Ukiah Daily Journal from Ukiah, California on May 10, 1993 · Page 3
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Ukiah Daily Journal from Ukiah, California · Page 3

Ukiah, California
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Monday, May 10, 1993
Page 3
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-THE UKIAH DAILY JOURNAL- MONDAY, MAY 10, 1993 — 3 Medicine keeps AIDS at bay — temporarily TheproceMbywMeh the AIDS vtrwdupRcate* Ways to Interfere wtth By GLENDA ANDERSON Journal staff writer Modern medicine is keeping HIV-positive people from getting the secondary illnesses that once defined AIDS. As a result, the definition for AIDS was changed last year. It now is based on how many T cells a person has. People with HTV have fewer T cells — white blood cells that help stimulate the immune system — than people with healthy immune systems. When T cells are scarce, people become susceptible to other infections. It's those secondary infections that generally result in death. People with normal immune systems have T cells counts of 1,500 or higher, according to Dr. James Pretorius who runs the AIDS clinic at Mendocino Community Health Clinic Inc. People with T cell counts less than 200 officially have AIDS. When a person first contracts HIV, the T cell count drops down to around 1,000, Pretorius said. "There's no particular symptoms associated with a T cell count of that level," he said. Pretorius said there are often flu- like symptoms accompanying the initial infection, but most people don* t think it's anything but the flu. T cell counts usually stay in the 800- to 1,000 range for six- to eight years, he said. "During that time, people have almost no symptoms," Pretorius said. Women sometimes have problems with vaginitis and yeast infections, he said. And some people may develop immune deficient illnesses such as shingles — which is caused by the Herpes zoster virus. Magic Johnson had shingles before he was diagnosed with AIDS, Pretorius noted. He said the illness is normally found in older people. When HIV postive patients' T cell counts get down to around 500, they're started on anti-viral medication, such as AZT, to try and prevent or slow the virus' replication, Pretorius said. "Once we start them on medication, often their T cell counts rise," he said. When T cell counts drop to 300, medication to prevent secondary Sales tax sparks Legislature's first budget fight By JENNIFER KERR The Associated Press SACRAMENTO — It's only one half of one penny but it's a monumental obstacle toward solving the California budget crisis. The highly charged question of whether the 2-year-old half- percent sales tax increase should be extended to help solve this year's $8 billion to $10 billion budget crisis is on the Assembly floor this week. The issue pits majority Democrats who believe the increase is vital to a budget solution against Republicans who are almost fanatically opposed to any tax increases. The Legislature and Republican Gov. Pete Wilson imposed the half- percent sales tax increase during the 1991 budget crisis. It expires on June 30 and the state will lose $1.4 billion in revenues next fiscal year. It was temporary because the crisis was supposed to be only temporary. But the California recession has refused to go away and the state faces yet another budget dilemma this summer. Assembly Speaker Willie Brown, D-San Francisco, is carrying one of the bills that would extend the half-cent sales tax. The statewide sales tax is currently 7'/4 percent; without an extension'it will drop to 6'/« percent on July 1. Many counties have additional sales taxes, mainly for transportation, of a half cent to a penny. "In the wake of a $9 billion budget deficit, it's necessary to extend the half-cent sales tax to spare vital programs such as public safety, education and health and welfare. These services have already been reduced to a bare minimum, which is why we need to keep the half-cent sales tax alive," Brown said. His bill has won approval from the tax and fiscal committees, where only majority votes were needed. But on the Assembly floor, Brown must have a two-thirds vote and that's where he will run into the obdurate Republican caucus. Brown can seek a vote on his bill as early as this Thursday. Meanwhile, the Assembly is moving toward a vote on its preliminary budget plan for the fiscal year that begins July 1. infections is started. "We start worrying about Pneu- mocystis (pneumonia)," Pretorius said. "That's what killed about half the people with AIDS in the '80s. Now almost no one dies of Pneumocystis." A common treatment to prevent secondary infections is antibiotics once a day, Pretorius said. With pneumocystis under fair control and AIDS patients living longer, other illnesses have become more common. One that plagues AIDS patients when their T cells drop below 100 is Toxoplasmosis, which can cause brain infections. Pretorius said eight out of 10 people have the organism that causes Toxoplasmosis — Toxo- plasma gondii — but it doesn't cause serious problems unless someone has a depressed immune system or is pregnant. It can cause miscarriages. At T cell counts of 100 or lower, "there's a reactivation of toxoplas- mosis," Pretorius said. "So we give medicine that prevents that from happening." Likewise with other problems that accompany low T cell counts, he said. Pretorius said if someone's T cell in the 50- to 100 count range for Wwo- or three years, "something will happen." One patient, who has survived . •nwM06vhi«Mndito«i«oui«l*olio«l»id»i»»« w«h ItTht prawn OOM * *• v*w h ***** «T4 {bund on aoflia 2. Onc*hitad,t»vlrut. ta|acta Id ganafc rmtarW (RNA) Moth* hart ctl Tlw pretdn cent furraundng the vtrua It ramovad In Ml Map. 3. Tteuncoalngpraeaaa acdvMM th« vkuC rapradudv* nwctwilama. OnMtcMad, thra* lay pnx»SMi ooour rWUCATWN , . Through • prooaaa ttloxn it tranacripfcri 1 . *w gan*lcMonni«on(RNA) wMnttwvlnitlldu|*eiM MDNA. INTEOIUTION TtwONAIntfgralnlntotw DNAkittwnudauaottw hoUotL oafa own machariarna, vWHNAH reproduced. TRANSLATION TIK preMn* «nd •nzynwt naarM to craata eoati hr tt» naw vkusn VB produotd. The drug AZT don IN*. 4. Th»n«wpro»tnco«t»«rt aaaambtod around lh» ntwty produced RNA, creating complete, new viruses. 5. Newvkumtxxfofl from the eel They may do INstlowly, leaving the host cat Intact, or wfltivtotont apaad, cawing the host eel to rupture. SOURCES: NnlMfclHrMr.Selinlfc*"»«»"l°* t^fue. KRTN MograrjrfcVLKgh Mrtm Sngli AIDS vaccine to be tested on infected pregnant women WASHINGTON (AP) — Pregnant women infected with HIV will be enrolled in a trial to test the safety of experimental AIDS vaccines and to see if newboms can be protected from the fatal disease. Health and Human Services Secretary Donna E. Shalala announced plans for the vaccine trials. She said the vaccines will be tested for their therapeutic value for the pregnant women and to find out if any anti-HIV action is passed on the babies the women are carrying. Two vaccine trials will be conducted at eight different university research hospitals. Dr. Anthony S. Fauci, the head of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, said it is hoped that the experimental vaccine will trigger antibodies that help the mothers fight their disease URIAH 4 Theatre and that antibodies are also transferred into the babies. Both of the HTV vaccine trials will enroll women between the ages of 16 and 40 who are HIV- infected, but who have not progressed in the disease to the point of having AIDS. The women must also be free of other medical conditions that would add risks to the drug trials. In one trial, 24 women will be enrolled. Sixteen will receive an experimental vaccine and eight will get a placebo, or a phony vaccine. AUTO RF.PAIR find TRANSMISSION SMOG CHECK +S7 CPitilir.ilo 459-1 853 with a zero T cell count for two years has had four major illnesses and is blind. However, Pretorius noted, in the past, no one expected someone with a zero T cell count to live more than a few months. Although medical treatments are pretty good at warding off many illnesses, it's Often difficult to get people to keep taking them because they develop intolerances to them and then either can't or won't take them. Some of the pills make people so nauseated they can't eat, some cause skin rashes. Medication side effects, combined with deteriorating health make many people want to give up the fight to live, Pretorius said. "At what point do you quit taking medicine? he said. Bargain Matinee Every Wednesday for movies starting before 5:30 PM Senior CHlzens (Age 62 and over. '" general Admission ,«„,.,..—.^.».»..«««. k Children (tfc and under), ... .......$3Jo DRflDDn THE'ADVENTURES'OF HUCK^tJFINN ...... Dm SUN, WED-1:00-5:00-9:00 MON,TUE.THUR-7:15 Understandhig the AIDS vims 'REYNOLDS SUN, WED - 3:05 • 7:05 MON.TUE,THUR-9:15 THE BRUCE LEE STORY THE LEGEND, erg SUN, WED • 100 • 3:05 • 5:10 • 7:15 • 920 MON.TUE.THUR-7:00-9:05 ^ ~ — i They're rough... They're tough... SUN, WED • 1:10 • 3:10 • 5:10 • 7:10 • 9:10 MON,TUE,THUR- 7:10- 9:10 Virus Mlcrophage cells detect enters body virus and alert T4 cells •Helper" T4 cells alert B cells, which produce antibodies against Invading virus Virus Virus attaches directly to Penetrating intoT4 enters T4"helper" cells, preventing tielpsf cete,the AIDS body them from alerting B cells , virus duplicates The T4 "helper" cells are destroyed as they spew forth duplicates of the AIDS virus ^w ^ * ^^ ^T^ip T w *• FINALLY AFFORDABLE VIDEO GAMES WE SELL & EXCHANGE NEW & USED NINTENDO & SEGA GAMES THE GAME ADDICTS 782 N. STATE ST. 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