand Haven, 9 tons mfli, 20 bxs wine. Prop Oatodagen, Wllktns', Colllngwood, 41 chests tea, 2 kegs tobacco, S kegs mils, 2 wagons, 16 pgks furnitnre. Schr James Christie, • Jovs,- Keraper'i Pier, 100 eords wood.' • • ^ Stmr trareler.Bweeney^ Chicago. DEPAUTl/KES. JCLTllTE. • • ' Btmr Iraveleri Sweeney, Chicago, 2 tons mdz. 10 bales wool, £8 hf bbls beer, CS qr beer. Htmr City of Cleveland, Sqaler, Grand Haven. Stmr Cleveland, Douhal, Grand Baren. Schr Norway, Johnson, ftlenooumee. Prop Free Bute, Bounds, Buffalo, 6p5 bbls fl-nr, -00 bas wheat, 46 hfbbls fish, 1 firkin batter. Bchr Josehlne, Lawrence, Olson,Uuskegon. Stmr Gazelle, Butlln, Two Elvers,. 3 tons mdz, S3 baiss •".; «hot, IS do meal, 10 bbls whiskey, 101 sundries. • ~.£r Cleveland, Dougal, Grand Haven. Sthr Experiment, Ames,St Joseph, 10 bbiasalt.Iot of n h Coods, sash and doors. Prop Ontonagon, Wllklei, Chlcaco. Stmr City of Cleveland, Equier, Grand Haven. Stmr Traveltr, Sweeney, Chicago. . COMMERCIAL. OODFEET, SDITOB. LAST -KEPQRT. I of the Star oftbe West. NEW Xoas, July 12. The steamship Star of the West has arrived with California mails of the 20th ult. She brings nearly, a million and three quarters In gold. Among the principal consignees are the following: , American Exchange Bank, $166,000; Wells, Fargo & Co., §2*4,000- Freeman & Co., f72.- 000. The Star of the West left Aspinwall on the third. ! She passed on the Sth ingt., the U. S. frigate Boanoke. All was wellat Aspinwall. \ fhe steamer North Star waa^*lso in port, awaiting the arrival of the steamer Orezaba. The California sdrloes have Veen anticipated by the trriv&l of the Tehauntepeo steamer at Kew Orleans. Adrioes from Pern mention another rerolu- bott, under the ie&d of Zeballon Castello, Boh- •regueeod others. "" - - -- Ecuador, under General i,-.....-. OtTICE: OF THE DAILY SEWB.1 j ; ' - / ' - UllwauJcee.'JuIv 12,1868. f' i ifoKBriBT.-Onr local money matters are quiet,—; Banks'disconntlngfat the tonal rates.;. .Exchange 1 »te»dyj at 1% per;cent. Gold -the samej'.- The demand 1sj rather light for currency and ejcchange, and-cbnie-H quenllyiheiiarket is easier. ->-.-.-,.. j Erchange In Chicago went down yesterday to 2 per cent, with a prospect'of ft-etffl further redaction ere' long. The New Tort Staling Poet of the 9Uj ears the money market was quite easy, with an abatement In the exports of gold, which has contributed to Ihe freer rapplr, SX per cent, had been accepted for short loans on good «ecnritj, bat the rullngflguna were e per cent, with plenty of lenders; - ; "• — The market waiweat for Western Railroad stocks, which -were pressing for sale for future delivery. The specie shipments hare been moderate, yet the Jn.. sluess of the Sub-Treajory In theshEpe of cnitonu and depoBlttes for Treasury notes, has been large. The balance, however, has not Increased materUlly, the diBbonamenls on account or the pabuo debl snd other obligaUonnhaving been unturaaliy active ilnce the 1st '"' ^^?<™ etn ™>'™ '"«,bawmx BY TELEGRAPH. .--. .v Vork Market. Nnr TOBK, July 12. F I ^^?r: Ul , e nut J ct h «*Ty and KigSOc lower: «»1«4,900 bbls at fi,5oa5,75 for Boperfiqe state- 5,*5a H 0 ^??^™ rtate: 6 ^>a5.W for supcrfin, western^ 5,7o®6,80for common to goodcxtr* western: 6,80(a5,«d for old; B,0036;80 for fresh ground round hoop Ohio— closlne dull and heavy. . ' - - - v . EVE FIXJ0E—dull »t<®4,75. : • '- • WHEAT-duU and declining: sales 8,000 bush at SS @90 for,nnsound.Mil; .W@l&> for rery choice red •western; 1,85 for common,to. white .western; U5-for new red southern. - S. ' r COEN-easIer, sales 32,000 bush atsefiplw 'for ntw Pm* -R 1 : tn*- «n.nnn4 •_«.(.» _r~L.. ... . '81 for MILL UKARING, BOKSEPOWKKi 11 PILE DBIVISG JUCHINES, ; BKIDGE, EAILUOAD ; ! *nd8TEASIBOATCASTrti03, IBONCOL0MNS, • tor BuiLllnf^. *nd every varirty nf Jiib Wr,Vfc,la tie besluanciU', au.Lon the ctoitlicerai iccuu.. The atfetitron at Mill-owners,anil o«nprj of Watt'r- Power, Is panicularly called fo (he 'TUTTl^K \VATKK WHKEL As belnffby far the most powerful, durable and n:c- notnlcal Wheel ever Invented—not liable to pet of order, not aHectedby Icei or backwater, sad ostn^l^ts wat*r tn proportion to" the pswer pro*la<-ed than ao> ether Wlieel in the market. * JoscnpUvo circalsr fni- wardedupon applica'Jon,:fr^eof chart-p. 1 . - _jan»T-d*w • • "NOTIOB7 ~^~""t' Cirr COMrrsou-iR's Orr.cs, | Contrsct DcpirtiapLt, July 11, liia. f flTHE Common Council hy resolution adopteU July 7, A 1659, approving of the recommendation of ihe 3t. Commissioners of the 1st Warden is ordered : • That the Fourth aucnne runcin' throuih the ?. E. Ji of south west J< of s?c. 15, chargfable to the Hospital and Reservoir Tract be graded to the established graSc accordincto the cstlinste 011 file in the City Comjitrul- fcr-t Office. Owners or agents of the above described tractj cf land are hereby notified to make laid Improvement within twenty-two days from dste or the Strwt Commissioners ofthe First Ward »III ciuse Ihe some to t« done and charged lo the respective tracts of land, according to law. jylS-dCt E. L'3. GARDINEB, Comvtaolter. ' Crrr CoapTEoLLia's OFFICE, i Contract Department, July 9th, 1S£9; j: S -EALED proposals will be received at this office until Thursday, July 14lh, 1SS9, at 10 A.«. for grading and gravellag unfmiihfii portions of River sin-el, aod for plankiag the sidewalks and paving the gutters CD said street from Oneida to Div.tion street In the 7t!i Ward of tHeC.ty of Milwaukee. ' • -:• JT-<I". K. L'tl. flARDTN-EB. Uomptroller. NOTICE " I S HEREBY given Uiatby virtue ofa cbiltle tnortcare now In my possession, and by the consent of -t5f said mortgagor, I will sell by auction to the highest aoJ best bidder, at the saloon of Robert Bainbridfre, the mortgagor, in the Fourth Ward of the city of Milwaukee, at 10 o'clock In Ihe fornoon, on the llth July 1559, the following described list of property to wit: T Pigeon Hole Table, 1 Bar Counter and Shelves. 10 Bed 8teds, 6 Tsb'cs, 20 Chairs, 2 Cook Stoves, 4 Par-lor Stoves, G Wash-stands, Bsalns, Pitchers, 13 Arm Chsirg, and a variety ol other chattle property. A. MCCOKJIIC,- ; •_ : r By PjiTiics FAHET, Constsb'lc ' INVIGOR V ATOK! PREPARED BY' DR. s.\NKoKD ('ompoimil Entirely from {^nis, TS ONE of the b«; : Purgative in.l ed \s i anr^ cun? dwltlril J/o-rj'.;»,*, a: preventive •>/ Ctintci ^ now before the public. These Gum* remove; all morbjbor bad matier! from the system, supply- j mg in their place a.' healthy flow of bile, in-i (j i „ vigoratiag. the itotnach.i ^^ I Oalj nae a v iu a a u t . causing food to .Ik'cst id l ' J !o throw out ,,i Ul we!!, purifying -t A. ,' ~ 'system Ihe *ffectj r. I,!0m2, firing tone and; ^ 'mediani' after i lor. bealtli ti> the whole ma-| ^S , 31c ' in( ' s3 - v. 2ai niiil -• 13 Milwaukee . . J -. f 2IVlTE3 the attention cl purchajera to cue t.r i:., largest and twstielectcJ stocks in the city. AI- \.:-.j*. arwitlng anything in the above line will flnj i ^v.r ;7 i, i^^Iling on him before purohasiDi: r-!3«-wiirrr- •'CA-U I .N j• T-.ll"A li f. Ii Ji «»n always 9D.I a \i.rtr afaj TsU-s-j,.;^ , Lll ^ i f , ... »'H>. chairs la th* linoci^iown ftinu Ai!!,,"--3iyr and Jap»n,andlacking-giasaes j\n9 NOTICK. ''.TT Cunprar.LLS N OrnOs 1 O.jntrnct Department, Slllu-aaVce, July 7, liJ9. ' ( fB1H*l Critsmion Count-il by resolut-^r. or .I,mo 'Jo, I5^*> IL havmi; adi pi.;:l the reeomaFn.Ut nj u f Mhi-£irv>t Cncimi'sioaerj cf thu 6lh Wsnl, U Is ordered : Tint the north and «oiuh alley In blrok i*. Cth War.1 oft!,- Ciiy of MJiauke^, •« jra.l^l to the established frarle, arcordins to the e'tir.isie of the City Enyinctr •mlile in Hie office of the City Com|itrolier. Oirners or agents of properly jitajte:! <in the above alley, are lirrrhy notific-l to m»Uc Ihe ui.1 liuprov- cient within-twenly-tn-o diy^ £run UiLj date ur Uie tft Coam:ssionen nf the Gth W'ird <rill cime the jime t.i b* done and charged to thj>' raspectire lots, accoriiini to. taw. ' » jy s -^^ E-J/H. OARDISEH,Com|,trr)ll..r. A BIG PILE OF "GOODS For a Small Pile of -ft ANL> KXAMINli" trMnery,' ramoving cauae of the disease— j effecting ft ritiical cure. Eilliouu QttucJcsr are! ' cured, ami, what Is b*,t- ' ter,preventetl \>y t*x-.n:-^ One dose 1 after eating;) .•-.toa!.-»ch and prtvetit th#|) :oo't from riaiD? and: Only one dose taken.' boi'nre re*,irin^, prevent.)'^ night-mart. " j Only one .J.iae UiVen al m-cUy, ind .-nm ''. •- , U-kea aft^r. ' li ctiro L^ys-i ( ise of two tea i wiU ilw*ys re- i one dose irame- Clothing Establishment i\O S, iVK 1VIIALL hcv- diaieh Wtlllr Al. , nyir Oot? onrrje nikr.i I Jtm n d ic.& r-iriii j v ea •* J s.iilowriL'fiv or unn ifiin c.ilor t/u- fk/n < One riosetak.--n ,1 ihur- .time before eatin? trir*" .acaaia^^ tho foo.l JL: p?^welJ. ••Hljcur',-* tS-vn/. 1 ' i' '[.'•- ,r,^frc ia iu Wciat fcrra, j>rhile Summer <t n -.' \&>icel Cr>mpfain(i y'^,> jalincst u. tJj.o flrut ilo.i.-. l A few hottltis ^ill cur- i We lake pleasure :a r r- fever <ni,i Jy.Ji<i, /, .. , »?:#r, -md all ?.*virn s IJtilionx lypt. It op- ieritss with ror-Linty 'antl thou?ani.'n irr * .1: •r.-j to testify tu itd ^.m [,.[',- ufi'iTI irrumn ?'---tiat, • Dx-A-iil-iC-Aa T:, -, • -r.. . ".-• .- iii «.. . *>7 : !'--. u. i-i.TFi.i!: - 7 . I :i.-,.*l QOJ ., i, i:j-.-':;;- ,.-, >.. .fry ^rf ^-. cri-KM"- -. : I'j (jrt-S-:if ..'i:, in<; .>:.-Jn-':; V? K',j ^-t, -»r-; i TSr-i i D '« i>')LLlrf fin acTtl-s. "priclof, No. VI" Ifrni DR. SArv,.-; Tor . B«tvi«dby all Dru^Ists. Sold •»!-•», by JOHN ilio*', iyl Who! Males ale And Retail, M;l^«ase ; -, •• «. NEW T K E A T M'E N T 3>* VJ-.;''-., ^ , .uu-^x;'^' "~ : " : --'»iv j:-s ::; -, s , f'",''^'^ 1 '"-';-"-:/ 1 •' -"•• " "••'i«^-i.. 7-..i/:tVii .'.'.' liA r. -t .-. o l ; :- , \ ,3 i. (, your '.). -I,...- .;. __ ,.,, ,..,., , . ' - > '(... r.GLir. -f.-:.--..: t •-.-•: , . r .- .. ' - Confldenlia! Wcdkal LOST Olt STOLKN:" :J payable Dln^l K+l',. ••i(h W«rl. So ^>9», ,! " No. l.',-J, N'.). 10. .No. iw' "th •' irj, No. |.)l " No. !lW. ' 11, ' II. • I, N.I. 1':, No. 100, No. TT, Nu . o, No. C No. 6-.'J, C^rtific^lea IT- . 159/0 125.00 1'JV.n -4.JU -0,00 " '.M.Ci) IS."'- 1 , -t-,lC . PAPER WAREHOUSE.! . OiTS^dall at 45@49 for' sUte; 48@51 for Cana- plan. . - .'-".•-.. WHI3KE?— lower; «ales,BO.bblj at2T.> ;.-.-' •""' , ;'•;, BUFFALO JURKET. - .-•; , - ; - „ .. . UB— market opened Witt good but closed dull anddrpoplngv sales 1^00 bWs 4,00 for «nur Illinois; .4,7B®5,!6 for Inferior to poort extra do; 6,25Q5iO for fair choice Wls; 660^0,75 for -extra. Mich. IndT and Ohio; 637^7^5 for double extras. ' . .*.. * WHEAT— oniet 'and notblne of Importance doing. CORN— duli"«nd lower: sales«,000 bus soundlU. 70 " OAT3— quiet. x Barliy dull. Eve steady at 84X. i3ANAl,fBEIGHTS-4« tn corn; 9X on wheat: 85 for flour to New York. v _ ' _ _ OSWEGO HAEKET. _ OSWKJO, Julyl2. (LATE HARBISON, ;HAJffOBD & CO.) -' .. ConnecKJ with . tIANOFAOT0RER8, ' FAl,LS t ..\ t ..A... ...OHIO. \ H AVE'opened atS Alb&njj Block, Michigan slreet, op; poiIleNewhall Home, a large rtock of f JlfxJf, yewt, Cover, Colored aud Entelojtt faperi, Also, Ledger Papery, flat Capt, folio fost, Lttttr and. Ifott Tapers, "WhlA wUl be sold very low; ConstEtot additions wll ; be made to Uie (toek lo meet tbe wants of ttie trade. • j • ^P" Printers and others arc invited to call anil ex* amlne onratoelt and prices.: .-•••• aprlS ; TI. P fulncriners woul.l Tvjra persons fcorn parch.viJDs or nepntutla; any or Hi-above Q t .nti.inf,l LVrtiflcitM as piynent is ftopptj. Thi- person HATII^ th, m will receive a reward of .}! |jy rtturnin:; them to thij office or 10 DANIEL KEI.LEI;, • Corccr of Coot acj Walter str«et», Mh Ward JV 17 <llw- NOTICE. Cirv CoMKRcujia'iiOrticK, 1 Contract Department, July ;, I8i.a. f Jt W JoJ; ules COO tbls at 5,25 for extra i o,ii) for round hoop-Ohio and Ind. tall; talei 2,009 bui Wisconsin winter at . OOBN-i-qulet.- \ CANAL KlEIGHTS-unchiineea. loans are expected to show a falling off. ^ The total excnsngci throigh the Clearing'soue for average per d*y of 4a#S7,7. The Bremen, for Southampton tc-aay, took to Jrpucl about what wag expected— $E90,C1S. SosrtnxD.— The cnarten of the Utdhfield and Wood bary Banks were declared forfeited by the Connecticut Jiegiilatnre just before Its adjonrnment. T. fiqutres, Broker, received » dispatch je»terda» sJ ternoon announcing tte fallnre of tie Banker; Uw »»h ' e with irhleh the Keystone Buite ; 7 —— w POSTAO* Srjuifs.—The ac- connto of the Po,t-0Ece D«p«rto8nt show thatths amount orrt«mp» itfaea dnring the ycara— lS5S,^ra» 176.761^85 1659, was., , 192,201,920 'Shotring an Increase daring 1859 of U,«0,03S Breadstaffii and Prodoee. frloet of Boar *nd whe»t *HU tend downward. The trade In th» farmer vru very ilgU to-day. Imrhart the market was tolerably active for milling <jm «.._-. ._ J _ yltitj[ u:ay . ., raau BniTito, BIB—Propeller Potomsc, Gebhard, Chicago; do Plymouth, Dlckson,' do.; do Wile polllns, do, ' f ^ BCBOOKK Btrre,—The Erie Oatett* says: « The JCbepner,iT. G.Oolt gunk offBarccl 8 n» /i on. i Bunday morjilng, Sd, In conseqnence'-of a leak, and the coot, named John M. Barley, drowned. The wind was blowing strongly from the north-east at the time. She left thla port for Buffalo on Saturday evening, with •boat 100 lota of coal, belonging to*soU "4 J&ntto.- The boat w»J«wned by^the c»ptato, Wm. Un^Tey, and was nnlnaured. £>tlmated < alue, $2,000.' . HT The fottowlnj-ls a Hat of Tesaels'whlcb passed Detroit on Saturday: v r UoundBp-|ropeUer^orth.erD I^ht} bark'.Bepnb- lie; «jhooneriahan Allen, Qaeea City, Mary Morton, • Ottvca, Torrent, "White Bqtwll, M. OonrtwrlEht. Bound 'Down—Propeller Pocahonta*; 8rl LANDS AND WATER POV/ERS. 490,000 Choice Farming and Fine Lands. «N WISCONSIN,S OOTED yean ago from the then Government tanda 14 UuU State, are now offered I^Ti 1 f~\ T? *«! A T^ ' *? V-r XV O^X^LJX!>« i '« BT THE Pox and Wisconsin Improvement Co., itiow Prices, on Liberal fennlof Credit, and In large or small nuatlUesi to sni; purchasers. THE PAKMINQ I^ANDB, OomprlilnsUie.dlirercnt varieties of Oat opening-, Prairie and'Hard. TVood Lands, are well watered by Springs sad.never-failing Brooks, and are In tha vicinity ot good Tjartets. ) ;Jlr«_ extttmejf valaaWe.belnei located In the rcry heart xif-the HneJBejIon of Wisconsin^ and having been <noa«i *Ithi partlonlar reference to the qnallty of the tltnoer snd ^e vicinity of logging streams. , WATKK POWKRS. *J* wtenllon of Eastern Oapllalistslt now invited SmrS-T Po *er« owned by this Company. These Mill rrivile(;c8 are jltnated airectely along- side toe «anal" whldU unites the Iflsslsslppt with the Great , . i BE Common Conncil, hy resolntlon, of June t I. l:x,9, having adopted the rtcomincn.lation of the Street Commissioners of the Cth Ward, it Is orders J • .. . , - f^^l 8 ,'^ et from Thlri1 sriict to Seventh street, In the Cth. Ward, be graded to, the MtablisheU grsdeand the sidewalks curbcd'and p!anke''l ' Owners or a e enls af property on the 'shove named f,M ',' Cr yn °" aed to mlke MiJ improvements ivlthln twenty-two daya from thla date, or the Street Commissioners of the Cth Ward will canse. the same to te done and charged to the. respective lota acsordin» • ' Cheap Family I am now in receipt of a large stock of- OHOIGK W ^ 0 , 11 ,, 1 ." 1 " dM «' ra ">ed 'o Sell .Wholesale and BetaH at greatly pedncedpric-ej. Purchasers of good goods would do well W call before purchajin'd elsswhcre, as I am determined fo sell cheap. All K00 warranted and dollvcre.l free cf charge. ' A ".t° 0 >pr2fl grocer and Wine Deal t 'r,'l61 £ajt AVajer ar." Crrr CbiiprBoujia'a PFJICB, 'I ^Contract Department> Sill., Jaly 7, Ib59. ^) T HE Common Councll,.6y resolution June 20,1353 having adopted the 1 recommendation of ihe Street Commissioners of the Kb: War', Ills ordered: -That a sewer be constructed through block 23, In th* fith VTsrd of the City of ililwaiikee, la accojdance with Uie plan and specifications of the City Engineer, on ale to the office of the City Comptroller. . ' ' "'"J 6 ™i or »K6dls of property situated \n\ the above named block are hereby notified: to construct the above sewer nathin twenty-two .days from ilate or tpe Sireet 'Commissioners of the Clh Ward wfll cause Bal4.Trork to be done, asd cliarjed to the* respective loU, according to law; - Jy7-<J6t E.1- „— -Bufralo-papers aayttheiaie •tesanen running from that port are harlnffgood'mc. (Jeii. the Oleyelaoa bo»u earry good loads of'freight •nd passenger*. v ' 1 ^ ' ^ ' merctel Afotrtiur, oflhe, 9ih,.saysthe schoonerl. E Gilbert, reported aa ha>lns b«n damaged by the recent gale, arrived safely'«I this port last ^evening. ^Uiout tost ot life or damate to her rigging or catio. '~atntD ft Birrriio, - am.—Propeller Milwtnkee, t i, Chleigo; f.ojn Milwaukee, 18 packages iondrlei OSO bus wheat, 500 bbls flour; Propeller Chicago, Bcr- rtct, Chicago s^.ttEODWAf, Company 1 'Agent, , » « Wisconsin St., Uii., ., BOOKS. WJ4ND TUB OLD; ,0r California and India la »MC aspects, by G/W. Palmer, M. D. «*«•-•-"•— O r ea»d tot the Solitary: " T NOTIOK. i 1 " Cm CoMriROLtsa'aOrncs, I j Contract Department, Milwaukee, July T, 1359; ('. TIIHE CoiDmon Council,' bymolutlon of June 20,1359 I J. having adopted the,recommendation of tha Street Oommlssloneraof thefith, W*ard, it is,ordered- That the north and south alley Jtf block 29, fa the 6th Ward, iegjadedi «o the established- grade, according to the estimate of th« City Comptroller. , . • Owners or agents of properly «H«ated on'said aller are hereby noslfied to m»k« said j Improvement within A T the Buffalo Private Hospital—established for the cure of Syphilis, Seminal We^incs!! iarl ih- S>:cret cnv^ tI S, 0f .- Voilth Md lf »turlty, tiy Dr AMOS i bO.N, BuBal«, N. Y. Ofllce, wrner of Miin -ind yaiy utreels, (ap sulrs.) ' A SfOST SCIENTIFIC INVfiSTIOS. " '*' AalnstrncKnt for the cure of G.jnltal DcbiUJy, -r wAin°^ Emls " 005 ' « ore P«P«rtJ knowa aa Secunal Wticncss, ic.-can bs permanently curo.l m from flfleen diys to faro months by the us» of thi 3 mstniTu^nt wh«a used conjointly with tu*dicisi>3. YOUNG HES TAKE PASTlfDLAK NQTICK. Dr. AM03 * SON fake pU.-wnre m announcing tint incy hare invented i most important instrument Inr the rurc .)f the above Jiseaees. It h.13 teen auhjcctwl to i | L -«: hy i|,e U1 ,,,t eminent pliyiicians Ln LmJoi, ran.% Philsdtlpliia.ind NeirYor'i; it haa b«n .leciartd the , nly uji-ful instrument ev-r Invented for tha cure or .emlnpl WoaSluss, ar any d!se-«e -,f the ceniul ,,r- aaps, caased bjl tho secret hibit .if ynwh. Pr,,- e ten dollira by taaii tir express. A CUUE WARRANTED Dr. AMOS .t SON' have devoted their attention «- clumv-ly to l!u.i peculiar class ol maladies, ir, e relief ihey have cumequcntly been enablad to r-nder their Mlnw cr.-atures, is fully testitled .md frateruily acka.iwlc<lged by convlioscent patients and other" daily arriving in town from all pans of the country. Cur the eT,-.r.'is purpose only of consultations, irh;l« their ertrt'.oiu have been crowned with tl.o most j| x nal ad- vncta...,.., yet from what they hare experienced m .>u- quinr.u'mto the causes ol those mlectioiis complalnLi (from tlieirmost simple condition to that of the nin'-it d.\n«, r..u.i a.:,I inveterate,) they iiava always enter- laine'l i.'ie iicssil.inty «f iheir prewntlun and lenioual snd I,-, .-anse iavarUbly found tbat Jie moat horrible and m,. ignant forms of disease cuuM almost Lnvaiiatilv bcfrao,-! to one of tile followin-,- causes: isncrance, neglect, r.r U,e IllVffeols nf unskillful s,nd improi.« treatmfT.i ; thiretore. Da. AMOJ i So» have im-veil-d in diseovutuiif, m Hie selection of their remedies, a safe, effectual and cautious course; omittios all .-0111- bmationof remedies wSlch bear an equivocal ch-irsc- ter, as well as those whose premature or Injudicious an- pllcjtlon producUve ot bad consequences i,, the hands of pnvate individualii. In short, th.) laud-i- ble end of their remedies is the- lessening of a irreat mass of human misery by the alleviation, r«llef -md prevention of those grievous afflictions that aro In reality the secret foes of life, and which, while they so extensively surround us, call aloud for mir sum and Interference In their extermination COUNTRY INVALIDS. Persons in any part of the world may be successful!.. treated by forwarding a correct detail of their case with a remittance for Medicines', Ac. rtr"t d , toOMo'.^"! * SON> Q0n " r M %7 a -dL'lT y 'f :'l ''::_: ' ^. i^,- m.i ,. . . _. ^ '.. ^ tti^.i .,.-x. .. ..-..,..«.;.,., i,. - t _.,,;' ... '^ ; .Ian- ...... .,,„ ,...,;.,'".;'..'.";;;..;.-.,'': S .1 i -... you rrtT" ^.ii'i I.-!;., i.rjv.'nt.-tuv.. tni i . u". .' lr . ?r«T l:i.l .- i.! ,n:illty. -..:i; t ^;ti -i.-v.-r. .in ;. * Pr... J! i;.. ;,...- ;..•::.. ;• ,, ,!'.''.'.,'*'..." '!.''.,' .a JLl-iiuii^.u- i ....- .,. .. ..„ ...,.,' I'JVST MfJTIJ fi) \ IIK.imi'l'l. UK M) .t Hf. \\ Trl.1.1. HK.\I> -\ ilKAU'l-K'UL ''I:: \D A tjKAirril'-L'I. JlL.(I> ANGUS SMITH & CO., Storage,Forwarding & Commission MKKCWANTS. ; : Proprietors of the I.ARUE tfcEVATOK AVAUEaiUUSC, At the terminaa of tha Milwaukee A Mlsslsilpni and the Milwaukee, Walcrtown JtUaraboo Valley Railroads. ;lap"Liberal advances.mado on property In store, or for shipment to Eastern Markets. octSJ-dtf CAN i;. I'li;, Ci.-j 11-. flu CV.N 'i i.- C \.s ' ^ I'.;.. Til.- I'll f rtu r.i.. Ai-H AT..-'! ''i iftf ' ntsrmih. KKSTlHi!- fil-'.- I'.iKi. : i !,;;.;-,- li j| j; I'D i r. J .S A n. lu I r? N \ \'\: i^EiT.- ?,u! IT3 f-.vI.Lim. Hi- 1 F.U.l.lM, I'M i-'.V 1,1,1 MH CuV , u i CUV -I i,j " ON I ,J II L'OV 4 H SLA U' ? M) I \L1 1) *, \ tfUALl' ft M u L )! t v 5UALI' f o I \LI IH-- \ SCALtf f MM vl I 1)1 \ .SOLI> I1Y U \> vl (,(.,!» is SOLU BV \1 !_. L> K \_< (.,1 ! SULI) LIV \LI 0 . ,l I IN \[ \ * J MIL. WAUKKK .BAJ5AAK. ' A.Ni) 1)1' O. J 1VDOD A.NU UV i>. J WOol> A.NU uy, 11. WOOD \Nl> II . U I U iii 111 IIAIIIJKT ST.,£T. LOiJI^ ill JiAiiKET ST., .•<•;•. mi H u-t .MAIU;KT ST., ST. i.oti- 111 MAHKKT ST., ST. LOUIS. AND Jr.: HKUAIV.VAY AND-ul^- WlOAUW.vy' AND :n-J lllluADWAY V Ll tf I ( I V *,l> ^ ( > Water Slrut, - ^ NEXT DOOR TO JfESSRS. BRADFOIID U80'3 IMPOaTSCJ ASD DULtlte 13 ' Fancy Goods, Toys, Willow- Ware aad Tan&ee Notion- Also, Kmbrelderj Goods and 'Zephyr Worsted. Tho lEt'-uorntlv^ iu put uj-) u t.ot:l..'j o! • *-'-• lars.;. medium, l\!:,l 3,0.1!!; rl u . .. Kl .^ ;,„],,,' , ' .'""' reuil.1 for uue aoll:ir i.,T" bmil..- ».,. -'.'.{ , la:ut twenty per c.-nl.inor,; in '.n-.'r.,.r-, u -'!'i .,',"'•,' retails fort;roiloll:ir., per hotiiV •lH-'ir''.< • .N. V M. Y. N. V. , :j. v. S, V;:-. nt, iii. i Olllll ll ^Til-Ill, . i|ii:lr!. Slonera ofthe 6th n ard tijlU catlsa the same to be done and charged lo the respective lotsj according to law. .jyT-ilCt E.L'fl.GARDINEK, Comptroller, NOTICK. ~'~_ ' "' CITT ConpTaoUKa'j 0«n,;s, I Contract Departnienl, Milwaukee, July. 7, '59 f fllllE Common Council, by rosolution of June 20tli A 1SS9, aavlng adopted the recomiaeniUIou of the Street Conunl«slonera.of the Sixth Ward, It is ordered • That Sixteenth street, from Walnut to Haman, L e ' * ~ » Tel <":k. by J. T. Ueadley. tVillls, ' * * Uvlas In,the Country, Jtat KecelTOd. Per »le by ' Jel2-" r - ^Mt^Al.^ • - I , I rictlonlncanand'botlledfraito, this day . [apr28J i H0NN * CBOSBTB. *-t v ti-, Crrr ConpiEOUjitt'a Orjicr, (' 'JWE common Council bj resolutionadopte'il June 2U ' k 1 *'* t IWHS adopted tha recommendation of SU)e Street Ccmrn nloner* .of the fith Wartl, it la or- , Owners or asents of property interestecS IQ tha abo improvements are hereby oot 1 fl e a to maS the ii aithin- twenty-two day* from this date or the str CommUaloners of the Sixth Ward will csnol JaVw.? to j*dc« and.char S ed to the napenlv. -E, L'U. OARDISEB, - O. J. H'oOD .i =JO., l>ro; w :i-lr ,Ynrk, (in the" s ro-it ,\ V' \Vn- anl 11-t Market -n , .st 1 ,m - • Sol.l 1)7 i!. -I v : tit!Ni' i"'''• r rtS,m,«, .n»t .ard of tho City of Milwaukee, bj graded- to the es jtablj*hed yrade^and In accordan.ce with the eatlm'ate o ' ^"^ " "'* ' lh " ffi " "' tlie ^ Com W'r °n »ald Mrtet'are hsre make said Improvements wlthli twenty dlte> or the 8lr «' ; Oommtolonin o Ward Trill cause the ; same to bTdow and *?**" 1 r «P«"« '<=". according to taw. jy7-d6l E.L'H.QAaDlNlCB,ComptroUer CTT* CoMPTitoi.i!»'ii Orncr, I Contract Department, Jill., July *, KM. j T HK Common Council ,by .-resolution of June COUi, having adopted the reoomrnendatloo. of the Struct Comralsaloaers of the 6Ui W»ra, It l« ordered: That (ha east ami *«l alley In block 29, lathe tilh Ward of the City of Milwaukee, be graded to the es- tabUshed grade, according to the. eitinmto of the City Engineer, on fl/a ta the offlea or the city Comptroller. Owners or-agents of above described p opertyare Itereby notified to make said Improvement within twenty-two days from ihls date- or the Street Commissioners of thefthWird will came {ha aamo to be done and chaiijttd ta Use respective lots, according ta law: E. L'H. OASDIJJEB, City fiomptrollet. IHCUIlTKiL.1. «lH.'LU:Ul.a A'ia iirf.lil. .)< 4 LX.X.H IS Paper ifsngfiug't WiadoTv '&acnJo», Ac. Ou3p.o!'.-ill woi-iraoJl 'ii-ilt tu -III piii!.i a: Hi-.- City :in,l Oouutry for lifgunitili j ,u..l j'-.p.^ II I:K.II^ n, ;n| lt ., branches,.iii ivnr'i ^^.I. . t'el.'S JOHS W. ciay .................... WALl.i.-i; y., IT ~ CAli.V Oi ViiATT .. . tUee in YciiuiK's tj|.,..'k, Cor.-u-r .M ,,a uiu -,V'a-

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